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part 4



Kurt pulled her to her feet and told her to keep still. He unhooked the wrist restraints from the thigh restraints and connected her wrists together behind her back. Then he carefully removed the chain from each clamp and replaced it with a lead weight on each nipple. This immediately got my wife’s attention as she struggled to keep still. Kurt reminded her that she would get used to it if she gave it a moment. Her bull starting taking photos again and she stood there a good minute until Kurt picked something up from the cupboard and knelt down in front of her, he told her to part her legs and expertly fitted another clamp on to my wife’s swollen and sensitive clitoris and then unceremoniously added a weight to that too. She was actually crying when he finished fitting it. Her bull still snapping pictures told her to get a grip on herself, it wasn’t meant to hurt just torment. She held herself firmly and tried to relax into the pain she was obviously feeling.


I was far from happy about this it wasn’t what this was supposed to be about, I started to protest but one look from her bull was enough to shut me up. My wife’s pleading eyes met mine once or twice as she tried to get her feelings under control. She knew I would not be able to stop anything and they would only treat her worse if I tried, but I didn’t miss the look of anger I got from her because of my inability to help. Kurt led her over to the foot of the bed and bent her forward and clipped her collar to the ironwork with a small chain. There was my wife, gagged; hands tied behind her back, bent over, rear end totally vulnerable with 3 weights hanging below her from her most sensitive private parts. It was obvious to me that she was about to get fucked and that action would send those weights into a frenzy of tugs and yanks on her already tender nipples and clit. Sure enough Kurt stepped up behind her and entered her in one thrust. She cried out as they slapped together and the weights tugged at her. As indeed she did on every stroke for the next few minutes.


As he fucked with longer harder strokes I noticed that he had his thumb up her ass. He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her sodden cunt and wiped it up and down her ass crack, relived that the weights had stopped moving my wife let out a sigh which was replaced by a another stifled cry as he grabbed his cock and forced his knob end into my wife’s ass. She tried to wriggle and got smacked for her trouble. Kurt said he was having her ass and there was nothing she could do about it my wife’s complaints were in comprehensible but clearly she didn’t want him to do that. Her bull sorted it out in a moment by telling her, that he had promised Kurt he could have her ass first because he was a good loyal friend and his cock was smaller than his own so it wouldn’t hurt too much first time. He told her to stop resisting and help him have it. My wife knew better than to defy her bull and gave in gracefully. He wriggled his thick cock into her ass bit at a time then pulled back and hurt her all over again. By the fourth stroke she was getting used to him and so he started fucking her slowly at first but growing in pace and depth. He was soon slamming into her with the weights going every where and my wife in one hell of a state, When he came he slammed into her and groaned like a bear. My wife was sweating like a pig, her hair was wet and she just collapsed under him, her collared neck pulling her head down into the bed as her big body was arched over the bedstead.


When he pulled out her ass looked red and sore, a moment later Kurts sperm started to spew out of it so I rushed over and licked it all up. My own cock was rock hard and I wanked away like mad as I cleaned her up. I knew I would get the blame for all this the next time my wife and I were alone and wondered what punishment I would get for it as I splashed my cum on the floor.




In the aftermath of my wife’s ass fuck, there were quite a few moments when I thought that she had reached her limit. Her bull and Kurt removed her gag and collar, told me to remove the rest and for her to shower and completely clean herself up because we were going out. They then went off to get a beer and left me with my still restrained wife. I had been given orders to remove all of the clamps and weights without delay. No one had told her that taking them off would hurt as much, if not more, than putting them on. As her sensitive areas underwent more strenuous torture, she cursed and swore and complained to me. It was obvious to me that she considered that all of this was my fault and told me off for allowing them to do this to her the entire time right up to the slap across the face I got before she left and went off to soak in a bath.


