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The Arangement, part 2





“Thank you Jamie, this really is kind of you.

Now would you please run my bath and if you come back in tenminutes you can collect the breakfast dishes for washing.

By the way, I would like you to wash my nylons and the restof my undies, by hand. I don’t want them put in the washing machine.

Close the door as you leave, oh, and by the way, I like youruniform but I think we can make it a little more exciting for you though. I’lllet you know what I’m thinking, later.”


Backing out of the bedroom after picking up her nylons andundies, I closed the door as requested. It was at this juncture that I realisedthat this was the first morning of my life as a cuckold.

I felt sick, unable to fully understand my submissiveacceptance of my new position.

It was a strange feeling, knowing that my wife had been withanother man, and that I had actually encouraged her to inflict this ignominy onme. She seemed to enjoy telling me how her new lover was so much bigger andbetter than me.

I wondered what she meant about my uniform.


I carried out my duties diligently and before carefully handwashing her nylons and knickers, I automatically put them to my nose andbreathed in their fragrance. . . As I draped them over the central heating radiator to dry,

I wondered if she knew that her nylons were badly laddered and would be of no further use to her.


The next few hours passed quickly as I carried out various other duties as instructed by my beloved mistress.

Tina left me dusting in the lounge saying she had to go round and see Margaret.

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By mid-afternoon as I was just finishing, Tina returned from her visit to Margaret’s. She was looking quite flustered but obviously excited as well.


I remarked that she had been away longer than I would have thought.


Breathlessly, she said she had something to show me and told me to follow her up to the bedroom.

As soon as we were in the room, she ordered me to kneel at her feet.

She then said. “I have a surprise for you, Jamie. Run your hands up my legs as far as you can go.”


Confused, I eagerly did as I was told.


“Oh, my God, Tina, your pussy has been shaved.”


I proceeded to run my hands all around her bottom and her smooth as silk cunt. My actions raised the hem of her skirt so that I could now see the newly shorn object of my desire.

I was now in a daze as I leant forward and kissed it, allowing my tongue and nose to caress the warm soft hairless skin.


Pushing me back, Tina said. “That’s enough for now, Jamie, you are getting me just a little too excited for this time of day.”


I managed to stutter.


“B.. b.. but…….h.. how did you do it?

I mean you were over at Margaret’s. Did you take a razor with you?”


“No! silly boy! Margaret mentioned that Carl had said that the only thing that would have improved last night was if I had been shaved.

She suggested that we do it there and then.

I couldn’t believe my ears when she said that William was an expert at shaving pussy and she would be happy to offer me his services.

Before I knew what was happening I was sitting with my legs wide apart with William snipping off my pubic hair with nail scissors.

Margaret had made him strip naked to perform this task which is how he performs this procedure with her.

I couldn’t help but notice that he had a little hard-on all the time he was doing it.

It was pretty small, not much bigger than yours.”


I was mortified, the thought that William was given this intimate act to do in preference to me.

With a shaking voice, I think I tried to protest that this was not fair, but Tina told me not to be jealous. She would make it up to me later.


She continued.


“Once he had clipped all the longer hairs, he lathered me in shaving soap and made a lovely job of shaving me completely, down there.

Margaret asked me to thank him by stroking his little hard-on for a few moments.”


“Did you?”


“Of course I did, it was the least I could do. Anyway, he was obviously pleased with what I did. He was writhing in ecstasy as I teased his little cock. Margaret had to push me away before he lost control.”


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I seemed to be the only one not involved in this bizarre performance.


Tina then said that I wasn’t to think that I had been forgotten.

Margaret and William would be over shortly to shave me as well!

To say I was stunned is to put it mildly. I was suddenly petrified!

Almost immediately, Margaret and William appeared at the door.

With a big smile on her face, Margaret asked me if Tina had given me the big news that I was to join the team, as she put it.


“Let’s not waste any time then. William, take Jamie through to the bathroom and both of you get stripped. We’ll be through in a couple of minutes after I discuss something with Tina.”


The next twenty minutes or so flashed by in a blur.

Once stripped, William and I just stared at our respective little cocks. I was fascinated by his hairless appendage, it looked so fragile.

