Chapter 1 


My story begins on a dreary Saturday Morning in the Spring of the year. My wife  has gone out to go to the hairdresser, leaving me with a few hours to myself.  Victoria and I have been friends 25 years in February.  Like all couples, our life had started out with very little money, so sex was

one of our primary recreations. We had became quite creative, dabbling in a

variety of diversions and perversions from one end of the sexual spectrum to the

other. As our fortunes increased and our incomes rose, other interests and

opportunities caused us to have less emphasis on sex, and more on the more

mundane things such as work. We are both rather successful in our areas and make

more than enough between the two of us to support us in a comfortable lifestyle.

We had chosen early in our friendship to live child free, so we did not have the

obligation of family rearing to deal with.

Since my wife has became quite involved in her work, which can be rather

stressful, she has not felt the urgency of regular sexual release. She has taken

to going sometimes several weeks between desiring sexual pleasure. I, on the

other hand, have a strong sexual desire, and I have taken to providing my own

sexual relief. I am sure that she is aware that I do this, but it is something

that we have never discussed. I have no desire to go out into the world and look

for another partner, that sounds way two complicated. Mother Palm and her

daughters will do quite nicely for me, thank you. There have been some times

where I have relieved myself, and then my wife hunts me up later that day with

desires of her own. I must admit, getting a little older and rounder around the

belly, it takes a while to get the motor running after frigging myself earlier

in the day. My wife is kind, but you can tell that she is a little disappointed.


Victoria had told me that today she was going to get her hair cut, colored and

have her nails done, so that would take her at least 3 hours. I knoded as if

dis-interested, but inside I was musing as to what I could do with 3 hours of

un-interrupted time. As soon as she had left the driveway, I had my library of

Variations magazines pulled out and laid on the bed, pulled an old blue towel

out of the dirty clothes, and got the jar of lubricant from the hall closet.

With no need to hurry, I lubed up my rapidly firming soldier and began reading

while I stroked him slowly.


I had been doing a rather slow workup, and had read a couple of stories and I

started to sense a familiar tingle in my lower region. My breath started to

quicken as I began to massage with a little more urgency.

"Time for a little solo action, Huh", my friend's voice came from the open door.

"Ah, ahem, (cough), Aaaa.... Hi, what are you doing home???", I managed to croak

as my heart was still stuck in my throat.

"Judy was running a little late, so I told her I would come back at 1:00

o'clock. I thought we might have a little lunch," she said, eyeing my rapidly

shrinking cock. "I should have known you would be busy!"

"Not at all," I said, toweling off the mess of lubricant between my legs.

"Why don't you get cleaned up while I make us a sandwich." she said as she left

the doorway headed for the kitchen.

I was in a total panic as I went into the bathroom to clean up. What did she

think? What will she do? Is she mad? Her actions in the doorway didn't supply

any clues, and I felt like a little kid getting caught passing a note to the

cute girl at school. What is going to happen next?

My heart was racing as I headed out to the dining room, where Victoria had set

out some sandwiches, chips, and some cookies. I could smell fresh coffee

brewing, and there was a small glass of water in front of my plate at the table.

That was somewhat odd, I thought. She appeared at the door with a single cup of

coffee. After some small talk, she gave me a quizzical gaze.

"I was kind of hoping that I would be able to use you myself later. It looks

like it was a good thing I came home when I did."

"I'm really sorry." I stammered, trying not to sound stupid but knowing that I

was failing miserably.

"I really don't think so." she said with a stern look. " I see that we are going

to have to make some changes before that surge of testesteroine running through

your veins really gets you in trouble."

I could sense that she was being deliberately vague, and pressing her for

details wouldn't probably be a very smart thing to do right now, so I returned

to my lunch.

"Is there any more coffee?" I asked.

"Yes," came her reply, "but I don't think it would be wise for you to drink too

much." A broad grin passed across her face as she knew she had me thoroughly


After we finished up the meal, and I helped her with the dishes I went into the

TV room and clicked on the tube.

"Doug, " Victoria's voice came from the back of the house, "would you come here

a minute and help me get something out of the closet?"

I walked back to the bedroom and she had the closet door open and was moving

around some boxes.

"I need you to get that box there," she said pointing to a box marked 'Wedding


"Someone getting married?" I asked.

"No, silly," came her reply, "I'm looking for something for you."

