My first experience with chastity was also my first experience with female  domination. Looking back on it now, I realize that I probably had too many  "turn-ons" for my own good -- they got me in quite a bit of trouble!  I was always open-minded sexually, but Kelly taught me how to broaden my sexual

limits in ways I had never imagined.

It started simply enough, with a little mild bondage. She would tie me down and

climb on top, ordering me not to orgasm until she gave her permission. If I came

too soon, she would smile devilishly and move up to my face, forcing me to eat

my own cum until she orgasmed.


She made it clear that her orgasms were the priority, which was quite a  different experience than from other women I had known.

The sessions we had turned me on for days, even weeks after the event. I would

be home thinking about it and before I knew it, I'd be hard and wishing we were

together. I'd take matters into my own hands when necessary, which was actually

probably 4-5 times a week.

One day my timing wasn't the best... right after masturbating Kelly stopped by.

She was in a kinky mood and wanted to mess around. I was certainly willing but

not quite as "motivated" as usual. She wondered what was wrong.

We had an open relationship, so I told her the truth. She didn't seem angry. She

seemed more curious. She didn't realize that I had this "secret" activity going

on behind her back.

In the weeks that followed, she would occasionally ask me about masturbation.

She wanted to be notified when I masturbated. She seemed surprised when she

realized how often it went on.

She had heard about chastity belts for men, so one afternoon she showed up with

one for me. She asked that I wear it for a week, then I would get rewarded

"bigtime" for my patience. It sounded like an interesting adventure, so I went

along with it.

As soon as I heard the click of the lock on the belt, I realized I was in

trouble. Because Kelly wasn't going to sit back and let me rest in my belt. She

intended to tease me unmercifully for that first week. Her hands were rubbing my

body seconds after the belt was locked.


 Every night during that week, I was forced to eat her pussy while she slapped my  

ass with a riding crop. She would reach up and twist my nipples, and my cock

ached in its prison.



After 4 days and nights, I was getting desperate. I asked to be released. She  only teased me more and more. I begged. She laughed.  On the 6th night, she asked me to her apartment and said she had a "special

treat" in mind. I hoped that I was getting out a night early for "good


When I walked in, she had all the lights out, and just candles burning around

the living room. A chain was hanging down in the middle of the room with

handcuffs attached. She yelled from the other room that I was to strip and put

my hands in the cuffs.


I stood there for a while, nervously wondering where Kelly was and what was  going to happen next. After a few anxious minutes, I could hear her walking out

of the bedroom... in heels.

She walked up behind me and told me how much she had enjoyed the past week. She

said that she had never felt so much control over a man before. She said it was

the most intensely pleasurable domination experience of her life. Then she said

one more thing...

"I don't want it to end."

I shuddered. I wanted it to end now. I was desperate for release. This wasn't

fun anymore.

I stammered, "I don't know... it's hard, you know..."

And she said, "Shhhh... hear my argument..."

I listened as she walked closer to my back and reached her hands around to my

chest. Her hands rubbed around my chest, playfully teasing at my sensitive

nipples. As she came closer, I could suddenly feel two very distinct, cold

points on my back. With a thrill I realized it was leather -- leather covering

her beautiful breasts.


 I had always had a leather fetish but she hadn't shown any interest. Now it  appeared leather was part of her "argument". I was pleased but now convinced. In

fact, picturing her in leather only made me want release all the more.

She said, "I know there are other fantasies you want to explore, and I want to

explore them with you. All I ask in return is that we continue this experiment."

Before I could answer, I felt a cool, wet object against my ass. Suddenly, I

realized what she was doing. She was wearing a strap-on! This was one of my


fantasies I had talked to her about, but we had never tried.  She grabbed my nipples and twisted, touched the strap-on dildo to my ass and

started rocking her hips slowly, just hard enough to apply pressure but not

enough to penetrate. I moaned.

"Do you like that?" She asked. "Do you want to feel even more?"

Of course I said yes, I begged for it. I had always wanted to try this, and it

looked like I finally would.

She pulled me closer, and I felt her leather teddy against a large part of my

back now. It was getting warmer as our bodies pulled together. The dildo was

pressing against my ass.


"Please...", I begged... "Please! What do you want from me?"  "Another week." She replied firmly.  I was out of my mind with passion and desire. The sexual Femdom of my dreams had  me under her spell. I agreed.  In response, she entered my slowly, gently. She twisted my nipples gently as she

pulled out, then entered gently again. I rocked my hips in the rhythm as she

slowly, deliciously, wickedly rode me.


I moaned slightly, and became aware of her moans even louder. As her moans grew

louder, the rhythm grew faster, slighly less gentle. Suddenly, she arched her

back and cried out in orgasm. My cock ached, desperately looking for erection,

for release.

She ripped off the strap-on, unchained me, laid me down and rode on my face. I

ate her for nearly an hour, smelling the leather mix with her scents as she had

orgasm after orgasm.


When she was finally done, she climbed off, looked me in the eye, kissed me

gently on the lips and said...

"Have a nice week."



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