I dressed and sat myself on the chair not sure what to do next, when Kurt put his head around the door and called me into the lounge. As I sat there drinking a beer with my wife’s two abusers, like they were my best buddies I was told about the next instalment of our weekend. Kurt was about to leave us because he had to take his wife out somewhere but my wife’s bull said I was to take my wife out for a meal at a local restaurant they knew. I was to make sure that the staff there, definitely knew we were married. I was told that we would be joined a little later and that I was expected to be completely passive yet supportive of everything that might happen. I asked them what that might be but I wasn’t told and they just laughed at one another.


About an hour and a half later my wife and I arrived at the restaurant She looked beautiful in her short low cut black dress, it really showed off her tits to great effect. She had a bra that went with it that highlighted her cleavage. It was a very sexy dress not too slutty but daring. My wife wore stockings and boots as instructed but no panties, she had complained to me outside in the car park of the cold she was feeling against her well fucked pussy and ass. The restaurant was a large place and very busy. I asked the hostess if she had a table for four as my wife and I were meeting friends, as I had been instructed, and we were shown to a round table, with a white cloth, in a booth with a large curved bench seat. We sat by each other and I ordered drinks and our meals saying “and my wife would like…..” every time we spoke to someone. She didn’t notice I was doing this as it’s something I would normally say anyhow.


We had almost finished our main course when my wife’s Bull arrived. As he approached our table my wife stood up to greet him with a peck on the cheek, he immediately grabbed her and kissed her full open mouthed in a long slow mashing of mouths and tongues. My wife resisted at first and then realised it was just easier to co operate. I was deftly embarrassed as the waiter witnessed this over familiar embrace and then as he caught my eye and turned his embarrassed head away. I remained seated looking downwards because I didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone else. My wife and her bull eventually sat down and he put his arm around her shoulder, called the waiter over and ordered my wife and himself a drink.


The waiter asked tentatively if I wanted anything and was told that I didn’t want one because I would be driving them all home. As the waiter went in search of their refreshments, my wife asked her bull not to embarrass her in public, after all he had agreed that our little game would be a private affair, her bull said that was all well and good when she was with people she might know but not otherwise. He went on to say that the whole point of this trip out was to embarrass me, he didn’t expect her to feel that way and even if she did, she had no business having feelings like that when she was just a slut. As he returned with their drinks another man turned up. He name was Don and he obviously knew my wife’s bull. My wife was introduced to Don as “The New Slut” and, after a passing reference to me; I was moved down the table so she had one of them was seated each side of her. Their three heads bent into a private conversation as I heard my wife’s bull tell Don about my wife’s charms and willingness to please, and how far she had come in less than a week. In turn he told her that Don was the owner of an exceptional appendage and if she was nice to him he might let her try it out.


There was lots of giggling on my wife’s part as the three of them got more and more familiar with each other during the few rounds of drinks that followed. My wife is loud at the best of times and when she is the worst for drink, even louder, so I was incredibly embarrassed as their innuendo and flirting became more and more prominent. It felt like all eyes from the neighbouring tables and restaurant staff were on me, I kept seeing stolen glances and unapproving heads turn away as eye contact was made. No doubt everyone around us was aware that my wife was going to let these two guys have her the minute we were out of the place and she didn’t give a shit about what I, her husbandnette might feel.


The waiter was called, I paid for everything and we were on our way out of the restaurant, my wife with a beau on each arm and me following behind. I fetched the car and they all piled in the back. My wife was kissing Don and getting her tits groped by both guys before I pulled away. Her bull told me to drive back to his place, I hadn’t driven a hundred yards before one of my wife’s nipples appeared in the rear view mirror and was quickly masked by the back of a mans head. Lots of moaning and movement followed. As I pulled up at the lights the struggling pitched and my wife’s black dress and bra hit the passenger seat, meaning she was now in the back of the car naked except for her boots and stockings. The back seat was a frenzy and my wife moved around until she was kneeling on the seat, her ass against the window, her body spanning over her bulls lap and her head down at Dons lap presumably, judging from the slurping sounds, she was sucking his cock. She cooed and moaned as we rode along, I guess her bull was feeling her up.


