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The Family Cuckold

by Cuck Robin




After clearing the wine bottles and glasses, and tidying up the kitchen, I rejoined Mary in the family room. While I had been busy, she had had a quick word with Gina, and then insisted that she get off to bed.


"Well, how do you feel, lover? Wasn't that incredible? It turned out to be much more than I had planned or intended, but it was so hot! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did?"


"Truly, Mary, I don't know how to even begin to describe how I feel. Not because I didn't enjoy it, I did, it was intense. It's just that there are a whole jumble of thoughts and emotions racing around in my head right now, and it's difficult to think clearly. One thing for sure. I simply can't believe the things you made me do, but thank you - I think!"


"I understand, darling. I just couldn't help myself. Once our little girl admitted she knew a little about what we like, that she was interested, and that she already thought we might be into it. Well, it was like the flood gates in my mind opened up, and I couldn't stop myself. I have to tell you, I was having mini-orgasm's one after the other."


"I don't care how tired you are my little slut, you are going to lick my asshole and then suck me off big time tonight. And don't you dare forget; there's no coming for you until I say so, and I promise it will not be until at least tomorrow night, and probably not even then!"


I hung my head and followed her up to our bedroom. As we passed Gina's door, I couldn't help thinking how strange it was to be openly wandering around the house in just my panties, knowing that she was at home. I also wondered how she was feeling. Was she able to sleep? Was she playing with herself?


We went into our bedroom, and Mary immediately slipped off her shorts and cami. I was wrong, earlier, she was wearing panties; white, sheer back and sides, beautiful embroidered lace panel in the front.


She slid them down her legs, and then lay down on the bed. Face down.


"Get over here, you fucking sissy cocksucking piece of shit. I want to feel your tongue deep in my asshole. Right now!"


I knelt down behind her and gently spread the cheeks of her ass with my hands. Mary had a fantastic ass, small and tight, and her rosebud was a thing of beauty. It was pink and brown and perfectly wrinkled. I simply loved to tongue it for her.


Putting my tongue into Mary's ass, kissing, licking, sucking and tasting it. These were among the most intimate demonstrations of love, in my mind. There were other things we did which were more submissive, degrading, but this was loving intimacy!




After about ten or fifteen minutes of this, and another couple of small orgasms for Mary, she rolled onto her back.


"Mmm, that felt so good, but now I need to be finished, darling. Do my cunt. Make me come big. Do it!"


She closed her eyes and reached up to play with her nipples. Mary has small breasts, very firm, and incredibly sensitive nipples, which really get long and hard when she's excited.


Her pussy, which was always kept smooth and bare of any hair, was glistening and deep red from excitement. Parting her swollen lips I ran my tongue up from the bottom of her slit to her clit, which I could feel, erect, under my tongue.


She was soaking wet and the combination of her sweet taste and the feel of her slippery skin were so sensual. It was glorious.


Within a couple of minutes she was lifting her hips off the bed and grinding herself over my face. Her entire body tensed and with a deep groan and a final spasm, she came. Hard.


"Oh god, sooo good, but stop. Enough. I'm too sensitive for more. Thank you, my love, but let's get some sleep!"


She rolled over and, in a strange reversal of roles, was asleep in moments while I tossed and turned; frustrated, excited, and nervous.




After a fitful sleep, l woke up before Mary, took a quick shower and dressed for work.


Most mornings I would make toast and coffee for her and Gina before leaving for the office, but this morning I wanted to do something different for them.


I went downstairs and got busy scrambling eggs, frying bacon and toasting muffins. By the time they both came down, I had the table set with coffee, juice, jelly, a flower from the back yard, and the food was ready.


Breakfast started a little quietly. Some simple small talk, but each of us lost in our own thoughts, and still assimilating last night's events. Gina was clearly a little shy after last night.


After a couple of minutes, Mary looked over at her. "Is, everything ok, Darling, you're so quiet. Tell me what's going on in your head?"


"Well, it's a little weird, ya know, the stuff we talked about and, umm, did last night. Were you really, you know, serious? Are we still gonna get together tonight, 'cus I need to cancel some plans if we are? I just want to know it wasn't like a joke or trick or something?"


