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Selfish Bitch Wife


by David Jacobs





Part 1



When I met my husband he already owned a nice house and earned a decent income - just the sort of man I was looking for who could give me a good standard of living and an easy life.


I've always been a horny bitch and a complete slut, particularly with big cocked black men, and had no intention of giving up that side of my life! So whilst my future husband was courting me I carried on with my nymphomaniac life behind his back, but I gave him the best sex he'd ever had and he was soon completely smitten.




When I hinted at marriage after 3 months he jumped at the chance, so in no time I was ensconced in his lovely home and spending his hard earned cash for fun!


Very soon after moving in with him I started to reduce the amount of sex we had whilst still having affairs behind his back. He was so frustrated and horny all the time but that just made me want to extend the intervals between the times that I let him fuck me! The more I denied him sex the more he went out of his way to please me. I suppose he knew deep down that I was too good for him and that I'd leave him if he made too much fuss about his lack of sex.



I gave up work after we married and my days usually consisted of a trip to the gym followed by a "massage" with one of the black studs there, then out for lunch with my girlfriends followed by a fantastic session with one of my lovers, usually in my own bed. I refuse to use condoms as I love the feeling of a powerful cock pumping me full of cum.




I always dress like a complete slut - skimpy tops, tiny G strings, short skirts and high heels. Sometimes I wear hold up stockings as well, depending which particular stud or (studs) are going to be pounding their cocks into me that day.

Hubby's life revolved entirely around me so he never objected when I went out in the evening, frequently staying out all night and then coming home sometime the next day with an excuse about sleeping at one of my girlfriends houses. Before I left I always gave him a list of chores to do while I was out enjoying myself and spending his money. Pathetic wimp!


If I was at home when hubby got in from work I used to let him lick my feet while I watched black man/white woman porn films. I also allowed him to go down on me for hours, something which he loved doing. He got the privilege of rubbing baby oil into every bit of my body, but of course that just made him even more horny and frustrated. I would lie there taunting him about how much i enjoy it when all the black muscle men at the gym want to help me with my workout, remind him that I wear very little when I'm there so they can see I've got plenty to offer and they take any excuse to touch me - something which I encourage with plenty of flirting! Then I'd tell him how big their cocks look through their tight shorts, how horny I get when I'm near them and how he's a wimp in comparison. Obviously he didn't know that dozens of them had already had me numerous times, so he believed he was hearing the build up to me eventually fucking one of them. I loved making him tell me how long it is since I let him have sex and then tell him that if he was a real man he could have it all the time. "But you're more suited to going out working so that I can have an easy life, that's what wimpy men are for. Sex is for studs"



One evening while he was going down on me I felt the urge to pee, but couldn't be bothered getting up off the sofa, so I told him he was going to drink it and that he'd better not let any leak out. He fastened his lips tight onto my pussy and I emptied my bladder into his mouth. He just managed to gulp it all down without any spillage. I asked him if he enjoyed it and he nodded, so I told him he could drink all my pee from now on if he wanted and he thanked me!


piss drinking  



I forbade him to masturbate so that he'd be totally focussed on my needs - obviously he wasn't with me 24/7 so he may well have sneaked the odd wank when he was at work, but I soon figured out what to do about that!


Our local sex shop is owned and run by Karl, a well endowed black man with whom I'd spent a few afternoons in the back of his shop. I walked in on this particular day to find that I was the only customer, so he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips whilst slipping his hand up my very very short skirt and playing with my clit. God he was one fucking horny bastard! In no time he'd locked the door and we were on the bed in the back room, with me riding his fantastic cock while he mauled my tits and squeezed my ass. After giving me a couple of wonderful orgasms he started to cum and emptied his bollocks deep inside me - god he is one magnificent fuck!!


As we lay there afterwards I told him that I wanted a cock cage with a lock so that I could stop hubby wanking altogether, unless I unlocked him - which I had no intention of doing. I also told him how turned I get at the thought of my caged up hubby grovelling at Karl's feet then gagging on his cock while he groped me to his hearts content. This soon got him going again so he pushed my head down onto his cock and I willingly devoured it, licking and sucking his cock and balls for ages until he eventually grabbed my head tightly and once more emptied his bollocks into me - it felt like I was swallowing a gallon of cum and I fuckin loved it!


We went back through to the shop where I chose the most expensive cock cage he had. It had a control box that could receive text commands from a mobile phone which would then send an electric shock into his cock and balls. It was variable as well, depending on the number you texted to it! I tested it and the middle setting really stung my hand so I could only imagine how much pain it could inflict on hubby's sensitive bits! The only problem was that it needed a newly charged battery fitting every week, but I figured I could make sure I was around to do that.


Karl offered to let me have it for nothing but I explained that I wanted to pay for it on hubby's credit card - It gave me a buzz signing away £800 of hubby's hard earned cash to the man who'd been fucking me for the last hour, especially when it was to pay for his own cock cage! My next stop was an expensive jewellers shop where I bought myself a gold ankle chain for £500, again on hubby's card.



I went back home and when hubby got in from work I was laid on the sofa naked watching another black man/white woman porn film. I told him to strip and go down on me, which he eagerly did - unknowingly cleaning all that lovely cum out of me. While he was down there I explained that I'd got a present for him that would make sure he didn't wank without my permission. He objected but I told him that if he didn't go along with it I wouldn't let him lick my pussy or my feet, so obviously he reluctantly accepted. I sent him off to get a bag of peas from the freezer and ordered him to press it against his cock and balls. Sure enough his little hard cock soon became a very little soft cock. I fitted the cage, snapped the lock shut and then gave him the gold chain. I told him to clip the key onto the chain and then fit it round my ankle. Symbolic and very very sexy!!


I then told him he could lick my feet as a reward, which he duly did. While he was down there I explained that he must never ask for release and that I would decide when to let him out. If he ever asked, or even hinted, that he wanted to cum, I'd extend his chastity time. Little did he know that he was never getting out of it anyway - Very soon he'd be watching other men emptying their balls into his wife then sucking their cocks clean, while he wasn't even allowed to wank, ever - I'm such a bitch and I love it!!




One of my studs told me about anal orgasms, but he said not many people could achieve them because they required hours of stimulation with a cock, tongue or dildo. Obviously this appealed to me so I started having my caged hubby lick my ass for hours on end, into the early hours of the morning, even though he had to be up early for work. This wasn't a problem for me because I could just lie in bed all day if I felt like it while he was out working long hours earning the cash that I frittered on sexy clothes, long lunches, nights out etc. Sure enough the anal orgasms were fantastic and I soon had him tonguing deep into my ass night after night. He couldn't resist because he was totally obsessed with me. He usually finished me off about 3am so then I began "allowing" him to go downstairs and spend the rest of the night kneeling naked on the kitchen floor licking a pair of my slutty stiletto shoes until 7am, then he had to go straight off to work with no sleep at all. To top it all he actually thanked me for the privelige!

