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Cuckold in Chastity - Birthday Present


Story of a husband who asked his Wife to be more dominant. He is turned on by sloppy seconds and the Hot Wife concept. He ends up as creampie licker locked in chastity belt.


by upswing






My husband Dave and I had been married for 25 years. We were both 48, still attractive and healthy. And our sex life was still good, even if it had fallen into a routine after all those years. Dave's sex drive was always higher than mine, and I tried to keep him happy the best I could, but I always knew he wanted a little more.


Shortly before his 49th birthday, he said he would like to spice up our sex life, and he said he had some fantasies he would like to try before he got to old to do them. Dave said he had a little game we could play, and to give me incentive he would buy me a new car if I went along. Well, that got my attention since my car was starting to get old, and I could really use a new one. I asked him what the game was. He said the rules were simple. He would make a list of 52 things he wanted to do, and I would have to choose one thing from the list every week and do it. I thought about it for awhile and said I would have to see the list before I said yes.


Dave spent the entire weekend working on the list and he gave it to me Sunday night. I went through the list one by one. Dave was always asking me to be more dominant because he said he wanted to be submissive with me, so there were a lot of things on the list dealing with these kinds of things. He also liked being tied up and doing some mild S & M, but most of all he liked it when I was in charge to do what I wanted with him. I went through the list and knew I could do all of them except one. All it said was "Cuckold me". I couldn't believe he wanted me to have sex with someone else! I hadn't had sex with anyone outside our marriage, and now he was asking me to. Sure, I had my share of guys before we got married, but Dave always kept me quite satisfied sexually. Then I got to thinking of how turned on Dave would get when we had sex, and he would start talking about how he would like to see me take another guy, but I didn't think he would want me to actually do it. I figured it was always going to be just a fantasy.


I went to Dave and told him I would say yes to the game if he took the "cuckold me" off the list. He said he had thought about it a long time and he said the thought of having sloppy seconds and having me be a "Hot Wife" for a night turned him on beyond belief. He also told me he masturbated frequently with that thought in his mind. So he said if I wanted the car, it would have to be the whole list. I told him I would give him an answer in the morning.


After a sleepless night thinking about it, I figured I would make that the last thing I would do, and in a year I figured he would drop it and give me the point if it came down to the time of actually doing it. When we got up in the morning I told him I would play the game.


The year went by quickly, and it was turning out to be a fun game for me, and I methodically checked off a point each week. There was only 4 points to go, and one of the things on the list was to sign up on one of those adult friend finder sites, and have cybersex with someone. I knew it was anonymous, so I figured it would be harmless. I met a guy online who was 38, had a great body, and his pictures showed he was very well endowed. We got to flirting, and the next thing you know he got me so wet that I had to adjust how I was sitting. Wow! I couldn't believe how horny that made me. We kept in contact and had more cybersex for the next couple of weeks. Then he asked me if I wanted to hook up for real. I was so horny I just about said yes right then, but I said I would get back to him shortly. The timing of it was unreal. With only one point left, which was to cuckold my husband, here was this guy asking me to go to bed with him. Just a year ago I didn't want to do it, and now I was getting hot just thinking about it. I wanted to give Dave one last chance to back out of it, but I knew I had to choose my words carefully, so I decided to write him a note so I would have time to think about what I was going to say. It was Sunday, and Dave's birthday was next Saturday. I wrote the note and handed it to him as he walked out the door to go to work Monday morning. I could only imagine how hard it was going to be for him to concentrate on work that day after he read my note which said:





Dear Dave,


I love you with all my heart. You do everything I need to be sexually satisfied. As you know there is only one thing left on the list, and that is to cuckold you. I have made arrangements to meet a man I met on the internet for Friday night. I'm giving you one last chance to give me the point without me having to actually go through with it. I have put a lot of time and effort this past year to earn the points to win the car, so I WILL have sex with him if you don't "give" me the point. Remember, this was your idea, but I'm going to raise the stakes for you, so you better give what I'm about to say careful attention. You are about to open Pandora's Box. I will take another man because YOU want me to, and that's the only way I can win the car. But what if I end up liking it? You couldn't expect me to make it a one time deal now could you? Well, I have fantasies that I would like to make reality too, so if you make me go through with this, you will have to play my game for the next year. The rules are simple, but you must do ALL of them, no exceptions, just like you're making me do.