"Oh, my love, believe me, it was no joke. It was real - very real. I was as serious as you want me to be, sweetheart, and I can assure you that your father is too, although what he wants is not particularly important, is it? The only thing we should be concerned with is what you and I want. Right?"


"Yeah," Gina smiled back, "it is. I just, like, wanted to be sure, ok?"


"I understand, baby, be sure - this is for real, if you want it to be!"


"Cool! Because I did some more checking on the internet last night, and I wanna learn more!"


"Then learn you shall, as much as you want. But right now you have to go learn some other things. It's time you were off to school, young lady! Just be home by six for dinner, ok"


Gina grinned at her mother, then at me, and then got up from the table. She gathered her school stuff and with more than her normal level of happiness, kissed us goodbye and raced out the door.


Within two minutes, Mary was also ready to leave, as I worked on cleaning up the kitchen.


"I hope you're going to be ready for tonight," she smiled, "I expect you to be you're most obedient. I want this to be a great weekend for Gina, and for her to really enjoy it. I will not hesitate to punish you in front of her, Robin. In fact, I shall be looking for excuses to do it. Do you understand?"


"Yes, I understand. I'm scared, but I will do my best."


"Good. You know how much I love you, especially for this. I am so turned on by it. Just understand that as much as I love you, I'm going to be very cruel to you, and I'm going to encourage Gina to be also. She needs to learn to control men, for her own good and safety, and you must help her with that. I'll see you after work!"


I was left to finish cleaning up, and to also get to my own office.


The day seemed to drag on endlessly, and it was a good job it was a quiet Friday. I had a hard time focusing on work, and my mind kept returning to last night as well as whatever was to come this evening. Mary's plan to prevent me from coming was also having its effect; I was horny, frustrated, and had countless erections through the day.


Finally, though, the day ended and by 5:00 I was in the car and on the way home. Mary had arrived a few minutes earlier, and I found her in the bedroom undressing.


Turning her back to me, she said "Perfect timing, dear, come here and unhook my bra for me."


I did as I was told, and then slid the straps off her shoulders.


"Now come and kneel in front of me, slut"


Her panties were white lace, and with my face level with her pussy I could both see and smell that she was wet with arousal.


"Take them off."


I gently pulled them down her legs and held them open as she stepped out of them. Looking back up, I was treated first by the sight of her sex; bare, pink, wet. Further up, above her hard, flat stomach, her small breasts were rising and falling as she breathed. Her nipples were erect, pointing straight out.


She looked down at me and smiled. "Yes, I know, I'm wet, lick me, worship my sex while I think about what we will do this weekend."


I sucked her labia into my mouth, tasting her excitement as she dug her nails into my scalp, then ran my tongue up her slit and into her wet depths.


"Yes! That's it! That's what you're good for, you worm, worshipping and serving a woman! From now on, you'll be doing it for two of us, and you'd better do it perfectly, or else! Now, go and start dinner, you little panty-slut. I'll be down to check on you in a minute."


I got the grill started and set up the table on the patio. I was going to be grilling steaks and serving them with mushrooms, onions and baby red potatoes.


Just as Mary came downstairs, Gina arrived home from school. I was still out on the patio, but I heard her arrive and then her and Gina talking and laughing. I decided to try and put Gina at ease in her new role, as much as it filled me with dread.


I went into the family room and walked up to where they were standing. Mary was wearing a t-shirt and panties, which was not unusual, and Gina was still dressed from school.


Looking first at Mary, and then at Gina, I knelt down on the floor in front of them and said "Miss Gina, I'm so pleased to see you home. Dinner can be started at any time, and will only take 20 minutes to cook. Please let me know when you would like me to start. Would you like a glass of wine before dinner?"


Mary looked down at me and was clearly impressed and pleased. She had a look of pride in her face. Gina was initially surprised, but tried her best to recover and assume a superior stance.


"That, err, that would be very nice, daddy-slave, yes, bring us some wine"


By the time I had opened and poured two glasses and returned to the family room, Gina had disappeared. I handed Mary her wine and asked about Gina.


"She went to change. Take her wine to her bedroom - she's expecting you, just knock and go on in"


"Yes, Mistress"


After knocking on the door, I opened it and walked in. I almost dropped Gina's wine glass on the floor. She was standing in front of the mirror, with her back to me. She was wearing a pale pink thong and nothing else, apparently studying her body in the mirror.


