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She Wanted a Younger Man, chapter 3

by Jeffrey




All week long, Susan and Jeffrey had had sex at least twice a day.


It was like they were newlyweds again. Everything seemed fresh and new.


Susan teased Jeffrey constantly about her lover, and Jeffrey couldn't do enough for her, attending to her every need and desire and whim -- usually thinking of it before she did. And he was all over her like a lusty 18-year old on his first date, necking in the back seat of a car.


Susan liked it.


A lot.


During the week, Susan had again been to the lingerie shop and to several stores to look for suitable dresses that she might wear on her dates, but those shopping excursions had included Jeffrey since it was of utmost importance to her that he share in every detail of her dating life. If he was to be cuckolded properly in the modern female-dominant-relationship fashion, he must be a part of everything.


It had been an exciting time with Jeffrey as they shopped together. There was a young girl, perhaps twenty, who helped them in the lingerie store as Susan picked out the tiniest and sheerest thong panties. Susan explained to the girl that these panties were specifically for her to wear on her dates.


It took a few comments like this before realization dawned on the girl's cute face. When it did, the young woman looked at Jeffrey with a bit of shock in her eyes, and the way Jeffrey had looked down and blushed was absolutely priceless. They had ended up shopping for quite some time at the store, because the young sales girl was suddenly eager to help Susan find "just the right panties that boy's her age were into."


When they were finally finished shopping, Jeffrey carried at least a dozen tiny panties -- each one smaller and sheerer than the other -- to the counter and paid the smiling and glowing sales clerk. The final icing on the cake was when the sales girl told Jeffrey that she thought he was the best husband ever!


Susan gave the girl her card and told her to call if she wanted to hear how the coming 'Date night' went, and the girl assured her she would.


Dress shopping had also been wonderful for both of them. There was one boutique they found in the newly-renovated "Olde Towne" retail area of the city that had cornered the market on sexy and revealing cocktail dresses. Halter tops, spaghetti straps, dangerously high slits, and ridiculously short hemlines were everywhere in fashionable and creative combinations.


The owner of the store was a beautiful woman in her late fifties named Darla. She had a very wise and worldly look about her in a very feminine and gentle way. Susan hit it off with this woman very naturally, and it wasn't but a few minutes before Susan had shared the 'secret' that she was shopping for dresses that would be irresistible to her young lover.


Darla had turned to Jeffrey and looked at his blushing face. She immediately saw what she needed to know and smiled at the couple. "Quite an adventure," she said, "to have embarked upon cuckolding your husband properly. You're a wise woman to include your man. A cheating wife is just a slut, but a wife that convinces her husband that cuckolding is good for their marriage is a precious rarity. I've known several women who have cuckolded their men wisely, and they are still married 30 years or more. It is really the natural order of things, dear, and I'm glad you've discovered this together."


"Really?" asked Susan, "The natural order? I've read articles that claim this, but I just thought it might be at least a slight overstatement."


"Of course, dear, that's how we girls were raised. The free love of the sixties was thwarted by the STD troubles of the past two decades, but the genie is coming out of the bottle again. I have a friend, a college professor, who has written extensively on this subject as well as others. I am convinced that it is unnatural for a woman to have only one man, and that it is merely the product of pas patriarchal thinking that has clouded the truth. You're on the road to happiness, both of you. Cuckolding is as good for the goose as it is for the gander." She smiled at her little joke and began to show her wares with renewed enthusiasm.


Over the course of two hours, and a lot of conversation with Darla on the subject of female-dominant marriage and cuckolding, Jeffrey walked out of the store carrying three very flattering and revealing dresses, suitable for Susan's new dating regime.


Susan and Darla exchanged cards and vowed to stay in touch, and Darla loaned Susan a book by the college professor, Victoria Andre, PhD., that addressed the rise of female sexual power and freedom on the new millennium. Susan promised to read it and return it soon.


During the week leading up to the "2nd Firday", Susan had let Jeffrey sit beside her as she talked to her young lover, Randy, on the phone several times. She had also spoken to Nissa and Gail many times as the ladies discussed the benefits and joys of bedding young men, and polished their plans to do so. She had been very pleased with Jeffrey's reactions to her phone conversations, lusty as they were, and she had quickly fallen into the habit of having him naked at home so that she could enjoy monitoring his arousal.


On Thursday night she had thought of a wonderful idea, and had put Jeffrey's mouth and talented tongue between her thighs as she had talked to Gail on the phone. It was a wonderful experience to sit in her easy chair with her skirt up and panties off and naked husband licking her pussy, as she described to Gail how much more attentive and sexy her husband was, now that she had taken a lover.


As Susan shared secrets with Gail -- how her husband was now kept nude at home, always had an erection, and was right at that moment licking her pussy -- her sweet husband would groan in embarrassment, blush a very cute pink, and devour the wet and succulent folds of her unfaithful pussy with renewed vigor.


Susan had to pause in her conversation several times to have a long and loud orgasm due to her husband's attentiveness and the sexual thrill of the situation. Each time, Gail happily and patiently waited for her friend to finish cumming and regain her breath.


Gail had decided that she, too, wanted to have a young man on the side and was eager for every detail that Susan could supply her regarding how to approach the subject with her husband. Gail, like Susan, had no desire to merely cheat on her husband, but instead wanted the kind of relationship that Susan had -- the "new cuckolding" as described on various internet sites. Susan related her discoveries on Jeffrey's computer and urged Gail to explore her husband's laptop and report back.


As soon as she had hung up the phone, Susan found herself mounted by her over-excited husband and gleefully enjoyed his urgent thrusting and passionate kisses. She was quite pleased to be the object of his strident desires and she urged him to ejaculation with whispered 'magic words' about her upcoming date the following night.


When Jeffrey had fallen upon her in exhaustion after giving her a very satisfying round of desperate lovemaking, she caressed his head as it lay on her shoulder and kissed his cheek. She loved having his weight upon her as she felt him slowly softening inside her body, and his heavy breathing slowly returned to normal.


"You know, dear," she said lovingly, "It's very nice to have you so wild and crazy for me. I love it when you can't get enough of me and you want me all the time. I think cuckolding is a wonderful addition to our marriage; it seems to have awakened your inner Wildman. And I think I know why..."


Jeffrey, lost in the near coma of a man well-spent, said, "Mmm..."


