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Three Month Cuckold Chastity Cycle



It began with one of our dirty weekends away. At my wife's insistance I'd been waring the cb 3000 for two weeks. By the time we got to the hotel I was just about ready to explode with pent up sexual tension. She'd told me that she had a special birthday treat for me - a cuckolding treat.


A few months earlier I'd found her some willing partners on a dating site. There were three guys I'd shortlisted. The first one we chose dropped out at the last minute. The second choice was no longer available so she had to settle for third choice. Fortunately, as it turned out, my wife said, after their first meet, that he was really nice and his photo had not done him justice.

On that first date I watched from the driver's seat as they kissed and petted in the back of the car. She jerked him off and he came all over the tops of her black stockings. I had high hopes after that of watching him make love to my gorgeous wife. Unfortunately they could never seem to get it together - until, I guessed, now.


She had told me outright that she had booked adjoining rooms in the hotel - one for us and the other for her lover. I assumed she meant Phil but, I guess, that was the surprise she'd promised me.


As soon as we got to our room I was ordered to strip and put on a humiliating french maids outfit complete with stockings and little white pinnafoir. I wasn't too keen on the idea of her boyfriend seeing me like that but my wife assured me he would not.

So, there I was, on my knees, hands cuffed behind me, face burried in her smooth shaved pussy, cock straining painfully against the plastic walls of its prison, when her mobile rang. Slapping the top of my head and telling me to, 'Get on with it wimp!' she chatted a few minutes with her lover. I was immediately jealous at the loving sexy tone of her voice as she spoke to him. I loved it when my wife flirted with other men, but I hated it too. I guess you have to be a cuckold to understand that?


Pushing me away she ended her conversation and told me to go kneel in the corner while she went to help her lover get settled in. It seemed like ages before she returned, thankfully alone, via a connecting door between the rooms.


She immediately told me to get my sac from our suitcase. The sac is a rubber body bag with a double zip on the front. It has arm sleeves inside and is very tight once zipped. She soon had me secured and lying on the bed covered neck to toe in stretched black rubber. It was very hot inside there and straight away I could feel my body sweating inside the pvc maids outfit I still wore. I felt utterly helpless and in my wife's power as I gazed up at her smiling face.


'I'm going to my lover now slave and he's going to fuck my brains out. Would you like me to leave the connecting door open so that you can listen?'

'Yes,' I answered, cock twitching inside its prison.

'Oh dear, your manners aren't very good are they?'

'Yes please Maam,' I blurted.

'Very well then my pet. I'll just put my leather coat over your face then you can take in the lovely arroma of leather and my perfume whilst you listen to a real man shagging your wife'.

I had to strain to hear over the sound of my own heavy breathing under her coat. It was amazing. I'd never heard my wife so vocal in her love making. Was she doing it to tease me or was he really that good I wondered.


I heard the door closing then had to screw my eyes shut against the light as the coat was lifted from my face. Eventually I opened them to see my gorgeous wife standing there in just her hold up stockings. One hand was cupped under her pussy as she smiled, 'Ready for your birthday present sweetheart? Here it comes'. As she climbed onto the bed and straddled my chest I realised what she meant. I'd often fantasised about cleaning her with my tongue after she'd been royally fucked by some other guy, but I never really believed it would happen. No way would she have unprotected sex with anyone but me. Or so I'd believed.


The sight as she removed her hand was amazing. Thick white cream was oozing from her wet and swollen lips. A long strand detatched itself and dropped down onto my cheek. It was disgusting. Fantasy is one thing but the reality was just awefull. I tried to turn my head away but she gripped my face between her strong smooth thighs. 'Happy Birthday slave,' she cooed as she sat down directly onto my face.


Screwing my eyes shut and closing my lips tight I lay there waiting for her to lift up. I waited and waited. Then I realised - I couldn't breath. 'If you want air you'd better start cleaning up down there slave,' I heard her voice say, muffled and stern sounding.


I hung on as long as I could, trying futilely to find some gap to pull in a desperate gasp of air but there was nothing. Eventually I gave in and stuck my tongue into her drooling pussy. Lifting slightly she allowed me some life giving oxygen. The taste was salty and a little bitter but not as bad as I'd imagined. Suddenly it was like a dam had burst and my face was covered in another mans spunk mixed with my darling wife's own juices. Then it was as if a dam had burst inside my mind too. I was licking and swallowing frantically, drowning in cum but drowning too in my own degradation. I just needed to show this amazing woman how much I loved her!


