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The Family Cuckold

by Cuck Robin




Unusually, Mary woke before I did on Saturday morning, and nudged me awake "Time to get up, Robin, it's going to be a great day, today, and I want to get moving."


I looked at the clock; it was just after 8am. I had slept hard, catching up from my fitful sleep the night before. My cock was hard, not just the normal morning erection, but also from two days of being made to masturbate but not come. I got up and, after my normal routine in the bathroom, came out to find Mary getting dressed.


"Go and start breakfast, sissy. You look so nice, all shaved and smooth; I want you to serve us naked this morning. Go in and wake Gina before you go downstairs, and make sure you treat her with the respect she deserves."


I fought to keep my excitement under control, but was still semi-hard when I knocked on my daughters' bedroom door. She didn't answer, so I knocked one more time and then opened the door and went in.


Gina was still asleep, laying on her stomach, the sheets and blankets gathered around her waist. Her t-shirt had ridden up slightly, so I could see a few inches of her bare back. I knelt down by the side of her bed and gently patted her on the shoulder.


"Wake up, Miss Gina, it's after eight, and I'm going to go and cook breakfast for you."


She slowly opened her eyes and rolled over, looking up at me with half open eyes.


"Mmmm, Ok, I'm awake"


Then, as she fought to clear her head, she noticed I was naked and kneeling, and smiled.


"Oh, jeez, look at you, daddy. I'm not sure I'm ready for that first thing in the morning, but I guess there are worse ways to wake up than having your father kneeling like s slave. Stand up, let me see you."


I did as she asked, and just couldn't help myself. I started to harden as she stared at my body.


"You look much better shaved, daddy. And, it's ok, you can get hard, I'm getting to like that I can have you like this. I like that it excites you to be my slave. Tell me you like it too, even though I can see that it does."


"Thank you, Miss Gina. It does excite me. It excites and embarrasses and humiliates me. Knowing that you are learning all about me, are learning to abuse me, making me serve you. It's an incredible feeling. Thank you for accepting me as I am. I don't know if you will understand this yet, you may need to have more sexual experience, but I'm convinced that you will get it, probably sooner rather than later"


"Mmm, and what is that, sissy? Tell me."


"Well, you wanted to know how or why I get excited, why I enjoy humiliation. I was thinking about it last night. I still don't think I can tell you why, but there is one thing that I know. You know what it's like to, umm, feel horny, I'm sure, right?"


Gina giggled. "Of course I do, silly. I'm not exactly pure, you know!"


"Yes, well, for me, and for many others, it's like the horniness builds and builds, especially when I'm doing something, or being made to do something, but don't, you know, come. Anyway, like I said, it just builds, like pressure or something, and then all of a sudden, it's like someone turns a switch or something in your head."


"Ok, and then?"


"Well, like I said, it just happens, and, when it does, it's like all the, umm, limits, all the things you think of as normal and taboo, they just disappear. Once I'm in that state, then I will literally do anything, and actually, the more taboo, the more degrading and humiliating and perverted it is, the more I want to do it, the more I enjoy doing it. Once I'm in that mood, my mind is craving your mother, and now you, I guess, to think of something really bad to make me do, and I just want it like a drug. Does that make any sense?"


"Well, considering that you only woke me up 3 minutes ago, and considering that your my dad, and considering that I'm still getting into this", she laughed, "Yeah, it does ... kind of"


Gina looked at me and smiled.


"Stroke it for me. I can't get enough of making my own father, my sissy father, jack off for me. Just don't forget the rules."


"Yes, Miss Gina."


I slowly started to stroke my cock. Within seconds I was leaking copious amounts of precum, and I smeared it all over the head. I had to admit, feeling myself smooth, hairless, really was a good feeling. Doing it in front of my daughter was intense.


"Now tell me again, daddy, beg me to do it to you. Beg me to humiliate you"


Gina stretched as she watched and listened, smirking, and then pulled the covers up further on her body. I could see her arm moving under the sheet. She caressed her stomach, and then I watched it move lower.


"Please, Miss Gina. You are my daughter, I am your father, but I am now also your slave. Please, treat me just like that, your slave, your sissy slave. I'll do anything you tell me to, anything, anytime. I need it, Miss Gina, please. I need to be humiliated by you, need to feel pain from you, and I'll do anything you want if you give it to me. PLEASE!"


She giggled as she watched me, spilling my guts and my soul to her, watching her. My hips moved, involuntarily, and I moaned as I fought to control myself.

 tease denial Mistress



"Mmm, Mom was right, it IS fun to tease you like this. You are a fucking sissy panty wearing slave. My father, who wears panties and jacks of just because I tell him to. You are going to get your wish today; I'm going to do my best to make sure of that. Now, get out of here, slave, I want some breakfast."


