Part One


It was Friday and Bill was on his way home from work. He didn't have much on his  mind, except maybe his date with Sandy later. Stopped at a traffic light he  noticed a garage sale sign on the corner. Turning down the street he saw the

house where the activity was going on.

As he was walking up the driveway he noticed there was a lot of items on

display. Bill, never missing a pretty woman , viewed the owner and looked her

over trying not to be obvious. Very nice he thought. Looking through all the

stuff, he came across a back brace and some other things which he thought might

be medical items.


Nancy the owner had noticed him come up the driveway and had not missed seeing

him looking her over either. Kind of watching him out of the corner of her eye,

she saw him going through the trunk of old things that use to belong to her Ex.

Since no one else was at the sale at present she just watched him. Then she saw

him pick up one item she had not seen in a long time.

Very embarrassed she noticed it was a chastity belt she had gotten her Ex back

when they played games together. However she noticed Bill was turning it over

and around trying to figure out just what it was.

A kind of mischievous feeling crept over Nancy. She thought I'm going to have a

little fun here. It would serve him right for staring at her. She walked over

and said, "Hi, can I help you find anything?"


Bill was polite and said "just checking out some of your things here in this

trunk..Except I can't figure out just what this would be used for?"

Nancy very calmly said, "that's a male chastity belt that used to belong to my

Ex. I didn't know it was in there"

Bill without thinking just said, "why would a male need one of these?"

" So that the female can be in complete control", she said. Bill didn't respond,

but she could tell he was really thinking about that statement. In a bit Nancy

broke the silence with "haven't you ever been under complete control by

someone?" "No I guess not". She could tell by the bulge in his pants that the

idea must have had a bit of an effect on him. "Can be kind of exciting sometimes

you know", she added.


Bill turned the item over and around still trying to figure it out exactly.

She took it from him and said, "here it goes like this..this goes around your

waist and your privates go in here. And this goes under and around to this.. "  She was enjoying this seeing Bill still excited. She thought what the heck and  said.. "You want to try it on.. If so there is a dressing room over there". With

that she left him alone. Back at her table she saw that Bill had indeed gone

back to the dressing room.

Bill dropped his pants and with a bit of adjusting got the belt to fit his waist

and after studying it got his cock into the tube and as he was trying to fit the

other pieces into place heard the sound of the lock ratchet falling into place

and the shock hit him that he was now locked into this thing and had no way to  undo it. This was going to be very embarsing for him to have to tell the owner

that he needed help. Pulling his pants back up.. And trying to get some courage,

he found Nancy back over at the sale table.




Observing that there were still no other customers, thank goodness, he

approached Nancy and said, "excuse me I have a slight problem!" "I seem to have

gotten this thing locked on me and need some way to undo it."

Nancy tried to keep a straight face. Her first thought was to rescue him, but

just then a better idea came into her mind! Well she told Bill, "there is a

slight problem in that I will have to locate the Key".

"You don't have it here. Bill blurted out?"

"No. But if you come back tomorrow morning I should have it".

Bill just replied "what am I suppose to do tonight?

"Apparently nothing" Nancy said with a smile.. As Bill was walking to his car he

was thinking what will I tell Sandy about our date tonight.

Nancy was up early Saturday morning betting Bill would be there as soon as the

sale opened at 8:00. Knowing that he would not miss looking at her again she

decided to put on something that would really get him excited, but without the

ability to get an erection would be uncomfortable for him. (teasing has always

been her thing !) She decided on a short slick skirt with a charcoal see-through

blouse. To top it off so to speak she also put on a leather bra. This should do

it she thought.

Bill was not the first one to arrive at the sale; Two elderly ladies were

looking at the cloths when Bill drove up. Nancy kept talking to the ladies, but

made sure Bill had a good view of her. She could tell Bill was having a bit of a

problem walking around. That old feeling of being in control was getting her

even more excited.

In a bit the ladies left and Bill came right to the point. "Did you find the

Key?' Of course she had the key all along.

