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part 3



He then turned to my wife and said, “When you are wearing this I expect your absolute obedience and full compliance with my wishes. You will do everything I ask of you with enthusiasm and commitment; I won’t tolerate any refusal or compromise, nor will I overstep the mark according to my own sense of morals, is this perfectly clear?” My wife said it was and she was ready to make herself his property when she wore it. He added that the collar was an easy way of containing the game, so we could be an ordinary couple, when she wasn’t wearing it and both belong to him when she was. He asked me to acknowledge I understood, which I did and then told me to put it on her.


My wife, looking a little less polished after her earlier fuck, stood perfectly still with her arms by her side as I fastened it around her neck making sure it wasn’t pinching her. He told me to sit back on the chair and watch her first training session, I sat and watched him walk across to her and snap a lead onto the collar, step away then pull her to him. “Don’t worry!” he said to her gently “You are going to love this! I promise!” He grabbed a handful of her left tit and mauled it firmly. “Thanks for your help to manipulate your wimp husband, you carried out your first assignment brilliantly, you tricked him exactly as I instructed and I’m very proud of my new toy!” He laughed to himself, “You wont regret doing this tonight but, unlike you, he will!” He placed a restraint on each of her wrists and ankles and stood back to look at her. With that he sat himself on the end of our bed and pulled her face to his cock with the lead. My wife fell to her knees, I got hard instantly, he pulled her face over his cock as he reached down behind her and fastened her left ankle and wrist together, then repeated the action to her right side. He sat back up and told me to go and get a bowl or a bucket in case my wife needs it during her first throat fuck lesson. I saw him push his cock into her mouth firmly as I left the room to obey, I heard him shout to me “Sometimes they wretch a bit with their gag reflex until they get used to a cock sliding down their throats, but she’ll soon get the hang of it!” Shit! My wife had been his property for just a few minutes and already he was going to do something to her that had never been done before.




When I returned with the washing up bowl a few minutes later, he was already making her cough and splutter, as he talked her through trying to get her to relax her gag reflex. He put my wife through hell for what seemed forever, as she wretched and spat into the bowl in between his cock assaulting her throat. He held her head and started to really fuck her mouth. This wasn’t cock sucking anymore; he wanted to use her mouth as a second cunt. My wife finally managed to let him slide past her tonsils and down her throat, by which time her eye make up had run down her face as her eyes watered to mirror her cough and choke reflexes. Worse was to come, once he had managed to get into her throat, he wanted to fuck it and push all the way in until his balls were on her chin.


After a hell of a lot of failed attempts, this was finally achieved and my wife flapped around starting to suffocate as his cock plugged her airway. He pulled out and let her gasp and get her breath back. Then in he went again and again and again until she was taking him down there for several seconds at a time with out moving. Then he made me take a few photos for his scrap book of his new conquest taking him in a new way. I don’t know how long all this took but I guess it was little more than an hour. Nevertheless my wife’s jaw ached all of the following day. He then moved her onto the bed on her back, her head hanging over the side of the bed and repeated the process, my wife looked straight at me as I watched his cock plunge into her mouth and his balls push against her nose. It was totally pornographic and abusive but looked fantastic.


My cock was hard, I had resisted the temptation to wank as I hadn’t been given permission and this wasn’t about me it was about her taking him, but could no longer, I flogged my log as I watched my wife struggle when he plunged in full length and hold himself there against her struggling head. He would then pull himself out, give her literally a couple of seconds to breathe, then plunge in again and repeat his assault. My wife was looking at me with stained and glazed eyes; I don’t think she was really seeing me she was too distracted by her throat being fucked. I was the first to come, if I had seen such a sight in a porn video I would probably have come to it. As it was my wife I was watching I had no chance. He soon followed and I watched the total panic in my wife’s eyes as he unloaded down her throat. She went rigid and really started to fight him as she struggled for breath. He pulled out and she hyperventilated very loudly. She told me afterwards she had been absolutely petrified as he spurted down her throat, she couldn’t breathe, she couldn’t move. She really thought she was going to pass out and if he had stayed there a moment longer she probably would have.


