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The Arrangement, part 3





Margaret was evidently going to enjoy making me suffer. I would have to witness my darling wife being willingly seduced and ravished by her young and eager lover.

I wasn’t sure that I could bear the pain.


It was a strangely unreal feeling, standing there, dressed like a little tart, in my wife’s used undies and nylons.

I was suddenly aware that I would be forced to watch, in the presence of

Margaret and William and I had a sinking feeling of utter humiliation which made me weak at the knees.

It actually felt as if we were in the same room with the two lovers. It was scary and at the same time, exciting, but extremely humiliating. Margaret was getting quite turned on by the actions of the two of them and was quite clearly enjoying my dreadful ordeal.

Standing up and slipping off her panties, she ordered William to get into position to pleasure her. It was then that I realised that the chair was custom-built to allow William’s head to nestle just below where Margaret’s naked and hairless pussy would be. Lying down on the floor he was soon in position. Placing his head, face up he soon disappeared from view as Margaret settled back down on to the seat. Within a few seconds she was sighing contentedly as William applied himself to his task.


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It was then that I noticed that Tina and Paul had almost stripped each other and were ready to make love. Tina still had her stockings and garter belt on and it was obvious that Paul did not intend to remove them.

I stood there riveted to the spot, unable to take my eyes off the two of them.

I could feel an ache building up in my gut as they kissed and caressed.

I watched helplessly as this stranger groped my gorgeous wife causing her to writhe in pleasure. She reacted by grasping his rigid penis which had suddenly popped into view. I gasped as I saw the size and girth of his erection. I felt completely helpless and impotent as I realised that this monster was about to ravish my sweet wife’s innocent and inexperienced body.

She, however, showed no signs of inexperience, as she quite expertly began to stroke his throbbing cock causing it to visibly expand in size.


Margaret was enjoying the moment and commented that Tina looked like an excited little girl with a new toy to play with.


At that moment Tina pointed over at us. With sudden dread I thought that she had seen us through the mirror but she said loudly. “Oh look, Paul, what a big mirror. How kinky, let’s watch ourselves.”

With that, she pulled him over towards us using his penis like a dog’s leash.


“I’ve always wondered what it would be like to see it as a voyeur or peeping tom would.” Paul said.


He laughed and pushed Tina in front of him so that she was standing facing us. He started caressing her all over, mashing her breasts, squeezing her bottom and finally slipping his fingers between her legs and all the time nuzzling and kissing her neck and ears.

I squirmed as he pleasured my, no longer innocent wife. It was blatantly clear as she responded to his crude groping, that she was relishing her inevitable seduction. They both evidently enjoyed watching themselves in the mirror, quite unaware that we were witnessing the whole scene, only a few feet away.

Muffled sounds of his increasing arousal should have warned us of his next move. He suddenly bent her over and forward, placing the palms of her hands on the glass of the mirror. I could only watch helplessly, as he took hold of his huge cock and slowly slid it back and forth across the slippery lips of her hot eager pussy. I was breathing heavily as I watched him ease it into her, inch after inch after inch. She was gasping out loud as he started to fuck her doggy style.

She seemed to be looking straight at us while he defiled her. Her face began to contort as he increased the pace. He had her groaning and moaning in rapture as he continued to slide his throbbing monster deeper and deeper into the hot cauldron of her most private parts.


I realised that I too was emitting involuntary gasps and groans as I watched my beautiful wife clearly enjoying being degraded, right in front of me.

Margaret must have noticed my condition for she slid her hand up my legs and began to gently frig my tumescent little hard- on through the silky material of my knickers.

“There, there, Jamie.” She whispered. “See how much she’s enjoying it. Watch her get a good fucking, look how hard she’s pushing her bottom back in to him. She’s trying to get him in as deep as possible. Listen to her, she’s really egging him on, did you hear that? She just begged him to fuck her like the whore she is, she’s acting like a little bitch in heat.”


The noise coming through the speaker was almost deafening and I could feel the mirror shaking as he fucked her harder and harder. I had somehow stretched my hands over and onto the inside of the two way mirror so that they were matching her outstretched fingers on the glass. I felt that I was in some way giving her strength to get through this ordeal. I searched her eyes as I stood there, my own eyes filled with tears of anguish as I heard her urging him on to fuck her even harder and deeper. He too seemed to be looking directly at me and I was convinced that he had a smirk on his face which screamed “Look at me, look at me. I’m fucking your wife.”


