Chapter 1


It was the eve of our one year anniversary. We had seen each other exclusively  for the past year and I thought it was an appropriate time for a gift. Not just  merely any gift, mind you, but a "real" gift. Something that forced me to

sacrifice. No, I wouldn't be able to get that new car any time soon, but the

hell with it, I figured. Women like Nicole don't come along very often.

We were in the middle of our shrimp cocktails when I took it from my inside coat

pocket and put it gingerly on the table next to Nicole's wine glass.

"Por moi?" Nicole chirped, feigning innocence.

I never bought anything with diamonds before in my life. But Nicole, I thought,

was special.

"Baby, it's beautiful," she beamed, her cobalt blue eyes wet with


"It just means that you're important to me, Nicole. It's a sign of my

commitment. It means that our relationship is serious to me."

"Commitment?" Nicole whispered. "What do you know about commitment?"

An odd question, I thought, spoken just a bit belligerently. Nicole took a sip

of wine and brushed a lock of strawberry red hair from her forehead.

"I'm fond of you too, baby. But perhaps I'm not as sure as you. I

like my men to go the distance, so to speak, for me, and a tennis

bracelet, while nice, isn't really much of a test."

"A test?" I answered. "Is that what you want me to take to prove that I'm

committed to you in this relationship? I didn't give you the gift to bribe you.

I did it to prove my devotion to you."

She looked at me with those wicked blue eyes of hers. Nicole definitely had the

streak of the devil in her. Her soft lips curled up into a smile, or was it a


The waiter returned with our dinners. Nicole ordered the swordfish, I had the

petite filet mignon.

"You may take the doggie's dinner and put it in a gentleman's bag. Oops, now

that's embarrassing! I should say...well, never mind. You get the idea.," Nicole

interjected, surprising both me and the waiter.

"Right now? Will you be leaving early?" the perplexed young man asked.

"No, we're staying, and I'll eat my dinner here. But baby will wait until later,

won't you, baby?" Nicole stated as she started to girlishly giggle.

I sat opposite Nicole countless times over a multitude of meals during the past

year, but this was the first time that I wasn't relaxed. Nicole was the type of

person who put you at ease immediately. But that night was different. She

excused herself and went to the ladies room as I pondered my situation.

Nicole and I had, by this time, reached an understanding of who was in control.

But we really never talked about it. We kept this part of our relationship

fairly under wraps. The extent of her control over me was kept discreet in

public...until now.

When she returned, I looked at her like the first time I ever laid eyes on her.

It reminded me of the Edith Wharton line, "Each time you happen to me all over


Nicole possessed a contained vivacious energy, "like a crate of dynamite trapped

in a match box," I told her on our first date. That made her laugh then, but I

felt a more serious tone to the more current proceedings. Nicole lifted one of

her ankle boots and slowly poked the heel into my groin, the long white

tablecloth effectively hiding her teasing ministrations. She slid a forkful of

baked potato into her mouth, but somehow managed to do it seductively.

"Is that a peppermill in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?" she


I just sat silently, my cock growing.


"Baby, call the waiter over and have him put some fresh pepper on my potato. But

say it like owner, Nicole would like some pepper on her baked potato."

I looked at her silently, her gaze never wavering. After a brief pause, I called

the waiter over.

"M-m-my owner... Nicole would like some pepper on her baked

potato, please," I managed to croak out, sweating bullets.

When the waiter finished, Nicole had him keep the peppermill on our table.

"Baby, be a dear and take the peppermill and grind some

pepper on my boot."

Her wide, loving eyes just melted my heart.

"Please?" she added innocently, batting her eyelashes.

Nicole shifted in her chair and crossed her legs. I took the peppermill and

looked around. Luckily, our table was fairly secluded. I soon had her right

black leather ankle boot evenly dusted with cracked pepper. Leaning forward, I

looked up when I completed my task.

Nicole looked down at me with an impish grin and, voice dripping with honey,

said, "My, my... those boots sure do need polishing. Perhaps a good

tongue-cleaning. Would you mind, baby?"

I had tongue polished Nicole's shoes many times before in private and worshipped

her cute feet behind closed doors. But public humiliation? Never. I don't even

think that Nicole considered it humiliation. Just a game to see how far she

could take me in her control over me.

I waited until our waiter left with my credit card until I delicately got down

on my knees. I figured that I had better finish before he returned with my

receipt. From the toe to the base of her ankle, I laved Nicole's sexy boot.


Apparently, straight pepper with no chaser didn't agree with me (a big shocker  there!) so I vainly reached for my water glass. Alas, Nicole had already drank  it. Consequently, I was forced to gulp down the rest of my Cabernet. I was dizzy

when the waiter returned, but Nicole's boot was clean and glistening.

