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The Family Cuckold

by Cuck Robin




Still kneeling in front of both Mary and Gina, I reached over Gina's feet which were resting on the table and refilled their wine glasses.


Gina was recovering from her two orgasms, and was watching me, slightly detached. Her legs were no longer splayed wide, but nonetheless were still open, still showing her pussy in its entirety.


I passed her glass to her. "Here, Miss Gina, please accept my apologies for my failure."


Gina lifted her hand and took hold of the wine glass. As she did, her fingers momentarily caressed mine, gently, softly. We looked into each others eyes, and I saw heat and lust in her stare. She took the glass and lifted it to her mouth, taking a long swallow before lowering it, letting it rest against her breast. Her blouse was still wide open, and I could see her nipple harden slightly from the cold glass.


Still looking at me, Gina smiled. "Ok, slut. You were disobedient. I gave you a direct order, and you ignored it. What are we going to do with you?"


"Please miss Gina. I'm so sorry. It happened so quickly that I couldn't do anything to stop it. I beg for your forgiveness. Please punish me in anyway you want, I know I deserve it."


Mary smiled at my contrition and my begging tone.


"Ok, Daddy. Yes. You are my father, my daddy, but you are also a cock sucking, cum drinking, panty wearing sissy. You are a slut. I am your daughter, but I am also your Mistress, and even though I'm kinda new at this shit, I know that you cannot be permitted to get away without being punished. Besides," she grinned, "I want to do it, I WANT to punish you, I want to hurt you! I love you Daddy, and that's part of why I want to do it; I know you want it, and in the past few nights I've been doing a lot of reading on the internet. Enough to know that it's really gonna turn me on to punish you, hurt you. Do you understand?"


I looked at Mary. She was watching Gina, and had a look of both surprise and pride on her face.


"Yes, Thank you, Miss Gina", I whimpered.


"First, kneel down on the floor, facing away from us. Put your head down on the floor too", she ordered. "And make sure your legs are wide apart, I want you to be fully exposed, completely vulnerable, do you understand?"


"Yes, Mistress"


As I started to kneel down, the doorbell rang. I looked up at Mary and Gina.


"That is probably Tammy", Gina said, "perfect timing. Go and let her in, Slut"


I looked incredulously at Gina, and then down at myself. I was still wearing panties, stockings, garter belt and bra. Before I could say anything, Mary interrupted. "You heard her, Slave! You are already about to be punished for your gross disobedience. I hope you are not going to make it worse by doing it again? Go and welcome our guest you fucking slut. NOW!"


Gina smiled; cruelly, enjoying the fact that Mary was fully supporting her ability to order me to embarrass myself.


"B-but, what if it's not her", I whispered, scared, "what if it's someone else?"


"This is your last chance, you fucking sissy. Open the door or I promise we will both make your life hell. For months!"


"Yes, I'm sorry, Mistress"


I walked to the door, trembling, scared that it might be Tammy, even more scared that it might be someone else, a neighbor, a friend.


The front door had a frosted glass panel. As I approached I could see the outline of a girl standing there.


I opened it, hiding behind it, and poked my head around the door. It was Tammy! She was dressed in a flowery sundress with buttons down the front. I couldn't see a bra, but I couldn't see any details of her breasts, either, that pattern on the dress was effectively hiding everything.


"Err, hi", she said, confused that all she could see was my face, "am I too early, late? Should I come some other time?"


"No, please Tammy, please. Come in" I tried to smile, but my nerves made it difficult.


She stepped into the hallway, and I closed the door behind her. She turned to look at me and, for the first time, saw how I was dressed. Her hands flew to her mouth and she burst out laughing.


"Oh my god. oh jeezus, what the hell am I getting into!"


"Please, Miss Tammy, please come into the family room. Mary and Gina are waiting for you."


Still giggling, she followed me back to the family room.


Gina had slipped her skirt and blouse back on, but had only fastened a couple of buttons. She and Mary were standing expectantly, waiting. Gina stepped up and gave Tammy a hug, kissing her on the cheek.


"It's so great that you came! I was worried you would flake out on us!"


"Yes," Mary echoed, "I was worried too, and I also want to welcome you. Thank you for coming! Come and sit down!"


Mary pointed Tammy at the couch. She sat down next to Gina, and Mary sat in one of the armchairs to the side of the coffee table.


