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She Wanted a Younger Man, chapter 1

by Jeffrey





Susan was 46 years old, a college professor and mother of three daughters, the last of which had started university just that year. She worked out at the gym regularly and jogged with her friend Nissa on weekends to maintain her 36C-25-35 figure on her 5'5", 125 pound frame. She was a beautiful woman who dressed in conservative business suits, but with hemlines just a half inch shorter, slits just a half inch higher, and lacy blouses with necklines just a little lower than the other 'professional' women.


She was married to Jeffrey, 44, her high school sweetheart. They had married within a year of Jeffrey's high school graduation, while she was attending university. Their relationship had always been that Susan was the dominant partner, and that continued throughout their marriage.


Jeffrey had not gone to college, but had worked two jobs for many years to pay her way through to her doctorate in bio-chemistry, and then her career had taken off, earning the big bucks in a new company with new successful drugs. Later she left with a pile of stock and got a professorship at the University. So, naturally, as the girls came along, Susan only took a month off from work to have the babies, and Jeffrey became a stay-at-home dad and ran the household.


While Jeffrey cooked, cleaned, ran errands, shuttled the girls to and from school, dance, and karate, Susan had attained the education, position, & money to provide the family with a good life. She also loved Jeffrey very much and was grateful that he had made the sacrifices necessary for her to accomplish what she had always wanted.


For his part, Jeffrey had always known that Susan was a very attractive woman. She was accomplished and brilliant and very desirable. He knew men wanted her – powerful, important men with whom he could not compete. So he had made a point of staying in shape, being always supportive and attentive to her, obeying her requests and decisions, and basing his life on catering to her every need. He loved her very much and didn't want to become a middle aged, fat, lazy man. He was 5'9, 170 lbs., fit and muscular. His light brown hair was still full, and he was regarded by most women as 'attractive', but not really handsome. He had always tried to make the best of his situation.


He had raised and loved his 3 daughters with all his heart, even though two of them were something of a mystery. Jeffrey had brown hair and eyes, as did his beautiful wife. He had noted that both his and Susan's parents were also brown-eyed. And yet, one of his daughters had blue eyes, black hair and pale skin, another was blonde with blue eyes and freckles, and the third had green eyes and auburn hair. He had always chalked it up to the vagaries of 'throw-back genetics' and had thought nothing of it.


He had always concentrated on keeping his wife satisfied and happy so that she wouldn't leave him for a 'better' man.


Now that it had been several months that the house was empty of children, they had settled into the new rhythms of the house with no extra girls around. They were content...


And then one Friday evening, Susan came home from work, and Jeffrey met her at the door with a kiss and a glass of her favorite single-malt as was their ritual. He noticed that she seemed perplexed and perhaps a bit stressed. He ushered her to her easy chair, taking her jacket, and checked quickly on dinner. He returned to hand her the evening paper and began to kneel at her feet, slipping off her pumps and massaging her feet as he did every evening.


"Ummm..." she moaned, "That's very nice honey..."


"Always nice for me too, dear," he said.


She took a strong swallow of the scotch, sort of cleared her throat and said, "There's something I've been meaning to talk with you about, my love."


"Yes, dear?" he said.


"I have been thinking about some things, since Laurel finally left for school and we're sort of 'alone' again."


"Mmm...?" he murmured, concentrating on her toes.


"You're such a wonderful husband. You've always been there for me no matter what, and I love you completely and always will."


"Thanks," he said, "I love you too."


"And I've been thinking about our sex life..." She took another heavy drink, preparing herself. "And I've been wondering how you would feel if I did something to sort of 'spice it up'..."


She waited for him to say something, but he just looked at her happily with his eyebrows raised.


She grinned and continued. "Well, do you remember when we were dating? You were working and I was in college?"


"Yes, you were insatiable," he grinned, "you wore me out on the weekends."


"I was," she grinned, "I just couldn't get enough of you."


"It was pretty wild, honey," he said.