He continued to fuck her, getting more and more agitated all the time. I could see the veins standing out on his forehead and neck as he struggled to maintain the momentum. Then all of a sudden he was gasping as he unloaded a mighty ejaculation, pumping his hot seed deep into Tina’s gaping cunt. Shattered, they crumpled to the floor still joined together in their moment of ecstasy.





I staggered back and nearly tripped over William’s legs as I took hold of the back of Margaret’s chair to prevent me from collapsing in a heap.


This scene must have lasted at least half an hour and I was now exhausted by the intensity of it all.

I recovered my composure in time to see Tina being helped back over to the luxurious king-size bed which dominated the whole room.

They both climbed on to the bed and lay down beside each other, completely drained of energy.


At this juncture, Margaret got up from her chair, allowing William to get some air. Taking me by the arm she led me back into the dungeon area and made me raise my arms so that she could, once again, restrain me by shackling my wrists above my head.

I stood there powerless to protect myself and very much aware that Margaret was a most demanding woman who knew what she wanted and who was used to getting what she wanted.


She poured out three large measures of her favourite Schnapps, giving one glass of the fiery liquid to each of us. As my hands were manacled above my head, I was unable to lift my glass. Margaret, kindly, came to my aid. Putting the overfilled glass to my lips she helped me to sip a little of the schnapps. Then she forced me to swallow the whole measure in one go, which I almost managed. Caught unawares by her swiftness, I gulped as quickly as I could and only a little of the liquid escaped to dribble down my chin. Almost immediately I felt the rush of blood to my cheeks as the drink took its toll.


Huskily, Margaret whispered in my ear.


“Now Jamie, I am going to show you how pathetic you are and how completely enslaved you are now, to your cock loving wife. Did you enjoy seeing her being taken by her new lover? I’m sure you did, at least your stiff little dick proved that you were excited.

Very soon they will, no doubt, recommence their sexual adventure but you will only be able to hear them, because I am going to blindfold your eyes so that you will not be able to see anything.

Imagination can be a very stimulating companion, especially if it is fuelled by the sounds of wanton abandonment. But don’t you worry. I intend to give you a running commentary on just what they are doing.”


I watched, helplessly as William came towards me with what looked like a black cloth in his hand. It was in fact a black linen bag which he quickly slipped over my head plunging me into darkness. As he moved away I was again conscious of his hand brushing across my silk clad buttocks and I groaned and shivered with embarrassment.


Margaret must have turned up the volume coming from the monitors because the room was suddenly filled with the sound of mumblings and heavy and laboured breathing. This soon changed to the sounds of wet kissing and rustling of sheets and silks.


Chuckling, Margaret was now standing immediately behind me and she proceeded to run her hands all over my chest and lower abdomen. She feigned shock when she ran her fingers over my flaccid penis which she expected to be hard. Although my facial expressions were hidden by the head bag, I screwed up my eyes in shame. I was even more ashamed when Margaret began to frig my little cock and it stiffened almost immediately. I groaned, powerless to control myself and sure that I was about to squirt when she stopped abruptly, saying.


“Don’t think I am going to let you off that easily. Your slut of a wife is just about to suck his big cock. There, can you hear her slurping on it? She’s on her knees and he has her head in his hands. Try to imagine it, he’s shoving it into her throat and she’s gagging on it.”


She didn’t have to tell me what was happening, I could hear quite clearly that she was struggling to cope with the face fucking she was getting. The bizarre thing was that my imagination was painting all sorts of pictures of her enjoying the disgusting things her lover was subjecting her to. I tried to think of something else, but I couldn’t.


Margaret continued to torment me, describing how much Tina was obviously enjoying the fucking he was giving her. She kept this unbearable teasing up for more than another hour or so. She kept rubbing herself up against me as she graphically described how Paul was fucking my slut of a wife and how much Tina was enjoying the thrill of riding his big cock. Tortured by Margaret’s incessant descriptions, I was experiencing gut wrenching spasms as I listened to how my lovely wife was having multiple orgasms and how she would always need other men to satisfy her needs from now on.


