"How did this happen to me?" I thought to myself. "Why did this happen to me?."  Perhaps I should give you some backround on my new found plight.  My name is Ron. Growing up, my best friend was the girl next door (cliche I  know) named Susan. We spent all our free time together. We would horse around

and stuff. In high school, things heated up a little more between us. She even

took metal shop with me so we could spend more time together. Back then I truly

thought she was the one for me. I even told her as much. We even joked about

getting married someday.


I was six months older than she, but was a grade ahead of her. I had been

accepted to OSU (go bucks). It was sad to leave, but it was time to move on and

grow up a little. There was some tears from both of us, but I knew I would be

returning home someday.


Now in college, things changed for me. Something I never expected, I fell in

love with someone else. Laura was truly magnificent. We connected on a level I

had never dreamed of. We challenged each other intellectually, and sexually and

during our 4 years in college I KNEW this was the women I was going to marry.

On one of my visits home, I got together with Susan to tell her about Laura. I

didn't realize how much this hurt her to hear. She hadn't seen anyone since I

left. She even went to a local community college to stay near home since I said

the I was coming back. I wanted to remain friends with her and was hoping she

would want the same. We agreed to move on.


After college, Laura and I decided to get married. Since both her parents passed

way and had no family, we had decided to go to my hometown to make preparations

to get married. I introduced Laura to Susan which was somewhat awkward. I could

tell this wasn' t going over too well with Susan, but I though it might help

with closure. I guess I'm naive.

A month before the wedding, I decided to get fitted for my Tux. Susan's family

owned a local Tux shop. I went in to get fitted and who was there but Susan. She

would fill in from time to time. Her family had the store for as long as I can



"So, the big day is coming up, huh" she said to me with a shy smile.

"Uh, yeah. Is your dad around? I'm here to get fitted." I was not expecting to

see Susan here.

"He is sick today, so I'm minding the shop. Do you have a problem with me taking

some measurements?", she said with a concerned look on her face.

I didn't want to offend her, so I said "No, not at all. It's not like you

haven't seen me undressed before." We both laughed a little nervously. We went

to the back room and she proceeded to take measurements from every possible


"My aren't we being thorough!!!", I said as she used a measuring tape between my


"Oh, we want to make sure everythings a perfect fit." She giggled slyly.

After the fitting, I felt bad about how things had worked out between us. We

didn't seem to have that repourte that we had growing up. I guess things would

never be the same between us.


Fast forward a month later. My best man along wtih some other buddies of mine

from high school and a few from college threw me a bachelor party at a local

hotel. They had joked about getting me laid one last time as a free man. I

really didn't have any desire for that. I was marrying the woman I love the next

day and didn't want to do anything that would screw it up. Without much warning

they picked my chair up and carried me through the hotel up to one of the rooms

on the 4th floor. "We found a girl thats all too eager." Upon entering the room

guess who was there but Susan.


"I just thought we could get together one more time." She said in a pouty voice.

I really didn't want to complicate matters.

"Listen, I love you. I love you like a dear friend. But I'm IN love with Laura

and I'm not about to screw that up. Ok".

 Looking somewhat dejected, she asked "Couldn't we just have a drink together?"  Hoping to smooth things over I agreed, and she proceeded to pour me a glass of



"To true love" she toasted. We clinked glasses and I drank. She smiled deeply

and put down her glass. "Aren't you drinking." She said nothing.

Without much warning, the room started to spin. "Wha..what's going on?" Then

everything went black.

I awoke to a blairing clock radio a foot from my head. It was 11:30AM. "Oh Shit,

I'm going to be late".

As i pulled the covers off and started to move, I couldn't believe what I saw. I

was wearing a chastity belt. I tried pulling it down, but it wasn't budging.

The phone rings. I pick it up. "Good morning, FRIEND". Oh god, it was Susan.

"Christ, what is this?" I barked at her.

"You like my handiwork. Those metal shop classes paid off. You once told me I

was the only woman for you. I just decided to make sure you live up to your


"Where are the keys, damn it?"

