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 By Lisa Rains







I’d had a long, hard day at work and couldn’t wait to get home and relax.  I stopped at the grocery store and got a few things we needed for the weekend.  When I drove up to the house I was surprised to see my husband Greg’s car in the driveway.  He doesn’t usually get home on Friday’s until after me.  I didn’t bother waiting for him to come out to help me with the groceries.  Greg believes those things are women’s work.


It was hard to unlock the door holding my purse, a file folder from work and the huge shopping bag, but I finally got inside and heard a strange slapping noise coming from the living room. I stepped around the corner and my mouth flew open. The grocery bag fell to the floor. 


There in my living room was my husband completely naked on all fours with a gorgeous raven-haired woman sitting astride him like she was riding a horse backwards.  My husband’s ass was facing me and it was as red as a stop sign!  I could actually see hand prints!

 cuckold pain


In a calm but commanding voice the woman said, “Greg, go over there and pick up that bag for your dear wife and take it to the kitchen and put everything away.”  As she stood up “dismounting” my husband I could see that she was nearly six feet tall with long, beautiful legs, dressed in a business suit with a short skirt and high spiky heels.


Greg looked up at her with an angry look on his face and opened his mouth as if he was about tell her off, but before he could say anything she lifted her hand, threatening to spank him again I presumed, and he snapped his mouth shut and started to get up.


“Oh no, no, no, who told you you could walk over there on two feet?  I don’t remember telling you that you could stand up.  I want you to stay on all fours and pick up that bag – handles in your mouth -- just like a little doggy.  Now go over and get that done like a good little puppy,” the woman said to him -- and shockingly, Greg obeyed.


I just stood there with my mouth hanging wide open. I didn’t make a sound!  The woman smiled at me and walked over to me with her hand outstretched.


 “I’m Elizabeth Johnson,” she told me. “Your husband and I work together.  I know this must be quite shocking, but trust me honey, I am here to help you.  I promise that after tonight, your life will be so much better, especially your sex life.”


“I don’t understand any of this!”


“Listen Betsy, can I call you Betsy?  I’m Greg’s boss and I’ve overheard him talking in the break room for the past few weeks and I just couldn’t stand it anymore.  He’s incredibly selfish and needs to learn how to treat a goddess like you and – you are indeed an absolutely gorgeous woman. That’s why I am here.”


Just then she called out to the master bedroom, “Charlie, come on out here.”  Out walked an adorable dreamboat of a guy about 23 wearing only a pair of white jockeys.


“What can I do for you my lady?” he asked.


“I just wanted to introduce you to Betsy,” Elizabeth said.  “Help her get comfortable, will you, while I go and see what’s taking our little doggy so long in the kitchen.”


Charlie walked over to me and took my hand and kissed it. His body was hard -- strong and muscular (not an ounce of fat on him). I guess I should have been a little scared and intimidated. But he had such gentle blue eyes. His smile seemed to warm me all over. It just sort of melted me and I let him lead me over to the couch and sit me down.  He tenderly took my purse and the work folder I was carrying and set them on the table. Then he took my shoes off and started to massage my feet!


Could this really be happening?  I was beyond stunned. Who the hell were these people in my home and why wasn’t I angry?  Unbelievably I was too shocked and they just seemed so nice so I wasn’t angry -- confused, intrigued, oddly turned on -- but not angry.


I was starting to moan softly as Charlie worked away at my feet. He kneaded and smoothed them so expertly. And every now and then he would kiss them sweetly and smile up at me with those great blue eyes. It was absolutely delightful.


Finally, Elizabeth came back into the room with Greg crawling on all fours, still stark naked “heeling” beside her. She had fastened a collar around his neck and she was leading him on a leash. Charlie let go of my feet and stood, allowing room as Elizabeth brought Greg over to the couch where Charlie had just been. She made Greg kneel before me.


