"Are they clean fag-boy?" Sarah asked me matter of factly.

"Yes Mistress," I answered looking at every inch of her size six peds. It has been twenty minutes since she sat down on the couch and presented me with her dirty feet.


Sarah likes to walk around barefoot most of the time, and it is much easier to have a lowly fag-boy lick the grime off the bottom of her feet then to go wash them in the bathroom, at least she thinks so. This isn't unusual for me. The cramped back, pain in my knees and the oh so familiar taste of dirt and sweat in my parched mouth. But I know anything she asks of me must be obeyed without hesitation no matter how humiliating or degrading or my cock goes without seeing sunlight for another three months.

Sarah lifts her foot from my face and gives it a quick glance before she roughly shoves it back in my face informing me that there is a spec of dirt on her heel and that I will start over and lick every inch of her feet again and that they better be squeaky clean this time. She leans back, gets comfortable and starts flipping through the channels as I bring her foot back up to my mouth. Of course there is no spec of dirt anywhere to be found but this all part of her domination over me.


It wasn't always like this for me. Now I am a chastised slave put through my paces seven days a week with my only reward being the lint between Sarah's toes. In a way I have come to terms with it. I no longer get the aching blue balls or the pre-cum that use to drip from my belt daily. My cock has got use to the idea that Sarah is its master and a harsh one at that. I still get the occasional hard-on, but it easily gets restricted and crawls back to its original shriveled up form.



"Hunter will be hear at eight o'clock," Sarah whispers as I am scrubbing her heel with my sore tongue. "I want you to clean the bedroom of anything that is yours, and light some candles. Make it romantic for us fag-boy. Then you can crawl into the closet so you can see how a real man fucks."

"Yes Mistress." The only two words in my vocabulary for the last two years. Sarah has been seeing Hunter for three months now and in that time he has shot his load in her at least twenty times and I have been left high and dry. My only participation is after he leaves and Sarah calls me from the closet to suck all of his sperm from her delicate flower.


Sometimes these are her most intense orgasms, she loves to ridicule me as I am lapping up there mingled juices and this takes her to a different level of passion.

"That's good enough fag-boy," she says in a disappointed manner and gets up off the couch and walks toward the bathroom. "I can't understand how something so simple as cleaning the dirt off my feet is such a difficult task for you. Anyway, I have to get ready and you have to go upstairs. Lay that red teddy you bought me for our anniversary a few years ago on the bed and a pair of fuck me heels."

As she seductively walks toward the bathroom I am reminded of how I fell head over heels for her. The first time I saw her she reminded me of a girl who I used to jerk-off to when I was young. She was the spitting image of Traci Lords, with the body to strut also. She had the same luscious lips and beautiful milky white complexion that gave her that innocent look whenever she looked at you. And the first few times in bed I would of bet that she took lessons from her too. But those days are only a memory now and I try not to think about them for it only causes me unimaginable frustration.

I could tell you how I got to this point in my life, but it doesn't really matter. I'm here and things aren't going to change for a long time. As long as she holds the key to my belt and I'm willing to subject myself to her deviant ways this is how it is going to play out. I know I will never leave her. My only fear is that she will leave me, so I cater to her every need and put myself through some very humiliating scenes.

Thirty minutes later I finish up with the bedroom and think how this has become pretty routine for the last few Saturdays. They us to go to his place, but Sarah needed to step up my humiliation of being a chastised cuckold up a notch. I can here her walking up the stairs so I get into my usual position in our bedroom, on my knees at the foot of the bed. She walks in naked drying of her hair. I lustfully look at the little beads of water reaching all of those sacred parts of her body that I worship daily.

"Looks good fag-boy," Sarah says as she saunters over to the bed and sits right next to me. "I almost think you enjoy this more than I do the way you take the time to make the room look so nice. Well do you fag-boy?"

"Yes Mistress. Anything that pleases you pleases me all that much more."

"Good answer, but doesn't it bother you that I go around fucking and sucking Hunters mammoth cock while your little wheenie is locked up in that belt of yours?"

"No Mistress. I'm a worthless slave and my needs are of no concern."

"My have I trained you well," Sarah says proudly. She gets up on the bed on her hands and knees with her ass facing me and purrs, " That disserves a reward fag-boy. I'm going to give you the honor of making sure my asshole is as clean as a whistle." With that she lowers her shoulders to the bed and places her hand on her beautiful ass and spread herself. "What are you waiting for fag-boy?"

This scene has been played out time after time in our home but it still causes me to become painfully aroused. I raise my face to her ass and slowly start to kiss around her rosebud.


She starts to rack her hips from left to right so my lips brush up against her asshole. Her ass smells so good when she gets out of the shower, like vanilla today. I slowly start to work my tongue into the ring and she lets out a sigh. Over the years she been able to achieve orgasm from me rimming her, she says it is one of her favorite ways to have an orgasm. Needless to say I have been eating a lot of ass in the past few years.

"Get it nice and clean," she says as she moves one of her hands down to her pussy and start playing with herself. As she starts to work harder on her pussy I start fucking her ass harder until her whole body tightens up and falls to the bed with my entrapped tongue in her ass.


I dare not move until she has come down from her intense orgasm. As her breathing slows I ease my tongue out and she rolls over and sits up still flush. Breathing a little huskily she says," Do you want to clean my fingers off?"

"Please Mistress, please," I beg like a child for ice cream. She slowly brings them up to my face just under my nose. I inhale her wonderful scent and it gives shivers. She giggles and puts them up to my lips and I lovingly lick off all of her juices like it was my last meal. Just as I'm about to have a mental orgasm, the closest thing I come to now a days, the doorbell rings and she looks over at the clock. "Oh shit, he's early. Get into the closet and don't come out until he leaves," Sarah barks.



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