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Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 05-06

By Goodhusband




I got up early on Saturday morning. After making a pot of coffee I went into the den. I was doing some research on the Internet when I heard Sarah call. I went to her bedroom door and knocked.


"You may enter."


I opened the door. Sarah was lying on her bed. The covers were around her ankles. She was naked. For a moment I just stood in the doorway and stared. My wife had a gorgeous body.


She looked at me with a lascivious smile. "I hope Dave has that same reaction tonight."


I sighed and stared at the floor. I really didn't know how to respond to that remark.


Sarah laughed, "That got you a little flustered didn't it pussyboy?"


I continued staring at the floor.


"Pull yourself together and bring me my purse. I want to play a little game with you. I think you might enjoy it."


I retrieved Sarah's purse from the top of her dresser and brought it to her. I felt a small glimmer of excitement when she took out the key to my chastity cage. My wife is one of those women who often wake up in the morning with an itch for sex.


"Take off your apron and panties and sit down on the bed next to me."


I complied without any hesitation.


Sarah unlocked my chastity cage and took it off. My tiny penis immediately sprang to attention.



Sarah laughed, "It looks like someone is certainly ready to play." She reached down and gently grasped my little cock in her finger tips. "Louise, would you like to cum? You were very obedient last night. I think you deserve the opportunity."


I smiled at Sarah. "Yes Ms. Raymond, I would like that very much."


Sarah nodded, "Very well, let's play a game. You lie down on your back."


I lay down on Sarah's bed. I was about to put my head on one of her pillows when she pulled it away. "No! No! No! A slave never uses his Mistress's pillow."


I laid my head down on the bed. Sarah mounted my face and sat down so that her cunt was pressed against my lips.


I closed my eyes and started licking her. It had been at least a week since I last tasted her sex.



Sarah cooed with delight. "That's very nice; but this is a game, there are rules. If you want to cum, you have to do it before I have my orgasm. If I cum first, you lose and I lock your little dick back in your cage without giving you any satisfaction at all." She stared at me, "Do you understand?"


I nodded. As I nodded I thought to myself that this was going to be a piece of cake. I could cum in seconds.


Sarah took a deep breath; "Okay, ready set go."


I grabbed my penis and started stroking it.


Sarah immediately slapped my hand away. "No fair pussyboy, I'm not using my hands so you don't get to use yours."


"But you're getting stimulation from me." The words were muffled by Sarah's pussy, but she understood what I said.


She stopped and thought. After a moment she said; "You're right, it's only fair that I give you a little stimulation too."


She reached down, grabbed both of my nipples and began to gently roll them between her fingertips.


"Will this do?"


It felt very good. I nodded. With Sarah's cunt pressed into my face; her gentle stimulation of my nipples was more than enough to make me cum.


"Good, let the race continue."


I started licking Sarah's pussy again. Our mutual excitement quickly started to grow.


Sarah pulled on my nipples, "How do you like this pussyboy?"


I buried my tongue in her cunt.


She gave my nipples a vicious twist. I cried out from the sudden pain.


Sarah laughed and mashed her cunt into my face. At the same time she dug her fingernails into my nipples and twisted even harder.


The pain was excruciating. "How's this for stimulation sissyboy?"


I started crying.


Sarah giggled, "I'll stop as soon as you make me cum sissyboy."


I found Sarah's clit and started sucking it. I forgot about my own pleasure. At that moment I was under my wife's total control.


Sarah tightened her iron grip on my nipples and laughed out loud as she rocked back and forth on my face.


Tears were running down my cheeks. I'm not sure if they were caused by the pain I was enduring or the intense excitement I was feeling.


Suddenly Sarah screamed as an orgasm erupted inside her. She locked her thighs around my head and bucked wildly as the waves of pleasure rolled through her body. I realized that I couldn't breathe. I tried to push Sarah off of my face, but her hold was too tight.


I was just beginning to panic when I felt my wife start to relax. She rolled off of my face and collapsed onto the bed next to me. I took several deep breaths, and slowly regained my composure.


After a moment Sarah sat up and looked at my crotch. Her lips formed a menacing smile. "I don't see any semen pussyboy. I guess that means you lose."


My heart sank as Sarah picked up my cock cage.


"Stand up!" It was a command.


I responded instantly.


Sarah flicked the underside of the head of my penis with her index finger. I immediately lost my erection. She quickly slipped the chastity cage into place and locked it.