"And that was when we knew we loved each other, and we weren't even exclusive yet," she reminded him.


He said, "I was exclusive to you, dear, but I knew you'd eventually come around. You were going to parties and having a good time at school during the week. I knew you dated some guys, but you were mine when you were with me." His eyes glazed over in remembrance of those times so long ago.


She picked up on his line of memory, flowing with him. "Yes, there were parties, and lots of different boys. Our sorority was associated with a fraternity of real rascals..." Her mind wandered a moment, and then she got back on track. "You knew I dated other boys, we talked about it back then. And I answered all your questions." She smiled, almost giggling, "And it used to make you pretty hot, some of the stories I told..."


"Yes, I suppose it did," he said, starting to wonder where this conversation was going.


She said, "I always knew you were mine and you'd be there for me. And you have always been, which is a big reason why I love you so very much. So I was thinking, perhaps... you know, to spice things up...I might, well..." She paused trying to think of how to say it.


"What honey?" he asked.


She gulped the last of the scotch down. "Date again," she said, looking him straight in the eyes.


"You mean, date other men?"


She took a deep breath, "Yes. But I was thinking more along the lines of boys, actually. I was thinking it would be nice to date some younger men. Many women of my age are happily married, and add the occasional young man to bring variety and excitement to their lives, and it brings home more excitement to their own bedroom too." She smiled, "I've read some magazine articles that recommend it for women in their forties – they say it improves their marriages." There, she'd said it. Now she waited for the blowback.


Jeffrey was shocked. As far as he knew, Susan had been faithful to him for their entire marriage. He knew she had played the field before they were married, he'd even heard that she'd done naughty things with a stripper at her bachelorette party, but she had taken her marriage vows seriously.


"I don't know what to say," he said. His mind was against the very idea of this conversation, but he couldn't help but feel a chill of excitement in his belly, and he felt his penis twitch of its own accord. "What, exactly, are you talking about?"


At least he hadn't run screaming from the room, she thought. "I was just thinking about going out on an occasional date, that's all. No big deal." She tried to make it sound a small thing. "Everybody seems to be doing it these days..."


Jeffrey figured she was talking about some of her friends. Her best friend Nissa, recently divorced, was dating a lot of men; younger men. He'd seen her with a man who couldn't have been 30 in a restaurant recently.


He said, "Do you mean like for dinner and a movie? Would you kiss your date?"


"Certainly dinner, dancing, drinks, that sort of thing. Honestly, you know, a girl can't go on a date without giving her beau at least a goodnight kiss; that would be rude..."


"But I can tell from your face that's not all you're thinking about." He said softly. He felt the submissiveness he had always had toward her begin to grow. She was taking her dominant position in their marriage further than usual. He'd always obeyed her as the natural leader, and she'd made all the important decisions all their married life. He hadn't thought of her having an affair in a long time, and he'd always tried to pretend it wasn't an exciting thought...


"Well, honestly, it would depend on the man. If there's some chemistry between us, then perhaps there could be a more than a kiss. You never know."


"You want to sleep with other men?"


She sat back in her seat, satisfied. "Well, of course, I don't have anyone in particular in mind at this time, dear," she said, and then she looked him right in the eyes and said, "but doing more than just kissing is always a possibility on a date between adults. When there's chemistry between two people, they might explore their feelings and desires, and that's quite natural."


She watched him, waiting for a response. Seeing that he was still unmoved, she decided to put a few more thoughts into his head.


"As I said, dear, it is a growing trend that women in their forties will date some young men to spice up their marriage, all with the knowledge and understanding of her husband." She purposefully left out the word 'permission', because it would be inappropriate anyway... "I have many friends and business associates who have added a little spice to their lives with a young man here and there. In fact, a few happily married women just like me have a young man that they've been seeing for 6 months or more. One even has dated her boy for over a year, and it's worked out great for her and her husband."


She watched his face for a reaction, and she was very good at reading her husband's thought. She saw something there – perhaps the beginnings of acceptance?