"They're here with me. Now you have a choice. You wedding is in less than half

an hour. Your going to have to hurry to make that. I am at the airport right now

with 2 tickets to Los Angeles, one in your name. It is American Airlines flight

546 and leaves at 12:15pm. You can either come with me and I can unlock you, or

you can marry that other woman and stay locked up. Your Tux is hanging in the

closet. The choice is yours. You better hurry tho. I feel you may have a delay

at airport security."

"Shit, you can't do this!!!!"

Click, the phone went dead.


So that brings you up to speed. So here I am. Not enough time to find a

locksmith. Do I go with Susan and have my sexual freedom again, but in all

likelihood loose Laura for leaving her at the alter, or do I go with the woman I

love. The woman I love. I guess that's makes the choice a lot easier.

I rushed to put on my Tux and made it over to the church in the nick of time.

Seeing Laura walk down the isle, I know I made the right choice. I just hope we

can figure a way out of this thing.

After the ceremony, I pulled Laura into the restroom to show her my predicament.


Staring at that, she pointed down and said "Oh, I love it."

"I...I don't have the keys".

"I don't care. I don't ever want you to take it off".





I felt so relieved that Laura didn't freak over seeing my belt. As I zipped up  my pants, I was relieved that she actually liked it. As we left the bathroom to

rejoin the wedding reception, Laura gently patted me on the ass and whispered,

"were going to have fun with this!"

After a couple of hours at the reception, we headed to our hotel room. My heart

pounded as I hung out the "do not disturb" sign. I watched with delight as my

beautiful young wife, stepped out of her white wedding gown. Underneath, she was

wearing a pair of white-lace panties and bra. Laura looked even more beautiful

than I had imagined possible! I became completely captivated by her! I quickly

undressed myself until I stood there wearing only the chastity belt. I tried

frantically to pull the thing off but it was impossible. Laura began feeling my

chest and moved her long fingers to my crotch. My penis desperately tried to

throb inside the snug metal tube, but there was no room for it to expand!



After she kissed me passionately, my new wife pulled me toward the bed and said  "make love to me." "I,....I can't" I said nervously. "Yes you can," she said,

"just use your imagination." With that, I gently removed her bra and panties and

I laid her back on the bed. I confidently began kissing her awesome naked body.

I started with her neck, and then worked my way down to her pouting breasts. She

sighed as I lovingly flicked my tongue over her nipples and down the sides of  her breasts. I then started kissing her feet and up every inch up her long, sexy  legs. I purposely avoided her pubic area until the very last. I kissed allover

her stomach, even teasing her navel with my lips and tongue.


When my tongue finally found her pussy, she almost screamed with pleasure! Laura

gently wiggled in delight as I licked her passionately. I was amazed as to how

excited I could get her using my tongue! Soon, she began to wrap her thighs

around my head as she climaxed fervently. This only made me lick her cunt

faster. After a few minutes rest, Laura wanted me to go down on her again, so

she straddled my face. Not long after I began eating her pussy for the second

time, she moaned uncontrollably as she came! My tongue was driving her wild and

she kept pushing her pussy against my face until she climaxed again.

When we were done, Laura said I was a great lover it was the most exciting

experience she ever had. As I was laying there feeling proud of myself, she then

began kissing me over every square inch of my body. I enjoyed it, but I was

horny as can be! As she was kissing, she gave special attention to my inner



Laura was enjoying the sensation as it was making me even more horny and

desperate to have my cock free! I went crazy as she seductively licked the

length of the bent steel tube that contained my penis! She finally made me

screech with excited suspense as she "talked" to my penis: "O you poor thing,

you're trapped and can't come out I wish I could suck you and lick you until you

come in my mouth-I love the taste of cum!" The frustration was too much for me

as I almost passed out!




Over the next couple days of our honeymoon, I became even hornier. Laura enjoyed

displaying her hot nude body as I went out of my mind with lust. There was no

question that my new wife was a cock teaser! (I think all women are to some

degree!) Because I could not get any relief, Laura would use my lustful energy  (and tongue) in ways I could not have otherwise dreamed of. Since I wanted to  bone her so badly (and couldn't), it just caused me to try and please her more!