"Yes I did", Nancy smiled. "Good can I have it then?"

"Well I have been thinking Bill, that was the name right?"


"I am going to give you the Chastity Belt, but the Key is going to cost you!"

Bill had no choice. "Ok.. How much?"

"$1000", Nancy said with a grin. But she added "I'm going to make you a deal.

I'll reduce it by $25 every for day it stays on".

Bill, knowing there was no way he could come up with that kind of money now

realizes that she has complete control of him. I don't have any credit either,

what else can I do?

NOW's the chance Nancy has really been looking for, "well Bill why don't you

come over Monday night and I bet there are a few special chores I can find for

you to do. If you do well I will pay you a little bit to help out with your

problem". With that she just happened to push out her breasts just a bit. Bill

didn't know why he kept getting excited being in this situation, but Nancy did!

She knew she had found something in Bill, a complete stranger that he didn't

even know about himself.

It was becoming hard for her to sit still; "Here is my number.. You are to call

before you come!" knowing he would be over just as she planned.

As Bill drove home he thought - lets see $1000 divided by $25 - "Oh my that's 40

days!" With what I can scrape up and with maybe a bit of pay for doing those

chores that's still a month! But then the thought of Nancy in that outfit he

just saw her in.. And thinking of her completely controlling him, a complete

stranger got him very uncomfortable again..




 Part Two: Mondays Rules


 The experience of the weekend, not to mention the predicament of having a metal

contraption locking him up without a means of sexual release, has left little

time to get any sleep.

Bill led a fairly normal life, had a good job, a steady girlfriend, and enjoyed

the outdoors. He normally wouldn't have been even thinking any sexual thoughts,

but now that he could not do anything about it, his thoughts keep going to what

he can't have. Just what was he thinking when he had to try on this thing. The

electricity of the moment came back to him as he remembered her saying "if you

want to try it on.".

Well now I am in this thing and what am I going to do about it? He was just

about to make a call to a friend who he knew would loan him the $1000 with no

questions asked, when the thought of the owner of this thing came vividly into

his mind. Just seeing her standing there, long brown hair parted and flowing

down both sides of her pretty face, brought on that strange feeling again. He

hung the phone up and did not make the call to his friend.

That comment she made that froze him there in her garage "haven't you ever been

controlled by someone..", made him realize this girl, who he didn't even know

her name, is already controlling his life. He has to admit to himself that he is

a little bit afraid of the situation he has gotten himself into, as well as

afraid of himself. Sleep is almost impossible. New thoughts racing through his

mind, and frustrated that they make him horny and excited with no way to escape

! Just think sleep !


After Bill drove off Nancy felt a little bad, thinking maybe she was taking

advantage of the situation like this; however she reminded herself, he is the

one that installed it all on his own. Not like her ex who she had to beg and beg

to finally let her get him the chastity belt in the first place. Even then he

complained and moaned about it to the point she really did not see any use in

it. She did not like to think it was used for punishment, more of a forced

restraint for better things to come ! Her ex did not get into her games really,

he just told her what she wanted to hear. She could never find out what he

wanted , other than what he told her on the surface. She was the giver and he

was the taker in their relationship.

Out of no where comes this decent looking guy, whom in all innocence, gets

excited about trying something new and unknown. Maybe a little stupid she

laughs, but it starts to excite her again. She was remembering asking him if he

wanted to try it on.. (how she had the nerve to do that still suprises her).

Then the whole garage sale was blocked out of her mind as she watched to see if

he would head to the dressing room with it. When she saw that he did ,

excitement she had only dreamed of spread across her.

She only had to shut her eyes to vision seeing it on him ! When he came out and

he was not carrying the chastity belt in his hands, maybe she thought he had

left it in the dressing room. Talk about a hot flash coming across her body,

when he had to stumble around for the words to tell her he had locked himself up

in it. Hardly being able to talk herself, she couldn't think and just told him

to come back tomorrow for the key. All Friday night Nancy could not get her mind

off her old desires.

