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part 2



He pulled out of her and unfastened her wrist restraints. His cock was wet and covered in their combined cum. My wife put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately and then thanked him for his persistence and taking her to a new sexual high. She then wriggled down his body turning him on his back and brought her head down to his crotch. She picked up his spent but still semi hard cock and popped it into her mouth. Unlike the first time he fucked her mouth, she was in charge this time and she slowly sucked and pulled on him until he was lifting his hips and groaning with pleasure. Somehow this was more unsettling for me than what I had already witnessed because my wife was no longer restrained and helpless. She was sucking this guy because she wanted too, and boy was she eager. She was putting everything she had into sucking him; she looked like a total slut as she took more and more of his big cock inside her. If she had been doing that to me I would have already cum but he was more resilient.


When she was satisfied that he was rock hard again she sat upright and started to move up his body ready to straddle him but he stopped her and told her that she would need cleaning up before he used her again. My wife was puzzled but said okay and asked him where the bathroom was, at which point he laughed, he said that wasn’t what he meant. His cum had obviously made her sloppy and someone would have to lick some of it out so he could fuck her again. My wife suddenly latched onto his meaning and laughed too. She climbed off him and they both stood up off the bed. As they came towards me, he said he would only take the gag off me if she could guarantee I would be silent and not utter a word the rest of the evening. My wife said she would handle that and added that she had never seen me stay so hard for so long before, he laughed and said I’d never seen her fucked properly before either and it was obviously exciting me.


My wife straddled me and started to lower herself down onto my lap, deliberately missing my erection. She talked to me as if I was a child. “Don’t spoil it Baby! I want his big cock back inside me fucking me hard and rough, not like the gentle loving attention you give me, but rough, strong, no nonsense hard fucking. With me restrained and forced to give myself to him. Shit! I have never felt SO aroused as I just did before he entered me for the first time. I was climbing the walls with anticipation just then, and when he plunged his lovely big cock inside, I just melted. Oh God! He feels so good and makes me feel so bad. This isn’t lovemaking Baby! I love you not him, but Shit he knows how to fuck a woman and push her over the limit. So I gotta have more of this, please say you understand baby, please nod your head so I know I have your support and you’ll stay quiet so he will fuck me again, please baby, please?” He beautiful eyes were full of hope and she knew I could never refuse her anyway. So I gulped and nodded, resigned to the fact that my wife was now a sexual object for another. I felt the gag leave my mouth, he had moved around behind me during my wife’s speech. She immediately kissed me full on, and all I could taste and smell was cock and their juices in her mouth.


As she pulled away she was grinning from ear to ear, obviously delighted with my submission to the inevitable. She grabbed my cock with her right hand and wanked me furiously, at the same time she lifted her left tit up to my face and fed her nipple into my mouth. She said I wouldn’t be sorry, I already was but now wasn’t the time. I wanted her to straddle my cock and fuck me but I couldn’t talk to tell her. It all became academic as he pulled a short stool up beside us and stepped up bringing his cock level with her mouth. She grabbed it with her lips and bobbed her head forward and back over it, he grabbed the sides of her head and started to fuck her mouth, she struggled against gagging as he pushed further and further, her attention to my cock wondered when he was so rough with her but she did her best to keep wanking me. Seeing her takes him so roughly in her mouth at such close quarters was too much for me and I was soon shooting my load all over her hand and my lap. It was a hell of a good orgasm. She squeezed my spurting cock until it was milked dry.


Then he pulled out of her and stepped down. He grabbed the back of the chair and spun it around and then lowered me backwards to the be until my head was resting on it. He moved my wife over me and she straddled my face. He then stood on the bed and said he wanted to fuck her tits. My wife grabbed her tits and squeezed them together for him as she lowered her cum ridden cunt onto my mouth. The vision of her taking his cock between her tits disappeared as she descended upon me, her big belly obstructing my view I knew it would be useless to resist so I stretched out my tongue and scooped up the first spill of cum into my mouth all I could smell was very aroused cunt and all I could taste was cunt stained sperm, it was stimulating as hell and I did my best to get as much of it into my mouth as I could from my bobbling wife. I heard him say that he was now going to fuck her mouth until he came in it and when he did he didn’t want her spilling, spitting or swallowing it because he wanted her to kiss me and force it all into my mouth. As he fucked her mouth with his usual vigour great clomps of cum were loosened from her cunt and dropped to my face, somehow it was the most erotic moment of my life.




