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The Family Cuckold

by Cuck Robin




Mary had just described, in fairly explicit detail, what cuckolding was, and what I was made to do as her cuckold, for her and her lovers.


Gina was silent for a full 30 seconds as her mind strained to digest what Mary described.


Finally, she turned to look at me. "You do that? You do all of those things, daddy? For real?"


"Umm, yes, Miss Gina, I do. Whatever your mother tells me to do. Yes"


"You suck their cocks?"




"You watch them, umm, do it? You watch them have sex with Mom?"




Gina turned to look at her mother. "I. I umm, Jeez. I dunno what to say. You go out and meet guys, and bring them back to the house, and you order him to serve you, lick you both, watch you umm, fuck? And he does it?"


"Yes, Baby. I'm sorry; I was hoping this wouldn't upset you." Mary was clearly worried.


"Upset? I'm not upset, Mom!" She smiled, for the first time since the conversation had started. "I'm just freaking amazed, that's all."


Gina turned back to me. "Fuck, daddy, you really are a sissy-panty slut, aren't you? Is that what you meant, when you were telling me about your, umm, switch this morning?"


Before I could answer, Tammy appeared back at the table. She had changed out of her uniform, and was now wearing a pair of pink denim shorts and a ruffled white shoulderless blouse which stopped at her midriff.


We all lookup up in surprise, and Mary started to speak. "Oh, err, Hi, Tammy. Umm, listen, dear, we were just in the middle of something, and would you .."


Gina cut her mothers sentence off. "No, it's ok, Mom. I'd like Tammy to join us. Please?"


"Well, Ok, sure darling, if you are sure?"


"Oh yeah, I'm sure", Gina smiled. "Come on, Tammy. Sit down by Mom. I wanna hear what you think!"


Tammy smiled broadly and sat opposite me. She looked at Gina and then Mary with a big grin on her face, and then at me, and covered her mouth as she laughed. "Think about what, Gina?"


Gina laughed with her. "You know what! My father is a panty-wearing slave. I made him buy lingerie and nail polish today, and we let the salesgirls know it was for him. I showed them his panties, just like I showed you."


Tammy looked at me and giggled.


"Tell her sissy. Tell Tammy what you told me this morning. Tell her everything, and tell her what you were doing, while you were talking to me. Do it. I need her advice, and she can only give it to me if she knows everything."


I looked around the table. My face was burning. There was no sympathy from any of them.


"I. I was trying to explain to Miss Gina that I would do anything she wanted." I started.


"No. Tell her first how it was."


"I, umm, I was naked. I went into her bedroom to wake her up. Miss Gina made me. Gina. Please?"


"Tell her slave. Do it or we will have to punish you!"


"Sorry, Miss Gina." I looked at Tammy. She was returning my stare, expectantly. "Ok. Miss Gina ordered me to stand by her bed and, umm, play with myself while I told her, well, begged her to dominate me. I masturbated while I begged her to abuse me, anyway she wanted." I was close to tears, yet at the same time strangely proud to admit to this girl that I would do anything for my daughter and her mother. Anything at all.


"And. What are the rules when Mom and I order you to stroke your sissy cock, daddy?"


"I'm not allowed to come without permission, Miss Gina"


Gina had been staring, wide eyed, gently biting her lower lip. Upon hearing this she burst out laughing. "No fucking way! Really? You make him do stuff like that, and you don't, like, let him shoot? Oh god, this is too much!" She was still laughing.


"Show her your legs, daddy!"


I extended my right leg out of the booth and pulled my pants leg up slightly. The dark stockings were obvious.


"Now. Tell her what you just told me. Tell her what you do for Mom!"


Even Mary gasped when she heard this latest order from Gina.


"Tell her!" Gina repeated.


I couldn't deny my daughter. I was more humiliated than I had ever been in my life, but there was something in me which made me want to do it, need to do it.


"Well, umm, I am her cuckold. That means that she is free to have sex with anyone she wants. I am required to serve them. I." As much as I wanted to say it, it was difficult. Not only because of Tammy, but I was going to say it, explicitly, in front of Gina. "I serve them, I undress them. I lick and suck them both to get them ready. And I watch them have sex."



"And, daddy. Tell her. Tell her the last part?"


I looked into Gina's eyes. They were both hard and sparkling at the same time. She wanted to hear me say it. Wanted to make me tell this young girl, this stranger, one of our most intimate secrets.


