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by cucked2bbw



I have a completely True Story to tell that, if I had read a year ago, I would never have believed that it could possibly be a story about me and my beautiful buxom wife. However it is, and I have been ordered to write it, so here goes.


My wife and I have been married for 8 years. For both of us it is a second marriage, we both had non existent sex lives with our former partners and jumped into bed at every opportunity for the first 5 years of our relationship. We shared and role played a few fantasies and enjoyed a bit of kinky stuff, my wife particularly enjoyed watching porn when one woman took on one or more guys. On such occasions she used to suck on one of her dildos as I fucked her from behind. Afterwards, when I teased her about secretly wanting to be the centre of a gangbang, she always insisted afterwards that I was enough for her. His was much to my relief because I wouldn’t have been able to share her, or so I thought. My wife is on the heavy side but an extremely attractive woman with light blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, high cheek bones, full lips, large 42dd soft breasts, a firm full ass and the juiciest pussy you could wish for. Despite her size my wife was well used to being stared at by appreciative male eyes and she frequently got chatted up at parties and such forth, I rescued her on numerous occasions from over amorous guys. It was at such a party that our life changed and this is how it happened.


We moved to a different area when I got promoted and so my wife found, and then started, a new job working in a busy accounts office; she made friends with some of the girls she worked with but was getting pestered by one of the guys. She complained to me about it, she said he was a balding divorced guy in his mid forties and of short stature and was always staring at her breasts. He made jokes about her having a balance problem and if she needed to adjust her bra he would be happy to help her. He talked to her like this at every opportunity. She had spoken to the girls about it who all said he was just joking and completely harmless. Nevertheless, although she would normally have felt flattered, he made my wife’s skin crawl. She said couldn’t stand the guy and the thought of him lusting after her, especially so openly made her shudder with revulsion. I suggested she complained to the manager about it but she was loathe to do this because she hadn’t been there for long.


After living in rented accommodation for a few months we finally found a house and moved in, we decided to have a house warming party and my wife invited everyone in her office. At the actual party I was chatting to a guy who was obviously very enamoured with my wife. He said I was a very lucky man to be married to such a beautiful woman and that my wife gave him urges I wouldn’t want to know about, he quickly added that he meant nothing by it; he just wanted me to know that I was a lucky guy. It was then that I realised that this was the guy who had been pestering her, he was a short guy about 5’6” medium build, very little hair and a complete slime ball, no wonder my wife found him so revolting. I couldn’t fathom why she had invited him, what the hell he was doing there? I made my excuses, found my wife and took her to one side and asked her why she had invited him. She said that she had to invite him, as everyone else got invited. Besides, she knew she would spend most of the time chatting to her girlfriends from the office and I would be there to protect her if he tried any of his usual antics. She laughed and said that maybe she had got him wrong; he might just be a lonely guy who didn’t know how to approach women. I told her that she had definitely got him right in the first place and the guy was a nuisance, and now he knew where we lived.


He interrupted us at that point and I watched as my wife squirmed as he said she looked as beautiful as ever. She wiggled away and made an excuse to leave and left me with him. I asked him if he was married and found out that he had been married and divorced twice, he then went on to tell me things I really didn’t want to know. He said that since his second divorce, he had got into swinging parties, and had made quite a few friends that way, apparently he was well equipped for these events. He laughed and asked if we had ever tried it, I gave him a firm no, and he said that was a pity because my wife would be very popular at such a party. Seeing my reaction he grinned and said he was just kidding, it was just that most couples fantasised about another person in their bed but never realise how easy it would be to try. He said that relationship wise, it is about as safe as it can get at swinging parties because everyone is there for sex and nothing else. I couldn’t believe the conversation we were having I hardly knew this guy and he was talking to me about this. “Come On!” he cajoled, “you must have fantasised about having more than one woman at a time and I know your wife has fantasised about more than one guy.” Seeing my reaction, he just smiled again, “Oh well! If you ever change your mind you know where I am.”


