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Story: Scott in Chastity




On the eve of Scott’s last birthday I finally fulfilled his fantasy of making him eat his cum from my pussy after we had sex. He had been asking me to feed him a ‘creampie’ for years because he knew he always chickened out after cumming in me, but I was never that motivated to make it happen.


In the weeks since that night our sex life changed in subtle, but important, ways. After that first night of forcing Scott to clean my pussy I started to notice that he became more attentive to my pleasure during sex. He would spend more time and energy caressing my body. In particular he spent much more time between my spread legs as he played with my pussy and clit; using his fingers, mouth, and tongue in slavish devotion to my pleasure. I had long known that my sex was the focal point of Scott’s desire. He had commented often on how the sight and aroma of my aroused pussy drove him crazy with lust, but this new level of attention was an interesting and exciting change.


After extended cunnilingus sessions he was now asking for permission to put his cock in me and spent extra effort to insure that my orgasm was delivered before he achieved his. He even began asking for permission to cum inside of me. Afterward Scott was now quickly dismounting me and moving down to eat my ‘creampie’, often without encouragement. Gone was the hesitation he had possessed just a few weeks earlier.


For my part, I began to enjoy the secondary attention of his mouth on my pussy and clit, sometimes even reaching another orgasm as he ate me. As a secondary benefit, I began to notice that I had much less clean up work to do in the bathroom myself, and no wet spot on the bed. It began to dawn on me that Scott’s recent actions were really subservient in nature. I decided I should do a little research on the whole notion of creampies.


A quick internet search one morning provided me with more information than I had thought I would get. After a couple of hours of surfing internet sites I had several good ideas on how to extend this interesting new phase of our sex life. If Scott was going to be subservient to me in bed, then we were both going to enjoy it. I launched the first step of my plan the following Saturday.


As was normal, late Saturday night found me on my back in bed with my legs spread widely and Scott laying between them attending to my pleasure. As his mouth moved around me I began to give Scott small instructions about where and how to use his tongue. At one point I asked him to find a pillow to put under my hips, elevating them off the bed. When he resumed his oral activities I resumed my instructions.


After a few moments of having him suck on my clit I whispered,”Move lower with your tongue and lick up and down my pussy lips”. Scott immediately complied. “Now put your nose on my clit and stick your tongue as far into my pussy as you can reach and hold it there”. Again, Scott immediately complied. After a few moments I began to move myself around on his tongue and nose, humping his face. I was enjoying myself, and Scott’s moans told me he was as well. After a few minutes of this I stopped and said, “Lick lower and keep going until I stop you”.


Scott proceeded to lick down until his tongue came to rest on the rosebud of my ass. He instinctively recoiled because when he has tried to do this in the past but I would always object. This time, however, I said, “put your tongue back where it was. Lick me there. I know you want to.” To help out I raised my knees to my chest and spread them. Scott now had unfettered access to my anus. Scott gently reached out with his tongue and teasingly flicked at it. Shivers went up my spine. “Run your tongue in circles around it”, I instructed him. His nose was right at the entrance to my pussy so I asked him, “How do I smell tonight?” Scott just moaned. “Play with my clit”, I whispered. When Scott reached up and began to massage my clit, my sphincter tightened involuntarily. “Did you feel that?” I asked.


“Yes”, whispered Scott, “it seems to be all connected”.


“Then you can have it all”, I told him. “Play with me and make me cum. Use your mouth everywhere.” I lost track of all the places Scott licked and stroked. I was played out and totally accessible to his lust, unable and unwilling to resist. I came while he was gently probing into my anus with his tongue and stroking my clit with his thumb. It was an unusually powerful orgasm for one provided orally.


After I calmed down, Scott requested permission to enter me. I nodded my approval and moaned as his cock filled me up. I still had my knees drawn up and spread so Scott could be on his knees as he fucked me. We both like this position because of the access it gives him to my body. While he was thrusting in and out of my pussy I reached up and squeezed my breasts as he watched. That seemed to do the trick because he picked up his pace and asked for permission to cum in me.


“No”, I said. “Pull out and cum on my pussy, not in it”


Scott seemed confused, so I repeated, “I want you to come on my pussy, not in it”. The look on his face told me Scott was close to orgasm. I’ve watched it happen a thousand times in twenty-two years. At the final moment he did as I asked and pulled out of me. I grasped my knees and pulled them tight to my breasts, giving him a target “Cum on my pussy, honey. Use your hand and shoot it all over me”. He did as I asked, groaning and jerking his way through orgasm.


After he finished, Scott fell on the bed beside me, breathing heavily. He seemed more sated than normal. I kept my knees pulled up to my chest and looked down at my elevated and exposed sex. Scott’s cum had gone everywhere and was beginning to run down my pussy and toward my ass, which was my plan. I waited until I felt the first drips of his cum on the area between my pussy and my anus and said, “Honey, you have a mess you need to clean up”.


