Bound and Closeted - Chastity

by Rex Sam



Part I





I had just signed the Chastity Contract making me my wife's slave for the next five days. (For the curious, a copy is below). I handed it to my wife and she ordered me to strip and sit on my stool before her. After taking her time reading the Chastity Contract, she put it down and said: "Go and lay out the bondage gear and prepare my closet for you – we are going to start this week with you bound and closeted. And make sure you have the headphones and mp3 player ready with my latest recording."


I immediately went to our bedroom and laid out the ropes and other bondage gear on the bed. Along side I placed the mp3 player and headphones with my wife's latest recording containing the rules of submission she had imposed. Mixed on Audacity® with trance music and subliminal suggestions, it was a powerful hypnotic which repeatedly reiterated my obligation to submit to her.


I then carefully moved the shoes out of her closet and set them aside. Done with the ordered preparations, I then sat on the toilet – with my chastity device on I couldn't pee standing up – and made sure my bladder was empty.


I returned to my stool and waited. After several minutes, my wife's attention returned from the emails she was reading and she told me to go and wait for her in the bedroom. I was to tie my ankles together and put on the headphones.


The ropes around my ankles were tight – anything less and I risked my wife's wrath. As I waited for her with my headphones on, I heard her voice in my ears and I felt a deep hypno-erotic trance beginning. A short time later she came in and motioned me to put my wrists together. She quickly tied them securely. Next, she fitted my collar round my neck and then tied my wrists to the collar so that my hand were nestled under my chin.


She then lifted off the headphones and told me to crawl into the closet and sit with my back to the wall. Once I had done that, she said I was to be still until she returned. She then placed the headphones on my head, slid the closet door shut and I was alone, bound and closeted for her pleasure and/or my punishment, I wasn't sure which.


I don't know how much time passed – I was lost in a dream world where all I could hear was my wife's voice telling me to submit to her and the only scent was my wife's wafting down from her clothes brushing my face.


A short time later, the door slid open and my wife removed the headphones. "You have done a good job cleaning the bathroom today so I have brought you a pillow to sit on as you are going to be here a while. The quiet, empty apartment is a real pleasure for me. This is going to be a regular routine for us. I am giving you the sneakers I wore today for you to hold as my personal shoe rack. I want to see them pressed up against your face when I return as you are going to learn to love the scent of my feet as much as you enjoy massaging them." With that, she placed her sneakers in my hands, placed the headphones back on my head and slid the door closed.


Time passed as one erotic notion passed after another in my mind when finally the door slid open and my wife removed my headphones and told me crawl over and kneel before her at the bed. As she untied my hands and then my feet, she said it was time for dinner and that I was to set the table and serve the dinner she had prepared.


We ate discussing the events of the day. She at table and me on my stool with my plate on my lap. After dinner, she said I was to go into the kitchen, close the door and clean-up diner. When I was done, I was to place my stool at her feet and massage her feet with lotion.


When I was done, she announced that she was going to bed and that she did not need me in her bed that night. I was to sleep on the couch. She told me to set my alarm for 5:30 a.m. so I could get up early and prepare her morning tea. With that, she retired for the evening.






Chastity Contract between The Mistress and The slave




Mistress will have total control of the slave, in every aspect and as follows:


A. The slave submits ownership of his genitals to Mistress as her property. Mistress takes complete control of the slave's genitals. The slave is not allowed to touch or fondle Mistress' newly acquired property without her consent, however, Mistress has free reign to do whatever she desires with her property.


B. Mistress will ultimately decide when/if permission to orgasm will be granted based on variables such as infractions of these terms, the convenience of the orgasm to be granted, or Mistress's general overall mood to grant permission.


C. The slave submits to the use and wearing of a locking chastity device to ensure that Mistress's newly acquired property is kept secure and denies access to the slave's ability to break the terms of this chastity. The slave will only be allowed to open the chastity belt in the case of an extreme emergency with the key kept in a sealed envelope.


D. When Mistress decides the chastity device may be taken off for hygiene and maintenance purposes. Mistress will decide if she will be the one who performs the cleaning of her property, or if she will trust the slave with the task.