There she was being vague again. She is a professional writer, and a very good

one. She is very creative, quite devious, and can be really something to keep up

with. I pulled the box off of the high shelf and placed it on the floor. She

opened it up and started looking through the contents. She had everything that

she had worn on her wedding day in that box. Her wedding dress, of course, plus

her stockings, shoes, and undergarments.

"Do you have to pee?" she asked, pressing her finger into my bladder.

"Not really." I replied.

"You better try while you still can." she said, staring back into the box.

My mind was swimming as I walked into the bathroom and coaxed out a small

stream. As I pulled up my pants, I looked around and saw her standing in the

door holding what appeared to be a panty girdle. It was one of the lace-up kinds

with heavy boning.

"Take those off," she said, indicating my pants, "I have something that I would

like to have you try on."

"Whaaaat??" I managed to get out the question as I removed my pants.

"Here, try this on for size," she said, handing me the girdle, "and you will

have to hurry because I am due back at the hair dresser in fifteen minutes."

"This is kind of kinky." I said as I pulled the girdle up on my masculine frame.

Of course it was very tight and it took a lot of tugging to get it into place.

"Here, let me help you with the lacing." Victoria kindly offered as she pulled

the garment tightly across my middle. I could see her in the mirror as she laced

the thing up the back, and when she got to the second eyelet from the top she

tied a bow in the lacing, and then knotted the loops. My heart jumped as she

pulled a small padlock from her pocket and run the shackle through the top two

eyelets, and then run the loop of the lacing on the shackle before closing the

lock. The click of the lock sounded like a car door slamming in my head.



"Comfortable?" she inquired.  "What is this?" my voice cracked when I asked the question.

"Just a little something that will make sure you don't go back to hammering your

meat while I am at the beauty parlor." she replied, with a stern look.

"But you can't leave me like this!!!" I shot back, my voice full of panic.

"I'm sure you will be OK for the next couple of hours, now I need to run." she

said over her shoulder as she headed out the door.

I was just standing there, my head reeling with the situation that I found

myself in when her head popped back through the door.

"Could you be a dear and put that box back into the closet, and for heavens sake

put on your pants." she said in a rapid fire voice.

"But-But...," I dribbled as I reached down to pick up my pants.

"Now you be REAL good while I'm gone." she said with a voice dripping with

sarcasm, and then I heard the door slam.

"Damn." I muttered as I hefted the box back into the closet.


Chapter 2

 It didn't take me too long to determine that her simple security procedure was  quite effective indeed. After a few moments of surveying the situation, I

reached back and checked the lock. Of course it held firm. I recognized the lock

as the one that she used on her airline carry-on bag, and I went over and over

in my mind where she kept the keys. I knew that she had one on her key-ring, but

there was another one somewhere.


"Damn." I muttered as I remembered where the other one was. I told her that she  should put it someplace safe, and she had put it in her desk at work. I tried to  push the girdle down over my hips, but it was far to tight for that. The leg

bands gripped my thighs like a vice, and slowly reality hit me that short of

cutting the thing off, it was there until she unlocked it. As I went through a

series of emotions, a rising wave of excitement grew from beneath the girdle. I

looked down at the pulsing bulge and was amused with the fact that at least one

part of me found this whole situation exciting.

I went into the TV room and turned on the tube, but I couldn't concentrate on

what was happening on the small screen. In order to take my mind off of what was

happening between my legs, I decided to try to curry a little favor with my very

evil wife. I did a couple of loads of washing, vacuumed the house, watered the

plants, by the time she walked through the door I was using cleanser on the

kitchen sink.

I looked over at her and she looked radiant.

"I like your hair." I said.

"The hairdresser tried a little different style." she said, then she reached

down and patted the bulge in my pants and said, "And how are you doing."

"Safe and secure." I smiled. I figured that I may try to play this thing out.

"I think we will just leave you like that. Of course you will have to let me

know when you need to go to the bathroom." A smile crossed her face.

"I'm OK for right now," I said. "I am certainly glad that I did not drink too

much for lunch or we might have had a wreck."

"Yea, I know. We need to figure out what to do about that." she shot back with

mock concern. "Thanks for cleaning the place up. It is certainly amazing what

you can accomplish when your not distracted." she said with a wink.

"Ouch" was the only reply that I could come up with.

She was obviously enjoying this little game, and I was becoming much more

excited by the minute. It occurred to me that because we have so many

distractions in our lives, that our sex life has been somewhat on auto-pilot.