Rule #1: Every Saturday for the next year, you will become my submissive slave to do whatever I ask of you for the whole day. The rest of the week will be normal except if I use the phrase "Witch Mountain", which would mean you would become my submissive slave until I released you.


Rule #2: I will be in complete control of your orgasms for the next year. I know how much you like to masturbate, so to make sure you won't be able to, you will wear a chastity belt. I will allow you one orgasm a week, of which I will control how you get to cum. To make sure that you do as I say in Rule #1, the penalty for not doing what I tell you to do, would be that I wouldn't allow you to have an orgasm that week. So you better be prepared to do what I tell you to do, or you could have blue balls for a long time!


Rule #3: After I allow you to have an orgasm, you will clean up all the mess with your mouth and swallow every last drop of it. You see, I have been doing a lot of research on the internet about female domination, and the common theme is that after their submissive has cum, the Mistress makes them eat all their cum, so that is what you will have to do too.


Rule #4: I will be able to have sex with anybody I choose, whenever I choose. After I have sex with someone, you will be made to clean up the mess with your mouth. Hey, you've wanted me to be your Mistress for a long time now, so you better be prepared to be a good little submissive. I want you to know that I would never become emotionally involved with someone else because I wouldn't want to put our marriage at risk. It would be purely for the sex.


Now, are you sure you still want me to cuckold you Friday Night? You still have time to just give me the car and we can go back to our "normal" life, but if you make me cuckold you, then my game begins Saturday at 12:01 A.M., and yes, Rule #4 will be in effect, and you will be made to suck out all my lovers fresh cum from my well used pussy! You have until Friday morning when you leave for work to make your decision. You can either tell me I get the car without having to cuckold you, or you can put on the chastity belt that I will leave in your drawer, and come to me so I can put on the lock that I have. Once I put on the lock, there is no turning back. I have learned a lot of things about being a Mistress, and you might be getting more than you bargained for. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!


P.S. One of my fantasies I learned from one of the female domination sites on the internet is where the Mistress makes her submissive give another guy a blowjob while another guy fucks him in the ass. That gets me hot just thinking about you being sandwiched between 2 guys!


Love You;







I really wanted to lay it on heavy because I was sure he wouldn't make me go through with cuckolding him if he knew what my game was. I really didn't think I would make him do something with another guy, but he didn't know that. Dave is not the least bit interested sexually in other guys, and there were times when we had sex that he would pretend to be someone else and he would tell me he wanted to eat "his" cum from my pussy, but he always backed out of doing it after he had an orgasm. I asked him one time after one of these encounters why he didn't go through with it, and he said he lost all his "willpower" after he had an orgasm. I was sure he wouldn't want to play my game, and the car would be mine! Don't get me wrong, the idea of having sex with someone else had kind of grown on me over the last year, and inside I was pretty excited about the idea, but my sensible side told me it was best to keep sex strictly inside the marriage. In the off chance that Dave did agree with my game, I wanted to make him feel like it was all his doing, which it was, but I was ready to take full advantage of using my husband as the submissive he said he wanted to be.


