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She Wanted a Younger Man, chapter 6

by Jeffrey






Susan returned on a Saturday morning from an overnight trip to a conference. it was about 10AM, and the sun wish shining brightly.


She knew Jeffrey would be out playing golf until about 3PM with some friends, and as she began unpacking in her bedroom she looked out the window into the backyard. She saw her daughter Tara and Tara's long-time friend Ronnie, sunning themselves on the two chaises by the pool. She thought it was nice that Veronica had come over so that the two young ladies could get caught up with the happenings in their lives.


The doorbell rang, and Susan went to answer it, assuming it was the UPS man or something. When she opened the door, she was surprised to see three young men, obviously college-aged, dressed in tee shirts, swimming trunks, and sandals.


They were all handsome and fit-looking young men and Susan smiled at them.


"Well, hello," she said, "How can I help you?"


The tallish blonde one spoke in a deep voice, "Hi, we're here to visit Tara. I'm Paul, and this is Tim and this is Rick."


She stood back from the door, enjoying the way the boys were trying not to stare at her cleavage, and said, "Welcome, come on in. You can call me Susan, I'm Tara's mom. Tara's in the back by the pool. Just go right on through."


"Thanks," the smiling boys said, "Nice to meet you."


They went through the living room and the glass doors to the pool yard as Susan went back to her bedroom to complete the unpacking process. She casually thought about the idea of sunning herself at the pool as well, but decided not to bother the kids.


She changed into a bright pink tank top - the kind with spaghetti straps and a built-in bra that had a straight-across bodice that was a little bit low so that she broadly exposed the top half of her breasts with a deep cleft visible between them. She knew it was a little bit risqué, but she couldn't help but take advantage of teasing the young men.


The pink top left her belly and navel exposed above tight-fitting low-rise short shorts, also matching pink, that hugged her hips and molded smooth and tight to her every curve. Not only did the shorts cleave tightly to her big vulva, making a very obvious camel toe as she looked in the mirror, but they were so short that the cheeks of her bottom would peak out in back if she bent over even slightly.


To add Jiggle to her step, she chose some strappy sandals with two-inch heels. She loved to see a male's eyes torn between ogling her jiggling breasts or her puffy pouting cameltoe when she walked toward him on a hard surface in heels. The top she wore pushed her 'C's up nicely so that there was plenty of soft breast flesh to jiggle with every step.


With a little grin on her face, she went to the kitchen to make a pitcher of iced tea to bring out to the youngsters as an excuse to 'play' with the boys.


As she stepped to the glass door that led to the pool yard, carrying the tray with the tea and glasses, she stopped dead in her tracks. Out in the sunlight, not 20 feet away from her, the three boys stood in front of Tara and Ronnie as the girls were sitting up in the chaises and talking.


What had stopped Susan was the fact that the two girls' hands were behind their backs, unfastening the tops of their bikinis, while at the same time, the boys' hands were taking hold of the waistbands of their swimming trunks and beginning to lower them.


As if on the count of three, the two girls slipped their bikini tops over their heads to expose their pert young breasts, and the three boys slid their trunks down to their ankles to expose their youthful genitals.


"Oh, my..." Susan muttered under her breath as she stood frozen - her eyes sweeping back and forth over the naked boys' bodies as they stepped out of their trunks and stood motionless, hands at their sides. After a moment, she followed the boys' eyes to look at her daughter and Ronnie's exposed breasts.


She felt pride that her Tara was nicely endowed with full 'C' cup breasts with pale little areolas and little pink buds of nipple. Very pretty, she thought. But Ronnie was easily a 'D' cup, with round and heavy looking breasts capped by large dark brown areolas and pronounced fat nipples.


It was a beautiful tableau - the two girls now sitting back on their hands with straight arms putting their breasts on nice display for the boys as they eyed the boys' now-exposed genitals. The boys stood still with their hands at their sides - like good boys, Susan thought - giving the girls a full view as they ogled the beautiful breasts before them.


Susan's mature eyes returned to the groins of the boys, comparing and contrasting what she saw with a grin playing at her lips. She enjoyed that all three boys were circumcised, so that she (and the girls) could view the pretty pink heads of the boys' penises. Susan thought circumcision was good because it made it so that all of a boy's charms were fully exposed to a woman's eyes, rather than partially hidden by an excessive foreskin.


Paul was tallest, blonde, lithely built but with nice muscles. He had a sparse dusting of blonde pubic hair that did nothing to hide his narrow pale penis, hanging perhaps two inches long in its flaccid state, capped with a nicely pink head. She noted that his testes hung relaxed in his scrotum a good deal lower than his soft penis.


Tim had brown hair and a little darker skin than Paul. He was more solidly built, and his soft penis was thicker, but about as long. Susan liked that he had shaved his genitals, leaving only a well-trimmed patch of dark hair above his hanging organs. His genitals were just a slightly darker and pinker shade that his skin, and his head was a darker pink and nicely fat.


Rick had black hair but pale skin. She noted that he too was shaved, but in his case he was completely devoid of pubic hair, which nicely matched his nearly hairless body. His genitals were quite rosy pink in stark contrast to his pale skin. He had the largest genitals, perhaps as fat a penis as Tim, but almost an inch longer as it dangled soft and loose from his body. Ricks testes were quite large as well, and they seemed heavy as they hung low and loose between his pale thighs.


What a delightful variety, thought Susan, isn't it wonderful that boys are so diverse between their thighs!.


She satisfied herself to stand at the glass door and simply observe the scene. It was obvious to her that some sort of deal had been struck whereby the girls had traded their exposed breasts for the boys' exposed penises and testicles. It seemed an outstanding trade to her.


Susan set the tray down and just stood and watched as first the girls' lips moved, then one or two of the boys, then back and forth in a silent negotiation. After a moment, Tara and Ronnie grinned at each other and shrugged their shoulders. The boys' faces seemed sort of conflicted as though they weren't sure of the latest deal, but it was too late.


As one, the two girls began to lift their legs up until their knees were high and tight together with their feet drawn up almost to their bottoms. Then slowly, the girls' knees began to part until their thighs were spread wide. Then each girl used one hand to grasp the front of their bikini bottoms and pull upward, pulling the crotch of the bikini tightly against their vulva as the boys looked on, displaying the shape and fatness of their pussy lips through the thin fabric of their bikinis.


Having satisfied their end of the deal, the two girls let go of their bikinis and again rested on their hands, and then reclined further to rest upon their elbows, while keeping their thighs spread lewdly in front of the boys.


Tara spoke, somewhat urgently as though giving a command and the boys sheepishly moved into action, each one taking his already semi-erect penis in his hand.