She grew heavier on me as he continued to fuck her mouth, I was starting to have a breathing problem when, to my relief , my wife’s right hand dropped down to her clitoris and started to rub it like hell. I heard her cough and splutter occasionally as he touched the back of her throat. She was obviously struggling to take his cock so roughly in her mouth. She was a novice at this, all the times she had sucked me were gentle arousing affairs, also I had never tried to come in her mouth because she simply wouldn’t let me. Tonight was different though and I licked and sucked furiously at the thought that thanks to his bastard I might get a chance to try that now, I didn’t realise at the time how naïve I was being and how as a consequence of him entering our lives I would get less of her rather than more. My wife started to tense up, she was approaching orgasm, I drew a large breath just as she clamped down on me and ground her cunt against my face in orgasm. She yelped out in muffled tones and obviously had his cock in her mouth.


My wife lifted herself off me and moved to the one side of me. I watched as she knelt before him, arms down by her side and take his big cock back into her mouth. He told her to take her wedding ring and engagement ring off her fingers and to put them both in her ass crack, as close to her asshole as possible. Looking confused, my wife stopped and did this never letting go of his cock with her mouth. As he continued face fucking her he smiled to himself, ”Good!” he said, “Now if you catch all my cum in your mouth and feed all of it to your husband, ensuring he swallows every bit and keep those rings secure in your ass crack until you do all that I will let you fuck him afterwards. If not I’m afraid he will lose out and you will have to pay a forfeit for me. Do you understand?” My wife nodded, clenched her buttocks and dropped her hands back down to her side. He grabbed both sides of her face and started to fuck her mouth in long deliberate strokes, she wretched now and again but I was impressed at how quick she had learnt to take such a big cock in her mouth so roughly and so quickly.


He let go of her face and grabbed her ponytail with his left hand and fucked her wildly until finally he was holding the back of her head firmly and spurting into her mouth, my wife held her breath as he came being sure not to spill any of his cum. He groaned and his face was a picture of pure lechery as he emptied himself inside my wife’s willing mouth. As he pulled out of her he grabbed her chin and told her to open wide so he could see she hadn’t swallowed it. She complied and seeing he was satisfied she bent down to give it to me. As she approached me I could see his cum dribbling from the right corner of her mouth, she parted her lips smiling at me and deliberately pushed his cum onto her lips with her tongue. She was really enjoying this and it was a hell of a turn on to see another mans sperm oozing from my wife’s mouth. I opened my mouth and reached up to the dribbles with my tongue and lapped them inside, then her open mouth met mine and all I could taste and smell was his cum, it was both unpleasant and intoxicating at the same time, his cum was much stronger smelling than mine but I gulped it all down because I wanted to please her and him and I was desperate to fuck her too.


I took quite a few gulps from her and then cleaned her held open mouth as best as I could with my tongue. I licked her teeth, her gums, her tongue removing every trace of him. It felt good; I knew I would soon get my turn. During this he called her a “good girl” for being such a good slut for him and with that slapped her ass, she yelped but this sound was soon overshadowed by another. It was the sound of two rings dropping onto the floor. The bastard had obviously smacked her to make her drop them and was saying “Oh dear, never mind!” in the most condescending tone. Seeing my annoyance in my eyes she said she thought that was a bit unfair of him, to which he smiled back at her and told her not to worry her hubby would get another orgasm as soon as she paid her forfeit.


She picked up the rings and put them back on, he then told her to freshen herself up in the bathroom next door and to be sure she tidied up her make up. He added that she would find some make up in the right hand cupboard and to be sure to put on the bright red lipstick. My wife still looking somewhat cheated stood up and went off. He lifted my chair back to upright when she left. He said he would release me but only if I continued to be quiet and passive when she returned, I nodded and he released my ankle and wrist bonds but told me his large friend was still in the house and would join them in a shot if he called his name. I said it was all a bit late for that considering what he had already put us both through. He laughed agreeing with me, I asked him how many times he had done this to couples, to be told we were his third couple to give in to him. He quickly added that both of the previous couples were extremely grateful to him for the improvement he had brought into their sex lives and he hoped we would feel the same way once we had both got used to it. He assured me that this really was just sex to him and he had no desire to run off with my wife or any such thing, it was a game to be enjoyed. He also added that my wife seemed to be enjoying it now her reservations were disappearing. Incredibly, I found myself agreeing with him but inside I was filled with mixed feelings. He told me to strip naked and to feel free to play with myself as my wife paid her forfeit, but to stay out of the way until I was told to do anything.