At the end of the honeymoon, Laura said it was better than she could have ever


After we got back, we moved into our new home which was a nice house out in the

country. I soon got a call from Susan begging me to love her. She said that she

would not unlock me unless I leave Laura and come back to her. I refused as I

was in love with Laura. Susan, of course, did not give me the key so my dick

remained locked up. I went to several locksmiths, but all said it was impossible

for them to unlock or cut away this highly secure chastity belt! Despite having

an imprisoned penis, Laura and I developed a very loving marriage over the next

several months. I continued to satisfy my wife orally and she remained turned on

by my chastity belt.


 After several months of being locked up, I was so horny that I just couldn't  stand it! I so badly wanted to cum, but the bent tube wouldn't allow my cock to  

expand even a little! All I had was a small pee hole at the bottom of the tube.  While Laura liked my chastity belt and said that it is sexy, it was taking a

toll on her also. She finally confessed that she missed having a penis inside

her! It tore me up knowing I couldn't give that to her! Laura begged me to let

her get laid as an anniversary present, as our first anniversary was only a week

away. I finally gave in as I knew it would please her, and plus it only seemed

fair to let Laura have a roll in the hay this one time. When I finally said I

didn't mind, Laura then said she would like for our friend Mark to do the job.

Mark was a guy Laura and I both knew from college. He had just graduated, since

he was a year behind us. Mark was very nice guy and fun to be around with. In

college, I think Laura had a crush on him as he is a very good-looking guy with

a smooth, tight physic, very much like a swimmer's build. Laura even asked me to

pull down my pants and show Mark my dilemma. I felt embarrassed as I exposed my

chastity belt to him.


When I did, Mark couldn't help but marvel at the

craftsmanship. He even asked if I was absolutely sure I couldn't get out of it.

He also couldn't believe that I have been locked in it for almost a year! My

wife then told Mark the whole story of what happened and how our marriage was

never consummated. Mark said he would be very glad to help out! After showing

Mark my trapped penis, I told Laura that I had business to take care of and

would be gone all day Saturday. When Laura though I wasn't paying any attention,

I heard her whisper to Mark about coming over on Saturday!


When Saturday morning arrived, I kissed Laura goodbye and left the house. I

drove around for an hour, then parked the car down the road from my house. Since

we lived in a rural wooded area, I was able to sneak into my back yard without

being seen. As I peeked into our bedroom window, I could see Laura and Mark

lying on the bed kissing passionately! They couldn't see me because I had

previously fixed the curtains to allow for a small corner of the window to be

exposed so I could secretly peek into the bedroom. Mark was in his underwear and

Laura was wearing nothing but a skimpy pair of thong panties that I had bought

for her as a wedding present. Despite my jealousy, I admired how really great

she looked in them! As Mark started running his hand down to her panties, I

heard a noise so I took off and ran out of the yard.


After I hiding behind some trees for about 25 minutes, I found out that the  noise turned out to be nothing. I snuck back to the bedroom window. When I did,

I could hear the shower running. As I looked in, I got a quick glimpse of their

smooth bare asses as they both climbed into the shower together in the master

bath. As they did, I couldn't help notice what excellent, hard, sexy bodies both

of them had! A few seconds after they stepped into the shower, the edge of the

curtain in the window slipped down and blocked my view into the bedroom and

master bath. At that point, I figured I better leave, so I snuck back to my car

and drove off.


I knew I needed to go somewhere and think things out. When I did, and I came to

a couple of realizations: First, Laura and I have a very strong bond ever since

college. Even if Mark is an intimate part of the picture--our bond will remain.

Second, I didn't blame Laura for screwing Mark, as she is a beautiful, healthy,

passionate young woman with normal sexual urges. I also didn't blame Mark, since

how could he resist my gorgeous wife? Plus Mark did consummate my

marriage--something extremely important to Laura.