Susan smiled broadly, realizing that the boys were going to have to masturbate, or at least make themselves fully erect for the girls, as their end of the latest bargain. How delightful, Susan thought, as she watched each boy play with himself.


The embarrassed looks on the boys' faces were priceless as they were forced to play with their penises as the girls watched. Their young bodies responded quickly, and all too soon, each boy had reached full erection.


Tara said something, and the boys' hands fell to their sides once more, revealing their fully erect penises for the girls to examine and compare.


As expected, Rick's was the biggest, looking to be about 7" long and nicely fat, with his beautiful purple head swollen and throbbing with a big fat ridge clearly visible all around.


Tim and Paul were about the same length, perhaps 6" for Tim and a little less for Paul whose pale penis was also slightly thinner, but somehow very attractive due to its pronounced veins and light coloring.


Tara spoke again and the boys turned sideways so that their erections could be viewed jutting out from their groins. Paul's was angled up at almost a 45 degree angle, Tim a little less, and Rick's heavy looking organ seemed parallel to the ground.


The boys turned again to reveal their cute bottoms, each a different shape and attractive in its own boyish way. They turned again, paused, and turned again - now facing the lewdly spread thighs of the topless reclining girls once more.


The girls then sat up and scooted to the edge of their seats and the boys lined up in front of them. Susan watched as Tara and Ronnie took turns carefully feeling and examining the three sets of male genitals as each boy stood motionless in front of them as each girl took her turn to feel them up.


The girls took their time and were thorough, Susan thought, as they inspected, hefted, and squeezed the boy's tender parts to the girls' satisfaction.


The girls released the boys and they all jumped into the pool. Susan thought she should leave the kids alone, instead of bringing out the tea. She returned the tray to the kitchen just as the doorbell rang.


Susan went to the door and opened it, discovering that her friend Gail was at least an hour early for the visit they had discussed, and about which Susan had forgotten.


Gail and Susan sat in the dining room, sipping tea and casting glances out the big bay windows at the pool yard. It was hard to have a conversation when the two women's eyes continually strayed from one another. One could hardly blame them, since out in the pool yard were three naked young men in their early twenties, all very trim and fit and with very attractive genitals wiggling as they walked around.


Gail said, "So, last night, I had Bob across my lap, giving him a very good spanking. I had come home early from shopping and caught him red-handed, sitting on the couch watching the playboy channel and touching his penis."


"Oh, my," said Susan.


"Yes, it was just perfect!" Gail smiled, "and since we had agreed there would be no porn in the house, and that he would not play with his penis without my permission, he earned a very large number of swats for that."


Gail sipped her tea and continued. "So he obediently went across my lap and I really laid into his bottom with my hand, scolding him all the way. I made him promise me everything I wanted..."


Gail looked up at Susan with a glint in her eye, "And I made him agree that I could date other men. YOUNG men. And that he would help me get ready for my date and wait up for me to return."


"Sounds like you're really in the driver's seat in your marriage now, ever since you started spanking Bob. Obviously, he is quite agreeable when his bottom is red and stinging."


"Boy, is he ever. I can make him promise anything when I'm spanking him." Gail smiled brightly, "So, Peter is picking me up on Friday and we're going to the Marriott for dinner, dancing, and we have a suite reserved to spend some intimate time together. And Bob knows all about it!"


"It's certainly best," said Susan, "That your husband knows all about your lover. That way, there are no lies between you. I'm sure it will work out well. Just be sure to bring yourself home to Bob and let him make love to you after your date. Once he enters you when you're already full of your lover's semen, that puts the finishing touch on making him your willing cuckold. I'm sure he'll be very excited by the whole thing, just the way that my Jeffrey is."


"Yes," said Gail, "And how is Jeffrey?"


"He's fine. He's golfing this morning. I've gotten a new promise from Jeffrey, just like you have got one from your Bob." Susan smiled deviously.


"What is it?"


"Well," said Susan, feeling a little embarrassed, "I've been wanting to have both of my men at once for quite a while now, and I've figured out how. I'm going to have Randy come over here and make love to me while I take Jeffrey in my mouth."




"Yes, I have it all worked out. Jeffrey will be blindfolded and tied down on the bed, covered in sheets with just his penis exposed. I'll let Randy have me from behind right on our bed while I bend over and have Jeffrey in my mouth. I'm going to try to make Jeffrey come at the same time Randy comes in me. If all goes well, that's what will happen."


"Ooooh, that sounds wickedly delightful," said Gail, with a devious grin.


"Yes," smiled Susan, "I've been thinking about it a lot. I've wanted to have both my boys at the same time for a while now. But I don't want them to actually meet. I think this will be a great way. "


Susan paused as if in thought, and then confessed to her grinning friend, "And...there's just something about having my lover in my home, on my bed, that is very desirable for me. I've...also been thinking about having Randy come and stay overnight, with Jeffrey away at a hotel. There's just something about having my young lover in my own bed that gets me all hot and bothered..."


"Hmmm," said Gail, "That does sound delicious, doesn't it. What about Tara?"


Susan giggled, "Well for one thing, she knows about my lover. And for another..." Susan walked to the glass door and peeked out into the pool yard. She grinned and motioned to Gail to come join her, whispering, "You've got to see this."


Gail came over next to her friend and the two 40-something women looked out into the pool yard together to see a wonderful sight. Gail's jaw dropped and her lips curled into a happy smile.


Tara and Ronnie had put their bikini tops back on, but the three boys were still naked - their swimming trunks were not on the ground where they boys had dropped them.


Tim and Paul were laying on their backs on the two chaises while the girls were sitting under an umbrella on two chairs by a little glass table casually enjoying the male nudity around them. The two boys reclined with their legs parted slightly, giving room to their large testes, and their penises, while not erect, were certainly partially swollen in arousal.


The other boy, Rick, was walking toward them carrying towels and suntan crème from the barbeque area where they were stored in a cabinet. Rick's semi-erect penis and big full testicles swayed and dangled in front of his muscular thighs as he walked.


The ladies watched gleefully as the boy stood in front of each girl, offering her a towel, and then he set the bottle of cream on the little table.


Tara said something, and Rick nodded as he knelt in front of her and she raised a foot to his hands and he began to massage her arches and painted toes while his naked penis hung between his spread thighs.


Gail watched a few moments, and then she whispered, "Well, I guess I should say, 'like mother, like daughter'", and she giggled nervously, her eyes never ceasing to dart from groin to groin of the naked boys.


Susan said, "Yes, it makes me proud to see that my daughter has things well in hand. But let's back up before we are discovered."


