Simply denying sex to a chastity slave and forbidding masturbation without permission are in itself a way of applying chastity.


Most male slaves are so aroused by their submission that they are frequently erect and eager to masturbate. Restraining slave's penis with a chastity device or piercing, or combination of both, not only takes care of that, but deepens slave's sense of submission since it's very clear to him that he no longer has any control of his own penis.


Reminding the chastity slave that his penis is for the wife's pleasure, as her toy rather than as a male sexual organ, is an important element of chastity slave training. The slave has to stop thinking of his penis as a source of pleasure for himself because when he has this idea, his attention will be focused on his penis. His only purpose of living has to be the pleasure of his wife.


When chastity slave becomes used to being restrained and frustrated, he becomes accustomed to viewing his path to his own pleasure as being directly related to pleasing his in hope of being released and rewarded.



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Jennifer's House

Story of subservient husband locked in chastity belt.

Somewhere near the end of January, Jennifer brought me to the basement and secured my hands in the cuffs to the eye bolt. She removed the chastity device. It was the first time it had been off in about three months and my body sprang to an erection as soon as it was removed. I was in a sexually frustrated state which I found enjoyable as a submissive. It fed into another kind of pleasure I often enjoyed. Being denied sexual attention was apart of the servile status of what I enjoyed about being submissive.




Cuckold Chastity

Cuckold chastity mainly refers to physically enforced chastity through the use of a device to restrict a husband's ability to have sex, masturbate and in some cases prevent and even punish erections.



Cuckold in Chastity Belt - Birthday Present

Story of a husband who asked his Wife to be more dominant. He is turned on by sloppy seconds and the Hot Wife concept. He ends up as creampie licker locked in chastity belt.



Andrea's Cuckold Bitch in Chastity

Story of a cuckolded husband who is locked in chastity belt and humiliated by his dominant Wife.


Andrea's Husband in Chastity Belt, another day

Also, my cock was trapped in a chastity belt, so I was just going crazy. My cock has been trapped in the belt for 3 weeks now and I see no sign of release...




Scott in Chastity Belt

Story of male chastity and oral slavery.



Wife's Chastity Belted Slave

What follows is an explanation of what Allison has done over the last two years to turn me into her chastity-locked slave and to turn herself into the dominatrix I'd always wished for. As I've learned though, be careful what you wish for!


slave in chastity belt  


John's Chastity Story

Story of husband in chastity and keyholder wife.




Chastity Cycle

A couple of weeks of not being allowed an orgasm and you're falling apart. No I'm not going to sit on your little cock again. Not now and probably not ever, so calm down or I'm off next door. You wouldn't catch John wrapped up in a rubber sac gaged and bound and refused pussy. When he wants a woman he takes her, just like he did with me all those years ago and just like he did again two months ago.


chastity and CBT  


Chastity Slave - Keyholder Contract    

KEYHOLDER. The individual who will hold the key and the control of the chastity belt. By definition, the keyholder is the individual entrusted to have absolute say in the use of the chastity slave's sexual organs and services.




Contract of Chastity    

Full orgasms are not permitted in the lists of payments submitted by the sub, however the sub may be released by means of milking nor have orgasms with out ejaculating.




Family Planning story    

Husband's chastity fantasy turns into complete denial of sex.




Chastity Slave  -  AFTER 6 MONTHS OF CHASTITY    


real chastity slave  


Slave locked in chastity    

"I don't want you to forget you have this all on," was the next ominous announcement my captor made. "So I'm going to add this locking ball crusher."




Permanent Chastity Slave

I hope you enjoy being locked up in chastity belt because I have decided to make this a permanent part of our lives.



chastity slave  


Chastity Slave Training

At home I was to be her slave, toy and personal attendant. I was to call her "Mistress," and attend to her every physical need.




NICOLE - chastity story

I think a fair trade-off would be 1000 orgasms for me and... let's see... ONE for you! That seems fair, doesn't it, my love?



male chastity, chastity husband, cuckold chastity  




I used to fantasize about wearing a chastity belt, and now I fantasize about it coming off, even for a few seconds. I finger the locks, I can feel the remains of the keys, forever embedded in their cylinders. I rub the shield, spending countless hours in the shower trying to slip my hands in, to cop the sightless feel. I need to cum. I have to cum.





Wednesday all day, and that night were the worst Bill had experienced sense he got himself into the chastity belt. He ached for relief.



chastity slave cuckold



Chastity Slave Husband

That's when his locking genital ring went on permanently. I was real coy about it as I initiated sex, knowing his love of my bondage oh him, and once tied down I locked it on.




Slave Story

She had heard about chastity belts for men, so one afternoon she showed up with one for me. She asked that I wear it for a week, then I would get rewarded "bigtime" for my patience.



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Chastity Slave Fiction

"Listen you little wimp, I don't want my ass cheeks licked, I want you to eat my asshole. Now get some tongue up my ass or you'll be wearing that thing until hell freezes over." Obediently Henry pursued his task. He could taste and smell the musky scent of his mistress' asshole as he worked at wedging his tongue further up her dark channel. An hour later his tongue was beginning to cramp when she finally released him from his duties.




Sperm Eater Slave - Story

Now I am a chastised slave put through my paces seven days a week with my only reward being the lint between Sarah's toes. In a way I have come to terms with it. I no longer get the aching blue balls or the pre-cum that use to drip from my belt daily.




Life in Chastity

She begins applying the ice to my swollen and by now very purple cock. After a few moments my cock begins shrinking from the cold. Jessica picks up my Bird Cage chastity device and quickly places it on me.



Bound and Closeted - chastity

I had just signed the Chastity Contract making me my wife's slave for the next five days.



Creating a Chactity Monster














Chastity Slave - ORGASM DENIAL


Chastity Slave - TEASE DENY







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