"I read in Dr. Andre's book that sperm are not all just for baby-making. In fact, only about 10 percent of the tens of millions of sperm cells released in ejaculation are true egg-seekers. The vast majority of sperm are either killers or defenders designed to kill foreign egg-seekers from another donor, or defend their brother egg-seekers from the stranger's killer sperm cells."


She waited for a response, but instead got only deep breathing from her husband.


She continued, "The biological imperative there is obvious. A man wasn't designed to be the only one who is spurting into a woman. In fact, monogamy reduces egg-seeking sperm count. It is in fact the presence of competition for the woman's egg that increases sperm production in the male. It is competition for a chance to deposit semen that increases the male's arousal and desire. So, that means there is a scientific biological basis for the common male fantasy of his wife having another lover. Isn't that interesting dear?"


"Hrmphhh..." he said.


Susan had frowned at him in mock disapproval, but she knew that boys are generally useless for conversation after they've spurted. But they were very suggestible after ejaculation, so she knew that he had heard what she said, and was content to leave it at that.


The book that Darla had loaned her was quite interesting, she thought, and bore deep study. And study it she would, in great detail.


Once Susan decided that Jeffrey had had enough time lollygagging on top of her, rumpling her blouse and skirt, she pushed him up and put him to bed. It was late enough and tomorrow was going to be a big day.


Finally, it was Friday -- Susan's date night -- and she had again come home early from work to get ready with Jeffrey's help. He had bathed her, shaved her including all her pubic hair, and they had chosen what Susan would wear together.


Jeffrey had a completely different set of feelings during this time than he had had a week ago. This time, there was no question as to whether his wife was going to have intercourse with her young man. There was no question whether she would allow her lover to enter her without protection. And there was no question that Susan would allow her lover to ejaculate inside her.


Susan would be picked up by Nissa at 7pm for dinner and dancing at the same club in the Hilton that they had gone to last week. At 10pm, the four lovers would retire to a suite they had reserved in the hotel, where Susan and her lover would have sex, and then Susan would be brought home by her date not later than 1am.


All of these facts had been planned by Susan and openly discussed with her husband the preceding week in great detail.


In fact, Susan had set clear goals in her mind for her lovemaking session with her lover. She wanted to have a wider variety of sexual play with him this time, while maintaining control of the activities as she had on the previous date. One advantage of taking a lover of much younger age was that it was easy for Susan, twenty years his senior, could easily take the lead in their lovemaking without the boy feeling unmanned in some way. Her age gave her power over him in addition to her feminine wiles.


She would first 'take the edge off her boy' by giving him oral sex. She would take part of his ejaculation in her mouth, and then allow the rest to spurt onto her breasts. Next, she would mount him and have him ejaculate inside her. In this position, she expected that her lover's semen would get all over her pussy and run down her thighs. Lastly, if possible, she would allow him to have her missionary style and receive an ejaculation which she would try to keep inside her and bring home. To aid in keeping as much of the last deposit as possible, she would bring a pair of full-coverage panties in her purse to wear home instead of the tiny thong.


With the goal to excite and arouse her lover, the carefully chosen wardrobe for the evening was laid out on the bed. She and Jeffrey had spent bits of time all week debating what she should wear for greatest impact from among her new purchases.


They had chosen a pair of classic white 'fuck me' pumps with daring 4" heels.


The dress was a white satin sheath that was providentially cut to fit Susan's particular figure like a glove -- right off the rack. It was destiny. The dress had a mid-thigh hemline with a daring 3" slit in the back. Above the slit was a large open-back oval, cut to bare plenty of flesh down to the dimples just above the cleft of her bottom. In front there was a plunging neckline between form-fitting cups that created devastating cleavage, supported by spaghetti straps.


It was the white equivalent of the 'little black dress' your slutty sister might wear to embarrass her mother to tears.


Beneath the dress, they had chosen the tiniest, sheerest white low-rise g-string, with a narrow triangle of see-through material that could barely contain Susan's large and pouting vulva lips. If she were to 'accidentally' flash the room a look at her panties, they would clearly see her shaven pussy with no difficulty.


Atop the dress, a simple string of white pearls and matching earrings. A small white lambskin clutch and an off-white cashmere overcoat completed the ensemble.


The overall affect was that the innocence of the white was overpowered by the sensuality of woman, creating a delightful juxtaposition of values and mores.


At 7:10pm, Susan's makeup was done and she was dressed when the doorbell rang.


Jeffrey said, "You look magnificent. I can hardly keep from dropping to my knees and humping your leg."


Susan giggled, "You'll get your chance to hump more than that when I get home. In the meantime, I want you to clean the bathrooms, hand-wash all my bras and panties, and put clean sheets on our bed. And I want you to stay undressed while I'm gone, but keep your hands off your penis. Its mine and I have plans for it later this evening."


Jeffrey smiled and said, "Yes, dear."


"Good boy," she said, "Now go answer the door, honey, while I give my makeup one last look."


"But I'm naked and it's Nissa," he pleaded.


Susan took a couple steps closer, towering over her husband by several inches in her sexy heels. She hugged him and whispered in his ear, "She knows I've been keeping you naked at home, honey, it's no big deal. You're going to have to get used to it some time, sweetheart."


She kissed him lightly on the cheek and reached down, taking his testicles in her hand and giving them a gentle squeeze. "You know I'm in charge and that I know what's best for you, Sweetheart, and if I say you should answer the door for one of my friends without any clothes on, I want you to obey me. Now go show Nissa what a good obedient boy you are for me, ok?"


"Yes, dear," he said softly, "It's just...she'll see me erect, honey..."


"I know, dear, but it's ok if she sees your erection. Don't you think it's better for my friends to see my husband's penis at its best? Your penis is very attractive dear, and it's time I showed it off a little bit. Now be a good boy for me. Go answer the door."


"Yes, dear," he said with an adorable tremble in his voice. Susan gave him an encouraging swat on his cute bottom to send him on his way. She smiled as she returned to the mirrors to give her look a last once-over, and awaited the sounds of Jeffrey's dilemma from the nearby living room.


Jeffrey walked faster when Nissa rang the bell a second time. He was blushing already with embarrassment and his penis was rock hard at its full five inches. He wished he was bigger, like the young lovers the two women bragged about, but there was absolutely nothing a man could do about it, short of dangerous surgery.


He opened the door, hiding his naked body behind it, and croaked an embarrassed, "Hi Nissa, please come in."


