"Oh God that feels good!" Mrs. Sandra Pennington moaned as she lowered herself onto the dildo attached to her husbands face. If there was one joy in life for Sandra Pennington, it was degrading and humiliating her husband, and at the moment, she was doing a pretty good job of both.


Three months earlier Sandy Pennington had caught her husband Henry screwing her best friend Nancy. She had told him then, "Henry, there will be no divorce, there will be no screaming or arguing, but from this moment on I'm going to take control of that wayward little dick of yours. If that's not agreeable to you, you can pack your bags right now and get out, and I guarantee you, when my attorneys get through with you, you'll be homeless and penniless."


A week later the first package arrived. Sandy called, "Henry, come here dear. I've got a little surprise for you." As Henry entered his wife's study she very calmly spoke to him, "Remember our little conversation last week after that disgusting incident with the slut? Remember me telling you that I intended taking control of your little weenie? I'll bet you thought that I'd forgotten? Well I haven't." she said handing him the package.


Henry Pennington took the package and began opening it when Sandra ordered, "Stop! I want you to get undressed first." "Honey please, this is embarrassing. Just let me open the package." he said. "Embarrassing? You weren't worried about embarrassing me while you were fucking my best friend." she said. "Strip!" she ordered. Henry reluctantly took his clothing off, then standing there naked in front of his wife he unwrapped the package. Inside was a steel ring, a steel cage and a padlock. "Try that on for size Honey Bunny." Sandra said. Henry slipped the steel ring around the base of his cock and balls, then slid the tubular shaped steel cage over his penis.

Sandra then came over and taking the padlock from him, slipped it into the hasp connecting the ring to the cage. Click! And with that, she smiled and pocketed the key.


Henry had always been cow-towed by his wife Sandra. Perhaps it was her beauty that made his knees buckle every time he was near her. At just under six foot Sandra was enough to intimidate damm near anyone, she had a full figure, shoulder length black hair, large breasts, unnaturally long legs, but her best asset was her rear end. Her hips were full and her butt curved out behind her almost obscenely.


"So much for phase one," Sandra thought. Now that she had the cage locked on Henry she could begin with her and Nancy's plan in earnest. Sandra had always known that Henry cheated on her every chance he got. Henry was just a horny guy. She never much minded as long as he was discreet. But fucking her best friend Nancy, well that was a different story. "Humiliate me, embarrass me in front of my friends, we'll see who is humiliated and embarrassed now. By the time I get through with this little three legged mother fucker he'll know the meaning of respect." and that thought brought a cruel smile to her face.


"So Henry, how does your little metal cage feel? Would you like me to call some of my friends over for you to fuck? Oh, poor baby. You can't fuck with that on can you." Sandra cooed. "But you can lick pussy, and I think now would be a good time for you to start doing just that." Sandy hiked up her skirt and removed her panties, sitting down on the edge of her large desk chair she spread her legs open and motioned for her husband to kneel in front of her. "Eat" she ordered. Henry lowered his head and began to lick his wife's pussy and with that one simple act of obedience began his long journey into the life of debauchery which she had planned for him.







"Jesus, how did I get myself into this mess?" Henry thought to himself. The cage had been on for four days now. It really wasn't all that bad except when he got horny which was almost all the time lately. Sex with Sandra was out of the question, she was still really pissed about that whole thing with Nancy. Every time he looked at her now his dick would start getting hard and then the cage would start hurting like hell. "Sandy dear, I've had this on for a long time now. Do you think we could take it off for awhile, maybe we could play around a little bit?" he asked.


"Take it off? I don't think so. I suppose we will have to take it off sooner or later just to keep you clean." Sandy lay back on the couch and removed her shorts motioning for him to perform. "Eat!" she commanded. "Oh, that's nice, you just keep licking and I'll think about this. I realize that men do need a certain amount of sex just to stay healthy. I will let you have some sexual relief, lets say once a month.... maybe. The frequency and method will be up to me and will be determined by your performance and obedience. Understood?" "Yes dear" he replied.