He eventually smiled and said he would soon have me shaved like the rest of them.


Entering the bathroom, Tina and Margaret burst out laughing at the two of us standing there naked.


“Come on then, William, get to work.” I heard Margaret’s voice.


William dropped to his knees and proceeded to, snip-away at my pubic hairs and before I knew it, he was applying shaving foam all over my genitals.

He was very efficient with the razor and soon I was standing there being inspected by Tina and Margaret, both of whom complimented William on a job well done.


I couldn’t help snatching a look at myself in the full length bathroom mirror.

At first I was taken aback by a sense of nakedness and then the realisation that it looked smaller now that there was no hair. But then I realised that I had a raging little hard-on and that I must have had it since William first took it in his fingers and manipulated it, as he shaved around it.

Looking across at him, kneeling there, I noticed that he too was sporting a little hard-on, only a little bigger than mine.


I saw him staring intently at my newly shorn private parts, then he looked up to Margaret and I saw him raise his eyebrows in a plea for her permission.

She nodded her head.


Then it happened, so quickly, he moved towards me on his knees and promptly took my rigid little penis in to his hot wet mouth. Sucking and licking it while looking up into my eyes. I was mortified, the sensation was incredible but Margaret was determined that it was going no further and she pulled poor William off me and back on to his feet.


We both hung our heads in shame, as both girls giggled excitedly at our obvious embarrassment.


Still laughing, Margaret, ordered William to pick up his clothes, as they were going home.


I remained in the bathroom as Tina showed our visitors out.

I was still standing there when she came back in.

She came right up to me and kissed me on the lips. Then she thanked me for allowing myself to be shaved by William, who, she said, obviously enjoyed the whole experience. She had been as shocked as I was when he suddenly took my penis into his mouth and was relieved for my sake when Margaret stopped him before he went too far!


Then, out of the blue she said.


“Oh, by the way, Margaret and I are going out to a party tonight. I’m afraid husbands have not been invited.”


“What about your new boyfriend, Carl?”


“He’s not invited either so you don’t have to worry on that score.

Don’t bother putting your clothes back on, I have something else for you to wear when I am out partying or on a date.”


She led me through to the bedroom where I observed items spread out on the bed.


“I’ve decided that your black satin pyjamas are not slutty or exciting enough for you while you look forward to my return from a date. So, I’ve put together my choice of uniform for you to wear from now on.”


She pointed across at the items on the bed and said. “Put them on.”


The first things I recognised were her laddered nylons and the fine silk knickers that she had been wearing when Carl had fucked her.

Also on the bed was a short black silk slip with thin shoulder straps lying beside a sexy garter belt.

On the floor lay a pair of shiny high heel shoes.


Tina sat down on the edge of the bed and again ordered me.

“Put them on, I want to see what you look like.”


I quickly crossed to the bed and put on the used nylons and knickers, which felt so sensuous against my newly shaven genitals.

The slip fitted snugly but I had more difficulty with the garter belt and getting the nylons just right.

I completed my new outfit when I finally slipped into the sexy high heels.

I couldn’t help admiring my new self in the mirror, very, very slutty.


Tina growled sexily. “You look great, just stay like that while I get ready for tonight’s party.”


Tina had me running around after her while she readied herself for the party.

She kept changing her mind about what she would wear.

Eventually, she stood in front of me waiting for my approval. I was in awe at the vision of loveliness which was my wife.


I knew what she expected of me and as I slowly sank to my knees before her, I lavished her with all the words of love that I could think of.

Grovelling, I proceeded to kiss her dainty feet only to be brought back to reality by the piercing sound of the front doorbell.


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“That’ll be Margaret. Let her in please darling.”


“But, I don’t think I want her to see me dressed like this.”


“Don’t be silly, I want her to see you like this. After all, it was her idea that you should be humiliated and made to feel ridiculous. She says that it proves that you now fully accept your position as my personal slave.

Now! Please answer the door and let her in!”


I had never heard Margaret laugh so loudly as she did when Iopened the door to let her in.

Once inside, she complimented Tina on coming up with such a slutty idea for my new uniform. She loved that I was being made to wear the nylons and knickers that Tina had worn when Carl fucked her.