I avoided him as best I could the rest of the night but my wife was less fortunate, I did rescue her twice but his persistence was incredible. He was one of the last to leave and as he departed he grabbed hold of my wife and kissed her on the lips and then grabbed my hand firmly and shook it. He said he had really enjoyed meeting me and getting to know her better and if we ever needed him for anything all we had to do was call. Before I could react, he was thanking us for a great night and departing out the door. As we cleaned up my wife went on about the nerve of the man, How dare he presume to tell her what her sexual fantasies might or might not be. Had I heard right? Had he had the same conversation with her? Yes! Apparently he had, her conversation had been even more intimately than mine with him, she could tell me the size of his cock. What we didn’t know then, was that he had earmarked my wife as a sure thing and had already taken steps to guarantee his conquest of her.


I came home from work on Monday evening to find my wife in a terrible state. I asked what was wrong and then wished I hadn’t because it was all my fault, apparently. He collared my wife at the office, making coffee in the kitchen and thanked her again. He said he had really enjoyed himself at the party and had found it most informative. He asked her if she had given any further thought to his offer, she said she didn’t know what he was talking about and tried to leave. He stopped her and said, “you know about having an 8” cock inside you,” My wife said sorry but he really wasn’t her type besides she was happily married. He laughed and said that didn’t matter. He wasn’t into splitting up couples. He just wanted sex, guilt-free, wild, anything-goes sex and he knew that secretly she wanted it too. She was flustered and tried to leave again and said she wasn’t interested and even if she was he would be the last person on earth she would copulate with. She went to leave but his next comment stopped her, “I love those photos of you in the leather jacket”.


She froze and turned around to face him and asked what he meant, he reached into his pocket and gave her a CD…………. our CD………. our CD with pictures my wife posing for me in black stockings a leather coat and nothing else, I always kept it in a locked drawer in my beside cabinet and somehow he had taken it. My wife said she was absolutely mortified; her brain was doing somersaults on what he might do with those pictures. She asked him what he wanted, apparently he smiled and said he just wanted to fuck her, no relationship, no guilt or complications, just one night together and he would leave her alone, forever. Unless she wanted more, of course, in which case he would happily oblige but only if she wanted it. She tried to reply but found she couldn’t find her voice. He tried to calm her down by telling her not to panic, he was normally very discreet and considerate, no one would ever know if she gave him this one night of pleasure and he really wasn’t after anything more than that.


She said she was a married woman and would never cheat on her husband. He said of course she wouldn’t, he wouldn’t expect her to cheat or lie to her husband, so she could bring me along if she wanted to and then nothing would be done behind my back. She managed to stammer out a question of what if she said no. He told her to think about it for a couple of days he would give her time to come to terms with it, he didn’t want to put her pictures on the internet or show them to other people in the office, that was just what he would have to do if she didn’t co operate. He also told her not to try any heavy stuff; he knew how to take care of himself and also had quite a few friends who would beat the shit out of her husband if we tried anything.


He smiled smugly at her and said it really wouldn’t be so bad, sex is just a game, don’t take it all to heart because all he wanted to do was have some fun with her, and he added, on his way out of the kitchen, I have never had a woman on a one to one basis who didn’t have orgasm after orgasm, I’ve been around the block and I know how to please a woman, no matter how tense she might be to start with. Let me know your decision Wednesday, my wife said she wouldn’t be blackmailed into doing something she didn’t want to do. He laughed and said “Of course not! but I know that deep inside you really want to do this, so I’m just helping you realise your inner most desires, 8 inches………” He left her standing there speechless, violated and scared. She came straight home saying she didn’t feel well and had spent the rest of the day at home in utter turmoil.


At the time she didn’t tell me that last bit about inner desire, as she brought me up to speed but I got the lot, anguish, tears, hopelessness, fear and anger, unfortunately the anger was all directed at me. I had made her pose for those photos, I had not put them in a safe place, it was all my fault. I pointed out that he was the one who she should be angry with; he had broken into the drawer and stolen the CD, she said she was way past angry with him. He was what he was, a devious blackmailing slime ball who didn’t give a fuck about her feelings and just saw her as a thing to be taken. I on the other hand was her husband, it was my duty to protect her and I had failed miserably. I was aghast, how the hell was this my fault. I said I would find out where he lived and beat the shit out of him, she told me to forget it, she wouldn’t be party to violence, I said what else could we do, its not like you’re going to let him fuck you is it? I got a stony silence and a look of total resentment in reply. I knew in that moment that she had already decided to go through with it and nothing I could say or do would change that. I tried to protest anyway. I told her no way was I going to allow that, she was my wife and she had promised to be faithful to me, she had taken a sacred vow. She came straight back at me saying I had taken a vow to protect her, and I had failed to do that and all I could do now was go with her to ensure that no harm came to her.