The two ladies retreated to the kitchen just as the phone rang. It was Jeffrey calling to let Susan know that his golf game got fouled up by a tournament that nobody knew about, and that he'd be back home shortly.


"Ok, sweetheart," said Susan into the phone, "see you soon."


She hung up and said to Gail, "Jeffrey will be home soon. His game got cancelled. You definitely need to stick around, Gail, because I think things are going to get interesting when Jeffrey gets home..."


The two women sat in the kitchen and chatted, occasionally looking out the window to check up on the kids. The boys remained naked and the girls remained in their swimming suits, as was fitting as far as Susan was concerned.


Gail wanted Susan to tell her how the conference went, and she asked a leading question. "So, Susie, did you meet any interesting gentlemen in Atlanta?"


Susan smiled, "well, as a matter of fact, there was a young intern named Nicholas. I was watching him during some seminars and I caught up with him in the bar one evening. He was very handsome and sweet, about 25. I bought him some drinks and eventually got him up to my room, and well, it was very nice."


"Wow," said Gail, "you had a quickie affair on your trip? Amazing."


"Well, honestly, that's really nothing new for me. I've had little dalliances from time to time for as long as Jeffrey and I have been married. But never anything steady or long-lasting, like now with Randy."


"Did Jeffrey know?"


"No, dear, not directly. I think he may has suspected a time or two but preferred not to bring it up, and I didn't bring it up either. So as far as he is concerned, I've been a faithful wife until recently."


Susan sipped her tea and continued, "But now, Jeffrey has become my cuckold. A cuckold is a husband who knows that his wife is having other lovers, and accepts it. That's why cuckolding is so much better than having an affair. In an affair, a woman has to keep secrets or even lie. But when she has a cuckold husband, they can be truthful and honest at all times with each other."


"Mmm, so will you tell Jeffrey about your boy Nicholas at the seminar?"


"If he asks, yes. If not, I won't bother him. He'll probably notice when he does the laundry, since I have a couple pair of panties that are a bit messy from Nicholas's semen. But Jeffrey knows that I am free to have lovers, that's part of our arrangement."


"Sounds like it's pretty one-sided," said Gail.


"Actually not at all. It's far better now that we're both getting what we really want and need. I need to be free to enjoy lovers. Jeffrey needs his submissive side to be opened up and celebrated."


"I don't understand..."


"Well, Jeffrey has always been submissive to me, as you well know. But maybe you don't know that he desires, deep in his heart, to be dominated and a little bit humiliated and embarrassed by women. It makes him excited."


"What sort of humiliation and embarrassment?" asked Gail.


"We're still exploring it, but so far you know about a lot of the things that have changed around here. Such as, Jeffrey helps me get ready to go out with my lover, and welcomes me home from my dates. I have added the rule that he must remain naked in our home unless I give him express permission to dress. I have forbidden masturbation without my permission, and made it a rule that all of his semen is my sole property - so that were he to ejaculate outside my supervision, it would be punishable."


Susan paused for another sip, and grinned as she glanced out the window before continuing. "And of course, punishment includes spanking over my lap.


"These are all different ways that I dominate him now, but there's so much more along the lines of humiliation and embarrassment. Now I require that he shave all his pubic hair daily and remain smooth and fresh, making him feel more naked and vulnerable than ever. And he is exposed to my friends and guests when they visit, and I share all these things with whichever of my friends I choose to, and that is humiliating and embarrassing for him. Now Tara knows he is my submissive cuckold husband first hand."


"Wow, that's quite a change from a year ago..."


"Yes," said Susan, "And there's more. As you have seen, Jeffrey's endowment is not large. Just so you know, his erect penis is only 4 ½" long. I have recently begun to use this fact to give him some light humiliation, and it seems to embarrass him very nicely. I like to say that he has a "cute little penis", and that my lovers have "big firm cocks".


I always tell him how much better it feels for a woman to have a man with a real stiff cock in her, instead of a half-hard little penis. But I do it in a teasing sensual way, not a demeaning abusive way, because I love my husband and am merely trying to excite him and give him what he needs."


"How did you figure out he needed to... be embarrassed and humiliated?"


"Well, I guess we have some time before Jeffrey gets home," Susan said, looking thoughtful. "I guess I could tell you a little about my younger step brother..."


Susan began to tell Gail about how she first learned that she was a truly dominant female, and how she learned young about submissive males...


When I was 19, my mother remarried and I sort of inherited a younger step brother named Timothy. He was of smallish build, sort of like Jeffrey but smaller, with light brown hair and cute blue eyes. I liked him well enough and he seemed to sort of worship me. I didn't realize it at first, but it became apparent after a few months of living in the same house that he was very fixated on me. I supposed it was just puppy love. He would do anything I asked and was always attentive to me, bringing me a drink or cleaning up for me and generally being cute and sweet to me.


He was one of those boys who, even though he was 18, was still really changing between a 'boy' and a 'man'. I guess he was a 'late bloomer', since he was small for his age and not really muscular yet. And I knew from my mom that he hadn't yet even had a girlfriend.


I was already fairly experienced with boys, having dated a lot in high school, and I was very skilled at giving hand jobs to the boys I dated since I didn't want to get pregnant. I had decided early that I would play with my date's penis, and it was a small price to pay which I learned quickly to enjoy very much.


It seemed to placate the boys if I let them feel my boobs as I played with their penises. At only 19, I was proud that I had already made at least 20 different boys spurt for me, while never having a boy touch my panties or even see my naked breasts.


Anyway, back to Timothy. He was just turned 18 when the inevitable happened, which I think always happens sooner or later between sisters and younger brothers under the same roof. It was late on a Friday night, everyone was in bed, and I had just let myself into the house quietly so as not to wake anyone.


I padded on tiptoes into the living room, and there was Timothy laying back on the sofa. His pajama pants were down around his ankles and he had no shirt on, so he was basically naked. His legs were spread wide apart and his eyes were closed, so he didn't see me. I stifled a gasp. Timothy was playing with his penis.


His hand was slowly rubbing up and down on his erect penis, and the first thing I noticed was that his penis was not really as big as the boys I had dated. I knew that penises came in various sizes, but Tim's was maybe less than 4" long. I had seen him have youthful erections in his underwear, swimming suit, pajamas and the like ever since I'd known him - after all boys his age can't really help it. But I hadn't really seen his penis naked until that moment.


And even though his genitals were smallish, they were such a pretty pink - almost hairless with just a light dusting of light colored hair. He seemed so boyish, but the head of his penis was turned almost purple in arousal. I was simply taken by how cute he was, lying back and playing with himself.