"Good boy. I may have some use for you after all," she giggled,

pressing her booted toe into my crotch as I coughed on my pepper-coated tongue.

I drove her home with a lust-filled heart and a blood-engorged cock. Nicole had

teased me before, but nothing like this.



Devoted to Nicole Chapter 2



"Have a seat, baby. I'll be down in a minute." I sat on the sofa and tried to rearrange my bulging erection to make it more...

comfortable. A small wet spot marked my Jockeys with a stain of pre-cum fluid.

Fifteen anxious minutes later, Nicole appeared, clad only in a sheer black

nightgown and hiding something behind her back.

"I have a gift for you, too, baby. Something to show that I care. It symbolizes

my commitment to you. It proves that I don't want anyone else to have you or to

love you."

With this little preamble, Nicole produced the gift. She held it out in front of

her on both upturned palms. It was a metal contraption with a padlock and a

spherical centerpiece that resembled a birdcage. In fact, that's what she called

it, "The Bird Cage." It was a chastity device, no doubt, and she intended for me

to wear it. I was to surrender my cock and balls to Nicole and lock them in the


  As soon as the small box arrived in the mail the previous day, Nicole eagerly  opened it. She ordered it two months before when she surfed the Web looking for

a chastity device for me. The birdcage immediately caught her eye. It cost $200

dollars, but seemed ideal for long-term wear.

It was made entirely from welded stainless steel and was built to last. Nicole

read the instructions and silently purred. A slight grin formed across her

beautiful face as she read aloud:

"The larger ring is pulled open, attached behind the testicles and penis, then

closed. The penis is then placed in the cage itself and the cage is, in turn,

attached to the ring. The padlock is then installed, firmly securing the male

and completely preventing sex or even masturbation. It is possible to urinate

while wearing the device, although the male may have to sit like a woman. The

device can not be detected under clothing, does not unduly interfere with

movement, and can be worn for quite extended periods."

"You have two choices, my sweet baby. Put it on or get out. It's

entirely up to you."

I noticed that from her necklace dangled a small gold key -- the key to the

cage, apparently.

"Your days of masturbatory freedom are over, my love. From now on, you'll have

no choice but to be totally sweet for me at all times," she said with a

satisfied look.

The stainless steel device consisted of two pieces that, when locked together,

was supposed to prevent erection, and make masturbation impossible. The two main

components were the cock ring and the cage. The inside circumference of the ring

was the same as the outside circumference of my flaccid penis. Where the metal

of the ring came together, it was bent at a 90 degree angle, forming two 1/2"

plates that had been drilled to accept a small padlock. The second and main

component of the device was the cock cage itself. Made out of the same 1/2" wide

stainless steel strip, there were three parts: a ring and two sections that were

formed in a "U" shape.

"I'm going to make myself a cup of tea. When I return, I expect you either to be

gone or naked and on your knees in front of the sofa. Choose wisely, for it may

be the most important decision of your life."

As I watched Nicole's sweet behind saunter into the kitchen, I decided that my

fate was sealed. I would give myself to her in the literal sense. When she

returned, I was indeed naked and kneeling.


"Very well, baby. You may have made the worst decision of your life... or the best. Only time will tell. Nicole picked up a pencil from the coffee table and flicked it at my  heavy-hanging scrotal sac. Before my brain could recover from the shock, she

fitted the ring around my newly flaccid penis and behind my balls and slipped

the cage over easily. The slot in the long tab on the cage fit over the tabs of

the cock ring. She replaced the lock that came with the cage with one of her

own. It was a personalized gold padlock with the inscription of the letter "N."

Nicole snapped the lock on, and I was totally secured... and chaste. I would be

able to urinate, but completely unable to have a full erection, or have sexual

intercourse, unless Nicole wanted me to. My balls were slightly squeezed between

the penis cage ring and the cock ring behind my balls.

"As you start to get an erection, the cock ring will trap the blood in your

cock, which will prolong the time it will take for your semi-erection to

subside," Nicole matter-of-factly explained to me. "You may need to experiment

to discover in which position it is more comfortable to wear, either pointing up

or down. A jock strap may be necessary to keep it from pointing straight out and

causing an embarrassing tent in your pants. Although the girls at work may enjoy

that, don't you think, baby?"

 I needn't answer. I only stared at my imprisoned organ and listened to Nicole's  soothing voice. 

"The device is surprisingly comfortable when you are flaccid. But when you wake

up with that morning wood... hoo-boy! It will REALLY hurt. If I were you, I

wouldn't dare dream about me. It may not be worth it. When you start to become

aroused, the cage will prevent a complete erection and the tissue will begin to

bulge out between the large ring and the cage. This may be extremely

uncomfortable, even painful, baby, dear. In due time, you will learn not to

become erect."