She continued, "I am just talking about some scientific facts. It is a fact that I am in my sexual peak, and I have strong physical needs at my age; whereas, you're waning a bit in libido – which is only natural for a man your age. It's nothing to worry about, dear, it's just the nature of things and cannot be avoided.


"As you know, women have an evolutionary drive for variety, regardless of how society has hidden it. Scientists say the natural order is that a woman in her forties needs a faithful husband that she can depend on at home, and the space to entertain a few other men from time to time in order to be truly fulfilled and happy. It's simply nature, dear, nothing to worry about, really."


She paused, reading his face and feeling a spark of triumph, as a small smile touched the edges of her lips. "We talked about this sort of thing on and off, all our married life, and the fantasy of me with another man always made you very aroused, my love. I'm just thinking that since the kids are now out of the house, we could turn the fantasy into reality. I know you'd like it too..."


Jeffrey sat back on his haunches and stopped massaging her feet. "So, now you want me to stay at home, faithful and waiting," he shivered inside as he said the words, "while you go out on a date with another man? And I'll be wondering the whole time if you'll be late; and if so, how late...and, uh..."


She smiled and leaned forward, caressing his cheek with her hand, "And what, sweetheart?"


He gulped and replied in a whisper, "I'd wonder whether or not you and your date had the right 'chemistry', and whether you went to his apartment or to a hotel to explore your feelings..."


"That's right, honey, and you'd be here waiting for me when I came home. In fact, I want my dating to be an intimate experience for us, to help us be even closer. That's why I'll call you several times to give you an update as to how things are going on my date. I've read articles about how a good husband will bathe his wife and help her dress for her dates. Then he can do chores around the house while his wife enjoys a little free time with her new male friend, while her husband waits for her phone calls. It's like the husband and wife are experiencing the date together."


Susan smiled inwardly at the fact that the conversation had moved from reasons why she should date, to what would happen when she went on a date.


Jeffrey was filled with powerful mixed emotions of fear of losing his wife to another man, but at the same time, his submissive nature was screaming "yes!" His penis betrayed the doubts in his mind, becoming completely erect and throbbing in his cotton gym shorts, a fact not missed by his observant wife.


"Jeffrey, I can see that the idea excites you, and that's as it should be. I'll be dating, but you'll be participating right along with me. We'll be enjoying the process together and growing closer because of it." She smiled, looking directly at his stiff penis pushing out his shorts. "I promise I won't leave you for another lover. I love you and you are my husband for life. I live here with you and I will always come home to you. All I'm saying that this is a good time in our lives for me start dating some other men, and we'll both be the better for it."


"What about limits, honey?" he said with a whimper at the edge of his voice. "How much more than just kissing your dates will you do if the chemistry is right? His mind was spinning out of control with images of his lovely wife, in sexual situations with young men. Somehow he imagined her in her luxurious, wood-paneled office, with one of her students standing next to her desk with his pants around his knees and her hands stroking his young, strong erection. Jeffrey's penis throbbed and leaked pre-seminal fluid, staining his shorts, as he imagined his wife's grinning face as she forced the boy to spurt his semen onto her mahogany desk top...




But then he imagined more... His wife in a hotel room with a young man...undressing each other in the bedroom...making love again and again as the young man showed the stamina of a youthful stallion that Jeffrey could no longer provide her...


"Sweetheart," she said lovingly, "it's not about limits, or no limits, it's just about a man and a woman enjoying each other in a fresh and new way. We enjoy each other as husband and wife, I will enjoy my dates and they will enjoy me simply as a male and a female. We will do what seems natural and enjoyable, whether it is only a kiss, or perhaps more. There has to be some chemistry between me and my date. It's not something that can be predicted or known until we have a few dates together." She paused a moment, looking at him. "You know this will make our marriage much stronger, you'll see. It will increase my love and appreciation for you. And I'll be coming home to you when my dates are over, honey, you're the man I will always come home to."


