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A Weekend with Elizabeth and Charlie (Part Two)

Story by Lisa Rains







And as Elizabeth teased Greg unmercifully, I was out of my head reaming him and jacking his cock. I kept laughing, drunk with new-found power.  I think I would have kept going until Greg shot his load, but luckily Elizabeth had a clearer head and she reminded me that it still wasn’t time to let Greg cum.


“Remember Betsy, we may need him later,” she said. 


Oh of course, what was I thinking?  I definitely wasn’t ready for Greg to be done for the night, no way. The night was just starting!  So I eased my finger out of his ass and stopped jacking him.  He let out a little cry and I could tell he wasn’t happy to be stopped short once again.


“How many times has your beautiful wife gone to bed unsatisfied?” Elizabeth asked Greg as she slid off the bed allowing him to finally straighten his legs.  “For years she’s been frustrated because of you. I doubt very seriously you ever got her as close as she’s gotten you tonight, but still you see how unpleasant it is to have things finish before you do, right? I hope this lesson stays with you, or we’ll be back to make sure it sinks in, way down deep in every fiber of your being,” Elizabeth leaned in close as she spoke to him and there was no doubt that he understood she was serious.


Greg’s eyes were glazed over and he was trying to catch his breath but he nodded to Elizabeth.  I could already see that my hubby was changing.  Could it be that this night was transforming him into the man I’d dreamed of, the man who would cherish me and treat me like a queen? I didn’t dare let myself believe it. But the idea thrilled me.


As if reading my mind, Elizabeth said: “Greg just needs some training.  Soon he’ll be able to stay hard all night for you and make sure that you are thoroughly satisfied.  I’ve trained my Charlie well.” And then, with a devilish look in her eye, she added:  “Would you like to see something else he can do?”


“Sure,” I said, intrigued.


Elizabeth motioned for Charlie to come over to where I was sitting on the side of the bed. He stood proudly before me.


Elizabeth came over and sat down beside me – the two of us staring at his huge cock.  It wasn’t really erect at all but even soft and relaxed, it was still so big! 


She winked at Charlie and told him: “Let’s show Betsy -- oh and Greg too of course -- what you can do.”


And with that, she clapped her hands.


All of a sudden Charlie’s humongous cock went from semisoft to absolutely hard as a rock, pointing straight up in the air!


I couldn’t believe my eyes!  Did that really happen?  Did she just clap her hands and make him respond like that, immediately?  I sat there staring, my mouth gaping in awe.


Elizabeth clapped again and just as quickly Charlie’s prick softened.


“No way!”  I shouted.  “That was amazing!  Do it again! Do it again!”  I was bouncing up and down on the bed.


“Why don’t you try Betsy?” Elizabeth said playfully. “Just clap your hands and he’ll make it hard for you.”


“Oh really?” I asked, thrilled and amazed. “You’d let me do that?”


“Of course,” Elizabeth said. “It’s fun. You should experience the thrill of having a man respond to your command.”


“Okay,” I said, and my hands flew together with a loud clap.


Sure enough Charlie became instantly hard again.  I clapped again, not really wanting to see that beautiful erection go away, but still enthralled with this new game, and he became softer just as quickly. “Oh man,” I told her. “This is unbelievable. I feel like royalty!”


I clapped again and watched that big thing leap back to life.


I looked over at Greg, who was also watching amazed. I knew he was burning with jealousy. But instead of feeling guilty, I was on fire. His passion only added to my erotic delight. I was showing my once-indifferent husband that men responded to me. That I was sexual and attractive, and that there was tremendous power throbbing in me that could make men respond.


Elizabeth noticed the look that passed between Greg and I and, in her typical teasing way, she told me: “You can teach Greg how to do this too. Then whenever you’re in the mood, you can just clap your hands and voila, he’ll be hard and ready for you.” She patted Charlie playfully on his sexy bare fanny and beamed at me.  “These men are here to serve us,” she said, “They’re on this earth to make us happy and to keep us satisfied and always feeling adored.”


I must have clapped a dozen or more times and each time I got more and more excited.  “I don’t know why I’d ever want him to be soft,” I told Elizabeth. “But I do so love being able to make him get hard the moment I want him to.”  I felt so powerful, so in control.  I was aching to touch and taste his massive pole – and to do it in front of Greg. I think I may have even leaned in towards him when Elizabeth interrupted. “Charlie,” she commanded, “keep an eye on our bad boy here while I take Betsy into the powder room for some girl talk.” Then to me, she said:  “Follow me, we have so much to discuss without these boys listening in and why not enjoy a lovely bubble bath at the same time.”