"Put it on my dresser, daddy. I'll be down in a minute. You can start dinner now" I could see her face in the mirror. Her expression was telling. She was mentally daring me to look at her body, her tits. I tried my hardest to keep eye contact, and left as quickly as I could.


I told Mary about what had happened and she just giggled. "Good. I want her to start losing her fear of you. You are her slave, and have no right to look at her or comment on her behavior in this house, so get used to it"


I went back out to the patio and started the dinner. Fifteen minutes later, they both came out to join me, and sat at the table. Gina had also put a t-shirt on, and as far as I could tell was still wearing the thong. I refilled their wine glasses and then started to serve dinner.


While we ate, the conversation was pretty general. How was school, was there a lot of homework, and so on. Once we finished eating and after I had cleared the table and returned to the patio, however, things changed.


"Gina was wondering what you were wearing today, slut. Show her."


Gina giggled at Mary's use of the word "Slut" to address me.


"Yes, Mistress."


I turned to face Gina and looked into her eyes. It was still very embarrassing to do this in front of her, but somewhat easier than the first time. Just like last night, I removed my shirt and then my jeans, standing in front of her in just my panties. Today they were pale blue, lace, and totally sheer in the ass, not quite so much in the front. I fought to control my thoughts and to prevent my cock from rising. I knew I wouldn't be able to do it for long, but wanted to last as long as possible.


"Very pretty, daddy. You're such a sissy, but kind of cute. I'm still not used to this, but I think I like to see you this way! I want to see you like this lots, it helps me remember that you promised to obey me last night. Is that ok, Mom?"


"All you have to do, from now on, is to tell him, Baby. You can tell him to do anything, in this house, including undressing, if that's what you want"


"Oh, Jeez. I'm still so wierded out by this, but it is just SO cool!"


"Do you really get, like, turned on by it daddy? I don't understand. I'd think this would be so, you know, humiliating, that you wouldn't be able to even think about being excited. You gotta help me to understand"


"Well, I don't know if I can, but I'll umm try."


I poured them both another drink to give myself a second to think.


"I don't think I can tell you why I like to be humiliated, Miss Gina, I've been this way for as long as I can remember, almost. Certainly since I was young. I can remember getting, umm, excited, when the girls at school teased me for being such a nerd. At first I tried not to be that way, but really all I did was go into denial for a while. Then, when your mom and I got together, we slowly discovered she liked that part of me, and she helped me to come more to terms with it."


I took a deep breath.


"The truth is that I don't know why, and really don't care any more. It's very hard to explain. It IS embarrassing, humiliating, degrading to be put into a situation like this. Just because it turns me on, doesn't change that. Sometimes, like last night, I can barely think or speak I am so embarrassed. But, at exactly the same time, my mind is racing, thoughts are rushing by, and, well, I am incredibly excited, you know, and craving more and more, and more, umm, extreme. Just the thought, the risk, of being caught or seen in an embarrassing situation is exciting for me."


"Extreme? What can be more extreme than a grown man wearing panties?" Gina was clearly, genuinely, curious.


Mary jumped into the conversation. "Well, Baby, there are a lot of things we do. Making your father wear panties, and occasionally making him show them, is just something I do to help keeping thinking about his position during the day, every day."


"Ok, but tell me more, tell me what else you do?"


"I will baby, I promise. I will tell you everything, and try and show you anything you are really interested in. It's just that there are so many things, it's kind of difficult to know where to start."


Mary thought for a while, taking a few sips of wine to help.


"Ok. I'll tell you a couple of things I have done with your panty-slave father, and then if you want, we can talk about them in more detail. And, by the way, part of being dominant and sadistic is to verbally insult and abuse your slave. I want you to feel comfortable doing this, whenever you want."


Without waiting for Gina to reply, Mary continued talking. "Anyway, here's an example. We both love to let strangers, especially young women, know exactly what your father's role is, and how submissive he is. So, as an example, when we are out to dinner alone, I will not hesitate to insult him in front of the waitress, and to completely control him, choosing and ordering his meal, controlling what if anything he drinks and so on, telling her he is just a panty-wearing sissy."


"You do that? Oh god. For real?" Gina looked me up and down with an amazed look on her face. "You do that to him? And you, daddy, you sit there in front of the waitress and everything? Fuck. Can I do that too, Mom?"