“Poor Jamie will always be reminded of your first real fucking every time he has to wear his uniform!”


Tina looked pleased with Margaret’s kind words and gave me a peck on the cheek as they both left to go to the party.

As I watched them drive off, I suddenly realised that I didn’t even know where they were going or when they expected to be back again.


Closing the door, I subconsciously ran my hands between my legs, feeling the warmth from my little penis, through the silky material of Tina’s sexy knickers.


I spent the best part of the early evening pacing back and forth throughout the house, a nervous wreck. Every time I passed the full length mirror in the hall I winced. What a freak I looked! Dressed like a whore. It didn’t even cross my mind to take the tacky clothes off.

Somehow, the time passed, even though I was troubled by my over active imagination. Oh God, what might she and Margaret be doing right now at this precise moment?

I kept getting visions of her at the party. She would be dancing too close with all sorts of different men, all of them intent and hopeful of being the one she would choose to fuck her. I kept trying not to think about it but it was impossible.

I think I may have downed a couple of whiskies too many, as by midnight, I was beginning to bounce off the furniture as I prowled around the house.

I cannot think of the number of times I must have peered out of the window looking for some sign of her return.

Then all of a sudden I saw the headlights of a car swing into our street and pull up outside our door. I quickly hid behind the curtains but left enough space to be able to see what was happening.


It was a taxi cab. Tina got out followed by a young man who quite brazenly took her in his arms and kissed her in full view of any of our neighbours who might still be up and watching.

Their smouldering kiss seemed to last forever. Finally they made their goodbyes and he got back in to the cab and left.


I was in the hallway, standing self-consciously, when Tina let herself in.

She burst out laughing, informing me that I looked like a whore in my slutty get-up.

She was more than a little drunk, as she stumbled in to my out stretched arms.

Oh-God, she felt so good, her warm womanly body pressed up against me.

No words were spoken, she lifted her face up to mine,  inviting me to kiss those luscious lips and I could not resist. As we kissed passionately I was aware of Tina sliding her hand down to my crotch where my little penis was rigid with excitement.

Taking it between her thumb and middle finger, she began to frig it through the silky fabric of my knickers.

I gasped as she very gently teased my little erection. Then, after a few moments, she began to increase the momentum which had me writhing in ecstasy begging her to stop. I had to pull myself away otherwise I would have disgraced myself.

Laughing at my discomfort, Tina pulled me towards the stairs and said.


“Come, my little whore, it’s time for you to worship and adore me, slave!!!”


I released myself from her grip and quickly ran around the house, closing all the room doors and putting off the lights.

By the time I got to our bedroom, Tina had removed her outer clothes and was standing there, posing provocatively for me, in her sexy underwear.

She looked gorgeous, a veritable erotic sexual goddess.

She certainly knew how to tease me, knowing I would do anything to please her. Moving sensuously towards me she swayed back and forth as if dancing to music only she could hear.


I was licking my lips in anticipation when she pointed to the floor in front of her. No words were necessary to explain what she meant. I dropped to my knees immediately, and waited for her next command.

She swayed right up against me, brushing her lower body all over my face and shoulders, moving her hips wantonly, knowing how much she was teasing and tempting me. She wiggled her shapely bottom in my face and I could feel the heat from her, I was conscious of her heavenly perfume permeating the air.


Then, still swaying around me, she spoke haltingly and in a slightly slurred voice. “I just wonder what you’re thinking, my darling husband. Do you think I’ve been a naughty girl again, eh? Do you think I’ve been out shagging another man? You do think that, don’t you?”


I remained silent, not knowing how to answer her. This was probably the most drunk I had ever seen her.


Then, in a sexy but slightly more belligerent voice, she said. “Well, for your information, I did not shag anyone, but I could have, if I had wanted to. Margaret suggested that we should lead them on a little, you know, to be a couple of cock teasers and do you know what? I had more offers to go to one of the bedrooms than you have had hot dinners!!! Ha, ha, ha.”


I cringed and bowed my head in embarrassment. This was not my Tina, not the perfect lady that I knew. She was drunk, not aware of what she was saying.