This was a more serious predicament than I first thought. With my

manhood imprisoned, the ruthless chastity device merely allowed a

partial erection which took all the willpower in the world to

accomplish. I had suffered through full tumescence nearly all night long and the

cold, unyielding metal cage would have rendered this all but impossible.

"I think it's time for me to sate my own randy cravings, don't you think?"

Nicole purred, sliding the tip of her wet tongue over her glossy pink lips.

After we entered her bedroom, Nicole ordered me to lie flat on my back. I

shuddered as she manacled my wrists to the top two corners of the bed. She


gently stroked my cheek and blew in my ear. I moaned but Nicole ignored me,  tying my ankles to the bottom two corners of the bed. She then slowly removed

her negligee until she was just clad in panties. They were cherry red, just like

the ribbon in her hair. She crawled over my face and planted a deep kiss on my

trembling mouth. I arched my back as she removed the rest of her undergarments.

My new keyholder then straddled my head to face my captured erection. All that I

could see was her luscious rump. But she peered around to tell me, in no

uncertain terms, to please her. I then used my tongue to swab every inch of my

princess, from the crease of her buttocks to her navel. She was absolutely

delectable and her wine soon coated every square inch of my adoring face. My own

cock pulsated helplessly in its semi-rigid state and leaked seminal fluid as

Nicole blew softly on it and playfully flicked her tongue.

Agonizingly stifled with desire, I orally pleased Nicole for two hours and gave


her several orgasms. She kept me on edge by teasing me with her succulent tongue  and sweet lips, but I was denied release. There was just no way to achieve

orgasm with that infernal device secured.

We were still locked in a "69" when Nicole softly eased into a content slumber.

I, of course, could not sleep and when she awoke in the morning, I had a

throbbing headache. Leaving me bound, she showered and dressed quickly, stuffing

her panties in my mouth and sealing my mouth with silver duct tape.

"My sweet baby, I have such wicked delights in store for you. I hope you can

keep up with me. I'm very insatiable, you know. I hope you have a strong tongue,

at least as strong as that metal prison that keeps such a close eye on your... I

mean my... cock."

Moving closer, Nicole placed a sweet, wet, loving kiss on top of the thick tape.

I could have sworn that I felt her hot breath seep through.



 Devoted to Nicole

Chapter 3



"I think I would like to be treated to a nice champagne breakfast, baby." Nicole  announced. "Put your jockstrap on over the cage and get dressed while I shower,"  she added before turning away with a smile. I heard my goddess humming in the shower while I tried to get my

trapped penis comfortably hidden under my pants. When she emerged from the

bedroom, Nicole looked ravishing and smelled

even more divine. She knew how her perfume drove me crazy, but would not reveal

the name of it. She expected me to figure it out on my own and to purchase it

for her before the bottle emptied. If I didn't, there would be hell to pay, she


"Come along my love," she breathed softly while striding past me.

She dropped her purse in front of me and bent over to pick it up. Her ass,

meanwhile, lightly brushed against my caged penis. I inhaled deeply and tried to

exercise some willpower. It was futile and I felt the steel bite into my tender

flesh. It would be a long day, I thought.

At the restaurant, we were seated at a corner table and ordered our Cristal and

Eggs Benedict. Nicole slipped off her pumps and ordered me to unzip my fly.

Luckily, the long white linen tablecloth effectively hid our erotic foreplay.

"Pull your jockstrap to one side, my love," she whispered gently

to me.

Using her toes, Nicole felt along the edges of the cage.

"So smooth... so cold... so delicious," she cooed.

She tried poking her big toe into the cage, which, of course, was

impossible. In turn, she tried all her toes, all the while sipping her champagne

and discussing the merits of an Al Gore presidency. When she used her pinky toe,

Nicole was finally able to enter the cage and stroke my restrained male flesh.

She giggled and wiggled her toe, causing my penis to gently throb to her touch.

She saw the agony in my eyes as the hard, unforgiving steel prevented any


"What's the matter, baby, dear? Have you no self-control? You better get used to

it. That thing's not coming off in quite a while. You see, in this relationship,

we have equality. I get as many orgasms as I want. And you? You get as many

orgasms as I want, too. You see? Equality!"

Nicole giggled some more.

"I think a fair trade-off would be 1000 orgasms for me and... let's see... ONE

for you! That seems fair, doesn't it, my love?"

I didn't answer. All that mattered to me is that Nicole allowed me to be in her

divine presence. She allowed me to worship her and to give her pleasure. What

more could a guy ask for? I was frustrated, but deeply satisfied.