I just stood there for I don't know how long watching him stroke his cute little penis. It was like I couldn't move or look away. He was sitting facing me, with his legs wide, so I had a very clear view of his boyish charms and masturbation techniques. I liked how his testicles would rise and fall in his cute little scrotum with each stroke of his penis.


He had something small and pink in his other hand and he would put it against his face every few seconds and I wondered what it was...


And then I was surprised by something he murmured. He said my name and a lot of other stuff that answered many questions for me about how he fawned over me all the time.


He whispered, "Susie...oh Susie...oh yes, please rub me...yes I'll be a good boy for you... I'll try not to spurt until you tell me... oh it feels so good... please don't stop, I promise to be good... oooh please make me spurt, Susie... ahhhh...."


He was fantasizing about me. He was pretending that I was me masturbating his little penis. I was wide-eyed and didn't know what to do. I was afraid to move in case he'd see or hear me, but I thought I shouldn't be there. I needed time to think about this.


But then he rubbed faster, and soon he started gasping and whispering, "ooh...I'm sorry...I can't help it... oh Susie..." He started making little spurts of semen that ran down his hand and onto his belly and testicles. He really spurted quite a lot - I was surprised how much semen his little genitals produced, but it didn't really shoot, it just sort of flowed out in little pulses as he desperately whispered apologies to me over and over as he ejaculated.


When he had rubbed out the last of his semen, he collapsed exhausted and his semen-covered hand fell to his side. He just lay there in front of me and I had an unencumbered view of him for a while. His genitals were covered in semen, and it fascinated me.


I had always liked it when my dates would come - it made me feel in control and powerful. And I loved to watch the boys spurt their semen, it gave me a feeling of accomplishment. But as I looked at all the boy juice all over my little brother's nakedness, all that gooey semen was so interesting to me.


I don't know why, but it made me feel all warm inside, like motherly instincts or something. He looked like a lost little boy, who had played with his penis and was 'all better' now...


I could see his little penis clearly throbbing a little and dripping a little as it slowly softened.


Then the spell was broken when his eyes opened to slits and after a moment he saw me and was startled. He covered his messy groin with his hands and started to stand up. His face was just delightfully blushing pink and he was completely panicked.


I guess it was my budding dominant nature that took over, or maternal nature, or something. But suddenly words just blurted out of my mouth.


"Timothy," I whispered firmly, "lay back down... uh... like a good boy."


His eyes were wide with shock and fear, but slowly he did as I had commanded.


Once he had reclined, I said, "Uncover yourself. Put your hands down. Let me see what a mess you've made."


He hesitated, and then with a look of fear, embarrassment, resignation, and yet some sort of calm in his eyes, he slowly reclined back on the sofa again, exposed himself to me, and waited. Watching him obey me by making himself so vulnerable sent a thrill up my spine. I guess it was my first taste of that feeling we women get when a naked man does what we say...


I came over and sat down next to him. I put my hand in his hair and caressed his head as I looked at his little penis. In spite of the fact that he had just ejaculated, he was getting hard again. I smiled at him, "It's ok," I whispered, "It's only natural for boys to play with their penises. I know boys need to masturbate to relieve the pressure of their semen building up."


He seemed to begin to breathe once more and relaxed slightly, though he was still blushing and tried to squeeze his thighs together. I was just filled with exhilaration at talking down to him, and making him blush and squirm as I talked to him about his penis, and made him show it to me.


I knew I had to take control of the situation and I just did what came naturally. "Don't put your legs together, Timothy... um... be a good boy and spread your legs for me."


He shivered even though it was warm in the room. His eyes closed a moment, and he parted his thighs wide in total surrender.


I really liked it.


I made him show me what was in his other hand. It was a pink thong I had worn the previous day and I realized he had been smelling my panties while he played with his penis! For a moment, I was angry, but I looked at him and he had this look of embarrassment mixed with longing in his face and I decided there were worse things in a girl's life than having a little step-brother infatuated with her.


I calmly started to talk to him. I told him that I had watched him sniff my panties and masturbate for a while, and that I heard him pretend to talk to me in his fantasy. I asked him if I understood correctly that he was fantasizing about me touching his penis and making him spurt.


He nodded and blushed anew, unable to meet my eyes.


I asked him how long he had been doing thinking of me when he touched his penis, and he said ever since we'd met some time ago. I asked how long he'd been stealing my panties from my laundry hamper and sniffing them. He said ever since he and his dad moved into my mom's house.


I asked if his penis felt all better now, or if he would need to ejaculate again. I asked because many of my dates liked to have me make them come twice. He said he usually masturbated twice before going to sleep, and that was his first time that night.


I thought about this for a few minutes. I'd always fantasized about having a naked male slave under my authority ever since I read a dirty novel about Cleopatra when I was 14. I imagined I would masturbate my slave and make him do whatever I wanted in return.


I'd already experimented on some of my dates and found that the boys were easily manipulated into promises of my choosing while I had their cocks in my hands. It was already a big power rush.


But I realized that my little step brother was a gift to my fantasies, and I didn't want to lose this opportunity.


I realized from the few phrases he had mumbled, that he was having submissive fantasies about me - which made sense since I was a year and a half older - and while I was quite mature for my age, he was rather immature. I decided to see where my dominant personality and his submissive feelings could meet to our mutual benefit...


I took a deep breath and asked if he would like me to play with his penis, and he actually looked in my eyes to see if I was serious. I was, and of course said yes.


I made him promise to keep it a secret, and that if I decided to play with his penis and make him spurt again, he'd have to obey me at all times from now on. I don't know why I said the next thing, but I did.


I had already used language I'd heard him mutter - submissive language - about him being a good boy, and it seemed quite successful. I kept my voice calm and quiet, like this was completely normal, and I just went for it.


I told him he must no longer masturbate alone, but that instead, I would take care of his needs most nights. I also said there would be times when he'd have to go a day or two before I had a chance to take care of him, but that it was best for him not to touch himself, but that he should submit to my supervision of his ejaculations. I made him promise.


He promised me.


I smiled and took hold of his penis. It fit in my hand nicely, and was already pre-lubed with his previous ejaculation. I really liked how slippery his penis felt in my hand, and the fact that it was his semen made it really exciting. I have to admit that my panties were getting moist as I began to gently move my hand up and down as I talked quietly in his ear.


I made him confess all his naughty fantasies to me, and I was even more turned on my what he said.


He imagined me as a dominatrix or something. A woman who took charge and 'tortured' his penis by rubbing it but forbidding him to ejaculate before I gave my permission. That's why he'd been begging to spurt and promising to be a good boy in his whispered fantasy.