The week dragged on as I nervously waited for Dave's decision. I was just sure he would give me the car, but I had to be prepared if he didn't. Friday morning finally came around and I heard Dave come into the bedroom after he had taken his shower, wearing only the CB 3000 chastity belt I had bought him.


locked in chastity belt


I couldn't believe it. I looked up at him and asked' "Are you sure you want to do this?" He said he had thought about it constantly all week and he tried to do everything he could to talk himself out of it, but he said it made him more excited than he had ever been in his whole life. I said "You understand that there's no going back after I put the lock on you, and I WILL make you do EVERYTHING I told you about in my game. I want to hear you say that you are willing to do everything I tell you to do in my game". I was still trying to talk him out of it, but inside I was getting really excited about what I now knew was going to happen. He looked at me and said "I am willing to follow all the rules in your game." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I didn't really believe my husband would do the things I said he would have to do, but it wouldn't take long to find out because I had a date with Ken tonight. I had no choice but to get the lock from my drawer and place it on his chastity belt. I said "O.K., let the game begin." With that, he got dressed, gave me a long kiss, and left for work. I sat there on the bed for a long time thinking about what just happened, and what was going to happen. If this is what he wanted, I was going to give him all he bargained for, and more, and I was going to enjoy watching him squirm when he had to actually do the things I was going to tell him to do. I was going to see how far I could push his limits, and then I would stretch them. He had no idea of the thoughts running through my head of what I was going to make him do, and I was going to enjoy making him do them!


I called in sick to work because I knew there was no way I would be able to concentrate, and I had some planning to do. The day dragged on, and later that afternoon I sent Dave a text, and told him to do something after work and come home at 9:00, and there would be a note waiting for him, and he was to do what it said. I planned on leaving before he got home, because I knew if I saw him I might back out. I was supposed to meet Ken at 10:00 at a local hotel that is only a few blocks from where I live, and I planned on leaving a little early so I could go to the bar and have a couple of drinks for some liquid courage. I took a long bath, shaved, and trimmed up my pubic hair so there was only a small, neat patch remaining. After my bath, I put on the outfit I was going to wear. It consisted of some designer pantyhose with a garter belt, 4 inch black pumps, a sheer black shirt that you could clearly see my nipples through, a short skirt, and a jacket. I put on my best perfume, and I decided not to wear any panties or bra, so Ken could have easy access.


Before I left the house, I put the note by the front door for Dave to see when he got home, along with the picture I took of myself dressed up in the outfit I was wearing, and a picture I had printed of Ken's large cock. I knew after he saw the pictures, Dave would get instantly hard, but since he had the chastity belt on, he wouldn't be able to! This was getting fun already, knowing Dave was going to be so horny, and there was nothing he could do about it. The note gave him instructions to shave everything from his neck down (except for his arms). I had read that making a man shave would take away some of their macho attitude and make them feel more submissive. At 11:00, he was to light some candles, get into bed and tie his ankles to the rope I had attached to the corners of the bed. Then he was to put the blindfold on that I had left him, and then tie one wrist to the rope I had attached to the other corner of the bed. I told him I would tie his other wrist when I got home. Then he was to lay there waiting for a phone call I would give him when I got to the room with Ken, and if he didn't say a word, I would let him listen to his wife getting fucked by Ken's large cock. I finished the note with a last sentence which said: "If you want relief tonight, you will do as I say! I'm going to enjoy fucking Ken with his long, thick cock, and I'm going to especially enjoy watching you eat all his cum from my well used pussy, and there will be nothing you can do to stop me since you will be tied up! See you tonight."


At 8:45 I left for the hotel. As I entered the bar, I could feel the stares from some of the gentlemen sitting at the bar. I ordered a drink and sat in the corner booth. It wasn't long before one of the men came over to my table and used one of those cheesy pickup lines, but I politely declined, saying I was waiting for someone. After a couple of drinks I was starting to feel a little more at ease, and right on queue, I saw Ken walk in. I called him over to my table and we ordered a drink. He was even more handsome than his pictures showed, and we hit it off right away. There I was, sitting with a good looking guy that was 12 years younger than me, knowing that I was going to have sex with him. I was getting really hot now, and Ken moved over next to me and put his hand on my thigh. I told him what I was going to do to my husband when we were done. Before long he was running his hand up my leg, under my skirt, and he soon found no panties in his way as he proceeded to finger me under the table. I casually let my jacket fall open so he could get a good look at my braless breasts. I could feel myself building to an orgasm, so I told him we should get a room and do this right. It was now 11:15, and I knew Dave was laying in bed, tied up, and ready for my phone call.