We stopped at the next lights and her bull opened his window, I heard my wife squeal out a complaint but he just slapped her ass and told her to shut up and to keep on sucking. I sat there in an embarrassed silence, hoping the lights would change so we could drive off without anyone noticing her naked ass sticking out my rear window. Unfortunately luck was not on my side and another car pulled along side with a guy on his own. He immediately spotted her ass and as he looked at me the lights changed and I drove off swiftly, her bull told me to give the other guy chance to have a proper look, so reluctantly I slowed down a bit and he caught up along side of us. At the next junction we both stopped and he looked on as her bull pulled her wide open for him to see. I was worried, embarrassed, excited, nervous scared and rock hard all at once, I really didn’t know what to feel. I heard an invitation to follow us been given out by her bull and the offer accepted by the driver. As we pulled away I was then given new directions and pulled over into a quiet carpark. As the car stopped the back doors of my car flew open and my naked wife was yanked from the backseat, pulled to the front of the car and bent forward to look at me. The following car drew up to the side and turned slightly to light her up in the headlights. Don stood behind her and entered her standing up. The look on my wife’s face as his cock hit home was unmmissable, she was soon cumming loud and long as he fucked her in an increasing frenzy. His large cock no doubt hitting the spot. He fucked her for a full 5 minutes before he too came inside her, by which time she was barely hanging on.


As she collapsed on the car I was called to clean her up ready for the next guy, like the complete wimp I was becoming I did what I was told and lay flat on my back on the tarmac as my wife lowered her crotch down to my mouth. Don had cum a hell of a lot inside her and it took me quite a time to lick her insides clean, I was now getting my 3rd dose of strangers sperm, since coming home from work today, all three from different guys and all new to me. I could hear my wife receiving new instructions as they introduced her to “Steve” the guy from the other car, by the sound of it, her initial contact with him was to suck his cock. Her ass was lifted from me and I watched my wife’s bull entered her cunt with her on all fours. The shadowy light from the headlights somehow made it all the more exciting. As I watched my wife’s big stomach swing on every thrust as he fucked her whilst she sucked on a stranger, I reflect ed that this time last week we were lying in bed together planning what we had still to do for the party we were giving on the Saturday night. I couldn’t have even fantasised what she would be doing at the same time a week later.




By the time she lifted herself up from me, Steve was walking back to his car and all the other guys had put their cocks back in their trousers. I was told to get up and drive them home, my wife sat in the middle of the back seat still naked above her stocking tops and grinning from ear to ear. As I pulled onto the drive I was given new instructions, as my wife was dragged to the front door by Don, her bull told me to hand him the keys and stay in the car until morning as they wouldn’t need me, tonight. I started to protest but I stopped as I saw an evil grin in his eye. He told me to remove all of my clothes; I just shut up and complied. He took them from me saying if I felt too exposed I could always put my wife’s dress on. I looked at the front seat at my wife’s little black number as we jokingly called it. Screwed up and limp, a bit like I was at that time, with that he laughed and left me to stew. I spent a very uncomfortable night in the car, I slept in the back seat with my wifes dress over my lower half. I was left there until almost 11.00am the next morning, By then I had suffered 5 hours of daylight and worrying about being seen by any passers by. It was so far so good when Don opened the door and said I was needed, I said I had no clothes and he laughed saying “Yes I had! put the dress on!” he walked back to the house chuckling to himself as I struggled to do just that. One of the advantages of having a wife of ample figure is you can get into her clothes, infact it was a bit loose on me. Feeling more self conscious than ever before, even when licking other guys sperm out of my wife’s cunt, I stepped out of the car and walked up to the front door.


