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Contract of Chastity







Our interest in the world of chastity has grown over the years from fantasising to reality. At first it was Rachel that felt the need to have a CB, not because she wanted to be denied, but to stop me from gaining entry. As time went on, and in our search it seemed that a chastity belt for Rachel was not going to be a straightforward purchase over the net. We stumbled on the CB2000 web site looking for female belts. We both thought that it would make more sense for me to be locked up with Rachel holding the key, than Rachel holding the key to her own belt. We ordered, we received, we smiled and then she locked, and now it's life.


We find part of our excitement in this lifestyle is in the writing of our programs. By agreeing a program together we find that we can push our limits for each other just that bit more, each time we renew our agreement we add some new venture. Sharing our program with other people encourages us to keep the programs moving along as we gain more experience, it also invites comment.





Contract of Chastity


This contract is to give full consent to the listed conditions. The agreement will be binding and can not be cancelled with out fulfilling the cancelling procedure as listed.






1. Paul will agree to fulfil all the instructions given to him and will allow him to be trained as set out in the program. The program is to be given as a guide, and will include verbal options for Rachel. The program will be as Rachel deems for the entire term, but will be accepted as part of the contract.


2. Paul will under no circumstances give knowledge of the program to any 3rd party.


3. Paul will inform Rachel of any possible chance of escape.








4. Rachel will lock up Paul in such a way that he can not remove it with out the knowledge of Rachel and in such away that long-term chastity can be achieved.


5. Rachel will ensure that Paul does not become sexually depressed other than when depression is to be intended as a punishment.


6. Rachel will train Paul to be submissive over the period of the program and set targets of submissive levels, targets must be set for the level of submissiveness and made clear to Paul.


7. Rachel will control all the forms of Paul's orgasms.


8. Rachel will at all time keep Paul informed of her aims and changes to the program, and to what he is to achieve.


9. Rachel will not discuss any part of the program with any person other than to gain advice or information from the Internet.





Rachel and Paul agree to:


1. There will be a minimum time period of 2 months locking in each locking program. Not including short release and relocks.


2. The first review meeting date will be in a maximum of 6 months


3. We both agree to no limits to the program.


4. The minimum achievements that are to be met for no reward are normal duties as before locking. Punishments are permitted there after for poor performance as per Rachel's discretion


5. Rachel will offer rewards for extra duties there after.


6. Both parties will be honest at all times.


Course of action to be taken when problems arrive or cancelling.



When we have a problem or dispute a 24-hour interval will take place without the removal of the cage and with no rewards, followed by a talk after the boys are in bed and asleep. If we can not reach an agreement at that point then we will ask for advice, followed by a final meeting. If no agreement is found than after another 24 hour cooling off period will pass, before removing the cage.



 I, Rachel, agree to the above and will carry everything out to the best of my ability. Signed __________________________________________ Rachel



I, Paul, will follow the program and please to the best of my ability. Signed____________________________________________ Paul


Rachel and Paul's trading contract




Game plan


The idea of the trading contract is to have a balanced program for both Dom. and sub; the dominant will buy sub time in accordance with set rules of play. The sub will be given tasks that he will have to plan and carry out in a scene. Both parties can write these scenes together or individually. The dom. will not be able to unlock her sub until he has bought her to orgasm at any time during the contract. It is up to the dom. as and when orgasm is permitted for her sub, the sub is forbidden to ask for such pleasure.




Pay Rules


The sub will enter into a contract where he will be lock and controlled by his mistress until payday, this is where the dominant will pay in kind for more lockup time. Pay in kind is pre-set at the start of the contract, example on day 7 the dominant must unlock her sub and bring the contract to an end or pay to keep her sub under lock and key.


The sub however has no choice if he is to have his contract terminated or extended. He can be paid to extend the contract for a week by being allowed having erections (if he has earned unlocking time) or for 4 days by being milked and so on. In your contract your sub will give you a list of pleasures he would like you to perform on him or for him and then together you will agree a time in days to the worth of the pay for each pleasure.


The dominant will have complete say to what pleasure she will pay for her sub-time from the list, but will only be permitted to unlock him if he as first bought her to full orgasm. Following successful orgasms for the Dom. A time limit of 48 hours is permitted for an unlocking, once this time has past his opportunity is lost and he will need to start attempts to orgasm his mistress again. The sub is entitled to be released if his mistress fails to pay by an agreed time, set out in your contract. The dominant will add one type of punishment to every 3 kinds of pleasures the sub puts on the list. The dominant will be able to pay for lockup time "for example" by whipping her sub, which could be worth a week of lockup time. The punishment ratio must be agreed at the start of the contract.