Nissa breezed by in her black overcoat. "Hello Jeffrey," she said with an unhappy voice, "I thought you'd leave me in the cold all night." Susan's life-long best friend had never liked Jeffrey. She always thought Susan could have done much better. She was usually civil, and she had long ago accepted and tolerated him. But she still didn't really like the man.


She felt strangely different about him since he'd agreed to allow Susan to date; like maybe she had misjudged him. And many things that Susan had told her in the past week had opened Nissa's eyes anew. But as she sashayed into the center of the living room and turned to see Jeffrey's naked bottom as he closed the door, she couldn't help but smile broadly.


"Jeffrey!" she said with obvious pleasure, "You're naked."


Jeffrey blushed anew and turned toward her with his hands trying to cover his extended genitals and only partially succeeding. "Yes," he muttered.


"Well, this is a nice surprise. I knew Sue preferred you undressed at home, but I would have thought you'd put something on when I came over..." She eyed him up and down, pausing only a moment to pout at the position of his hands.


"Susan told me to answer the this."


"Did she now? How delightful. Did she tell you to cover yourself up with your hands?"


"She didn't say..." said Jeffrey looking down, unable to meet her eyes.


"Well, if she told you to answer the door naked, I'm sure she didn't mean for you to hide your...package." Nissa's eyes bored into his. She was truly enjoying this very much. "I think Sue would want you to have your hands at your sides. Don't you think so, Jeffrey?"


Jeffrey closed his eyes and nodded in defeat. He let his hands fall to his sides, and just stood before his wife's best friend completely exposed. He couldn't help but be even more aroused by the situation. There was something about being naked and vulnerable and embarrassed in front of a strange woman that made his erect penis throb with excitement.


Nissa was certainly no stranger; he'd known her more than 25 years. But this was the first time she'd seen him naked. In fact, other than nurses, no woman other than Susan had seen him naked since he'd left home. There was something fiendishly arousing about being naked in front of a fully clothed woman -- he'd enjoyed fantasies on the CFNM websites he'd visited, but the reality of it was much more intense.


"Jeffrey," said Nissa brightly with her eyes fixed on his groin, "You've got a stiffy; how adorable."


Jeffrey blushed again just as Susan walked into the room to see her naked husband standing at attention as her best friend inspected his naked body for the first time.


"I see you two are getting...acquainted," said Susan with humor in her voice.


"Yes," said Nissa, "It seems I'm getting to know your husband much better this evening. I'm even warming up to him a little. He does look very nice without any clothes on, I can see why you've decided to keep him this way..."


"Yes, I'm very proud of my man. I think he's gorgeous and sexy, don't you?"


"Strangely, I'd have to say yes," said Nissa, "I think I have a new appreciation for him." She turned to Jeffrey and said, "Jeffrey, I have to admit that you look very fit and handsome this evening. I look forward to seeing you again real soon. But we're running late and I need to get your wife in my car and to the club before the boys get too restless. As you know, we have a schedule to keep."


Nissa smiled and took Susan's arm, and suddenly they were two giggling girls on prom night. The transformation was instantaneous and stark. As they walked past Jeffrey as he stood naked by the door, they both blew him a kiss. Nissa shot a quick glance at his genitals and winked at him playfully. He was suddenly happy because it was the first time Nissa had been nice to him and said anything complimentary. She hadn't made any mention that his penis was smaller than her date's, and that was unexpectedly pleasant.


Jeffrey pulled himself together and stripped the sheets of the king size bed, starting them in the laundry. In half an hour, the bathrooms were clean, and the sheets were already in the dryer. Jeffrey sat on the sofa, watching TV, with the cordless phone at his side and waited for Susan's first call which was due at 8pm...


Nissa and Susan chatted excitedly in Nissa's Lexus as they drove to the Hilton. They'd be a half hour late to the boys, which was just fine with them. "Make 'em wait," said Nissa, "I want John to be horny before I get there. Making him wait for it is always a good thing." Both women giggled at that.


They decided to have Valet Parking. Nissa argued that, while it was an extra $30, it was near the front door and the valets were cute. It would be a good start to the evening to flash the valet boys a look up their skirts as they got out of the car. Susan laughed and said that her panties would leave absolutely nothing to their imagination. Nissa asked, "You wore panties?" and grinned a very naughty grin, igniting another round of giggles and reproof from Susan. "What would your mother think?"


The valet adventure went as planned, at least for Susan. When the good looking young man opened her door and welcomed her to the Hilton, Susan took a deep breath and fixed her eyes on his so that she wouldn't miss his reaction to her next move.


She slowly slid sideways in the seat, allowing her knees to rise to clear the baseboard with her heels. As she did so, her knees parted accidentally for just a little longer than necessary, and the young man rewarded her with wide eyes as his jaw dropped open. She was quite pleased and wished she'd had her cell phone in her hand to take the boy's picture. As she stood, she noticed that several bellmen and another valet were standing back, but strategically positioned to have been afforded a clear view of her exposed pussy, in her tiny sheer thong.


Susan smiled at all the boys and they smiled back with gratitude. Definitely a fine start to the evening, she thought.


She and Nissa compared notes on their way through the lobby, and Nissa's experience had been quite similar except for her complete lack of panties, and that she had turned to the 'exposed' position and held it a moment to wait for the valet to take her hand to help her up. The stunned boy hesitated, thereby prolonging the view time that the crowed of employees had been afforded.


She was quite pleased with herself and assured Susan that there were several boys running to the bathroom that instant to masturbate while the vision of Nissa's freshly shaved pussy still lingered in their naughty little minds...


The ladies took a moment to check their coats with the bell desk, and then made the long walk across the lobby toward the club, turning the heads of every businessman and male employee in the marbled hall. Very satisfying indeed.


Upon entering the Bar, the two mature vixens drew the rapt attention of every male in the establishment. There was actually a lull in conversation as all the unescorted boys in the place stopped talking and began to rehearse their pick up lines. Faces all over the room pouted when John and Randy floated from a secluded booth to take the arms of their dates and escort them to their seats.


Nissa and Susan looked at each other over the arms of their boys as they walked together. Nissa mouthed, "Wow" at Susan, who nodded sagely. Just getting from the car to their table had provided enough testosterone-soaked worship and adoration to keep any woman walking a foot off the ground for a year. This sort of thing could become addicting. Susan understood the rush that made a stripper enjoy her job more and more...


The boys led the ladies to a booth in the farthest corner, where the already dark lighting of the establishment seemed to be worst. The print on the menu was barely visible in the stygian shadows. The young men insisted the ladies scoot all the way into the center of the horseshoe, and seated themselves on each side.