Her ex had shattered her expectations in these fantasies. In fact she had

successfully gotten them out of her mind. Or when she saw a magazine with some

light bondage or saw her leather and rubber outfits in her drawer they came back

for a brief moment. But tonight was way different. She was wondering if Bill was

really mad right now or not. What is he thinking. Does he sort of enjoy this new

experience? Oh if he did !


 She remembered making up her mind to go ahead and give him the Belt, but selling  him the key for a large amount of money. That way she knew he would know it was

control and not just the money. If he wanted out he had his way. She did hope,

seeing the poor car he was driving, that he couldn't come up with the money

right away! Anyway it was done and she had put the ball in his court, well he

wasn't playing ball right now for sure. She knew he would call Monday night but

it would probably be to tell her he had the $1000. Nancy really did not have her

hopes up.. She had been hurt too much in this area. She was always weaving her

dreams into her fantasies only to have them torn down again.

The telephone rang."Hello this is Bill. The one from the garage sale Friday."

I'm sorry I don't remember you, did you leave something here by mistake she

said, knowing full well who it was. She wanted to tease him ,it was just part of

her nature. She couldn't help it. She did this to everyone, so she especially

would to Bill in his situation. "No.. ah.ah..this is the Bill that got locked

out..I mean up, I'm calling you like you told me too. " "Oh yes the Key" "Ok

come over, you know the way, we can talk"

Her heart is racing a mile a minute! I can't let myself get so worked up, she

thought. The $1000 would really make the garage sale a monetary success beyond

what she had ever planned, but that's not what she really wants..What am I going

to do or say if he does not bring the money. I will think of something. First I

got to change. I will wear something completely covering, as he will surly

expect another similar outfit. I am not going to give him any expectations just

in case he stays, those will come later if he's a good boy, she smiles.

The door bell rings and she lets Bill inside. She looks at his crotch forgetting

that she bought a good belt, one that could be warn under pants 24 hours a day

without showing. She greeted him with "hi, how are you doing?" "As if you didn't

know ", was Bills quick reply. His tone of voice was still pleasant so she knew

he was not mad at her. "Come over and sit down and tell me what you have

decided" Even though she is not dressed like he would have liked to have seen

her, he feels those strange feelings coming over him again. He pauses just

admiring her long brown hair again. For some reason he is not thinking of what

he would like to do with her, instead it's a different feeling, that same one

that overcame him when he had to tell her he had locked himself into this belt.

It takes along time for him to come up with the words and she is not speaking as

well. "I don't have the money" so you win! I don't think it is so much as

winning as you think, she said. "I figured it is going to be 40 days to pay you

off, if I can't come up with any money". " I should have a part of it soon

though." "What can I do to earn some days off from you?"

Nancy can hardly sit still. As soon as she heard "I don't have the money..." she

started to get wet. Remember when you asked me why a male would need one of


Bill answered "Yes".

Do you remember what I said.


Then you know you are in my control.


Ok..Then if you are going to work here for me there are going to be some rules..

If you do not obey them completely then there will be days added to your

requirement, understand? This thought had never occurred to him. She could see

he really didn't understand that, well if you had an employee who didn't perform

well wouldn't you do something? He had to agree to that.

"Ok..I guess so"

Then here are the rules.

1. You will always refer to me as "Ma'am".

2. You will wear what I tell you to.

3. You will be on time.

4. You will ask me for everything.

5. You will wear this pager everywhere, even when you sleep. (She had other

ideas for this if things worked out)

6 If I ask you a question you answer me very truthfully. I except no lies.

Do you have any problem with these?


"No what?" she said.

"No Ma'am"

"That's better !" I don't have a uniform for you today. Leave your measurements

for me when you leave. She thought of measuring him herself, but she thought she

might lose control so she decided not to. Since it is getting late you will just

need to clean up and straighten my den.

"Yes Ma'am"

"Does this get you excited?", she asked surprising him.