I turned, embarrassed, and left her room.


Thirty minutes later I had breakfast cooked and served. Mary had showered quickly and dressed in a thin summer dress; pale blue flowers with spaghetti straps. Gina was still in her t-shirt and panties. I was still naked and, at Gina's instruction, was standing at the side of the table while she and her mother ate.


"It's going to be so much fun, Mom, I can't wait. But, umm, do you mind if we go to a different mall, today. I don't want to run into any of my friends, you know?"


"Of course, baby, I'd already thought about that, and I'm glad you have too. It's so much fun to humiliate him in public, but we do have to be careful about people we know. There are some that we can trust, but we have to be very sure about it before we introduce anyone new."


"You mean there are some people that we know, who know about it, who know he is a slave, and everything?" Gina was amazed. "Who? Do I know them?"


"Well, yes, dear, there are a few friends of ours. And, yes, there are one or two that you know. But, before I tell you who, you have to promise me something. You cannot let them know about us, the three of us, I mean. It's one thing for them to know what a sissy your father is, and that he is my slave and everything, but what the three of us are doing is bordering on illegal and not everyone would accept it, ok?"


"I know, you're right, and I promise I won't let them know what we do. But, please, tell me who?"


"Well, ok. You know Caroline, who works in my office? She and her husband Joe know."


"Ohmygod, both of them? Joe as well? How did they find out? What did they say? Do you make him do things with them? What?"


Mary laughed. I blushed.


"Yes, Joe as well, although not at first. Mary kind of guessed, from seeing how I controlled what your dad did when we were together, and asked me one evening when we were out drinking. I felt I could trust her and told her about it. She liked the idea and it kind of went from there. At first I just made your father do simple things like serve us both drinks here in the house, kind of like we did the first night with you, in his panties. Then, over time, we did more, and Caroline slowly convinced me that it would be ok, safe, for Joe to find out, so I let her tell him. We don't do it often, but now your sissy father serves all three of us."


"Are you serious? What do you make him do? Do you, you know, like make him jack off in front of Joe?"


"Why don't you go and get dressed so that we can go shopping, darling. I know you want to know more, and I'll tell you, but I have to explain a few other things first. Let's go shopping and I'll tell you more while we have lunch, ok?"


Gina was clearly disappointed, but after making her mother promise, she accepted it and went off to shower and change.


I cleaned up the kitchen, and then did the same.


When I got out of the shower, I found that Mary was waiting for me, and had put some clothes out for me. There was a pale pink polo shirt, some very lightweight cream pants, a pair of dark blue boyshorts with a lot of frilly lace around the waist and legs, and a pair of thigh-high stockings.


"Wear these, slut, I want you to feel very feminine, very vulnerable today. And, whatever you do, make sure you do whatever we tell you, especially Gina, I want her to feel totally confidant today. It's very important that she is not embarrassed, but is in complete control. Do you understand?"


"Yes, Mistress. I understand"


I dressed and we went downstairs. Gina was waiting, dressed in a blouse and a fairly short denim miniskirt. She took one look at me and burst out laughing.


"Oh fuck, Mom, look at him. I've seen him in that pink golf shirt before, but today it is definitely girly. And look at his feet. Are those nylons? You made him wear nylons, and no socks?"


"Yes, dear, just for you. I wanted to be sure he was, you know, in the right frame of mind to be both submissive and obedient for you. Do you like it?"


"Hell yeah! I love it, but it's a good job we're gonna go where nobody will recognize us!"


They both laughed together, and I blushed a deep red.


By 10am we were all ready to go. As we walked out of the front door into the sunlight, Gina giggled to her mother. "Mom, look, if you look carefully, you can see the lace on the panties he's wearing."


"I know, darling, isn't it fun! What do you think, slut? Do you like that anyone who looks carefully will see your frilly panties?"


"Y-Yes, Mistress", I stammered, "If it pleases you both, then yes, I do"


"Perfect answer, daddy. You are such a fucking sissy, but I love you!"


We got into the car and started off to the Mall. I was driving, with Gina in the passenger seat and Mary sitting behind her. "Are you excited, Robin? You know we are going to be very cruel to you, don't you?"


"Yes, Mistress, I am. I'm sorry, but I am"


"Oh don't be sorry, we're going to enjoy it even more than you, I think!" She giggled. "Is he hard, Gina? Is he really excited?"


"Mo-om", she squealed, "I don't know. I can't tell the way he's sitting, ya know?"