Incredibly, I must have passed out with the strain and intensity of the occasion. I came-to, lying on the floor. I had been released from the manacles which were restraining me and the bag had been removed from my head.


Moaning quietly, I was helped back on to my feet by William who also helped me on with my coat. The sounds from the bedroom continued as I heard Margaret telling William to take me home and put me to bed, which he did.


Later that night at about 2am, I was wakened by Tina staggering in to our bedroom. She looked a real mess, hair all over the place, make-up and lipstick smudged, nylons laddered and with a shattered look on her face. But she still looked incredibly beautiful in a stunning, sluttish sort of way. I managed to jump up in time to catch her as she slumped towards the bed.

She was tipsy, again. I held her close, and it was with areal sense of relief that she appeared to be unhurt.


She mumbled, her words slurred.


“This time, I really have been thoroughly fucked. Bloody hell, he was insatiable. I now know what it must be like to be a whore. He actually managed to come four times!!! He was fantastic. Mind you, I wouldn’t fancy getting fucked like that every night!

Kiss me, Jamie, I love you and I need to know that you still love me.”


“You know that I love you, my darling. I will always love you, no matter what happens and I am so pleased that you had a good time tonight.”


As our lips met, she slid her tongue deep into my mouth and I knew that she was making me taste her lover’s spunk. It was, surprisingly, not unpleasant.

After about ten seconds she pulled back to see if I would make any comment, but I refrained from saying anything. She then told me she would give me ten minutes to give her the adoration and worship that I must be dying to perform on her. I didn’t need any further encouragement and re-arranged our position so that her shapely legs were up in the air allowing me easy access to her centre of passion.


I shut my eyes as I bent forward expecting to bury my face into the heat of her soaking knickers. I was immediately taken aback when my lips closed in on naked flesh all slippery with spunk.

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I eagerly started to show her how much I worshipped and adored her and as I licked along the outer lips of her hot vagina, I wondered where her hot red knickers were. I think I knew that they were probably in Paul’s pocket as a trophy, to remind him of a fantastic night of sexual excess with another man’s beautiful and willing wife.

Would he sniff them occasionally or did he intend to obtain a collection of my wife’s sexy knickers?

It didn’t take long before my darling drifted off into a thoroughly deserved, deep sleep.


I lay there and wondered.

I wondered if Margaret would tell Tina that we three had witnessed her night of passion, or would it be our secret, to be kept forever.

I wondered if she would tell her of my humiliating experience in the dungeon and the viewing room.

I wondered what further indignities lay ahead for me.

Could my marriage survive what the future held in store for me?

Oh God, oh God!!!


Lovingly and with a real sense of reverence, I arose and gently undressed her and although I knew she couldn’t hear me, I told her that I loved her.


I tucked her up safely, in our comfortable double bed before folding her sexy discarded undies. I sniffed her laddered and cum-stained nylons and I knew then, that, come what may, I would play my part for as long as she wished.


Over the next couple of months Tina continued to date both Carl and Paul at least once a week and she kept reminding me that she was doing it for my sake, but at the same time admitting that she was thoroughly enjoying herself.

I, of course, continued to be captivated by her ever developing sensuousness and voluptuousness.

I reassured her that I was happy that she was enjoying her dates, and thanked her for being so good to me.

I suppose that I must have been a good liar as I managed to hide my heart aching jealousy, which did not seem to have diminished.

The mixture of pain and pleasure persisted as before but I was always so relieved, oh, so relieved, when she came home safely to me after a date.


One Friday evening I arrived home from the office about six thirty pm to be met at our front door by Margaret on the point of leaving.


“Oh hello, Jamie you’re home.” She said, casually. “I’m afraid your tea won’t be ready for you. Tina and I are not long home from having a few drinks with a couple of friends of mine. They used to stay nearby but moved away a couple of years ago.

Oh, by the way, I’ve invited them to stay for the weekend.They are going to be staying in our guest suite.”


With a cheeky wink and a mischievous grin on her face she turned abruptly and left, leaving me wondering what that was all about.


I called out that I was home and Tina met me with a lovely kiss before leading me through to the living room. Making me sit down in my favourite armchair, she sat herself down opposite me.