The words seemed to slap Scott on the face. It apparently didn’t occur to him that his recent adoption of eating his cum from inside my pussy as a ‘creampie’ might be applied to eating it anywhere else. His hesitation was amusing. I said more forcefully, “Scott, clean up your mess”.


As he was moving to me I felt his come starting to run across my rosebud, tickling me as it went. “Start licking at the bottom so nothing drips on the sheets”, I instructed. He looked into my eyes then looked down, hesitating again, before he lowered his mouth to my anus, tongue extended.


Scott performed as instructed, cleaning every drop of his semen from between my legs, but not with the enthusiasm he had shown of late. “What’s the matter, honey?” I asked as he finished his task.


“It wasn’t the same as the other ‘creampies’ I’ve had.”, he replied.


“Honey”, I replied, “you weren’t eating my ‘creampie’, you were cleaning your cum from my ass and pussy. It isn’t a ‘creampie’ unless it comes from inside me. ‘Creampies’ are a gift from me to you; cleaning your cum off of my body is a service you provide.”


It was a subtle power play on my part, but one that Scott accepted with no comment. As he came back up and lay beside me I began to wonder about his ‘creampie’ fantasies. Had we touched on all of them yet? Based on my research I suspected there was more to come. A major theme in the ‘creampie’ sites had to do with chastity. That was a subservient step that I wasn’t sure Scott was ready for, but I wanted to see. To start the conversation I said, “You didn’t seem to cum very much tonight. It has been a week since we made love. I expected to see more?”


Scott was very quiet, but fidgeting. I knew there was something he wasn’t willing to tell me.


“Are you masturbating sometimes during the week?” I asked.


There was a long moment of silence, an answer in itself, before he said, “Sometimes I do. We only have sex on Saturdays, and I sometimes need relief during the week.”


“Don’t you enjoy sex with me on the weekends”, I asked?


“Of course I do” he responded quickly.


“Isn’t it better when you haven’t cum for a while? Don’t you cum harder? Doesn’t that mean more pleasure for you?” I asked these questions quickly in succession so Scott had to answer them all at once. His answer was a nod and his eyes looked dreamy, like he was imagining the experience.


“Do you like my ‘creampies’ better than cleaning your cum from my body? Wouldn’t you like bigger ‘creampies’? Wouldn’t it be nice for me to know you were putting a week’s worth of cum in my pussy, instead of me having to test you by making you cum outside so I can see? Wouldn’t it be nice if I knew you were saving your passion for me?” Again these questions were asked in quick order so he had to answer then all at once.


“Yes, that would be better”, he agreed, looking away from me as he said it.


“That’s right, honey, it would. This week I want you to think about that. I don’t want you to masturbate. You’ve been asking me for permission to cum when you are inside of me, so I want you to start asking me for permission to cum when you are not. If you do that I promise you the biggest and best ‘creampie’ ever. Can you do that for me? Can I trust you to control yourself? Will you promise me?” Again, he nodded his agreement to my bundled questions.


“I hope so”, was my reply. We drifted off to sleep each pondering the significance of our discussion, but in different ways.


On Monday morning I got back on line and revisited a few of the Creampie sites from before. Having been married to Scott for twenty-two years, I knew him very well. I suspected that his libido was too high for him to keep his promise to me, and I needed to purchase an insurance policy. On Monday evening Scott was touchier than usual, running his hands along my butt and patting it just as he walked by. On Tuesday his signals were getting more obvious. Wednesday night he came up behind me and hugged me across my breasts cupping them with his hands. “Will you make love to me tonight?” He whispered in my ear. His pelvis was pressing into my butt.


“Not tonight dear”, I whispered back, looking around to make sure we were alone.


“Then may I cum by myself?” He asked.


“No, wait for the weekend”, I said with a smile he couldn’t see. My plan was working. He continued to plead his case. I let it go on for a few moments. In mock exasperation I said, ”OK, you may if you will lick it from your hand afterward”. Scott dropped his hands and backed away from me, a look of astonishment on his face.


“I can’t do that”, he nearly choked. I turned to face him.


“It is no different from what you did this weekend. If you don’t want to wait for a proper dessert, then that is the price”. I was talking in code, not knowing where the kids were. Scott turned and left without another word. Later, as we were lying in bed trying to go to sleep I asked him if he had done what we discussed, or if he was going to wait. He turned on his side away from me and said he was waiting. I figured I would know if that was the truth soon enough. He might have been so shocked by my suggestion that his sex drive was turned down tonight, but that wouldn’t last long.


Thursday came and went without any sign that Scott was horny. On Friday morning he started showing some signs of friskiness, and I knew the truth. That day UPS delivered me a package.


Saturday was a busy family day, like usual. Also like usual, Scott was sending out elevated messages about his desire. Lingering touches, discreet kisses on the nape of my neck, and pats on my butt. After putting the kids to bed that night we went through our regular bedroom routine, in preparation for making love.