Sandra pushed him away from between her legs. "Come here baby, let me see how your little weenie is making out all locked up like that." She reached down and slowly started rubbing his balls and what little bit of his penis she could touch inside the cage. "Your little pecker looks like it wants to explode inside of there, is this what happens when I have you lick my pussy?" "Oh God Sandy, please take this thing off of me" Henry pleaded. "Take it off? Maybe at the end of the month, but only if you make me very happy between now and then. You can start making me happy by licking my butt now. You always told me how much you loved my ass. Now you can show me." Rolling over on her stomach she arched her rear end into the air. "Eat!" she commanded.


Henry buried his face in his wife's butt crack and began gently licking the cheeks of her beautiful posterior.


Looking over her shoulder Sandra calmly said, "Listen you little wimp, I don't want my ass cheeks licked, I want you to eat my asshole. Now get some tongue up my ass or you'll be wearing that thing until hell freezes over." Obediently Henry pursued his task. He could taste and smell the musky scent of his mistress' asshole as he worked at wedging his tongue further up her dark channel. An hour later his tongue was beginning to cramp when she finally released him from his duties.






The first month had been hell. Henry hadn't gone this long without sex since he had reached puberty. Going to the office was murder, every time he looked at one of the girls at work his dick would start getting hard which would quickly bring on the pain. Henry also had a few fuck broads at work and twice now he had to make excuses as to why he couldn't get away and spend time with them. Once he got home he spent the rest of the night servicing Sandy who was getting more demanding by the day.


It seemed as though she had a new rule or task for him to learn every day. He was now in the habit of addressing her as Ma'am or Mistress. He knew that he had to service her orally every night before she went to sleep.


Once inside of their house he spent his time naked except for the metal cage which he had been wearing for a month now. He couldn't remember how many massages he had given her, these always guaranteed a hard-on and also a pain in the dick because of the cage. Her favorite enjoyment lately was having him eat her asshole, which he was being ordered to do on a much more frequent basis. But thank God, the first month was over and the cage was due to come off tonight.


That evening Sandra approached Henry and said, "Well Henry, you've done a pretty good job this month. I suppose you'll be wanting your reward? Maybe I should just let you jag-off for me, that would be amusing. Would you like to stick that tiny little dick of yours into my pussy? I've cum almost every day, too bad you haven't." Sandra Pennington went to her purse and removed a pair of handcuffs, "turn around and put your hands behind your back." "What are those for?" Henry asked. "We don't want you to get carried away with your new found freedom now do we", she said as she ratcheted the cuffs onto his wrists.


Sandra left the room and when she returned she was naked except for a pair of thigh high black nylons and a pair of black stiletto heeled pumps. She had never looked so good to Henry before. Now she went to her purse and returned with the key. As she removed the metal jail from around his manhood his prick sprang to life. "Oh my God that feels so good", Henry moaned. She had never seen his dick so hard. It looked like it could explode all by itself.


Leading him to the bed she lay him down on his back and lifting her leg over his head she straddled his face. "Like what you see baby? Before we do anything we have to have another little talk."


Henry was looking up at the most beautiful butt he had ever seen hovering just inches above his face. He could smell her musky scent and it was driving him crazy. "Please, all I want to do is cum" he thought. Sandy bent forward and took just the tip of his prick into her mouth. Suddenly she dipped and swallowed his entire shaft down her throat, then, just as quickly she pulled her head upwards leaving his prick throbbing in the air.


"So tell me, who do you want to fuck?" she asked. "I want to fuck you Sandy, I mean Mistress." "Are you sure you don't want to fuck Nancy?" "No, no, only you Mistress...... please!"


"How about those sluts at the office, do you want to fuck them?" "No, no, only you. I'll do anything but please just let me cum" he pleaded. "Well if you want to cum I would suggest that you make your Mistress happy" she said as she lowered her sex closer to his mouth. He didn't have to be coaxed, he began lapping her pussy like a crazy man.