This Tease, she knows if I say Yes I will be submitting even more. And if I say

no and she catches me lying I will be in trouble already. After a pause he says

"yes Ma'am".

"Good" is all she replies with.

In the Den before Bill came over, Nancy had placed some magazines on the coffee

table. Each magazine had a different bent. One was a catalog of leather items,

and one was a magazine of rubber outfits, and the other was a sports magazine.

If one was out of place and had been picked up and looked at she would be able

to tell. If Bill took a peek at one of the magazines she would know which had

his main interest. She could have asked him later, but he might tell her what he

thought she wanted to hear. She wasn't going to get back into that routine like

her ex put her through. No she wanted to really find out what turned Bill on.

Even though she would be in control, her desire was to make him like it ! The

more he enjoyed it under her control the more excited she knew she would become.



Part Three: The Picture


 As soon as Bill left, Nancy went straight to the Den to see if her idea had  worked. Sure enough the magazines had been moved. The catalog of leather gear  had been picked up and had not been replaced on the coffee table. She remembered

coming down the hall and hearing Bill scamper over to the windows as if he had

to do some last minute cleaning there. I guess that is when he must of dropped

the magazine on the couch, not wanting to get caught. Leather. Hmm! This gave

her an idea.

Tuesday evening she paged him on the pager to see if he was indeed following her

rules. "Bill do you want to earn some more time tonight?"

"Yes Ma'am, if I may".

"Ok..Be here at 6:00" she said trying to use a stern voice. "Oh yes and wear

some tight blue jeans".

"I only have one pair and they are." wash." But she had already hung up. I think

this is going to be a long night, he thought. Nancy didn't seem to be very

friendly with him. Well maybe he could check out her magazines again.. That was

pretty exciting.

When he arrived She did seem to like him in the jeans she requested. She gave

him a list of chores that she needed done. Actually things that she really

needed help with. Tending to business she got out a calendar and said "lets see,

you have met four days of your requirement so far, and if you do good tonight I

will give you two half days". "That means only 35 days left. Will that be ok?"

She always made him agree like she left him room to complain for some reason.

"That's all for now" she said.

Bill was anxious to check out the Den. It was interesting that the first thing

on the list was in the Den. Fix the middle drawer of the chest it said. He was

good at woodwork, so no problem. Upon entering the Den he saw that the magazines

were missing from the coffee table. What a disappointment. Going over to the

dresser he pulled out the middle drawer. The top drawer was also out just a

little. He was about to push it in when he noticed a picture on the top of a

stack of papers.

Wow! It is a picture of Nancy in a Leather outfit.

He looked over his shoulder to see if he was alone. Ok for now. He was afraid to

take it out, just so opened the drawer a bit more to get a good view of it.

There stood Nancy tuned a bit to the side, her brown hair done up on her head.


The curve of her face seemed to accent the sexy eyes. The leather collar  breaking the spell between her beautiful face to her chest. The leather bra  pressing her full firm breasts into her chest made it very hard for him to

breathe with the belt keeping him from really enjoying this moment like it

should be. As his eyes slowly inched there way further down, the V of her crotch

barely covered by a patch of fine leather, made him want to move his fingers

along the outline of the straps.

"How are you coming along on the drawer?" he heard her say as she was almost to

the doorway.

Damn, He had not heard her coming down the hall. Getting the drawer shut just in

time, he picked up the broken one and said "a bit slow, but I think I can get it

fixed" That was close.

Her ex had some tools in the garage she had not sold at the garage sale he could

use to fix the drawer. The rest of the evening he could not get back to the Den.

She made small talk with him the rest of the evening, and noticed he was looking

at her a little differently. Some times he seemed to be looking at her but

dreaming off somewhere else. It was getting late so she said she would mark down

his time. Oh yes she said "tomorrow I have to do some things so I will not be

able to get you to work..Call me Thursday, OK?"

"Yes Ma'am, I will", he said as he left.