This little change brought our sex life front and center. We were still

tap-dancing around trying to get ahold of our feelings, but having her in

control certainly added an interesting dynamic.

"I need to do a little writing, and then we need to talk." Victoria said with a

serious tone.

"OK, I'll spend a little time reading," I said with a smirk, "there's not much

left to do anyway.--Oh SHIT!!"

"What is it!" she said in alarm.

"I forgot the washing!" I said.

"You did WASHING too, my-my you have been busy." she said with a smile as I

walked downstairs to put the clothes into the drier.




Chapter 3

 I could hear the sound of Victoria typing on the computer as I came back  upstairs. I was starting to get a sensation in my bladder that I was going to  have to go to the bathroom in a little bit, but in a strange way I did not want

Victoria to take off my restraint because I was afraid that might be the end of

it. I decided to wait as long as I could before asking her to unlock me. In a

strange way, I was becoming extremely excited with the whole thing and I was

going over in my mind how we might be able to make this a permanent part of our

relationship. How would I ask? What could I say? How could I ever explain my

excitement to her? She would just think I was weird and drop the subject. I sat

down in my chair and picked up a book to read, but my mind was far away.

My bladder became more insistent, and I walked into Victoria's office just as

she was printing out the document that she had been working on.

"I'm wondering if you could unlock me for just a bit so that I can take a leak?"

I said, trying to leave the door open for her to lock me up again afterwards.

"Give me just a second while I finish this up and then we will have a talk. With

your bladder in the shape it is in, I can be sure that I will have your full

attention." she said with a smile. It occurred to me that she was actually

liking this whole thing, and I was wondering where it might lead to from here.

"Let's go out to the kitchen table," she said, "I would like to have you look

this over."

She grabbed the paper, and a pen from the desk drawer and lead me into the


"Would you like something to drink?" she asked sweetly.

"Not right now." I said with a certain edge in my voice. My teeth were floating

as it was.

"I would like to have you read this over, and if you agree with it please sign

it." she said, handing me the neatly printed document. "If there is something

that we need to add, let me know. It will only take a few minutes to make


A few minutes! My bladder could bust any second. I grabbed the document and my

heart leapt into my throat for the second time today as I read the contents of

the agreement.

 Property Rights Agreement  This agreement has been entered into between Doug and Victoria under full

knowledge of both parties, and subscribed and signed by each party.

Doug agrees to deed all of his seed (sperm) to Victoria such that all quantities

of seed are her exclusive property and are to be used only as she directs.

Victoria agrees that she will provide whatever seed harvesting is required, or

to direct such seed harvesting, in order to maintain the production facility to

it's highest level of efficiency.

Victoria has established a very high value for this seed, and due to the

intrinsic value of this product, she has determined the need to provide a high

level of security for this product. In order to provide the required level of

security, Victoria and Doug agree to the following security provisions:

Due to the potential conflict with job related activities, Doug will be

responsible for security provisions of the seed on all working days, and while

on job-related travel. This will generally mean that Doug will refrain from any

seed harvest from 7:30 AM until 6:00 P.M. on work days. During periods of

job-related travel when Victoria is not present to provide security, Doug shall

refrain from harvest on a continuous basis unless directed to make a harvest by


During all other times, including times between 6:00 P.M. and 7:30 AM the

following morning on work days, 24 hours a day on weekends, holidays, vacations

and other days during which Doug is not required to be at work, Victoria will

provide all of the security. Security in this sense will mean a constant

physical barrier or other method of preventing unauthorized harvesting of seed

by Doug or any other party.

Due to the fact that Victoria is the sole owner of the property, harvesting of

seed may be performed by her, or under her direction, at any time.

The bottom of the document had a place for two signatures, both his and

Victoria's, along with the date.

"What do you think?" Victoria asked.

"I...Ah, Well... I'm stunned." I stammered, my responses clouded by my

heart-pounding response to the agreement, and the increasing discomfort in my


"Are there any changes that we need to make?" she asked, seemingly enjoying my


"It will work for me just as is. There are a couple of details that we will need

to work out." I said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic.

"Here's a pen, you can sign it and put the date there on the bottom." she said,

the serious tone returning to her voice.

I took the pen and signed the document, and dated it where she indicated. She

took back the paper, affixed her name to the bottom and looked up at me.