"Oh yes, baby, that and more. I want you to try anything that comes into your mind, anything and everything that you want."


"Then, there's something I already thought of. I thought of it last night after I went to bed. Wanna here what it is?"


"Of course, sweetheart. Tell me, I'm excited to hear"


"Well, look at him Mom, don't you see? He wears these panties, which is kinda sick and kinda hot at the same time, and I'm getting to like it. But, you know, like, if it was me or you wearing those same panties, what would we do?"


"What do you mean, Baby?"


"You know, Mom! We'd get rid of all that hair, You know, we'd do our bikini line!"


Mary looked at my crotch, and then at our Daughter. "I'm amazed, Gina. In just one day you've seen something which I haven't thought of in years! I'm SO proud of you! Let's do it!"


"You mean, make him do it, right?"


"Oh no, Baby, I mean us do it. If we leave it to him, it will either be wrong, or he'll, you know, cut something. Robin, see how great it is going to be to have your daughter dominating you, she's already seeing how we can make you into a better looking slave. Get upstairs in the bathroom, and wait for us. Right now!"


I walked up stairs. My knees were shaky. They were going to shave me, on my ""bikini line""!


Just a couple of minutes later, Gina and Mary both came in, smiling and giggling. Mary looked around and then said "Ok, panty-boy, I think this would be better if you were lying down. Go fill a bowl with hot soapy water, get scissors, a razor and cream, three or four towels and a washcloth. Bring them to the bedroom."


I did as I was told, and laid the towels out on the bed, and placed the other things on the bedside table.


They had apparently discussed this on the way upstairs, because without any real hesitation, Gina took charge.


"Ok, Sissy-Daddy", she giggled, "take them off and get onto the bed, on your back. Now!" She was beginning to learn a tone of voice from Mary.


I slid the panties down my legs and stepped out of them, then climbed onto the bed. I was glad to see that I was only very slightly hard. I was truly scared of what was about to happen.


"Please, you two. I know I can't stop you, but please - please be careful!"


"Don't be silly, Robin, we do this to ourselves all the time, and we don't cut ourselves. You may be our little slave, but we don't want to cut your cock off, even though it is pretty useless"


Gina laughed out loud as she heard this. She looked down at me from the side of the bed, then back at Mary who was on the other side.


"Are you sure Mom? You know, about me doing it? I'll, you know, I'll have to umm touch it"


"Of course Baby. I'm sure. And, never worry about seeing or touching him. You have my complete approval to do whatever you want to him. Get used to it, darling, he is OUR slave, yours and mine, to do with as we please."


"So fucking hot. Ok, daddy, spread your legs wide, and lay still."


She glanced at her mother one last time and then picked up the scissors. She gingerly took hold of my cock and balls and moved them around as she carefully trimmed all of my pubic hair to about an eighth of an inch.


"Don't worry, love," Mary encouraged Gina, "don't be shy and don't worry about hurting them. I'll tell you about that later, I'm sure the right moment will come along soon"


With a little more confidence, Gina handled first my cock and then my ballsack with one hand, while trimming the hair on them, as well. She then wet the washcloth and started to wipe my crotch. Then squirting the shaving cream into her hand, she started to rub it all over the whole area. I couldn't help it, control it any more. I started to get hard, quickly rising to a full erection. They both noticed immediately.


"You fucking pervert!" Mary hissed, "See, baby, I told you. We'll deal with this later. Keep going"


Gina smirked and kept going, pushing my hard-on to one side and then the other as she coated me in cream. She then wiped her hands on one of the towels and picked up the razor and looked me in the eye.


"Shit, I can't believe what I'm doing, what I'm about to do. Ready, daddy? Ready to look more like a girl in your panties?"


Without waiting for an answer, she started to shave away all of the stubble. In actuality, being hard kind of helped, as it pulled the skin on the shaft of my cock tight, making it easier to shave.


"Mom, I'm really doing it!"


"Yes, darling, you are. Are you, you know, enjoying it?" It was obvious what Mary meant, but didn't want to be too explicit.


Gina blushed and giggled, which was pretty scary, as I was worried her hand would shake or slip.


"Yeah! I am!"


It was all I could do to stop my cock from lurching in her hand as I heard her admit this.