On the way into the bathroom, she put her arm around me and, in a conspiratorial woman-to-woman way she said, “It’s important for us to always be fresh and clean and sweet,” she said. “The idea is that when your man kisses your ass or licks your pussy, he should definitely feel subservient, humbled and humiliated by the idea. But the actual experience should always be thrilling and exciting to him. So, I always make sure to keep this object of his desire nice and pristine. It makes me more confident and it keeps him addicted to me.”


She opened the bathroom door and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  The whole room was filled with lit candles and a huge bubble bath was already drawn and waiting.


“I had a feeling you’d want to freshen up so I had Charlie get the bath ready for us before you got here,” Elizabeth said, slipping the shirt from my shoulders. She looked me up and down and maybe it was the look on her face or my new-found power, but I wasn’t embarrassed at all.  I actually liked the way she was looking at me. She made me feel so beautiful. I had never thought of another woman sexually before, but tonight was changing so many things for me.  As she stood there smiling in such an approving way I couldn’t help but feel wonderful.


“You have such a beautiful body, Betsy,” she told me, and stepped closer to me. She eased me down into the delightful hot water and started kissing me again.  “Are you enjoying yourself tonight?” she asked me.


“I can’t believe I’m admitting this,” I told her, “but everything about this night has been so hot! I absolutely loved watching Charlie spank Greg. Man! Those strong manly muscles delivering those masterful smacks… The way he was handling him so easily….  Wow, what a turn on!  And then getting to ream Greg while I was jacking him was so much fun I didn’t want to stop! And riding him around the house with you two walking behind me and watching, saying those terrific things about my body… I’ve never done anything like this, or even thought about anything like this before.  It’s all so new to me. But I’m loving every minute of it!”


I slid deeper down into the tub while Elizabeth took her clothes off.  Her body was amazing!  Once she was naked she stood there for a moment letting me soak her beauty in before joining me in the tub.  She sat behind me and started soaping up my back and shoulders.


“This water is not quite as hot as I like it so I’m going to heat it up a bit,” she said, and turned on the hand-held shower head. She set it down under the water in front of me.  The water jets were aimed right at my pussy which I thought was just a happy coincidence until she whispered in my ear: “How’s that?  The water on your clit feels great doesn’t it?  I must admit that I often take long baths alone and keep it pressed right up against myself and keep it there for hours!  While you are enjoying the pulsating water I’ll finish soaping you up.” And with that, she reached around the front of me and started lathering up my breasts.


I leaned back against her, enjoying the incredible pampering.


“Tonight has been amazing,” I whispered to her, “but I know it will never happen again.  Greg is not the kind of guy who will do what I want or pamper me in any way.  And once you guys are gone, it will be all over. So I don’t want this night to end.”


Elizabeth laughed a reassuring laugh and brought her lips close to my ear. “There is so much you have to learn Betsy,” she whispered.  "These men are here to serve us. Believe me, Greg will be your faithful servant from this day forward.  When I met Charlie, he was an even bigger lout than Greg.  These men just need to be trained properly.  Greg is already beginning to see the light.  He has seen how desirable you are to others and it’s making him realize just how much he desires you.  He has also seen that you are extremely sexual. Pleasing you is something he knows he has to do from now on if he wants to keep you.  He will be kneeling at your pussy worshipping it from now on, you mark my words.  We won’t leave until he’s fully ‘broken.’ We’ll make sure you’re confident and that you know how to handle him if he does get out of line.”


She wrapped her long legs around me. And as she continued soaping me up, she kept inching the shower head closer and closer to my pussy.  I closed my eyes and let the feeling wash over me and Elizabeth directed the water jets from my ass to my clit and back again.  She continued doing this until I could barely catch my breath. 


“You are going to cum so many times tonight you won’t be able to count.  You need to make up for lost time, don’t you?” she said, laughing in my ear. “I know you’re thinking about Charlie aren’t you?”


“Yes,” I admitted, blushing, “How did you know?”


“You’re imagining what it would feel like to have his huge cock thrusting inside of you, aren’t you?


“Am I that obvious?” I asked, laughing a little. “It’s so-oo big and it stands up so nice! He’s really awakened some hot fantasies in me, I admit.”


“Don’t worry, you’ll make those fantasies real before this night is out,” she said. And just then an orgasm even more powerful than the last one crashed down and rolled over me like a wave as vivid images of fucking Charlie flooded my mind. 


We lay there, exhausted, for a while before Elizabeth asked me to stand up.  “I want to finish soaping you up,” she said, and, filling her hands with liquid soap she started lathering up my still pulsating pussy.  It was almost more than I could bear and my legs felt like they might give out. But she held onto me as she knelt in front of me, moving from my pussy to my ass and back again.


“You are going to love the Pussy ‘n’ Ass game,” she told me. “I promise it’s going to be a game you’ll play all the time. And Greg is going to love it too because he’s going to know it makes you feel like a queen.” Elizabeth rinsed off all the soap and wrapped a big bath towel around me as we stepped out of the tub. “When Greg sees Charlie fucking you with that big dick, turning you into a wild-animal woman, he’s going to gain a new and deeper appreciation of you. He’ll be your faithful puppy forever.