It was locked, the bastards had locked it, I knocked as quietly and called out as low key as I could, hoping no one would see me. They let me stew for a few minutes and just as I turned to go back to the car, the door opened as I was let inside. Both guys were the other side of the door, highly amused by my ordeal. Then they had an idea to increase my humiliation and I was lead into the room I now knew so well, I was sat down and handed a wig some lipstick and a pair of dangly clip-on earrings. I was made to stand and the ensemble was completed by a large plastic belt being wrapped around my middle. Once secured my wife’s dress was ridden up at the back so that my ass was exposed. They finished off the outfit by making me wear a pair of high heel shoes which were at least a size too small. I was taken to the kitchen and told to fix them all something to eat. I got to work knowing better than to argue but genuinely concerned about what my wife would think about my appearance. For all my submissiveness I was not a cross dresser, nor had I ever thought about wanting to try it. I didn’t feel aroused by this at all just humiliated and if my abusers had known this, I know it would have pleased them no end.


I had breakfast on the table in about 20 minutes and they called my wife who had been taking a shower and drying her hair. When she came into the kitchen, wrapped in a satin pink bath robe, I had my back to her washing up the pans, and she was initially startled that another woman was in the house but she suddenly realised it was me, my hairy legs no doubt gave it away. I turned to look at her feeling very embarrassed and ashamed about what they had done to me. She just looked at me annoyed, rolled her eyes and sat down at the table to eat. The 2 guys found this highly amusing and joked all the way through breakfast about the little slut that had found in the car this morning. My wife said nothing nor did she smile as they carried on with the joke. Realising that she wasn’t enjoying the prank, they asked her what was wrong. At first she tried to say it was nothing but they persisted and she told them that she didn’t like me feminised, she had started to think of me as a wimp cuckold man not a make believe down trodden woman. They told her that it had all started because they had found me in the car wearing her dress, which wasn’t quite true, but never mind. They said they thought I should look the part and had leant me the rest. Her bull added that if I had displeased her I should be punished so I never did it again.


My wife’s eyes lit up and said that was a good idea. She got up from the table and marched out of the room, returning a moment later with a cane from what her bull later called the “Toy Cupboard”. She said she was going to give me 6 of the best for wearing her clothes. I was a bit concerned but assumed that this was her way of enjoying the joke. I was made to clear the table and then bend over it putting my ass in a perfect spanking position. The 2 guys took up positions on nearby stools to watch the spectacle. For the first time since this had all started my wife was in charge now and she told me not to cry out or move or say anything until the 6th stroke and then I could only answer her questions. If I disobeyed these instructions in any way she would add 2 more strokes for every incursion. She asked me if I understood. I nodded and murmured out a “yes”.

She told me to hold absolutely still and to grit my teeth, I braced myself and waited for the first stroke. This might sound stupid now but I genuinely thought my wife would be unable to hit me hard enough to hurt me, she was not that way inclined, she had the physical strength but not the character to inflict pain.


As the first stroke bit into my ass the pain was more than I could have imagined, I winced as my ass stung and burnt. She had hit me with all her might, the second was worse because she made me wait a minute or 2, so it hit without warning, and after the third I was trembling, but I didn’t move. The fourth, fifth and sixth hurt so much that I thought she must have given the cane to one of the men but it had been all her and I realised that I was also getting punished for standing back and not stopping her assailants from going too far yesterday. She told me not to move and bent her head down to my ear and told me that if she ever found me wearing her clothes again, she would give me 12 strokes of the cane, she never wanted to see me do that again, did I understand, I sobbed out a yes and that I was sorry but I had been set up. The cane hit hard again as she said she wasn’t interested in excuses. I cried out this time as I wasn’t expecting it so I got 2 more strokes for my trouble. My ass was on fire by the time she stopped, I was told to remove all of the clothes I was wearing and I immediately complied.