As Sarah was putting the key back in her purse she started laughing, "Louise, you really should try to take better advantage of my generosity."


Sarah handed her purse to me. "Put this away and then join me in my bathroom. It's time for you to give me a bath."


I spent the next half hour giving my wife a leisurely bath. When I was done I dried her off and carefully brushed her long brown hair.


While she was getting dressed I went into the kitchen, sliced some strawberries and mixed them with a dish of yogurt. After that I poured a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee and set everything on the dining room table. Once the table was ready I went out to the front steps, retrieved the morning newspaper and set it next to Sarah's breakfast.


Sarah smiled when she entered the dining room and saw her breakfast sitting on the dining room table. She walked over to me and patted my cheek. "Very nice Louise, you really do make an excellent slave."


Sarah sat down. She took a sip of coffee and grinned at me, "I hope there aren't any hard feelings about losing the game." She started to giggle. "I really enjoyed it. I hope we can play again in the very near future."


I didn't say anything, I just stared at the floor. My nipples still throbbed from the pain Sarah had inflicted on me.


Sarah picked up the newspaper and started reading. I obediently stood by the kitchen door in case she wanted something.


When she finished her last bite of yogurt she set the newspaper down and turned to me. "Dave is coming in for a cocktail before we go to the game tonight. He drinks Chivas Regal scotch whiskey and Budweiser beer. Go to the liquor store and buy a good supply of both of them. I am quite certain that Dave is about to become a frequent visitor in this house."


After breakfast I cleared the table and washed the dishes. I was just starting to vacuum the dining room when Sarah walked out of her bedroom. She was carrying her purse.


"I'm going out to buy a new outfit to wear tonight. I'll be back in the early afternoon. Dave and I will be snacking at the basketball game, so we won't require dinner." Sarah's voice took on a commanding tone. "I will be expecting you to serve a nice assortment of appetizers with our cocktails."


Sarah waited for a moment. When I didn't respond she turned and walked out the door. After she was gone I smiled, the lawyer had done it again. The big issue of whether or not I was willing to wait on her lover was resolved by directing me to serve appetizers.


I finished tidying up the house and went out to run my errands. In addition to stopping at the liquor store and the grocery store I also went over to the University and took care of a few details in my office.


It was just after 3:00 when I pulled up in front of our house. There was a van parked in our driveway. The sign on the side of the van said, Ed Ryan Locksmith.


I carried the groceries and liquor into the house, set everything on the kitchen counter and went into the living room to see what was happening. I looked down the hall leading to our bedrooms. There was a man on his knees drilling a hole in the den door.


"Hi I live here, what's going on?"


The man looked up from his work. "Talk to your wife. She's having me install deadbolt locks on this door and the two bedroom doors. She's in the master bedroom."


I went to Sarah's room. The door was closed. I knocked.


"Who is it?'"




"Who? I don't know anyone named Louis."


I shook my head. Sarah wanted to humiliate me in front of the locksmith.


I took a deep breath. "It's Louise."


The locksmith looked at me and started laughing.


"You may enter."


I opened the door and walked into Sarah's bedroom. She was trying on a pair of jeans. They were skin tight.


"Louise, do you think these jeans make me look sexy?"


I wanted to say, Sarah they make you look like a slut; but I didn't. Instead I said, "Ms. Raymond you look fabulous in those jeans."


"Do you think Dave will like them?"


I stared at my wife. I was amazed at her nerve. I really didn't know what to say.


Sarah noted my discomfort and patted my cheek. "Louise, it's time that you start to accept the fact that I have a boyfriend."


I decided to change the subject. "Sarah why is the locksmith here?"


She grinned at me. "I'm just making sure that you're properly motivated to behave yourself this evening."


"What do you mean?'


"I expect you to show Dave the respect that he deserves."


"I still don't understand."


Sarah smiled, "Let's just say that your behavior this evening is going to determine how you spend the rest of the night."


I looked at Sarah in horror, "You mean..."


She nodded, "That's correct sissyboy. If you misbehave while my boyfriend is here, I guarantee that you will find the den door locked when we leave for the basketball game. That means no television or computer for you until I get home."


Sarah paused to give me time to grasp the full meaning of her statement and then she continued. "If you really displease me, I'll lock the door to your bedroom and you can sleep on the couch while I'm gone."


I sighed. "What do I have to do to make you happy?"