"W-When they have finished. I, umm, I suck them both clean". There. I had said it. I wanted to shrivel into the seat. At the same time, there was an elation racing in my head.



"So, Tammy. Here I am, I'm only 18. And, in the last few days I've discovered my own father wears panties and will submit to pretty much anything. I've seen him in panties and naked. I've made him jack his cock in front of me. He's begged me to let him be my slave. And now I've just found out he will even suck cocks and, oh fuck, he swallows cum!"


Gina's face was flushed as she talked to Tammy.


"How would you feel? What do you think? Would you let him be your slave? Do that kind of stuff?"


Tammy's chest was rising and falling as she tried to get herself under control.




"Yeah, of course!" Gina replied.


"I'd freaking love it. Men can be such jerks, such pigs sometimes. And you have the chance to make him into your slave? Shit. I'd do it in a second! Who cares if he's your father? I think that's even better, it's like the ultimate revenge, ya know?"


Gina laughed. She was obviously pleased with what she had heard.


Mary had been listening intently and was, I think, scared of what Gina's reaction to the whole thing was going to be. Now, in an instant, the tension disappeared and she started laughing too. Even I managed a weak smile, although I was trembling inside.


"Yeah. I do know. I was hoping you would say that, because I was, ya know, scared that I was like some kind of sick freak because I liked the idea! And maybe I am, but at least now I know I'm not the only one!"


Now we all burst out laughing. The mood had changed completely.


"Well! It seems you were exactly the right person, in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, Tammy!" Mary said excitedly. "I think we should get to know each other more, if you'd like that?"


"Oh Yeah!" Gina immediately chimed in.


"Well, err, are you sure?" Tammy laughed. "I think that sounds kinda cool!"


"Then it's settled. How would you like to come over to our house and spend the afternoon with us?" Mary asked


"Sure! I have to go home first, though" she hesitated, but that'll only take me half an hour, one at the most. I have a couple of things I need to get done. Is that ok?"


"Of course it is, darling! Just come on over whenever you are ready!" Mary scribbled out our address and phone number on a napkin and gave it to Tammy. "We can't wait to have you join us!"


"Great. Thanks. I'll, umm, get going, then, and see you all later!"


I paid the check and gave Tammy a big tip. We all got out of the booth and while Tammy disappeared into the back, the three of us walked back out into the Mall.


"Mom! Thank you so much! I hope you didn't mind, but I just felt like, well, I wanted to hear what she would say. She's, you know, like closer to my age?" Gina was apparently worried that Mary would be insulted.


"It's fine, my love. She was a stranger, and the worst that would have happened is that we would have just left! But, as it turned out, you have made a new friend. Well, all of us have made a new friend!"


We left the mall and walked in the sunlight to the car. Unlike this morning, I was not in the least scared that the light would make my panties more obvious. I was still on a mental high.


When we got to the car, I unlocked it and opened the doors for my two ladies. As on the way to the Mall, Mary got in the back and Gina sat in the passenger seat. I went around and got into the drivers side, and started the engine.


As we left the parking lot and started down the road back to our house, Gina looked at me.


"You are a sick, perverted sissy panty slave, daddy. But, don't worry. I'm glad you are, and I love you!"


I looked, stunned, at Gina, and then at Mary in the rear view mirror. My eyes were suddenly damp. All I could manage was to reach over and squeeze her hand and whisper "Thank you, darling. I love you too. Thank you!"


Gina, in turn, reached over into my lap and gave my cock a squeeze. I felt myself stiffening under her hand.


"Do it darling", Mary whispered from the back seat. "You've deserved it. Make him hard, tease him and make him want it. Do it, let me watch you do it!"


Gina giggled as she turned and looked at her mom. "Really?"


"Yes, baby. Now you know how far he will go for us. Do anything you want to him!"


Gina turned in her seat to face me.


I tried to focus on driving, but could not help look at her quickly. She was beaming.


Her other arm reached over and then, with both hands, carefully unzipped my pants. She reached into them and felt my cock through the panties. I was hard.


"Shit daddy, you really are like a girl", she squealed, "Your panties are soaking"


"Yes, I bet they are", Mary laughed.


Gina fumbled for a second and then, for the first time, pulled my panties down over my cock and pulled it out into the open. She stared at it and then started to stroke it, rubbing her thumb over the head, smearing the wetness everywhere.


"This is so much fun, sissy. Do you like it? Do you like me playing with your sissy cock?"