We argued on for well over an hour but she had made up her mind and said it was no big deal; it wasn’t like we hadn’t had sex with just each other during our lives. I nearly left her that night because I was so angry that she was ready to give in without a fight and label herself as a piece of meat, so easily. In the aftermath, as we made up after our fight, she was comforting me by saying it was just sex, no big deal, it was me she loved, she had obviously come to terms with her defeat and now wanted me to do the same. I said very little to her about it and decided to take my own course of action behind her back but I hadn’t reckoned on the instinct of her pursuer, he was quite right he had latched onto hidden desires deep within her, and what happened the next night at his house confirmed this.


She told him her decision the next morning adding that her husband would be present, he would have to wear a condom and she wouldn’t undress, he said he would agree to the condom but wanted her in the leather coat and stockings as per her pictures, heavily made up and with her hair up in a pony tail. Apparently she agreed to this but I never found out how or why. When I got home from work she was made up and ready to go, she had telephoned me to tell me that tonight was the night and that she just wanted to get over there get done and get home to clean up as quickly as possible, but I had other plans. I asked her for his address as soon as I got it I walked out of our ensuite bathroom and locked her in. She shouted what the hell was I doing, I told her to sit tight, that I loved her and wasn’t going to let her do this. I ignored her shouts as I left and drove over to his house, stopping briefly to pick up a pick axe handle from the garage.


I knocked on the door and he let me in, as soon as I was inside I went to swing the handle at him only to see he had a huge guy standing in the hallway with him. I hesitated and tried to run but I was cornered and over powered. They stopped me shouting at them by covering my mouth with a large hand and took me to another room with a large bed in it. I was sat down on a chair and my wrists and ankles were duct taped to the legs. My wife’s pursuer patted me gently on the head like some kind of pet and told me to calm down, everything was going to be fine, he apologised for taking precautions but he had done this before and he was used to dealing with initially indignant husbands. Once I saw how much my wife was going to enjoy it, I would be fine; he added that most men have secret desires to watch their wife get fucked by another and tonight was my lucky night. I might as well get used to it and if I did anything to spoil it when he returned with my wife, I would get the shit beaten out of me, with that he forced me to swallow a tablet that I later found out was a dose of Viagra. I was then fitted with a ball gag so I couldn’t talk or make any significant noise. I then watched dumb founded as the big guy opened my fly and fished out my cock and balls. My car keys were taken and I was left alone in the room.


I remained there for quite a time, best part of an hour I would think, sitting with my back to a fully mirrored wall and a mirrored ceiling above with the bed in front of me. I could do nothing to prevent the raging drug induced hard on I developed during that time. After a good deal of fruitless effort, I had given up on escape by the time I suddenly heard my wife’s voice in the house. I have to say that I was surprised he had returned with her, I had just assumed he would fuck her on our bed in our house and that would be that. She told me later that he had been a complete gentleman, knowing she would be concerned about me, he had assured her I was okay, allowed her to tidy herself up as she had been crying and even suggested she put an overcoat for the journey to conceal her state of undress, they had made haste and returned to me as quickly as possible.


The door opened and she came into the room with her pursuer right behind her. “There you see, completely unharmed and pleased to see you by the look of it.” I was unable to contradict him due to the gag but I could see the surprise on my wife’s face as she approached me and stared at me and my raging hard on. “I think he’s come round to the idea the same as you. Now let’s get that coat off and get you ready” I saw surprise turn to contempt on her face as she took in his words, she obviously believed he was right and I was now aroused by the idea of seeing her fuck another man. She slapped my face and turned her back on me undid the overcoat and let it slide off her shoulders onto the floor. She unfastened the Leather jacket and put her hands on her hips and posed like a wanton slut showing her total nudity to him. All I could see was the bare flesh between her stockings and the bottom of the jacket. I was already fully erect I didn’t have a choice, but it was that moment that I realised that if I had been soft, my cock would have hardened in a flash. I felt jealousy, fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, arousal and exhilaration all at the same time. My wife was about to let herself get fucked in front of me with a guy I knew for an absolute fact turned her off in just about every way.