Sarah grinned. "That's very simple, just obey me without question."


It was after 4:00 by the time the locksmith finished his work. Once he was done the doors to Sarah's room, the den and my bedroom all had dead bolt locks on them. All three locks could be opened by the same key. He gave Sarah four copies.


After he left I went around and examined his work. Sarah's room and the den had locks that opened with a key from the outside and a latch from the inside. I noticed that the lock on my bedroom door required a key to open it from both sides. I immediately grasped the ramifications of this. Sarah was now able to lock me in my bedroom.


I shook my head. Life with Sarah was becoming increasingly difficult.


I walked into the den. I was just about to sit down and watch some basketball on television when I heard Sarah call. "Louise its time for me to start getting ready for my date, come into my bathroom and draw me a bath."


I sighed and went into Sarah's room.


She was already naked. I stared at her for a moment. Sarah's gorgeous nude body always had a mesmerizing effect on me.


Sarah noticed my expression and smiled. "I hope Dave has that same reaction when he sees me naked at his apartment tonight." She winked at me. "This will be the first time he actually gets to see me completely naked."


I bit my lower lip. My wife was becoming increasingly bold about her infidelity.


I was about to go into Sarah's bathroom and start her bath when I noticed a long slender box on her bed. The label said, "William's Saddle Shop, equestrian supplies".


"What's in the box?"


Sarah grinned at me. "I'm so glad you asked. Its another little item to help insure your total devotion as my slave."


She opened the box. It was a horsewhip.


I stared at Sarah. I didn't know what to say.


My wife took the whip out of the box. "I'm actually quite excited about using this." She giggled. "This mornings little romp in my bed awakened a serious sadistic streak in me."


Her voice became very stern. "For your own good, I strongly suggest that you work very hard to avoid giving me any excuse to use this while Dave is here tonight. I warn you that I find the idea of whipping you in front of my boyfriend to be quite exciting."


I spent the next hour attending to Sarah as she prepared for her date.


Once we were done she checked herself in the mirror and smiled, "I think Dave will be very pleased when he sees me tonight."


Sarah turned to me. "Louise, it's time for you to change clothes."


I looked at Sarah, I was puzzled.


"Louise, I expect you to be dressed appropriately this evening.


A feeling of absolute horror suddenly rolled through me when I realized what she was talking about.


"Sarah, you can't do this to me."


My wife picked up her whip. There was a menacing smile on her face. "Of course I can." She winked at me. "Not only that, I want to do this to you."


Sarah stared at me for a moment and then she sighed. "Louise, Dave is going to become a regular visitor in this house. You're going to have to get used to the idea that you'll be spending a lot of time around him wearing your panties, your lace tee shirts and your apron." She laughed. "And of course your cock cage."


I started to protest. "Sarah you can't..."


Crack! Sarah smacked her whip against the front of her dresser. "Yes I can! Now go to your room, change your clothes and come right back so I can put your chastity cage on you."


I scurried off to my room. Part of me was horrified by what was happening and part of me was incredibly excited.



I had very mixed feelings about what was happening to me, but I decided to continue to obey Sarah. I wanted to see how all of this was going to play out. I also realized that I didn't know Dave. He was only part of my life because of his relationship with my wife. Being humiliated in front of a stranger seemed much easier to bear than being humiliated in front of a friend or a colleague at work.


I also had to admit that I've harbored secret submissive fantasies for years. This was actually a good opportunity to find out if I really wanted them to become realities


I took a quick shower and changed into a pair of pale yellow panties.


I went through the stack of new lace trimmed tee shirts that Sarah had recently purchased for me. They all had cute little sayings or pictures across the front. They were obviously designed for adolescent girls. I picked out a yellow one that had the words baby doll written across the chest in red glitter and put it on.


When I was done I returned to Sarah's bedroom. She was talking on the telephone. I knocked politely and then I stood in the doorway and waited.


Sarah looked up, saw me in the doorway and kept talking.


"Dave's coming over tonight, he's taking me to the University basketball game. We're using Louis's tickets."


"Yes, Dave's coming into the house for a drink before the game."


"Of course Louis is going to be home."


"Oh yes, he knows exactly who Dave is."


"Monica I intend to remove all doubt about that before we leave for the game."


"Yes, Dave is taking me to his place after the game."


"I certainly am."


"Honey I can't wait, I haven't been properly fucked in over two years."