Looking at me straight in the eye and pouting her lips, she put on her sexiest voice and said.


“Darling Jamie, Margaret has just invited me to join her for a few drinks this evening with her friends. We were with them this afternoon and they were great company. I have a feeling that it might turn into quite an exciting night.

You don’t mind, do you darling? After all, you do want me to be your sexy little wife, don’t you?

Margaret said that they are both exceedingly well endowed and have great stamina as well.”


Giggling, she continued, blissfully unaware that my stomach was churning and aching at what I was hearing. Somehow I had assumed that Margaret’s friends were a couple, a man and a woman.


“You’ll have to make your own tea tonight. I’m going upstairs to prepare for our double date. Is there anything you would like me to wear for you, any special pair of knickers, shoes, perfume or anything else that you think might add a little spice to the evening. What about the little black silk crotch- less knickers that you bought for me last week? It’s about time they were broken- in!”


She obviously didn’t expect an answer from me.

She stood up and before climbing the stairs to our bedroom, she said.


“Put on your uniform, you’ll find everything in the downstairs bathroom. Do it now please, sweetie, I want to see you looking excited for me, before I leave. Try to imagine all the exciting things that I’ll be getting up to, while you squirm, waiting for me to come home to tell you what happened.”


With my head bowed in submission, I made my way to the bathroom and obediently changed into my grotty uniform. Once again I tried to admire the wild looking image that mocked me from the mirror.

The funny thing is I was beginning to get used to dressing-up slutty like this. I knew that it would always end up with Tina cuckolding me and then teasing me as I grovelled in my need to worship and adore her.


Before leaving to go over to Margaret’s, Tina asked me to check that she looked attractive and sexy enough. She certainly was, both, sexy and attractive, in fact quite stunning. I knelt down at her feet and told her how beautiful she was and how much I loved her.


She shimmied up close to me, then, slowly pulled her silky skirt up so that I could see her gorgeous legs. She allowed me to run my hands up her nylon clad limbs, until I was able to gently caress her exposed shaven pussy beautifully framed by her new silk crotch-less knickers. I leaned forward and lovingly kissed the soft puffy lips. This intimate contact caused me to whimper excitedly as I breathed in her expensive perfume.

In a voice shaking with emotion, I told her how proud I was to have such a beautiful sexy wife and that I would be waiting patiently and obediently for her to return later when I would prove to her how much I worshipped and adored her.


A few minutes later, with my stomach churning, I watched her walking away towards Margaret’s house.

I knew that she was excited.


Half an hour later, the telephone rang and I answered it.


“Hello, Jamie here.”


William’s soft voice crackled down the line in reply.


“Jamie, you are to come over here right away. Margaret instructed me to invite you so that you were not left out of the evening’s fun. Come right away, bye.”


Within five minutes William was removing my coat and ushering me down to the dungeon. I shuddered as I remembered the last time I had been invited to the plush basement room.

William looked very fetching in his black silk pyjamas. This was his uniform and in its own way, it declared his subservience to Margaret.

My own uniform of my wife’s used underwear made me feel silly and very vulnerable although I was aware that William was envious of my visible humiliation.


Looking at me, up and down, in a knowing sort of way, William smiled and said.


“No restraints tonight, Jamie. Make yourself comfortable, I’ve set up two chairs for us in the viewing room.”


We made our way through to the small room with the two way mirror.

The scene which confronted me left me stunned and weak at the knees. In fact I almost had a seizure.

Two big men were fondling our wives intimately, but, unbelievably they were black, black as the ace of spades.

I had never even thought about Tina wanting to have sex with black men.

There was no denying this as both men were almost naked except for their matching red silk boxer shorts.

The coal black colour of their skin seemed to shimmer against the creamy white bodies of Tina and Margaret, and both men had their hands on our wives’ bottoms.

Tina and Margaret had already had their outer clothes removed and looked extremely vulnerable in their fabulously skimpy sexy lingerie and nylon stockings.


Before I could say anything, William explained that he had to go and serve drinks for the two couples and that he would return in a few minutes.


Left alone in the viewing room I stood rooted to the spot, quite unable to settle myself down into one of the comfortable chairs that William had provided.