Not one to miss an oportunity, my darling was soon grinding her pussy onto my face, mashing her lips over my mouth, fucking my nose with her engorged clit until, finally more hot cream was streaming into my eager mouth as she groaned her release.


'That was very nice slave,' she told me. 'But I have to go back to my lover now. Don't worry, I'll see you soon and, as a special treat I'll put your mask on for you'. The mask we use is a tight rubber one with an inflatable cock gag and two small nose holes. The neck of the mask forms an airtight seal around my own neck and is secured inside the top of the rubber sac. 'Lets just make sure you can stll taste and smell me in here as well as all that rubber shall we?' With that she opened the neck of the mask and spat inside it, once, twice, three times, before rubbing the sides together to distribute her spit evenly around the inside. Then, as if that were not enough, she leaned forward and spat in my face, another three times before sliding the mask over my head.


So, there I lay cocooned and sweating inside a latex body bag, face swimming in a combination of my wife's spit and pussy juices combined with her lovers spunk. I should have been appauled, sickened I know. But after two weeks of teasing and denial I couldn't help myself. My poor cock was bursting inside its cruel prison and my hips were pumping involuntarily trying futilely to fing some sensation, some means of gaining the friction I needed against my long suffering cock.


'Now stop that right now!' My wife scolded. 'You behave yourself. Or would you like me to bring my lover in here, turn you over and have him use his belt on your sorry wimp ass?'

That stopped me in my tracks.

'Oh and while we are on the subject of my lover, I thought you might like to know - that's not Phil in there'.



What did she mean, I wondered desperately. If it wasn't her usual guy then who was it? She had obviously taken him bareback. My sweating face was swimming in the results of that. No way would she take health risks doing that with a stranger. So what the hell was going on?

My thoughts were soon interupted as her cries of passion gained in volume. She never made noises like that when I made love to her. Was it for my benefit, to tease me? Or was her new guy that good? Either way my desperate cock was pressed up against the walls of its plastic prison so hard I felt sure it would crack open. No such luck. No matter how I squirmed and wriggled in my rubber cocoon it was impossible for me to gain the slightest stimulation for my sex starved organ.


So far gone was I that I did not even notice the noise had stopped until I heard her voice beside me, 'I thought I told you to lie still?'

'That's better. You have to be on your best behaviour today slave. My new lover is just next door. I'll introduce you later if you behave. Now, I have a little gift for you. Well, two gifts actually. One from me and one from him'.


I felt her climb onto my chest and clamp my head between her finely toned thighs. Then, suddenly, something was being pushed through one of the tiny nose hole in my rubber mask. 'Don't worry slave,' she soothed, 'It's just a little funnel. Now hold still'. Her thighs clamped my head tighter still as I felt warm liquid pouring over my cheek. Fortunately the funnel was angled down and to the side. If the liquid had gone up my nose I might have drowned.

'There you go slavey, I kept that just for you. You know how sexy you find it when I piss on you? Well now you can have lots and lots of my precious nectar in there with you. Can you taste it?'

I could as some ran over my lips. It was warm and salty. Disgusting but somehow incredibly sexy!

'There, that's all for that side'. The funnel was pulled away only to be inserted into the opposite nose hole. 'Now for your secont present. This one is from my lover. Would you like to know who he is before I drown you in his piss?'

My muffled cry was a mixture of disgust, lust and frustration.

'You remember John don't you?'


The only John I knew was a guy my wife had dated before we met. He had been her first lover, the one who took her cherry, a fact I'd always been jealous of.

'Well, we met acouple of months ago, just by chance really when I was shopping. I agreed to have a coffee with him for old time's sake and he asked me out. I would have said no of course, but then I thought what a wonderful sexy surprise it would be for you. You do like it don't you?'


Fuck! What could I say. In the end I didn't get the chance to reply as she continued.

'I know it's a bit of a shock and we have all weekend to discuss it. For now I just want you to relax. We both know how turned on you get when I tease you about having a lover. I've been looking at your internet browsing history too and it seems you get really turned on reading stories where the wife falls in love with her lover. Well, now it's happening to you so you won't need to fantasise any more. I'm going to make it a reality for you'.