“Lick her feet!”  she demanded.  Greg looked up at her with a strange mix of hatred and embarrassment.  “Don’t’ make me say it again,” she told him. “You remember what happened the last time you made me say something twice.”  And with that he quickly began tonguing my feet. 

 devine femdom


I have to admit it felt like heaven.  I’ve never thought of asking for something like that but man, it felt good!


“Let me explain a few things to you Betsy,” Elizabeth said, sitting down beside me as Greg worked away.  “Your husband just needs some training.  You’ve let him run wild and act in a very unbecoming way for a proper husband.  By nature, men should be the slaves, not women. You should have nipped this in the bud years ago, but it’s not too late.  You see, I overheard him talking in the bedroom about how he makes you cater to his every whim.  At first I just thought it was that silly male bravado and he didn’t really mean it. But after a while I realized he really did mean it and he really was a total caveman. Well, that’s just plain wrong. And I decided right then and there that he needed my correcting and fast!


“He boasted to his buddies on several occasions how he’s come home late after work and going to a bar, drunk and demanded you to ‘service’ him.  He says your job is to keep him happy and that whenever he wants a blowjob, no matter what’s going on or how you are feeling, you must attend to him immediately.  He’s also said several times that he doesn’t think that women can really have orgasms.  Yes, my dear this barbarian said that none of the women he’d ever been with had ever had one, so he’s come to the conclusion that women are frigid or just plain incapable.


“Oh my dear, he has so much to learn, and actually so do you!  Let me ask you, have you ever had an orgasm?”


I was so embarrassed I know my face turned as red as Greg’s ass. But the feel of my normally domineering husband rubbing and licking my feet was loosening my tongue. “Well, yes but only by myself.”  Oh god, how could I have just admitted that to these strangers?  My hands flew to my face to cover the crimson color.


“Don’t you ever feel bad for that!” Elizabeth said, touching the side of my face with her soft, tender hand. “I’m just glad to hear you’ve experienced that ecstasy. You wouldn’t believe how many women I’ve met who just haven’t let themselves be that free, wives with husbands like yours who just don’t have a clue about a woman’s body.”


I noticed that my husband had stopped licking my feet and was staring at me with shock.  This time it was his turn to have his mouth hanging open. 


“You see Greg darling,” Elizabeth said, “all women can have a climax, as a matter of fact most can have multiple orgasms but their men just don’t have a clue.  It’s time you learned how to please your wife.  You are in for a real treat tonight.  Charlie and I are going to show you exactly how to make her feel like a queen.”


“Charlie?” Greg said. “What the hell do you mean Charlie?  He’s not touching my wife!”  And with that Elizabeth yanked on his collar and smacked his ass with the end of the leash so hard he winced.


“We will have none of that!” she said. “Yes, both Charlie and I will take your wife to new levels of pleasure. And you will watch and you will learn! For now, however, I want you to keep treating her lovely feet with worshipful respect. No one told you to stop.”


She motioned to Charlie and pointed to Greg’s back “Charlie, come on over here and mount back up on this naughty male.” And then to me she added, “If this selfish chauvinist starts getting lazy, just snap your fingers and Charlie will get him back into the groove with a nice wake-up slap on his bare behind.”


I guess it was disloyal of me. But despite my devotion to my husband, I smiled and sighed with the new sense of power these two were giving me.


As Charlie “mounted” back up, Elizabeth leaned her face in close to mine and began whispering sensuously into my ear. Honestly I don’t remember what she said, but before I knew it she was unbuttoning my blouse and expertly unsnapping my bra. She removed the bra and laid it over the back of the couch.


And as my husband’s lips and tongue kept working on my feet, Elizabeth bent down and started to lick and lightly nibble on my nipples while cupping both breasts in her hands squeezing them with just the right amount of pressure.


Oh man, it felt so delightful! I thought about what I’d heard gay women say -- that only a woman really knows what feels good to another woman.  I began to moan softly again in spite of myself.  It felt so damn good and I started to realize she was right. I did deserve more than what I was getting!


