My wife, Jessica and I have been married for just over four years. I'm 38, she's

28. When we first met the attraction was as swift as it was intense. It was as

if we knew right away that we completed something deep in each other. For us it

has been an extremely intense, perverse, and sexually gratifying life together,

well, at least for Jessica.

Although we began to explore our sexual fantasies before we were married,

Jessica made it quite clear that once we were married there would be no more

fantasy, it would all become utterly real. And that the teasing games she liked

to play on me would no longer be a game, it would be for real, for as long as we

were married. She warned me that our sexual lifestyle would "Go beyond your

wildest dreams and nightmares."

I couldn't wait to marry her.

My attraction to Jessica has always been fierce. She has this undercurrent of

bitchy, girlish, petulant seductiveness that has always captivated me. Jessica

looks a lot like the actress Selma Hayek. She has straight brown hair cut

stylishly that falls just below her shoulders. Her face has small features, nice

cheekbones and a nose that looks as if carved by a sculptor. Her lips are pouty

and they are very expressive. She is 5'4", slim, curvaceous, with full breasts

and an exceptionally beautiful ass. Even her feet are attractive, a petite size

7, her toenails always meticulously painted.



On the first night of our honeymoon, lying regally down on the bed next to me

Jessica laid down the rules. "Don't worry, in fairness to you, the rules of our

marriage will be quite simple to follow. I'll only require five simple things of

you. And the first one is very simple to understand. Number one, you are not

allowed to cum, period. This one is a little more complicated. Number two, you

will only be allowed to have intercourse with me once a year, and then only for

fifteen minutes. Number four, I will have the right to as many lovers as I wish,

to sleep with them as often as I wish, while you will have no other sexual

partner but me, albeit in your limited capacity as my lover. Number four, to

make sure you don't cum when I'm not around you are to wear this chastity

device, a kind of cage for your cock called a bird cage that will prevent

intercourse, masturbation and even erections. And finally number five, I reserve

the right to change the rules or to add new ones without your consent."

Jessica then handed me the bird cage and showed me how it worked and then placed

it on me. As she locked it on my cock Jessica kissed me passionately on the

mouth and said "This marriage is going to be so much fun, at least for me!"








Well, rule number two hasn't worked out as planned. I have yet to once be

permitted sexual intercourse with Jessica. Although according to the rules, I

should by now have four experiences of being inside her that's not how its

worked out.

For some reason, every time that it's the night that I'm allowed to fuck her

something always goes wrong at the last possible moment. Somehow I'm always left

not being allowed to enter Jessica and always left being made to kiss her ass.



Always just as I'm about to put my cock inside her something happens to deny me

my one sexually satisfying experience per year. And satisfying only for the

sensation. Because I'm still not allowed to cum, no matter what.

As for the bird cage, you kind of get used to it after awhile. Fortunately you

can't see it on me when I'm wearing street clothes. Jessica makes me wear it 24

hours a day seven days a week except for when she wants to cock tease me more


Jessica takes it off me when she wants to bring me to the brink of sexual

gratification and then leave me totally frustrated. Which she likes to do a lot.

In fact it would be fair to say that sexually exciting me and then sadistically

frustrating me is at the very core of our marriage. It is the foundation from

which all sexual behavior arises in Jessica. Or, rather, I should say it is the

foundation from which all sexual behavior toward me arises in her. Jessica has

many male lovers with whom she carries on an extravagantly indulgent sexual

style. Jessica cums all the time as do her lovers. Jessica frequently comes home

and makes me eat out her pussy that is filled with the semen of her lovers. To

both humiliate me and to demonstrate how she lets other men have their sexual




But with me, her husband, it's different. With me it's all about sexually

frustrating me. With me nothing excites and pleases Jessica more than to find

new and more cruel ways to frustrate me. To bring me to the brink of release and

then to deny me. At which point she usually becomes quite tender with me. In

some ways, Jessica is quite loving with me. And if you were to witness only the

after-play, the moments following Jessica's sadistic and humiliating treatment

of me you would witness a very loving and tender wife with her adoring husband.

But this is deceiving. For the only times Jessica is tender with me are

following her excruciating sexual teasing of me.

It's as if she has a deep need to have someone she can degrade and mistreat with

whom she can then feel totally safe and secure and loving and tender with. With

her other lovers she simply has sex that is physically satisfying. And a lot of



 But why she bothers with me at all is that I provide some kind of profound

emotional cathartic release for her. That's a nice way of saying she has found

someone foolish enough to put up with her sadistic manipulations. She has told

me many times that it is my bad luck that she found me. Someone who knows how to

manipulate and disappoint me all the time. And that's what she does. And I keep

putting up with it.

For some reason I am hypnotized by her. Though any sane man would leave her in a

second I find myself enthralled and enslaved by her. As painful and frustrating

as it is to be with her, there is some kind of power she has over me. Something

that makes it all worthwhile.