A few minutes later, and it was all done. Gina stepped back and looked down at me. "Look at it, daddy. Now you can wear panties like a real girl. You will look much prettier!"


My faced turned red again. She was definitely getting more confidant in her role.


"Well done, baby, he DOES look much prettier, doesn't he? It was SUCH a good idea!" Mary was positively beaming.


"Well, slut. What do you say?"


"Thank you, Miss Gina. Thank you for, umm, doing that, for making me more, umm, pretty"


Gina smiled to herself, and at Mary. "I have another idea, Mom. Now that he's nice and smooth, can we like go get some new panties for him. Like, some bikinis and stuff?"


"That's a great idea, darling. We'll do that as soon as the stores open tomorrow. "Robin, you will come with us, and help us choose just the right ones for you"


Gina busted out laughing. "I was hoping you would say that mom, that's exactly what I was thinking, I've, you know, been umm thinking about what you told me before about humiliating him in public. I wanna try it!"


"Then you shall"


Mary looked down at me and noticed that I was still hard.


"Ahh .. yes .. I almost forgot. Baby, there are times when I don't mind him being hard, and times when I consider it rude. You will be the same, but what is important is for you to know how to make him lose his erection when you don't want to see it, or if you just want to punish him. Ok?"


"Err yeah, but without, you know, umm, how do you get it to go down?" she asked.


"Well, there are many ways, but I will show you one of my favorites. I'll show you once, then I want you to try it, and I want you to not worry or be scared or embarrassed. Watch!"


Mary leaned down slightly and took my shaft in one hand, pushing it down onto my stomach, and at the same time, pulling it up towards my navel, causing my scrotum to pull tight and be completely exposed.


"Watch carefully Baby. Here's something you can do, that I want you to learn to do."


Mary lifted her other hand and then slapped it down onto my balls, hitting them with the back side of her fingers. It was medium-hard, and hurt, but not excruciating.


Gina gasped.


"Now, your turn. Don't be scared, my love, do it to him."


Gina's eyes were wide, but she was learning to trust her mother.


She looked at me, then down at my balls. Imitating her mother, she pushed my cock out of the way and then did it. My own daughter slapped me in the balls. It was lighter than Mary's hit, but still made me squirm a little.


"No, a little harder, darling. If it doesn't hurt a little, it won't do any good. Don't worry, he wants you to do it.


Tell her, Robin. Tell your daughter to do it to you!"


I groaned and looked up at Mary, pleading. Seeing no mercy, I didn't bother to ask. My eyes moved to my daughters face. She was looking into my eyes, a mixture of anticipation and excitement and a little hesitation in her face.


"Please, Miss Gina. Please do it. I want you to do it."


"Not good enough, slave," Mary jumped in, "Tell your daughter EXACTLY what you want her to do, you pathetic fuck"


I took a deep breath. "Please, Miss Gina, slap my balls. I am your slave; I want you to hurt me"


Gina laughed. "This is so sick. But, ok, slave, if that's what you want, I think I can learn to do it to you!"


She lifted her hand higher this time, and brought it down harder.This time it really did hurt. Still not so intense that I wanted to puke or anything (most of you guys know that feeling), but bad enough that my knees snapped together, and I rolled onto my side.


"YESS! That's it. Good girl! And look, baby, it's working" Mary laughed.


Indeed it was. My cock was much softer now.


I knew what I had to do. It was critical to make sure that Gina was ok with what had happened. I lifted my head and, looking right into her eyes, whispered "Thank You, Miss Gina. Thank You, I deserved that. I wanted that."


"Oh fuck. You are incredible, daddy! I can't believe you. But, so long as you are ok and want it, I'm gonna get used to doing it, just like I'm getting used to you being a sissy and to seeing you either naked or in panties!"


I noticed that she was rubbing her thighs together as she spoke. My daughter was actually getting turned on!


"Ok, slut. Get this mess cleaned up and meet us downstairs." Mary turned to Gina and said "Come on, darling, lets go celebrate!"


By the time I got downstairs, they were back out on the patio, drinking wine.


"Come and kneel down here, slave. Right here where we can see you, and where you can serve us."


"Yes, sissy-daddy, kneel right here. I want a foot massage!" Gina joined in.


Kneeling on the deck, in front of her chair, I lifted Gina's right foot and started to rub it.