He pulled out of her feeling very satisfied with himself; he undid her restraints, sat her up and looked my wife over. She was in a hell of a state. Her face was very flushed and smeared with makeup, she looked like she had been well and truly used and abused. He said she had done incredibly well and it would be easier for her to do that again from now on. He said he would give her lots more practice and she wasn’t to let anyone else go in there without his permission, and now he wanted her to show him her appreciation and to rub her clit to climax as she took him back in there again. My wife didn’t look pleased about this but he allayed her fears saying he had come twice so he would feel smaller inside her now. He was, of course, lying his ass off, his cock still looked hard and menacing despite his two ejaculations.


My wife sat on the floor at the end of the bed, her lead dangling from the collar around her neck and obeyed, I watched his cock re enter her mouth, she rubbed her clit as he grabbed the back of her head and started it all over again. He turned and said I was to wank off too and he wanted to see my sperm for himself, so I was to catch it in my hand for him. This time my wife coped better and was obviously enjoying her new role as his throat whore. She came very quickly; it was only a few minutes into this second assault when she cried out. He immediately pushed his cock hard into her as she came, she went rigid and flushed bright red, then into a panic struggling to breathe. He pulled straight out and she relaxed. My own sperm spilled onto my hand as he she came. I was right behind her despite my earlier splash, it was just too much of a turn on watching her take such a big cock in such a submissive way with that amazing Basque still wrapped around her curvy body and that leather collar around her neck. My wife was being such a cheap slut for such a man and I was endorsing the whole thing.


As soon as she had recovered herself from the orgasm she was straddled over him in our bed and riding him as hard as she could. He yanked on her lead as her tits were thrown all over the place. The distinct slapping sounds of hard fucking filled the room along with the odd gasp as she brought him off a third time and herself off a second. As he lay there in our bed with my spent wife resting in his arms, her face completely covered in spilt eye liner and her cum soaked cunt covered in my tongue, I knew I would never be a match for this guy and was concerned as to what my future sex life would consist of. As I licked away tasting a dollop of his sperm I soon got reminded of what was the most likely future for me.


As he left us in the early hours, he reminded us of the rules of the game, no contact when she wore the collar, and he had decided my wife should wear it to get used to it for a couple of days. Fortunately she had a turtle neck sweater that would hide it when she was at the office the next day. He said he was busy the following evening but to keep all of the weekend free from end of work Friday until start of work Monday morning, as he would require her all weekend at his house. He said he had a special treat in store for her and knew she would enjoy it. I would also be required, he said, as there were one or two things he had in mind for me too, but as he said this he was addressing my wife. I obviously didn’t count anymore.




She surprised me Thursday evening when I came home she wasn’t wearing the collar saying she had asked to have some time with me as she felt I deserved it. Apparently he agreed with her and removed it quietly in the office stationary cupboard. She was in the middle of preparing a meal for us which she wanted me to finish, so she could go and get herself ready for a night of passion with me. I was so relieved it had been the hardest week of my life and now here was my reward for letting her explore her wild side.


Just over an hour later we were upstairs in our bedroom, she had been kissing me but not letting me see what she was wearing under her bath robe. She stood at the end of the bed and opened the robe. Wow she looked fantastic, her body was wrapped in the Basque and her legs were clad in stockings. She let the robe fall to the floor as she kissed me; my hands were all over her, she felt soft, warm and very, VERY inviting. This was the gentle comforting side of her I was used too, not the raunchy “Fuck Me Hard” slut I had seen taken all week. She told me to remove my clothes, and took her cell phone from her robe pocket and placed it on the bed side table as she lay down on the bed. I was naked in seconds and ready to launch myself on her but she wanted me to take it slowly.


I loved exploring her body, even though it was very familiar to me and started to kiss the nape of her neck and shoulder. I slowly moved down to her magnificent breasts, she groaned as I pulled on her left nipple with my lips. I teased and gently bit at the ever swelling hard button until it was solid and then turned my attention to her other breast in order to do it all over again. I was really enjoying myself as I continued to move between her two nipples repeating the stimulation. She responded to me with such good effect, she was already squirming under me and my cock was already hard as a rock. I wanted to mount her but, sensing me positioning myself, my wife suddenly opened her eyes, smiled at me and pushed my head down to her clitoris.