"Well, feel him, baby. Don't be shy, he's your property. Feel him, and see, and if he's not really hard, then make him hard. We want him to be, you know, crazy!"


"ohmygod", Gina laughed, but then turned to face me as I drove. "Well, sissy panty daddy, ARE you hard?" She reached over and ran my hand over my lap. My cock strained at the panties as she ran her hand over it. "Yeah, he's hard, Mom," she giggled and then squeezed the head of my cock.


For the next 20 minutes, I drove while Gina kept her and in my lap. Every now and then she would squeeze me, or stroke me through my pants. All the while, she and her mother chattered away, sometimes about normal "girl stuff", and sometimes about what kinds of things Gina wanted to do.


Finally, we arrived at the mall, on the other side of town where we rarely went and I parked the car. As we got out and started to walk towards the entrance, I started to get more nervous than excited, and Mary noticed.


"Too late now, slut. You want this, you know you do, so there's no good being scared. We're going to do this, and you are going to be obedient, do you understand?"


"Y-yes, Mistress, but I am scared - scared and excited, both"


"I know, but I promise you, if you do exactly what we tell you, and especially Gina, it will be worth it. You are a submissive, panty-wearing slut. You crave this; I know it, you know it, and now Gina knows it. So be good and suffer and enjoy it, ok"


"Yes. Thank You, Mistress. Thank You, Miss Gina"


We entered the mall, and I already felt naked, felt sure that everyone knew about me, what I was wearing, and what we were there for.


"Let's start at Macy's," Mom, "I like the lingerie they have there, it's really feminine"


"Sure. baby. This day is for you, so whatever you like"


"Fuck, this is so hot", Gina laughed, taking me by the hand and pulling me along as Mary followed. "Come on daddy-slave, remember what you told me this morning? Well, I do, and I'm going to try and turn your switch!"


Catching me completely by surprise, Gina led us to the cosmetics department. There were half a dozen counters, each with a beautiful girl or woman in white coats and immaculately made up. She stopped at the Lancome counter and smiled at the salesgirl, who looked to me to be about 25.


"Good morning, how can I help you?"


"Oh, I want to look at some nail varnish", Gina replied, "Something red or pink, I think"


"Sure. Here's our Vernis Magnetic line," the girl spoke, softly, smoothly, "It's one of our newer products, and has a really deep shine, hardly ever chips, and lasts for up to seven days. The pink is called Pink Crystalline, and the red is Cinnamon Plum, which is really deep. These are really popular."


Gina took the two bottles and, looking at me, smiled. "These look great, but can I just try them, please?"


"Of course, I have some test bottles over here"


Gina led me over to the counter and, without hesitation, looked at me and said "Well, daddy, what do you think, do you like them?"


The salesgirl smiled at us both, obviously thinking Gina was asking my opinion for her.


"Err, yes, sure, they are both very pretty, umm, M- Gina" I almost made a mistake, by calling her "Miss", but caught myself before the salesgirl noticed.


"Good. Give me your hand"


My heart stopped then burst into what felt like two hundred beats per minute, and my throat went dry. I was not expecting this. "Err, what?"


"Give me your hand, daddy", Gina repeated, this time with s harder look in her eyes.


Burning red, I slowly lifted my left hand and let Gina take it in hers. The salesgirl's eyes were wide, and her mouth was open, although she remained silent, not sure she was hearing or seeing correctly.


"Good. Now let's see how Cinnamon Plum looks"


She easily undid the silver lid on the bottle, and with practiced ease pulled the brush out of the bottle and simultaneously wiped the excess polish off on the inside.


With a cruel smirk on her face, she expertly painted the nail of my index finger bright red, and then replaced the brush.


"Well, daddy, tell me. Do you like it? I do, but I'm not sure if pink wouldn't be better. We'd better try that one too, don't you think?"


Fortunately for me, because I was incapable of speaking, Gina didn't wait for a reply, but repeated the process with the Pink Crystalline, this time painting my thumbnail on the same hand.


With great seriousness, she studied them both, and then held my hand out in front of the salesgirl. "I'm not sure. Which do you think looks better? I just can't make up my mind"


The girl was almost as embarrassed as I was, but finally found her voice. "W-well, umm, they are err both umm lovely colors. I'm not, err, sure what to say" Her eyes were flicking between Gina and me, trying to understand what was happening.


"Well, we want you to look pretty, don't we daddy, and I guess it depends what we dress you in. I think we had better take both, don't you? Why don't you pay for them!"


"Y-yes, yes, ok, Gina" I stumbled, and then realized that even this would not be easy. I was going to have to reach into my pants pocked for my wallet, and it was on my left side! I fumbled a little, trying to figure out how to do this. I knew for sure I could not put my wet fingertips into my pocket.