She kept her hands caressing my breasts and started to kiss me.  It was like she cast a spell on me.  If you had asked me just 15 minutes before if I would have ever kissed a woman, I would have said no, but here I was. And man I was loving it!  She kissed incredibly!



I opened my eyes and looked at the men. Charlie, still astride Greg was staring at us. Greg too, still with my feet in his hands was gaping at us. They both were clearly excited by what they saw.  Greg being naked couldn’t hide how much he liked it, but even Charlie in his jockeys was poking out of the top of his waistband.


“You like that don’t you boys?” Elizabeth taunted.  “Well, Charlie you’ll get into the action soon, but right now I want you to stay astride Greg and back him up a couple feet. I want him still facing us but able to get a good full view of what I’m doing to her.  If he wiggles around at all I want you to slap his naughty ass and make him hold still!”


Greg made some kind of noise as Charlie backed him up a little, but Elizabeth had slipped her hands under my skirt and was rubbing my pussy and it felt so damn good I didn’t pay much attention to Greg at all.


She pulled my skirt down over my feet and slipped my panties off. She moved my legs apart so Greg was staring directly at eye-level with my hot snatch.  I know I should have been mortified, totally embarrassed. But like I said before, she made me feel so good I just didn’t care.  At this point I was up for whatever was going to happen and I had a feeling it was going to be great! It was like I was coming to life after years of suspended animation.


“Greg dear, do you recognize this?” Elizabeth asked, sliding her middle finger from my clit, inside my soaking pussy and out again. “Yes, it’s your wife’s beautiful cunt.  You should be worshipping this many times a day.  But you are a bratty brute and don’t have a clue so you’ve decided it must be her fault that she doesn’t cum, ha!  Now, watch closely as I show you how to make her scream with delight with just my fingers.  Don’t worry this is only the first lesson.  There will be many more before this night is over.”


Elizabeth began softly stroking between my lips, opening them wider to make sure the guys got a great look at me.  I was sopping wet already as she ran her fingers up and down, making sure to use just the right pressure over my clit.  Involuntarily, I spread my legs wider and wider to give her better access and provide the guys with a better view. I was so-oo totally out of my head. Man she really knew what she was doing. She started to use two fingers and rubbed harder and faster all the while asking Greg: “You see how much she’s enjoying this?  Do you think she can’t have an orgasm?  I’ll bet you she’s about to have one right now!”


And with that she took the other hand and inserted two fingers into my cunt plunging them in and out while rubbing my clit with the other hand, she kept her pressure increasing with her speed, I was arching my back and my eyes rolled back in my head.


I came in crashing waves that rolled over my whole body, over and over again.  I swear I’d never ever had such a good orgasm in my life!


 I was barely catching my breath when she kissed me – affectionately and playfully -- on the cheek, stood up and addressed Greg and Charlie: “Okay boys. Now it’s time to give us some eye candy!  I know our sex show turned you both on, didn’t it?  Now it’s time for you to give us a show.  I want you both to sit down here side by side on the sofa. But first, Greg, I want you to take Charlie’s tighty whities off with your teeth.”


Greg said: “You bitch….” But he never got to finish the thought. Charlie, smiling a delightful smile and winking at Elizabeth, drew his powerful right arm back and gave Greg’s poor bare tail a thundering smack that reverberated all around the room. Greg actually yelped and (I’m ashamed to admit it but…) I actually laughed a little without meaning too.  Greg glared at me but I knew he didn’t want to risk another painful and embarrassing stroke on his sore rear end so he didn’t argue. “Okay, okay,” he said. I could tell he was really pissed but he obeyed.


Charlie stood up, and turned his back to us gals. Still on all fours Greg reached up with his mouth, took the waistband of Charlie’s jockey’s in his teeth and pulled them all the way down to his feet. Charlie reached down and “petted” his head. “Good puppy,” he said, laughing, and stepped out of his undies.