I had an agenda with all this - I wanted to wear him out so that he'd accept anything I wanted and eventually become a full time cuckold slave to me and my lovers. It really turned me on to think of him grovelling at the feet of one of my well hung black studs then begging to suck his cock, while he kissed and fondled every bit of me. Hmmmmmm! I'm getting wet just writing this - time to ring one of my lovers I think!



After a few days without sleep he was worn out so I moved things on - Another fantastic cock fest with Karl at the sex shop and I came home with a riding crop and an enormous black dildo shaped like a realistic cock and balls. That evening I knelt on all fours on the sofa and had hubby lick my ass while he fucked me with the dildo. I told him how much it turned me on having a big cock up me and that I was fantasising about a well hung black man fucking me. I told him how much better the black dildo felt compared to his pathetic worm, then I eventually had a wonderful orgasm. I laid back to relax and told him to kneel in front of me and hold the dildo at his face height. Next I told him to imagine that he was kneeling in front of a big black stud who'd just fucked me and that the stud had ordered him to lick his cock and balls clean. He didn't respond so I snapped "Suck my lover's cock now wimp!!" This shocked him and he started tentatively licking it. I told him to suck it deep down into his mouth and fellate it like he was trying to make my lover cum. God this was turning me on so much! He started sucking it properly and I then instructed him to stroke my lover's balls while he sucked. "Come on wimp this real man has just fucked me in front of you and given me a fantastic orgasm. Show that you know your place and suck him off"

cuckold husband 

After a while I told him to bend over, but carry on sucking, then stood over him holding the riding crop and began gently lashing his exposed back. He groaned but carried on with his dildo blow job. I didn't want to hurt him yet, just get him used to me whipping him.

"Don't you dare stop sucking my lover's cock until I order you to wimp. I'm whipping you so that you know your place and you'll just accept it, understand?"

He mumbled something so I gave him a few more strokes. I was leaving faint marks but not doing any damage.

After a couple of minutes I realised that whipping him was making me horny! So I started increasing the speed and force that I used. He was moaning but with a mouthful of black dildo he couldn't say much. The harder I hit him the hornier I got and I was soon getting carried away.

I sat down, told him to stop sucking and get his face between my legs. His tongue felt great but I looked down at his back covered in livid red lines and just had to give him some more of the crop. Each time I hit him I felt his tongue jerk on my clit - very nice too! So I gave it him harder and harder. He was making plenty of noise between my thighs and eventually he pulled away saying he couldn't take it any more. His back was covered in deep lashes so I said:

"OK, you've had enough for now, get my lover's cock back in your mouth and suck him off"


He was in my way while I was watching TV so I made him crawl off to a corner of the room to carry on with his dildo blow job. He didn't even try to object and I knew then that I would soon have him enslaved.


After an hour I said "I'm off to bed soon but I was thinking of allowing you to kneel naked on the kitchen floor all night sucking the G string that I've had on all day. Would you like that?" He took the cock out of his mouth and nodded vigorously "Yes please!!"


"I'm only thinking of it, I've not said you can yet. Follow me through to the kitchen on all fours"


So as I walked through in just stilettos and skimpy G string he crawled behind me.


I then sat on the edge of the kitchen table and told him to lick the sole of my shoe.

Under Her Feet  

This he did straight away, while I told him that I'd worn these same shoes at a night club a couple of days ago and the toilet floor was awash with piss that I'd had to walk through. He stopped licking so I snapped at him and sure enough he went straight back down to carry on. Next I said:


"How much do you want to suck my G string?"


"More than anything!!"


"So if you could have one wish now it would be to suck my G string and taste me on it?"


"Oh God! Yes!"


"More than anything in the world?"


"Yes!! more than anything in the world!"


"Right, in return for me just thinking about possibly letting you have the honour of sucking my G string you'll have to accept a lot of changes"


"Anything! Anything at all"


"Firstly, you're going to start working far more hours - a minimum of 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no days off, ever, so that I've got more money to fritter. I, of course, will continue to live a life of leisure,OK?" "12 hours a day, every single day?" he mumbled as he carried on lapping away at my shoe.


"That's what I said, minimum of 12 hours a day EVERY single day or you you can forget sucking my G string"


"But I'll be worn out in no time"


"Not my problem, I just want you out there earning plenty of cash for me to spend on my life of leisure, so, what's the answer?" I said, as I slipped my fingers inside my tiny G string to play with my clit.


He stared up at me watching every move of my fingers, then said:

"Ok I'll do it"


"Well of course you will, you're obsessed with me. Now then, I've not let you have sex for months so we'll make it a permanent thing - You'll never have sex again, ever" He went quiet for a while so I kicked him with the shoe he was licking "Well, answer me!"

"OK" he replied


"Not good enough" I said "Beg me never to let you have sex again" He didn't respond so I told him he'd lost any chance he had of sucking my G string. "Ok!" he said quickly

"I beg you never to let me have sex again, ever"


"Better, but obviously I've no intention of giving up sex so you'll accept me taking lovers"


No answer, so I raised my voice:


"Beg me to have sex whenever I want!!"


He replied: "Please don't do this, I love you and I can't stand the thought of you having sex with other men"


I laughed and told him it was way too late for him to worry about that!


Then I followed it with:


"Look, you are on the floor licking my shoes even though I've told you they're covered in stale piss. Your little cock is caged up under my control and you've accepted my ruling that you'll never have sex again in your life and work ridiculously long hours while I do nothing. You aren't a man, you're a pathetic wimp and if you don't agree to my demands I'll leave you and take you for every penny you've got. Can you imagine how you'd feel without me in your life wimp?"


 "I couldn't bear it if you left me"


"Precisely, and I'll be having sex with whoever I want anyway, whether you agree or not, so do as you're told, now!"


And he uttered the magic words:


"I beg you to have sex whenever you want"


My god, I knew he was obsessed with me but I thought he'd have put up more of a fight about me cuckolding him - fucking wimp!

He was mine now, but just to make sure there was no confusion I said:

"Beg me to cuckold you with any man, or men, I want".


Sure enough he repeated it word for word!