She continued. “It was so much fun, just knowing they were all trying so hard to impress us. In case you’re wondering, the young man who brought me home, Paul, was a complete gentleman. We only snogged, but he made me promise to meet him for a date this Friday night. You don’t mind do you sweetie, I think he might be a bit of alright. He certainly seems to be pretty well endowed. He kept pressing it against me when we were dancing, it felt so good.”


All of this time she continued to dance her way around me, determined to tease me to distraction. I’m sure she wasn’t trying to hurt me. In fact I am sure she thought that I wanted to hear how sexy she had been at the party.

She was obviously pleased with herself knowing that she had not allowed anyone to take advantage of her. She was also excited about her date for Friday.

Then she stopped right in front of me, my face only inches from her pussy. She stood there with her hands on her hips then she began to rock back and forward so that her mound bounced against my mouth and nose.


“You like that, don’t you darling. Smell it my little whore, tell me you need to sniff it and taste it. Tell me you need to worship and adore me and that you want me to have any man I want, tell me!!”


I managed to nod my head, but that was not good enough.


“Tell me! I want to hear you beg me to cuckold you again!”


I stuttered as I told her that she was the most important person in the whole world to me and that her needs and wishes were my own.


“Tell me! Tell me! I want to hear you say it. I need to hear you say it, for God’s sake, do you not understand?”


I had no option but to comply with her demands. Shaking, with a mixture of fear and foreboding, I managed to whisper.


“I love you Tina, I love you so much that I want you to cuckold me as often as you want.”


This seemed to satisfy her for she bent forward and kissed me, gently and lovingly. Then she grabbed me by the hair and dragged me towards the bed. Shuffling along on my knees I would have fallen on my face if she hadn’t held me up with the strong grip she had of my hair.


“Margaret says that I am a lucky girl to have you for a husband. You know what? I agree with her. I am going to make sure that you are proud of me. I promise to have an exciting and varied sex life for you so that you can worship and adore me as your goddess.”


Flopping back on to the bed, she sighed and promptly fell asleep.


I didn’t know whether to be pleased or relieved. This was not the way my darling would normally behave. This was a completely different person to the girl I knew. I pulled the bed cover over her and sat on the edge of the bed. I undressed myself, carefully laying out my “uniform” and thinking that I would be wearing it again, come Friday.


As I lay down beside my beautiful wife I had a picture in my mind of her kissing her handsome young friend and I wondered what lay ahead for the three of us, this coming Friday night.


The following morning I automatically carried out my duties and as I served Tina her breakfast in bed she leaned forward and kissed me.

In a soft, gentle voice, she simply said.


“Thank you my darling, thank you for everything.”


No mention was made about the previous night or anything else.

I thought that she would bring up the subject when she felt able, but no reference was ever made of the previous night’s embarrassing incident.


The following week passed by surprisingly quickly. I suppose I found it quite difficult to concentrate on my work but my colleagues didn’t seem to notice my nervousness. I kept worrying that maybe one of them would someday find out about the re-arrangement in my marriage situation.

It was like a constant thorn in my mind, one which would not go away.

I just couldn’t bear the thought that they would think less of me or make fun of me because I was now a virtual sex slave to my flirtatious young wife. I didn’t want anyone, ever, to find out our secret.


Tina, on the other hand, happily spent the week shopping for sexy gear. Margaret, of course, was only too happy to assist her and enthusiastically advise her on each and every purchase.

Although I didn’t know it at the time, Tina’s Friday date, Paul, also joined them for lunch one day. No doubt he was making sure that Tina was not about to change her mind about Friday.


I was a bundle of nerves at work all day Friday, but somehow I managed to make it through the day. Leaving work I wondered what my colleagues would think if they knew that I was going home to help my wife get ready for a date with a young man. A young man who would already be on a high knowing he was going to fuck the woman of his dreams, my wife!!!


I was almost physically sick with worry and dread. The journey home in the car went without incident, which is surprising as my mind wasn’t exactly focussed on my driving. In fact, thinking about it now, I can’t remember the journey at all!


I almost tripped in my haste to cover the distance between our garage and our front door. Once safely inside I shouted to let Tina know that I was home. Then I noticed the message lying on the bottom tread of the stair leading to our bedroom. Picking it up, I read it, aloud.