Happy chatting ensued; filled with compliments from the men as to the beauty, sexiness, and the devastating apparel of the ladies. All such words were gladly absorbed by Susan and Nissa, as was their due.


The boys had steaks and the ladies had salads, all served rather quickly to make time for the consumption of adult beverages upon which the fortunes of the bar were based. And shortly after 8pm, the music started up just as Susan was polishing off the last crouton of her Caesar, and she excused herself to go to the ladies room and make her first secret phone call to Jeffrey.


She made her way across the dance floor, which had only a few couples on it, and enjoyed the attention of interested male eyes as she swayed and jiggled her way toward the ladies'. In the darkened alcove with the bank of obsolete pay phones, Susan flipped open her cell and punched the speed dial for home. Jeffrey answered on the first ring.


Susan said, "Hi, Jeffrey, how are things at home?"


"All's quiet on the western front, Ma'am," said Jeffrey in a southern drawl.


"Are you finished with chores, honey?"


"Oh yes, all done."


"Good boy," she said, "Are the sheets in the laundry?"


"Just moved them to the drier," he said.


"Very good; then I guess you're just watching TV, sitting naked on the couch."


"Yes, dear."


"Is your penis erect, honey?" she asked.


"A little bit," he admitted.


"Well let's see if I can help with that," she said with a very seductive voice. "When Nissa and I got here, we used the valet parking and a nice young man opened my door for me. Well, I was spinning in the seat to get my legs out of the door, and I guess my knees came apart a little bit for a couple seconds...accidentally."


She paused a moment and only heard Jeffrey's excited-sounding breathing.


She said, "You know how bright it is right at the entrance, and my dress is kind of short, so... Well, there was the handsome valet, and several other boys nearby, bellmen I think, and they were all looking right at me so they all got to look up my skirt, honey. I'm pretty sure they all got a very good long look at my new panties..."


"Oh, my," Jeffrey whispered.


"Honestly, I have to admit that I let them look, honey. I scooted out just a little so that my bottom was on the edge of the seat and I left my legs apart for a few seconds while I got my purse. I wanted to let them see my panties, and they all got an eye full. What do you think of that?"


Jeffrey imagined the scene. His wife's skirt riding up her thighs, her knees parted just enough, and the floodlights shining right between her thighs... Her tiny panty would have been so sheer, revealing the pouting lips of her pussy clearly to the boys... Then the slow count of three as she reached for her purse to give them a good look before she stood up...


He said, "They would have been able to see your pussy, and see that you're shaved, dear."


"Yes, Jeffrey," she said in her deepest voice, "I know they saw my sheer panties, honey, and I'm sure they could see right through them. Don't you think so?"


"Yes, I'm sure they saw you, dear."


"I let five boys look up my dress, see my tiny sheer g-string, and look at my pussy, Jeffrey, and I let them do it for several long seconds. Does that help your penis to get erect, honey?"


"Yes, I'm hard now, dear."


"Good boy," she said, and hung up.


Susan slipped into the ladies room, peed, checked her makeup and then headed for the booth to start teasing her other man for the evening. She smiled and soaked up all the male attention as she sashayed back to her booth and her date. My date, she thought, how lovely, I'm on a date with a young, attractive, well-endowed man. And later this evening, I'm going to have him up in the suite...


She worked out her plan for teasing Randy to a fully overheated state in the booth and on the dance floor. And as she arrived at the table and he got up smiling to let her into the seat, she began to implement her arousal plan by boldly sliding her hand directly over his crotch as she passed him. Her move was blatant so that anyone looking would have seen it; and certainly both John and Nissa noticed and smiled.


Randy was happily shocked as he sat down next to her, "My, that was forward, Susan," he whispered.


She whispered back, "Just be a good boy and I will be much more forward than that." She grinned and winked at Nissa as she let her hand fall obviously onto Randy's lap. Susan was pleased to find that Randy was already firming up a bit in his tight slacks as she caressed her hand up and down his inner thigh, making sure to fully cover his genital bulge with each pass.


Nissa saw what Susan was doing and began to mirror her movements on John's leg as well. Just then, a cute waitress appeared at the edge of the small table to ask for drink orders. Both Susan and Nissa continued to caress their dates' crotches without pause. If anything, they were more obvious about it, and the waitress noticed right away and blushed, smiling. "Can I get you anything?" she asked politely. The girl was closer to the handsome blonde Randy and kept trying not to look at what was happening in his lap but it was a difficult test of self control, and happily, she failed.


The girl's eyes became riveted to the growing profile of the young man's stiffening shaft, outlined tight and clear down the leg of his slacks. She could see the ridge and shape of his head as Susan's hand slid up and down, driving the boy to wiggle involuntarily in his seat.


Susan's fingertips played lightly upon the swollen head of Randy's penis as the waitress watched with rapt attention. Susan continued teasing the boy as she cleared her throat, "Uh-hum," she said, to get the waitress's attention.


"Are you order?" said the waitress with a squeaky voice.


"Definitely," said Susan, "I'd like a Cosmopolitan and Randall will have a diet coke." Susan smiled at her date and squeezing his penis, she whispered, "I don't want your performance dampened by alcohol, honey."


Randy's eyes went wide and he grinned, "Ok by me, Susan."


Nissa and John gave their drink orders and the waitress reluctantly departed after giving Randy's swollen crotch a final pleased glance.


The room got a bit darker, and the music softened to a slow number. Susan immediately pushed Randy to leave the booth and he stood up with his hands over his now-very-obvious erection and looking around to see who might notice the bulging evidence of Susan's handiwork.


Susan did her valet-parking number, sliding to the edge of the padded seat so that her hemline rose enticingly, and parting her knees fairly wide as she brought her legs around. She watched Randy's eyes go directly to her now exposed panties and she was pleased that he liked what he saw, even in the darkness of the room. Susan decided that she really liked flashing panty at boys, since their reactions gave her such a satisfying rush of power, and resolved to make it a habit in the future.


As she stood, she took Randy's hand and led him to the dance floor, thereby uncovering his large swollen package for all to see. Once in the center of the room, she put her arms around his neck and pressed her body against his as they swayed together. She enjoyed the stiffness she felt against her tummy and the feeling of his hands as they explored her uncovered back.


When he tried to cup her ass with his hands, she gave him a stern whisper to "behave", and he dutifully raised his hands off of her cheeks. "Good boy," she said, snuggling against him once again.