Sub duties


The dominant will set out her demands in the contract, to the duties her sub must perform as none pay duties.






The sub may be disciplined in ways of fines or whippings as set out in your contract for misconduct. The dominant will be judge and jury to all disobedience while locked.




Action to be carried (pest control!) For pestering, failing to carrying out his house duties, failing to control himself.


1. Medium teeth for 48 hours


2. Next size down "A" ring for 48 hours


3. Large teeth for 24 hours


4. Small "A" ring for 24 hours


5. Medium teeth and next down "A" ring. 24 hours


6. Small " A" ring and large teeth for 24 hours


7. Extended time for any of the above




Sub Orgasms


Full orgasms are not permitted in the lists of payments submitted by the sub, however the sub may be released by means of milking nor have orgasms with out ejaculating. If the sub fails in his control his mistress may fine him. The conditions for full orgasms will be decided only by the dominant but agreed by both to worth in terms of paydays, at the start of the contract.




Punishment entries (by Paul)


1. Butt plugged 4 days


2. Have cock sucked to the brink of orgasm 7 days


3. Cock and balls tied and allowed to fuck (orgasm no cum) 7 days


4. Vibrating butt plug under rubber pants for the evening 4 days


5. Tied to the bed and brought to near orgasm 3 times 7 days


6. Bum and ball massage 4 days


7. Unlocked for an evening (supervised) 4 days


8. Latex fun 4 days


9. The wicked bitch comes out to play 7 days


10. Bondage, in exposed positions 4 days


11. The five senses 7 days


12. Body massage 4 days





Mistress entries (By Rachel)


1. Restrained and given 20 strokes with riding crop 7 days


2. Restrained and given 20 strokes with flogger 7 days


3. Hand and ankle cuffed, on belly, on floor for minimum one hour 4 days





Love scenes


The Submissive must earn any hope of release time by performing "scenes of love" He must give his mistress fun and stress free sessions of love and excitement with out any reward or hope of unlocking. The method of timing when he must do this is by mutual agreement.


The list below is of some examples of scenes that we are currently trying.


Scene 1: The five senses A much loved scene


Scene 2: I will change into rubber paints with a latex dildo, and then get fully dressed to go out. You will then choose if to go out while I look fully erect or send me to the take-away dressed, as you would please. I am then to try and seduce you into letting me fuck you.


Scene 3: I will change into rubber paints with a latex dildo when we go to bed. When I awake with nocturnal erections I will try to fuck you with my strap-on.


Scene 4: Using a special cream/oil I will massage your nipples and pussy while you watch a romantic film (DVD) I will be whipped if at any time during the film I stop. I will then bring you to a full orgasm at the end of the film only.


Scene 5: I will tidy up the lounge and wash your feet so clean that I will suck your toes to prove how clean they are to you. I will then start to kiss you all over your body.


Scene 6: I will shave your pussy, bath you and bring you to a full orgasm while I am but plugged and rubber panted.


Scene 7: I will tie you to the bed and use the entire dildo range one by one on you, I will take you to near orgasm 3 time before I let you have a full orgasm and then make you beg me to stop fingering your clit before I release you.


Scene 8: I will make latex tits using your tits as patterns with erect nipples using ice and other stimulating things.


Scene 9: I will fill your pussy up with cream and banana then lick you clean very slowly.


Scene 10: I will give you the love dice, every time you play the dice I will carry out it stated act on you until you say stop.


Scene 11: I will put the love egg or balls up your pussy and then every hour on the hour lick your juices from around and in your pussy up.


Scene 12 While playing music (CD) I will serve you late night desert, wearing only leather pouch and dickey bow I will hand feed you my self and lick up any spillage's.


Scene 13: I will beg you to give me 10 of your best swings of the whip every hour of the night until you are ready for me to fuck you.


Scene 14 Cheese and wine delight, I will take you to bed early with a lovely smelling bedroom with specially prepared cheese waiting. I will then feed you slowly while I stroke your naked body I will put cream on you breasts a slowly lick them clean while still feeding you.


Scene 15: Wearing a black bra stocking and sir-spender belt with knickers I will serve a late dinner in romantic surroundings for desert I will of a choice of dildo.


Scene 16: Using hot and cold drinks change the temperature of the pussy by licking and sucking.



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