“Jamie, your uniform is in the downstairs bathroom. Put it on before you come up to help me get ready.”


Opening the bathroom door, I saw that Tina had laid each item neatly on the floor. I immediately removed my clothes, hanging them on the hook behind the door. Ten minutes later, I stood gazing at the reflection in the bathroom mirror. Oh God, dressed in the sexy, slutty underwear, I looked ridiculous, but in a strange way, I actually enjoyed what I saw.

Before I climbed the stairs I went to our drinks cabinet and poured myself a good measure of Scotch whisky. Without savouring the exquisite taste, I hurriedly gulped it down as quickly as I could. The burning sensation was unbelievable, so a tumbler full of water quickly followed the potent nectar.


Gripping the banister, I slowly climbed the stairs, glassyeyed and trembling with excitement. I knocked on the bedroom door which was closed. After a few seconds, I heard Tina’s response.




Turning the doorknob, I pushed it open and there, lying on the bed completely naked, was my beloved and beautiful wife.


“Jamie, oh Jamie, you do look so very slutty in your nice sexy uniform. You do like it, don’t you?”


I managed to stutter, that, as it was her choice, I would wear it for her pleasure.


“Come over to the side of the bed so I can examine you.”


I tottered over on my high heels and stood beside her. She stretched out her hand and brushed the back of it against the little bulge in my knickers. It had the desired effect, my little prick soon jumped to attention at which point she chuckled sexily.


“You like that, don’t you, you little tart. I’m beginning to get the feeling that you really do like the idea of me enjoying being fucked. It takes a little getting used to, you know, knowing that I am able to give you so much pleasure by having so much naughty pleasure myself.

Now, time to get ready.”


Standing up, she instructed me to get her the sexy red silk knickers from her drawer and help her to put them on. I immediately did as I was told and I knelt down and held them so that she could slip her dainty feet through the opening. I shivered as I pulled them up her legs and finally plucked the waist elastic as she filled her panties to perfection.

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I could see the shape of her incredibly sexy and hairless pussy and I instinctively kissed the prominent mound and breathed in the heavenly perfume.

I was allowed to help her put on all of her sexy underwear which excited me beyond belief. When she finally stood up and spun around, like a beautiful model posing on the catwalk, I just gazed at her, in abject adoration.


I hadn’t realised how quickly the time had flown by and I was brought back to reality by the strident, almost piercing, sound of the telephone ringing.


“Answer that, darling.”


I did as I was told. “Hello.”


“Oh, hi Jamie, it’s Margaret here. Put me on to Tina, please.”


I handed the phone to Tina who was obviously expecting the call.

They chatted, as women do, concluding with Tina saying that she would be with Margaret in a couple of minutes.

Retrieving her coat from the cupboard she held it up for me to assist her to put it on.


“Put your coat on too, Jamie, you’re coming with me. Margaret says that this will also be a special occasion for you tonight. I’m not quite sure what she means but I’m sure she will tell you when we get there. She is giving me her guest suite again, for this date with Paul. She really is a wonderful friend.”


Margaret’s house is right next to ours, so having put on sensible shoes we walked smartly round to her large and interesting home.

Once safely inside we were urged by Margaret to change our shoes and remove our coats as Paul was expected imminently.


I stood there, feeling very conspicuous and a little ashamed in my grotty gear, as Margaret praised Tina for looking so gorgeous.

At that moment, William appeared wearing his uniform of black satin pyjamas, and he graciously welcomed us to their abode.


“William, take Jamie down to the dungeon and make him comfortable, I’ll be down shortly.”


I heard the words being spoken by Margaret with a mixture of fear and horror and wondered what fate awaited me as William took me by the arm and lead me down to the basement. I was surprised by the size of the place and the warren of corridors all with doors firmly closed.

William stopped beside a door painted vivid red which he opened with a key. He reached in and switched on the lighting which was very low and atmospheric. As my eyes got used to the low lighting I saw that the room was indeed furnished as a sumptuous dungeon. Everything seemed to be coloured red or black and the carpet which was black had a particularly deep pile giving one a feeling of comfortable luxury. However the place was furnished with all sorts of items of torture such as chairs with manacles for wrists and ankles and all sorts of restraints. There were also whips hanging on the walls and lying on the floor, no doubt for show, I hoped.