When I finally arrived home that home that evening, Laura was a little nervous

about seeing me. She admitted that Mark came over and bedded her. She was amazed

at how calm I stayed, and that I told her how I don't blame her or Mark. I also

told her that I understood her needs and that I wouldn't even be opposed to her

sleeping with Mark again! It blew her mind that I could see these things from

her point of view! After spending a few minutes basking in her nice compliments

to me, I confessed that I got a quick glimpse of their butts through the window

as they got into the shower. Laura turned beet red from embarrassment, so she

picked up a pillow and started a pillow fight!


Once we stopped laughing ourselves silly, Laura asked me if I saw his cock. I

said no and asked her if it was big. She said yes, but when she looked at me

again, she started laughing again which got me laughing once more. When we

finally calmed down, Laura admitted her pussy was still a little sore as it had

been so long since she had intercourse. I told her to let me look at it, so she

pulled down her shorts and panties. Sure enough, it looked a little swollen.


Wanting to help, I began to softly lick her clit. It was a little red and

tender. Laura sighed and said my tongue was very soothing treat after receiving

so much friction from Mark's cock. In hearing that, it actually made me a little

excited to have my tongue where Mark's cock was located only a few hours ago!

A few days later, I got a call from a man who said he would like to have a

business meeting with me at a downtown hotel. I agreed, and I met him at his

hotel room on the 10th floor. When I arrived, he gave me a drink. When I drank

it, the room began to spin. I woke up sometime later and found myself naked and

tied to the bed. I couldn't move at all due to the tight restraints! As I opened

my eyes, there was Susan standing over me! It turns out this man was a friend of

Susan who tricked me!


My eyes became wide when Susan reached into her pocket and

pulled out a shiny key! At last, I thought, after a year of no orgasm and no  erection, release was finally at hand! I begged her to unlock me. Susan said  that this would be my last chance to run off with her.

In my frustration to be free, I let it slip out about Mark and Laura. Susan

asked me how could I stay with Laura after she slept with Mark. I told Susan

that I loved Laura and that it wasn't Laura's fault that I was locked up in this

stupid chastity belt. I also told Susan that I wasn't angry at Laura for

screwing Mark because she has normal physical needs. I told Susan that, in no

uncertain terms, that Laura was the only woman I will ever love. I even said to

Susan that Laura was the one I wanted to be with, even if she won't unlock me!

(I thought for sure that would cause Susan to end this charade and finally

unlock me so we could go our separate ways!)





As I laid there totally restrained, Susan got a very sad look on her face and


started to cry. As she sobbed, she said that she was now giving up on me and

realizes that I am destined to be with Laura. Feeling a little bad, I told Susan

I didn't hate her. Susan then shook her head in appreciation and said she was

glad to know that I didn't hate her. After she regained her composure, she got a

little smile on her face and said that she knew how to make sure I will always

belong to Laura. "How is that?" I asked.

Then, out of her other pocket, she pulled out a pair of sharp metal clippers and

a pair of pliers. After she saw the horrified look on my face, she began to cut

the key into little tiny pieces! I screamed and tried to resist the restraints

but it is useless! Susan laughed and told me that I am now locked in for good as

there are no spare keys! As I looked up at Susan again in fear, she shoved a

funny-smelling rag over my face.





 I woke up again a couple of hours later, and found that my hands and feet were  no longer restrained. I examined my chastity belt, and sure enough, I was still

locked in. My dick was now locked up for good! It wasn't a dream, but very real!

I picked up my clothes and started to get dressed. In my pocket I found a note

with a little bag attached to it, which read; "Dear Ron, As you know, I love

you. I will always love you! That is why letting you go is so hard! I am moving

far away and you will never see me again. I now know that you are meant to be

with Laura. The cut up key in the bag is my gift to Laura! May she have you

forever! Love, Susan."