Randy whispered, "You seem quite a bit more forward than last week, Susan, and it was really embarrassing that you were touching me in front of the waitress."


She said, "I like to show you off, and I like to touch you. Do you want me to stop?"


"No, don't stop, of course I like you touching me, but it was embarrassing, that's all. And when I walked out here with a hard-on, a lot of people stared at me."


She purred, "Didn't you like it when the ladies looked at your big cock, honey?"


"I guess, a little, but I felt half naked."


"Hmm...only 'half'? We'll need to work on that. Anyway, I enjoyed showing you off and letting the other women know what I'd be getting and what they can't have..."


Randy chuckled, "Ok, Susan, I guess I can handle that, thanks."


They danced silently together, one of only a few couples on the floor since the hour was early. Susan continually ground her tummy against Randy's turgid cock, keeping up some stimulation so that he would remain hard for the trip back to the table when the song was over.


"Did you like my panties?" asked Susan, referring to the flashing exhibition she'd given when exiting the booth.


"Oh yes, very lovely; my favorite," said Randy.


"Really? Those are your favorite kind of panties?" asked Susan. "What is it, exactly, that makes them your favorite?"


"Well, I would have to say that they're my favorite because you're in them. I'm sure I wouldn't like them on anyone else," he said, feeling good about his answer.


Susan looked up with a smirk on her lips, "Did they teach you that at 'Smooth School'? That's a bit smarmy, but a girl still has to give a boy an 'A' for that answer," she said as she patted his bottom. "Good boy," she said.


She continued. "So besides the fact that I'm wearing them, what else did you like about seeing my panties?"


"I like that they fit you so well, and that they are very sheer. It was like seeing your naked pussy, only more ladylike. I liked it a lot."


"Do you always look up a lady's skirt when you get the chance?" she asked.


"Always," he smiled.


Susan swatted his bottom, "Naughty boy," she said, and then took his hand again and led him back to the booth as the tempo of the music picked up.


She purposefully led Randy past a group of younger women who had filled up a nearby table, forcing him to slowly walk behind her like she was leading a child. But he was clearly not a child, as the ladies at the table were pleased and eager to observe, smiling as they eyed his big thick penis clearly straining against the leg of his slacks as he passed by. The table erupted into whoops and giggles as soon as Susan had drug him past.


Returning to the booth, Susan quickly noticed that John and Nissa had traded places, with Nissa now on the outside seat and John toward the middle of the horseshoe. Nissa's arm was moving rhythmically in John's lap and the young man had a frightened but cooperative look on his face.


"Whatever are you doing, Nissa?" asked Susan with mock concern.


"Oh, I'm just stroking his penis a little bit, trying to decide if I'm going to let him cum here at the table, but I was thinking it would just be too messy. What do you think?"


Susan said, "Well, if I were you, I'd save him for the room later. But it doesn't hurt to play with him so that he's nice and ready when the time comes."


"That's what I was thinking," said Nissa happily, her big breasts jiggling as she stroked her date's penis more quickly. She turned to him and hissed, "Don't you cum, Johnny -- not until momma tells you it's ok."


"Yes, Nissa," the boy gasped, straining to control himself as she tested his control to its limits.


Susan slid into the booth next to Johnny and looked into his lap as Randy sat down beside her. Without looking, Susan put her hand into Randy's lap again and resumed her caressing and playing with his restrained erection. She said over her shoulder, "Keep your knees apart, Randall, I don't want to feel like you're being uncooperative."


She smiled as she felt Randy's thighs part to allow her more access to let her hand play with his genitals. She moved lower and began kneading his testicles as she continued to watch Nissa's hand stroking John's exposed erection.


John's penis was not as long as Randy's, but certainly as thick, and it looked nice and big in Nissa's little hand. Susan could see a big pearl of Pre-seminal fluid had formed at the tip of his penis and was threatening to roll off of its precarious perch and drip onto Nissa's hand.


Nissa's hand slowed down, allowing a small relief to appear on John's brow, which quickly changed to a look of panic. John was staring wide eyed across the table, and Nissa was looking up the same direction and smiling.


Susan turned her head to see the waitress had returned and the young girl was looking back and forth between Nissa's arm motion and Randy's lap with a look of amazement on her face. Now that all eyes were on her, she gulped and said, "Can I get you another round?"


Nissa said, "Two of the same, please," as she happily continued stroking John's penis just out of site of the standing waitress.


Susan said, "The same for us," as she smiled and continued massaging Randy's aroused genitals, which could be clearly seen by the young girl.


The waitress smiled and took her time writing the order on a napkin. When she was done, she said, "I don't mean to intrude, but, um..."


"Yes?" Susan smiled up at her.


"Well, uh, normally, I see men's hands all over their dates in these dark booths, and, um, well this is kind of refreshing. I mean, well, it's nice to see the ladies getting their fair share." She blushed, feeling that she may have overstepped.


"Ah," said Susan, "So you don't often see a woman who is playing with her date's penis?"


"No, I don't; actually, never, but I think it's cool." She smiled.


"Glad you think so," said Nissa, speeding up her strokes and making her big boobs jiggle wildly with the effort.


"You know," the waitress said, "There are no skirts on these tables, and, um, well that big table of girls over there can see right under the top from their angle. They're the ones that told me you had his, uh, well he's out of his pants..." She blushed, and looked away for a moment.


"Wow," said Nissa, "Did you hear that, John? Those young ladies over there can see me stroking your big cock. Do you think I should stop?"


John's face was sweating and his brow was nit in concentration as he tried desperately not to ejaculate. He gasped, "Whatever you think... ugh ...oh!"


Nissa took her hand away, "Put that away, Johnny, Momma wants to dance."


The young man barely had time to get his engorged penis stuffed back inside his fly before Nissa was nearly dragging him onto the dance floor. Soon, they were lost in the crowd and swaying to the music.


The young waitress walked away smiling, to take drink orders from the table with all the young girls -- obviously to also compare notes.


Susan turned to Randy and looked at the smiling young man. So handsome, she thought, staring into his pretty blue eyes and admiring his fine blonde hair. She leaned closer to him and whispered.


"I have some plans for you tonight, so I think we'll be excusing ourselves to the room soon." His eyebrows rose in response and Susan filled him in. "I have a room in the hotel, so that the two of us can spend some time together. Alone."


Randy's big grin was charming as he said, "That sounds like a great plan, Susan. I'm ready whenever you are."