So, this year, being as it's been four years since I've been able to have sex

with her, I am particularly eager to have sex with my beautiful and very sexy

wife. And particularly worried that somehow, at the very last minute, something

will come up that will delay our having sex for yet another year.

Jessica has now called me into the bedroom.

Jessica is lying naked on her back on top of our bed. She is wearing a fresh

coat of dark red lipstick and is wearing her four inch black stiletto pumps and

is pointing at her pussy.


"Well, I guess you know what night it is. It's that time of the year. Time for

your fifteen minutes of pleasure. You've certainly earned it. When was the last

time you got to feel my pussy wrapped around your cock?"

"It was August 28, 1994."

"Hmm. That was before we got married."

I notice Jessica begins fingering her clit in a slow, circular motion.

"Why, that's over four years ago! My how the time flies. At least for me it

does. But then the last time I had a cock in my pussy was last night. And the

last time you've been in my pussy was four years ago, so, I guess it's not

exactly the same. You've got to admit it's pretty ironic. Here you marry this

totally sexy woman who let you have unlimited sexual access to her before you

got married and now that you're married to her she totally denies you any sexual

pleasure. That's what you get for marrying a bitch, I guess. Can't say I didn't

warn you."

Now Jessica's fingering of her clit has picked up speed and she is rubbing

herself with greater intensity and speed.


"And now look how things have turned out for you. You're married to this totally

hot woman who denies you the one thing she gives out freely to other men, and

who totally dominates you and to whom you never, ever, can resist her bitchiness

in any way."

I can see Jessica's pussy is now glistening with her pussy juice. Her lips look

engorged and moist as she continues rubbing herself. As if everything she is

saying to me is getting her hotter and hotter.


Jessica motions me to come over to where she is lying down. She places her hands

on my bird cage. She begins fingering my cock inside the cage. I instantly erect

as much as the cage will allow me, which is about two inches.


"Well that doesn't look too comfortable. I guess this being your big night and

all I should let you out of that cruel device I make you wear all the time."

Jessica bends down and talks as if she is addressing my cock in baby talk.

"Little penis must be so miserable all locked up in there. Would you like to

come out and play inside my juicy, soft and wet pussy? Would you? My pussy is so

ready for you now, finally. I hope you remember this night for a long time

little penis." And as she says "little penis" she unlocks the cage with her key

that she wears around her necklace that she always wears.

She removes the cage and fondles my cock for a minute.



She turns to me and says "I hope you still remember how to fuck a woman! It's

been so long, maybe you've forgotten how to penetrate a woman's pussy. Maybe

you've even forgotten how to cum! Of course, maybe it's like bicycle riding and

you never forget. We'll too bad we won't be able to test that out now will we?"

"Let's see, it's not been one but four whole years since you've been inside me.

You must be so horny by now. And it's also been over four years since I've

allowed you to cum at all! God, I'm so horny and I just came last night! Poor

baby, you must be even hornier than I am! I'm sure glad I'm not you!"

Jessica gives me an order. "Take off my shoes and start kissing my feet."

I start kissing her beautiful size seven feet. All the while Jessica continues

to play with herself.


"Hmm. I'm just getting ready for you big boy. Tonight is hubby's big night,

isn't it! First time having sex with his wife, ever! Well, don't get too anxious

about it, after all, sex between a husband and wife is a beautiful, natural part

of marriage. And sometimes the first time you do it, it isn't even that good.

But don't worry, you'll get another chance next year I'm sure." Jessica starts

to giggle.

By now Jessica's pussy is sopping wet. And my cock is swollen and throbbing with

expectation of imminent penetration.

"I want to be nice and juicy for you. Since you won't get another chance to fuck

me for another year I really want this to be a memorable experience for you.

Poor baby has had to wait four long years for this. I so want you to be fully

satisfied after all these frustrating delays you've had to endure. And you've

been so understanding. You've been so patient."

Jessica is really getting into her masturbation. I am getting hotter and hotter

watching her stroke herself. Although she had said that this was all in

preparation for our fucking she seems now to be more concerned with her own

pleasure than with mine. She seems to be getting dangerously close to cuming. I

start to get nervous watching this because I know two things about Jessica when

she cums. And that is that when Jessica cums s she loses all interest in sex for

a while and she also becomes extremely bitchy.

"You better hope that I don't accidentally cum before you're inside me."

"Why is that?"

"Because, let's just say, it won't exactly help your cause..."

I begin more passionately kissing Jessica's feet in the hopes that it will make

her more merciful. I take her left foot in my hands and begin kissing it more

tenderly. Unfortunately, this seems to have the opposite effect from the one I

wanted. As Jessica's eyes and mine lock with her witnessing my submission to her

request to kiss her feet, Jessica's face twists into a haughty sneer.