"Are you going to need a copy, I could run up to the Copy Place...."

"That won't be necessary." I said quickly, cutting her off.

"I suppose you would like to borrow my key?" she grinned.

"Yes, I'm about to bust." I responded truthfully.

"Here, turn around." she said, bringing the key out from a chain hanging around

her neck. She pulled up my shirt, removed the lock and untied the bow knot from

the top of the girdle.

"Come back when you are finished and I will help you get laced up again." she

said while giving me a little pat on the rump, "I need to protect my property!!"



Chapter 4 

By the time I got the girdle off, I was about ready to wet myself. As my bladder

drained, I thought about what I had just agreed too. Had I really just deeded

all of my sperm over to Victoria? I wonder how long that agreement was to last?

I needed to piss so bad, there were some questions I had failed to ask while I

was reviewing the contract. A feeling of exhilaration came over me knowing that

the agreement was binding on both sides. Did Victoria really say that she was

going maintain me like some kind of sperm factory? Why was I so excited about

this new development? Next came macho. Would a real man allow this to happen to

him? I thought about welshing on our agreement. What was she going to do, take

me to court? A blizzard of thoughts continued to bubble up, but all the while I

thought about how exhilarating it was to know that I wouldn't be able to get any

sexual satisfaction until my wife came home with the key. I thought about being

locked up the rest of the weekend, and not knowing if she was going to choose to

let me come or not. I looked down and saw my soldier standing at attention.


"What's going on in there?" Victoria's voice boomed in from the other room.  "Just getting everything tucked back in." I said, making the decision that my  body told me was the right one.  I pulled the girdle back up over my swollen shaft, and it disappeared under the

heavy fabric. I laced the thing back up as best I could, and went back out to


"This is OK for right now," Victoria said, tightening up the laces and then

securing the whole apparatus again with the lock, "but it is impractical for

long term use."

The words 'Long term use' rattled in my mind as my organ tried in vain to swell

under the constricting garment.

"I think that we need to go shopping!" she announced.



Chapter 5

 Our shopping trip ended up at one of the local Harness and Leather stores. I  always liked these places, as I loved the aroma of the stacks of raw leather.  There were all of the brightwork pieces, conchos, beads, and other things needed  for leatherworking. I had assumed that our being there was not for the purpose

of making a purse, and Victoria gave me a knowing smile.

"Do you know what you will need to produce a suitable security device?" she said

in a low voice.

"I haven't done any leatherwork since I was in Boy Scouts," I reported, " but I

think we can pick up a few items that may be of use."

I glanced around and picked up some buckles, rivets and rivet sets, eyelets and

an eyelet tool, a leather knife, and some belt leather in a couple of different

widths. I also got some linen thread and needles, and awl, and a couple of

splits of leather that I thought would be large enough to provide ample

coverage. A variety of metal rings and a leather punch rounded out our order.

"I will be inspecting your work very carefully when you are done," Victoria

whispered. "You have no idea how valuable the thing is that we are trying to

protect and I expect a formidable level of security."

"It may take a couple of attempts, but I think we will be able to put something

together." I said, working out a design in my head.

I was working out all of the details of a chastity belt that would consist of a

belt with a front shield and smaller straps running from between my legs and

back up to the belt along my ass. The shield would have a place to to hold my

cock pointing in a downward position, thus not allowing it to get hard. I

thought that would provide a suitable level of frustration for any attempt to


When we got home, I went right to work building our device while Victoria worked

up some supper. After an amount of cutting, fitting, riveting, and sewing, I had

fabricated a crude device that I thought would do the trick.

I went to show the fruits of my efforts to Victoria and she inspected it

carefully. She eyed the details with intensity, testing the rivets for strength,

checking over the sewing, and asking questions about the security arrangements

of the device. The locking mechanism was simple but effective and involved

placing her small padlock through the hole just on the other side of the buckle.

I had carefully eyeleted all of the holes which would allow a padlock to be

attached very securely.

"Time for a fashion show." Victoria announced when she was satisfied with the


Victoria helped me out of the panty girdle and watched me very carefully as I

fitted on our latest creation.

After some last minute adjustments, I again heard the lock click shut. My cock

was firmly restrained and directed back toward my asshole, and the waist strap

was snug around my waist. The whole thing seemed like it would be quite

effective in doing what needed to be done.