"Of course you are, dear, you're a man. Men are always ready." She sipped her drink, "But I want you to know a few things. First, this is our second date, and by now you have figured out that our dates, if they continue, will be about having a good time dancing, and then having sex. If you'd like to continue forward as my regular lover, then there are going to be rules."


He said, "I think you're a very beautiful and sexy woman, Susan, and I would love to see you regularly. What rules do you have in mind? I think I can be pretty flexible..."


She smiled, "Rule number one is that I want a lover that can come in me. So you, mister, are going to have to refrain from sex with anyone but me for as long as we're lovers. Can you handle that?"


 "Yes, I can handle that," he said.


She looked sternly into the young man's eyes. "Promise me."


"I promise I won't have any other woman as long as you're having me... uh... regularly. By the way, what does 'regular' mean, exactly?"


She smiled, "I'm thinking about once a week. Would that work for you? I promise to always leave you completely exhausted and drained..." She grinned deviously and caressed his erection with her surreptitious hand.


"Absolutely!" he beamed.


"Alright," she said, "The next rule is that you follow my lead. When we get together, I'll generally have some things in mind that I want to do. I need you to be cooperative and not try to take charge. I don't mind you trying to grope me, it's fun, but I don't want you taking too many liberties and I'm not the kind of girl that wants to be carried to bed, stripped, and fucked. I like to make love. So if you get too forceful I'll let you know, and I'll expect you to back down. If you come on strong and don't cooperate with my signals and communication, we're through."


"Yes, Ma'am," he said in all seriousness. "Please just try to be clear with what you want and don't want so that I don't get in trouble for misunderstanding. I want you to be happy so that I get to see you again. I won't knowingly or purposefully screw up."


She smiled, "Well, I guess that's all a girl can wish for, thank you."


She continued, "Rule number three. We are not going to fall in love, and get married. We can be very affectionate friends with very intimate benefits, but I don't want you to start sending me flowers and writing me poems. The moment I think you're falling in love with me, we're through. Just be a good boy for me and understand this is not forever. We're not going to grow old together. Our relationship won't last too long; maybe six months or a year at most. Do you understand?"


He said, "Yes, I understand. We need to approach this whole thing as friends who get together and enjoy sex. I'll think of you as a really hot and attractive woman, who just so happens to want to have a young guy on the side, and that I'm lucky to be that guy for as long as it lasts."


"Yes," she said, "That would be a good attitude to have, because that is the truth."


They sipped their drinks in silence, and then Susan looked at her watch. It was time again to call Jeffrey. She slid out of the booth with Randy's help and sauntered off toward the phone bank again, to get at least a little ways away from the loudest music, and dialed.


Again, Jeffrey picked up on the first ring.


She said, "Hello, sweetheart, how are you feeling?"


"I guess really nervous and excited. The clock is moving so slow..."


"I know honey," she cooed softly, "But I know you're going to be patient for me, and I love you so much. I can't wait to get home to you..."




Susan as very pleased with herself as she kissed Randy on her doorstep, and put the key in the lock. She had accomplished her goal of getting three ejaculations out of the poor, tired boy. She grinned as she felt all wet and squishy between her thighs, and hoped her panties were doing a good job of keeping as much of her date's warm young goo still inside her as possible.

She had glanced down there in the suite's bathroom before the drive home, and had been pleased to see his fluids had spread all over her tummy, thighs, and her shaved pussy.


Her vaginal lips were red and puffy from having been stretched wide and taken such a good pounding from the boy. She could still feel her fat vulva throb and pout as she squeezed her thighs together.


She ran her tongue across her teeth and licked her lips, knowing that her breath must still hold the hot male scent of the semen she had swallowed directly from Randy's stiff spurting penis. 'Yummy,' she thought as she could still taste a trace of his semen in her mouth, feel the bigness of him stretching her lips, and the sensual echo of the soft velvet of his head upon her tongue.


Her nipples were stiff with renewed arousal, though a little sore from Randy's ardent suckling, as she anticipated the next moment when she would present herself to her husband. She thought of the two dribbles of semen she had purposefully allowed to drip from her mouth onto each breast, and had gently rubbed around to cover her nipples and some of the soft white flesh around them.


She pushed the door open to see her sweet husband standing naked and waiting for her with a full erection. She eyed his penis with renewed love and appreciation as she thought about how her husband loved her and wanted her, especially after she had enjoyed he lover. She thought he was a very good husband indeed. She smiled brightly, and said, "Hi honey, I can see that you missed me while I was on my date...I missed you too!"


She softly closed the door and then took her husband in her arms, kissing him softly on the cheek and biting his ear as she whispered, "My mouth still tastes of semen, honey, so you need to think about that before we kiss. How about you take me to bed and get me undressed. I have some things to show you..."


He nodded and picked her up as she giggled at his manly gesture. "My Lancelot," she whispered as he carried her to the bedroom.


Jeffrey started to remove Susan's sexy shoes, but she said, "Leave them on, honey."


He eagerly helped her out of her dress, and then Susan lay back luxuriously in only her little thong panties. She put her hands seductively on the pillow over her head and raised one knee, allowing her thighs to part slightly and reveal the messy crotch of her panties to her husband. She lay still, watching him lovingly and allowing him time to see her body and process his feelings.


His eyes stayed fixed upon her panty crotch, freshly wet with the evidence of her tryst. He trembled inside, now confronted fully with the proof his wife's lovemaking. No more fantasy; no more doubt. Jeffrey dealt with the full knowledge that his wife had spread her thighs and allowed the penis of a young and virile man to thrust into her and to ejaculate inside her body. There seemed to be so much semen...


He looked at her soft inner thighs, also anointed with the evidence of her lover. His eyes traveled up her taught and shapely belly and lingered on her full and soft breasts as they rose and fell with her breathing. Her nipples were erect and seemed a bit puffy. There were a couple faint red marks on the soft white flesh, perhaps hickeys or soft bite-marks. He couldn't help but grin that her lover liked her breasts as much as he did...


He looked at her face and returned her seductive smile. Her lips were full and looked deliciously kissable. He wondered how he felt about kissing her mouth, since she had warned him that her lover had spurted semen there. He wasn't sure.


Her eyes were so beautiful as they looked at him with love and softness. She was being quiet and patient for him, letting him look and think. He loved her for it.


He slowlylooked back down toward her panties and took gentle hold at her hips, slowly drawing the lacy facbric down her thighs and off, careful not to remove her shoes. Her bare pussy was now revealed as she kept one knee up again and let her thighs part a little wider for him.