The feeling was intense. She was stroking me so lightly, yet firmly. Fingers around the shaft, thumb caressing the head. My mind was spinning. My Gina was playing with my cock, my Mary was watching her do it, encouraging her to do it, and she was loving it.


"Please, Miss Gina. Please. I won't be able to stand it, and we're sure to have an accident if you make me come. Please!"


"Oh, don't worry, sissy. You're still not allowed to come. But I am going to make you beg for it. I want to make you suffer. You suck cocks, daddy, and you are my slave, just like you are Mom's. I'm going to learn to make you beg!"


I squirmed in my seat, but Gina was relentless. However I moved, her hand simply followed, never losing its grip. She would stroke me for a few seconds, and then stop. And then do it again. By the time I got home, I could barely focus my eyes.


I pulled the car into the driveway, and turned the engine off.


"Leave it out, slut. I want you to walk to the front door with your cock sticking out. And don't forget the shopping bags in the trunk" Mary ordered, laughing with Gina.


They watched with great amusement as I frantically looked around to make sure that there were no people out in the street, then rushed to the back of the car, fumbled to open the trunk, grabbed the bags, and basically ran to open the front door.


Once we were in the family room, Mary told me to put the bags down and go and get some drinks. She was obviously in a good mood, because she finished up with "and, seeing as you have been so obedient today, slut, bring a glass for yourself. You can join us in a drink as you change"


I went into the kitchen and returned with a cold bottle of Riesling and three glasses, having made a note to myself to get to the store and buy another case of Pinot Grigio. We had finished the last bottle the other night.


After filling the glasses, I raised mine and offered a toast. "Here's to the two best Mistresses a husband and father could ever ask for" I said. Kind of lame, but it was how I felt.


Gina and Mary joined me in the toast, and then Gina said. "Ok, sissy. You're shaved like a girl, wear panties like a girl. Do, umm, other things like a girl. Now you have to finish shopping like a girl. We want a fashion show!"


I smiled, nervously. I remembered that there were more than just panties in the bag. Things I had never worn before.


I put my glass down on the table and stood in front of them. They were back in their favorite positions, on the two-seat couch, knees raised and feet resting on the edge of the coffee table. Mary had her thin dress on, Gina her miniskirt. I could clearly see both of their pairs of panties from where I stood. Mary had dark blue, Gina's were pale yellow. They both knew I was looking at them, but didn't seem to mind.


"Strip, Slut!" Mary ordered.


I undid the shirt and took it off, folding it and placing it on one of the chairs. Then, after slipping off my shoes, undid my pants and stepped out of them. After folding them onto the chair, also, I stood in front of them. I was proud, happy, but still embarrassed. The panties were stretched and wet from my hard-on, and the nylons felt suddenly cool on my legs without the pants.


"And the panties, sissy, you have new ones to show us!" Gina smiled.


I stretched the waistband down over my cock and slid them down my legs. I could feel the air on my balls and was reminded that I was really naked, thanks to Gina having shaved me the night before.


"Give them to me!" Mary instructed.


I handed them to her, and she rubbed the front of them between her thumb and forefinger. "Mmmm, so wet, so slippery, you're right, Gina, he IS just like a girl - feel them"


She handed the panties to Gina, who repeated the process. Even though Gina had been stroking my cock all the way home in the car, and had felt my precum from the source, so to speak, it was very erotic to watch her inspecting my panties and rubbing it between her fingers.


"Ok, let's see the panties, bra and garter belt first, sissy", she said, as she smiled and dropped my wet panties on the table.


I went and picked up the shopping bags, and brought them back to the coffee table.


"It was such a good idea of yours, baby, to shave him. I love how his cock and balls are so completely exposed, don't you. It's really hot"


"Yeah, it is," Gina replied, "I really kinda like it! It doesn't seem so rude, when it's hard, without all that ugly hair."


"You're absolutely right, darling. And don't think that means you can just get hard whenever you want, Slut, but your daughter is right, at least it's not so rude looking when it is!"


"Thank you, Mistress, Miss Gina"


I knew what they were waiting for, so reached into the bag and pulled out the matching set. I pretty much knew how the garter belt should be worn, so soon had it around my waist. Even though the stockings I was wearing were thigh-highs, and had elastic lace around the top to keep them up, I figured they would want to see the garters connected to them. After quite a bit of fumbling, and a lot of laughter from Mary and Gina, I had them all done.


"Such a pretty slut", Mary remarked, "Come on, we want to see the whole outfit!"