The warm musky smell of her intoxicating pussy filled my nostrils and I started to tease her with my tongue. I lay on my front and felt my cock grow a bit more as I explored her sodden pussy. She squirmed at every stroke as she started to let herself go, in a matter of minutes she was writhing beneath my tongue and shouting out in orgasm. Her juices flooded my face and I drank in as much of her as I could. It was strangely enjoyable to just drink her juice rather than a cocktail of her and another cock.


My wife opened her eyes and beamed down at me, “Oh! Please do that again baby, that was fantastic” she said. Never being one for refusing her I got to work. Tonguing her firly so as not to make her over sensitive clit jump on every light touch. It took much longer this time, even though I reached up and pulled and twisted her nipples as I rolled my tongue around her clitoris. She made the most of it and slowly built up to a huge orgasm this time grabbing the back of my head and grinding my face into her. She came for what seemed ages. I was gasping for breath when she finally let go of the back of my head. She was gasping too as she recovered herself. She asked me to stand up and show her how hard I was. My cock sprang out ahead of me as far as it goes it was hard as hell though still small compared to what my wife had been getting all week.




“Come and fuck me Baby!” she said stretching herself out on her back. I climbed back on top of her getting positioned to enter her. I was as excited and horny as hell and she knew it, I had always got over-excited when I licked her clit like that. I was feeling her out and warm outer folds against my cock head when her cell phone rang. I looked straight into her eyes, my expression saying “fucking ignore it”. She looked straight back at me with sympathetic eyes and said “Sorry Baby! It might be him; he would be really upset if I ignored it, it wont take a second” I froze poised to penetrate her as she reached over and grabbed the phone. I could tell from the second she picked it up that she knew it was him. She answered saying “I was just talking about you……sir” she listened and continued the conversation, “Oh nothing really sir…… my hubby just gave me two big orgasms and I was about to give him his………………well he is about to enter me now sir I can fill him against my entrance……….. oh do you think so………but i………it’s a bit unfair sir………he was ever so good to me sir……………… oh yes sir that’s true ………… yes I know its his duty……………he will be disappointed sir……………. well yes I do agree………….. we need to stick to the rules sir……………….. Oh well if that’s what you think sir…………yes sir straight away sir.”


She started to push me off her during this, my heart did more than just sink, the whole bottom of my world dropped out, I so wanted to fuck her. I felt heavy hearted, frustrated, upset, trapped and humiliated all at the same time. She told me to go and get her collar from her bag downstairs, I stopped, inwardly furious that she could treat me like this and looked at her for a reprieve. I was really far gone and very, VERY frustrated. I also knew once the collar was on there would be no contact between us. She totally ignored me and continued her conversation with him so I got off the bed and retrieved it. When I came back into the bedroom she was laughing and joking with him like we hadn’t had an evening of passion at all. She sat up on the bed presenting her neck to me for collaring and I stood there with my floppy cock and destroyed self esteem and put it on her. She squealed with delight and said she was now his again and how thrilled she was to belong to him. I was sent out the room and ordered to make up the spare bed and get into it. As I lay there I could hear her chat to him for almost 2 hours.


I stayed in the spare room the rest of the night, I did manage to get hard and jack myself off despite it all. Although I had a really frustrating and restless nights sleep. She chatted to me at breakfast the next morning as if everything was fine. She even said she was really pleased I had shown my loyalty to her and obedience to him so well, and added that she was sure that I would be fine with everything she might do from now on. She then went on to tell me that the previous night had been a set up from the start. She had rang him as I tidied up after dinner and left the house phone on the side so he could hear the whole thing. The minute she had invited me to fuck her, he took his cue and rang her cell phone, from his, in order to interrupt me at the crucial moment. He had suggested the whole thing to her at work when she expressed her concerns about how I was coping with it all. He said it would be the ultimate test of obedience and although she at first thought it was pretty cruel, she could see how it would measure how much of a cuckold I could become. What she hadn’t anticipated was how much she would enjoy being extra cruel to me, this had been the reason she had enjoyed two such intense orgasms, knowing full well that our lovemaking would end with her satisfied and me totally frustrated and used. This was another string to her bow, another side of her nature I had hitherto not seen but was in time to see a lot more of.



After work on Friday I drove straight to his house, my wife was going there directly from work with him. As I had to travel across town to get there they had arrived at his house the best part of an hour before I did. When I arrived I knocked on the front door and it was opened by the heavy guy who had overpowered me on Tuesday. I had wondered what had happened to him on our first encounter, one minute he was there, then the next he wasn’t. I was about to find out what his role in all this was, he told me to go and sit on the chair in the room I had visited the other day.