After ten minutes she said, "Oh, that is nice and you've certainly gotten better at eating pussy in the last month, but if you want to cum, you're going to have to make me "very" happy." She reached in front of her and took his prick in her hand, slowly stroking it while she again lowered her butt to his face. He didn't have to be told what to do, he immediately inserted his tongue into her ass and began massaging her asshole for all he was worth.


It felt like his balls were going to burst. His dick was throbbing in her hand and she noticed the flow of pre-cum running down the shaft. "You know baby, we have a problem here. If I let you fuck me, you're going to make a big mess inside of me. Who's going to clean up your mess?" she asked. "Mistress I can't help it, please just let me cum, I'll do anything you want." "Well you could offer to lick up your own mess afterwards" she suggested. "Yes, yes I'll gladly lick up my mess if you'll just let me cum" he pleaded. "OK baby, but remember, you promised" as she lifted her butt from his face and swung around to mount his stiff rod.


Handcuffed as he was Henry had absolutely no control over the situation. Sandy lowered herself until she had just the tip of his dick in her cunt.


Smiling down at him she slowly lowered herself, engulfing his entire shaft into her wet pussy. "God what a little dick this jerk has" she thought to herself. She had her ass resting on his stomach now, his entire dick was inside her but she remained totally motionless. She clenched her internal muscles giving his dick a good squeeze, one squeeze, two squeezes...... "God, I'm cumming!" he yelled. Sandy felt load after load of his cum gushing into her insides. "God he's coming in buckets" she thought.


A full minute later he was still trying to hump out the last remaining drops. Sandy then swung around again, her pussy hovering just inches over his face, "remember dear, you promised."


"Please Ma'am, don't make me do that." "Eat!" was the only reply he got. Resignedly Henry began licking her sopping pussy.




"Stop, you'll never get it all that way. Open your mouth" she ordered. Henry opened his mouth and she squatted over it letting gob after gob of his cum run from her pussy into his mouth.


"Now swallow" she ordered. "You can lick the remainder off as you make me cum, you piece of shit." "What a bum fuck, two little squeezes and he shoots off. It'll be a long time before I let him do that again" Sandy thought to herself.






The second package arrived two months after Henry's ordeal had begun.


Sandra had summoned her slave husband to her den and was waiting for him, there was a large package on her desk. "Henry dear, I have a present for you." Have you enjoyed wearing your little metal ring and cage dear? Would you like me to remove it?" she asked.


Henry shuddered with joy at the thought of having his dick released but was apprehensive because of the tone in her voice and the package sitting on her desk.


Sandra said, "Come here dear and knee in front of me. Let's open your present."


Henry knelt in front of his Mistress, looking up at her long nylon clad legs, just being able to glimpse the dark fur above.


Henry opened the heavy package and found inside a very impressive and very intimidating chastity belt. It was made entirely of stainless steel with a belt and front panel which held a curved tube for his penis. The device had a circular key slot and a bracket attachment for a dildo.


Sandra said, "I ordered this when I first decided to take control of your little weenie, unfortunately it had to be custom made to your measurements and took this long to manufacture. We'll still use your little cage from time to time, but this steel belt will become your little weenie's new permanent home."


After having his wrists handcuffed behind his back as usual, the steel cage was removed and the new belt fitted in place. First his penis was inserted into a curved steel tube, which was fastened to the front panel pointing downwards, which was locked to the steel belt. A curved steel rod went from the bottom of the panel up his butt crack and connected to the rear of the belt. It was heavy, it was tight, it was totally unyielding - and it fit perfectly.


"You see dear, Sandra said, this is a much more practical device for long term use. With this belt on, you will never ever be able to touch your little pecker again. Of course, you will have to learn to pee sitting down like a woman, but that should not be a problem for a wimp like you. I also had the foresight to order the deluxe model complete with attachments."


Sandra then removed a large black butt plug from the shipping container. Sandra said, "This attaches to the steel rod running up your behind and will be used at my desecration, sort of a training tool for wayward husbands. You've been a pain in my ass on many occasions, now it's time for a little turnaround."