"I beg you to cuckold me with any man or men you want"


"Beg me to have sex in our bed while you're out working all those hours"


"I beg you to have sex in our bed while I'm out working all those hours"


"Beg me to have sex in front of you and make you watch"


"I beg you to have sex in front of me and make me watch"


"Beg me to humiliate you in front of my lovers"


"I beg you to humiliate me in front of your lovers"



I smiled to myself and then moved on:


"Also I want to spend all my time doing things I enjoy, like sex with black studs, and household chores just get in the way, so from now on you'll take over all the housework. I want the place kept spotless; all my laundry done perfectly, cooking, shopping, gardening, waiting on me, everything. I won't be lifting a finger to help. If it needs doing it's your job and I never want to have to remind you to do anything. OK?"


"But I won't have time if I'm working 12 hours a day"


"For a start I said you'll be working a MINIMUM 12 hours a day, which means I expect far more than that most of the time. And secondly that still leaves hours and hours for housework, so there's not a problem. If all your chores are done you might still be able to catch a few hours sleep, but if not then that's your problem not mine"


"OK" He mumbled, but he was beaten now so I pushed him further:


"From now on I'll do whatever I want, with whoever I want, where I want and when I want. You'll just do as you're told. Understand?"

"Yes, I understand"

"You are now just a slave and nothing more"




"Yes mistress to you!"


"Yes mistress" he replied.

"You exist to be used by me"

"Yes mistress"

"I'll use and abuse you in any way I see fit and you'll worship me for it"

"Yes Mistress"


"Right - stop licking my shoe and look up at me"


I then stood up and slowly slid my tiny string off, something which always turned him on to watch. He groaned and opened his mouth as I dangled it in front of him and stood over him naked again apart from my slutty stilettos. The desire in his eyes was fantastic to see and I knew that his whole focus at that moment was to get my string in his mouth and taste me on it.


So obviously I said:


"I've decided you can't suck it, but you'll spend the night looking at it and playing with your nipples until it's time for work in the morning"


With that I dropped it on the floor and walked out, leaving my newly enslaved cuckold hubby kneeling naked on the floor, staring at my tiny G string and stroking his nipples. He's always had sensitive nipples so I knew his cock would be bursting in it's cage all night long. I'm such a fucking cow and I love it!



I spent an hour in bed having phone sex with one of my studs, before drifting off to blissful sleep.




Next day I called at the sex shop again and bought a butt plug for hubby. While I was there, Karl kissed me and stroked my thigh. My pussy was wet straight away so I responded immediately and we snogged and fondled each other before he picked me up and carried me through to the back. I couldn't wait to feel that fat black cock inside me again!


We fell onto the bed and carried on exploring each other's bodies and kissing passionately, then he turned me onto my side and got behind me, still kissing the side of my neck and stroking my nipples. I felt the head of his cock press against my ass so I wriggled against it. Gradually he eased it in and began a slow bum fuck that sent me wild. He reached round and played with my clit and in no time I was cumming very loudly! Not long afterwards I felt him tense up and then that warm feeling of him pumping me full of cum as he groaned and told me I was the best fuck in the world..............

 cuckold creampie


...............God he's fucking good! How on earth did hubby with his pin dick ever think he could satisfy me?! All he's good for is earning money, doing housework and waiting on me hand and foot, which is exactly what I've got him doing! I decided I wanted us to have a sex mad weekend away (paid for by hubby of course) and Karl was dead keen when I suggested it.




When hubby got home later on I told him he was to book 2 nights in a top class hotel for me and my lover. He looked horrified, but I reminded him of his pledges to me last night and then told him to kneel and kiss my feet. He obeyed me and then I went on the internet and found just what I wanted - The executive suite in a five star hotel in the heart of London. Two nights including return flights for £1800!! I told him to ring and pay for it on his card straight away and that he had to make sure he told them the booking was for his wife and her lover. Reluctantly he did as he was told - hearing my husband booking my dirty weekend was such a fucking turn on!


I then laid back on the couch and pointed out the butt plug that I'd picked up that day and told hubby to push it up his ass. He looked horrified as he's never had anything up there, let alone a fat butt plug!


"Do it wimp!" I told him.


He tried to push it in but his ass was tightly closed so I got my mobile out and said "Watch carefully".


I texted his cock cage with the top shock setting and he looked at me blankly for a few seconds, then suddenly he yelped in pain and grabbed his crotch, trying to tear the cage off. Soon he was writhing in agony at my feet until the set time of 30 seconds elapsed, then he laid there gasping for breath.


I said:

"That was a little trick that I can do anytime I want from anywhere I want. I could be lying on a sunkissed beach with my lover, paid for by you of course, and decide to send a shock to your little cock, so in future when I give you an order you'd be wise to just obey. Now push the butt plug hard up your ass!"


He held it upright on the floor and then sat down hard on it. The look of agony on his face as it slipped inside him was such a turn on.

"Right, now lick my pussy, I'm ready for an orgasm. Do you remember when you could have orgasms wimp?" I laughed.


"Only real men have orgasms, like the fantastic stud who I've spent the afternoon with"


He stopped licking and looked up at me, so i snapped at him:


"Last night you begged me to have sex with whoever I want, so that's what I've been doing"


I turned over and shoved my bum in the air then said:


"I've had a big fat black cock up my ass this afternoon and it's full of cum, now lick me clean"


And down he went, lapping away all Karl's cum like the wimp he is!


asspie for cuckold husband  


His back was still a mess from his lashing, but I remembered how good his tongue felt on my clit when I whipped him, so after he'd cleaned my bum I told him to stop, then turned over, laid down, and told him to lick my pussy. I looked down at him to see Karl's cum smeared all over his cheeks and nose! Then I started lashing him again, getting harder and faster all the time. It was like a direct link between each lash and my clit - it felt great! He pulled away after a couple of dozen strokes and said he was in agony. I decided this needed sorting out straight away so I shocked him again then said:


"Listen wimp, after last night you are nothing more than a slave. You belong to me to use and abuse as i see fit and If I want to whip every bit of skin off your back I will, and you'll grovel to me and thank me for doing it. You no longer have any rights - I decide what happens to you and you worship me for it. Do I make myself clear wimp?"