I finished getting dressed and raced home. Even though Laura loved my chastity

belt, I did worry about Laura's possible disappointment over my permanent chaste

state. When I got there, I told Laura what had happened. I even showed her the

note and bag from Susan. When she read the note and saw the tiny metal flakes

that once made up the only key, she got all giddy and thanked me passionately

for choosing her and demonstrating my love for her, even to the point of

complete chastity! Laura then started to unzip my pants. When she had my pants

and underwear down to my knees, Laura gave out a big sigh of joy as she touched

the shiny bent tube. With excited breath, she said, "O Ron, I really do love it

with all my heart! It is a dream come true!"

Laura, in knowing that I will probably never have my cock free again, gave me a

little pep talk and said, "Don't worry honey, today is the beginning of a whole

new fantasy for us. You will never be bored with our sex life! While its true

you will probably never cum again, I promise you new adventures sexually. We

will have great fun together in discovering our erotic desires! I admit that I

am an incurable cock teaser, but you love it!! You are mine forever." While

being scared and excited about our new future together, I told Laura how much I

loved her and now all that matters to me is her happiness. Laura also warned me

that she has a taste for the kinky side of this, so she asked me if I could

handle this. I told her yes because her pleasure was all I had left. I figured

that since I was locked up in this chastity belt anyway, it might as well count

for something! In addition, I also was secretly fascinated to discover just how

kinky and bizarre do my wife's tastes run?

Because I was so desperate and horny, Laura tried many different ways to

stimulate my body. Even though she could get me excited easily, nothing seemed

to relieve my horniness. Then one day, in her kinky playfulness, Laura took a

small, thin paddle (neither one of use are into heavy pain) and paddled my ass.



While she paddled me, I had a wonderful discovery! When I am paddled with that  particular little paddle, I am actually able to feel a small tingling sensation

in my dick and balls! While it certainly didn't begin take the place of a real

orgasm, the faint tingling sensation actually gave me a small amount of sexual

pleasure! For my locked up privates, it was real breakthrough!

Soon, I wanted to be paddled every day. It brought Laura a lot of fun for her to

dress seductively to get me excited, and then describe how good it felt to have

Mark fuck her that time! I would get so worked up and horny, I would go down on

my wife like never before! Then after Laura would get off several times, she

rewarded me with a brisk paddling on my bare ass. Not only did the paddling give



me some sexual sensation, it also calmed me down after becoming all hot and  horny. While I still sometimes missed not being able to cum in the conventional

sense, I found my physical relationship with my wife to be very satisfying and

very intimate! Because I was so happy and so in love with Laura, I even started

not to care at all that my penis was probably locked up for good.

Even though Laura only slept with Mark that one time, the 2 of them became quite

close. Mark and also I became better friends, because he was intimately

connected to us. I even thanked him for consummating my marriage, and told him I

didn't mind him doing it again! Mark was not a threat to me but rather I viewed

him as an extension of Laura and I. I know it sounds strange but I became

grateful to his penis (I am not gay) and I hoped one day I could actually see

it! Overall, I became quite used to my chastity and developed peace with it. In

fact, I was quite proud of myself as to how I have courageously endured chastity

in the name of love! I was also pleased to learn that many cultures place high

esteem and great admiration for permanent chastity, so I accepted my chastity

belt as my destined role in life.





 One day, I heard Laura and Mark talk about the possibility that a hi-tech  locksmith could come along one day who could figure out a way to unlock my

chastity belt. I could tell that Laura was very worried and upset by this

possibility, as this might end her wonderful sex life as she knows it! Its not

that she hates my cock, but rather she loves me for who I am and how I love to

please her, especially in my chaste condition. In all my deep love for Laura, I

decided I had to do a brave and unselfish thing for her. When her birthday

arrived, I decided to give her the most intimate and most pleasing gift she

could ever have! With my hands shaking, I wrote in her birthday card that I

finally had the love and courage to let her destroy the locks on my chastity

belt. By doing so, it would certainly take away any future chance of escape!

Laura eyes got real big as she was reading the card! She said this was the most

fantastic present she could ever have! Even though I was sealing my fate

forever, it was worth it to see my incredible wife so wildly happy! Besides, I

figured my chances of ever being unlocked were pretty slim anyway. Just seeing

the beautiful glow in my wife's pretty face made me know that I was defiantly

making the right choice!