And at that exact moment Jessica begins to have a very intense orgasm.

I just watch as Jessica screams out in delight as she has a wild and lengthy

orgasm. Her hips buck as she seems to be flooded in ecstasy.


After a few minutes Jessica says "Mmm. That was such a great orgasm my toes are

tingling." Jessica continues to moan softly in the afterglow of her orgasm. All

the while I still am holding her beautiful foot, still kissing it, my penis

swollen, throbbing and erect, eagerly awaiting her command to begin fucking her.



Jessica opens her eyes and looks into mine. Her facial expression can only be

described as a condescending smirk.

"I was just getting ready for you and then when you started kissing my foot like

that I couldn't resist it any more. What a shame for you! But you can keep

kissing my foot for awhile if you want to." Jessica begins to giggle again.


Not knowing for sure what Jessica means I decide that it's better to play it

safe and so I continue kissing Jessica's foot. After a few more minutes of this

Jessica kicks her foot away from my lips. Jessica stares into my eyes for a

moment and then says "Poor hubby. And you were so close this time."

Jessica turns over and gets on her hands and knees and proceeds to stick her

beautiful ass into the air facing me. She tells me to get on the bed and to

place my face near her ass. I comply.

Now that Jessica has satisfied herself sexually I have a feeling all hope of

sexual pleasure for me is about to come to an end, her end.

With her puckered asshole about six inches from my face Jessica's voice takes on

an extremely bored and bitchy tone, as if this whole scene has suddenly become

very boring and annoying to her.

In a very matter of fact voice Jessica announces "You know what, why don't we

take a pass on you having sex with me again this year and instead of you fucking

me I permit you to lick my asshole. What do you say? I was so hot and so ready

for you to fuck me, I was so wet... I was just about to tell you to fuck me,

maybe thirty more seconds. The only trouble is I got so hot and so ready that

when I should have stopped rubbing myself I kept on going and I just had such a

great orgasm. And now I'm not horny anymore, not at all. Not even a little bit.

If you can still remember what it used to be like to have an orgasm I'm sure

you'll agree that right after you cum you kind of lose your desire for awhile.

Though I kind of doubt you can remember that feeling, being that it's been over

four years now." Jessica begins to giggle..

"Now that I've cum I'm more in the mood to have your tongue on my asshole than

having to endure your cock inside me. Take a minute to decide. It's up to you.

You can either put your cock inside me now and fuck me for fifteen minutes. Or,

you can do what I want you to do and forfeit the opportunity to fuck me for

another whole year. Five years sounds so much better, so much more of an

accomplishment than four years. It kind of has a nice ring to it, don't you

think? And so as it won't be a complete loss for you I'll let you kiss and lick

my ass for...let's see, how about a whole five minutes. That seems fair doesn't

it? After all, not every man that gets to fuck me gets to lick my ass. By giving

up having sex with me for another year you get to worship my asshole for five

minutes! But remember it's totally up to you. But know that I'm just not in the

mood for you to be inside me. Not at all. But after a totally satisfying orgasm

like that, I am ready for you to worship my pretty little asshole. It would be

the icing on the cake, my cake. It would be such a nice sacrifice from you to


I move my face closer, right up to her puckered asshole. For a moment I think

about my options: fuck Jessica now, for the first time in four years, or give up

my one chance of pleasure with her to simply lick her asshole for five minutes,

an act Jessica requires of me all the time.

In a bitchy and bored tone Jessica says "Well, fuck me or lick me, I haven't got

all night."

Hearing her bitchy tone pushes me over the edge. I make my choice. I know what I

must do. I know what Jessica wants me to do. I place my lips on her asshole and

begin kissing it passionately.


"That's a good boy!" Jessica says.


As I continue kissing and licking her asshole Jessica continues to taunt me.

"This whole thing is all your fault, you know. If only you had told me to stop

rubbing myself I would have - and right now you'd be thrusting your cock deep

inside me, feeling my juicy pussy all over your hard cock. If only you hadn't

started kissing my foot in that adoring way." Jessica starts to giggle again.

"And then, when I give you the choice to fuck me or to lick my asshole, you

choose to lick my asshole. You gave up fucking me for the first time in four

years for licking out my asshole for five minutes! You're so pathetic you

deserve my asshole on your lips!" I look up at the mirror we have on the

headboard and see Jessica's face as she says this. She is looking at me with a

contemptuous sneer.

As Jessica says all this my adoration of her ass and asshole is now at a fevered

pitch. The more she humiliates and degrades me the more passionately I kiss and


lick Jessica's asshole. Jessica, sensing my having some pleasure in all of this

looks at the clock on the night stand and announces "That's all you get. It's

only been three and a half minutes but I'm tired and want to go to sleep. All

this humiliating and frustrating you has tired me out."

