To cum, or not to cum. that was the question I had to answer last Saturday.


Well folks, my 'cockowner' and 'keyholder' gave me a little assignment the other day to post what my current situation is... what she's doing to me...and... well...I'm afraid I've been a bad boy and haven't done it! And as she put it the other night...



"...until you do... you get NOTHING!" Chilling words since I haven't been allowed an orgasm for the last nine days and have been locked into a secure chastity device since Saturday.


Again last night, after more merciless teasing and a lot of pitiful begging on my part to be released from my chastity belt... SHE had a really hot, powerful orgasm while I just thrust my hips and humped into the air... whimpering and squirming pathetically, desperate for some relief! After she 'came down' a bit, she said:


" would be a shame to let 'my' cock out...only to lock it back up because you didnt want to cum bad enough to post for me."


Let me spell out exactly what she means by that.  It might play out something like this...


The next time we have a chance to play, which could be several days from now because of our schedules, she might release me from the chastity device... tease 'her' cock mercilessly... perhaps making me stroke myself to the edge again and again until I'm whimpering and sobbing in frustration and then say something like... "Awwwwww... poor baby... you're so close aren't you? Do you want to cum real bad, is that it baby? Does my naughty little boy need to EXPLODE for me... is that what you want... hmmm?"





After some totally incoherent begging and more loud groaning and whimpering on my part, she might say something like, "Awwwwww... well, that's just too bad baby because I guess you don't what it bad enough to do what I asked, so sorry babe ... you know there's NO CUMMING for bad little cock-teased boys that don't obey!" I'd hear the lock click shut and she'd probably taunt me saying by something like, "Mmmmmm... my poor poor horny boy... who knows when you'll get another opportunity to play with 'my' cock for me and maybe get to cum... MAYBE!"


As I'm desperate to cum at this point and will do ANYTHING to avoid that terribly frustrating and totally humiliating scene, I'm finally getting this post done today!


Per my cockowner's "request" let me roll the clock to about two and a half weeks ago and bring you all up do date on my current predicament of being locked into this chastity device for the last five days and with the very real possibility of not being released until the 4th of July!!


Ok... here's the kicker, and the reason I think she wants to humiliate me a little by posting our story. I actually BEGGED her to lock me up and stay that way until either she decided to let me out and have another chance to cum, or by July 4th, whichever comes first. Let me further say, that as of last Saturday I would have been free to jack my cock and cum all I wanted, any way I wanted instead of begin locked up and wickedly teased for over a week as only she knows how to do!!


Why would I do that you ask? Well, it's actually very simple. You see, this girl can give me the most powerful, deep, intense orgasms you can possibly imagine when she finally decides to give me permission to cum! She can tease me and build me up to desperate frenzy like nobody else, and when I do cum... it's an explosion of monumental proportions!!


Now, per an agreement we had made about 5 weeks ago, her sexual control over me would end on Friday, June 21st at 12 midnight and we would take a "break". I would regain ownership of my cock, and could jerk off to my hearts content however and whenever I wanted. Here's the catch. She knows I've become addicted to her control... that, in serving her desires... surrendering my cock to her teasing control allows me to experience erotic intensity and  unbelievable 'to the bone' orgasms!   She also knows that masturbating myself alone without her, I can't possibly experience the kind of intense 'release' I have with her.  Let's face it, I've become a helpless slave to her wicked, teasing desires.  Gaaaawd. it's just so HOT!!


She had been teasing me relentlessly, building me up... making me completely crazy and wasn't going to let me cum until our 'last day', Friday, the 21st, if then. As always, there was the possibility that she would just tease me... taking me to the edge time after time on Friday, and then just leave me like that!! I would have to wait until Saturday morning to jack myself off, and that would be a distant second to cumming with her!!  Last Friday then, was to be my last chance to orgasm with her, at least until such time as the novelty of being 'free' wore off and I begged her to take control of me again but with no guarantees that she would!


Well, as it turned out... I got the surprise of my life on Tuesday the 19th. After a couple of intense hours of teasing, she actually allowed me to cum!! And guys and girls... let me tell you... it was awesome! I just came and came and came, harder than I can ever remember!!


Next day, after having some fun teasing and playing with 'her' cock again, she tells me that since I was allowed to cum 'early' on Tuesday, that would count as my Friday orgasm, and would therefore be my last one with her!!  Well, I pleaded with her to let me cum again on Friday, just one last time. The incredible orgasm she had just allowed made me want her all the more!!! I pleaded and begged for another chance to cum with her again. She responded by telling me that I couldn't possibly be horny and desperate enough to cum for her the way she likes by Friday and then instructed me to lock myself up in the chastity belt for the night. She then tells me that I will be teased for the next three days until Friday night, but not allowed to cum until I'm a free man on Saturday morning. Then I could do anything I wanted... cum again and again, but WITHOUT HER!!


I responded with:


"Oh god baby, you've got me feeling very hot right now... ah... what if I were to beg you to keep me a little longer so that you're sure I'm DESPERATE enough to cum extra hard for you!!"





She responded with:


"Hmmmmm  how about an extra week locked up?"


After some more discussion, I finally broke down and accepted her 'terms'. She would give me until Saturday morning to change my mind if I wanted to... and I would be 'free'. She also told me that if I went ahead with the week of chastity, there was still no guarantee that she'd let me cum at the end of the week.  She's so HOT that I decided to take my chances!!


And then she follows with:


"And tomorrow, when you're out of the chastity belt... instead of locking 'my' cock immediately back up, I want you to stroke it to the edge, right away, and then at least once every two hours, all day until I talk to you.  I also want you to touch EVERYTHING....fuck my ass with the buttplug, squeeze my balls, pinch and pull on my nipples....just don't no no, no cumming for you, my poor little baby."


These instructions carried over to the next day as well!! I had to bring myself to the edge again and again and again until I spoke to her next.


By Friday afternoon, I was going crazy with the urgent need to cum. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were not able to talk Friday night, or Saturday morning. This meant I had to continue masturbating to the edge every two hours!!!



Since I couldn't get a hold of her Saturday, I had to make my final decision. I was feeling ultra horny and urgently wanted to cum. The temptation to break down and jerk myself off was almost overwhelming. But, instead... I locked myself into the chastity belt knowing that I would probably not be freed until at least the following Saturday the 29th.


I had butterflies in my stomach the moment I heard the lock click shut. I have never been locked up more than a couple of days, and I didn't know what this would be like.


She has teased me relentlessly since Saturday. I am in a constant state of arousal... and can't even touch myself, much less cum!!  'Her' cock is throbbing in its little prison, trying desperately to get erect... frantic for some stimulation while she continues to tease me every day. She has made it clear that I definitely won't get released from the chastity belt until we can get together for a nice long tease session before she even thinks about letting me cum with her again!! Uuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!




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