With that she began pouring her new lover's piss into the mini funnel. It stung as it splashed into my eye. Then, as it ran over my tightly closed lips I tried to turn my head away.

'Oh no you don't slave. I collected this especially for you so you are going to enjoy it, whether you like it or not!'


There was so much warm piss inside my airtight mask I was sure I was going to drown in it. Fortunately, as soon as my wife moved her thighs to release my head it poured down the sides to collect at the back of the mask emmersing the back of my head up to my ears. Laughing sweetly she slowly tightened her thighs again making the foul liquid pour up and over my face.


'There you go my darling husband. You just lie still and enjoy yourself. It's not every slave who gets the priveledge of having his face immersed in the love juices and piss of his mistress and her lover you know. So just remember how lucky you are. I'm going back to John now. I'll see you in the morning. We need to have a little chat about where we go from here. In the mean time just keep your head still. If I find one drop of piss has leaked out of your nose holes or where ever and gotten on those sheets you'll be sorry, understand?'




Nights sure do last a long time when you're cocooned in tight hot slippery rubber from head to toe. Believe me it gets hot in there. Not as hot as it was in the room next door though judging by the high pitched squeels and deep throated grunts that seemed to go on for hours. I felt sorry for the other hotel guests in the rooms around us. The thought of getting a visit from the manager in response to guests' complaints filled me with dread.


Fortunately it didn't happen. I was just beginning to finally nod off, hoping I wouldn't drown in the mixture of my wife's and her lover's piss that half filled my rubber mask, when her voice woke me. She had the nerve to say she hoped I'd had a comfortable night and that their noise hadn't kept me awake!


'I know you're not used to me being so vocal sweetheart but then I'm not used to being fucked by a real man am I? At least not since I married you,' she laughed. I didn't think my body would have the energy but her humiliating words had my poor imprisoned cock bursting at the seams of its plastic prison in seconds.


'Now I bet you're wondering who your sexy wife spent the night with aren't you?'

The question had crossed my mind! I made the mistake of grunting around the masks rubber cock gag and nodding my head. Stale piss and cum washed over my face stinging my eyes and getting up my nose causing me to cough and panic for air.


'Oh sweetheart!' my wife soothed, stroking my rubber encased forehead. 'Take it easy in there. We don't want you drowning do we? Not when the fun is just beginning'.


Once I'd calmed down she climbed onto my chest and unzipped the rubber sac just enough to get her hand inside. I heard the noise of rubber gloves being stretched and snapped onto her dainty little hands then.....Oh FUCK !!! She was tapping my cage, twisting it to examine its contents. I groaned and jolted upright causing the liquid contents of my mask to flow down to my neck then wash back over my face as I lay back down. I had to stop doing that!

'Shall we take this nasty thing off now darling, so that I can give you a lovely treat for being a good boy last night?'


I was nodding again and this time I didn't give a shit about the piss and cum washing my face.

I felt her fiddling with the lock then tugging to get the tight tube to slide off my bursting cock. Oh shit! Freedom! It had been so long this time! Worth it though! Definitely worth it! I was in hyperspace as her long nails gently scratched at my heaving balls through the latex of her gloves.


I was puzzled then as I felt her slide one then two then three condoms onto my rock hard erection. She was on the pill so we never used condoms.

'There now, it's still not as big as John's but at least it might touch the sides occassionally'.

Oh Fuck Yes! She was going to let me inside her! I was going to feel her hot velvet lips carressing my long denied cock!


'Seriously sweetheart,' she was continuing. 'I have to do this. The only way I would agree to fulfill your fantasy and let another man cum inside me without protection is if I've gotten to know him well, he's had all the tests and promised to be exclusive to me. John has ticked all those boxes now and that's how your got to live your cream pie dream yesterday. Of course, the flip side of that is that he wants me to be exclusive to him in return. It's only fair don't you think? Anyway, I've got another one here for you but it would mean taking off that mask and I can't do that yet. So, instead I'm going to help you with another of your fantasies. If you behave yourself I'm going to let you inside me. You can slide your little cock inside your loving wife and feel my lover's sperm lubricating its journey. Not that you will feel very much because I'm a little stretched out but I'm sure you can use your imagination can't you?'




Cuckold Chastity Cycle, part 2



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