She went right to the Den. Sure enough the top drawer was pushed in and the

picture was all the way to the back, like the drawer had been pushed in rather

quickly. She knew she had given him a view that should make him really

uncomfortable. I really shouldn't tease him like this, she thought, but it sure

is exciting.

Wednesday all day, and that night were the worst Bill had experienced sense he

got himself into the chastity belt. He ached for relief. It would be so good. He

knew it would be over so fast and then what?. He was beginning to know he really

liked this. That picture! If he curled up just so he could almost get the

pressure off his trying erection as he thought about the picture.

Nancy got some scotch tape out and placed a small bit over the edge of the top

drawer. This way if it were to be opened she would know. She was planning to

tease Bill again tonight. Knowing he kept going back to her picture would make

her even more excited. She liked the idea of turning him on. I just wish he

could have his penis free so he could fully enjoy it with her, she thought, but

she was not ready for that just yet. It was her decision.not his. As long as he

came back for more she got even more excited. It was fun staying one step ahead

of him as well. By now she had got so wound up in her game she needed some

relief. She didn't need much physical pressure with all the mental games she had

been playing. She came very quickly! Her Ex never gave her the pleasure she

needed, now just a touch did it! She had been so disappointed in the belt; it

was an idea given to her by her girlfriend Laura. But after all her expectations

had been crushed she almost threw it away. I never thought it would lead to this

much excitement, she thought.

Bill arrived around 7:00. "Would you carry this to the Den for me?" she said as

she gave him a box.

"Yes Ma'am" he replied smiling. As soon as he got to the Den he went straight

for the drawer. Opening it he just starred at the picture, making sure he had

not lost even one detail. Yes just as magnificent as he remembered. Well better

get back and see what else she needs, he thought. She had a number of other jobs

for him to do, but she replaced the tape each time he had gone into the Den.

Bill had not missed a single chance to peek a view of the picture. Nancy had not

missed a chance at catching him as well. The tape was broken each time she had

replaced it. She was really enjoying this game.

Friday Nancy paged Bill at work. "Can you come by early tonight. It has been one

week and you have been a pretty good sport and I want to take you out to

dinner?" she asked. Boy this caught him by surprise.

"Yes Ma'am" I would like that." "Plus I'm hungry!" They both laughed.

She liked it that he could relax with her. Bill was learning that girls are not

sex objects as well. Creators of strong desires maybe, Bill was about to get

another surprise. "If you would wait in the Den I will be there in just a

minute" she told him. Knowing he would go right for the picture, she waited a

few minutes and then very quietly walked in behind him and said "do you like

that picture?"

Bill almost shut his fingers in the drawer he shut it so fast and hard. "I.I.Yes

Ma'am.but I".

"Its ok Bill, I'm glad you like it" "Have you seen it before?" she asked.

Remembering the rule about lying, Bill said "Yes Ma'am"

"Have you been wasting time looking at me when you were suppose to be working?"

she asked.

"Yes Ma'am" "You know I should punish you don't you?"

"Yes Ma'am"

"Well instead I'm going to offer you a trade since its your one week

anniversary. Will you trade adding an extra day to your requirement if you can

see me in that outfit? Remember, it will make you suffer, as I won't release the


Bill didn't even have to pause, "Yes Ma'am I will gladly trade!"

"Sit down and I will be right back" she said, and added "If you can" and smiled.


Bill couldn't believe he was going to really see her in her leather outfit. He

was already uncomfortable, what was it going to be like when she returned.

Nancy was so hot just getting the leather outfit out of the drawer she almost

had passed out.. She really got excited putting it on. This time she was in

control and did not feel like she was being used to model it for someone. They

both wanted it. He was even willing to make a sacrifice.

As she walked in, Bill could not believe how great she looked. If the picture

was a 10 then Nancy was a 20. She just turned around and around letting him soak

her all in. They neither said a word. After a few minutes She said, "I guess you

are hungry?"

"Oh yes Ma'am" he blurted back.