Gina recognized my dilemma and giggled. "Oh, I guess you need help, huh, daddy?"


The salesgirl gasped as Gina moved beside and slightly behind me, and then reached down into my pants pocket. My wallet was the only thing in there, but she pretended to fumble around. She slowly grazed her fingernails up the side of my cock, which was standing upright in my panties."mm what's this .. oh .. that's not your wallet, is it daddy?" it was easy to see the outline of her fingertips moving up and down inside my pants, "ahh . here it is" she smiled, and pulled it out, leaving me standing there with a distinct bulge in my pants.


She handed me the wallet and smiled sweetly, "there, now pay the lady daddy, and thank her for her help"


I gingerly pulled my credit card out and handed it to the girl. "Thank you, err, Miss, we'll, umm, take both shades, please"


Still in shock, she took my credit card and went behind the counter to ring up the sale. It only took a few moments, but it felt like hours. While she was on the other side of the counter, I noticed her whispering and giggling to her associate, another girl. I wanted to sink into the floor.


They both came back over to where we were standing. Our salesgirl handed me the credit slip and my card, while the other girl put the two bottles into a Lancome bag and passed it to Gina.


"Oh, no ... those are for him, not me. Right daddy?"


I shakily signed the slip and took the bag from the second girl. "Yes, err, Thank You," I mumbled, and took the bag.


"You're welcome, Sir. Be careful not to smudge your nails, now, they won't take long to dry." The two girls giggled at her joke, and leaned into each other as they covered their mouths, trying hard not to laugh out loud.


Gina smiled at them and grabbed my hand. "Come on daddy, we've got more pretty things we need to buy, don't we?" Without waiting, she pulled me down the aisle and towards the escalator.


As soon as we were out of earshot she turned to me, and then Mary and whispered "Oh my god, I did it, that was so freaking incredible. Was it ok, Mom? How did it feel, daddy, did you enjoy it? I know I did. We have to do more of this, this is GREAT!"


Mary laughed at Gina's excitement "It was wonderful darling, I am SO proud of you; you are going to be great at this. I just couldn't believe how well you did it, I just stood and watched. You were awesome!"


"And you, daddy, tell me you liked it. I felt it, I know you were hard. Your, your cock was like rock", she blushed slightly, still not fully comfortable referring to it.


"Yes, Miss Gina, I have to admit, that I did. I almost died for a minute, but I did, and now that it's over, I really liked it. Thank You! Did I please you?"


"Oh, yeah, fuck yes, you pleased me. But, it's not over yet, that was just the beginning, to make sure I could do it. The best is yet to come sissy. Come on!"


She grabbed my hand as we rode up the escalator and gripped it hard. As we got off at the top she again led the way and walked purposefully towards the lingerie department.


We were soon surrounded by racks and mannequins, bra's, slips, panties, corsets, garter belts and other delights were everywhere. Gina spotted a DKNY display and headed for it, pulling my hand while Mary followed a few steps behind, stopping to look at things on her own.


Gina had spotted a mannequin wearing a plum colored bra, panty and garter-belt set, with black trim and bows.


"Oh, daddy, look at this, it's beautiful!"


I had to admit, it was a beautiful set. Gorgeous in fact. As I got closer, I could see that the panty was actually a thong, and that as beautiful as it was, I would have difficulty wearing it. It was narrow at the front, and I knew that as I walked I would inevitably fall out of the sides. This was why I liked boyshorts so much -- they didn't have that problem.


"Err, Miss Gina," I whispered, "I umm can't wear panties like that"


Gina looked at me surprised, and I could see the beginnings of a frown on her face. "Why not, sissy?"


"Well, err, of course, I would, if you told me too, but, umm, well, they are so, you know, narrow at the front. There's not much support, you know, and umm, things won't like stay in place. You know what I mean!"


"Oh", she smiled, "Oh, that would be embarrassing, wouldn't it, daddy. Not just wearing panties, but with everything falling out of them! I actually think that might be funny!" She giggled, "What do you think, Mom?"


Mary had been listening to us and looked at me. "Well, my dear, it is true, he won't be able to stay in them. But, if you would like to see him in them, then that's all that matters."


As Mary finished talking, a young sales girl showed up. She must have been working while at school, she looked like she couldn't possibly have been more than 19 years old.


She looked at Gina and smiled, "Can I help you find something?"


Gina smiled back, and then looked at me, and then back at the girl. "Well, yeah, I think so, but, umm, we are together" Gina frowned at the girl, trying to pass a message.