"Where are your manners, slut. Pour some wine for our guest!"


I rushed to the kitchen and returned with a clean glass. I filled it and offered it to Tammy.


She laughed again as she looked at me standing in front of her in pink panties and bra, garter belt, and nylons.


"Yeah, it is pretty funny, isn't it," Gina giggled with Tammy, "What do you think, how do you like our sissy slave? He can serve you, now, instead of you serving us in the restaurant!"


"It's just so wierd", Tammy replied, "I've heard of people like him, of course, but I've never, like, met one or anything before. And, then, like, he's your Dad as well, it just freaks me out, but in a good way. Just give me a moment, I'll get into it!"


"Take your time, my dear", Mary joined in, "we're not going anywhere!"


"Yeah," Gina said, "in fact, your timing is perfect. We were just about to punish him, and now you can watch us do it. Would you like that? Please say you will?"


Tammy looked at Gina and Mary, and then at me. She giggled again at how I was dressed, and then looked back at Gina. "Are you kidding, I dunno what you're gonna do, but if you want me to watch, I'd love it. So long as you're sure?"


"Oh yeah, I'm sure!" Gina giggled, "having you here will help me to do this. I want it, I really fucking want it, but it's my first time, and I'm a little nervous, ya know? You and Mom are my moral support!"


"Then do it, I can't wait to see it. This is so freakin sick, but good sick, I wanna see it"


Mary joined in "Me too Tammy. I want to see this too. I want to enjoy watching my daughter punish our little slut, to hurt him and abuse him. Do it Gina!"


Gina laughed and then looked at me.


"Ok, Sissy-Daddy. Looks like I have all the support I need. I hope you are ready, because this is going to be fun for me, but not for you! Now, back to where we were. I want you on your hands and knees, facing away from us, but first I want you naked, I want you exposed, completely! Take your pretty underwear off, I promise you can put them back on later!"


Tammy giggled when she heard this.


"Y-yes, Miss Gina" I whispered.


I did as she said. It was a relief to remove the bra. I put it, my panties, and the ones they had given me to fill the bra cups on the coffee table, then knelt down on the floor, facing away from them. I parted my knees as far as I could, and then lowered my head to the floor, resting it on my hands in front of me.


I suddenly realized that Gina was right. I was completely exposed and open. Without the panties, they could both see my cock and balls hanging down between my legs, and my bare asshole. It was much more embarrassing to let my daughter and Tammy, a relative stranger, see me like this; more than anything else I had done in the last few days.


I heard them whispering to each other, but dared not look up. After a couple of giggles, I heard Mary's voice. "Oh Yes, darling, that's incredible. It's perfect. I can't believe you thought of that! You don't have to ask my permission, now, or in the future. He is your slut as well as mine. You can abuse him anyway you want. Just one thing. Make him.." Then their voices returned to unintelligible whispers for a second.


"Are you sure?" then "Ok, Thank you, Mommy."


The next thing I knew, Gina's bare feet appeared in front of my face. She had gotten up from the couch and was standing in front of me. "Look up at me, you fucking sissy"


I lifted my head and looked up at my daughter, my Mistress.


"Daddy. Fuck. I love to call you Daddy when I'm about to punish you! Daddy, I know that you are a masochist and that you love to be humiliated. Because of that, I have to be careful that your punishment is not too pleasurable for you. Punishment is not supposed to be enjoyable, don't you agree?"


"err, Y-Yes, Miss Gina", I mumbled, scared, "You're right, it should not"


"Good. I've discussed it with Mom, and we both agree your punishment should be part physical, part emotional. Now, I need a couple of things first, so put your face back into the carpet and don't move. I'll be right back.


I did as I was told, and heard her feet as she lightly moved away from me. The sliding door into the back yard opened and I heard her go out onto the deck. Then silence.


While I was waiting, Mary started talking.


"I think we've created a monster, darling. Our daughter is really getting into this. She likes it, wants it, and is VERY imaginative. Tammy and I can't wait to watch what she is going to do!"


I was scared, but dared not move or lift my head.


After a couple of minutes which seemed like half an hour, I heard her come back into the room from the back yard. There was some rustling, and then she was back in front of me.


"Daddy, my feet are all dirty. Clean them!"


I lifted my head. She had clearly been walking in a muddy part of the garden.