As Mark was at our house helping to celebrate Laura's birthday, he got to read

the card also. After I received several kisses from her, my wife then told Mark

to bring in the tool box from the garage. When he headed for the garage, she

told me to go to the bedroom and get undressed. Laura was so euphoric over

getting to wreck my locks, she kept telling me to hurry as I was peeling off my

clothes! When I was finally undressed, she had me lay back on the bed. When Mark

came into the bedroom with the toolbox, my anxious wife kissed me again and

rubbed her hand on my chest. Laura and Mark then decided it would be safer for

me to have my hands and legs restrained during the procedure, so there would be

less chance of me getting hurt in being kept immobile. (Plus I think Laura

wanted to make sure I wouldn't chicken out!)

After they had tied me to the bed, Mark and Laura embraced and kissed each

other. My cock tried to throb as I watched their hands explore each other. But

before they got too far, Laura broke away and said "let's hurry!" Then, both

Laura and Mark quickly grabbed a small screwdriver and a hammer and began

jamming the locks by pounding the screwdriver tip into the locks. As they both

took turns pounding with a hammer, the little metal ridges inside the locks were

being stripped away. I could feel the pressure against my crotch as they

forcefully stripped away the gears. Laura and Mark then took some little files

and began to filing down any protruding components that were part of the lock. I

watched in awe as I knew that no key or any other device could ever turn these

locks again!

When I thought they were finally done, Laura reached into the toolbox and pulled

out a soldering iron. After plugging it in, she brought it over to my crotch

area. Just the sight of the soldering iron made me shutter with respect for my

wife! I started to shake in fear as Laura began dripping drops of hot solder

around the base of my penis tube. Mark then took the little screwdriver and

helped spread the liquid solder around where the base of the tube is fastened to

the cuff. It started to get real warm, but Laura poured some water on it to cool

it down. When the solder cooled into place, my loving wife began dripping a

second coat of solder at the base of the tube. Laura smiled at me and said "lets

be double sure, my love, that your penis tube can never come off!" I felt a

large wave of panic but I knew I had to do this for Laura. I just stared in

disbelief as I watched the love of my life completely weld me in!

Once she was done soldering the tube, Laura told Mark that they must be properly

dressed while they fill in all the keyholes. Then my wife took off her shirt and

pants. To my delight, Laura was wearing my favorite lingerie, which consisted of

her wearing black stockings with a black bra and garter belt, along with black

fishnet panties! Just the sight of my lovely wife made my crotch ache and made

me desperate to want to be able to stroke my cock! Seeing I was starting to have

second thoughts, Laura sat for a moment on the bed next to me. She began to kiss

me, and then she began lick and suck my nipples. "Does that feel good my

darling?" she asked. I replied, "O yes honey it does, but I want to play with my

cock!" Laura then put her head on my chest and said softly said, "you're going

to be fine and you don't need to touch it--just take a deep breath and relax.

Besides, I have a surprise to show you."

After I had calmed down, Laura asked me if I wanted to see the surprise. I shook

my head yes, and she went over and helped Mark remove his clothes. To my

surprise, Mark had on a chastity belt! "O its beautiful!" I exclaimed! My wife

said that he was wearing it in honor of my glorious sealing. It looked very much

like mine, like a metal jock strap. Laura knew I would be pleased to see it,

since it would cause me to feel a further kinship with Mark.

When I had finished admiring Mark's belt, Laura asked me if I was ready to

continue. I started to shake, but I managed to give out a nervous "yes." When

Mark picked up the soldering iron to begin, Laura asked him for it and said she

wanted to have the pleasure of doing it. That was certainly all right with Mark,

and she began dripping hot solder into the keyholes. When my wife was filling in

the final keyhole with solder, Mark was cheering her on and saying "way to go

baby, fill that thing all the way up!"