E. The chastity device may be taken off, at any time Mistress wishes, and for any reason Mistress wishes.


F. The slave does not have authority to remove the chastity device from Mistress's property for any reason. The slave may however, submit a request for removal of the chastity device explaining the reason or reasons for removal, but ultimately Mistress will decide on the approval of the request.


G. The slave will take responsibility for the performance of all household chores. This includes, but is not limited to, washing the dishes, cleaning the kitchen, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming the floors, trash removal, ironing, and general cleanup of all rooms within the house. Mistress may request that these chores be done at any time she sees fit.


H. Mistress can do anything sexual or not as she thinks fit, this to include any anal play on the slave, i.e. Dildo's, enema's etc, beatings etc, or anything else that Mistress wishes that is not covered by this agreement.




Mistress can administer punishment whenever or wherever, at any time without any reason what so ever, also this can be as many as she likes or as hard as she likes.


I agree to the terms and conditions listed above. I authorize this agreement to take effect on the day of signing, further this agreement is binding on me and me alone.















The next morning I arose early as instructed and prepare the tea. At the appointed time, I awoke my wife and served her in bed. After several minutes, she turned to me where I was kneeling on the floor and said: "While I am taking my shower, I want you to prepare my vegetable/fruit juice in the juicer, assemble my lunch and arrange my keys and phone for me on the front hall table. For lunch, you will have ham and cheese sandwich, chips and water. I don't want you eating anything else until I return. When I return this evening, I expect the kitchen and bathroom floors to be spotless. In addition to the work you need to get done today at home, I would like to see a dozen pages of research on the objectification of submissive males. I came across a piece by chance the other day which led to your stay in the closet. I enjoy the thought of treating you like an object, and I would like to see more ideas from you on how I might pursue that. I won't be home for dinner, I am having dinner with an old friend, so don't expect me back until later. I will call and let you know how I want to be received when I return. Now off with you."


My work as a consultant-from-home requires six hours a day of focusing on my clients' needs and producing the work product I sell. That usually gives me enough time to attend to the chores I am assigned by my wife. I immediately got to work on the juicer preparing the mix of Swiss Chard, Carrots, Grapefruit and Beets that my wife drinks. I didn't want to annoy her by not having it ready by the time she finished her shower.


Fortunately for me, when my wife walked in to the kitchen, the juice and her lunch were ready to go. As she sat at the kitchen table drinking her juice and taking her vitamins, she motioned me over to her and took my caged cock in her hand. "Phew, when was the last time you washed this?" she asked. I told her that I washed it as best I could each time I peed, but it was difficult to clear between the skin and the hard plastic of the cage. As the cage was new for us, it was an issue neither of us had thought much about. "I will come up with a plan for cleaning today and let you know." With that, she finished her juice and got up from the table.


I followed her to the front door where, after she had gotten her purse together, she motioned me to kneel at her feet. "Two kisses each foot and then I want you to stay kneeling for five minutes after I leave. Don't let me come back to check on you and find you not here." After I had placed the kisses on her feet, she slid on her sandals and without another word was out the door.


Of course, I stayed where I was on the floor. Not being able to see a clock, I am sure I waited more than five minutes before getting up to clean up the kitchen, make her bed and pick up the dirty clothes. It being Tuesday, it was laundry day and I would have to work in that chore among the others I needed to accomplish.


When the apartment was back in order, I took the laundry down to the laundry room wondering the whole time whether my cock cage was visible through my pants. It certainly seemed to me that all the ladies doing their wash were staring and talking about me. My paranoia was increased as the chattering was in languages I didn't understand. Nonetheless, I returned twice more to put the clothes in the dryer and then fold them when dry. In the interim, I did my work and it was lunch time by the time I looked up.


After lunch I found an email from my wife. The subject line said "Cleaning" and in the body of the message she wrote: "At 8:00 p.m. this evening, you will place your cock through the slats on the footboard of my bed and then tie your thighs to tightly to that board. Place you back restraint on and get one hand locked in place. There you will wait for me and when I return I will release you from you cock cage for a cleaning. Make sure that there is only candle light in the room and light some incense. Last, make sure that you can't see any clock from where you are standing, bound to my bed." That was all.