Trying to delay the inevitable, I took the panties and slid them up my legs. As I had predicted, it was close to impossible to fit everything inside them. Even though I was hard and my cock was upright, my balls still wanted to fall out one side or the other. The girls thought this was hilarious, and I was so embarrassed I started to soften.


"Now the bra, sissy!" Gina giggled.


I had, of course, watched Mary put her own on many many times, but I knew for a fact I would never be able to get it fastened by reaching back behind me. I used the trick I had seen on TV and put it on backwards, fastening it in front, and then sliding it around my waist. I started to slide it up my chest, but it was tight. Partly because it was something I had never felt before, and partly because I was slightly bigger than 38 around the chest, which was the bra size. Thank god I was not a big man!


Now I struggled to get the shoulder straps up over my arms. It was not as easy as I had imagined, but finally I got it done and stood in front of them. Now I really did feel humiliated. I enjoyed panties, but really felt silly in the bra. I knew I did not look anything like a girl.


"Ohmygod, Mom, look at him!"


"Yes, I know, dear, it IS funny, isn't it! Maybe if we put something in the cups it will help, do you think?"


"Well, maybe, I dunno. What can we use?"


Mary looked at my wet panties on the table and smiled. "Well, let's just try those, if they help, maybe we'll buy him some breast forms! I know where we can get some from, on the web"


"Well, yeah, but it'll still look weird, Mom, with just one side!"


Mary smiled at Gina and then at me. She reached down under her dress, lifted her butt off the couch, and pulled her panties off.




"Oh, Gina. It's ok, we're both girls, and your dad has seen me naked before, you know!"


"Yeah, I guess so", Gina laughed.


Mary handed her panties to Gina, "Put them in his cups, baby, lets see if it's worth giving him real breasts!"


Gina took Mary's panties and then looked at her "Mom! They're soaked! You are worse than he is!"


"I know, darling, but I bet you are just the same!"


Gina blushed and didn't answer. She took another large sip of wine and stood up.


"Come here, Sissy!"


I took a couple of steps to where she was and stood silently as she tucked the panties into each of my cups and then sat back down. This time, as she put her feet back on the table, they were further apart and I could clearly see the outline of her cunt under the yellow nylon.


Not wanting to be caught staring I stepped back and stood in front of them. I was completely soft, now. It really was embarrassing.


"Well, it is an improvement, but I'm not convinced. The pink looks nice on him, that's for sure, but the panties are a distraction, you can see them through the cups. What do you think?" Mary asked.


"Yeah. I agree. But, it is much better to see him with a little shape in there. Can we get him some of those silicon things? Just to try? Are they expensive?"


"No, I don't think so, darling. I bet we can get them for less than fifty dollars. Why don't you search the web and find some. You can use my credit card"


"Great. Thanks, Mom!"


"You're welcome, baby. Pour us some more wine, slut, just because we're in a good mood doesn't mean you can forget your duties!"


"I'm sorry, Mistress!" I pulled the bottle from the cooler and refilled their glasses, leaving mine alone.


"It's ok; you can have some more, slut!"


"Thank you, Mistress." I refilled mine, took the empty bottle back to the kitchen and returned with another, placing it in the cooler. I took a sip of the wine and stood back in front of them.


"Look at you, sissy. You're all soft. Why don't you like the pretty lingerie we picked for you? I'm insulted that you don't like our choices. Make it hard. Now!" Gina ordered.


I reached down and started to caress myself through the panties. They both watched intently. Gina actually licked her upper lip, lightly.


As I began to harden, I pulled my cock up above the waistband and started to stroke it.


"Yes, such a pretty bare shaved cock", Mary murmured, drinking more wine.


"It is, isn't it, Mom! It's so hot to watch him doing that! I still can't believe it, but I love it!"


Forgetting how silly I was sure I looked, and knowing I was turning them on, I really began to get into what I was doing. My eyes closed as I felt the heat and hardness between my fingers, and then opened to look directly at my two Mistresses.


Mary was softly caressing the inside of her thigh as she watched, not just me, but also Gina.


Gina was sipping wine from her glass in one hand, and subconsciously running the other over her tits, she was engrossed in what I was doing.


"Look at it, darling, look at his cock. He is such a submissive little slut, he will do anything you want him to, and you can do anything you want. Enjoy it. Feel the power!" Mary whispered.