He told me that, in his fantasies, if he did spurt too soon, he would have to submit to a spanking over my lap. His confessions went on and on, but it boiled down to the same thing - that he felt submissive toward me and wanted me to masturbate him and spank him.


I liked that idea very much - that he would beg me to touch him, beg me to make him spurt, and that he would be spanked by me if he was naughty. I smiled to myself, determining that he was definitely a very naughty boy...


I played the part for him, telling him not to spurt until I gave him permission as I rubbed his little erection and made him gasp and moan and squirm for a long time.


I don't know why I started talking like this. I knew boys were sensitive about having a small penis the way girls with 'A' cups were sensitive about being called 'flat'. But in spite of that, I wondered if humiliating my submissive little brother would further excite him. I was right.


When I was getting tired of slowly playing with his little penis, rather than telling him to spurt for me, instead I started telling him not to, but mentioning his smallness.


I whispered things like, "Don't you spurt yet, Timothy, I'm not through playing with your little penis. Your cute little penis is under my control, and I don't want to see any of your little spurts of semen until I give my permission... Now be a good little boy and obey me. Don't you dare be naughty or I will have to spank your bottom!"


He nodded and shivered in arousal at my words. "Yes, Susan," he said desperately, "I'll try to be good for you..."


I continued whispering in his ear as I rubbed his penis. I kept saying things like, "Your little penis is so small and cute. I'm going to make you show me your little spurts of semen from your little penis Timothy, and you can't resist me."


He was so cute, squirming and moaning so much I kept having to tell him to shush and hold still.


After tormenting the poor boy for a good long time, I finally said, "If you spurt too soon, I'll have to spank your bottom for being a naughty quick spurting little boy... You don't want to go over my lap and have your bottom spanked, do you Timothy?"


That did it. He started to spurt in my hand. It felt warm and slippery. I kept rubbing him slowly, milking out every last drop as I told him he was a naughty boy for spurting so much so soon. He came in buckets all over himself and my hand. I scolded him with my lips as I continued stroking him gently and lovingly with my hand. He was so messy, spurting more semen the second time than the first.


Even when I was satisfied that he had given his last spurt, I kept stroking his penis slowly and softly and he moaned that his head was sensitive and sore. I didn't care, I just kept on rubbing and soon he was stiff again.


I knew boys his age had lots of youthful stamina, so I asked him if he could spurt for me again, and he said he'd try.


I sped up until I was rubbing his penis fast and hard. This time I coached him to spurt quickly. "Make your little penis spurt again for me, Timothy. Spurt now. Be a good boy and obey me with little spurts!"


It only took like 2 minutes and he gave me a few more dribbles as he whimpered in utter submission while his body writhed under my control.


It was the greatest sound I had ever heard and I was hooked. I wanted to make him do it again and again. He was going to be my submissive boy toy.


I went to the bathroom and brought back a wet washcloth and a towel and took my time cleaning him up. When he was clean and dry, his little penis was soft and maybe an inch long. So tiny. So cute.


He was completely spent and exhausted. I sat next to him caressing his face and purring nice things in his ear. "You were a good boy, mostly, Timothy. It's good for you to lie back and relax as I rub your little penis, isn't it dear? Yes, of course it's good for you. But you were just a little bit naughty, because you spurted before I told you to. And we both know what that means don't we, Timmy? Yes, you'll have to have a spanking on your bottom. But not tonight. I'll let you know when it's time for your spanking, ok?"


He nodded, and after a few more minutes, I took him by the hand and lead him to his bed naked. I tucked him in and went to my room and to sleep, very happy with myself.


Over the course of the next few years while we were both living at home, I continued to date cute boys from school and I continued to safeguard my virtue with the skills of my hands. But I came home to Timmy. I played with his penis almost every day. And I spanked him at least once a week. We had to do things carefully, mostly when our parent were out of the house, but it worked out alright.


Whenever we were alone in the house, I insisted that Timmy take off all his clothes and just be naked with me. And if he got an erection, I would make it go the natural way. And of course, that meant he was naughty and would need a spanking. Some weeks his bottom stayed red all the time...he was such a naughty boy.


As the years went by and we were both married, I'll tell you a secret. My brother Tim and I have never met at a reunion or a trip or whatever without finding time to renew our little 'fun times' together. In fact, the conference I just attended was only 45 miles from Tim's home, so he came to visit me at my hotel the first night.


I met him at the door and gave him a big hug, then I just said, "You know what to do young man."


He said, "Yes, Susan," and I watched as he took off all of his clothes. I noticed that all his pubic was shaved, which he had been doing since he got married. I liked that look on him just as I like the way Jeffrey looks shaved.


I took Tim's smoothly shaved testicles in my hand and gently squeezed. I said, "Have you been a good boy or a naughty boy?" We had long ago decided that he would be 'naughty' if he had masturbated even once since his last spanking.


He confessed, "Naughty," looking down and not meeting my eye.


"Well, then, since you've been playing with your little penis, you'll have to have a spanking on your bottom, won't you Timmy?"


"Yes, Susan."


"First," I said, "Go lie down on the bed and I'll take care of your little penis and you can show me what nice little spurts you can make for me tonight. I'm sure you need to make little spurts for your big sister, don't you?"


He nodded.


I gave him a long slow hand job as we always do together, all the while I complimented him on how cute and pink his little genitals are, and how nicely his little penis fit in my hand. That sort of talk gets him all excited, just as it did when we were young.


He did come a lot for me, which I always appreciate. Then I spanked his bottom, and I love how he has to struggle to be quiet and hold still for me. Then I made him spurt again, before I sent him home to his lovely wife Carol.


We usually have done that together once or twice a year ever since I left home. I'm glad he met Carol. She's older than him and seems to be very dominant in their marriage, which is what my little brother needs...


"So," Susan said to her friend Gail, "I can tell you from experience that a submissive man with a smaller-than-average penis can enjoy being humiliated and embarrassed as long as you do it nicely. Not making fun or degrading him, but telling him that you enjoy his little penis and testicles and you think they are cute. Speaking of him as a little boy works well too."


"I see," said Gail, "I never knew anything about your brother. I mean, I knew you had one, but I never suspected that you and he had such a relationship."


"Yes, well, I think for many years of raising the girls and building my career, Timmy gave me an outlet for my strongest dominant urges. I was always dominant to Jeffrey, but now that I have taken a lover, it has just flowed naturally that my husband become more submissive and I more dominant. As it turns out, Jeffrey is excited by many of the things that I have excited Timmy with all these years."


"Hmmm," said Gail, "I wonder if Bob would react favorably to this sort of thing?"


"You never know until you try," said Susan, smiling.


The two ladies looked up as the glass door from the pool yard opened and Tara entered with her friend Veronica.