Reaching into the box again she brought out a huge black dildo, easily three inches in diameter and ten inches long. "Now the butt plug is strictly for your discomfort, but this little baby, she said, hefting the massive dildo in her hand is strictly for my pleasure." Motioning for Henry to stand in front of her, she unlocked and opened the front bracket of the chastity belt and inserted the huge rubber penis into it, then clicked it shut and re- locked the bracket. Henry was so humiliated he could have wept. There he stood naked, hands cuffed behind his back, his penis and balls totally encased within the steel chastity belt with this massive dildo protruding out in front of him.


"Wow!, Sandra said, if you had a dick like this I'd be fucking you a lot more often than once a month. But you don't, he-he - so I won't." Sandy lifted up the huge dildo admiringly and gave the steel plate supporting it a couple of raps with her knuckles. "Somewhere under this huge beautiful dick that you're going to be using on me is that tiny little worm of yours that is totally useless to any woman, except perhaps to that slut Nancy that you fucked behind my back."


"Now, I think it's time for you to perform for your Mistress and try out our new toy", Sandra said as she removed her skirt. Bending over her desk she motioned for Henry to stand behind her. "Eat", she ordered. Henry got on his knees and began licking his wife's pussy with all the skill he had learned over the past two months. After he had gotten her sufficiently wet she gestured for him to stand and insert the huge dildo into her.


The head of the dildo was massive and he could see the lips of her pussy stretching obscenely to accommodate it. Slowly he pushed forward as her pussy stretched even further open, then suddenly, the head of the dildo popped into her cunt as she let out a loud moan of pleasure. Henry felt his own dick swelling up inside the chastity belt but it could only point downwards and the steel tube encasing it felt like it was going to squeeze him to death. Slowly, inch by inch, stroke by stroke he pushed more of the massive dildo into his wife's now dripping and obscenely stretched hole.


When she had finally engulfed the entire shaft he paused, then slowly began stroking the massive rod in and out of her from behind. Between moans of pleasure Sandy instructed him, "Now my little worm, you give me a nice long slow fuck until I cum." Henry pumped at a steady pace for what seemed like an hour but as Sandy's moans grew louder and louder he picked up the speed until he was stuffing the giant dildo into her at an alarming rate. Finally with a sound that was half scream and half moan she began to cum. Henry actually saw her knees buckling under her as she bent over the desk. After she had finished, he slowly eased the dildo out, when the huge head pulled free from her pussy lips a gush of her juices spilled out and onto the floor beneath her.


Henry felt his own dick throbbing like mad somewhere under his new metal belt. It felt as though a giant steel fist was crushing his dick. He looked at Sandra's gapping hole with awe. How would he ever be able to satisfy his wife with his own penis after she had so joyfully accommodated that enormous dildo now locked onto the front of his belt.


Sandy threw herself into her padded desk chair with a sigh leaving her legs wide open and her pussy dripping. "Time for a little clean up job Henry", she said. "Eat!"


Henry knelt before her and licked until her pussy was as clean as she wished, then she pointed to the puddle on the floor beneath the desk. Slowly he lowered his face to the floor and licked up the puddle she had left.


Sandy brought out the key and removed the dildo and bracket from the front of his belt.


"Just one more thing to clean off dear", she said as she held the wet dildo in front of his face. Henry hesitated, he had been humiliated repeatedly for months but he wasn't ready to take a dildo in his mouth. "Don't make me punish you." Sandra warned, "you can either suck the dildo now, or you can wear the butt plug up your ass until you've changed your mind." Henry's eyes were beginning to tear as he obediently opened his mouth to accept the dildo. Sandy stretched his jaws to the breaking point trying to get the head in, but once in he swallowed several more inches before gagging.


Slowly she worked the rubber dick in and out of his mouth, then leaving it stuffed deeply in his face she turned and walked out of the room.


As she left, she turned and said over her shoulder, "good boy."

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