"Monica, I have to go. The wimp is standing in my bedroom doorway. I'll call you tomorrow and let you know what happened."


Sarah put the telephone down and looked at me. "You may enter."


I walked into The bedroom.


"Stand over here."


I stood next to Sarah. My cock cage was on the table next to her.


"Pull your panties down."


I did as I was told.


Sarah slipped my cock cage into place, snapped the lock closed and put the key into her purse. After she was done she looked at me and said, "Turn around."


I did a quick turn for Sarah. She giggled, "Oh yes, this will do very nicely."


I looked down, the chastity cage made a large bulge in the front of my panties. It was obvious that I was wearing something hard on my cock and balls. Dave was certain to notice it. This was going to be a very humiliating evening.


"Go start preparing the appetizers for Dave and me. I assume there is plenty of scotch and beer in the house."


"I nodded, "Yes ma'am".


"We'll need the parking card from your car. When we get to the game we'll be using your faculty parking place."


I knew that Sarah planned to spend the night with Dave. I liked to go into my office early on Sunday mornings. It was a nice quiet time to get work done. I looked at Sarah and said, "I was planning to go into my office for a little while in the morning.


She thought for a moment and then she said, "Well I guess you'll just have to park in the student lot won't you."


"But that will give me a nine block walk."


She picked up her whip. "Exercise is good for you. Now go attend to your errands. I want to call Cassie before Dave gets here."


I went into the kitchen and began preparing the appetizers. I made mushroom caps stuffed with crab, miniature crab and shrimp burritos and ham and cheese rolls. I'm really not sure why I went to all the trouble of preparing three very fancy appetizers. I suppose I was trying to impress Sarah with my skill as a chef.


I was terrified that Dave was stealing my wife from me and I was desperately trying to find ways to win her back. But there was more to it than just that. Part of me also found the idea of Sarah taking a lover to be incredibly exciting. There was no question that my current life as a slave was painful, humiliating and very difficult. The nagging problem for me was that deep down inside I also knew that I was enjoying it.


While I worked I thought about everything that was happening to me. I was both afraid and curious to learn just how far Sarah was willing to take this little game that she was playing. The more I thought about it, the more it became clear to me that I wanted to find out. As I finished cooking, I made a decision. Tonight I was going to be a very compliant slave.


I was just putting the appetizers into the oven to keep them warm when Sarah walked into the kitchen.


I stopped and stared at her. My wife was astonishingly beautiful. She was wearing a thin white blouse that just barely concealed her ample breasts. It was obvious that she wasn't wearing a brassiere. Her skin tight jeans and spike heeled pumps showcased her gorgeous rear end. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her makeup were perfect. Sarah was a breathtaking sight. As I looked at my wife I was overwhelmed with envy. I would have given anything to be in Dave's place this evening.


Sarah looked at me. It almost seemed as if she could read my mind. She laughed and said, "Suffer pussyboy, this wasn't done for you."


I obediently bowed my head, "Yes Ms. Raymond, I understand."


Sarah stared at me for a moment and then she said, "Really?"


I slowly nodded, "I will obey."


My wife continued staring at me for a long time. Finally she smiled and said, "Louise, I think this may turn out to be a very exciting evening. I am..."


Suddenly the doorbell rang. Sarah stopped in mid sentence.


"Well pussyboy, don't just stand there; answer the door!"


I ran to the front door. When I got there I stood for a moment and took a deep breath. I was absolutely certain that this was about to be the single most humiliating evening of my entire life.


I opened the front door. For the very first time Dave and I stood face to face with each other. I studied him for a moment. Dave was the classic macho male. He was about 6'3" tall and a little over two hundred pounds. The tight fitting knit golf shirt he was wearing accentuated his muscular frame. He was a little older than I expected. He must have been in his early to mid forties. Nevertheless he was in remarkably good physical condition. His rock hard stomach showed no signs that it might turn into a middle aged paunch. The light streaks of gray that ran through his long black hair gave Dave a very distinguished appearance. He was an extraordinarily handsome man. It was easy to understand why Sarah fell for him.


It was cold outside, but Dave hadn't bothered with a jacket. He was obviously a very tough man.


While I was examining him, Dave was doing the same thing to me. After a brief moment he shook his head, "Hell and damn, I do not believe this."


Behind me Sarah started laughing. "Oh it is true." She paused, "Louise aren't you going to invite our guest to come in?"