That seemed reasonable. But Jeffrey knew it wasn't. He knew that she was planning more than to merely date other men. He knew that she wanted to have sex with other men. It excited him and he couldn't fight the approval he felt in his penis any longer. He had only one more question.


"When are you thinking of going on your first date?"


She smiled in triumph. "I think I'd like to go on a date tomorrow night. Nissa's beau has a friend that wants to meet me. Isn't that nice? So...would you like to help me prepare for my date tomorrow evening?"


He nodded, and felt the tingling in his belly spin wildly.


Friday night came as he knew it would. Jeffrey had been loathing it and full of excited anticipation at the same time. Susan came home a little early, in a very good mood for once, and proceeded announce that she wouldn't eat any of the dinner Jeffrey had prepared since her date would buy her dinner at the club.


"Which club, dear?" asked Jeffrey.


"The Jasmine, it's just off the freeway at Beckinsdale, dear, you know the place." She was happily undressing and getting ready for the bath he had prepared. "It's in the Hilton Hotel, I think..." she added.


"A Hotel?" Jeffrey asked, feeling shivers in his stomach.


"Of course dear, lots of the best dance establishments are in hotels silly boy."


Susan busied herself laying out the dress and underwear and shoes she had chosen for her date. She'd said the young man's name was William, and he had a nice job in the city – a stock broker, she thought. Jeffrey had been afraid to ask about the age of her date, assuming he was less than 30, like Nissa's latest beau.


When Susan had finished selecting her clothing for the evening, she happily slipped into the bath. She had only an hour to get ready, so she knew the bath would have to be short, "let's get cracking, honey,"


Jeffrey noticed the clothes that she had laid out on the bed were new. He'd never seen the dress or the shoes before. The halter dress was short, black, and slinky, and the heels were at least 3". He also noticed that she had not laid out a bra – there was only a sheer lace black thong – and the dress, and the shoes. Oh, my, he thought...


He hurried back to begin washing Susan's entire body with a lufa, as he usually did, and then set about shaving her legs carefully and methodically. He had been about his work very diligently, such that he hadn't previously noticed what was now before his eyes as he began to shave Susan's thighs. She must have trimmed her pubic hair with an electric trimmer that morning, because he had never seen her hair this short before.


She had always had a bikini wax, keeping her triangle of pubic hair smaller than nature intended, but now those hairs were trimmed extremely short. She saw that he noticed and said, "Honey, I've decided to go bare down there, so I want you to shave my pubes once you've finished with my legs."


"Yes, dear," he murmured, gulping his breath. Oh, my, he thought again.


He completed the task, taking great care not to leave the slightest nick on her delicate vulva, rinsed her thoroughly, and helped her out of the bath to towel her off.


Susan proceeded to look at herself naked in the mirror, and admire her new hairless state. "My," she said, "If I'd known I would look this good, I'd have shaved years ago, dear. Don't you think I look marvelous?"


"Yes, dear," he said, thinking I'm sure your date will love it.


She completed her makeup, deodorant, and perfume in record time, and then slipped into the thong, shimmied into the tiny dress, and stepped into the black 3" pumps. He had to admit, she looked good enough to eat!


He saw that the dress clung to her hips and ass like a second skin, and that the hem went only to mid thigh. As for the halter top, the gathered fabric wrapped around her neck and deployed downward, spreading out to cover most of her breasts, but leaving a little bit of soft round flesh visible from the sides. As to the plunging neckline; it plunged. From her neck downward, the width of visible skin didn't really narrow until half way between her breasts and her navel, where it med the high waist with a 2" wide gap still remaining. The swaths of fabric covered most of her breasts, but in a very seductive way, and her nipples could be clearly seen. Oh, my, he thought.


Susan twirled in front of her husband. "You like?" she asked coyly. He marveled at his wife of 26 years, she was beautiful, and her body was still that of a 29 year old Doctoral candidate. Her stunning curves were displayed with complete clarity by the dress.