I looked at the young girl; her name tag said "Sara"


She looked at me, then at Gina. Thinking Gina might be embarrassed at buying lingerie for herself with a man present, she said "Oh, don't worry; we have some nice leather chairs over there, where your Dad can wait while you shop?"


Gina tried again. "Err, no, that's not the problem. We umm need him around. I just didn't want you to be embarrassed?"


Sara smiled back "Oh, that's fine, I'm not embarrassed, this is where I work, and I often help men buy gifts for their wives and stuff"


Gina apparently decided to stop trying to explain and just see how things turned out. "Well, ok, but, you know, just say if you like want us to leave or anything"


"Don't be silly. Now, what can I help you find?"


"Well, we like this set here, this DKNY"


"Ok, and, umm, what size? The panties just come in small, medium and large, and you look like a small? What about the bra?"


"Well, they're umm not for me" Gina whispered, looking first at Sara then at me. She took a deep breath. "What size do YOU think, daddy?"


Sara turned to me, now thinking we were getting a gift. Then she noticed my red face.


"Umm, a, a large, I think, G-Gina"


"Yes, that's what I think too, daddy. Can we see them please?"


Sara knelt down and opened a drawer beneath the display. After sorting through a couple of items, she pulled out a thong and handed it to Gina, smiling.


"Thank You." Gina held them up and looked at them, then down at my waist. "Yeah, I think you're right daddy, you umm couldn't get anything smaller, could you?"


Sara was staring at me now, beginning to wonder.


"N-no, Gina, no, I umm couldn't get anything smaller"


"Good, we'll take these, and the garter belt, large also."


"Great" Sara again knelt down and found a matching garter in the drawer. Standing up, she gave it to Gina and asked "and, umm, what about the bra?"


I had never worn a bra before. I looked at Gina in panic.


"Well, we actually don't know, do we daddy, but, umm, what's the biggest B-cup that you have? Or do you have an A-cup?" She looked directly at my chest and continued "there's not much there, you know, so we want the smallest cup you have in the biggest size you have. What size is your chest, daddy?"


Now Sara understood. She gasped, covered her mouth, blanched, and to no one in particular whispered "oh god! These are for him? You're buying this stuff for him?"


"Err, yeah, we are. Aren't we daddy?"


I don't know who was the deepest red, or who was most scared, me or Sara, but I knew I had to go through with it.


"Y-yes, we are, umm, I hope you will be, umm, discrete, err Sara"


"Oh my god. I can't believe it. You're really her father? And you're really buying lingerie for him?"


Gina, seeing that while Sara was shocked, wasn't going to cause a big scene, laughed. "Yeah, we are. Kinda weird, huh, but he's my sissy, and I want him to be pretty!"


Sara didn't quite know how to respond, so just quietly said "ok", and went back down to another drawer. Standing back up, she held up a matching bra. It was an underwire, but the cups were very soft. They were embroidered in plum, with black lines and a black bow in the middle. "This, umm, this is a 36B, it's the err best we have, I think. Is this really for real? It's not like a joke or a customer service audit or anything is it?"


Gina took the bra and held it up against my chest. "No, it's not a joke, we're serious. Tell her daddy; tell her that you are going to wear it!"


Knowing that Gina was serious, I looked at Sara and tried to speak. "She's telling you the truth, they are for me. Please, I don't expect you to understand, but yes, I umm wear what she tells me to"


"Turn around, daddy"


I looked at Gina, and then realized what she was going to do. There were no other customers around, so I did as she instructed and turned my back to them.


"Look at this, Sara," I felt Gina's hand smoothing the material of my pants over my ass. "Can you see? I know you can!"


"Shit, he's wearing panties" Sara whispered.


I turned back around, blushing even more. Now there was no doubt. This young girl knew for a fact that we were shopping for me.


Sara laughed and then apologized "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude, but, like, I've heard of men like him, but never had one in here before, and for sure never thought one would be with his daughter!"


"It's ok," Gina smiled, "I'm only just getting used to it too. So, umm, can you like help us find some other things?"


"Sure," Sara replied, "I don't care, I still get paid, I don't care who wears them!"


"Great. Then, we need a couple more things. We need some nice stockings to go with the garter belt, and a nighty. Something really feminine, you know?"


"Sure." Sara stopped and thought for a moment, then looked at us. "You know, I think I have something better than this DKNY set. Follow me"


We walked over to a different area, and Sara pulled a couple of hangars off a rack. "These are 'Jezebel', and they are just as, umm, pretty" (she smirked as she said this), "but the umm, thing is, the bra comes in a 38A, and, you know, I think that would be better?"


Gina took the set from Sara and looked at it.