Her lips were darker pink than usual and seemed a little swollen from her lovemaking. He let out a deep breath as he saw that her entire crotch area was wet with semen. Her vagina was partly gapped, since her thighs were parted, and he could see semen at the mouth of her opening. Her lover must have stretched her, he thought, because she was still loose.


After he had looked between her parted thighs for quite some time, seeing the softness of her lips in their pink and puffy beauty, and the wetness of her lover's semen all over her body, he closed his eyes and breathed deeply.


Susan spread her legs and lifted her knees as she held out her arms to him. She whispered, "Come, my husband, and make love to your wife."


Jeffrey got onto the bed and moved gently between her thighs, putting his penis near her relaxed and beckoning vagina. He hesitated a moment, looking at his penis so close to her puffy vulva and distended labia, all glistening and dripping with the wetness of her lover's fresh semen. The mouth of her vagina was open, as though stretched so much it couldn't close. It was a surreal moment for Jeffrey. The reality of the situation was fully becoming clear. The line had been fully crossed. He was a cuckold husband.


Jeffrey thought that the reality was different than the fantasy; so much more real and intense now. He felt at once a mixture of pain and happiness, of fear and love. She had done what he'd always wanted. And now he was faced with the reality of entering his wife and making love to her so soon after her lover had been with her and her body so clearly proved that he had been.


All five of Jeffrey's senses confirmed what he already knew.


His eyes could see the proof between her thighs that another man had been in her. She smelled of sex and the sweat and semen of another man. Her skin felt sticky with another man's fluids. He heard her words -- on the phone during her date, and now that she was home -- and every sound confirmed the truth. He had not tasted her, but he knew when he kissed her, there would be a faint foreign taste on her lips.


He shuddered visibly as the truth of it hit home. He was not shocked that she had truly and thoroughly made love with her date, which was forgone before it happened. The reality that shocked him was that the clearly proven genuineness of her dalliance was indeed more exciting than he had expected. The reality was better than the fantasy. Her body had been fully used by her date and now she had come home to him, covered in the evidence of their passionate lovemaking.


She was being so patient and warm and loving with him. She gave him time to adjust, time to look at her body's evidence, and to think about what it all meant. Her words were soft and affectionate and caring; even though as she spoke he could smell the faint scent of man on her breath. Everything about his wife turned him on more than he could ever remember, and yet he paused at the threshold of her womanhood.


He knew that once he had entered her, it would demonstrate his full acceptance and approval of her infidelity, and seal his fate as her cuckold husband. He would be stepping through the door as she held it open for him. He would be entering a new room and a new life that could not be undone. His thoughts and feelings were so intense that he couldn't move as wave after wave of powerful emotions washed over him.


He felt every sort of feeling he could imagine, with the strange absence of a few he'd expected to feel. Remorse, regret, anger, betrayal, - none of these feelings touched him. There was a little fear and jealousy, but they were colored with excitement and awe and served only to heighten his arousal and submissive feelings towards his beautiful wife...


Susan knew she must give him both time and encouragement in just the right amounts. Patience was paramount for a wife in her position. She must let her husband work through his first experience of her post-date body on his own, with only a little help from her. She sensed his hesitation immediately as he had positioned himself between her open thighs. She knew her job at this moment was to be open and welcoming to him -- to be gentle and patient and loving and supportive, but not demanding or pushy.


When her intuition told her he was ready after giving him the time he needed, she sought to comfort him. "It's ok, Jeffrey," she whispered, "I've had my lover, and now I want my husband."


He looked up into her eyes as her hands on his shoulders began to pull gently. "It's alright, honey," she cooed, "It's time for you to enter me. Just slide forward and into me, sweetheart." She smiled and put every ounce of love and acceptance and compassion she had into her eyes as she gently willed him to comply with her request.


He looked down at his penis and watched as he moved his hips very slowly forward. The head of his penis touched the warm and wet entrance and then slipped effortlessly in. She was so well lubricated with both semen and her own arousal, and she was so loose inside, that there was no resistance at all. He watched as each inch of his shaft slowly disappeared into his wife until he was fully inside her. She wrapped her legs around his back and just held him tightly inside her, letting him just be in her for a minute or two without moving.


Jeffrey had never felt her so loosely. She felt very hot and soft as always, but she had never been so slippery even when they had used lots of lube. He knew the added slipperiness was supplied by her lover's semen, and the thought that she was so full of cum and that his penis was now covered with it made him shudder. He was torn between the excitement of the situation and his deep aversion to homosexuality. He was a submissive man, but he was very straight.


He pushed that thought aside and again focused on how loosely the pink softness of her vagina barely clung to him. There was contact, but no feeling of tightness at all. It was as though his penis were swimming in a warm wet pool. It was so different than before, but not bad. Just different. It was the reason for her looseness that again gave him a thrill down his spine. He was in his wife after another man had been there...


After the pause for him to get acquainted with her body in this strange an new condition, Susan still held him tight to her with her legs and she began to slowly rotate her hip against him.


"Mmmm..." she said, "That's what I want. I have my husband in me...mmmm..."


Jeffrey just held still and let his wife control things. He felt her vagina squish and slosh around his stiff penis as she ground her clitoris against his pubic bone. He enjoyed her little moans and squeaks of pleasure and marveled that she could still want more sex after obviously having plenty with her lover. He could feel warm fluids slipping out of her as she rolled her hips on his penis, dripping down and covering his scrotum and her bottom, making the joining of their bodies gooey and squishy.


She seemed to be enjoying it, as though the blending of their bodies with the semen she'd brought home to him was a real turn on for her. If it was true that coming home to him after being with her lover would make her horny for him, he thought that was wonderful.


After a little while, Jeffrey felt her legs relax a little, signaling that it was time for him to take over and do his 'husbandly duties', as she'd always playfully called it when it was his turn to do the thrusting. He began to slide his penis slowly in and out, lowering his body onto hers so that he could feel her breasts jiggle softly against his chest with each thrust.


After his long time of silence, Susan was very pleased when he finally said something. He whispered in her ear, "You're so wet and loose." She just kissed his cheek in response, letting him do the thinking and talking now. She had given him control of their lovemaking now and she wanted him to pleasure his penis in her body at his own pace.


His thrusts increased in speed and urgency a little. "He must be big...and he came a lot," he gasped.