"Hi Ronnie," said Susan.


"Hi Susan," said the giggly girl.


Tara turned to the open doorway, stuck her head out and said, "Come on boys, everybody inside."


Soon three blushing young men were shuffling into the house. Obviously embarrassed to be naked, their hands clutching their exposed genitals to cover themselves.


Tara said, "It's just my mom and Aunt Gail, quit making a big deal of it, guys. They're grown women who have seen a naked boy before. Now put your hands at your sides and stop embarrassing me."


Susan beamed with pride at how her oldest daughter was handling the boys so well. And bringing them into the house naked was a very nice touch indeed.


The three boys lowered their hands, and smiled sheepishly, each one saying "hi ladies."


Gail and Susan each said "Hello, boys," as they let their eyes wander up and down the young muscular bodies of Tara's friends. The girls all took a moment's pause to let their gazes linger upon the delightful shapes and colors of the boys' genitals.


After a suitable moment of viewing pleasure, Susan said, "So Tara, what plans do you and Ronnie have for your fine looking young boys?"


"Well," said Tara, "I was wondering when dad would be home, and if you thought we could barbeque some hamburgers or something."


"I think that would be a great plan. I expect your dad home soon, dear."


"Good, because Ronnie keeps asking when he'll be home," Tara said giggling.


Veronica's pretty face blushed bright pink, "Tara!" she gasped.


"Well, it's no big deal Ronnie. I'm sure I'd be interested in what your dad looked naked if he dropped a few pounds..."


"God, Tara," said Ronnie in exasperation.


Ronnie turned to Susan and Gail and said, "I'm sorry for Tara's behavior, she's been off her meds for several days, I think.'


The Ladies laughed and were joined by the younger girls as the boys stood in continual embarrassment, wishing they'd be released to put something on. If only they could find their swimming trunks.


Just then, the front door opened and Jeffrey walked in.


He looked across the room to see three naked boys standing in front of his wife and daughter, and their two friends Gail and Veronica. He was quite puzzled.


"Hi," said Jeffrey. He couldn't think of anything witty to say, so he just quipped, "Is there a party I didn't know about?"


Tara skipped over and put her arms around him, giving Jeffrey a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Glad you're home, daddy," she said gleefully. "Ronnie and I are having a CFNM party, and we want to barbeque some burgers. Could you cook your super burgers for us? They're the best!"


Jeffrey peeled the exuberant girl off of him and smiled, "Of course, honey, I can never refuse you." He looked to Susan, who was smiling and nodding her ascent. Jeffrey happily said to his daughter, "Ok, you'd better check stock and make sure we have all the necessary ingredients - I'd hate to be missing something important and thereby be forced to serve 'less-than-super' burgers..."


Tara smiled and said, "It's all out in the fridge by the bar-b, daddy." She turned and smiled at Susan, "Thanks mom!" Then she grabbed Ronnie's hand and led her back outside to the pool, saying over her shoulder, "Come on, boys."


The young men smiled and nodded at Susan and Gail before hustling out the door to follow the girls. The seated ladies enjoyed the view of three young male bottoms scurrying out the door and shutting it behind them.


Susan turned her attention to Jeffrey. "So honey, I'm glad you're home." She smiled at him, "Honey, I know we have guests, but since Tara is having a CFNM party with her friends, I think it's perfectly appropriate for you to go ahead and undress too. All the other boys are already undressed, and Gail's been over many times to visit us before."


Jeffrey blushed, "Yes dear, but what about Ronnie?"


"Oh, sweetheart, she's a grown woman of 22. Surely there's no problem, is there dear?"


"No, honey," he said, still blushing as he began to take off his clothes and hang them on the hooks in the entry hall that were now used for that purpose every time he entered his house.


Once he was down to his underwear, Gail smiled and stifled a giggle, seeing that Jeffrey was wearing lacy pink women's panties.


As Jeffrey slipped the panties down to reveal his light pink genitals, completely bare of pubic hair, Susan said, "Oh, yes, that's another new thing we're enjoying. For the last few weeks, Jeffrey has begun to wear pretty panties under his clothes when he goes out. I think he looks marvelous in pink lace, don't you Gail?"


"Yes, I think he looked great for the few seconds he was wearing them."


As the two ladies giggled, Jeffrey walked toward them, still blushing. Gail liked how he looked without pubic hair, the words cute and fresh and clean came to mind as his genitals jiggled and swayed with his step.


Jeffrey kissed his wife and then went into the kitchen to get some utensils for the barbeque.


Gail said, "I'm going to call Bob and invite him over, if that's alright with you." Susan nodded and smiled and Gail dug her cell phone out of her purse.


Gail said, "I think it will be fun for Bob to join our CFNM party. I can't wait to see how embarrassed he gets to be naked in front of Tara and Ronnie."


Soon Jeffrey had gone outside with the utensils and met the three naked boys. Jeffrey couldn't help feeling a little embarrassed to be clean shaven while the boys still had some hair down below, but he shook it off.


Ronnie couldn't keep the smile off of her face as she ogled Tara's dad's naked body. He was fit for an old guy and she felt the fact that his genitals were smaller than the other boys was made up for by the fact that he was shaved bare. She'd never seen a shaved man in real life before and she decided that moment that she was definitely a fan and would encourage all her boyfriends to shave.


She even chastised the three naked boys for being 'furry' and not 'nicely groomed like Tara's dad.'


As the boys and the two young girls hung around the barbeque, Susan was answering the doorbell inside.


"Hello, Bob," she said to Gail's husband. "Come on inside."


He moved in and gave Susan an air-kiss in polite greeting. "Where's Gail?" he asked.


"Oh, she's changing into one of my swimming suits. We're having a pool party and barbeque this afternoon, and it's a CFNM party."


"Ah... ok," said Bob, "What's CFNM?"


Gail was walking into the room, she said, "It stands for 'Clothed Female - Naked Male', honey."


The two women stood still as they were entertained by the looks of confusion, awe, and confusion compete on Bob's face. Gail was dressed in one of Susan's most revealing swimming suits - it was one piece, but had a plunging 'V' neck that went to her navel. Since Susan was a 'C' cup and Gail bigger than that, her large breasts were showing a lot of cleavage both down the 'V' and from the sides of the fabric meant to cover a somewhat smaller chest.


The front panel of the suit was cut very high on the thigh and narrow in front. Below Gail's navel, it had gathers to a center line, bringing to a male mind the idea of vulva and labia, then the gusset was tight and clingy, suggesting the shape of Gail's pussy.


Bob was awed by how amazing his wife looked in the revealing suit as she spun to show that it was a halter top, backless, and the Tonga cut was high on the hips and only provided coverage to half of his wife's bottom cheeks.