As I approached the room the sound of heavy fucking became apparent. As I opened the door I saw the foot of the bed and the back of my collared but otherwise naked wife riding on top panting, heaving and close to orgasm. His cock was slamming into her as she beared down on him. I sat down as quietly as I could and could feel my cock hardening watching him do what she had prevented me doing the night before. My wife slammed down on him a few more times, I had always loved it when she did that and envied him, then she shouted out that she was coming, his groans joined hers as he obviously came with her and it wasn’t until that moment that I felt something was wrong. I watched them come to a rigid halt as he emptied himself deep inside her. Then as she pulled off him she turned and spotted me. “Hello Baby” she said mockingly “Nice day at the office?”


I looked at her and over to the guy on the bed, it wasn’t her new master it was a complete stranger, a guy in his 50’s I would have guessed, and he had just fucked my beautiful wife. I was speechless I had just assumed it had been her, sorry our, new master but it was just some guy. Where was the fun in that? Seeing the confusion on my face she said “This is ……….er………. im sorry I didn’t catch your name?” He said “Todd” “Oh yes Todd!” she confirmed sounding like someone who didn’t have a clue who she had been fucking. She continued to introduce me to him as if we were meeting in a bar rather than the aftermath of him fucking her. He shook my hand as he excused himself and got up to leave. My wife got straight up and pounced on him pinning him to the wall, she through her arms around him and kissed him passionately, then dropped to her knees and cleaned up his cock from their juices.


It was at this point that her master came in and shook my hand in greeting saying I had done well the previous evening and everything would be fine now. It was very patronising and was no doubt intended to be that way. He made no mention of my wife noisily slurping on a strangers cock behind him as we had this conversation. It was obviously another test and by not mentioning it I had passed this one too. It was just a warm up for her as it turned out. If I had known, in advance, what the rest of the weekend had in store, I’m not sure I would have coped with it.




The stranger, clearly uncomfortable with the situation thanked my wife and left. She stood up and placed herself on the bed, flat on her back and legs akimbo. Her bull told me to clean her up, I hesitated but only for a moment I wanted to ask why she was now fucking someone else who she obviously hadn’t met before. It wasn’t what this was supposed to be about. I knelt down and lowered my head to my cream filled wife and started to pick up the sperm from her sodden cunt. It tasted different, somehow I had already got used to the taste of his sperm but this was altogether more bitter and unpleasant, maybe it was my frame of mind, I licked and slurped away anyway, it was what I was for now, I knew that much. When he was satisfied with my work, I was told to strip and sit on the chair at the foot of the bed.


I watched as my wife was moved around and had her wrists secured behind her back as she knelt down in front of his growing cock. He grabbed her chin and slid his cock head into her mouth; she offered no resistance and now seemed eager to take him inside her as much as possible. He grabbed the back of her head as he reached hardness and started pushing himself down her throat, she spluttered she gagged she reached but she didn’t stop trying to take him. He soon had her open lips ground against his pubic hair and his balls on her chin. Then he started fucking her throat long and hard, she really struggled to take him but did what she could to help him. He was soon slamming into her like her throat was her cunt and then with a roar he came jammed all the way in. His ejaculation seemed to take ages and it was all my wife could do to stay with him. When he plopped out she bent straight forward and gasped for breath desperately on the floor.


I reflected on the week, how was it possible to have your wife distraught on a Monday night because a guy she didn’t like was trying to blackmail her into sex she also didn’t want. Then on Tuesday night watch her undergo the ordeal and get into such a state that the first push from the perpetrator made her orgasm. To watching her fuck him and deny me in our own bed on Wednesday, followed by him making her take his cock down her throat. Having a quiet night on Thursday which included oral stimulation for her and total frustration for me at her behest. Then to arrive here on Friday to watch her happily fuck a complete stranger and do whatever else her new bull decided she should do. What a week! The most bizarre of my entire life and it wasn’t over yet.