(YAWN) "I think it is about time for bed." Victoria said as she headed for the


When she appeared a few minutes later, she was wearing a very short nightie



which revealed more than it covered. She slipped under the bedclothes and looked  at me like a tiger would look at her prey. She still wore the key to my chastity

belt around her neck, and she toyed with the key as she looked at me with an

evil glint in her eye.

"You know, you really turned me on this morning when I came home and caught you

playing with yourself. Do you do that often?"

"I used to," I said, jiggling the lock hanging from my belt, "but not any more."


"How would you like to come over here and do a little 'Under Cover' work." she

cooed. "If you do a real good job for me, I may unlock you tomorrow and do a

little harvesting."

"Tomorrow??" I whined.

"Yes, tomorrow. I don't know when the last time you did yourself, and I need to

make sure that the seed is fully ripe." came the matter-of-fact answer.

The full weight of my situation hit me. I was disappointed by the fact that she

was going to make me wait until tomorrow, but I was excited at the same time. I

dimmed the lights, and dove under the covers and started kissing some of the

soft skin that I found there. I started kissing her feet, then slowly, teasingly


started up her legs. I would kiss, lick, and nibble her softness, as my trapped  member tried to harden inside of the new device. I had done a very good job,  because every attempt for him to stiffen was frustrated by the leather sheath  that he was wrapped in. I had decided that I was going to make her suffer for

this. If I couldn't come, I was going to take my own sweet time with her.

About this time, my kissing assault had made it up to her thighs. I surfaced

from under the covers and began to kiss her neck and hair. Victoria was becoming

excited and her breath was coming in short gasps. I dropped the straps of her

nightie off of her shoulder and exposed her beautiful breasts. I took my time

laving my tongue over the soft mounds, and started to nibble on the hard little

jewels on the top of those beautiful mountains. I took turns licking, sucking

and tickling her breasts, and slowly my hand started to edge lower on her body.

My mouth started to move higher and spent some time kissing her on the neck. The

chain holding the key to my device provided something for me to examine, and I

followed it around looking for the illusive little key. I found the key lying on

the bed, and kissed and nuzzled it.

"Never mind that," her soft voice said, "I have some lips up here that are in

some serious need of kissing."

And kiss them I did. I nibbled around her lips, and sank my tongue into her

beautiful mouth. In the meanwhile, my hand had reached headquarters and was

starting to do some exploring of the folds of her very wet sex. I continued to

tease her with my kisses and caresses, as she continued to become more and more

aroused by my ministrations.

"I know what you are doing." she said, breathlessly.

"What do you mean?" I replied coyly.

"You are just teasing me, but if you don't get to work pretty soon, I may just

stick this key in the mail and we won't see it again till the end of the week."

Her words caused a panic in the middle of my body. Man, did she ever know how to

make a threat! I used my hands to lower her panties, and started to traverse her

body with my mouth, this time in a downward direction. As I reached the center

of her body,


I adjusted myself so that I could maximize her pleasure. Still worried about her

earlier threat, I used all of my best techniques and soon had her writhing with

pleasure. A very intense orgasm washed over like a wave crashing in on the


After she had settled down a little bit, I gave her a light kiss on the forehead

and she looked at me and smiled brightly.

"You are just incredible!" she whispered, and then rolled over and went to

sleep, clutching the key to my pleasure in the palm of her hand.

"Shit," I said under my breath, "what a day!"

Chapter 6


Sleep came slowly as I reviewed the events of the day. The tightness around my

waist was a continuous reminder of my predicament, and caused an almost constant


attempt at arousal. The tireless watchman of my stem continued it's grip and

prevented the happening of an erection. A curious pumping sensation resulted in

the constant tug-of-war between my cock and the new device.

I did not find the arrangement painful, in fact the area soon become somewhat

numb and sleep followed shortly thereafter.

Dreams of Victoria dressed in Black Leather, holding a riding crop and staring

down at her bound captive filled me. I woke up to the a much more intense

throbbing beneath the front shield of the belt. A quick trip to the bathroom

soothed the problem. I had carefully designed the device to not interfere with

normal body functions. Other than the fact that I had to sit and to pee like a

woman, everything seemed to be working fine.

I returned to bed and slipped my body between the sheets. "Everything OK?"

Victoria inquired.

"Oh, Yea, everything is fine. I'm just getting a little tense is all." I said

with a sigh.