"Yes mistress"


"Good, now stand facing the wall and prepare for your punishment"


I proceeded to give him the lashing of a lifetime, opening up wheals on his back and even bring the crop up between his legs a few times to give his balls a hard flick. When I stopped I ordered him to kiss my feet and thank me, which of course he did immediatley. All this got me so horny I just had to feel Karl's cock again. But first I had a bit more ill treatment for hubby:


I ordered him to follow me up to the bathroom and kneel face down in the empty bath. Next I stood naked with a high heeled a foot on each edge and let out a stream of hot piss all over the open wounds on his red raw back! He cried out but I just laughed at him. Then I stepped down from the sides of the bath and onto his back. He had my full weight on his abused back and my heels were digging in hard. He was whimpering and groaning in pain but could do nothing about it so I walked around on him, deliberately letting him really feel the sharp heels. Next I grabbed my phone and shocked him again while I was standing on him. He shrieked and squirmed about beneath my feet. I just loved the feeling of power it gave me!


I stepped off him after a couple of minutes and said:


"Out of the bath wimp!" I ordered

He climbed out and collapsed on the floor gasping and moaning in pain. I sat down on the toilet seat, ordered him to kneel in front of me and said:

"Lick the soles of my shoes clean wimp, they're covered in piss from walking on your back"

Down he went and lapped away hungrily! 

"Now, put some clothes on, you're going to drive me to my lover's flat for a good fucking"

"Yes mistress" He replied humbly.


I slipped on a skimpy G string and hardly there mini dress that showed off plenty off toned tanned flesh. Then just a pair of 5 inch strappy heels and I was ready. I jumped in the back of the car and gave hubby directions, all the way there I was describing Karl's body and telling how much I was looking forward to feeling his fantastic cock inside me. I went on to tell him how wonderful my orgasms are with Karl, and told him how pathetic he was in comparison.

Once we arrived I ordered him to sit and wait for further orders. So there he was, butt plug and cock cage firmly in place, sitting waiting while his wife finished fucking her stud!


We had a fantastic 2 hour fuck session, made all the more fun by knowing that my husband was sat outside in his car waiting for me!

Afterwards we both dozed off in each other's arms. I woke at 6.30 next morning and realised wimp had to go to work, so I slipped my dress on and went outside. Sure enough he was still there, so I opened his door and said:

"I'm staying here with Karl for the day"

I rubbed my hands all over his face and said:

"These hands have been caressing every part of my lover's body all night, lick them"

Sure enough he lapped away at my palms. Then I slipped a finger in his mouth and said: "Suck my lover's cum off my fingers". He looked disgusted but didn't dare disobey so he sucked on them like a good slave!

I said:

"Just think, you could have been at home getting some sleep instead of waiting here all night for your slut wife to fuck her stud - shame!"

Then I lifted my dress right up to expose my fantastic tanned toned body naked beneath it.

I laughed and told him that Karl would be enjoying my body all day while he was at work earning me plenty of cash to fritter.


Just to really rub his nose in it I said:

 "I think Karl and I will go shopping today, in between bouts of wonderful sex, to buy me loads of very sexy, very expensive clothes to wear. That way Karl will get even more pleasure from his time with me. So, just think about that, while you're working hard we'll be running up enormous bills on your credit card to improve our sex life. Now say thank you mistress I worship you"


He looked totally forlorn, but said:

"Thank you mistress I worship you"


With that I dropped my dress back down, laughed and went back indoors to my lover's cock!




On Thursday evening I told him his orders for the weekend:


"I'll be going to the hotel in the morning so you won't see me after tonight until Sunday evening. While I'm away having a wild time with my stud you'll be locked in your chastity cage with your plug up your ass and you're going to spring clean right through the house. Starting when you get home from work on Friday you'll work right through until it’s time for work on Saturday and you'd better do a fantastic job of it! I want it perfect when I return"


I followed up with:

"Karl's leaving his BMW on the drive while we're away. On Saturday night after work you'll give it a complete valet, inside and out. I want it spotless ready for when we get back on Sunday so you'll stick at it through the night until it's time for work on Sunday morning. Just think, while you're cleaning his car he'll be fucking your wife senseless with his wonderful cock. By the way, I've left a bottle of my piss in the fridge and the only thing you'll drink this weekend is diluted piss. The only food you'll eat is dry bread soaked in my piss. Any questions wimp?"

He just looked up at me with a miserable expression on his face and said "Please don’t go"


I told him to stand up, then I went towards him and started licking his nipples and stroking his chest, then I fondled his balls while still working on his nipples. He was groaning in agony as his cock swelled hard against the cage, so i whispered in his ear:


"Would you like me to take your cage off and let you fuck me?"


"Oh god yes please!"


"Come on then, kneel and take the key off my ankle chain"


He was on the floor in a flash and came back up with the key.


I put my hand out and he dropped it onto my palm, then I said:


"Just think how good it's going to feel when your cock slips inside me, hmmmm"


He groaned and started stroking my ass, telling me how much he wanted to get inside my pussy.


Still holding the key I pressed my whole body against him and stroked his nipples again, whispering how much I wanted his cock. Then I brought my knee up hard into his balls and he collapsed on the floor yelling. I also shocked him again then said:


"You fucking pathetic bastard, I've already told you you're never having sex again. Why would I screw you when every stud I meet wants to fuck me? And they do it properly! with real cocks! Now kiss my feet and apologise for thinking you were a man"


 Sure enough he started kissing my shoe and licking my toes as he came out with a grovelling apology. I kicked him away and said:


"Thank me for having a dirty weekend with my lover"


"Thank you for having a dirty weekend with your lover mistress"


"Right, time for my next anal orgasm wimp, follow me upstairs"



And that was his night sorted - 4 hours licking my ass with his cage and plug firmly in place and then 3 hours licking a pair of slutty high heels until it was time for work again. And then, when he came home to an empty house on Friday evening he'd know that I was having the time of my life with another man while he worked and worked and worked. I'm such a cruel bitch but I'm not remotely bothered. All that matters is me!



We spent the time in London having sex and going out to bars and clubs. One time when we went out Karl had me put my G string, hold up stockings and high heels on, then just a short coat over the top. We walked around London with him groping me every chance he got. He even sat me on his knee on a crowded train and fucked me, with dozens of people round us! Talk about horny times! We spent a fortune shopping on hubby's credit card, buying anything that took our fancy. I saw a really expensive dog collar and lead and suddenly I was imagining my lovers holding the lead and walking the wimp like a dog - I just had to buy it! We took turns sending text shocks to hubby's cock all weekend as well.



We got back on Sunday evening, after a fanfuckintastic weekend. We went in, me still dressed in my sluttiest revealing outfit, and found wimp naked, ironing in the kitchen:


I didn't speak to him, I just turned and kissed Karl passionately, stroking the bulge in his pants. Gradually Karl undressed me while we carried on kissing and fondling. When I was naked apart from the high heels and G string, I turned to the wimp and said:


"Kneel down and slide my string off"

He dropped to his knees and gently slid it down my legs, I stepped out of it and Karl's hand reached for my pussy. MMMMMM lovely!

 cuckold husband

Next I said

"Kiss Karl's feet and say "Thank you for fucking my gorgeous wife all weekend master""

Sure enough he kissed Karl's shoes and repeated it word for word - Life is so good sometimes!!