We got a room on the 4th floor, and as soon as the elevator doors closed, he pressed me against the wall and gave me a big, French kiss. The energy ran through me, my nerves on edge, and my legs were getting wobbly. When we got inside the room, I phoned my husband and left the line open so he could hear everything that was going to happen. I wasted no time in taking Ken's pants off. I couldn't believe how big he was. My husband Dave is of average length and width, and Ken was bigger than Dave, even though he wasn't even hard yet. I got on my knees and took his cock in my mouth. I slid up and down, feeling him grow inside my mouth. By the time he was really hard, I had to really open my mouth just to get the head in. I couldn't believe how thick he was, and I was wondering if I could even handle his big cock inside me. He pulled my Jacket and top off, and before long we were both naked and doing a 69 in bed. I flipped around on top of him and pointed his raging hard on at my waiting entrance. I wanted to be on top so I could control how fast I would take him. After what seemed like hours of working to get him inside me, I was finally able to get all of Ken's cock inside me. I felt so stretched out and full, and I started to work him up and down. I made sure to talk dirty so Dave could hear me fucking Ken. After a long time going at it like this, he flipped me over onto my back, and buried himself deep inside me. He started pumping faster and faster until I exploded in orgasm. I moaned out loud and told Ken to fuck me good so I could take my well used pussy home to my husband. He felt so good, and knowing Dave wanted me to do this, I had another orgasm. Ken had tremendous stamina, making me cum another 4 times. I sensed him tense up, and I knew he was about to cum. I said "Yes. Come in my pussy now. Give me all your cum so I can take it home to hubby." That did it. He exploded into my pussy, letting out a loud moan. Wave after wave of cum flowed from me.

for cuckold to lick up

I couldn't believe how drenched I was with his cum. After a while he rolled off of me and I told him I had to go so it was still fresh. He knew what I meant. I told him I would be in touch, got dressed, and left the room.




It was just a short ride home, and I was trying to regain my composure. As I walked in the house I could see the candlelight coming from the bedroom. Entering the bedroom door, I could see my husband tied spread eagle (minus one arm).


I said: "Have you been waiting for your well fucked wife to come home?"


Dave said in a trembling voice, "Yes, Mistress M."


I thought to myself, Wow, I just got fucked by a different guy, and my husband is getting off on it, and calling me Mistress. This is going to be fun!


I took his other wrist and pulled it over and tied him down. I took a step backwards to look at my husband, his hairy chest and legs were now completely smooth, and he looked so vulnerable being shaved and wearing just the chastity belt. I felt powerful standing over him, and all my sex drive was back in full force. He was mine to do what I wanted, and there was nothing he could do to prevent it. I said to Dave, "I'm going to take your mind off what I'm going to make you do." I took a butt plug and lubed it up, and proceeded to slowly put it up Dave's ass. I heard him whimper a little bit. Then I took 10 clothespins and attached 5 of them to each nut sack, which was already tight from being in the chastity belt. I heard him whimper a little more, but I wasn't going to stop now. I took some nipple clamps and attached one to each nipple. He was really squirming now. I figured his mind would now be occupied, so I slowly worked my way up until my pussy was directly above his mouth.


I said "Happy Birthday Dave, now it's time for you to eat your creampie. Open your mouth." Dave opened his mouth, and I saw a big glob of Ken's cum fall from my pussy directly into his waiting mouth. With that, I sat down hard on his face. And I felt his tongue probing inside me. I came immediately thinking about being fucked so hard by Ken's big cock, and now my cuckold husband was cleaning me up. This was going to be a fun game!





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