"Sara! You are a genius; I knew I could trust you. These are perfect. Look at them, daddy!"


Without any shame, she held the set up to my chest. It was pink satin, with black mesh trim.


"They are nice, umm, Miss Gina", I decided to also trust young Sara, "I've never worn a bra before, but I will, if you want me to"


"Of course you will, daddy. I'm telling you to! These are great, Sara, but we still need stockings and a nighty. Do you have anything?"


"Well, kind of. I have a really nice chemise and thong set over here, it comes in XL, but the, umm, cups might be a problem. They don't come in an A or anything. Here, I'll show you."


We walked to yet another set of racks, and Sara pulled out a white, sheer nighty (she called it a chemise, but to me it was like a baby-doll.)


Gina looked at it and said "Yeah, you're right, he'll never look right with a top like that. Ok, we'll just take what we have"


Sara took us over to the register. On the way, we passed another display and Gina spotted a deep pink chemise. The label was "Morgan Taylor", and it was nowhere near as busty as the first one.


"What about this, Sara, does this come in XL?"


"Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about those. Let me check" She quickly sorted through the hangars and proudly pulled out an Extra Large. "Here! This should be perfect for him!"


Once more, I had to suffer Gina holding lingerie up to my chest in the middle of the store. This time though, we were close to the cash register, and there were a couple of other ladies around. I cringed backwards.


"Stand straight, daddy! I need to be sure!"


My heart rate was up again, but I did as she asked.


"Ok, this will work, he'll look very pretty in it, don't you think, Sara?"


"Err, yeah, sort of, I guess" Sara replied, obviously struggling to imagine this man in front of her, wearing a chemise or baby-doll or whatever it was, and doing it in front of his daughter.


She took all of our purchases over to the cash register, and pulled some stockings off a display case at the same time. She spent a couple of minutes ringing everything up, and then took my credit card from me.


As I passed it to her, she noticed my nails. I had forgotten about them!


"Oh my god, he has nail varnish on!"


Gina laughed "Yeah, I wanted to see what shade looked good on him! What do you think?"


"Oh, err, well, I like the dark red. It's better against his skin tones!"


I signed the slip as quickly as possible and turned to leave.


"Thanks for your help, Sara" Gina smiled.


"You're welcome. You can come back anytime, I'm over the shock now, so any weekend, I'm here!"


We left, Gina and Mary arm in arm, giggling, me following with my bags full of nail varnish and lingerie.


"Who's for lunch?" Mary asked as we left Macy's into the main part of the mall.


"Are you kidding, Mom, I'm ravenous, and, I haven't forgotten what you promised me!"


"No, darling, I'm sure you haven't" she laughed


We walked down to the other end of the mall, and decided that TGIF was appropriate. We got a booth at the back which was fairly secluded, and sat down. Gina was on the inside, me sitting next to her, and Mary sitting opposite me.


After a few moments, our waitress showed up and introduced herself as Tammy. She appeared to be a college kid, maybe 23 at the oldest, short blonde hair and a pretty pixie face with clear skin, freckles and no makeup. Your basic girl-next-door type. We ordered three glasses of wine while we looked over the menus. Fortunately, Gina looked and acted older than her years, and Tammy didn't ask for ID.


When Tammy brought the drinks back, we started to order. Gina wanted a salad, and Mary asked for fish. Tammy looked at me, but before I could answer, Mary took control. "He won't need anything, Tammy, he can just have our leftovers."


Gina smirked and Tammy looked at us strangely, but accepted Mary's tone of voice and facial expression. She wrote down the orders and, with a shrug, left us alone.


We took a couple of sips of wine, then Mary started talking.


"I deliberately stayed out of your way this morning, darling, I wanted to see how you were going to handle the situation. I know it was your first time, but you were SO good, so calm but so much in control, I was really proud of you. I have to tell you, I was just dying to join in, but at the same time just thoroughly enjoying watching and listening. My panties are soaked from the whole thing, and I think our slut's are too. How about you?"


Gina smiled at the compliments, and blushed at Mary's explicitness.


"Oh god, Mom, it WAS incredible. I loved it. I love this stuff, I can't believe you are letting me do it, but I'm so into it, it's just awesome, SO hot!"


"And?" Mary asked, her eyebrow raised inquisitively


"MOM", she hissed, but then smiled, "Ok, Ok, yes, me too"


Mary was not going to let her off that easy.


"You too, what, baby?"


"I, I, ok, I'm wet too". Her face was scarlet from admitting such a thing, in front of us.


"Good, baby. I'm going to keep telling you. Don't be embarrassed by it. You have nothing to be ashamed of in front of me, or panty-boy here. I really want you to learn to be completely honest and open about it, ok?"