Shaking with excitement and emotion, I surveyed the scene unfolding before me. My eyes were glued to the big, black hand caressing my wife’s shapely bottom. I watched helplessly as the biggest middle finger I had ever seen, wriggled effortlessly into the silk of Tina’s black see-through knickers. She was obviously enjoying the sensation and lifted her face up so that he could kiss her lewdly. I watched his tongue slobber in and out of her voluptuous mouth as he finger-fucked her vigorously.

They pulled apart quickly so I guessed that William had knocked on the room door.

Margaret instructed him to enter.

I watched as he entered with his head bowed carrying a tray of glasses and bottles of spirits. He put them down on a low level coffee table and turned towards Margaret to await her further instructions.

He poured the drinks as she instructed.

I then saw her point to the scattering of clothes lying on the floor and heard her tell him to pick them up and to carefully fold them and lay them neatly on the dressing table in the corner of the room.


Both black men smiled and winked at each other as William obediently began to gather up their hastily discarded clothes.

Then, it was as if he was invisible as both men ignored him and turned their attention back to the ladies.

When she noticed that William had finished his task, Margaret extricated herself from her lover’s grasp and instructed William to approach the bed on which the four of them were lewdly sprawled out.


I watched and listened in horror as I heard her order William to prepare Tina for intercourse with her lover.

Margaret explained to the two men that Tina had never before experienced a cock the size of her partner’s and that William would assist by using his tongue to lubricate her tight little pussy.


William was not expecting to be part of the proceedings and I could read the obvious shock in his eyes. Tina was also wide eyed with shock and obviously not expecting this turn of events.


I could hear the rustling of the sheets as they all shifted their positions.

Tina lay on her back not knowing what to expect.

William, licking his lips, was, somehow, now kneeling between Tina’s lovely long legs and he slowly lowered his head towards her beautifully framed cunt in her silky crotch- less knickers.

He seemed to hesitate and looked over to Margaret as if to make sure that this was what she meant him to do.

Tina’s big black lover leaned over and shoved William’s face into her pussy telling him to, “Get licking, shrimp dick.”


I could hear him slurping away at my lovely wife’s centre of passion and heard Margaret and the two black men laughing at the grotesque scene.

Pulling his silk boxer shorts off, Tina’s lover moved behind her sporting the biggest penis I had ever seen. He dangled the big black monster right above her face and lowered it so that it rested on her luscious ruby red lips.


My heart was pounding, my lips were dry and I felt so very, very, helpless as I watched my darling wife open her mouth to accept the huge cock being offered to her.

Her hot tongue appeared and slithered around the bulbous cock head which slowly disappeared into her lascivious mouth.

She sucked him hungrily and noisily and I could see his member visibly stiffen as she excited and teased it.

Groaning, he started to move his hips in a very slow fucking movement, almost as if he was afraid he might do her some damage.

After a few minutes his friend grabbed William by the neck pulling him away from Tina’s gaping cunt which she tried to conceal with her dainty hand.


I heard Margaret whispering to the two black men but couldn’t make out what she said. Whatever it was, she then whispered to William and he immediately left the room.

Tina was clearly not included in the secret and I could see the questioning look on her face.


William, face shining with sweat and Tina’s pussy juice, opened the door of the dungeon and motioned for me to follow him.

I approached him with a feeling of dread. Taking me by the arm he made his way to the guest suite. Knocking on the door, he waited to betold to enter.

I heard Margaret’s voice, “Come!”


William opened the door and almost dragged me in behind him. I was immediately aware of the heady smell of perfume and cigarette smoke and for some strange reason I just stood there with my eyes looking down towards the floor.


“Kneel down, the two of you.” Margaret commanded.


We quickly acquiesced.

Gesturing with her hand she introduced the two men.


“Gerard and Chico here are our guests for the evening and Tina will be experiencing her first big black cock. Do you here that Jamie.”


I nodded my head.


Speaking to Gerard and Chico, she explained that I was here to witness my sexy wife having sex with her first black man and that if they didn’t mind, she had decided to make it an unforgettable experience for me.

Turning to me she said.