I reached forward and took her left ankle in my hand. She lifted her arm and used the wall for balance as I lifted her foot and brought it towards me. The sole of her foot and her toes were brown with mud.


"Do it!" she whispered.


I started to lick her foot. It was gritty and dirty and smelled musty. I licked everything off her sole, trying to simply swallow the dirt without it rubbing between my teeth, without thinking about what I might be tasting.




I heard Tammy behind me "Oh fuck, he's doing it, Gina. He's licking dirt off of your feet. This is incredible!"


"Yeah, I know, it's great isn't it!" then "Don't forget my toes, slut!"


I opened my mouth and pulled her foot into it, sucking on each toe, one at a time. My cheeks were burning as I cleaned her.


"Good. Now the other one! Suck the filth off it, you slut! And do it well, lick them clean, taste the dirt you fucking wimp!"


I repeated the process with her right foot.


Finally, it was done. I lowered her foot to the floor and tried to work up enough spit to rinse my mouth and get rid of the taste and the grit.


"Ok, Daddy. Now I hope you don't think that was your punishment! That was just a service which you should be willing to perform for me or Mom anytime we come in from outside. Do you understand?"


"Yes, Miss Gina. Yes, I understand"


"Good. Now, Head back down on the floor. Your punishment is about to to begin. Now. Mom told you already that you had better take it in silence, right, Slut?"


"Yes, Miss Gina. I will be quiet"


"You'd better be", Mary laughed, "and, not only in silence. If you move, if you try and get away from her, or get up off the floor, then I guarantee you that the fun will end, and the you will regret it for months!"


"Ok, Daddy. Beg me to do it to you"


"Please, Miss Gina. Please punish me. Please do it so that I can make amends, and so that I can earn your forgiveness." I had no idea what I was begging her to do. I just knew that I had to do it, had to take whatever was in her mind.




At first, all I heard was a little more rustling, then I felt something lightly rubbing between my legs. At first I thought it was a small tree branch or something from outside, and that she was getting ready to hit my ass with it. I clenched the cheeks of my ass and gritted my teeth in preparation.


Then, it hit me.


It seemed like there were hundreds of needles rubbing all over my cock and balls. No. They were red hot needles. I was on fire. My crotch was exploding in pain.


I started to yell, then, in a fog, remembered Mary's order to be silent, and not to move.


I clenched my fists. Every muscle in my body went rigid. The pain was indescribable. What the fuck was she doing?


Then I realized what it was. There was a clump of stinging nettles down in the corner of the garden. She had brought some into the house and was rubbing them all over my crotch!


I had to scream, it was so intense. I pushed my face down into the carpet and squealed, trying to muffle it as best as I could.


The leaves were rubbing all over my cock and balls, up over my exposed asshole, and then back down to my cock. My foreskin was rolled back and the head of my cock was completely exposed. I felt the leaves rub against it, felt like it was being set on fire. It was the most intense pain I'd ever felt.


Finally, she took the leaves away from my body. But the pain, the fire, continued. I felt like my crotch was wrapped in red-hot sandpaper.


"Ok, Daddy. It's over. It will take a little while for it to wear off, but I'm not touching you any more. You can relax"


Relax? Was she fucking crazy? I could barely think, I was in so much pain. I couldn't stop my ass from wriggling as I tried, uselessly, to get the burning to stop. I felt wetness on my cheek and realized there were tears in my eyes. I just knelt there, squirming, groaning into the carpet.


The next thing I new, I felt a hand pulling on my hair, lifting my head.


In a fog I looked up, my eyes blurry. Gina was standing in front of me. She had removed her blouse and her skirt. She was completely naked.


"Yeah, look at me, slut", she hissed, "look at me, your daughter. Look at my tits, my pussy. See how hard my nipples are, see how wet I am. That's from what I just did to you, Daddy. I want you to fully know how much that fucking turned me on, and that I loved it. I'll fucking do it again in a heartbeat, that's how much I liked it!"


"Y-yes, Miss Gina, Thank-you" was all I could think of to say to her.


"Good, but just a verbal thank you is not enough. Mom told me that there's something special you do to show your devotion to her, and that you should be made to do it for me, as well."