When she was done soldering, she unplugged the iron and had me lay there for a

few minutes so the solder could dry properly. While I was letting it dry, the 2

of them couldn't keep their hands off each other! It made me a little crazy, so

all I could do was profess my undying love and devotion her. Mark was getting

very horny having his penis confined in his own cock tube, so Laura went to the

drawer and got the key and unlocked him. I was amazed at how big and hard his

cock instantly got when my wife pulled the tube off! Laura asked my if I liked



it, and I nodded my head yes. I could tell Mark wanted to stick his boner into  my wife right then and there, but she gently pushed him away and said there is

something more important for her to do. Laura then cupped her hand near the head

of his penis and told him to stroke himself. Mark immediately began stroking his

rod. She told him to do it faster and harder! Mark's face became flushed and his

breathing became deeper as masturbated rapidly. In no time, I could see his cock

pulsate and squirt a thick stream of white milky fluid into the palm of her


When Mark had finished ejaculating, Laura then brought her hand and put it in

front of my face. In a sweet, sexy voice, she asked me to lick her hand! I told

her, "yuck, I can't do that!" As I was still tied up, my wife then asked me if I

loved her. "Yes, more than anything" I whispered. She continued in a sweet sexy

voice and said that I have to do this in order to please her, plus she reminded

me that I promised to make her happy. In addition, she said "his tool will serve

for us as the marital penis." I knew she was right, so I finally gave in and

began licking Mark's cum off her hand. She didn't have me stop until I had her

hand licked totally clean. When I was done licking, she got off the bed and told



Mark to start stroking his penis again. It took him longer this time, but he was  able to cum again into Laura's palm. Once he was finished cumming the second

time, Laura got back on the bed and moved her hand near my lips. She smiled at

me and said "honey, you know what to do! Again, I obediently licked it clean. As

I finished licking her little finger, I noticed she had a new ring. She said she

had the ring made from the metal flakes that once constituted the key to my

chastity belt. Laura said the ring was a much better use of the metal then as a

key. Also, the ring was to symbolize that I am hers forever!

After Mark and Laura untied me, the reality of the situation really sank in.

From that day on, I received lots of special training. I learned to undress both

my wife and Mark every time before they have sex. Laura also loves to hear me

squeal in excitement and frustration when I have to watch Mark's massive cock



plunge into Laura's hot love box! When they are done, Laura feels it is a good  way for me to express my sexuality if I eat the cum out of her pussy. And sure  enough, each time Mark finishes cumming, I get to lick his cum out of her hot


slit! Laura often gets so horny while I am serving her, it will make her pussy

throb excitedly and push out more warm spermy jiss, which I will, or course,

lick off! Laura often likes to brag that my tongue and Mark's penis are the

perfect combination for making a girl happy!




But it didn't stop there as Laura became more obsessed with her kinky desires.

Laura was very proud of Mark's cock, and she liked to show it to me every chance

she got. It became great fun for her to pull his cock next to my crotch and tell

me how good it feels. With her other hand, she would stroke my steel cock tube

which made me desperate, and my penis would try in vain to get an erection. My

wife always joked that she will work very hard at making so horny that my cock

will pulsate so hard and break apart the steel tube! (Of course we both knew the

reinforced steel and solder will never break)! Laura would then perform a very

seductive strip tease and wiggle her sexy ass in my face. She really gets off

having me so horny. Not able to get any relief causes me to fall on my knees and

begin eating her pussy or kissing her sexy ass!



On occasion, Laura would reward me with a paddling. It would feel so good as

each swing to my ass gave my cock a tingling sensation. Many times, Laura would

let Mark be the one to paddle me, but she requires him to be totally nude when

doing the job. I like for him to do it because he knew how to smack bottom

bottom good! Laura would always love to marvel at the beautiful site: seeing her

naked lover paddling my bare butt cheeks while I am begging him to spank me


I know it sounds strange, but having Mark in our bed makes our lives complete,

especially for Laura. While not being able to cum still has its challenges, but

it has brought more than its share of excitement! In all of this playfulness and

kinky behavior, Laura and I still have a very loving and affectionate

relationship. I found myself becoming even more enchanted and more allured by my

beautiful bride as each day has passes. Chastity belt or no chastity belt--it

still looks like I made the right choice!!

The End.

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