"Now lick your master's shoes, then tell him how superior he is to you and offer to do his laundry while we go upstairs to bed, then when you've done that come up and kneel quietly outside the bedroom door"


While Karl continued to fondle every bit of me and we kissed passionately, the wimp began licking his shoes. Then he said:

"You are superior to me in every way master, please can I do your laundry while you fuck my wife?" Karl got his phone out and hubby looked terrified! a few key presses and wimp was in agony again. Karl said:


"I'll fuck your wife whenever I want and you'll worship me for doing it, understand?"


"Yes Master I worship you!!"


Soon enough I was riding Karl’s big fat cock again while hubby hand washed his underpants downstairs.


About 2am I needed a pee so I called hubby in from the landing and ordered him to fasten his mouth onto my pussy. After I'd emptied my bladder and he'd gulped it all down I told him to lick his Master's cum out of me, and he didn't need telling twice! The fear of another electric shock must have focussed his mind a bit! He lapped away for 15 minutes then I asked Karl if he needed a pee. Hubby gasped as I said it and Karl replied that he was ready for one:

"Take your master's cock in your mouth and drink his piss" I instructed him.


Karl moved to the edge of the bed and hubby took his semi hard cock in his mouth. Karl smirked as he drained his bladder down his throat.


Karl was really getting into the humiliation and turning on his side to face me he said: "I need my ass licking and my cock sucking. Wimp lick my ass while your wife gives me a blow job" God that made me so fucking horny!


Hubby obeyed and buried his face in Karl's ass while I hungrily gobbled his cock. After 10 minutes he pumped my mouth full of cum. About his 12th load over the last 2 days! This man could cum and cum!


I had another wicked idea: I sent hubby to pick Karl's shoes up off the floor and then took them off him and dribbled the soles with cum. I then ordered hubby to fuck off downstairs and spend the night licking them clean.


Sure enough off he went and when I sneaked down for a cigarette an hour later, there he was still lapping away at the soles of the man who had taken his woman! I walked into the kitchen, naked but for my high heels, and squatted down in the middle of the floor, then I let out another stream of pee and told him to lick it up while I sat there and smoked. Down he went and licked the floor right in front of me.


Karl appeared behind me and began kissing my neck and stroking my nipples while hubby licked the floor. I was going wild with his expert touch but then he stopped, casually walked over to the wimp and pissed all over him! Oh my god what a fucking turn on! Karl and I kissed passionately, groping each other while wimp licked the floor.

I told Karl how much it would turn me on to see him give hubby a whipping. To see him submit to a lashing from my alpha male lover would send me wild!


But first I sent wimp off to get the dog collar & lead and told him to put it on. Then I said:


"Offer the handle of your lead to your master and beg him to treat you worse than a dog"


He knelt in front of Karl:

"Please will you take my lead master and treat me worse than a dog"


Karl took the handle off him and ordered him to lick his feet, which of course he did immediately, then set off walking through the house, stopping every so often to kick the wimp in his balls. This man was so superior in every way to my husband and he knew it!


When they came back to the kitchen Karl said:

"Lick my feet again cuckold"


Hubby knelt and licked his feet while Karl shocked him again and again. I loved watching him abuse and degrade my wimp hubby!


After a while Karl told him to stand and face the wall with his feet wide apart. Then he picked up the riding crop and laid into hubby. He was yelling in pain as all Karl's piss got rubbed into his open wounds. As I watched, my nipples grew rock hard and my pussy dripping wet! To see my bull whipping my pathetic cuckold slave husband was the biggest turn on! After a few minutes I said:

"Make him suck your cock Karl, show him that he's a worthless wimp"


So Karl stopped the lashing and hubby collapsed on the floor moaning. Karl kicked him in the balls and said:

"Blow job - now slave!"


Hubby dragged himself up, took his cock in his mouth and sucked. I ran my hands all over Karl's hard black body as hubby sucked him off. This was so horny!!

cuckold husband forced BI  

After a few minutes I told him I needed fucking. So he pulled out of hubby and slapped his his cock on his face a few times. Then he turned me round with my arms resting on the edge of the table, stood behind me and kissed my neck and fondled my tits, making me groan with pleasure. He looked down at the wimp and said:

"Lick my shoes while I fuck your wife"


Then he and slipped his wonderful cock into me from behind and gave me the most fantastic fucking, made all the more horny with hubby kneeling in a corner licking his shoes as he watched a real man take his wife.


When we both came i had wimp lick and suck us clean then as we turned to go back upstairs I said:


"Don't wash your master's piss off before you go to work wimp. You can stink of it all day to remind you of your position. Spend the rest of the night licking your master's shoes and thinking about how superior he is to you"






Part 2


Next time I went to the gym I told five of my lovers that they could all have me in my own house and didn't need to worry about leaving before hubby got home. In fact I wanted them to stay and put him in his place now that I'd reduced him to a cuckold slave. They loved it and started planning ways to humiliate him.


I then went home, stripped down to my G string and strappy high heels and watched a porno while I waited for my studs to arrive. I was really wet and horny so I jumped up when there was a knock at the door. I opened it to find not 5, but 8 of my hung black studs!!


They wasted no time in groping and kissing me - I was cumming almost straight away! Next I was carried back to the lounge and told to get on all fours. They then spent the next 2 hours pounding their gorgeous fat cocks into all 3 holes and pumping me full of their thick black cum. I was in heaven and had orgasm after orgasm! Fanfuckintastic!!! I was full of spunk and covered in spunk and I loved it.


By 7 in the evening I was sat on the knee of one stud called Leroy, riding his lovely big cock! While he fondled my tits and the others stood around me groping every bit of me while I sucked cocks. It was at this point that hubby walked in from work. He turned to walk back out again but I shouted:

"Where the hell do you think you're going wimp!?"

He gaped in total amazement at the 8 naked black men having their way with his wife:

"I don't know" he stuttered

"You're going nowhere wimp, strip naked, put your dog lead on, then get over here and kneel at my feet"


Once his clothes were off I chuckled to see the butt plug still firmly jammed in his ass. It had been there for 4 days continuously now (apart from bodily functions!) and he had orders not to remove it without permission. His back was a mess of lashes and his cock was still caged.


