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I had drunk too much before, but this was different. The whole

night had been filled with dreams. Well, one dream that replayed over and

over would be more accurate. I wanted to find out what was causing my

continuous pain but, the booze seemed to have a hold on my brain.  I would

have only thought this was possible with stronger drugs. Reality, as it

were, was to thread itself between the clouds of a dream world.

The nightmare that seemed to break the dream world focused on the

pain I now felt in my ass and with my dick. 


I remembered someone working

on my asshole with some sort of widening tool that made my hole stretch to

a size I would never believe possible. Although I screamed that it hurt,

no one seemed to care. The tool was first used to stretch open my hole.

The tool was then locked to hold it open. My muscles seemed to give in to

its tyranny after a while and the pain would ebb slightly. The tool took

each small win as an invitation to widen the hole just a little more.

Finally, my hole could take no more, I think I passed out in an

uncontrollable sobbing attack.


As the dream again appeared as a visible thread, I felt the

stretching tool being removed from my butt.  My hole seemed unable to

return to its original virgin condition. I wanted to make the muscles

close my hole but the mental orders never seemed to reach my ass.  As

someone continued to work out of my view, I felt a new invader entering my

mud hole.  It was hard, fat and long.  It seemed to take several minutes

for its hilt to finally seat itself against my hole.


I remembered the word "key" was spoken and it struck fear in my

heart. They were turning something in the plug in my ass and it was

expanding inside my already stretched hole.  There would apparently be no

mercy even though I pleaded, "Please, no more. I am sorry.  Take it out."

The answer was only more pain. I could feel the butt plug growing

inside my anus.  It was too large to ever be removed and yet it still kept

growing. They were turning some sort of screw like device with a key up

my ass.  My verbal protests went unheeded and my body again decided to

hide from reality in its dream world.


The next sensation that brought about the slight hint of reality I

would be offered this night was a rubbing sensation in the soft skin

between my plug locked butt hole and my dick.  It felt like a spring steel

rod that was connected to my plug and some new device they were now

working on.  I had been rolled on my back, but the bright lights still

kept me from seeing my captor.


"Don't move. I've got a nylon fishing line looped around the head

of this miserable prick of yours," my captor said in a voice I immediately

recognized in horror.  "It is tight enough to cut your dick apart if you

don't settle down."


"Oh, Katherine, I though I had been kidnaped by someone at the

party tonight," I said trying to understand why she would be part of this



"You made plenty of enemies with that cock of yours for sure, but

no one but me would be willing to train you into something worthwhile."

"What  . . . ?"

"Shut up!"


I could feel my cock in contact with a cold slippery object. I

had ejaculated so many times tonight my cock was now just a limp image of

its former self. My initial feeling was that I was again entering a

pleasure hole. It seemed tight and filled with the juice of love. I

suddenly felt the nylon fishing line.  It was, indeed, looped around the

head of my penis and it was pulling my fire stick down inside the tight

tube.  As the tube's hilt finally hit firmly against my balls, I could

feel my prick head hit the enclosed end of the tube.


"This locked ring around your cock and balls will hold this all in

place while I get the nylon loop off your dick."

"But I . . . " my stupefied voice trailed off because there was

really nothing I could say.


It took only a couple of brief maneuvers with the fishing line for

my captor to work it off my dick and through the end of the tube I was

going to have to use as my pee hole. The complete length of my dick was

encased in an inch or so tube that ran from my balls to the tip of my

pecker.  The tube seemed to curve downward toward my balls.  My butt hole

and cock were now both locked in the same painfully crafted torture



"I don't want you to forget you have this all on," was the next

ominous announcement my captor made. "So I'm going to add this locking

ball crusher."


The device seemed to almost instantly be attached to my balls. It

consisted of a tight locking ring that went around my balls. Attached to

the ring was a separator rod that parted my balls and compressed them in

their own skin sack. The massive increase in pain made me pass out again

and return to my drunken dream world.


It was probably an hour before I again tried to open my eyes.  I

was having one of those night time hard-ons I had almost every night.

This night it was different. It hurt like hell. The new combination butt

plug and cock torture device was actually a chastity belt. I couldn't get

my dick completely hard because there was no room. The hard stainless

steel enforced the limp dick curvature to what would have been a divining

rod of fire.


Enough of the effects of the alcohol had worn off for me to try to

get the damned thing off my body.  As I felt of the device, my heart sank.

 The manufacturer had taken every care to make the device smooth and hard.

 It had been designed for a lifetime of wear.  It fit tightly. There was

no room to extricate any part of my body for its grips.


I remembered what I had done to be placed in the device. My

asshole plug hurt, my dick was hard and uncomfortable and my balls were

stretched to their limits. I would never be able to show myself to anyone

who could help me get it off.  It would be too embarrassing. I knew I had

been belted out of love, rather than hate. I would have to learn to be

their slave. With luck I might earn more than the necessary, sanitary

reliefs from my new appliance.




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