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CHASTITY BELT Any lockable wearable device designed for continuous wear to prevent masturbation, control sexual urges to masturbate, or sexual intercourse unless requested by the keyholder.


USER The individual who will wear the device. By definition the user has granted the control of the users sexual organs and services to the KEYHOLDER


KEYHOLDER. The individual who will hold the key and the control for the device. By definition, the keyholder is the individual entrusted to have absolute say in the use of the users sexual organs and services.




General Rules


1.The USER shall keep the keys for the first week only; for purposes of adjustment to his form after which the keys shall be surrendered to the KEYHOLDER.


2. The Chastity Belt (herein referred to as "the device") may be used at the full discretion of the KEYHOLDER whenever the KEYHOLDER deems it necessary. Refusal to wear the device is forbidden and punishable under this contract by spanking and feminisation for a specific period.


3. The USER is never permitted to control the key. The key will always be under the supervision of the KEYHOLDER. All copies of the key are required to be in the possession of the KEYHOLDER and the KEYHOLDER must know about the existence of all keys.


4. It is the responsibility of the USER to maintain the device in good working order, clean, and to inform the KEYHOLDER about any deficiencies. The KEYHOLDER will supervise and approve maintenance at the KEYHOLDERS discretion.


5. The KEYHOLDER has the obligation to force proper hygiene, see to the health and comfort of the USER, and provide sexual relief at proper times and intervals in keeping with the spirit and intent of this contract.. Times and intervals will normally be at the discretion of the KEYHOLDER.


6. The KEYHOLDER may require the USER to submit to other forms of control or restraint prior to removal of the device. This is especially true if the intent of the device is to control masturbation (self abuse) by the USER unless specifically permitted by the KEYHOLDER.


7. The KEYHOLDER shall release the USER under specific conditions, such as, going to work, airport or any place a metal detector exists.


8. Once home from any outing (work, when not wearing the device , it is the obligation of the USER to lock himself back into the belt, prior to reinstallation he should shower - not doing so is punishable by spanking.


9. Should the USER be allowed a key to the belt for emergencies by the KEYHOLDER, The KEYHOLDER shall install a seal so that should the USER open the belt, the seal will automatically break indicating that the belt was tampered with so that the KEYHOLDER shall know to give the USER the appropriate punishment.


10. Without exception the USER shall receive a minimum of two Over the Knee spankings per week whether deserved or not. At least 1 day a month the USER shall be made to wear slip, skirt, bra panties, hose, & high heels (forced feminization while wearing the chastity belt.


11. Should the USER masturbate without permission he shall be spanked severely and not be allowed any time without the belt for at least 1month.




Specific Provisions The name of the KEYHOLDER : _________


The name of the USER : ______________






Primary purpose (Check all that apply and initial)


! Control Sexual Masturbation


! Behavior Modification (Weight Loss, etc - Attach plan)


! Other (Specify)



Acceptable methods of Discipline.(Check all that apply and initial)


! Loss of Sexual Privileges


! Sexual Restraint (Cbelt or device)


! Sexual Training Devices (KTB, or short term pain producing trainers)


! Heavy Restraint or Bondage Situation.


! Spanking, Humiliation or Physical Punishment


! Other (Specify)





I, the above named as the USER grant the below named KEYHOLDER the above listed authorities and rights, without any recourse, thought of evasion, or limitations not expressly stated in the above agreement. I fully indemnitize and forever hold harmless the KEYHOLDER from any action authorized under this contract. At the time of signing, all keys, locks, tools, and toys covered under this agreement have been prepared for and turned over to the control of the KEYHOLDER.







I the above named KEYHOLDER assume the full authority vested in me by this agreement at this time. I assume full control and responsibility for all keys, tools, toys, and discipline devices intended for implementation of this contract. I fully understand that I have been granted great power and have the obligation to use that power wisely in pursuit of the above listed purposes and within the discipline declared acceptable above.






Witnessed by: __________________________


The Witness shall hold an extra key in case of emergencies.



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