Treat them like dogs, and they quit acting like one. I know, as I have treated

my husband of thirteen years with no respect, and humiliate him whenever

possible. Like dogs all they really want is for you to play with their penis,

and get them off. Once off they want nothing more than to be lazy.

We started playing with bondage before we were married, and my husband liked me

always playing with his penis. I quickly found out that locking a pair of


handcuffs around the base of genitals, and then making him play with me was far

more exhilarating, and pleasurable. Thus began our period of my genital control

of him. I started telling him I wanted it to be my penis, and if I couldn't own

it I would have to look for one I could. This planted the seed for me to not

only own his, but to start him thinking and fanaticizing about me having sex

with other men.


We subscribed to Variations magazine, and there were always plenty of stories,

not only about dominant women, but wives having sex with other men with their

husband's knowledge. I started reading these aloud while my husband would lick


me for about an hour, and I would have three to four orgasms slowly slide in and

out. I have always come best from my husband's tongue.


We started neglecting one another after three years, and I was no longer locking

his genitals. I think all couples go through this phase, and this where most

marriages fall apart. Most go through extensive counseling, or end in divorce.

Neither appealed to me.


If men's penises are not taken care of they will wander as my husband did once.

He had a one-night affair with a neighbor down the street. What was worse I

found out about it from her. That's when his locking genital ring went on

permanently. I was real coy about it as I initiated sex, knowing his love of my

bondage oh him, and once tied down I locked it on. I then confronted him about


his affair, and he meekly admitted what I already knew. I told him the genital

ring was permanent from now on if he wanted to remain married to me. His little

pecker had dipped it's last anywhere out side our marriage. He so quickly

agreed, and me being mad about it, I told him, that since he had hidden his

affair, from now on I would be free to have sex with who ever I chose, and I

would be up front about it and tell him all about it. I had him so beaten down

he could only nod in agreement. I mentioned having his penis pierced so he could

not have sex with another woman, but he said the genital locking ring was

enough, as he would be to embarrassed for anyone to see it.


This began his masturbatory phase that lasted two years. He was always after me

for sex and catered to me well, except after he had come, so I started using his

tongue more, and not allowing him sex, but I did start using my nice big dildoe

to plunge in and out while he serviced me. This was the best sex I had up to

now. The big dildoe was twice as long and twice as thick as my husband's little



Just for fun I held it up next to his, told him to make his as big, and hard as

my always-faithful dildoe. I let him beat off until I thought he was ready to

come, made him stop, and compared them. He was still about half the size. I told

him that was it, he would no longer be allowed in me except on our anniversary

and Xmas; He just couldn't please me like a big one.


I came home from work early one day, and instead fixing dinner he was

masturbating in the bathroom to a copy of Variations. The article he was reading

was about a wife that made her husband earn his orgasms. I took it away from him

and made him stop and start dinner. A few days later I read an article that had

a mention about a female chastity belt, and I thought about my husbands chronic

masturbating. I thought why not leave the magazine out again and catch him once

more, then incarcerate his penis for my control and use only. A simple bent tube

locked on would work.


I laid a trap and he took the bait. I caught him penis in hand again just three

days after I had already caught him. I ordered him to make the tube along with a

belt and leg straps for his genital ring and his reward would be I would allow

him sex with me. He worked on it for about a month. After inspection and

checking the keys, I installed the belt and new genital ring, and then tied him

to the bed. I rode his little dick and he came before I could even get started

as I was working my clit in a feverous fashion. I was pissed, and told him so,

that my pleasure always came first, now he would still have to please me. He

looked at me with a bewildered puppy dogs face. I scooted up and turned around

facing his feet and mounted his face as his come began dripping out of me. I


took a firm grip on his balls just in case he had any objections.

As he licked away I thought about all those years he had came in me and rolled

over and went to sleep, when all I had to do was get him started cleaning me

afterwards. I could have been the one who rolled over and went to sleep no more

wet spot! I came and sank down with my full weight upon his face. Resting a few

minutes while he lazily licked me out of what ever was still in me, I decided it

was time. I installed the cock tube and locked it in place.



I was a little worried at first and often checked it to make sure it was not

going to hurt him, and I allowed him to masturbate for me once a week. I soon


settled into a routine where if he were good he would be allowed the tube off

and could masturbate with one hand free into my palm once every two weeks, and

only on Sunday night. Before unlocking his other hand from the ankle cuffs I

demand him to lick my hand clean. He has gotten use to this rule but was

stubborn at first and I had to let him just sit there and out wait him. Me

comfortable and him not, kneeling in front of me looking at my palm full of his

ejaculate. At first it took him about forty minutes to succumb, he knew I could

out wait him, and gave in and licked my palm just like a dog, clean.


I didn't starting having sex with other men until about seven years into our

marriage. I am the perfect trophy wife, fun at parties and always having men

cater to me, not to mention having a good job. A great figure that's a little

top heavy, a pretty face, and that's why men are always after me.


He is correct about me being proud of the males I can get into bed, and showing

him the trophy or proof that I have indeed done what I have described to him in

detail. Telling him all about my affairs not only gets him very excited but

makes more subservient as well. The freedom to have sex with a man I am

attracted to, and knowing my husband will remain forever faithful, and love me

even more for it is what its all about for me.


To get horny all over again telling him about the great sex I just had, as he

kneels before me, and then take his head, open my legs and nestle his nose to my

clit, as I work his ears to make him lap faster. Often if I come again from his

service I push out more white juice and I like the power of looking at it ooze

out of me and telling him he knows what to do!


I wrote this to clarify what my husband had corresponded, as some of you thought

he should get out of our marriage, Now you know the whole story, that he was the

first to have sex outside our marriage. He is very happy with where I keep him

in my life, It's his place, and he fits it perfectly.



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