Gina looked at her mother, then me, thinking for a second, and then with a deep breath whispered "Ok, then, if you really want to know, if I wasn't wearing panties, I'd probably be dripping down my legs. It was the hottest thing I've ever done. I didn't know that something that wasn't, umm, actual sex could be, you know, so exciting."


Mary beamed and I tried my hardest to remember my role and not show an overtly male reaction. Inside, my mind was spinning. She really was getting off on what Mary was bringing her into.


"But, if we're going to be completely honest and open, then it's your turn, Mom. You promised to tell me more!"


"Yes, I know, my love. Ok, you're right. I just wanted to be sure you really wanted to get into this, because, well, the only way to explain it is to be pretty explicit, ok?"




"Ok. Well, I guess the first thing I need to explain is about cuckolding." Mary paused for some wine.


"A cuckold is a man whose wife has sex with others, other men, with his knowledge, and usually with his consent." She paused again, then continued, Your sissy father is a cuckold."


"Ohmygod, let me get this straight. You, you umm, do it with other guys, and you, daddy, you know about it?"


"Yes, she does, and yes, I know" I answered


"Fuck. Who? How? When. You gotta tell me how this works!"


Mary smiled at Gina's mind-race. "Well, one at a time, darling. Sometimes it's with special friends, like Caroline and Joe, and other times it's, umm, with well, strangers" For the first time in many years, I saw my wife blush as she admitted this, especially the part about strangers. She was obviously going to try and be completely honest with Gina.


Gina just stared at her for a moment, trying to get her mind around the idea.


"Strangers. You mean, like, guys you have never met before? How, how do you meet them? Where do you do it?"


"Yes, my love, sometimes it's with a man I've just met. You know I go 'out with the girls' a few nights each month, and we go to bars and clubs and drink and dance, and, well, if I meet someone I, you know, want to do it with, then we do."


"Shit. So, you like go back to his place or something?"


"Sometimes. To be honest, it kinda depends on you. Up 'til now, if you were at home, then we would go somewhere else, but, if you were out with friends, then I like to bring them home with me"


"Home, you mean to our place. But what about dad?"


"Well, then, he gets to serve us both, just like a good slave should"


"No! You make him serve you? Both? Like how, what do you ..."


Just then Tammy returned to the table with the salads. She placed them in front of Mary and Gina and again looked at me with curiosity. "Umm, can I get you anything else?" she asked.


"Yes, dear," Mary replied, "we need some more wine. I think we're going to need a few glasses today, Tammy"


"Oh, Ok, I'll be right back."


Mary smiled as she left, then returned her attention to Gina.


"What do I make him do? Is that what you were going to ask?"


"Yeah, of course! I gotta know!"


"Well, first, of course, he has to be dressed as a sissy, in panties. Although, now that you had the imagination to make him buy a bra and garter belt and stockings, in the future he will be wearing those kinds of things too."


"Y-You let Caroline, and Joe, see you wearing panties, daddy? JOE as well? You served them like that? Ohmygod! How did that feel?" Gina's voice was loud with excitement as she said this, and by murphy's law, Tammy chose that exact moment to appear with more wine for us.


It was obvious that she had heard at least part of what Mary had said, and all of Gina's outburst. She almost spilled the wine as she put the full glasses on the table, and was blushing and wide-eyed and biting her bottom lip in an attempt to stop from laughing, all at the same time.


"Is there, err, anything else I can get you?" she asked, looking at Mary and Gina, and avoiding eye contact with me.


Mary and Gina both exchanged glances with each other, then Mary started talking "No, Tammy, not right this instant, thank you, but seeing as you obviously heard what we were talking about, feel free to tell us what you think, or stay and talk with us, if you like. I can see it's not very busy at the moment, and we're the only people in your section."


"Oh, umm, well, thank-you. Actually, even though it's quiet, I can only stay and chat for a few minutes at a time, my boss is kinda wierd about that. But, yeah, I did hear, and, well, like, I dunno if I really understood?"


" I think you did, Tammy." Mary smiled to make sure Tammy realized she wasn't upset, "We were talking about our sissy-man, here." Mary nodded in my direction, and Tammy stared at me as Mary continued "I'm his wife and this is our daughter Gina. He is my slave, and I am teaching Gina to accept him as her slave also. I was telling her that I make him serve me and my friends sometimes."


"For real, you mean, like really serve you?"


"Yes, for real", Mary smiled.


Gina managed to overcome her initial surprise and joined in "Yeah, and it's incredible, you can't believe how cool it is!" she laughed.