I had to slow down. I was as hard as I could be, now. I was softly stroking the head, and then the shaft, pulling the foreskin all the way back, stretching it and causing my glans to swell, then back again. With my other hand I pulled my balls out of the side of the panties and rolled them between my fingers.


"Let's tease him, baby, let's take him right to the edge and then stop him!"


Mary slid her dress further up her legs, which were now wide open. She was completely exposed to me, and only slightly less so to Gina because she was sitting to her mothers side.


She slowly ran her finger down her slit, between her swollen lips.


Gina looked at her mother, back at me. She sipped more wine and put the glass back on the table.


"So fucking hot" she whispered, to no one in particular.


"Beg her to abuse you, Slut"


I knelt in front of Gina, still stroking, my fingers soaked. I kissed her toes and then looked up. Her knees were farther apart, now, and her panties were stretched tight across her sex. She was clearly wet.


"Please, Miss Gina. I will do anything that you tell me to. You flipped my switch a long time ago, and I beg you to make me your slave!"


Gina's eyes were slits, but she was still watching me with the occasional glance at Mary. She was openly playing with her nipple, now.


"Don't you dare fucking come yet, sissy. I want to see what it's like to really make you suffer for it"


"Show him your tits, baby. It's ok. I know you have let him see them before. You are the one in control; you can do whatever you want."


Without saying anything, Gina unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall open. Her tits were just like her mothers, but even smaller, which I loved. Her small nipples were hard and deep pink. Her hand moved back up and began to rub the tip of left breast, causing it to harden even more.


"Stand up, daddy. I want to watch you. Do it. Stroke it. Rub your cock for me and tell me what you are, what you do!"


I stood back up, but stayed directly in front of her.


"I'm your sissy slave, Miss Gina. I am here to serve you, to do anything you tell me to. Anything at all"


My fingers were so wet I could feel it beginning to drip. I decided to go further and lifted my hand to my face and, making sure they were both watching, I sucked my own precum off of my thumb and fingers.


"Oh fuck. Yesss. You're tasting yourself. Now I know it, daddy. You ARE a cock sucker!" Gina's other hand was moving on the inside of her thigh, now.


"Yes, baby, he is. He's a sissy cock sucking slave, but he's our sissy cock sucking slave!", Mary whispered.


"Please, Miss Gina," I groaned, "Please let me stop for a second. I just can't control it otherwise. I can't take it. PLEASE!"


"I don't care, sissy, that's not my problem, it's yours," she groaned. The fingers of her right hand were alternately rolling and pinching her left nipple, while her left hand was moving ever closer to her crotch each time she ran it up her thigh. Her legs were as open as her mini skirt would permit.


I looked at Mary for help. She knew I could not take much more of this.


I was amazed to see that she was openly fucking herself with two fingers of her right hand as she watched Gina watching me.


She glanced at me and understood my dilemma.


"Baby, you're all bunched up. Lift your ass a second. And you, slut. You heard your daughter, she gave you an order. Now obey her. You can do it slowly, if you must, but you WILL do as she tells you!"


Gina and I both groaned again, but for different reasons. She was intoxicated. Partly from the wine, I'm sure, but also from the eroticism of the moment and mostly from the total power she was realizing she held over me. I was simply at my minds' edge trying to control the ejaculation which was so dangerously close.


There was only one thing I could think of. I lowered my left hand and, as lightly as I could, I started to stroke the shaft of my cock. I didn't dare let my fingers go anywhere near the glans. My right hand dropped lower and gripped my balls and squeezed them hard. Mary often did this to me when we were fucking and she needed to make me last a little longer.


Without taking her eyes away from me, Gina lifted her ass an inch off the cushion.


"Good girl," Mary smiled and used both hands to slide the skirt all the way up over Gina's hips. As she slid her hands back down, and before Gina had fully returned to the seat, she snagged the yellow panties with her thumbs and started to pull them down.


For the first time, Gina's eyes moved away from me and she looked at Mary questioningly.


"It's ok baby, he's just our slave now. We can do anything we want. Anything!"


Without pausing, Mary pulled them down to Gina's knees, forcing them to close as she did. Gina's eyes closed.


"Help me, slut. You know a mistress should not have to undress herself. Take them off her legs."


I could hardly believe what Mary was doing, but was grateful for any opportunity to stop touching myself. I stepped around the table and took the delicate fabric in my hands and pulled it down, over her knees, and passed her calves.


Lifting her feet off the table, Gina allowed me to remove them completely. As she returned her feet to their resting place, Mary gently pushed Gina's thighs apart until they were almost flat out to her sides.