"You're...amazing," he said, much to her delight.


Just then the doorbell rang and Jeffrey went to answer it as Susan got a long fur coat from the closet. She grabbed her purse and checked its contents; lipstick, eye liner, perfume, blush and compact, a little hair brush. What was missing...ah, that's it, she thought, just in case things go well, and they'd better go well in this dress. She smiled.


She opened a drawer and dug into a secret little spot under some books, removing a little box of 6 condoms. She opened the box and slipped the string of condoms in their foil wrappers into the bottom of her little black purse, tossing the box into the trash can without thinking...


 Jeffrey opened the door to see Nissa, Susan's best buddy from college days. "Hi, Jeffrey," she said gaily, walking past him into the room. Nissa was brown haired and certainly voluptuous, if on a slightly wider frame than Susan. She was pretty, but not gorgeous. She had always been nice to Jeffrey, but treated him as what he was – Susan's stay-at-home husband – and therefore not a real man. Jeffrey thought Nissa was a very big part of the reason Susan was going out on a 'date'. She was providing the opportunity, through her beau's friend, and Jeffrey was sure Nissa had been pressuring and cajoling Susan about the virtues of young men since her divorce almost a year ago.


"Is Suzy ready?" Nissa asked.


"Yes, I think so," said Jeffrey, just in time to see Susan come into the entry hall wearing the long mink coat to stay warm with such a skimpy dress on underneath. The girls hugged and gave air-kisses, and headed for the door.


Susan looked over her shoulder, "Jeffrey, be a dear and clean the bathrooms while I'm out. Ok honey? And do stay near the phone so you can pick up quickly when I call."


He was just saying, "Yes, dear," as the door shut and the two women were gone. Gone out on a date – his wife was going out on a date – with another man. Oh, my, he thought. He felt a strange combination of emptiness and exhilaration in his belly; he was defeated and excited at the same time. On the one hand it was humiliating that his wife had convinced him that she should date other men, to 'spice things up'. But he couldn't help noting that this very humiliation was keeping his penis just a little stiff and just a little throbbing. On the edge of becoming fully erect.


Jeffrey got his cleaning supplies and began with the master bedroom, keeping one of the cordless phones with him wherever he went. He was determined to answer on the first ring whenever Susan called him. After he finished cleaning the bathtub, shower, toilet, sinks, counter, and floor, he went to empty the trash can. There was a small empty condom box in the trash. It wasn't there an hour ago.


An hour and a half later, all three bathrooms were sparkling clean and Jeffrey sat on the sofa watching a repeat of an old super bowl from the 80's on the NFL replay channel. The phone rang, nearly stopping Jeffrey's heart, which had been steadily increasing in tempo for the last half hour. He quickly picked it up and tentatively said, "Hello?"


There was a lot of background noise. Electronic music was blaring and there were many people talking nearby, so it was hard to make out Susan's voice as she said, "Hi, honey, how's it going?"


"All fine here," he said, wanting to ask a million questions. Instead he said, "How is your date going?"


"Really wonderful, I'm having so much fun dancing with the boys. My date's name is Randy and he's really a good dancer."


Jeffrey detected a slight slurring in her voice, probably from having several drinks. "Are you ok?" he asked, not knowing what else to say.


"Oh yes, I'm fine. I've been dancing mostly with Randy, but also with Stewart and Ben, they're some friends of Randy's. Boy can Randy dance, it's really hard to keep up with him. Thank goodness they have a slow song between each fast song or I'd never be able to catch my breath."


Jeffrey's heart went to his throat as he thought of Susan slow-dancing in that skimpy dress, pressing her braless breasts against this 'Randy' person. No wonder the young man was 'randy', he thought. He couldn't help himself. He had to ask, "Do you like to slow-dance, uh, with your date?"