At that moment my wife returned looking stunning and freshly made up, she had got into a bit of a state with all the face fucking and stuff, but now she looked good enough to eat. He handed her the leather coat and said her forfeit was to pose for him the same way she had posed for me but this time it would be more pornographic. Shit! He wanted her to give him more material he could blackmail her with, I waited for my wife to refuse but instead she took one look at me and my hard on, grabbed the coat from him and asked him where he wanted her. He produced a camera and made her pose in lots of positions, each one more revealing than the last. My wife pouted and smiled for him like she was a top fashion model, putting her all into it. I couldn’t help myself and started wanking watching her do more and more daring poses until she was lying on her back with the coat wide open and holding her cunt open with her fingers. He then gave me the camera and told me to take the same shot but this time with him in the photo and her sucking his cock. I then took photos of him mauling her tits from behind, his face lusting over her shoulder, pictures of him grabbing her ass, holding her cunt open. The point of every photograph was to show that it was him doing this to my wife and it was a hell of a turn on.


I must have taken well over a hundred photos of my wife’s lips wrapped around his big cock, there were photo’s of her kissing the tip, licking the tip, licking his balls, licking the shaft. There was one he particularly liked when you could see my wife’s delighted face with her tongue out against his cock head as he lay on his back looking down at her, both their faces clearly in shot. My wife was really enjoying this and carried out his every instruction, he even had her lie on her back with her head hanging over the side of the bed as he stood up and fed his cock into her. As his balls hung down onto her nose she looked straight at me and that was when I wanked furiously and shot my lot. There was no way I would ever have talked my wife into doing that with me and my dick was a lot smaller than his.


This was incredible. She let him do whatever he wanted; this was a completely new side to her. We then moved on to the fucking shots, he made her pose in lots of different positions, the best for me was her straddled naked over him, riding him furiously as he pulled her around by her tits. She came 3 times by the time he splashed his third lot of cum inside her and of course the camera continued to click as I cleaned her up. Then she cleaned him up, and finally to my extreme embarrassment he took pictures of me posing with my rock hard small dick as he draped his spent flaccid large dick over my face, I looked like an aroused wimp and wasn’t sure I liked it at the time, but in the following days, I would realise that it was a role I had to get used too.



Less than an hour later we were back home, walking into our house in a daze. We had dressed and left our host in an array of him kissing and fondling her. She had promised to have him back to our house the following evening for what he had called the next lesson. He even shook my hand as we departed, I had never felt so mixed up. Why was I shaking the hand of a man who had just taken part of my wife from me, even I didn’t know? We hardly said a word in the Taxi, My wife obviously felt awkward about our ordeal and I didn’t know where to start. Back home we crept around each other being ultra polite and then my wife dropped a glass in the kitchen and burst into floods of tears. The ensuing turmoil was even more stressful than anything else that had happened thus far. We comforted each other, then blamed each other, then shouted at each other, screamed at each other, then blamed ourselves and then made up. All of our feelings were vented by the time we were curled up in bed together, we made love but it was probably the worst sex I have ever had. Firstly she felt guilty about her earlier encounter, particularly as she had enjoyed it so much and secondly I could hardly feel a thing, her pussy had been stretched and was very sloppy. My Viagra induced hard on meant I stayed hard long enough to cum. But instead of finding comfort inside her I just felt reminded that a much larger cock than mine had been inside her to such great effect. She didn’t cum which upset me, she just made out she was totally worn out, but it didn’t help.


After a restless sleep, we awoke and inevitably resumed our argument. I had slept on it and come to the conclusion that it was never to happen again. She had slept on it and decided that she wanted more and wanted me to watch her have more. So much for her guilt last night, I thought. We rowed until she left for work, telling me I was thoughtless and inconsiderate. It was just sex we were talking about, she was still going to continue being my wife, so what was my problem. I mentioned infidelity to be told that was an old fashioned concept, and if I didn’t want to be part of her sex life, that was my choice but she was going to have more of the same with or without me, “Get Used To It!” were her parting words. I spent the whole day at work totally bemused by the whole thing, every time I thought about what he had done to her my dick twitched, yet I didn’t want anyone to fuck her but me. How did that work? Why was my dick twitching at the thought while my head and heart said no? I relived some of the images of her being so excited and aroused in my mind, I guess I day dreamed quite a bit that day.