Susan smiled and kept kissing him, whispering only, "Yes...", to encourage him to continue to do the talking.


Ever so slowly, Jeffrey's thrusting continued to become more forceful, though not increasing much in tempo. He built up the strength of his hips' movements so that when he thrust forward, Susan's whole body shook and he could feel the satisfying jiggle of her breasts against his chest. It felt good to seat his penis more powerfully into her again and again, and Susan was very pleased with his increased vigor.


"Your lover was thrusting in like this..." he whispered.


She kissed his neck as she whispered, "Yes, honey, but now I'm yours. He only gets to borrow me sometimes." She grinned at his increased thrusting and heavier breathing. His words told her everything she needed to know, and she was content to let her husband keep the lead on the conversation. She would merely confirm and encourage, as she knew that at this time it was best for her to remain mostly silent.


But as part of her encouragement, she allowed her lips to emit soft gasps and intakes of breath when he gave her a particularly hard thrust, just to let him know he was doing a good job. Boys need positive feedback from a lady so that they know she is enjoying their efforts...


Jeffrey gasped, "So slippery...", as his thrusts began to increase in tempo.


Susan cooed, "Mmmm..." at his thrusts, and whispered softly, "Do you like that?"


She had her answer and smiled as he gasped, "Ooohhh...", and thrust faster and harder. It seemed to her there was a vein of gold that should be mined more deeply.


She said, "Can you feel my lover's cum making me all slippery inside, honey?"


"Ohhh God," he rasped as he thrust with all his might, delighting his wife with his desperate plunges, each one delivered with its own little gasp from his parted lips.


She caressed him with her hands as she murmured, "Yes, honey, I'm full of my lover's cum, but now I want to feel you cum in me, honey." She was rewarded with a further increase in her husband's urgency. She whispered, "I want my husband's semen... Give it to me, honey."


Susan worked her vaginal muscles to try to squeeze his penis so he could feel more of her, and she of him. There was something thrilling and wonderful about pleasuring her husband's penis so soon after her lover had been inside her. Though Jeffrey's penis was smaller, it felt so right and wholesome to have her husband thrusting into her -- it felt like 'coming home' and she hoped he felt the same way. She felt like, with her lover in her she was enjoying sex with a man's penis, but with her husband in her she was making love with 'her' man. The size of Jeffrey's penis seemed even less important now. Only the love and connection between husband and wife mattered when she made love with Jeffrey.


She had worried that having her dates with a 'big boy' would make her more dissatisfied with Jeffrey's genital size, but in fact the opposite occurred. Now that she had a big penis like Randy's available to enjoy, she was more satisfied than ever with Jeffrey's 'average' size. She realized it wasn't Jeffrey's penis that mattered to her anymore. What mattered was who Jeffrey was -- her beloved husband. How strange, she thought, that having a lover made her appreciate intercourse with her husband more...


It was so erotic to Jeffrey to thrust into his wife after her lover had done. She was stretched wide and deep by her lover's big penis, and she was so full and slippery with his semen. Somehow, the fact that Susan's lover was bigger, and that he had filled her with his cum, was scrambling Jeffrey's emotions. What should have been jealousy was changed into arousal, fear into excitement, and worry into desire.


It only took a few more thrusts before ejaculation was upon him. He gasped and moaned and spurted into his wife again and again. Susan was saying, "Oh yes, that's it, cum in me honey, spurt in me. Yes, that's my good boy, come in your wife. Your penis feels so good when you spurt in me. Give me all your semen, Jeffrey, I need it all. I love when you cum for me!"


She knew from experience that this sort of talk really helped her dear husband come hard for her, and she loved to help heighten his ejaculation and make him feel that he had pleased her. He always pleased her, but it was good for him to hear that she liked it.


She kissed the side of his face and caressed him as he finally lay spent and exhausted atop her, his penis pulsing softly and giving her his few last drops. After a little while, he went soft in her so that she no longer felt his penis at all. Every few moments, she whispered, "I love you," between kisses on his cheek and neck as she enjoyed feeling his relaxed weight on her.


She gently put her hands on his cheeks and turned his head to her. She looked into his eyes as she kissed him full on the lips and let her tongue dance against them. Slowly, he opened his mouth and allowed her tongue in, and began to match her tongue's caresses with his. They kissed a long time before she pulled his face away and looked him in the eyes.


"I love you," she said.


"I love you too," he said, as she smiled and began to kiss him again.


He slid to her side and rolled to his back as his small soft penis slipped out of her, leaving its fresh deposit of semen to join that of her lover and to seep onto the sheets mingled and inseparable. Susan rolled on top of him, straddling his hips. She gently lifted his wet and gooey testes up and squeezed his thighs together tightly, then laid his soft genitals down fully atop his thighs. She spread her legs wider, opening her vagina, and settled down onto him so that her soft pussy covered his soft genitals fully.


She laid her chest down on his and snuggled her face into his neck, sighing contentedly as she pulled the covers up and around them.


Jeffrey's breathing was deep and steady, indicating that he was near sleep if not already there. Susan closed her eyes with a satisfied grin as she wiggled her hips just once more to make sure her vaginal lips were well settled against her husband's soft genitals. Satisfied that she was properly settled in, she was ready to let sleep take her.


She had always liked sleeping this way, gently atop her husband with her pussy comfortably nestled against his soft penis and testicles, and she had long ago trained him to accept it and love it too. She smiled happily as she felt the mingled semen of her husband and her lover seep out of her and onto her husband's genitals. She made a point to keep her thighs wide and flex her vaginal muscles to try to expel as much fluid as she could.


She thought it a fitting end to their first night of post-date intimacy that her lover's semen was mixed with her husband's. It felt especially intimate to her to share the warm gooey mess with her husband; particularly that she was anointing his genitals in this way. It felt like signing the contract or sealing the deal of finishing the race.


She loved to sleep with her husband with their genitals touching, so that they were sharing the maximum intimacy. And she felt this time it was more intimate than ever, as she allowed the two men's semen to mix and play inside her body and to wash over her husband, making them all one flesh. She snuggled her face into his neck and softly planted kisses on her husband, loving him more deeply than ever.


She was happy that they had shared the most intimate lovemaking ever, and looked forward to the next day. Saturday was now a very special day in her heart. It was now the day when she would spend quality time with her husband, telling him every detail of her date and hearing him tell her all about his feelings. She thought it ironic that by taking a lover, her intimacy with her husband was increasing exponentially...


Wasn't that nice...she thought.







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