I sighed with a sweet longing and a sort of hopelessness. “Oh Elizabeth,” I told her. “I love these wonderful dreams. “But there’s no way Greg is going to sit still and let Charlie fuck me. The idea is beyond thrilling but I know my husband and there’s no way he’s going to let another man touch me.  He wanted to kill Charlie when he was just touching my feet. I mean, of course it would be great to satisfy this fantasy of mine, but I know better than to expect it.”


“Oh Betsy, you are so wrong!” Elizabeth laughed, stroking my hair. “For one thing, Charlie is a VERY strong man. I’ve seen him wrestle down and de-pants men twice Greg’s size. I’ve watched him take them over his lap and spank their bare asses for disrespecting me (which was quite a turn on by the way). He can handle Greg. But more to the point, Greg is going to understand that you need variety.  It’s already started to happen. His eyes are opening to how incredibly sexual you are and he won’t let himself risk losing you. He may not love it, but he won’t stand in your way.  He’ll just be grateful that he’s the one you’ll come home to each night. He’ll be so taken by you and enslaved to you, he’ll even let you experiment with other men.  You can bring them home with you sometimes and let Greg watch -- or join in if you feel like it. Or you can have him fan you both, keeping you cool, or make him hold the video camera, or just have him jack his prick and be some extra eye candy for you while your lover fucks you. You can have them compete for you or watch them both jack off for you, there are so-oo many fun ways to use them. And I just know you’ll find your own favorites.  Your days of being a one-man woman are over!  There are just too many wonderful dicks out there to play with.  And like I said before, you have some lost time to make up for!”


The thought of being able to play with other men just because I felt like it was such a heady idea.  Could Elizabeth be right?  Would Greg ever go along with such a thing?  Even though I’d never considered such freedom before, at that moment, I was actually feeling like I deserved it.  Part of me didn’t think that Greg would ever allow it to happen.  But so much had already changed for me tonight, so I decided not to worry too much about tomorrow and just have fun right now.


Elizabeth pulled out a lacy red teddy from her bag and handed it to me to put on, while she put on a black leather bustier with black thong panties and thigh high black boots.  She looked amazing and we stood in front of the full-length mirror admiring ourselves.  The teddy I was wearing just barely covered my ass and made my tits look fantastic!  Elizabeth looked fierce. “Are you ready for more slave training?” she asked as she reached down and pulled a long leather whip out of her bag. 



I must have looked frightened because Elizabeth started to laugh at me and said, “Don’t worry darling, this isn’t for you.  And if your hubby is smart, just the sight of it will suffice.  Now, let’s go out there and have some more fun.  Remember, we are in charge and what we want, we get!”


As we walked back into the bedroom both guys looked up at us with their mouths hanging open. It was so nice to be greeted that way.  I was getting used to this feeling of being a desired goddess.  Oh yes, I was loving every minute of it! 


They had both put their underpants back on. But I couldn’t help but notice that both guys got instantly hard when we walked in. The front of those tight-fitting briefs didn’t really hide much. The imprints of their penises were obvious. Of course with Charlie it would take a blind person not to notice. I could feel myself getting wet imagining that cock inside me.  I wondered how long I’d have to wait.


“Charlie dear it’s time to get Greg into position,” Elizabeth said, uncurling the whip. She gave it a few cracks in the air. “Pants off boys,” she said as she gave it another good crack.


They both scrambled out of their jockeys and Charlie gave Greg a shove and pushed him back on the bed with his head up by the headboard.  Charlie lay down on the other side of the bed facing the opposite way so his head was down by the foot of the bed.


Elizabeth touched my arm and gently moved me into position. “Okay Betsy,” she said, “Time for your first-ever game of Pussy ‘n’ Ass. It won’t be the last! We’re going to start with Charlie showing you how it’s done, and I’ll be showing Greg.  Go ahead and climb on up and sit on Charlie’s face, don’t be shy, you’re going to enjoy this!” Elizabeth slipped out of her thong and straddled Greg’s face.


I hesitated a moment, not really sure I should let myself indulge this wildness. But there he was, this powerful young stud, lying there, totally willing and at my command. “Oh, I can’t believe I’m doing this,” I said, laughing.


And feeling a shiver of mischievous delight, I climbed onto the bed, knelt over Charlie’s face and lowered myself down onto him with my bare ass touching his nose and my clit resting right over his chin. From this position Elizabeth and I were facing each other and she smiled at me and gave me a wink.