She turned her back to me and reached back, parting the tight cheeks of her beautiful ass. "Lick it, you fucking slave. Worship my asshole. I am your Mistress"


I got up on my knees and leaned forward. Holding her cheeks apart with my hands I started to kiss and then lick and suck on her brown-pink rosebud. I could hardly believe it, and even through the still present stinging of my tortured genitals I felt myself begin to harden as I made love to her asshole with my tongue. I was tasting my daughters most intimate orifice. I loved Mary for suggesting it, and Gina for making me do it.


She groaned and pushed her bottom back into my face. I pushed hard in return with my tongue, trying my best to penetrate her hole.



"Oh, fuck, mom, Thank you. This feels SO good. I never knew this could feel like this!"


I heard Mary laugh behind me. "Yes, darling, it is good isn't it! And, remember, it's not only the proper way for a slave to show his respect for his Mistress, but it's something he's good at and can do for a long time, so you can enjoy it whenever you want, for as long as you want! All you have to do is tell him when you want him to do it!"


Gina was literally grinding her ass in my face, now, and her hands had moved back to her front. From the slight movements of her elbows, I could tell she was touching herself.


"Fuck Yeah. It's so dirty, to have someone lick you there, you know, where you, ahhhh, ahhhhh, where you poop, but it feels soooo good."


"Don't worry about that, Baby, it's true a lot of people would consider it dirty, filthy even, but number one, that's his problem, he's the slut slave, and two, it's one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in your body. Enjoy it, enjoy the sensations and enjoy the power of making him lick you there, making him taste you there!"


Gina was bending forwards at the waist, and apparently looked back between her legs.


"You are such a freaking pervert, sissy daddy, look at you. You're kneeling naked in front of me, Mom and Tammy. I just tortured you with stinging nettles, and I know it must of hurt, and now you're licking, well, you know, your licking my poop-hole, tasting it, and you're hard! I can't believe the things which turn you on, the things you'll do, but I love it, and I'm gonna discover all of them! Thank you, Mom, for sharing this with me; all the thoughts I had about boys before are making sense to me now; I'm realizing this is how I want to be, how it should be between me and men; even if the man is my father!"


Finally, she stood up straight and turned to face me.


"Enough, Daddy. But only for now. You're gonna do that a lot for me in the future. Now, have you learned your lesson? Have you learned that when I give you an order you must obey me, and if you don't I'll get off on punishing, hurting you? Answer me, you fucking sissy!"


"Yes, Miss Gina, Yes, I've learned. You are my Mistress, and I will obey you, and I beg you to punish me when I do not please You. Thank you, Mistress!"


Gina smiled then turned and went back and sat on armchair behind me. I dared not move and, to be honest, wasn't sure I could. My entire crotch was still burning from the nettles.


"Fuck, Gina, you are so cruel, and I mean that in a good way. That was so fucking hot! Thank you! Thank you for letting me see it!"


"Yes, Gina, I agree with Tammy," Mary said, "that was incredible. You really are turning out to be a wonderful dominatrix, so sadistic, so imaginative!"


"I have one more thing, if it's ok, Mom? One more thing I want to make him do?"


"Of course Darling, anything you want, as many things as you want. I'm so wet watching you, you can keep abusing him all night if you want!"


"Thank you, Mom. Ok, Daddy, I think you need to be humiliated a little more, especially now that Tammy is here. I want her to see just how sick you are, ok?"


I was still kneeling, still facing away from them. "Yes, Miss Gina, whatever you say" She had reduced me to a quivering jelly; there was no way I was going to refuse her anything.


"Good. now reach back behind you and spread your cheeks. Show us, all of us, show us your hole!"


I did as she ordered. I reached back and spread my ass even more. I couldn't see them, but I knew they were staring at my asshole. I felt completely open, vulnerable.


"Ok, now stick a finger in there. All the way in. Put a finger up your ass for us, Daddy"


I couldn't believe she wanted to make me do this, especially in front of Tammy. Nonetheless, I obeyed her. I stretched out the middle finger of my left hand and felt for my asshole with the tip. I was still burning from the nettles, but not as much as before. Slowly I pushed my finger into my ass. It was tight, and my finger was dry, but slowly it went in, all the way to the base.


"Oh my god. He's doing it. He's fucking himself in front of us! This is incredible" ... it was Tammy's voice


"Yeah. I told you. He's a sick fuck. Fuck yourself and tell her Daddy. Tell her you're a sick slut and will do anything"


Gina was right. My switch had been turned a long time ago. I was in pain. I was scarlet red in the face from humiliation. But my cock was telling its own story. It was hard, and getting harder now that my finger was rubbing against my prostrate.