"Pay the bill, baby dear. I need to go to my beauty salon for a

manicure and pedicure. I expect you to take over those duties soon. Anyway,

since I'll be taking the car, you can walk home. I'll call you if I need you.

Ta-ta, my love," Nicole softly sang, wrinkling her cute little nose at me.

Suddenly, she was gone. Out the door. Oh, how I adored her.



 Devoted to Nicole Chapter 4


When Nicole called me back to her home at the crack of dawn, I

jumped, as I always did when I received one of those phone calls.

No words were exchanged as I performed a desperate dance of lust and rapidly

stripped myself naked until I sank to my knees in front of her.


Giggling, Nicole removed her robe, revealing white lace panties. God, she was

beautiful. She slid the panties down sensually, stepped out of them, and sat

delicately in a large chair in front of me. With a grin, she looked down at my

hard cock, jutting obscenely in front of me.

"I bet I could read your mind," she whispered as I blushed.

With a sigh, she settled back in the chair and let her alabaster legs slowly

drift apart. My eyes fastened on the soft red hair of her pussy as her finger

caressed it. I could soon see wetness envelope the puffy lips.

"Listen baby," she whispered. "Today's your lucky day. I give you

permission to taste me."

With joy, I tenderly sank my face into that glorious honeypot, soaking up the

sweet smell and tasting her essence. With a determination that I never felt

before, I abandoned myself to her pussy. There was no sense of time as my tongue

explored, caressed, and nuzzled every inch of her womanhood. I relished this

moment like it was frozen in time.



Suddenly, Nicole's hand grabbed the back of my head and ground my face into her

loins as she groaned with pleasure. I delicately licked her soft inner thighs as

she leaned back.

"Enough, baby," she gasped and my intimacy with her pussy was left unsated,

merely leaving me with a frustrated and painfully chastised cock and her juices

glistening on my face.

Nicole playfully tousled my hair.

"You're very convenient to have around, baby," she cooed as she

languidly picked up her panties and wiped her moist pussy.

I waited, hoping that she would allow me some relief.

She stood up and cleared some items from the coffee table. I gaped at her in her

white bra as she beckoned me.

"Bend over the table, baby," she ordered and I complied, crushing my captive

cock into the wooden table top.

"Open wide," Nicole ordered breathlessly, holding my chin while she forced her

musky panties deep into my mouth.


I felt her pushing her damp pussy against my rear and her hard nipples against

my back, pressing me firmly against the table.

"I adore having you spread over the table like this," she whispered in my ear,

her long copper tresses tickling my shoulders. "You're just so naked and


Startled, I looked back at her grinning face over my shoulder. I

suddenly felt very nervous.

"Don't move," she warned.

I felt her disengage from me as she rummaged through her handbag. Nicole

proceeded to tie my wrists and ankles to the four limbs of the coffee table with

strong cord.

Nicole was pushed into me again, grinding her sopping pussy against me and

driving my caged cock into the table.


"What shall I punish you for this time, baby? Surely you must have done

something this week to deserve it, haven't you? You must have ogled some poor

young thing when you went to the mall on Sunday to return my shoes, huh? Don't

lie to me."

I mumbled through the panties, trying to answer her in the negative.

"Hmmm... I'll take that as a yes," she said, her hot breath in my ear until,

suddenly, she turned away. The panties in my mouth muffled any protest.


I saw her walk into the bathroom carrying her robe as I stewed on the table.

Suddenly, a fully-dressed Nicole appeared next to me.

"I'll let you keep my panties as a souvenir," she said. I'll just have to

remember to be careful when I cross my legs at work today.

Nicole strolled to the door.

"Have a nice day, baby."

I raised my head and, as I turned to face her, I felt my cock

desperately trying to burst through its metal confines.

"We'll pick this up when I get back from work... don't go anywhere."

Nicole tossed her long red hair back, giggled girlishly, and walked out the

door, shutting it behind her.

"I can't wait until she finally understands the measure of my

devotion," I thought to myself.

It was a long and difficult day, but I somehow managed to doze-off in fits and

starts. My birdcage unfortunately woke me up from the middle of a wet dream.

Then my real-live wet dream woke me up.

"I'll call you when I want to see you again," Nicole loudly informed me when she

returned several hours later.

My erection made a comeback, at least tried to, when she brushed up against me

to untie my bonds.

"Prepare dinner while I freshen up, okay sweetie? And make sure that Porterhouse

is all pink inside... just like me."

Oh god, Nicole could be so adorable. It just killed me when she acted like that.

Sometimes it was easier to accept when she was cruel. But I loved her and it

gave me pleasure to suffer for her, to endure for her. My pleasure was intense,

for it fed on her pleasure. My passion was intense, for it fed on her passion.

We were a perfect match.

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