Because he had his back to me, I couldn’t see his dick at first but he had a wonderful ass. It was strong and tight, like a gladiator’s ass. I had a momentary flash of being a princess in Ancient Rome, watching him and another sexy slave in the coliseum wrestling each other for my entertainment. The idea turned me on. I was surprised at myself. Where did this dirty fantasy come from? My imagination was starting to run so wild!


When “doggy” Greg had completed his exposing of Charlie’s gorgeous ass for us, Elizabeth clapped with joy.  “Wonderful, wonderful! Now I want you both sit down here on the sofa and jack off for us.  I want you to take it nice and slow at first. Then I will tell you when to quicken the pace.  We gals need a little breather and a show is called for.”


And then Charlie turned around to face us and …Whoa! I couldn’t catch my breath for a moment.


I must tell you I’ve always loved Greg’s cock. It’s just the right size, nice and thick and not too big, but when I saw Charlie’s I just about died.  It was so huge it made Greg look like a little boy!


Elizabeth and I moved to separate sides of the sofa. (She sat on the left arm; I sat on the right) The guys sat down between us, Greg beside me and Charlie beside Elizabeth. We gals both had a clear, unobstructed view of both of those stiff, ready pricks.


The guys started stroking their already rock-hard cocks slowly just as Elizabeth directed.  At first Greg had a scowl on his face, he’s never liked being told what to do, but I think his sense of defiance got lost in the heady feeling of having two women watch him working his dick. I could see him really starting to get into it.


“Greg dear, it feels good doesn’t it?” Elizabeth asked him. “That’s exactly how it felt for your dear wife just now.  Don’t you think she deserves that?  Of course you do!  I will be testing you before this night is over to make sure you can do just what I did and just as well….”


Then she reached down into her purse and brought out a big container of baby oil. She poured a nice, generous amount of it on both men’s cocks, causing them to gleam and glisten beautifully.


“Okay fellas,” she said. “I’ve given you some good lubrication. Now let’s see you jerk those cocks just a little bit faster for us.  Yeah, that’s right, faster…. faster.”


Of course I knew I was going just a little crazy. In the short space of 20 minutes or less, these two strangers had awakened something in me that I knew would never ever go back to sleep. Watching those fists flying up and down over those greased dicks was making my heart pound like mad.


Elizabeth and I were both smiling huge smiles and I found myself clapping.  This was the best show!  I blush to admit that I found myself watching Charlie a lot more than I watched Greg.  I couldn’t get enough of the sight of such a huge cock being worked so expertly.  I must confess that I started to fantasize what it would be like to get it into my own hands and mouth, or better yet, how it would feel to be fucked by this young stud with that amazingly enormous and beautiful dick.


I was deep in reverie when I noticed that Elizabeth was looking at me and smiling.  “You like what you see, don’t you?” she asked, beaming at me.


“Oh my God, YES!” I said. The words just sort of burst out of me.


“I had a feeling you would,” Elizabeth laughed.  “Charlie here is one of my favorite love slaves. I tamed and trained him myself. And I just knew he’d be the right one to bring tonight.  He’s so big and strong isn’t he? He helps me with some of the heavy work when I have to ‘break’ a newbie like Greg.  He comes in so handy when I need to overpower hubbies like yours and get them to see how things are going to be from now on.  Charlie works for me also.  Actually, he works under Greg too which I can only imagine will make for a very interesting Monday for Greg.  Won’t it Greg honey?  I don’t think you’ll be doing anything to my Charlie to try to get back at him, will you? Not with all that Charlie knows about you. And not only that, I don’t think you want to provoke him into de-pantsing you and taking you over your own desk for a bare-bottom spanking in front of the whole office. Am I right?” She laughed a wicked fun-loving laugh and winked at me.


Greg shook his head and blushed, unable to hide his humiliation, and returned his attention to the dick-jacking at hand.