By the time I returned home feeling somewhat subdued and dreading another row, my wife was there preparing a delicious romantic meal for us. She was beautifully made up and wore a bathrobe. She all over me like a rash and said she was sorry she had been so horrible and selfish with me before she went to work She added that on reflection she had realised that she needed to consider my feelings too and thought what was needed was a bit of intimacy and a bit of getting together. She wanted to make me yearn for her before finding relief, so I could have my turn of feeling like she had felt last night. It would rebalance the equation and she thought she knew how to do that after all our years together. I was so relieved to hear her say this and yet, surprisingly, part of me was disappointed too. I didn’t stay disappointed for long as she undid her bathrobe and let it fall to the floor. She was wearing a new black patent leather basque which stopped short of her naked tits and supported a pair of stockings covering her legs. A tiny pair of thronged black panties covered her crotch. It was an amazing outfit; I felt my heart beat faster with excitement.


She looked stunning and confident. My dick grew instantly; she sauntered over to me and kissed me with her bright red lips. I kissed her back and my erection grew. I ran my hands all over her loving the feel of the garments so snugly hugging her soft round body. She caressed me back and slowly stripped me off. She then pulled away and sat me down to eat. I spent the next half hour glued to her sexy outfit as she served me a delicious light meal and several glasses of wine. My erection was rock hard by the time we finished the meal, she hadn’t missed a single opportunity to brush my cheek with her breast or to turn away and bend over when she “accidentally” dropped things onto the floor. We cleared up and she led me upstairs to our bedroom. I was ready to jump straight on her, I was so turned on. I went to push her onto the bed but she said no, that I wouldn’t have her until I absolutely desperate for her. I said I was dying to fuck her. She said that wasn’t enough I must ache with desire to the point when I couldn’t stand it anymore. I repeated my plea to fuck her now but she just laughed gently at me telling me to trust her, by the time she had finished with me I would be desperate to fuck her and have the best orgasm of my life.


She had placed one of our dining room chairs in our bedroom and she sat me down on it asking me how I had been secured the previous night. I know this sounds stupid now but I really didn’t think she was going to do anything to me other than secure me and tease me with her amazing large body. So I told her and she duct taped my wrists and ankles to the chair. She stood in front of me, “How bad do you want me?” she said as she cupped her incredible tits. I told her more than anything, she scratched her nails up and down my straining cock and taunted me by pushing my face into her tits. Christ! I was harder than ever and licked and sucked on her tit flesh. She giggled as I indulged myself for a moment. “Well!” she said pulling away “You better get me ready then because I want fucking hard and I’ll need to be really wet for that!” She pulled the chair around and lay it back against the end of the bed so I was in the cunt licking position I had been in the previous night. She climbed over me and the smell of her musky cunt filled my nostrils as she spralled herself over my face. I licked her as best I could. I was so aroused that I could feel my cock straining as I slurped her juices and licked her clitoris. She was soon moaning and clamping her thighs together and grinding herself against my face, I was on fire with lust, she really loved my tongue and was moving her cunt up and down my face like something possessed. She moaned and gasped and then suddenly she was coming, I had taken a breath so she could push as hard against me as she wanted as she groaned out a long slow orgasm.


I lay still pushing hard against her for what seemed ages, and then she lifted herself a little and I asked her if she was okay. She murmured out a “yeah!” and then side stepped herself on her knees. As her belly moved away from me I got to see the reason her orgasm had been so long. We weren’t alone, there standing naked on our bed was her new found friend with his cock in her mouth. She was sucking and taking him as deep as she could. I was completely shocked, confused and speechless. I thought she was making up with me tonight, that he was out of our bed forever. She glanced down at me with a huge grin on her open cock gagged mouth. He just waved at me with a very smug look on his face and said “Hi There! You didn’t think she made herself up and put on this new outfit for you did you? Thanks for warming her up for me” I tried to respond to him but I couldn’t, I was utterly bewildered. She had tricked me, deceived me and now she was obviously going to continue to let this guy fuck her. I was absolutely outraged, devastated and hurt. So how come my cock was still rock hard.