It was apparent that she intended to make sure that my hands were bound before she released me from the cock cage, fearing, with good reason, that I might just take matters into my own hand, so to speak.


By mid-afternoon, I had finished my consulting projects for the day and turned my attention to the kitchen and bathroom floors. When those chores were done, I started my work on "objectification".


What I found was that sexual objectification is the fetishistic act of regarding a person as an object for erotic purposes. Some people enjoy the roles of being bound and used as furniture, is also known as "forniphilia". Bound as a hat stand, table, chair or other piece of furniture, the submissive is no longer a person, but an object. A typical example from one blog: "For some time now I have had fantasies of being an object. I just love the idea of being made into a household object. So far I have been a drink holder. Which consisted of me laying on my stomach with pillows under me so that my ass was up and exposed. Then a sheet with a hole cut out draped over my body. Mistress, sitting next to me watching TV or playing on her PC, and all the while using my ass to hold her beer bottle. Ice cold beer bottle."


Other submissive men seem to enjoy pet play in which a person is treated like an animal rather than a human. In that role, eating and excretory functions are handled as with a real pet. Time-outs in cages are a regular part of the play.


Finally, other enjoyed "use" play in which a person is used for one part of the body, without regard to their feelings, or orgasm, or whatever else. In those scenarios, a man's cock might be placed through a hole in a wall leaving it exposed for whatever use another wants to make of it.


After collating the various articles, blogs and pictures on the subject, I realized that it was getting close to 8:00 p.m. and I wasn't ready as instructed. I quickly peed, applied deodorant and brushed my teeth – I as sure that my wife would not enjoy finding me smelling funky – and went to the bedroom to get ready.


I first turned the bedside clock around so I couldn't read the time. I lit the candles and incense and then retrieved the back restraint. This was a leather collar which fit around my neck and from which hung down my back a four inch wide strip of leather. On the leather were riveted two leather cuffs which when placed over a wrist forced a metal eye through them allowing for locking the wrist restraint in place with a padlock. I first fitted the collar on and padlocked it. Then, I took rope and, after placing my cock through the gap between the footboard slats, and tied each of my thighs tightly to the footboard. I couldn't move in any direction at this point but could only stand.


Adjusting my cock to pull it fully through the gap created between the slats of the footboard, I then reached behind and managed to lock one wrist in place. With that, I had nothing else to do but wait.


Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, I heard the front door open and my wife's footsteps coming down the hall. Without a word, she came into the bedroom and immediately went behind me and locked my other wrist in place. "I am glad to see you like this. I have a few emails to answer and then I will be in to clean your cock and cock cage. Don't go anywhere." With a chuckle, she then disappeared.


When she returned, she had a bucket with something in it which I could not see. She did take the key to my cock cage from around her neck and without comment unlocked me and pulled the cock cage off briskly. Released from three days of confinement, my cock sprang to life with the largest erection I can recall.


From the bucket my wife took a small bowl and placed my cock cage in it. She then poured soap and water over it and began to rinse it out. Taking a bottle brush from the bucket, she then scrubbed it clean, rinsed it again and then placed it on a towel.


"I don't want you squirting while I clean your cock, so I am going to reduce that erection first." With that, she pulled a plastic bag of ice out of the bucket and fitted it over my cock making sure that ice was covering my cock fully. Very quickly, my erection subsided and she removed the ice. She then quickly took a cloth dipped in the cold, soapy water, and scrubbed my cock. Next, she took the bottle brush and made sure that my balls were clean. They were also now raw from the scrubbing.


Returning to the bucket, she took out a bottle of Rubbing Alcohol and poured it over the cock cage. "I want to be sure to disinfect this before I put it back on you. I might as well make sure your cock and balls are disinfected as well." Without regard for my sudden gasp of pain, she worked a handful of the Rubbing Alcohol into my cock and balls. The stinging and burning pain was intense and brought tears to my eyes.


"That should do it. I am going to leave you here for a while to air dry and then I will be back to fit your cock cage on." She turned and blew out the candles and then left, closing the door leaving me alone in the dark to dry, and ponder.


The End








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