"And, umm, you" Tammy was struggling for words, partly because she wanted to be sure she understood, and partly because she was worried about offending anyone. "you, err, you said that he did that in panties?"


"Yes, my dear, I did say that", Mary smiled again, obviously enjoying my shame as she watched me squirming.


"Are you kidding me? You mean, like, real panties? Womens panties?"


Gina looked around the restaurant. We were back in a corner, and no other close-by tables were occupied, and there were no other staff around.


"Stand up, daddy."


I knew I was trapped, and that there was no possible way to talk either her or Mary out of this. I stood up and to the side of the table. Tammy looked at me, not understanding.


"You know what to do, daddy, just like in Macy's", Gina instructed me, her tone completely authoritative.


I turned so that my back was to Tammy. Gina smiled at my obedience, then issued one more order. "Good, daddy, now bend forward slightly"


Again, I did as I was told. I couldn't see her now, but apparently it was obvious, as I heard her gasp and then laugh.


"Oh no! Now I've seen everything!"


I turned back and, blazing red in the face, moved to sit back down.


"Stop!" Gina ordered, "I didn't say you could sit back down, daddy."


"I'm s-sorry, Miss Gina" I was more scared of disobeying Gina than I was of Tammy hearing me apologize to her, and address her in such a submissive way, "I'm sorry, please forgive me"


"I should think so", Gina smirked, "Now, I want you to show Tammy all the things you bought for yourself this morning!"


"Yes, Miss Gina" my head was hanging, and I dared not look at Tammy in the eyes. I reached down and picked up the shopping bags, and put them on the bench where I had been sitting.


"I, err, I bought these", I said, opening the bags so she could look into them.


She stared into the largest bag and saw the lingerie and clasped her hand over her mouth as she laughed. "Oh My God -- you ARE for real!"


"Show her your hand, slave!"


I could barely stop my hand from trembling. I held it out, and straightened my fingers. Tammy looked down at the two painted fingernails, then up at me, then at Gina and Mary. She was laughing almost uncontrollably.


"Ok, now you may sit back down, sissy", Gina ordered, in triumph.


"Thank You, Miss Gina" I mumbled, sitting down in total, abject shame and defeat.


"I, umm, I have to go back to the kitchen for a little while", Tammy said to Mary and Gina, "but, umm, I could come back in a while, I'm just working lunch today, and will be done in twenty minutes?" Her tone was almost pleading, she apparently wanted to know more about this very strange threesome she had been introduced to.


"That would be great, dear, please do, we'd love your company!"


"Thanks, then I'll see you soon." With that, she hurried away from the table.


"I did it, Mom! I did it! Was it ok?"


"Oh yes, Darling, it was more than ok, it was amazing. I loved how your tone of voice changed, and how you didn't hesitate to correct our little slut when he tried to sit down!"


Gina smiled, proudly.


"Ok, so, you gotta tell me more about this cuckolding thing, Mom. Tell me again! You, you know, You umm, do it with Joe, and with other men, and you do it while daddy is there? And he serves you, in panties, in front of them?" The words were tumbling out almost faster than Gina could breathe.


"Yes, darling, all of that. And, it's ok, you can say it. I fuck other men, they fuck me, and our slut here knows about it. I hope you are ready for this, baby, but there's more, and I promised to be honest with you"


Mary took a long swallow of wine, and Gina followed suit and waited expectantly.


"Part of being a real cuckold, I mean a really serious cuckold, is to prove absolutely to the wife, and her men that he completely accepts his place. There are certain ways he can do that."


Gina was intent "Okay?" she asked.


"Unless the man I'm with doesn't want it, or if your sissy father just isn't there, I make him prove it a number of ways. Obviously, serving us, like bringing us drinks while wearing panties, is one way."


"Another way is for him to, umm, be there, to witness another man taking his wife"


Gina was quiet, almost speechless, "Shit!" was all she whispered.


"There are other things too", Mary said, quietly, looking carefully at Gina.




"Baby, this is difficult. I'm not embarrassed, really, but I am scared you might not like it. If you don't please tell me. I won't think less of you, I promise, ok?"


"err, ok, of course!"


"Ok. Then here goes. I like to make our slut do some really degrading things. I like to have him undress me and, if he's ok with it, the man who is going to fuck me. I make him kneel down and make us, umm, you know, ready for sex; with his mouth and tongue. And, finally, well, simply put, after we are finished, which your slut father has to watch, I order him to clean us both. Again, with his mouth and tongue."


Mary stopped talking and sat quietly, watching Gina's face.


I sat, sinking into the seat, wishing I could simply disappear into a hole in the floor.


Gina, for the first time, was stunned into total silence.





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