"Yes, Miss Gina. You're right. I'm your sick sissy slave. I will do it; do anything that you want me to"


"Well, we're about to see, Daddy. Take your finger out of your ass and stand up"


I did as I was told and turned to face them. Gina was on the armchair, still naked. I was amazed at how quickly she had apparently become comfortable with the situation. She was openly showing me her body, getting pleasure from abusing me. Mary was sitting next to Tammy on the couch, her legs were spread again, and her hand was stroking the inside of her thigh. Tammy was more decent, she wasn't touching herself, but her cheeks were flushed and she was staring at my cock.


Gina smiled at me. I looked into her eyes. I could see excitement, heat and, surprisingly, love and pride.


"Now, Daddy. I want you to jack off again. But this time, I want you to do it different. I want you to make yourself come, and I want you to suck it while you do it. You know what I mean, don't you slut?"


I knew what she meant. I was amazed. But I knew what she wanted. My daughter was really getting off on this, and I had to admit, so was I.


Still looking at her, I lifted my left hand and pushed the middle finger into my mouth. It didn't really taste of much, but the act was one of total submission and degradation. All three of them had just watched me push it deep into my ass, and now I was sucking it. With my right hand I reached down and started stroking my cock. It was throbbing.


"Yeah. That's it, Daddy. Do it. Show us. Prove to me, to Tammy, that you are mine, that you will do anything."


As I sucked and stroked I turned to face Tammy and Mary. Tammy's eyes were wide open as she watched me. I rubbed my fingers over the head of my cock. It was incredibly tender from the nettles, still, but that actually made it more sensitive, more pleasurable in a bizarre way, and I was drooling wet. I took my finger out of my mouth, lowered it and got a glob of my precum on the tip and slowly licked it all off, staring at Tammy and Mary as I did it.


Tammy grabbed hold of Mary's forearm and then looked down, noticing for the first time that Mary was stroking herself, very close to her pussy. She smiled and ran her hand down so that it was over the top of Mary's.


Mary continued caressing herself, but now moved her fingers up over her slit, taking Tammy's hand with her. She tucked her fingers down and into herself, looking at Tammy as she did it. Tammy smiled as she felt her fingers following Mary's, felt her wetness.


Mary turned to look at Gina and with her free arm reached over to take her hand, smiling warmly with both her mouth and her eyes at our daughter. "I'm so proud of you, darling. You have no idea how much of a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. It is so nice not to have to keep secrets from you any more, to be able to share our entire lifestyle with you, to watch you dominate our little sissy. He is such a slut, such a submissive masochist, and to have you, with your imagination and new ideas to enjoy abusing him with is just wonderful!"


"Thank you, Mommy. I had kinda guessed a little bit about how you were, and when I started reading more about it on the web it really kinda turned me on. I still can't believe some of the things you've told me, and what we have already done, but I promise it's not because I don't like it. I fucking love it. I wanna do it more, a lot more!"


Gina turned and looked at me.


"I've changed my mind, Daddy. Put your panties back on, you fucking sissy. I want to see you serving us like a slut. I think I love seeing you in panties almost as much as anything else"


I did as she asked and, seeing that their glasses were empty, poured them a refill.


"Now, Daddy, I think you should take us out to dinner and some dancing. I want to celebrate tonight, if that's ok with you, Mom? I want to celebrate becoming a dominatrix and I want to flirt and dance in front of my sissy daddy!"


"It's a wonderful idea, darling, of course we can!" Mary was still fingering herself, still had Tammy's hand over hers, letting her feel her. "Tammy, will you come with us, please? I think we're going to have a lot of fun tonight!" She leaned forward and kissed Tammy. Gina and I watched as Tammy's lips parted and Mary's toungue pushed into it. It was so sensual.


Gina's eye's moved from them to me. She smiled, with love. As I watched, she let her legs fall open and dropped her hand into her lap. Still smiling, eyes glinting, she slowly pushed two fingers deep into her pussy. My own daughter was slowly fucking herself while I watched, was openly doing it in front of me.


"I love you, Daddy, I really do. Tonight, I'm going to watch you suck a cock. I want to see you do it!"





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