“Okay boys, faster,” Elizabeth said. “Yes! Let’s pick up the pace a bit, let me see you really work those cocks for us!  Let’s see those hands fly!”


She reached across the sofa back and touched my arm and gave me a sweet smile of camaraderie. “Don’t you love the way their balls bounce up and down on the sofa cushions as they slam away on those things?” she asked.


I hadn’t really noticed that before, but when she pointed it out, it was really fun and funny to watch it – not to mention, incredibly erotic. These guys were putting their whole hearts into entertaining us.


 As I say, right or wrong, I was paying much more attention to Charlie cuffing his immense penis than I was to Greg working his. But clearly Elizabeth wasn’t letting him escape her notice.


“Uh-oh Greg,” she said, “it looks like you are getting ready to cum.  Am I right?  Are you almost ready?” 


Greg didn’t seem to notice she was talking to him so she got up, reached down and grabbed his hand, stopping him in mid stroke. “I am not about to let you cum Greg,” she told him sternly. I got the feeling she really enjoyed her power, delaying his gratification. “We might need you again this evening.  Notice I said, ‘might.’  But I know guys like you. Once you cum you are done for the night.  You are a roll-over-and-go-to-sleep kind of guy so your cock is off limits now, at least for a while.”


Then she turned from Greg and smiled at her young stud. “But you Charlie dear, I know you are just getting started and we can count on you to stay hard all night long so I’m going to give you the count down and you know what to do.”


I wasn’t at all sure what she meant, but I was curious to find out. 


“I want you to watch this, Betsy,” Elizabeth said. “This will give you an idea of how men can and should be trained. They should cum when WE want them to, not when THEY want to.”


Then she started counting backwards: “Five… Four…. Three… Two… One… Shoot!”  And amazingly, right then Charlie came, shooting what seemed like gallons of wonderful thick sperm straight in the air.  What a sight! 



“Wahoo,” I said and I was clapping and cheering before I even realized what I was doing.  I instantly turned bright red.  I never meant to actually say that out loud but I had never seen anything like this.  How in the world could one man’s balls hold all that cum? And how could he just erupt like that on command?


“You are impressed aren’t you Betsy?” Elizabeth asked me, teasingly.  “Well, you should be. Charlie is my Wonder Boy.  There aren’t many men who can cum on command like that. Not because they aren’t capable, but because they haven’t been taught. Charlie, however, is very well-trained and his only goal is to please me. He does a good job, doesn’t he?”  Elizabeth asked.


I nodded, still not able to make my mouth form any real words.


“Well, it may take you some time, but before all this is over, you’re gonna teach that bad-boy of yours do the same thing,” she told me.


This whole evening was so surreal, I was almost afraid if I started to really speak, I might wake up to find it was all only a dream, and man oh man, I didn’t want to wake up from this dream, not for a long, long time!



Elizabeth bent down and with her index finger she scooped up a big drop of cum that had landed on Charlie’s shoulder and she licked her fingers with a devilish look on her face.  “A little protein to keep up my energy for the long night ahead,” and she winked at me.  “What do you think, Betsy? I’d say we gals have gotten a second wind and are ready for some more pleasuring.”


And as soon as I heard her say it, I felt the truth of her words all the way down in the core of me. Suddenly I was struck by the awareness that, perhaps for the first time in my life, I was completely free and able to indulge the sexuality I’d kept under wraps my entire adult life.


“Oh my god,” I said, “I really do think I could cum again.”


Elizabeth smiled. “Well of course you can. You’re just getting free. So I think you need to release your inner cowgirl and ride your ‘steed’ into your ‘bunkhouse’,” she said.


“Wha – What?” I asked, not really getting her meaning, but feeling a rush of anticipation anyway.


Elizabeth winked at Charlie. “Charlie,” she said. “Why don’t you wrangle her horse and get him ready to give his lady a ride?”