“Beautiful” said her pursuer, “but it needs a little something to finish it off”. My wife went to object but stopped herself. “Just a little added decoration!” he smiled re assuringly. He grabbed something from a table on the side. A two inch wide buckled leather strap which he fastened at the top of her right thigh, he soon fixed another one to her left thigh. I watched how he lingered between her legs his breath obviously caught my wife’s clitoris because she shuddered several times. Then he completed the ensemble by placing two similar straps on her wrists. He stood up and looked at her again and asked if she wanted the coat on or off when he fucked her, she said she didn’t care anymore, she just wanted to get on with it and get home. He gently slid the coat off her shoulders and took it from her.


Somehow she now looked even more vulnerable with the coat off, but he wasn’t done yet, he walked up to her and told her to stand perfectly still with her arms by her side. He moved up to her face and she obviously thought he was going to kiss her but he surprised her by expertly clicking her thigh and wrist restraints together. It was done so fast that she shouted out. “Don’t worry” he cooed “I’m not going to hurt you just give you the best sex you have ever had.” He grabbed the back of her head and mashed her mouth against his, my wife tried to resist and pulled away but he wasn’t having any of that and smacked her ass 4 times until she stopped struggling and just let him kiss her.


After a few minutes of this he pulled away and turned her towards the mirror and stood behind her. I thought this was strange because she was the same height as him. He looked over her shoulder as he grabbed her tits from behind, he told her to look at him in the mirror, “Look I’m feeling your tits you dirty slut, groping and pulling them and enjoying myself, don’t you feel cheap and nasty letting ME do that?” My wife said she just wish he’d get on with it. “ Oh don’t worry, my impatient bitch, you’ll get my cock inside you soon, but I want you to admit you love being used like this by a guy you hardly know, don’t you” my wife was holding her breath trying not to give in to his words and her own hidden lusts. “I know you don’t really like me but I also know you really want me because I can make you feel like a worthless slut who wants to be used in everyway, and that’s a feeling you have never had before but before you leave this room you are gonna feel like that”


He roughly squeezed her left breast and pulled on her right nipple at the same time. “Look at me grabbing your big tits, pulling your nipples, admit it you’re loving this aren’t you?” My wife closed her eyes and blew out a slow long breath, like she was struggling to keep calm. “Open your eyes slut! Look at me! Look at the man who is going to take your sex drive to a whole new level, Cant you feel my big cock growing and pushing into your back, as I rough up your fat tits, you’re a dirty whore and tonight I’m gonna take you any way I want, you are locked up and there is nothing you can do to stop me, you’ll be begging for more once you have orgasmed and I’m gonna make you cum so hard you wont want to stop.”


He let go of her right tit and fondled around behind her for a moment, obviously releasing his cock, when he pulled her back against him I saw her eyes light up as he pressed his cock against her ass crack, he reclaimed her right tit with his hand and ground himself into her, my wife gasped and then gasped again, it was obvious that she was aroused, her nipples were rock hard, he really had awakened a part of her I didn’t know existed, all through this he was talking down to her, belittling her, putting pressure on her to give in to her desires and let go. He was pulling her tits all over the place and she just stood there watching him do it in the mirror.


He suddenly pinched both nipples and pulled them up wards, twisting them as he did, she would normally have yelped in pain if I had ever been to rough with them but she just gasped again and again. Then he dropped her tits and they slapped back into position, and his right hand dropped to her crotch and his finger hit the target and the smell of aroused cunt hit the room, as he rubbed her clit and pulled her folds around, my wife started to groan. Her resistance evaporated, she had given in to the feelings he raised in her. My wife started to gyrate her hips against his fingers. He Laughed “Oh No you don’t!” He turned her round and lead her to the bed, my wife said nothing, she deliberately didn’t look at me as he manoeuvred her around. He laid her on her back her arms clamped to her sides and stood at the foot of the bed removing his clothes. “Look at your cunt, Slut! It’s soaked what a cheap dirty whore you really are!”


