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Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 07-08

By Goodhusband




Sarah got home just after 7:00 on Sunday evening. I was kind of surprised by this, I'd expected her to come home much earlier. I greeted her when she walked in the front door. "Hello Ms. Raymond, did you have an enjoyable night out?"


She smiled at me. "Yes, I had a wonderful evening."


She handed me her coat. "Hang this up please."


As I put her coat in the closet I asked, "Would you like some dinner?"


She shook her head. "No thank you, Dave and I stopped for a hamburger on our way over here."


Sarah seemed strangely distant. I looked at her and asked, "Ms Raymond is everything alright?"


Sarah stared at me for a moment. It almost seemed like she was about to tell me something then chose not to. Instead she said, "I'm fine Louis. I'm just very tired. I didn't get much sleep last night." She looked at me, "If you don't mind, I'm going to go straight to bed."


Sarah started to walk to her bedroom. As she walked away from me I said, "Ms. Raymond would you please unlock my chastity cage."


Sarah stopped and looked at me. After a moment she nodded. "Yes Louis, of course I will. Go get the key from my purse."


I got the key for Sarah. She quickly unlocked my chastity cage and told me to put it in my bedroom. After she was done she walked into her bedroom and closed the door behind her.


Once Sarah was gone I stood perfectly still and considered everything that had just occurred. Sarah's manner was very strange. She seemed preoccupied. There was obviously something on her mind.


Sarah was up before six on Monday morning. This was completely out for character for her. On weekdays Sarah generally slept until seven.


When she walked into the kitchen I was making French toast. This was one of Sarah's favorites.


I asked her if she would like some breakfast. She smiled at me. "No thank you Louis. I have a big day ahead of me. I'll get something when I get to my office."


As Sarah was about to leave she stopped and stared at me. "Louis what time will you get home from the University today?"


"I don't know, my last class ends at four. I suppose that I can easily be home by five."


Sarah thought for a moment. "Can I meet you here at five. I have something we need to discuss."


I smiled. "Of course, I'll make it a point to be home."


Sarah nodded and said, "Good, I'll see you at five." And then she turned and walked out the door.


As soon as she was gone I shook my head. Something was very wrong.


Monday was a busy day. Nonetheless, I spent most of my spare time wondering what Sarah wanted to talk to me about at 5:00.


My last lecture ended at 4:00. I immediately went to my office and cleaned up my desk. I was very efficient, I pulled my car into our garage at 4:45. When I walked into the house it was empty. Sarah wasn't home yet.


I went into the kitchen and started looking for something to make for dinner. I was just taking some lasagna out of the freezer when I heard the front door open. I set everything down and went into the dining room.


Sarah was there. Her briefcase was on the dining room table. It was open. She was taking two file folders out of it.


I smiled at her. "Hello, how was your day?"


She looked up at me. She paused for a moment and then she said, "Oh it was fine."


I nodded toward the files. "What are those?"


Sarah took a deep breath and said, "Louis, Dave asked me to marry him yesterday."


I stared at her. I really didn't know what to say.


"I accepted his proposal. Louis, I am going to marry Dave."


I was flustered, but I quickly pulled myself together. I stared at her. "You understand that you have a small complication with this plan."


"Yes, of course I understand."


I assume you're planning to divorce me."


"Yes, I am."


I was stunned. My complete shock was probably a good thing. I needed to be able to talk with Sarah about this without falling apart.


Sarah took over the conversation. "Louis, I like you very much; but right now I need some things that you can't offer me. Louis, I need a man; a man like Dave."


I stared at Sarah. I didn't say anything.


"Louis, there still could be a place for you in my life."


I looked at her. "What do you mean?"


"Louis, I've enjoyed this last week. You make a wonderful slave. I've discussed this with Dave. He's willing to let me keep you. Louis, I would like you to live with Dave and me as our slave."


I shook my head. "You have to be joking."


"No I'm not. I'm being very serious."


Sarah picked up the two file folders. "These are divorce settlements. I drew them up today. We live in a no fault divorce state."


She set one of the folders on the table and opened it.


"You have two choices. This one is a 60/40 split of our assets. You get the 60 percent. I am being very generous. I want this divorce to go quickly and easily. I do get the house, but you are well compensated for its value. I have been financially very successful over the past several years. Under this plan you reap the benefits of this success. You will walk out of this marriage as a very wealthy man."


Sarah paused, "You can get a lawyer and try to draft your own settlement, but I'm a divorce attorney. I know the law. My offer is much more generous than anything you will ever get from a judge and you will have to pay enormous legal fees as part of that process."


I nodded, "Okay, what's in the other folder?"


"You agree to become my slave. Of course we can't legally phrase it like that, but that will be the result. I will take all of the assets from our marriage. You will get nothing."


Sarah stared at me for a moment and let that sink in, then she continued. "Dave and I will allow you to continue teaching at the University, but all of your income will be surrendered to me. You will be totally dependent on me for everything you need or want. You will not be allowed to have anything of your own, you will be my slave."


She set the second folder on the dining room table.


"Dave is waiting for me in his car. I am going to leave now. You have three choices, accept one of my two offers or get an attorney. I will be back tomorrow at five o'clock. I will expect your decision at that time. If you haven't decided, I will withdraw my offers and we can let a judge resolve this."


Sarah looked at me. "Believe me Louis, in this state a judge will only give you a 50/50 split." She smiled. "Louis, I am really hoping that you will choose my second offer. You really do make a wonderful slave."


Sarah picked up her purse and her briefcase and walked out the door. She left the two folders on the dining room table.


I was stunned. For the next several hours I rode an emotional roller coaster. At first I was devastated by Sarah's rejection of me. I cried like a baby.


Crying was a emotional release for me. The tears helped me purge some of the frustration and tension that had built up inside me during the past week. Gradually the tears stopped and I slowly pulled myself back together.


Later as I continued to think about everything, I got angry. Sarah had changed. She wasn't the woman I married. Now she was just an evil bitch. Dave deserved her.


I opened a bottle of wine and went into the den. I sat down in my chair and started drinking. About halfway through the bottle of wine my masochism took over. The idea of living as Sarah's slave started to intrigue me. I realized that I was being presented with the opportunity to live a life long fantasy.


The previous week had been difficult, but that was partially because it was new and different. I wondered what would it be like once it became a routine.


I remembered the morning Sarah sat on my face and tortured my nipples. I closed my eyes and created a little fantasy about Sarah's whip. I wondered if she would make me wear a collar and a leash.


Dave was still a problem. I didn't like him. He was a bully.


I drank more wine. The alcohol tore down my inhibitions. I remembered the taste of Dave's semen when Sarah kissed me after giving him a blow job. I imagined the exquisite torture of being forced to kneel at the foot of the bed and watch as this dominant brute made love to my beautiful goddess.




I finished the bottle of wine. I was intoxicated. I unzipped my pants and took my penis out. I closed my eyes and stroked my erect cock while I imagined Dave rolling off of Sarah. She was lying on her back enjoying the after glow an intense orgasm. Her legs were brazenly spread open. Dave's cum dripped from her ravaged cunt.



Dave reached down, and in one powerful motion grabbed me, pulled me onto the bed and forced my face into Sarah's cum drenched pussy. I heard both of them laughing as I licked Dave's semen from my ex-wife's cunt. The humiliation I was feeling was exquisite torture.



The idea of submitting to a crude man like Dave was slowly turning into the ultimate masochistic fantasy. I was tired. I went to bed. As I fell asleep I dreamed about living as Sarah's maid. Choice two was becoming more attractive.


So I took the life of sweet torture.









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