And with that, Charlie lifted Greg roughly off the sofa and placed him on all fours on the rug. “I hope you don’t mind riding him bareback, Ma’am,” he said to me. I just gaped at my horsy husband without moving.


“Well go ahead,” Elizabeth teased, climb onto him.


I obeyed, feeling the thrill of my new power. My skirt and panties were still off and so was my bra. All I was wearing was my opened button blouse. I was mad with lust, and it was more than just the fact that I was controlling Greg. It was also that I was doing it in front of these two hot strangers who were obviously turned on by my body. I was very well aware that I was “showing off” for them.


I straddled Greg and sat down.


“Grab his ‘mane’” Elizabeth said.


“I … uh… I don’t know what you mean,” I said.


Elizabeth took my left hand and moved it down to Greg’s hair. “Grab on,” she said, “And ride him into your bedroom.”


I must have had the very Devil in me that night, because I was suddenly wild with uninhibited power. I tightened my legs around Greg, “spurred” him with my heels and actually reached back with my right palm and gave him a playful smack on his poor red ass! “Giddyup!” I hollered.


Elizabeth and Charlie laughed, and amazingly, this husband of mine -- who for our entire marriage had treated me like an indentured servant – actually began to crawl at my command, carrying me across the rug like a faithful horse carrying his equestrienne mistress.


Charlie and Elizabeth laughed even harder. I could tell they were pleased to see me taking to my newly bestowed authority. They followed as I rode Greg toward the hall that led to our bedroom. And the sound of their voices from behind added to my intoxication. “Man she looks so hot, proud and beautiful on his back,” Charlie told Elizabeth. “And she has such a fine gorgeous ass. I hope you’re going to let me rub and massage it tonight.”


“Oh of course you are,” Elizabeth said. “And you’re going to teach that bully of a husband how to kiss it too. And speaking of him, he has a pretty cute bottom too doesn’t he? I think I did a really good reddening job on it if I do say so myself. I think we need to teach Betsy how to spank so she can always enjoy the sight of that pretty crimson color whenever she wants to.”


“Oh yes,” Charlie said. “He’s definitely going over her lap. I can’t wait to see her pert tits bouncing as she wails away on his cute bare fanny.”


Every word they were saying was sending little shivers of excitement through my body.


“I must say power becomes her,” Elizabeth said. Then, calling to Greg, “Can you feel her wetness on your back, horsy?” Even perched on top of him, I could feel him cringe with humiliation. The back of his neck went red and flushed and I knew he was definitely feeling that wetness dripping from my soaking cunt onto his back.


I had planned to ride him directly into the bedroom, but the “high” of controlling him, coupled with the sound of Charlie’s and Elizabeth’s admiring comments made me want to savor the experience and make it last.  I was simply enjoying this ride far too much to cut it short. So, guiding him with my hand on his hair, I kept riding him around the room and through the kitchen, dining from and even in and out of the bathroom – taking my time, tingling with this new-found power.


Finally, I got him to the bed and Charlie tenderly “lifted” me off his back. He made Greg lie on is back on the bed, still naked. I knelt beside him. I was astounded to see that he still had a raging hard-on sticking up stiff and eager for me. Even after being humiliated and embarrassed like he’d just been, he was clearly turned on.


As though reading my mind, Elizabeth climbed onto the bed beside me and put her arm around me. She held me close to her as we both knelt there side-by-side and looked at this well-controlled husband of mine with his cock sticking up like a bar of granite. “You’re surprised aren’t you?” she asked me. “You’re wondering how he can want you so bad after what you just made him do.”


“Well, yes,” I admitted. We were kneeling there together, looking at Greg, talking about him as though he weren’t even there, as though we were discussing some fascinating natural phenomenon.


“I know it was an incredible turn on for me,” I told her. “But how come he’s so jazzed?”