"That's good! It should make for a fine harvest!" she chuckled and went back to


I awoke early, got dressed and went out to start a nice Sunday breakfast. I was

feeling quite loving and wanted to make Victoria something special. I freshly

ground some French Vanilla beans and shortly the fragrance of fresh coffee

filled the kitchen. I prowled around in the refrigerator and pulled out some

eggs, and found some other fresh ingredients.

"Omelets- that sounds good." I said to myself as I continued to rattle around in

the kitchen. As I poured out some OJ, I spied some champagne in the back of the

refrigerator. "Mimosas, that would slide down real nice." I thought as I added a

little of the bubbly to each of the glasses of orange juice. About that time

Victoria appeared at the doorway.

"Hi there, glad you could make it." I said, firing the salvo shot of the day.

"You were making enough noise to wake the dead," she glared at the growing mess

in the kitchen, "what ARE you doing."


"I thought I would make a nice breakfast," was my retort, "I think I have enough

for two."

"I thought maybe that you were cooking for the whole neighborhood." she spoke as

her eyes surveyed the preparations, "Need any help?"

"I think everything is about ready," I gleefully observed, "let's eat in the

Dining room."

We carried the feast into the Dining room, and engaged in small talk as we

looked over the Sunday paper.

"What do you have to do today?" I asked Victoria as she finished up her


"I need to go into work for a couple of hours." came her reply.

"Oh..." my voice trailed off.

"I suppose it will be safe for me to leave you home alone." she queried.

"Yes indeed, quite safe." I truthfully replied.

"I think that I should check the effected areas for any chafing." she said,

giving me an evil look, "But first let me help you clean up from breakfast"

After a short while we had the dishes cleaned up and started the dishwasher


"Come with me, big fellow." her eyes sparkled as she spoke, "I need to check for

any damage."

She escorted me into the bedroom after grabbing a couple of items out of the

medicine cabinet. She produced her key, inserted it into the lock and freed my

suffering member. After taking off the belt, she inspected the area carefully,

causing a huge erection to spring from my midsection.

"I think I see a little redness here." she reported, "We will need a little

first aid." She opened a bottle of baby lotion and started rubbing it on my

throbbing unit.


"If you don't stop that, we are going to have an accident." I croaked.

"We had better not have an accident," her voice came full of venom, "You are not

ready to harvest yet!"

She shifted her attention to my hairy little sack of jewels. "There is a little

chafing here also." she announced, rubbing the effected area with the heavy

fluid. "You know, it would be a lot easier for me to inspect the facility if you

kept better care of it." her words were velvety smooth. "The next time you

shower, we need to take care of some of this vegetation."

"What do you mean!!" my voice betrayed my excitement.

"Shave." she said simply. "OK, all done, suit up."

"There is no way," I whined, "I'm hard as a rock. I will never get that monster

into my device."

"I see what you mean, but I need to get dressed and I don't have time to wait

for you to shrink." she said, pulling on her chin.

She grabbed some stockings from her drawer.

"Hands above your head." she ordered, expertly tying my hands to the headboard.

"Now think small while I go get dressed."

"Yea- right." I muttered as I struggled in vain against the clever restraint.

"Damn, you're amazing!"

It seemed like an eternity when she returned fully dressed, makeup on and hair

brushed. I had managed to get the big guy to shrink, and he lay limp against my


"Good, I won't have to use these." she said, displaying a pan of water with ice

cubes floating on the top, and a rag.

"Thank goodness." I sighed with relief.

She quickly inserted the now flexible lump of flesh back into it's holster, and

tightened the belt around my waist. The lock clicked shut and I shot an

inquisitive look at her.

"I suppose you want me to untie you?" she said in mock disbelief.

"If you wouldn't mind." I said sweetly.

"Only if you say please." she taunted.

"If you please untie me, I will give you a big kiss." I said, trying to enrich

the deal.

"Certainly, that's the best offer I have had all day." she cooed as she worked

the knots out of the soft material.

True to my word, I gave her a big kiss, and started to explore her supple body

when she twisted out of my grasp.

"Whoa pardner," she said as she slipped away " I don't have time to get into a

clutch with you right now, maybe later."

"Maybe I won't be able to wait until later." I threatened.

"Oh, I don't see where you have too much choice," she parried, "See you in a

little bit."

As the door slammed behind her, my hand shot to my waist and shook the lock.

"Damn, damn, DAMN."

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