"Lick the sole slave, I liked that last night!"


I lifted her foot to my mouth and started to kiss and lick it. What a great feeling! Then, I noticed; with her foot raised as high as it was, her legs were parted, and I could see all the way to her panties. I had seen her in panties before, of course, but not from this position, not in this situation. I willed myself to ignore it.


After a few minutes of mixed kissing, licking, rubbing, I gently put her foot down and started on the left one. Same view!




Gina noticed where I was looking and smiled. Like all girls, she secretly wanted to be admired by men and, although this was a little different, she still liked it.


As I was working on her other foot, Mary started to talk.


"Well, I can see you are getting into this, darling. I can't tell you how pleased I am, how much it excites me. For the second evening in a row, my panties are soaked. And, before you object, my love, there is nothing wrong with us enjoying our dominance. If it turns us on, and it does, then our reaction is completely normal. You don't have to be embarrassed about it with me, and you certainly don't have to be embarrassed in front of your father. He is a sissy. My cuckold. Our slave. His thoughts are immaterial, ok?"


"Your cuckold? What's that, mom? I've never heard of that before?"


Mary smiled at her. "Well, I'm going to explain to you, baby, but tomorrow. I think you will be both surprised and, I hope, ok with it."


Now, we are going to have a busy day tomorrow. We can sleep in a little - well, except the slave, of course - and then off to the mall at 10. Gina wants to buy panties for her slave father, and that is what we will do. After that, I think we can go and have lunch and while we eat, I'll tell you what a cuckold is. Ok?"


"I can't wait, mom, I can't wait for the shopping, especially!"


"Me neither, darling! Now, I'm thinking we have an opportunity to start a little tradition, if you would like? Last night, we made him masturbate while we watched, but denied him an orgasm. I want you to learn how powerful denial is for a woman, baby. Deny a male, but keep him excited, and he will do anything you want, whenever you want. What do you think, my love?"


"Stand up, sissy. Show us your pretty, smooth, cock and balls." This time she didn't blush with the words. "I agree with mom, this can be a nice tradition. Do it, jack yourself off for us, but no coming. No coming until we say!"


I was hard in an instant. I had to admit, this was a nice way to end the evening. I would prefer to not be denied, of course, but in all honesty, it was an exquisite head-rush to stand there and do it while they watched.


They watched intently, smiling at each other, as my fingers moved up and down my shaft. I am uncut, and the feeling of my foreskin sliding over the wet crown of my cock was great. I decided to risk giving them a little more of a show. With my other hand, I reached down and started to play with my balls, rolling them around, squeezing them gently.


"Oh Yess, that's nice. Show us what a sick fuck you are", Mary whispered. Both Gina and I looked in her direction and I was amazed to see her legs slightly parted and that she was gently stroking her slit through her panties.




"Oh baby, it's ok. I'm just so turned on by how this is turning out. You are going to be a wonderful dominant, and I'm sorry, but having your father serving us, degrading himself just for us. Well. Why wouldn't I be wet and excited?"


"Well, I know, but jeez. I hope you don't expect me to do it in front of you?"


"Yes, darling, I do. Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow night, but I think you will. I'll never force you, of course, but I think you will want to, one day. Just know that I will never criticize you for it and, if you do, I can assure you it will be intense torture for the sissy."


"Fuck, Fuck, Fuck. This is craziness!" Gina laughed, and then returned her attention to my stroking.


"How does it feel, panty slave. God, I can't believe I'm asking this, but are you close?"


"Yes, Miss Gina, Thank you. I am, it's as much as I can do to not, umm, climax"


"Good. Then slow down, but don't stop. I want to watch. I want to watch my sissy father jacking off for me."

 tease denial


I did as she asked, and slowed way down. I had to be incredibly careful. One slight change in the pressure of my fingers, one slight change in pace, and I think I would have shot my come right onto her body in front of me.


Gina's cheeks were flushed. Her knees were rubbing together. She quietly, lightly, traced her finger tips across her t-shirt, over the tips of her nipples. Just a couple of times, but it was unmistakable.


Suddenly, she jumped up. "Ok, slave, you can stop now. I'm going to bed!" With a rushed kiss for her mother, she ran off to bed. Mary and I giggled and then followed her. In our own ways, we were anxious for tomorrow.






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