I give Jessica's asshole one final adoring kiss and move up alongside her on the

bed. Jessica moves over onto her back so that now I am lying on top of her, my

swollen penis just inches from her pussy.

Jessica's tone begins to switch. She frequently switches from being bitchy to

being girlish and tender to being bitchy again. It's part of her charm.

"It's alright with me if you want to put your cock next to my pussy, that way

you can feel how wet it is and how warm. I want you to feel a little bit of what

you missed out on."

I do as Jessica instructs and place my cock so it is resting on top of Jessica's


very wet and very warm pussy. It feels unbelievably good and unbelievably

frustrating at the same time. Though more frustrating than good. Jessica begins

kissing my face tenderly for a few moments and then begins licking my face with

her tongue. She knows how much this turns me on.

Now Jessica becomes all tender with me. Well, tender in the way Jessica knows

how to be tender.

"Honey, I kind of forgot to tell you something that I probably should have told

you earlier, before you made your choice. Ooops. I guess in all the excitement I

forgot to tell you about some new rules for you that I've come up with."

Jessica starts to lick my face like it's an ice cream cone and it's getting me

even more frustrated.

"It turns out that when I give you the choice of having sex with me and you

decline, even if I've asked you to decline and you're the one who prevents you

from having sex with me then instead of losing out for another year before being

allowed to have sex with me again you forever forfeit the right to have sex with

me. I guess I should have told you about this special rule before I offered you

the choice but I just forgot, oh well."

Jessica continues to tenderly kiss me all over my face as she explains.

"I guess I never figured that after all this time you'd actually submit to my

cruel and selfish wishes yet again. I guess I figured that after four years of

not being able to have sex with your wife there'd just be no dissuading you. I

kind of built that rule in as a kind of fail-safe so that if I ever taunted you

with a choice like that you'd know enough to stand up to me and just have your

way with me. But I guess I should have told you about it. I guess a deterrent is

no good if you don't tell someone about it. Oh, well, live and learn. "

Jessica begins rubbing her pussy against my throbbing erection.

"Poor baby never gets a lucky break, does he?"

Jessica moves her hips down and up so that her pussy rubs against my cock from

her clit all the way down to the bottom of her pussy.

Starting to talk in the tone a mother talks to her upset child Jessica says

"Poor baby gets punished whenever he gives in to his bitchy wife! It's just not

fair! Here she was the one being selfish asking him not to have as good a time

as he could have and to delay his gratification yet again just because she got

greedy and lazy and for all his troubles he gets penalized for being punished!

It's just not fair is it?"

Jessica begins licking my face again.

"It probably would have been more fair if you knew that you could never have sex

with me again if you submitted to my bitchiness huh?"

I nod.

"Poor hubby never gets a break from his bitchy wife does he?" I shake my head.

"He just gets punished either way."

I nod.

"Does hubby love his wife?"

I nod.

"Does hubby crave sex with his wife just so badly?"

I nod.

"Does hubby love his wife even more when she's bitchy to him?"

I nod.

"So, the bitchier wife is to hubby the more hubby loves her?"

I nod.

"Because of that hubby knows he won't ever get to cum or be inside his wife ever

again, doesn't he?"

I nod.

"Poor hubby, wife gets everything and he gets nothing."

I nod.

"Tell me how much you love me."

"I adore you. I couldn't possibly love you any more than I do."

Jessica gets up and comes back with one of her tools, a cold ice pack. She

begins applying the ice to my swollen and by now very purple cock. After a few

moments my cock begins shrinking from the cold. Jessica picks up my Bird Cage

chastity device and quickly places it on me."

"I bet when you married me you didn't know that you'd be spending almost all

your time with your cock in a metal cage and just about never inside your

beautiful wife's pussy. But I bet in a way the feel of this cock cage is second

nature to you. I bet it feels good to you, you know, safe, secure. You might not

even like the feel of your wife's pussy anymore. It's all hot and wet and juicy

and soft. It's nothing like your cage, all cold and metallic and restricting. I

bet by now you've come to think of that cage as your wife. You've got to stay

faithful to your metal wife don't you? It wouldn't be right if you had sex with

me. Your metal wife would feel betrayed, wouldn't she? No it just wouldn't be


Jessica begins talking to my penis again, like at the beginning of this night.

"Poor little penis, didn't get to be inside my warm and juicy pussy. And now

he's never going to feel the inside of his wife's pussy ever again. Oh well.

Poor little penis."

And as Jessica says the word "little" she clicks the lock shut, securing me to

my metal wife. She then rubs her pussy against my cock inside its cage. As she

does so she giggles a little bit, knowing I can feel a little bit of her pussy

through the cage.

"Well, good night you two, and try to keep it down." Jessica giggles at her word


As Jessica giggles, she kisses me all over my face and then rolls over and goes

to sleep.

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