William had not spoken up till then, but now he quite firmly told me to put my hands into leather cuffs which were hanging from the ceiling. Stupidly, I just did what he told me and I found myself completely helpless, standing there with my hands manacled above my head. I was more than a little frightened and said to William that I thought that things had gone far enough and that he should release me immediately.

He said he couldn’t release me as Margaret had instructed him to put me in these manacles. He spoke as if he was apologising but I suspected that he was secretly enjoying my discomfort.


Before I could remonstrate further, Margaret entered the room. She immediately smacked my bottom with her open hand. It stung, making me cry out.


“Quiet!!! You are a very lucky boy to have a sexy wife likeTina and I have decided to let you see how much she is enjoying her new found freedom.

You will do exactly what I tell you to do and only speak when I give you permission. Nod your head if you accept that I am in charge here and that you will do whatever I decide.”


I nodded my head, although I wanted to tell her to release me, but I knew that was futile.


“That’s better, Jamie. Now, I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Tina and Paul are having a drink together in the guest suite which has a number of concealed CCTV cameras which can be controlled from this room. However, through this doorway here, there is a walk-in cupboard. I have converted it into a viewing room. You see, in the guest suite bedroom there is a full length wall mirror. The sort they have in police interview rooms. Yes, I can see that you’ve guessed where this is leading. It’s a two way mirror. We can see them but they can’t see us or even hear us because of the excellent sound isolation.”


Before going through to the viewing room, Margaret proceeded to demonstrate how accurate the CCTV cameras were. She opened a drawer to expose a console which operated the system. Clicking a few switches, three large monitors lit up on the wall opposite to where I stood with my arms stretched above my head. Uncomfortable as I was, I found that I could not help looking at the images of Tina and her lover in the guest suite. Margaret turned up the volume and we could hear everything that they were saying, very clearly. She zoomed in close to where they were sitting. I was taken aback when I realised that Tina was stroking Paul’s inner thigh and he was stroking her exposed breast. Margaret gave a little sigh as she commented that they weren’t wasting any time getting down to business.


“William, help me to remove my dress so that I can be more comfortable and relaxed while we watch Tina getting what she can’t get at home. Are you listening, Jamie? “


I watched William obediently assisting Margaret to remove her expensive dress.

She stepped out of it and stood posing proudly so that William and I could gaze on her undoubted beauty. She looked magnificent, her long dark hair framing her beautiful face. She stood there in her fabulous sexy underwear, all in black, stockings, bra and sheer black silk knickers. Her shiny black patent leather stilettos set off her shapely legs to perfection. William and I were hypnotised by the exceptional commanding presence which she exuded and William sank to his knees in worship.


Telling him to get up, she said.


“Release Jamie, I think we can trust him not to step out of line. In fact, I think his main focus of attention is what is going on next door!”


William smiled knowingly as he undid my bonds. He then ushered me towards the viewing cupboard, letting his hand caress my bottom through the sensual silk of my slip and knickers. I shivered in shock but he did not do anything else untoward and I wondered if I had imagined the whole thing.


Once the three of us were in the viewing area I was aware of how small and cramped it was. There was only one chair which Margaret duly claimed before instructing us to stand on either side of her. It was also quite dark and almost airless. Margaret told William to pull back the curtain which covered the two way mirror and we were suddenly bathed in the warm light from the bedside lamps in the adjoining room.


My eyes were immediately drawn to the lovers standing at the foot of the bed. They were slowly undressing each other. My mouth felt dry as I tried to see and hear all of what was happening in the guest suite. They were gazing at each other with lust laden eyes, as they caressed.


It was obvious that my lovely wife was destined to be this man’s whore for as long as he wanted her. I was brought back to reality when Margaret, huskily whispered, that I was a very lucky boy and that I was about to see my wife getting a real and proper fucking. It was the way she said it that upset me a little. She seemed so smug and pleased that it was she, who had brought them together and that she had me there, being made to watch as her virtual prisoner. 



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