For the first time in almost ten years I was looking at her pussy. Her cunt. It was completely shaved, like Mary's, and was a deep, deep pink in contrast to the pale skin of her stomach and legs. Her mound was really prominent and was beautiful with the little cleft at the bottom, leading to her clit, and her swollen, shining labia. Below them I could easily see her tight little rosebud.


Gina still had her eyes closed, but was still toying with her nipple. Her other hand returned to the inside of her thigh and slowly moved upwards, her fingertips barely touching the skin. Finally, they reached her sex, and she began to lightly caress her lips, running them up and down her slit.


"Open your eyes, baby, watch him"


Gina's eyes slowly opened. She looked at Mary first and, seeing her smile, stared back at me. I still had her panties in my hand. Mary followed Gina's gaze and looked at me also. She was still close to Gina, still had one hand gently holding one of her thighs wide open.


"Put them in your mouth, slut. Taste them. Taste your Mistress!"


I lifted them to my face and kissed the crotch. They were soaking wet. I began to lick it. With the other hand, I resumed my oh-so-slow stroking of my cock.


Gina watched me. Her eyes were glassy. Her fingers were pressing a little harder now, causing the lips of her glistening cunt to part slightly.


Without warning, it happened.


My hips jerked forwards and my cock lurched. My knees sagged, my balls tightened and my mind began to fry as the orgasm rolled over me like a steamroller. The first long stream of cum shot out with incredible force and splashed against Mary's cheek. My knees sagged a little more, my hips were obscenely jerking back and forth. Two more long ropes of cum literally exploded from my cock. The first all over Mary's arm, the second landed on Gina's thigh, from her knee most of the way up to her groin. My eyes rolled back in my head. The next few spurts were a little less powerful, but still landed on her lower thigh and more on Mary's arm.


As I fell to my knees in front of them, I heard Gina groan loudly, watched through blurred eyes as her finger tips dug into her cunt and pressed hard against her clit.


"Oh God," I moaned, "I, I'm sorry. It just happened. I'm sorry!"


They were both staring at me and then at the mess I had made over their arms and legs, and back at me. Gina's hips were lifted up off the cushion, her chest was heaving and her lips were parted. Her fingers were directly over her clit, now, with the tips curled down and into her wetness. I could see the muscles on her forearm tight as she gripped herself. The lips of her cunt were spread around the two fingers which were inside her.


The room was silent for a minute as we were all lost in the moment, lost in our individual thoughts.


Slowly I began to come to my senses. "Please, I tried to warn you, but it just happened. I'm sorry, I couldn't help it!"


"You fucking useless wimp" Mary whispered, her tone hard. I looked into her eyes. They were not as hard as her voice. She knew it was inevitable. "Look at us. We're covered in it. You know what to do. Clean us up. Now!"


Still dazed, I leaned forward and began to lick my come off of Mary's arm. It was still warm as I sucked it into my mouth. Salty. Slippery. I swallowed it.


Gina's hand started moving again as she watched me.


Looking first at Mary for permission, I moved my face to Gina's knee. As softly, gently as I could, I started cleaning her, licking, swallowing, moving slowly upwards.


Her hips started to undulate and her fingers were moving faster.


"Fuck, fuck, fuck," she groaned to herself, "oh my fucking god"


My face was close to her sex now. I could smell her arousal. Her fingers, still moving inside herself, were just an inch from my nose. I licked the last of my come off her thigh and looked up at her face.


She was watching me do it, her eyes slitted.


With one last groan her hips lifted up further and she came again. Hard.


I felt fingers in my hair. Mary pulled my head up to look at her. Her cheek was still dripping. "You are going to suffer for your disobedience," she had a slight smile on her face, "you are going to have to be punished, and Gina is going to do it to you. And then you will thank her and beg her forgiveness. Do you understand?"


"Y-yes, Mistress. I'm sorry. Thank-you"


Gina was still lost in the afterglow of her second orgasm. Mary leaned down and kissed me. I felt her tongue force itself into my mouth, then back out. She bit down on my lip and her fingers dug harder into my scalp. She moved her face away and looked at me. "Clean my face, slut"


I kissed up and down her cheek, swallowing all that I found.


"Ok, now pour us some wine, while Gina recovers. Then you had better be prepared for your punishment, and there had better be no complaints. I expect you to take it in silence. You have a lot to make up for!"





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