"I mean for food, silly" she laughed. "Here help me into this dress" She had

brought a soft leather dress with a zipper up the back full length. She was

going to put the dress over the leather outfit and go out to dinner.

"WoW" is all Bill could think.

Some of the leather straps even showed through if you knew what you were looking

at. And the collar still showed. She didn't care. She took his hand and said,

"let's go"

They ate and talked a bit. She wanted to get to know him just a little bit

better. After all they were spending a lot of time together. Then again where

else could he go if he wanted to do anything at all. But he traded for this

night, and with the smile on his face he seemed to be enjoying it.

"Hey do you want to go to my friends? She is having a garage sale" she said

without thinking.

Bill grinned and said, "I don't think I can be trusted at garage sales, do you?"

They both laughed hard at that. " I will keep an eye on you and keep you out of

trouble, I promise". When they arrived at Laura's garage sale, Nancy introduced

Bill as her good friend. To Bill it looked like a typical girls thing garage

sale. Clothes and dishes and some household items, nothing he would be

interested in seeing.

Nancy and Laura talked for awhile then Nancy asked "hey do you have any of those

sexy toys in your garage sale?" "Well you just can't put those things out on the

table you know"

"I didn't plan on selling any, but for you I guess I can get the box out for you

to look at".

Bill was a little shy, but it was bound to beat looking at dishes. Laura brought

the box out and it looked like he recognized most of the items. He saw one that

was different to him and he picked it up and looked at it with that questionable

look that got him in trouble the last time.

"You don't know what that is do you?" asked Nancy. It looked like a little

lampshade with a lace up side..Or a miniature corset. Very narrow at the top

about 3/4 inch and maybe 3 in across at the bottom if it were laced up.

"No Ma'am I don't"

Well it's to be placed around a guys balls and it squeezes them and pushes them

down and out.

"What does it feel like?" Bill asked.

"Now how would I know?" she laughed. I could never get the Ex to let me try one

on him. She saw Bill bending over a bit uncomfortable. "You aren't getting

turned on are you?" He didn't have to answer. "Do you want me to try it on you

then?" She almost blurted out herself. Nancy didn't wait for an answer.

"Laura may we use your dressing room for a minute?" as she started for the door.


Bill was trying to hide his excitement but it was no use. As soon as they were

inside alone she said "I will be gentle and I'm sorry if you are uncomfortable"

She turned him around with his backside to her and said drop your pants and

relax. Bill was very nervous but also very excited. She was a little surprised

at the size of his balls, but remembered he hadn't had sex for at least 8 days.

She put it around them and started lacing the strings through the holes.

" You know this is a little like the chastity belt in that you cannot get to

these strings from your angle without a lot of trouble" she asked Bill was so

excited and uncomfortable at the same time he could hardly control anything

especially answer her. She laced it snug but not too tight. She pulled the

strings together and tied them and asked him if it was hurting.


"Not really" he replied. They looked absolutely great she thought. She usually

was not the visual type, more into the emotional attraction, but this was great.

She always liked to touch. Her ex had liked it at first, but had not encouraged

her so she had lost interest. Nancy was taking advantage of this while it was

right in front of her. Seeing him in the belt and now tied up as well was sure

making her more excited than she had been in a long time. It felt good. Before

she had him pull up his pants she just had to run her fingers across them and

feel how smooth and tight they had become.

"Pull your pants up and lets go look at some more stuff" she said. They stayed a

bit longer at the sale. Nancy could tell by the way Bill kept eyeing her in the

dress and outfit that he really liked what he saw. This pleased her. She also

could tell he was a bit uncomfortable so she took him back and untied him.

"Let's go, I'm ready to leave " she announced to him.

As soon as they got into the car, Nancy scooted over close to Bill. "Well, was

tonight worth the trade?" she asked. Bill looked over at her. Looked her up and

down so she knew what he was doing. Then pulled the car over to the curb and

pulling her long brown hair over a bit, kissed her oh so softly.

"Ma'am, may I ask you something" he requested.

"Yes Bill, what"

"What is your name?"