“Okay,” she said, “as soon as I say “pussy” or “ass,” you boys better get your tongues in place immediately and start working them. I don’t want there to be even a microsecond’s delay.  I want you to go from one to the other so fast that there’s no time in between. If you get lazy or just don’t give it your all, you’ll feel my whip. Do you understand Greg?”


We heard a muffled noise but couldn’t tell what he was saying since Elizabeth’s ass was completely covering his face.  Elizabeth and I started to laugh and she said, “I hope you’re saying that you understand and that you’re thrilled to be playing our game and that you’ll be giving it your all.  I’m going to assume that’s exactly what you’ve said.”  And she winked at me again. We both laughed so hard I could barely catch my breath.


“Okay, one, two, three, Pussy,” Elizabeth called out.  Immediately I felt the tip of Charlie’s tongue find my clit and start giving it quick little licks that sent shockwaves of delight all through my body.  I knew instantly that she had trained him to a T. It felt like heaven.


Then, seconds later, Elizabeth called out “ass” and Charlie’s tongue darted to my asshole where he teased and tickled me.  This went on for a good ten minutes with Elizabeth calling out the new position whenever she felt like it.  A few times she warned Greg that he was getting behind but he must have been doing a good enough job because she never once had to use her whip.  We were both moaning with pleasure. 


At one point, she let me call the words out, and it was even more thrilling feeling Charlie’s tongue working over my most sensitive parts, knowing he was responding to my whims. My pace was different from Elizabeth’s. She had called the changes quickly, making the guys switch fast – every few seconds. But I made them spend more time in one place (sometimes keeping them licking our asses for a full minute, then calling “pussy” and making them spend another minute lapping our cunts. 


I kept getting bolder and bolder with my commands. I couldn’t believe how I was taking charge. “Charlie,” I said at one point, “the tip of your tongue feels wonderful, but I think I’d like to feel more of it. Use the flat of your tongue. Lick me like you would a delicious ice cream cone.”


And amazingly, he responded immediately. His huge tongue feel like a warm, wet sponge soothing my cunt and ass. But it was much, much better because there was a strong, sexy man attached to that sponge.


We kept them at it for at least half an hour. For so much of the time, I’d had my head back and my eyes closed, reeling with the overwhelming pleasure that was sweeping through my body. But at one point, I felt like I was about to pass out from the sheer thrill of it. I leaned forward and opened my eyes. And there was that big, magnificent, fully erect dick of his sticking straight up in the air for me! I had been so caught up in how great it felt to be pleasured with his tongue, I hadn’t noticed his enormous stiff prick had been right there in front of me the whole time. 


Suddenly I grabbed onto it, I just couldn’t help it!  I had to see what it felt like in my hands.  It took both hands to get all the way around it and was all shiny with pre-cum.  I started jacking it like crazy loving the feeling of power and total control.



Elizabeth noticed what I was doing. She saw the look on my face and knew what was on my mind. “It’s fantastic isn’t it?” she asked me. “Go ahead and suck it Betsy, you know you want to!”  Just then we both heard Greg’s muffled voice trying to tell us to stop. 


“No talking with your mouth full Greg!” Elizabeth said and grinded her ass playfully deeper into his face, giggling. “I was just about to tell your wife what a good job you were doing, don’t ruin it now.”  And both Elizabeth and I burst out laughing. “You know better than to deny your dear wife any pleasure she desires.  From now on, it’s all about her!”


As I sucked away on Charlie’s wonderful iron-rod I slid my arms around his waist and tickled his ass with my finger. My other hand held his proud, majestic balls and I squeezed them just a tiny bit. Not enough to hurt him, but hard enough to feel their stony hardness in my hand. I couldn’t believe I was feeling this free.


He responded by putting his strong arms around my bottom and began “making out” with my pussy, as though he were kissing my mouth with wild passion. We rolled over on our sides, still linked together in that wonderful 69. My head was bobbing faster and faster, slurping up his precum and lubing his long thick shaft with my saliva like there was no tomorrow.


He kept French kissing my pussy with absolute perfect timing and pressure. And for the third time that night, a thunderous, overwhelming orgasm surged through me – just as another amazing “payload” of sperm exploded out of Charlie’s brick-hard cock and shot down my throat.


I gripped his balls just a little harder – again, not enough to hurt him, but hard enough to make it feel like I was squeeeeeezing the cum out of them, up through that gigantic cock and into my mouth.


And less than a second later, I heard Elizabeth’s breathing start to get faster and heavier. She threw her head back and moaned, all the while, grinding her cunt harder into Greg’s face. Then she began screaming with uncontrollable ecstasy. “Pussy! Pussy! Pussy! Ahh! Ohh! Yess! Oh yesss! Pussy, Pussy, Pussy. Yeah keep it right there. Suck it. Keep sucking it for all you’re worth. I’m cumming! I’m cummmming! Oh Good Boy! GOOOOD BOY!!!”



to be continued



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