“Because,” Elizabeth said. “Men are naturally slaves to women. And you’ll see that as this night goes on, and you take more and more control, he’s going to get more and more crazy with desire for you. He’s been taking you for granted way too long and he’s starting to realize it. But more about that later. Right now it’s time for you to cum again.”


I was well ready for that. My inhibitions were miles away. I was up for anything. Here I was, naked in front of my husband and these two sexy strangers, and not only was I not ashamed or embarrassed, I was on fire. The three of them wanting me was taking me over the top.


Elizabeth, still dressed in her short skirt and heels, straddled Greg’s chest. I remained on my knees beside them watching, spellbound. Elizabeth leaned her face down close to Greg’s, taunting him. “You’re starting to see what happens when a man neglects his wife for too long aren’t you?” she asked him. “All through your years of neglect, her sexual frustration has been building to a fever pitch. Even she didn’t realize how much energy was pent up in there. But now there’s no stopping her.”


“I didn’t mean to negl -- ” That’s as far as he got. Elizabeth slapped him – not hard, but smartly -- across the face.


“Who cares what you meant to do,” Elizabeth said. I was pretty surprised to see that he took it without trying to retaliate. It impressed me to see the control she had over him.


“The point is,” she continued, “that this woman has gone years without the feeling of getting her pussy licked and her ass kissed. No foreplay at all if my guess is right. And we’re going to make up for lost time right now.”


“Wha – what?” he asked.


“She is going to straddle your face,” Elizabeth said. “And you are going to take her to heaven and back using just your lips and tongue. Do you understand?”


“What!? No that’s too much. No self-respecting man would do that.”


Elizabeth laughed. “Uh-oh. I think you just crossed the line buster. I think you just insulted Charlie here who regularly services me. Sometimes, when I really crave respect and attention, we play Pussy-and-Ass for hours at a time. Do you know that game?”

“What?... No.” Greg said.


By this time Charlie was over next to the bed. “Did I just hear you call me a man who doesn’t have self-respect?” he asked Greg.


“Uh, no,” Greg said.


Charlie touched Elizabeth’s ass gently. “Well let me tell you,” he told Greg, “this woman regularly makes me kiss her beautiful ass and tongue her goddess cunt. And I consider it my pleasure to do it.”


Then to Elizabeth he said, “Why don’t you make him give me some ass?”


And with that Elizabeth reached behind her and hooked her arms around Greg’s legs, just behind his knees. Then she leaned forward and brought her arms together, forcing Greg’s tail up off the bed.


I should have been concerned and defensive about seeing my husband placed in such a vulnerable and embarrassing position, but I blush to admit, it was a turn on. Seeing this man who had always ordered me around being forced to “present” his bare tail like that was really hot.


And it was about to get even hotter.


Charlie began giving Greg’s pushed-out, exposed buns some hard smacks. Every one of them made Greg cry out: “Owww! Ouch! Ahhh!” But instead of taking pity on him, Charlie only laughed and hit him harder. “I’ll show you not to call me a man with no self-respect just because I treat my woman with the respect she deserves. (Smack!) I love it when she sits on my face and we play ‘Pussy-n’Ass.’”


And as Elizabeth kept sitting on Greg’s chest and held his ass in place, stretching it upward to keep it available to Charlie’s slaps, Charlie explained the game to Greg.


“I have to keep my tongue right between her cunt and her asshole,” Charlie explained. “And when she says, ‘pussy,’ (Whap!) I have to quickly move my lips and tongue to her cunt. Then when her mood changes and she calls out ‘ass’, (Smack!) I have to French kiss her ass. She keeps me at it until she’s so worked up she can’t go another minute without a nice big prick inside her. (Slappp!) That’s when she calls upon me to fuck her for all I’m worth. And believe me (Whack!) I have plenty of self-respect.”


Finally, when Greg was bawling like a little baby, Charlie stopped spanking him looked at me and winked. “Now you know he deserved that didn’t he?”