"Nancy, we have been spending a lot of time together, and I have never felt so

excited in my life." " I have not even asked you for a date, which seems kind of

strange to me"

"All this is strange to me" "But I really like it, thanks"

"What I would like is to have a date with you tomorrow, You won't even have to

count it Against the time "

Nancy replied quickly "Ok, I would like that"

Bill drove on and Nancy just put her hand over on his leg. She just had to touch

him again and asked if it bothered him. "Of course it does, but I want you to"

he said. She just kept her warm hand on his leg the rest of the way.

When they arrived home, she got out and said goodnight. She didn't trust herself

to have him come inside. She knew that she was about to give him the key for a

present soon anyway. But she just had to be able to tease him a little more.

Part Four

Saturdays Date

 Later Friday night, Nancy couldn't sleep. She wanted to call Bill but couldn't

find the words she wanted. She just knew she wanted more.

Bill drove over early Saturday morning and Nancy was just getting up and around.

"Morning Nancy, I hope I am not too early"

"No, I have had my shower and was about to have a cup of coffee, You care to

join me?" They sat down at the breakfast table.

Bill said, " Well I wondered if you would like to go out to eat, and then see a

show?" He was thinking, not too original but then he didn't want to push his

luck either.

Nancy was letting her mind wonder a bit. She was still excited from their time

together last night. A strong desire was coming over her, and she couldn't get

it to go away. "You want to see a show?" she asked.

"Well yes unless you have something else you had rather go to..."

" Would you be interested in something different this morning?" she was already

planning. "Would you be willing to make a trade again this morning?" she asked.

"You will have to do what I tell you, ok?"

Bill could see that look in her eyes and replied "Yes Ma'am" without even

thinking of what he was calling her. He liked it when she was in complete


"Ok..Come with me" she told him.

He followed her into the Den . She walked over by the wall and pulled back the

rug. On the floor were two rings. Above he noticed two chains with rings in them

as well. He thought these were part of an exercise gym. He was close to right.

"Stand right here please" she said.

He didn't know why he responded so fast, but he did.

"Be completely still". She slid his pants to the floor and he stepped out of

them without saying a word. She continued to completely undress him. She cuffed

his legs to the rings in the floor and said "raise your arms and hold onto these

rings" He did as he was told, getting more excited as she completed each task.

After cuffing his wrists above his head she stepped back to just look at him.



Seeing him there nude except for his belt really was nice. She walked all the

way around him. Really wanting to touch him, but knowing she would wait until

the time was right. "Lets take this belt off now so you can really enjoy this

like I want you to" It made it even more exciting hearing that even his

excitement was something she commanded. "You wanted to see a show, so I am going

to give you one!" she told him. " I will be right back, don't go away" she


Putting on her vinyl outfit with black gloves and boots was making her soak her


panties. After it was all the way on she went back to the Den. Bill was  thrilled. "I see you like it" she said as she saw his very erect cock twitch.  After 9 days without relief, Bill could hardly hold back. "You are excited  aren't you?" she said.

"Yes Ma'am" you know I am.

"Don't cum unless I let you!" she replied quickly.

"I'm Trying, Ma'am" was all he could say.

She turned around and lifted her full bare breasts up for him to feast upon.

Then she bent over for him to see the really full hips she knew he would love to

rub against about now. "Am I bothering you?, she teased" She left before he

could reply.

Next she put on the same leather outfit that Bill so much enjoyed in the

picture, and seeing her when they went out last night. When she came in she

could tell Bill approved. Without saying a word she tossed her long hair he so

loved in front of her. It covered her face and breasts. Looking a bit like a

stern mistress at this point she walked up to the front of Bill, stopping only

inches away.