She was one hot wench, Bob thought.


"So Bob," said Susan, "The point of a CFNM party is for the girls to wear something attractive, and for the boys to wear nothing at all. Since you're one of the boys, you should get undressed and join the others in the pool yard."


Gail giggled at his fearful looking face. "Honey, I want you to attend the CFNM party with me. It is a nice party with nice people. There's Tara and her friend Ronnie, plus three of their male friends Rick, Paul, and Tim. And of course Jeffrey's out manning the barbeque in his inimitable style. Susan has to go put on her swimming suit, so why don't you just undress here at the door like Jeffrey, and then we can go out and meet everyone together?"


Bob gulped in embarrassment. Susan's daughter and friend were here? And three boys? Oh, no...thought Bob.


Gail took his hand as Susan left the room to change. "Bob, please do not embarrass me by giving me a hard time about undressing. All the boys are undressed at a CFNM party, this is that kind of a party, and you're a boy. So get those clothes off, mister."


Gail had used her 'spanking voice' on the last sentence and that got Bob's attention. He began to unbutton his shirt.


"That's my good boy," said Gail, "I would hate to have to take you into the bedroom and swat your bottom for disobeying me. You don't want to be a disobedient husband and have to have a spanking with the strap, do you?"


"No, dear," he said quietly as he unzipped his pants.


"Good boy," said Gail as she reached over and patted his bottom. She had made a habit of doing that since she had read that disciplinary wives should use every opportunity, both with verbal hints and little pats, to remind their husbands that a spanking was always just one misstep away...


Gail watched her husband peel off his briefs as she imagined how he would look in some pretty pink panties like Jeffrey now wore. She decided that putting her spanked husband into panties might be just the thing for him.


Once he was naked, she took him by the hand and led him toward the pool yard.


Gail scolded, "Now Robert, I don't want to see you covering your penis with your hands or anything else. That is not appropriate at a CFNM party, and I want you to behave like a good boy for me. I want to be proud that everyone sees how good and obedient my husband is."


"Yes, dear," he said. Just then, Bob was reminded by the little twinge of pain that his bottom was still freshly red from the spanking he had received the previous night.


Gail had used her hand, two of her wooden paddles, and a rubber paddle-like device called a 'ferrule' on his bottom, turning it from pink, to red, and beyond. He had looked in the morning and there were many red marks on his bottom that could still be clearly seen in the morning.


He asked, "Honey, what about the...uh marks on my bottom - everyone will see them..."


"That's alright dear. Your bottom looks nice after a spanking. If anyone asks, you just tell them the truth that your wife spanks you. You're not ashamed to be my husband, are you?"


"No, dear, I just wanted to know what you thought about it."


"Good boy," she smiled, "I think it's just fine and natural that you have some redness on your bottom, it simply means you are well taken care of by your loving wife. Don't you think?"


"Yes, dear," he said as they walked up to the Barbeque area, and all heads swiveled toward them.


The only person who had seen Bob naked before was Jeffrey. That had happened a few weeks ago when Susan and Gail had decided it would be fun to have both their husbands together for a spanking...


Bob and Gail had come to Susan and Jeffrey's house, had a nice dinner, and then the boys had moved dining chairs to the center of the living room.


The two wives had sat across from each other as they took their naked husbands across their laps and tried out each and every spanking implement that either woman owned on the upturned bottoms of their 'naughty' boys.


The Ladies then swapped husbands, enjoying the variety of having a new bottom to swat to their delight.


The boys were both reduced to sobbing, agreeable, begging, masses of male muscle, just as the ladies planned. It was a fun evening.


After the boys had had their corner time to calm down from all their whining and sniveling, the Ladies had given them a reward for being such good boys and taking their spankings well. Each boy laid on the sofa or loveseat with his bottom cradled in a Lady's lap, with his exposed genitals in perfect position for the lady to play with.


Each boy's penis received a relaxed & lingering masturbation session. The ladies worked together to make the boys both ejaculate at the same time, and they were successful within a second or two.


At the end of their special spanking time together, the two couples had hugs all around and Bob and Gail headed for home.


Afterwards, in bed, Susan asked Jeffrey, "So, how did you like being spanked by Gail?"


"She really spanks hard, honey, just like you. You're both very expert spankers."


Susan grinned, "That's probably the only answer that I can't make trouble with, isn't it?"


"That was the idea, honey," said Jeffrey with a Grin.


"And the hand job?" asked Susan, "How did you like Gail's hands on your penis? It seemed like she made you come pretty hard..."


"Well, dear," said Jeffrey, "Since I'm a male, a fence post can make me come if I rub my penis on it. So the fact that I came is no indication of anything. Gail certainly knows what she's doing and stimulated my penis very expertly..."


Susan's eyes narrowed, "And...?"


"But I love you, not her. She loves Bob, not me. She merely performed a physiological function - causing my penis to ejaculate semen. Whereas, when you touch me, it's like a spiritual experience and I get completely lost in your embrace and love for me - which transcends space and time. A simple kiss from you is worth a thousand hand jobs from Gail, regardless of her obvious excellent skills..."


"Well played, sir," said Susan, smirking at her husband's devious words, all designed so that she couldn't take issue with anything he said. "Come here, you..." she said.


Susan made passionate love to her husband for a long time, riding atop his penis and grinding her clitoris against his shaft to several orgasmic eruptions. She very much enjoyed her husband's long-lasting stamina due to having been masturbated by her friend just an hour before. It reminded her of the unstoppable erections that young boys can offer a discerning woman...


So that is how Jeffrey had seen Bob undressed. Tara, Ronnie, Rick, Paul, and Tim had not seen Bob naked before. The three boys looked him in the eye, smiled and nodded, and went back to shucking the corn on the cob, careful not to give off any bisexual vibes by looking at Bob's body.


Bob had dark hair and dark chest hair on skin that was just the olive side of white. It was the paleness of his mother that gave him light enough skin to really show the marks of a good spanking. He was built a little bigger than Jeffrey in size, muscularity, and genital size. He was about average.


Tara and Ronnie walked over to shake his hand and give him a good looking over. The two girls smiled as they inspected his genitals, and when Ronnie saw his bottom as he was walking away, she stifled a gasp.


"Tara," she whispered, "Bob has red marks on his bottom, does that mean..."


"Of course. Gail probably spanked him this morning, or last night. Whatever."


"He lets her spank him?"


"Uncle Bob is a good husband. A good husband obeys his wife, and takes his spankings like a man."


"Does your mom spank your dad?"