I got my first look at his cock at this moment, it was quite a bit bigger than my 4” dick, and I noticed my wife was suitably impressed too. Grinning from ear to ear, he climbed on the bed and moved up her body pausing to sniff her cunt, and then up to her tits, he bit on her left nipple, then her right, she squealed. Then he moved himself so he was lying on top of her, his full weight pressing down on her. He had her trapped and defenceless. She was trembling now at the mercy of her own desires and this devious little man with the big cock. No one mentioned the condom he was supposed to be wearing, I noticed. He moved up her body and asked her if she wanted him to fuck her, my wife stammered out a “Yes, Please”. He said that wasn’t anything like good enough he wanted her to beg him to fuck her. My wife tried again and said “Please Fuck Me” in a more even tone. He bore down on her and said “Cant you feel my cock pushing against you? Don’t you want it?” My wife’s breath was getting quicker and quicker. “Yes Please, Fuck Me with your big cock” she gasped. He said she was getting better but not good enough yet, with that he lifted himself up and wriggled himself over her with his legs astride her restrained arms.


Then grabbing her tits he pushed them together and pushed his cock between them. With a look of pure lust on his face he fucked her tits, telling her he had fanaticised about giving her a tit fuck since the moment he first met her. His cock head poked up between her tits toward her head on every thrust and this wasn’t lost on my wife, she seemed to be stimulated by everything he said and did. My own dick was straining now and if I could have reached it I would have grabbed it and wanked furiously at the sight before me. This bastard was fantastic he had her in such a state. This guy, that my wife couldn’t stand, was fucking her tits right there in front of me and she was fucking loving it. He kept asking her if she wanted him to fuck her, every time she replied, her desperation grew.


He let go of her tits and moved further up the bed, his large wet cock head moved up to her lips. My wife was way too far gone and offered no resistance and parted her lips to let him enter her mouth. If there was going to be a time when she could protest against what he was forcing her to do, this was it. One hard bite might have turned everything around, but my wife had completely forgotten she was doing this against her will, she was more aroused than ever before and he could already do anything he wanted. He pushed himself further into her mouth and grabbed the top of her head pulling her chin down onto her chest.


He started to fuck her mouth pushing in as far as she could take. This was to be her first of many lessons on how to take his cock in her mouth and eventually her throat but this moment was about his domination and her submission. She gulped and gagged and spluttered as he fucked her mouth for several minutes. Then pulling away she let out a large gasp and he asked her if she wanted him to fuck her. My wife screamed at him, that she was desperate for him to fuck her and shouted at the top of her voice “Would you please, PLEASE, FUCK ME, RIGHT NOW! I’m begging you to put your big cock up my soaked cunt, fuck me now Please, PLEASE!!!!!!!!”


With a look of absolute delight on his face he moved down over her body, propped himself up on his arms. My wife spread her legs as wide as she could and had his cock head pressed gently against her cunt entrance. My wife braced herself; she was almost pushing against him trying to get him to fuck her. Then a gleam came into his eye and he looked over at me and said ”Shouldn’t we ask your husband, if it’s okay for me to fuck you?” My wife screamed out for him to forget her husband and fuck her, but he was insistent. She turned to me telling me to nod my head to show I agree or she’d never talk to me again. I nodded and he grinned, enjoying his power over us both.


My wife’s breath seemed to be one long gasp as he pushed his way into her firmly but slowly as his cock reached her cervix she came in an earth shattering climax. One push was all it had taken and my wife was on fire. Her face turned bright red as she came quickly and loudly. She was always vocal in bed but this was something else she moaned and groaned like she was spaced out on drugs.


Then he started fucking her, with his mouth pressed against hers, he took long strokes, fast short strokes, then plunged back into her, grunting and enjoying her total submission to him. My wife clearly loved every movement under his expertise and kissed him passionately. He grabbed her right tit as he fucked her and then she lifted herself up so he could grab her ass with his right hand. He ground into her and fucked her furiously for quite a while before he finally took a full long thrust and splashed his load deep inside her. At the same moment my wife came again, only this time her moaning seemed to go on far too long. Certainly longer than any I had ever heard from her. It was something I will never forget and the biggest longest orgasm I have ever witnessed. I was so taken by surprise that I thought she was putting on a show for him but she told me afterwards that it was absolutely genuine. She had completely succumbed to the power of his cock inside her and found a new level of satisfaction she had never known before.


This was the moment that changed our relationship and lives forever, this was the moment my forced cuckoldry was going to start, but of course at the time although I suspected this I was in denial, I was still telling myself that this was a one off, and now it was over and we would now be able to go back home and put it behind us. I couldn’t have been more wrong.





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