When Scott came out of the bathroom after showering and shaving I was in my short silk robe. As he reached for me I stopped him and told him we needed to talk. I asked him to get undressed and kneel on the floor facing the side of the bed, but about three feet away. After he was in that position I asked him to close his eyes and keep them that way until I said otherwise. He did as I asked with an excited smile on his face. I opened my robe and slipped it from my shoulders. Completely naked, I sat on the edge of the bed in front of Scott. I spread legs and put my feet up on the frame of the bed, then reached down and pulled my pussy lips apart. My open pussy was now directly in Scott’s line of sight and was wet in anticipation of what was to come. I whispered to him from the edge of the bed to open his eyes, but not to move a muscle.


“What do you see, honey?” I purred.


“Your beautiful pussy”, he answered. I looked down and saw that the erection he had when I sat down had grown. Scott clearly liked what he saw. I asked him if he could smell my pussy, would he like to eat my pussy, would he like to fuck my pussy? He was shivering and moaning as he nodded yes to everything, never taking his eyes off my prize.


“There is only one problem with any of that”, I said. Scott got a look of concern on his face. “You see, you broke your promise to me this week. You promised me last weekend that you would not cum without my permission, and you did”. Scott started to open his mouth in protest, but I stopped him. “I gave you permission on Wednesday if you licked the cum off your hand, and later that night in bed you told me that you had decided to wait for tonight instead. Your lack of desire on Thursday was a clear signal that you masturbated on Wednesday night. Now, before you answer my next question, take a long look at my pussy. If you lie to me you won’t see it again for a very long time. Tell me, did you lick the cum from your hand?”


For several agonizing seconds Scott just stared at my open and wet pussy. I teased him by pulling the lips a little further open and squeezing the muscles of my vagina. The effect on my pussy was a wink; the effect on Scott was a shudder. “No”, he whispered.


“Good boy”, I said. I let go of my lips and let them slowly close. The symbolism was not lost on Scott and he began to get a panicked look on his face. “Because you told me the truth you will get to taste me. If you want to cum, however, you need to agree to a condition first.” I reached under the bedspread and brought out a small package. Handing it to Scott I told him to open it. When he did he saw a clear acrylic CB-6000 chastity devise, the key already hidden. As I suspected, he knew immediately what it was.


“The condition for cumming tonight is that we will place this on your cock after we are done. You clearly don’t have the will power to resist your lust during the week so we can have better sex on the weekends. This will solve that problem. If you can’t control yourself, then I will. Do we have a deal?”


“What if I don’t agree”, asked Scott.


“Then you will eat my pussy tonight, as promised, until I cum. After that it’s off limits. I will offer you a chance to change your mind every weekend, but until you do, no pussy. Every orgasm that I suspect you of receiving by masturbating will result in a week of total chastity once you finally agree to put on the devise. If I think you have cum three times, you will have to wait three weeks after we lock you up before I unlock it and give you your dessert.”


“How often will we have sex if I agree”, Scott whispered. I could tell he was afraid of losing the frequency of his orgasms.


“I have a plan in mind that will guarantee you at least 30 orgasms this year”, I explained, “more if you play your cards right.”


Scott thought for a minute. He looked up to my eyes and let his gaze begin to drift down. His eyes scanned over my breasts and continued down to my pussy. Finally it came to rest on the CB-6000 in his hands. “OK”, he whispered, “I agree.”


I fell back onto the bed at once. Pulling my knees up to my chest I said, “Come get me, honey”. Scott moved in and attacked my pussy and ass, still on his knees, a subservient position that I now knew was in his sexual nature. After several minutes of attention he asked permission to enter me. I had one last surprise for tonight. I turned over and asked him to enter me doggy style. Scott loves this position and couldn’t last long. After just a few thrusts he was asking for permission to cum in me. I forbade it and, instead, made him pull out and masturbate himself onto my ass. I reached back and spread my cheeks to give him a target. When I stopped feeling his cum hitting me I fell forward onto my stomach. Looking back at Scott who was still holding his cock I said, “Clean me up”.


“I thought I would get a ‘creampie’ tonight”, he said. I agreed to your terms”.


I repeated the rules from the week before, “‘Creampies’ are a gift from me to you; cleaning your cum off of my body is a service you provide. You broke my rules this week, so no gift. With your cock under my control this week, next weekend’s ‘creampie’ will be one to remember, I promise”.


Scott caved in to the situation, and licked his cum up from all over my ass. If there is a more subservient thing to do than that, I can’t think of it.


When I was completely clean we sized up the CB-6000 and put it on him. I put the small brass padlock through the locking pin and looked into Scott’s eyes. I told him that he was going to have to ask me to lock his cock cage so there could be no doubt about his consent. He started to breathe hard and sweat a little. He looked me in the eyes and whispered, “Please lock me up”. I was wrong about the most subservient thing before, this was it.


Keeping eye contact with him I squeezed my fingers.








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