He knelt at my feet so I followed up with:

"Now lick my shoe while all these gorgeous black studs have their way with me"


He began licking and I carried on riding Leroy until we both came very noisily, then I climbed off him and slid down to lie on the sofa with my legs open:

"Now lick my pussy clean, it's full of real men's cum"

He tentatively probed it with his tongue so I grabbed his head and pushed it hard into my pussy:

"Lick me clean wimp!"

He started licking, much to the amusement of my lovers, who had all sat back to watch the show.


After about 10 minutes I pushed him away, turned onto all fours and told him my ass was full of cum too so he had to lick that clean (I have never let him ass fuck me). He buried his face in it and lapped away for all he was worth. I asked one of the studs to fuck me while hubby licked my ass, so they lifted me up and then lowered me back down onto a fat 9 inch cock, while hubby carried on cleaning my ass. It was the most incredible feeling to be having fantastic sex while my husband licked cum out of my ass - my next orgasm seemed to last forever!

ass licking cuckold  

Soon the stud pumped another load into me and I was ready to push hubby into more humiliation.

"Now crawl over to Leroy and thank him for fucking your gorgeous sexy wife"


He pulled away from my ass and his face was covered with thick, drying cum and pussy juice, he did as he was told and then said:

"Thank you for fucking my gorgeous sexy wife"

"You forgot to call him master. Any man who fucks me is your master. Now do it again properly"

"Thank you for fucking my gorgeous sexy wife Master" he said.


I wanted to enjoy the next bit so I went over to another of my lovers, sat on his lap and started kissing him. He moved me round and slipped his big cock into me, causing me to groan loudly in ecstasy. We began a slow fuck as he massaged my tits:

"Right, now ask your master for permission to kiss his feet"


He looked mesmerised as he watched me riding a big thick black cock, so I repeated the order. This time he turned back to Leroy and said

"Please may I kiss your feet master"


Leroy nodded so hubby began kissing his feet (The feet of the man who'd just fucked me - god this was the horniest day of my life)

I let him carry on for a few minutes while I enjoyed my fuck, and then I said:

"Now offer your master the handle to your lead then ask if you can suck his magnificent cock clean"

This time he looked at me horrified, but I was close to cumming again and just said "Do it"


"Please master may I suck your magnificent cock clean?" he said.

Leroy took the lead and tugged hard, then replied "You bet you can wimp. get up here and taste your wife on my cock"

Hubby opened his mouth and took as much as he could, but Leroy pushed down on the back of his head and I heard a gagging sound from hubby. All this was too much and I came very very loudly, gasping as the orgasm ripped through me. Once I'd recovered i looked over to see hubby's head bobbing up and down between Leroy's muscle bound thighs with the butt plug sticking out of his ass. If only he knew what else I had in store for him.

 humiliated cuckold husband

After 15 minutes Leroy groaned and emptied his bollocks into hubby's mouth. Obviously it took hubby by surprise and some dripped out onto the wooden floor.

"Swallow it and thank your master for using you as his cum dump" I said. He gulped it down, looking as though he might be sick, and then said:

"Thank you for using me as your cum dump master"

"Now get down and lick the rest off the floor wimp" I said

This he duly did as Leroy looked down at him with a superior smirk on his face and rested his feet on his back, using him as a foot stool.


I went over to Leroy, picked his foot up and rubbed it hard against my cummy pussy, then went over to another stud (Hank) and sat on his lap, kissing him and fondling his cock. After a few minutes I said:

"Right, the floor's clean now but Leroy's foot is covered in my juices and real men's cum - lick it clean"

Leroy smirked again and pushed his toes into hubby's mouth, whereupon he sucked and licked for all he was worth.


Once Leroy had finished with him I said:

"Crawl back over here and kiss my feet"


He obeyed immediately and I followed it with:

"Now, you're going to suck off every man in this room and thank them all for fucking your wife. You'll swallow all their cum and lick up any you spill. Understand?"

"Yes" he replied. I kicked him hard and said "You address me as mistress you pathetic piece of shit"

"Yes Mistress" he said quickly.

"Right come up here first. Now, you see that lovely hard cock waiting to fuck me? You're going to hold it and put it in me - NOW!"

Sure enough he held Hank's cock as I wriggled down onto it.

"Now, lick Hank's balls while he fucks your wife"

This he did, totally beaten he knelt between hanks thighs and lapped away at his bollocks, causing him to cum in double quick time. These men were amazing - Hank had come inside me four times already and yet it took just 5 minutes for him to pump another load into me.


After that I laid down across 3 of them who were sat in a line on the sofa and they all stroked and played with me while hubby went round the room giving blow job after blow job. As he crawled to each man he had to kiss his feet and beg to suck his cock. I loved what I'd turned him into but I was nowhere near done with him yet!






Part 3


Once my cuck hubby had accepted his role as general dogsbody and cocksucker in chief my life became even easier. He was at my beck and call, trying his best to please me and accepting any degradation I subjected him to. My lovers got off on humiliating him and abusing him in front of me, which in turn had an amazing effect on my orgasms - When hubby is forced to his knees by a black stud and made to tell him how superior he is in every way, whilst grovelling at his feet, I just go wild!



I made him throw out most of his clothes, just keeping the ones he needed for work, then he had to clear a space in the garage just big enough to fit a thin sleeping mat and his black bag full of clothes. From then on he had to come in from work straight to the garage, strip naked and begin his chores. Once everything was done he had to find me and ask if I needed him for anything, only then could he return to the garage to spend an uncomfortable few hours on his mat before work the next day. If I was at home there would always be at least one, and usually more, black men in bed with me and he had to call them master and ask if they needed anything. Some nights I'd find tasks for him to do that lasted throughout the night, such as kneeling on the kitchen floor and sucking my lover's underwear clean all night long, or going outside with a torch and polishing the wheels on my lover's car. Mistreating him and humiliating him like this improved my orgasms so much that he rarely got more than a couple of hours rest, but that was his problem, not mine.



I soon got into having orgies where hubby is made to suck cocks, lick asses, lick cum off the floor and get kicked about and dragged around by my lovers, whilst being used as a human urinal. The more I mistreated him and let my lovers abuse him, the better my orgasms and the more I wanted to push him further and further.