I stood there naked washing up my ass aglow and completely taken a back by my wife’s new found cruel streak. My wife left the room saying she didn’t want me to stay, I was to drive home and she would ring me if she wanted me, she added a list of household chores she expected completed by the end of the weekend which would keep me busy until Sunday evening at least. The front door bell rang and I was told to answer it before I left, I opened the door gingerly hiding my naked body behind it to see Kurt, my wife’s ass abuser standing in front of me, he laughed and walked in calling my wife’s name as he stepped inside. She appeared in a moment, threw off the robe behind her and dropped to her knees in front of him. He patted her on the head like some kind of pet as his stomach rested on her forehead. He told me to get her thigh and wrist restraints. I hesitated a moment and left to find them. By the time I returned he had is cock out and was rubbing it over her face as the other 2 guys watched. He told me to put the restraints on her and to strap them up tightly, I hardly saw the point, my wife was offering no resistance to his cock rubbing on her face, but I did what he said. As soon as she was secured he grabbed her hair roughly and plunged himself into her mouth. She coughed, she spluttered, but he didn’t let up until he was fucking her throat.


I just stood there watching transfixed by how rough these guys were with my wife, but my thoughts were interrupted by her bull who reminded me that I was supposed to be leaving, I returned to the kitchen and retrieved my clothes, being careful of my bright red ass. As I came back out to the hall, Kurt shouted for me to get her ball gag before I left, I grabbed it and fitted it to her as she knelt in front of him. The she was hauled to her feet and bent over a cupboard; he grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled them wide apart exposing her ass hole and cunt. His prick strained and he started to push it into her puckered asshole my wife groaned out her discomfort but he kept pushing in any way. In just a few seconds he was fucking her ass full force and yanking on her hair. He stopped, fully buried inside her and looked at me with a look of pure lust on his face. He said that since I was leaving, I should tell the 3 guys in his car to come in and fuck my wife’s ass if they felt like it before they went on to the game. The other 2 guys laughed at that, enjoying my humiliation and my wife’s continued debasement. I hesitated and then left, as he returned to fucking her hard, slapping noisily against her ass in the process.


When I said to the other guys that Kurt invited them all inside to fuck my wife’s ass, they looked at me like they didn’t believe me, but all of them got out the car and went upto the house to find out for themselves. Feeling very put down and inadequate, I got into my car and drove home twisted sideways in my seat because I couldn’t sit down properly. I then spent the rest of the weekend wondering what she was up to with whom? Which was both exciting, scary, thrilling and frustrating at the same time.


I got a call 4.00pm Sunday to go and pick her up. When I pulled onto the driveway she was already waiting by the front door. I was still sitting on my side in the car and she looked at me with barely disguised contempt. She looked totally worn out and tired, her hair was matted, he skin shone with sweat and she smelt of raw sex. We didn’t speak on the way home because she totally ignored me and when we arrived there she slipped off to bathe then put herself to bed. She said she didn’t want to discuss it when I broached the subject a couple of times. It was Wednesday before she decided to talk to me properly again, she spent Monday and Tuesday evenings sleeping on the sofa before getting up to go to bed. She said she wanted me to know that she had limits and the next time they were pushed she expected me to stand up for her. I asked her how she expected me to do that when faced with her protagonists, they had already pushed the boundaries beyond our imagination and took scant notice of me. She said I knew perfectly well how she felt about anal sex and I should have objected, especially as she was unable to object been bound and gagged, I tried to tell her that I hadn’t thought she would approve of any of the things they were doing to her so how was I to know…………..but she didn’t let me get a word in. As far as she was concerned, I should have stopped it and I didn’t and for that I would be punished. As a result of my negligence she had now had 8 men ejaculate inside her over the weekend and 7 of them had done so in her ass, she added that she had even got to see 3 of them because she had been blindfolded her as they fucked her ass.


I asked her if she wanted to stop it if it had gone too far. She was quick to defend her continuance into promiscuity. She said that she wanted to continue the game; she liked having me as her wimp husband, taunted and forced to watch her fuck others and she had missed not having me there to suffer for the weekend, Friday night and Saturday morning were much better for her because I was there, despite her unwanted ass fuckings. I said I was at a loss about what to do, she said she had agreed a safe word with them to use when things were going too far for her in future. Considering what they had already done to her I couldn’t imagine there was anything left to do her, but I was wrong……SO WRONG!





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