Margo and I met about a year ago. I fell in love with her long black hair that stopped just before her well-formed rump. I also loved those big doe eyes and pouty lips of hers. Initially, we were just friends and I didn't think she would be interested in me. But when she started giving me clues that she was interested I took the bait. It took no time before she and I were in bed grinding against one another.

Everything was "normal" for about a month when after making love she cuddled up to me and asked me if we could try something. I said sure. "Lemme tie you up." I've always been willing to try something new so I said that was okay. She gave me a big kiss and whispered it would be something to remember. Margo went pulled out several pieces of clothesline and started tying me up.

I very distinctly got the impression that she had done this before. She had me roll over and straddled my back. When put my hand behind she stopped me. "No, behind your neck, that way it's easy for you to lie down and the game can last longer." Margo then started directing me on just how I should positions my arms. "I'm not going to handle you, I just want to do the tying. Now remember what you do, so it won't take some much time the next time." When I didn't do it just right she turned around and playfully slapped my ass. "Your going need some training on this aren't you Rob." She took a long time to tie my hands. Her knots were very strong and tight, but her bonds where comfortable. After she tied my hand she took some more rope and passed the loops around my shoulders into a firm figure eight. When she tied my arms off my hands were behind my head with my neck resting on my palms and I couldn't move them.

Margo rolled me over and tested her bonds. "That's pretty good, now for your legs " Margo slid down and told me to pull my legs up as she was going to "frog tie" me. She had me hold my ankles up near my crotch and then ran roped in a tight figure eight pattern around my thigh and ankles. A couple of times she stopped to tighten her ropes. Then she said, more rhetorically than to me, "Now for the cinching knot." She then ran a rope between the thigh and ankle and wound this round the cross of the figure eight. When she was done my ankles were crooked up near my nuts and I couldn't move.


Margo sat back and admired her handy work. "Comfy?" she asked. I nodded, somewhat taken aback by how thoroughly tied and trussed I was. I couldn't really move. "Good." Margo straddled me again but didn't mount me. Instead, she leaned forward and gave me what seemed an eternity of long French kisses broken up by sucking attacks on my ear lobes and neck. All through this my cock stood at attention waiting for the time that Margo would send him some attention.

Finally Margo grabbed my hair and gave me a long sex look. "Rob, I really like you, but there's something that you have to know before we can go any further in our relationship."

"What's that?" I asked. She smothered me with a few more kisses before answering.

"I like being in charge." Margo nuzzled me. "You don't mind that, do you?"

"No, not at all."

"I mean I really, really, really like to be in charge." She licked up one side of my face. "I really like you and you make me hot, but I need to be in charge of.our sex life and really, everything else." She sugar doodled a trail of kisses down my chest and stomach. "Do you know what I'm saying?" I did. I've heard of women like Margo before.

"I think I do, Margo. I do."

"Obedience. I need obedience and that means you have to do as I tell you. You understand that?" I could only answer that I did. "Rob, not many people can be obedient. some need to be punished and handled. You don't mind me handling you? Do you Rob?" By this time Margo had reached my cock and started licking it - working from the base to the tip with her outstretched tongue. "It's hard to be obedient."


Margo didn't ask any more questions for a couple of minutes while she gave me a slow, merciless blowjob. I was rising to my peak when she stopped and pressed against the base of my penis wither her left thumb and squeezing hard with her right hand. This forced my orgasm down. Shocked that I had been so close and then denied I looked up to see her smiling. "Are you going to be obedient for me?"

"Yes, I will. Please!"

"Please what?" She sounded confused. "What are you asking for?"

"Please make me cum."

"Oh, not now. But you can make me cum." Before I could say anything more Margo straddled my face and rode me to a couple orgasms.


After she recovered she grabbed my hair and turned my head so she could look into my face. "That is one of the reasons I like you so much. You give great head. You're one of the best." She anticipated the question that was on my mind. "So do I do you now? No. We have some movies to watch."

As she got ready she said that this was a "training" video and that I should pay attention because there would be a "quiz" afterward. Margo put on a robe and popped a video into the VRC, and propped my head up so I could see. Before she climbed only the bed she pulled a thin bamboo switch and a long peacock feather from under the bed.

"Now, this," she said shaking the feather, "Is what you get if you are good and learn your lessons well." She attacked my cock and the feeling was electric. "I can keep this up until you cum, or until I think you have had enough."

"Please don't stop!" and she did.

"And this," Margo swished the switch through the air, "is if you are bad and need correction." She then swished down and hit my thigh. God, it stung. "I bet you like the feather a lot better."

"Yes!" I said.

"It's up to you which one you get." Margo said it was time to watch the video.

It was an instructional video for men to be dominated by their women and this was just the first tape. The dominatrix/hostess, a beautiful fiery redhead introduced herself and laid out the case for women controlling men - men do better with a woman in charge, woman are more mature and the like. She then said, "Because men think with the head that's in their pants they can't be trusted." The redhead immediately stated that "That Head," had to be controlled. Once that had been done then, real training could begin.

"The man must turn over his penis to his lover. If that is done first the rest of the program is simple and easy. But," the redhead warned, "If this is not done, training is hard and not very successful." She continued to extol the benefits of a man whose penis was in his lover's control. "After a few weeks of chastity and the realization that he is no longer free to impose himself on his lover, the man becomes docile and can be readily trained into his new dependent role."

Margo stopped the tape. "Did you hear that?"


"What did the nice lady say?"

"That I should give you control of my penis."

"Should? And what would that really mean?" Margo put her finger on my chin and lifted it up and looked into my eyes. She expected an answer to an unspoken question. After a little while she prompted me. "So.?" she asked.

"So wh.." Before I could get out the last part of what Margo's switch stung my thigh again. "Ouch."