"Oh yes, very much, he's tall and so strong. He has big shoulders. He really knows how to hold a girl tight and make her feel petite and sexy. Honestly, his hands have a tendency to roam a bit, but a girl can't blame a young man – you know hormones and all that." She slurred a giggle, revealing just how intoxicated she really was. The music got quieter in the background and Jeffrey could hear a softer, slower beat. "Oops, gotta go for now, dear, I promised Randy to dance the next slow dance with him. And Jeffrey, this time, when he tries to feel my breasts, I'm going to let him do it."


The line went dead, and Jeffrey's penis was fully erect in his cotton gym shorts.


It was almost midnight when the phone rang again. Jeffrey had watched more football to try to keep his mind off of his wife's date, but it really wasn't working.


"Hello?" he said.


"Hi honey," said Susan, now clearly three sheets to the wind. "I just wanted to let you know that we've decided to go over to Nissa's house for a nightcap, so it'll be a while before I get home."


"Who's 'we'?" asked Jeffrey.


"Well, there's me, and Nissa, and her boyfriend John, and my lovely date Randy." She paused a minute, "And maybe Ben too, but we're not sure..."


"So, all of you are going to Nissa's house? Do you want me to pick you up there?"


"No, silly," she slurred, "Randy will drive me home after we all have our nightcap, so I won't need you to pick me up." She hiccupped and giggled, then she spoke away from the phone and he could hear her just barely as she said to someone else, "stop that, you're incorrigible."


She came back to the phone giggling like a school tipsy school girl. "Honey, I have to go, the natives are getting impatient." Just before she hung up the phone, Jeffrey heard her say to someone near her, "Stop it, people will see..." and then the line was dead.


Jeffrey imagined Randy was there, touching her body. Maybe feeling her up, and she was giggling and pretending to protest, but he knew her voice well enough to know she didn't want it to stop. She just wanted to move the action out of the public view. They were going to Nissa's house; two women in their forties, and two, maybe three, men in their late twenties.


Jeffrey knew full well what the young men had on their minds. And he knew that Susan was flattered by their attention, was on the verge of being debilitated by drink, and she had condoms in her purse. That was pretty much the formula that boys in their 20's have always used to get into a girl's panties - in this case, his wife's panties.


Nissa would only encourage 'Suzy' to let Randy have what he wanted, since she was getting it from John he was sure, and they were going to Nissa's house. Jeffrey took a deep breath and resigned himself to the fact that his wife was going to have sex with another man. He felt his penis harden.


There were no more phone calls.


At 3am, Jeffrey saw a black Shelby cobra pull into his driveway. A man whose face he couldn't see got out of the driver's side and opened the passenger door. He helped Susan out of the car and held her arm as he walked her to the door. She fumbled with the keys in her purse and "Randy" helped her get the key into the door before he quickly went back to his car, fired up, and left.


Susan came through the door wearing her mink, and holding her purse and keys. She saw Jeffrey and opened her arms to hug him and kiss him on the cheek. "Wow, what a night. I'm exhausted," she said. "How about you put me to bed and we can talk about my date in the morning."


"It is the morning, dear," he said, wiping fatigue from his eyes. He helped her to their bedroom and took her coat as she kicked off her heels. Jeffrey helped her shimmy out of the slinky black dress in the low light coming in from the nearby bathroom. He noticed two things. First, she had somewhere lost her panties, as they were nowhere in sight. Secondly, he saw that her neck and breasts had round red marks on them; hickeys.


He helped her to lie down under the sheets. It was then that he noticed her vulva was swollen and red, and that her thighs seemed sticky. It took him a moment to register the reason in his foggy brain. He touched her thigh and his hand came away with some goo. He looked at it in the light of the bathroom and sniffed his finger. It was semen. His wife had semen on her thighs. She had had intercourse with another man. From the look of her, she had had a lot of intercourse, and maybe with a lot of men.


He covered her up. She was already asleep. He stripped off his shorts and tee shirt and climbed into bed next to her falling quickly into a fitful sleep as he thought over and over, "My wife had sex with another man, maybe two or three other men."


Oh, my, he thought.







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