I was spending more and more nights at Karl's flat having fantastic sex and leaving hubby to his chores at home alone, with his cage and plug in place. One night I decided we should get him round to clean Karl's place while we fucked in front if him. This turned us both on so I rang hubby and told him to come round immediately. I made him walk the five miles with just a coat on. No shoes, socks or clothes. Then when he arrived I ordered him to get naked on his knees and start by cleaning the toilet floor. He asked where the cleaning materials were so I kicked him hard in the balls and said "Use your tongue wimp!" He knelt and began licking the floor round the toilet, so I lent against the wall, lifted one leg up and rested my high heeled foot on his back. Karl then put his hands on my hips and kissed me. His fingers and tongue were expertly arousing every part of me and soon we were fucking passionately with my heel digging hard into hubby's back, while he lapped away at Karl's toilet floor - I love this!!


We both came very loudly and then I looked down at hubby to see a wound where I'd dug my heel into him. His back was also still covered in marks from the regular whippings he received from me and my lovers. In his kneeling position his balls were hanging down looking very vulnerable from the back, so I kicked them hard and he yelped like a dog, but he didn't stop licking the toilet floor. Shame really, I was hoping he'd complain so I had an excuse to punish him again.


We went back to the bedroom and continued to have rampant sex while hubby worked his way round cleaning the whole place. I noticed Karl's underwear on the bedroom floor and shouted the slave to come in.

"Wimp, put your master's dirty underpants in your mouth and suck them while you carry on with your chores"

Much to Karl's amusement he went over and stuffed them into his mouth.

"Right fuck off and get your work done and make sure the place is spotless or I'm going to get your master to punish you"


He spent hours cleaning while we alternated between sex in bed and relaxing in front of the TV, with us both using him as a toilet whenever the urge hit, then making him stuff his mouth with dirty underwear again.


At one point we were making out on the sofa when another wicked idea hit me:

I called the wimp into the lounge and ordered him to lie on his back. I then put a couple of cushions on his stomach, sat on his face and laid back, resting my head on the cushions.

I told him to spread my cheeks, bury his tongue up my ass and lick for all he was worth. I called Karl over and he mounted me, slipping that big fat cock into me with his balls banging against hubby's nose. We screwed for about 10 minutes, during which time I had 3 fantastic orgasms!


Eventually Karl groaned and pumped another huge load into me before flopping down on top of me. Hubby was gasping for breath by this time so after a while we got up and laid in each others arms on the sofa, then made the wimp clean us both and thank us for using him as a mattress.


It was getting near time for him to go back to work so I called him in and said.

"you'll need to set off and walk to work shortly, but first there's something you need to know - I'm going to leave you for good and move in with Karl very soon. I'll still be taking all your money to support our lifestyle. Karl's going to sell the shop and we're going to have a life of leisure and pleasure at your expense. You'll even be carrying my suitcases round here on foot on the day I leave you"


I made him kneel and kiss Karl's feet and thank him for taking his wife off him. I said "Just think, you'll be working all those hours so that we can have an easy life of sex, holidays, nights out and more sex. I'll be selling your house so you'll also be homeless, but since you'll be working round the clock that won't matter. We may decide to let you have a space on the floor of Karl's garage if you prove to be a good slave. Tell me it's what you want because it's what I want" Sure enough he knelt at my feet and repeated it to me.


Next I sat on Karl's lap and we kissed passionately while his expert hands sent tingles through every part of me. I told hubby:


"Lick your Master's feet and tell him you worship for taking your wife off you and using you as the pathetic wimp slave that you are"


We carried on making out while wimp told Karl that he worshipped him!


Soon we were fucking again while hubby knelt in the corner licking Karl's shoes again.








I hadn't come up with any new humiliations for a while so I decided that since he was used to being on his knees sucking cock, he could provide the same service to gay men as well. The idea of my very straight husband on his knees fellating a line of gay men made me so wet that I had to organise it ASAP.


Fortunately there were plenty of men in our local gay community who fancied a blow job from a straight man so I arranged for a gay "open house" one night while I was out with Karl.


I got a dominant gay friend of mine, Gareth, to come round and take control for the night, then told hubby that as well as doing his chores (naked as usual) while I was out being a slut with Karl, he had to leave the front door unlocked and obey Gareth and any other man who walked in. Then I made him kiss my feet and thank me for going out having sex with a real man and treating him like shit.


We left him to it and I had Karl's big black shaft in my mouth as soon as the taxi door closed behind us. We went out dancing and drinking with some of my girlfriends and their black boyfriends, then all went back to Karl's for a night long orgy. Life as a cuckoldress bitch is so good!!


Wimp was at work when I got home the next afternoon so I rang Gareth to find out how he had performed:


As soon as we left, Gareth had his cock out and face fucked him, then two men had walked in and ordered him to his knees, taking turns shoving their cocks down his throat and soon pumping his mouth full of cum, which he duly swallowed. They then made him kiss their feet and thank them for using him. Gareth shoved his cock back in his mouth and ordered him to drink his piss, making sure some went on the floor so that he could order him to lick it up. Soon the house was filling up with horny gay men waiting for their blow jobs and hubby had to work faster and faster to keep up. They taught him techniques to bring them off quickly and soon he was doing one every 10 minutes! They were all on their mobiles spreading the word about the cum drinker whose wife had enslaved him.


Apparently, although they come in each other's mouths, most gays don't swallow, so they were all getting off on watching hubby gulp it down. Gareth reckons he sucked off 40 men that night and swallowed every drop, which set me thinking....


If gay men like blow jobs off a cum drinking straight man so much, then presumably they would be prepared to pay for it. Say £50 a time and if he was doing one every ten minutes, that's £300 an hour! If I made him do a 24 hour shift on his knees I'd make £4,800 in a day! This was getting exciting - I could make nearly £35,000 a week! Or well over £1.5 million a year! That sealed it in my mind, I had to find a place in a gay brothel where I could leave him under the control of somebody else and just pay them a commission from his earnings. I wouldn't have to see him or even think about him, just live a life of luxury while he wasted away in some dark basement sucking cock after cock without a moment's break, living on a diet of cum and worshipping me. Obviously he wouldn't last very long but if he managed a year before he was burnt out I'd be set up for life.


Karl had a friend called Jamal, who owned a city centre whorehouse in the gay quarter, so I got his number and rang him, I explained my plan and he reckoned that once word spread there would be enough business to keep him sucking continually, 24/7. We agreed on a 20/80 split in my favour and I invited him round to put slave through his paces.


He turned out to be gorgeous, muscular, and straight!! I called hubby through and told him to grovel at the feet of his new black master, then I stroked Jamal's cock through his pants and felt it grow to a hell of a size. mmmmmmm I had to feel that inside me! Fortunately he'd already got his hand up my skirt and slipped his expert fingers inside my G string. I kissed him passionately and we fell back onto the sofa while hubby knelt and watched in silence. He was a great fuck, made even better by the thought of him controlling every second of my cock sucking husband's life for the foreseeable future.