Seeing my erection he laughed and said to my wife “See! I told you he would be up for it all over again, didn’t I?” My wife murmured out a “Yes” as she sucked hard on him. He continued saying that most husbands can’t help getting aroused when they see their little wife completely submit to a rough hard fuck with another man, especially when its in their own bed, and since I had already surrendered her to him last night I could hardly make a fuss about it now could I? My wife shook her head as she uttered a muffled “No”. I started to tell him that enough was enough, that he had got his way and had his fun with her and he had promised to leave her alone after that. He smiled straight back at me “Actually, I said I would leave her alone unless she wanted more!” I started to bark out a reply, but my words trailed off as his words hit home. “Of course” he continued, “If she wants more she has to make some commitment to me!” Seeing my reaction he immediately added that his needs would be sexual and nothing else. My wife turned her head to me and gave me a look that said “Don’t you fucking dare ruin this!” I took a deep breath and looked away from them and listened to her gagging on him for a while. Then it stopped and I was being lifted back into an upright position and turned around to face our bed, my knees pushed against it.


My wife knelt on all fours facing me and waited for instructions. He knelt down behind her and pushed himself against her cunt lips with his knob end. “Tell him what you want!” he commanded. My wife looked up at me and said “I want his big cock inside me, fucking me hard and filling me more than you ever could!” With that he pushed inside her and I watched her eye brows lift on her face as she felt him push her cunt walls apart as he worked his way in. The look of apprehension, excitement and desire were all on her face at once as she gave way to his repossession of her. Once he was all the way in, he pulled all the way out, then back in again, pushing a little bit deeper with every thrust. Her hanging tits heaved as she pushed back against him grinding her rear end as he plunged deeper and moved faster on every stroke. It was like this was the first time all over again. She told me later that after our row she had been in denial over how good his cock had felt inside her and when he re-entered her the next day she realised that she hadn’t been remembering it wrong.


My gasping wife looked straight at me as he fucked her rear end and said in a deadly serious tone “I just got to have more of this!................ There is no way I’m giving it up!...................... If you love me like you say you do, you should let me do this!.................. Please say its okay with you, look you are as hard as a rock, I know it excites you too, so what’s the problem?........................” I looked at her as her eyes started to glass over and her face started to shine, she was already fucking loving it.

“Say it’s alright and I’ll suck your cock as he fucks me………………” She added in between in barely controlled breaths. I looked at her getting fucked hard now, her ass slapping against him as he drove himself home on every stroke. She looked absolutely amazing, she was a wanton slut getting pummelled by an arrogant man who didn’t give a shit about her and just saw her as something to fuck, her tits were going everywhere and she loved every moment of it.


My dick strained at the bit as I watched her struggle to take him. It was like watching the ultimate porn movie, only I was watching my wife on my bed with another man. It was indescribable. I couldn’t deny I was beginning to want this too, part of me had from the start but all of the rest of me wanted my wife to be mine and mine alone. That was already changing and I endorsed it by shouting out a “It’s Alright! I want you to do this too.” She smiled at me craned her neck and sunk her lips over my cock, I couldn’t help notice the self satisfied smirk that was on his face as I capitulated for what would be the last time, because from that point onwards it would always be assumed that I had given up any right to object.


I loved the feel of my wife’s warm soft mouth as she gently sucked my cock, struggling to hold onto it sometimes because of the pounding she was getting from behind. For a full 5 minutes she bobbed her head over me and I was really on my way, but unfortunately so was he, and so was she. As I approached orgasm I saw him grab a handful of her hair and yank her head back away from my cock. He pulled her hair hard as he slammed into her one last time and groaned in climax, his sperm jetted deep inside my wife and triggered her orgasm too. Me? I had to watch them both roll around in ecstasy as I was left close, but unfinished. I was released from the chair and allowed to lie on my bed and beat myself off, but only after being told I had been given my chance to cum in her mouth and had missed it. I now had other duties to perform. I licked away at my wife’s sodden and sperm saturated cunt as it hovered over my face, drinking in the smells and tastes and feeling my own sperm trickle over my hand as I came. She had been right about one thing though it was one of my best ever orgasms.


After a short rest, the next half hour was spent having the rules explained to us by our new “Master”. He turned to me and handed me a leather collar fitted with metal loops and a buckle. He told me that, when my wife was wearing this, I wouldn’t be allowed to touch her, say anything or interfere in way with whatever she was doing. The one exception would be preparatory and clean up duties which would always be specifically instructed. She was only allowed to have it put on or removed at his behest. I should always put the collar on her, unless I wasn’t in the vicinity in which case she would be permitted to put it on herself. Neither of us would ever be allowed to remove it however. Only he would have the authority to do that.




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