"So. are you going to give me your cock?" Margo said.

"Yes, I give you control of my cock."

"Good. You won't be sorry." Margo leaned over me and we had a few minutes of soulful kisses. My member was straining and begging for attention. Finally, Margo's long fingers found my cock and slowly pumped me. Her touch was feathery.


"I want to make sure that you are trained really well. Don't you want to be well-trained?" She asked and I said yes hoping that agreeing with her would maker her move those lovely fingers of her faster. "You know, if you are truly interested in being trained I'll have to be very judicious about how often I let "my new cock" spurt. You heard the lady; if I let you cum too often I'll spoil you and that would be bad. I expect that it's necessary for you that I have to ration "my new cock's" eruptions." Margo stopped her manipulations. My poor member throbbed. "I don't think we can allow my pretty little cock to have an ejaculation, besides my little cock has already spurted once today and we don't want to over do it" Margo got up and started to dress. As I watcher her slide on her pants and put on her clothes her "cock" slowly deflated as I shifted in my bonds.

Once she dressed sat down on the bed and reached down under the bed and took out a box. "I have something for you," she said. Then smiled. "I want that cock of mine to be good, but I don't really trust you to keep it out of trouble. So, I am going to put this on "my cock" to keep it safe and in control." She opened the box and held up a plastic cage like device. "It's chastity device and I am the only one that gets to put it on or off, understand?"

"Yes, but what if I have a problem?" I couldn't think of anything right at the moment, but there had to be some sort of problem that would occur if your penis were locked up.

"Then you need to call me and I'll take care of my `property' without any delay." She then started putting the device on me. It didn't take long for her to put it on me. She stood back and looked at me. "That looks very good. It'll look better once I have you shaved, down there. But that's for later."



"How long is this going to stay on?"

"As long as I want." Margo then started untying me. "It will be at least a week, maybe two, but it could be longer if you don't respond to training."

Over the next couple of weeks Margo, with he help of her videos instructed me. Outside her apartment I was to always be the perfect boyfriend: I was to be attentive, deer to her better judgment, be thoughtful, obedient and always respectful of her. At home I was to be her slave, toy and personal attendant. I was to call her `Mistress," and attend to her every physical need. By the end of the first week I was attending to her in Mistress's bath, giving her manicures and pedicures, massages, on demand and learning to keep her clothes in order.


"It's so much easier for me having you do these tedious little jobs." She smiled at me and said if I did my job well I wouldn't regret the time I spent making her life easier. That made me all the more ready to do a really good job. Of course, I was servicing her cant daily with my tongue.


"You will find me a very pleasing mistress, Rob." Margo kissed me. "I'm not interested in having a stable of men or women. Though," she reflected, "if I wanted a little fun on the side you wouldn't be jealous, of course." She then returned to her point. "I really want one well-trained slave that I can have a life with and who will love me blindly. Can you do that?"

"Yes, Mistress I can!" By this time I was so horny that I couldn't help myself. I desperately needed Margo and to cum.


A week since I was caged passed and I patiently waited for Margo release me and bring me to orgasm. I didn't say anything- she had warned me if I brought the subject up she would be punished - my release would be pushed back at least another week. But she didn't say anything. On Friday night, the date I thought it would happen we went to a movie and came home and I did licker her out, but nothing was done for me. It was driving me nuts!


The next Sunday Margo had me give her a full body massage.



I made sure that I did a good job so she would release me. I was nearly trembling when she told me to spread out on the bed. "It's time to shave you and see what else needs to be done `down there.'" Margo took a long time to tie me down. "I want you to be comfy. You're going to be down there for a long while."

After I was spread eagled to the bed Margo took of the cage and inspected me. "You don't seem to have any problems down here. But lets get rid of that nasty pubic hair. Slaves don't have hair down there." Margo propped my butt up with some pillows so my cock and balls were raised off the bed and spread out for her. In a few minutes she lathered me and was scraping the hair from my crotch. The scene was so exciting! My cock sprang to attention at the first touch of her hand and bobbed obscenely as she maneuvered the shaver. "Don't move or you might get cut."

At last she was finished and cleaned my groin with a fresh washcloth. "There. That looks a lot better. A shaved pubic area is befitting of a slave." Margo then poured a little baby oil into her palm and started coating my cock, balls and pubis. "You've been very good. You probably deserve a good spurt." Margo pumped me a furiously for about twenty times and then dropped her speed.


 "But I want you to know that you have a long way to go. You have a lot more training to go through. Like right now."

With that she straddled me with her face towards my feet then backed up till her pussy and ass were hovering over my head. She then lowered herself onto my face. I could smell her steaming pussy. I was craning my neck to get my tongue in position to lick that sweet pussy when Margo shifted and pinned my mouth between her butt cheeks and maneuvered her asshole onto my lips. "Rob, get that tongue moving. I love being reamed. Don't be shy - I've cleaned myself very well back there, so get that tongue moving." I must have hesitated because she added; "If you don't get started I'll make sure that you don't get out of your cage for at least two months."

My tongue started circling her bunghole. My efforts were met with a satisfied sounding sigh from Margo and a slowly moving hand roving over my aching member. I could feel Margo exciting herself with her hand. Between my tongue assault on her hole and her fingers she started to buck and then convulsed into an amazing orgasm.


"God that was great!" She then turned around. "So does my little slave get to get off? On the one hand you've shown a lot of promise, but then it's only your first week and I don't want to spoil you, do I?"

I begged. "Please."

"All right, but I'm not going to let you out for two weeks, because you need to show me that you have some self-restraint." She then slid her sloppy pussy down onto my pussy and road me slowly until I couldn't hold back.


Margo has continued to train me and I couldn't be happier.




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