Once we'd both cum I called slave over to do his clean up duties, then I told him what was going to happen:


"Jamal, your master, is going to make you kneel in the cellar of his brothel and suck cock after cock to earn money for me. You won't stop unless you're ordered to. You will spend the rest of your life on your knees giving pleasure to gay men so that I can live in luxury and not give you a second thought. You will suck a minimum of 6 cocks an hour, every single hour of every single day, 24/7 and it's quite possible you'll never see me again, but you'll always know that I'm having a great life while you exist in misery drenched in cum and piss and never seeing the light of day. You'll just be a cash machine for me. I'll be sending some legal papers for you to sign, transferring ownership of the house, your pension, and all your future earnings, into my name"


Once I'd finished my speech I was dripping wet again and dying for some more of Jamal's cock. Fortunately he was dying for some more of my pussy so we screwed again while hubby knelt and contemplated his future. Jamal must have decided to put slave through his paces, so he called him over as we enjoyed a long slow fuck, and ordered him to lick his feet. The wimp obeyed and of course this made me even hornier than before so my next orgasm was a screamer! Jamal pumped another load into me as I was cumming and I was in sexual heaven.


I was naked by now, apart from my high heel shoes, so I told hubby to take a last look at my body as it was probably the last time he'd see it. I made him clean us both up while I told him how great my life was going to be without him.


I then told Jamal to take him away and get him started. Jamal ordered him to get in the boot of his Mercedes, still naked, and close the lid behind him. Sure enough the wimp went outside and did just that. I couldn't let Jamal go without having another taste of his cock so I knelt down and devoured his cock and balls. After 15 minutes he came again and I caught it in my hand. Being an evil bitch I went outside, opened Jamal's boot and wiped cum all over wimp's face, then slipped my fingers in his mouth and he sucked eagerly on them. "Fuck off and suck cock wimp" I said "I've manipulated you from day one so that I could have a life of leisure at your expense and you accepted everything. I'll probably settle down with Karl and you'll fund our lifestyle by devoting your life to sucking gay cocks. What do you have to say for yourself?" "I worship you mistress but please don't make me do this" he replied. I laughed and slammed the lid shut on him. Jamal got in and drove him away to start earning me megabucks.


Karl came round later with a couple of friends and they all fucked me, making me cum over and over. And that was it, hubby was forgotten about until the money started rolling in!


Every week Jamal sent one of his men round with an envelope stuffed full of cash, usually around £25,000. Karl & I had the time of our lives, buying anything that took our fancy, going where we wanted, staying in luxury hotels. We decided to book a month away at an exclusive resort in the Caribbean, which appealed to me as well because I fancied trying all those big black cocks over there. Mind you it wasn't all one way - Karl was by no means limiting himself to my pussy only and he liked the idea of slipping his cock into a few dusky maidens!


Before the holiday I had the forms drawn up for hubby to sign;

There were quickie divorce papers citing his unreasonable behaviour, and a settlement transferring ownership of the house to me, cashing in his pension and giving me the lump sum, and irrevocably giving me ownership of every penny he ever earns in the future.

I sent them over to Jamal and a few days later they came back with hubby's signature on them and Jamal's as the independent witness.


We went away and had the most fantastic time. I think I had more black cock for those four weeks than at any other time in my life. I don't think I gave hubby a single thought while we were there.


When we got back Jamal came round with a month's worth of cash (and a thick black cock which I just had to sample again). He told me the wimp's mouth was so popular that he was turning people away. He was sucking over 140 cocks a day and still they were queuing out the door!


The idea of all that potential cash being lost set me thinking: Slave had been on his knees for 2 months now without a break so surely with all that practice he could make men cum a lot quicker than 10 minutes?


I jumped into Jamal's Merc with him and we went to his brothel.


I followed him down the cellar steps and there was the wimp on his knees sucking a cock. He was covered in dry cum and looked absolutely filthy and worn out, but still he stroked his customer's balls and sucked away vigorously.

We watched for a few minutes until the punter came and hubby gulped it all down. Then I told Jamal to hold the next one back for a bit. I walked over to slave and his eyes lit up. I was wearing a very skimpy crop top that just covered my boobs, leaving my shoulders bare, a micro mini skirt, bare tanned legs and very tall strappy shoes.

"Kiss the ground in front of my feet wimp" I ordered. I didn't want his filthy tongue and lips to touch my shoes!

He was already kneeling so he lent forward and kissed the filthy floor eagerly.

Jamal stood next to me and began stroking my thigh and kissing my neck. We started kissing passionately while the wimp carried on worshipping me, then Jamal took my top off to stroke and lick my nipples. I pushed my skirt down to my feet and told wimp to take it off me.


Jamal's hands and mouth were everywhere and with just my G string and shoes on, my whole body was available to him. I soon had his monster cock out and his shirt off.

This was turning me on so much, but I told him to hang on while I gave wimp his orders:

"I'm not going to waste time talking to you wimp, I need your master's cock inside me so I'll be quick, you've had long enough only doing 6 cocks an hour. I want far more money to fritter so from now on you're going suck off 10 men an hour. that gives you six minutes each so you'd better work fast".

"But I'm going as fast as I can mistress" he croaked. I assume a diet of cum and piss must have affected his throat, but I just wasn't interested enough to find out.

"Rubbish, I've just watched you and you weren't making enough effort. Anyway there's no discussion. You are my obedient slave to use as I see fit and you will suck 10 cocks to orgasm every hour from now on. And I mean every hour, I want to milk loads more cash out of you before you're too worn out to carry on. Understand this - You are just a human cash machine and nothing more. You exist only to be used by me".

"Yes mistress" he croaked.


"Now beg for permission to suck 10 cocks an hour to earn me even more spending money"


"Please mistress I beg you to let me suck 10 cocks an hour to earn you even more spending money" he said.


"Now beg to be left here forever with your cock cage and your butt plug, sucking cocks for money while i live a life of luxury, having great sex with hundreds of black studs"

He repeated it exactly "Please mistress I beg you to leave me here forever with my cock cage and butt plug, sucking cocks for money while you live a life of luxury, having great sex with hundreds of black studs"


With that I kicked his bollocks and said "I'm going off to get fucked now, get sucking wimp!!" and walked out.


Jamal and I had the most fantastic fuck in his office as hubby got stuck into his increased workload!


And that's how it's been for the last 6 months. I haven't seen the wimp since and i rarely even think about him, but the money just keeps rolling in and we have the most fantastic lifestyle. Which is all that matters!




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