"Duh. Sometimes. Not nearly as much as Gail spanks Bob, from what I hear, but yes. My daddy is submissive and mom is very dominant. It's only natural that she would spank him from time to time to correct his behavior or to remind him whose boss in our house."


"I see. That's not something I expected." Ronnie paused, and then said, "Are any more men coming, or do we only have five naked men to look at all afternoon?"


"Five not enough for you?"


"Of course it is, I'm just joking. This is amazing..."


"Well, if you must know, the answer is... Maybe..."


Just then the glass door opened and Susan stepped out into the pool yard as everything stopped dead. All eyes were on her as she slowly walked across the patio. She was absolutely stunning.


Susan wore a hot pink string bikini. It was made of small triangles of fabric, and matching pink strings tied in bows at each hip, and at her neck and back.


Her feminine body was a smooth flow of creamy soft skin over perfectly formed curves. Since she'd been dating her 'beau', she had kept on a strict diet and exercise program that was clearly working. Her 40-something body rivaled both Tara's and Ronnie's 20+ years younger models. And there was something about her maturity that made her far more sexy than a younger woman.


Tara leaned over and proudly whispered to her friend Ronnie, "I hate when she does that...", and she motioned with her chin toward the three seated boys who had stopped shucking corn. The boys' eyes were wide and their hands stopped in mid motion. Their jaws had dropped and they looked dumbstruck.


Ronnie stifled a giggle. "Yeah, I hate that too."


Not only was Susan's body just delectable, the shocking hot pink swimming suit just screamed of sex.


The hot pink triangles of fabric intended to cover and or support a woman's breasts almost did neither. More than half of her breast surface - all creamy soft billowing, jiggling female flesh - was exposed. The thin triangles of fabric covered her perky nipples and little more, leaving curvaceous breast visible above, beside, and beneath each little string-borne 'cup'.


The front panel was a dangerously short and narrow strip of unlined pink, clingy fabric, barely able to contain Susan's large and pouting vulva. She was a woman with a noticeable pussy, and boy was it on display. The thin fabric clung to every curve of her full - swollen? - lips, displaying an Olympic cameltoe.


In the back, again a narrow swatch of fabric just covered the cleft of her bottom, leaving her cheeks completely bare.


The effect was that she looked naked.


She was certainly the focus of all male attention, and of course, she loved it.


Tara looked at her three boys, and had enough. She said, "Hey! You guys raised in a monastery or something? Jeeze, get over it, and shuck that corn."


Jeffrey grinned to himself and got back to tending the barbeque.


Gail slapped Bob on the bottom, loud enough that everyone heard it, and she whispered to her blushing husband, "Put your eyes back in your head young man. You don't want to have to go across my lap here and now, do you?"


"No, dear," he said, averting his eyes from the gorgeous form Susan had seen fit to tempt and tantalize the boys with.


Gail and the other girls all knew exactly what Susan's game was. She wanted to make the boys have erections. It was a fun game that women loved to play. It was so satisfying to entice a male to arousal, and then say to him, "Oh, my, did I do that?"


Tara and Ronnie walked over to Rick, Paul, and Tim. Tara eye them each in turn and then whispered, "the first one of you that gets a stiffy from looking at my mother is going to regret it."


The boys believed her and went back to work, determined to keep their eyes off of the MILF of the century.


Susan walked up and Tara smiled sweetly, "Nice suite, mom. It looks familiar..."


"Sorry," said Susan, "But I found it in the laundry and I couldn't resist."


"Well, you look better in it than I do, I have to admit."


"Nonsense," said her mom with a giggle, "There's no way that's true. Anyway, if your upset I'll change. I did want to tease the boys, but not if it makes you angry."


Tara smiled, "No, it's ok. It's fun to think my mom is hot. Maybe I'll look like you when I grow up."


"That's nice of you honey. Thanks."


Ronnie said, "You do look awesome, Susan."


"Thanks honey."


Susan said, "I think I hear the doorbell..."


She was right, there was a faint ring from the front of the house.


Susan and Tara walked through to the front and answered the door. It was Jason Matthews, a graduate assistant from Susan's university. Susan knew he lived nearby and had called him after briefly getting the go-ahead from Tara earlier.


Jason was a nice looking young man of 28, blonde, blue-eyed, muscular and ruggedly handsome. Susan had learned that Jason did life modeling for many classes in the art department and she'd heard he was quite a hit with the girls in the classes. They said he was an 'Adonis'.


Susan had his help with a couple of her Chemistry students, he had tutored them to A's in her class in the last semester, so they had talked several times over lunch and in her office.


Jason was one Susan's 'afternoon dalliances' - a lover with no strings at all - she had enjoyed his company a few times even though she knew Jason was almost a gigolo. The story went that he did pool cleaning for many homes in the area, and had engendered rumors that he was of even greater 'service' to some of the stay-at-home moms with pools. Susan could testify that he could be of very satisfying 'service'.


Susan didn't doubt this, because the young man had an impressive endowment - which endeared him to the art department, his pool-cleaning customers, and to Susan.


Susan had actually given the boy $200 for their first tryst. It had been worth every penny.


So here was Jason at the door, glad to be invited to the pool party.


Tara's mouth was watering as she looked at the tanned, beautiful man.


"Hi Susan," he said in a deep voice, "So you're having a pool party where the men don't get to wear swimming trunks?"


"Yes, exactly," she said.


"Sounds like fun."


The mother and daughter stepped back, giving the Adonis room to pass. Susan winked at Tara, "See what I mean?"


"Oh, yeah," said Tara. "Hotness."


"Enough for two to share?" whispered the mother.


"Definitely," whispered the daughter.


And so it was that another young man joined the party.


And when he dropped his shorts by the pool, the four women's jaws simply dropped.


Things were about to get interesting once the sun began to set.


A few short hours later, 6 naked men were in Susan's huge Jacuzzi, along with 4 scantily clad women.


The sunset was beautiful and the wine was flowing freely.


Ronnie sat between Bob and Jeffrey, stroking a mature penis in each of her hands, unseen beneath the bubbles.


The rest of the seating was as follows: Tim - Gail - Rick - Susan - Jason - Tara - Paul. Susan had to share Rick and Jason's genitals with the furtive hands of Gail and Tara, who each had a free hand to grope Tim and Paul.


The boys arms were all up on the edge of the pool deck, chastely around the shoulders of the ladies, and under strict instructions that while they could look at breasts, they were forbidden to touch.


With all the boys very nice and stiff, the girls were giggling and bragging about how wonderful each boy's genitals felt under water, while the boys were all concentrating on their breathing, trying not to be forced to ejaculation...


And then things began to heat up, but that's another chapter...








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