 "Do you like this Bill?" " Do you want to feel me?" "Want to feel this leather  and my skin touching you at the same time?" At this point she pushed her front  into him, feeling his hard cock push into her stomach and she pressed her

breasts hard into his chest. He couldn't control himself at all. As Nancy put

her arms around Bill she had to hang on as his pelvis pushed back into her and

his hips moved with the spasm his body was going through. After such a long wait

he could not hold back anything. His hard cock pulsed as the cum exploded all

over the front of her. Bill couldn't even hold back his moans. It was all he

could do not to scream. She just held onto him tight and let him ride it out.

"I'm sorry Ma'am" Bill said. She quickly kissed him very hard and told him" its

ok. "I caused it and I think you enjoyed it"

"Yes Ma'am"

With that she kissed him again, pushing her tongue deep too meet his and then

backing up and slowly kissing his neck and shoulders. As she continued to kiss

each nipple she felt his cock reach its full length again. Kissing her way down

she made it to his shaft and running her tongue all the way along it she felt it


grow harder. Placing her lips around him she ran her hand up his legs and taking

hold of his balls she brought him again to complete satisfaction. Finally as he

was so weak he could hardly stand anymore she asked him "had enough?"


"Let me hear you ask for more then".

"Please Ma'am don't stop" pleaded Bill

She had enjoyed watching him as she showed off her outfits. "Would you like to

see more of them?" she asked.

"Yes" he said.

"Yes what?" she scolded. He had forgot to address her properly.

"Yes Ma'am" he replied quickly..

" Not good enough she snapped. I will still let you see my outfit but lets make

it a bit more interesting for you. She left and came back holding a long leather

shoelace. She uncuffed his arms and reattached them to the rings on the floor.



He was now bent over with his rear sticking high in the air. She had him stoop a

bit and took his balls and tied the leather lace around them rather tight and


took a few wraps more and tied that off as well. Now they were really bulging  out and getting tighter as they swelled a bit. Real nice she thought rubbing

them and feeling his cock grow to new lengths. "Not yet, but I do like it" she


He thought she was through. But she took the remainder of the long lace and tied

it to a collar she had attached to his neck. Now to look up in front of him he

had to raise his neck up quite a bit. When he did it pulled hard on his balls

causing him some uncomfort. Nancy left and came back wearing a black outfit with

her bare breasts exposed and holding a ridding crop.

"You like this one?" she asked.

He pulled his neck up trying to see her better only to pull his balls forward

and tight.

Nancy liked this. "Stay put that's an order" she said. She walked up to him..

letting her full soft breasts rub across his bottom. She couldn't help touching

him all over as he started to moan softly. As she got in front of him she placed

her breasts in front of his face and said "I want you to kiss these until I tell

you to stop" She made sure he had to reach high in order to kiss them, making

him pull even harder on his balls. She was doing what she liked most. Making him

do what she wanted and liking it. Even if he had to endure some discomfort as a

reward for enjoyment she liked pleasing him as he was pleasing her.

She thought isn't this what pleasure is all about? After she knew he must really

be getting horny she untied his collar. Letting it drop to the floor she told

him to stop kissing her breasts. She stepped back and unlaced the front of her

outfit exposing all of her to Bill for the first time. Laying back and pulling

him over on her she just said." You earned it, I want all of you NOW"

This was all he had been waiting for! Bill moved quickly to please her. As if he

was free, but wanting to please her in every way. As he kissed her hard on the

lips, she guided him into her, meeting him with every stroke. Nancy just

remembered "Oh, I forgot, You want me to untie your balls, I'm sorry"

He said "Only if you need to".

She smiled as she reached between her legs and wrapped her hand around them and

just squeezed instead, bringing him over the edge as she knew she could when and

how she wanted. And Bill Loved it.

After what seemed like no time at all, Nancy said "You have pleased me very

much, would you like to go eat now?"

"yes Ma'am"

She took his hands and placing them on each of her breasts kissed him and said

"My name is Nancy right now not Ma'am". She got up and without saying a word

went and got his belt and reached around his waist to put it on while looking

into his eyes.


"You still owe me some days , Ok?" really seeing if he was going to object.

Bill returned the favor taking her hands and placed them on his buns and kissed

her back. She just hugged him.


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