The heavy guy came into the room at that moment; he was broadly built with a crew cut, a heavy brow and always seemed to be frowning. My wife’s bull invited him to take his turn with my wife and added that “Kurt” had a particular sexual activity he liked to do and he had been promised him first go with my wife. I was a bit worried about what that might mean as there were lots of “Toys” and restraints in the room. If my wife was worried it didn’t show she was already on her knees in front of him looking up for instructions. He nodded down to her with a grunt and she helped him remove his clothes.

He was far from attractive with clothes on somehow it was worse when he was naked. His big belly pressed down on my wife’s head as she took his short but thick cock in her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head and rammed himself into her as far as he could, my wife did all she could to accommodate him. He fucked her mouth for a while and then pulled away, reached for the lead attached to her collar and pulled her up firmly to her feet.


He picked up two thigh restraint straps from the cupboard against the far wall and bent down to put them on her. My wife stood perfectly still as he then clipped the wrist restraints to each thigh strap. This held her arms down firmly at her side allowing no movement. Kurt stood back up, took one look at her smiled and then roughly grabbed and massaged her tits. My wife threw her head back and cooed obviously aroused by her predicament. He pulled and twisted her nipples causing her to gasp, then unexpectedly he slapped the side of her left breast hard, my wife yelped and went rigid. Her mood instantly changed as she stood there wandering what she had done to deserve that, I too was uneasy and puzzled. My wife’s face was now deadly serious as she waited for his next move. “Did you not like that” he said as he casually pulled on her nipples , my wife shook her head ever so slightly. “Pity1” he said and with out hesitation he slapped the side of her other breast equally hard. She yelped again and visibly tensed up, she turned to her bull with questioning eyes.


He laughed back at her, “Okay!” he said, “you don’t like pain, Kurt, you are going to have to work her up to that, try her ass instead.” He said he had a better idea and grabbed a ball gag and some cord from the top drawer of the cupboard. My wife held still as he carefully put the gag around her head ensuring it was properly placed. When he had finished she looked completely vulnerable and submissive, even though I knew that wasn’t what she was feeling. My wife was fighting an inner battle to let this guy do this to her. Satisfied with the gag, he then wrapped the cord around the base of each breast, crossing over in a figure of eight occasionally pulling it firmly as he went. When he tied the end into a knot under her left tit, the effect was stunning. Instead of tits my wife now had two protruding fleshy globes sticking out in front of her. My cock hardened at the site. It was a kinky look to say the least. It was like they had been inflated into a new shape.


Kurt then finished the ensemble by taking a small chain with a nipple clamp at each end and tightening them until each nipple was firmly gripped. My wife’s face was angst ridden as she felt each clamp bite down on her nipples. She was doing her best not to wince at the discomfort she was feeling. Kurt told her to give it a moment and it would stop hurting and turn into a warm biting tingle. Her bull said she looked ravishing and took some photos of her gagged with her tied and clamped tits. He took shots from lots of angles and even moved the lead off her collar and attached it to the chain connecting her nipples, hence adding some weight to the make the clamps pull a little. Kurt gave him a moment to take the shots he wanted, then grabbed her and started groping her ass with one hand as he squeezed her roped tits with the other. My wife was getting into a bit of a state over this and I could tell she couldn’t decide if it was pleasant or uncomfortable. When Kurt dropped his tit grabbing fingers down to her clit he made the decision for her and she was quickly on her way, gyrating her hips against him as he felt up her ass.


Her bull told my wife to jump on the spot; she looked initially confused but straightened herself up and did it anyway. As her feet made contact back with the floor she yelped as the momentum caused the chain to yank on her nipples and now reddening tits. They both laughed and she was told to do it again. After the sixth jump and 5 more cries of mixed delighted pain, Kurt went back to rubbing her clit and she was loving it. The jumps had definitely stimulated her down there too. Her bull leaned forward and picked up the end of her lead, tugging it gently at first, making her groan as the pull on her nipples increased. Incredibly it moved my wife on more now and every tug was visibly making a difference to the state she was getting into. My wife’s eyes widened for a moment as Kurt pushed a finger into her ass but didn’t stop wriggling on his expert fingers. In no time at all she was cumming and crying out her orgasm as Kurt stuffed his fingers into her cunt and ass with her bull tugging hard at her nipples. She collapsed down to her knees as her orgasm subsided, gasping for breath. It had obviously been a big one. She just hung there a while unable to fall forward because she couldn’t move her arms to catch her.




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