“Yes!” I said, blushing. I guess I should’ve been more sympathetic. Maybe it was disloyal. After all, he was sniffling and crying real tears. My tendency should have been to comfort him. But it really DID turn me on to see this strong, powerful Adonis punishing my husband for neglecting me. What’s more, I was allowing myself a really hot fantasy, imagining playing Pussy’n’Ass with Greg. And I knew that that spanking was helping him overcome any resistance to the game. So his tears weren’t exactly melting me.


Charlie was grinning at me and his smile was making me shiver and tingle. “You know what this boy needs?” he asked me?


“What?” I asked. I thought he was going to say, some tender loving care. But of course I was wrong


“I think he needs to be finger-fucked,” Charlie said. “And I think you’re just the gal to do it.” And with that, as Elizabeth continued to hold Greg in place – ass high and vulnerable -- he reached down and picked up a bag he had stashed under the bed. He withdrew a jar of Vaseline and, opening the lid, he held it out to me. “Are you ready to do something truly new and different?” he asked me.


I suddenly felt flushed with a strange dangerous excitement. “Are you really suggesting what I think you are?” I asked, incredulously. I was tingling all over.


Elizabeth spoke up. “Well it’s only fair,” she said. “He got to watch me finger fuck you. And Charlie can’t just let him off with a mere spanking after an insult like that. I think you should finger fuck your man for Charlie just as I finger fucked you for Greg.”


“Oh…. I ….” I stammered. I couldn’t help giggling a little.


“Don’t pretend like the idea doesn’t turn you on,” Elizabeth said, “seeing his ass all exposed and available like that.”


I can’t believe I’m admitting it but all of a sudden IT DID TURN ME ON!! Right at that moment there’s nothing I wanted to do more than to ream my naughty hubby’s asshole.


“Do you really think it’s all right?” I asked Charlie.


“What’s he going to do? He’s powerless to you,” Charlie replied. “Now grease up your middle finger.”


I plunged my finger into the Vaseline and coated it up nice and thick.


“Okay, Elizabeth,” Charlie said, “Make him give her some more ass.”


Elizabeth leaned farther forward and pressed Greg’s knees in closer to his chest, forcing his bottom further out and up. Suddenly, without really knowing how it got there. My finger was in his ass.


“Yay!” Charlie and Elizabeth cheered.


And Charlie watched as I moved my finger in and out like a crazy woman. God! What a turn on! I was absolutely drunk with power. It gave me such an unbelievable rush to have this kind of control.  And as I moved my “reaming” finger in and out, for some reason, the three of us -- Charlie, Elizabeth and I – couldn’t stop laughing.


Elizabeth kept taunting Greg the whole time. “She’s giving you a taste of what it’s like to be fucked without foreplay. Not really pleasant is it. But she has all the control now. Doesn’t she?.... Doesn’t she!?”


“Yes,” Greg screamed, more out of humiliation and frustration than real pain. But the sound of his scream gave me added inspiration and I reamed him harder and faster. His dick was still sticking way up and I gave it a few playful jacking strokes with my free hand. “Wheeee!” I cried out in sheer glee. His balls bounced and rolled with every jacking stroke. I timed the strokes with the rhythm of the in-and-out of my finger, sending shockwaves of painful pleasure all through his body. I had total access to him and control over him. I could tell from his moans and sighs that I had him lit up like a Christmas tree and I was absolutely loving it!


And all the while, Elizabeth kept teasing him. “Very soon,” she said, “When your lovely wife finally makes herself stop this wonderful little pastime, you’re going to let her straddle your face and learn the new game: You are going to be the best ‘Pussy-n’-Ass’ player on your block. You’re going to get so good at it that as soon as she says the “p” in pussy, your tongue is already going to be on her clit. And when you hear the short “a” sound -- even before she even gets to the “ss”, you’re gonna shoot that tongue tip right to her ass and French it like Marcel goddamn Marceau.”




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