“Jamie, I want you to ask Chico nicely, if he would please give Tina a good fucking with his big black cock. Then I want you to take him to her and insert his superior manhood into Tina’s hot little hole, thus confirming your status forever as your wife’s submissive slave.

Do it now!!!”


Incredibly, I found myself obeying her and in a hypnotic daze I heard myself meekly addressing the man called Chico, as follows.


“Please sir, would you please give Tina a good fucking. You see, I love her but I am unable to give her the sort of sex that she love’s, needs and deserves.”


I started to rise from my kneeling position but Margaret pushed me back down.


“Shuffle over to the bed on your knees.” She said.


Raising my eyes for the first time since entering the room I saw that Tina was watching me intently from the bed. She was propped up on her elbows as I started to shuffle towards her.

Margaret told her to move so that her bottom was level with the edge of the bed. She complied and placed her feet up on the bed so that her beautiful pussy was exposed to us all.


In my stupor, I waited for Margaret to instruct me what to do next.

She stood right in front of me, and slid her finger into her shaved pussy.


“Jamie is a good little slave, isn’t he? “


I nodded my head.


“Jamie is going to do everything he’s told, isn’t he?”


Again I nodded my head.


Pulling her finger out, she pushed it deep into my mouth and I sucked on it instinctively.

Removing it she pulled my face into her warm pussy and instructed me to lick it which I did for a couple of seconds.

Moving back, Margaret told Chico to stand beside me.

She then told me to take his enormous cock in my hands and to offer it up to Tina’s waiting pussy.

I did as I was told and the feeling I got from having that thing in my hands was unbelievable. It felt absolutely huge and I could feel it throbbing as I tremblingly placed the big black shiny knob at the entrance to my beloved wife’s slippery love hole.

Margaret’s voice seemed far away as she told me to push it in as far as I could.

I could actually hear the wet sucking noise as her black master’s cock sank into the moist heat of Tina’s once tight little pussy.

Margaret pulled me back out of the way as the black bull claimed his prize.

I watched in amazement as he slowly eased his throbbing too lfurther and further into Tina’s well stretched cunt.


“Fuck her, Chico, fuck her good.” I heard Margaret urge him.


She put her arms around me in a consoling sort of way. Then, kneeling down beside me, she slipped a hand down to frig my little penis through the soft silk of my panties. I groaned, in fear of disgracing myself but Margaret had no intention of allowing that to happen.


Chico was up to full speed now and was pumping his huge cock deep into Tina’s hot cunt. She was urging him on, telling him how good it felt and how she was going to need this sort of servicing regularly. Moans and gasping were interjected by long squealing sounds as Tina had orgasm after orgasm.

Margaret continued to urge Chico on to greater physical highs and after only ten minutes or so, I noticed that Chico was losing control. He started to shudder as he continued to hammer his mighty cock into my wife’s tight vagina. Suddenly, he let out a loud roar and his whole body shook as he agonisingly unloaded an eruption of hot spunk.


I noticed that Tina’s hands were on his back and that her nails had drawn blood. Her legs were wrapped around him and I saw that her toes were clenching and unclenching beneath the nylon of her stockings. Both of them were breathing heavily and seemed drained of strength as they lay in each other’s arms.


I was still in the kneeling position, with Margaret standing next to me gently stroking my cheek with her hand. I suddenly realised that Margaret was also breathing heavily and discovered why.

Glancing sideways I saw that her black lover had his hand on her sensuous and shapely bottom. He was finger fucking her and had been, throughout the whole time Tina was being blacked.

Margaret noticed me looking and immediately smacked me across the face. I cried out in surprise and pain.


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“OK, that’s it for you. You’ve seen enough for now. It’s time for you to go home. William, take Jamie out of here and make sure he goes straight home. Both of you stand up and get out now!!”


We meekly rose to our feet and quickly made our way to the door. As I was leaving I glanced back and saw that Tina and Chico were kissing. Margaret and Gerard were laughing silently at our, or rather, my discomfort as we made our sheepish departure.

Once we got back to the hallway, William handed me my coat and said that I had better do as Margaret had said.

I was still shaking from the intense excitement of the scene that I had just witnessed when William opened the front door and I felt the waft of cool evening air on my face.



Head bowed, I made my way home to await the return of my lovely wife, whenever that might be.






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