"Yes Ms. Raymond."


I bowed politely and said, Dave won't you please come in and sit down."


"Excuse me, but I don't remember anyone giving you permission to call our guest by his first name. I think for someone of your status, Sir would be a much more appropriate way to address him."


"Yes Ms. Raymond. I apologize Ms. Raymond."


"I forgive you Pussyboy, just don't let it happen again."


Dave walked by me shaking his head. "This is fucking unbelievable."


Sarah walked up to him, threw her arms around his neck and gave him a long passionate kiss.



When they were done she smiled at Dave and said, "Hi sweetheart I missed you."


Dave smiled back at her. "I missed you to baby."


My stomach turned over when I heard that. They were talking like old lovers. Hearing your wife call another man sweetheart is very difficult.


Sarah took Dave's hand and led him to the couch. "Sit down sweetheart, make yourself comfortable."


As soon as her boyfriend was seated Sarah sat down next to him. "Dave honey, what can Louise get you to drink. We have both beer and scotch."


Dave looked at me. "Bring me a bottle of beer." He paused and then he added, "Pussyboy."


Sarah giggled. "You heard the man Louise; get him beer and you can bring me a glass of pinot grigio."


She turned to Dave, "Honey, are you hungry? Pussyboy made up a very nice selection of appetizers for you."


Dave nodded, "Thanks, I could use a bite to eat."


Sarah looked at me. "Bring the appetizers as well."


I went into the kitchen, set up the beverages on a tray and carried it back into the living room. As soon as I walked through the kitchen door I stopped dead in my tracks. Dave and Sarah were making out on the couch. I suspected this was coming. I'd been bracing myself for it all afternoon. Nevertheless, imagining it and seeing it close up are two completely different situations.


I took a deep breath and walked into the living room. I set the tray of drinks on the coffee table and waited. Dave and Sarah ignored my presence and kept right on kissing. I wasn't exactly sure how I was supposed to act.


After a moment I said, "Excuse me Ms. Raymond, would Sir like me to pour his beer into a glass?"


Sarah broke off their kiss and glared at me. "Did anyone address you Pussyboy?"


"No ma'am."


"Then I don't understand why we were so rudely interrupted."


"I'm sorry Ms. Raymond. I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do."


"Well now that we've already been disturbed, you may ask him."


"Sir, would you like me to pour your beer into a glass?"


Dave laughed. "No thanks Pussyboy, the bottle will be just fine."


I set their beverages on the table in front of them and went back to the kitchen. I prepared the tray of appetizers. It took me a few minutes to decoratively arrange them on the platter. Once I was done I picked up the tray and carried it into the living room.


I know that I shouldn't have been shocked by what I saw, but I was. Sarah's blouse was unbuttoned. Her large breasts were hanging free and fully exposed. Dave was fondling her nipples. It took every bit of control that I could muster to continue into the room and set the tray of appetizers on the coffee table.


As soon as I set the tray down, Dave grinned at me. "Hey pussyboy, you're a real stand up guy."


I looked at Dave with a puzzled expression.


He laughed. "I'm a titty man and your wife has great titties. I want to thank you for your generosity." He cupped both of Sarah's naked breasts. "It's really nice of you to let me play with these gorgeous titties."


Sarah shook her head. "Dave you don't have to be quite so crude."


He smirked, "Sorry babe, I guess I just got carried away."


He looked at me. "Louise, your wife has beautiful breasts. I want to thank you for allowing me to enjoy them."


Sarah was doing everything she could to keep from bursting out in laughter.


Dave held up Sarah's right breast. "Look at this pussyboy. This breast is magnificent."


He started to play with Sarah's nipple. "Look at this nipple. It's almost perfect." He pulled on it. "Look how long it is, it gets me hard just looking at it."


Sarah was laughing out loud and rolling her eyes.


"Hey pussyboy, wanna know what I'm going to do to your wife when we go to my apartment after the game tonight?"


I just stared at the floor. I had no idea how to respond.


He smiled at me. "I'm going to titty fuck her."


He looked at my wife. "Is that too crude babe?"


Sarah was laughing so hard that all she could do was shake her head.


"Do you know what a titty fuck is Pussyboy?"


I shook my head. I was being honest. I really didn't know.


"Well this must be sex education night, so I'll tell you."


He grinned at me. "I'm going to straddle your wife's waist, stick my big dick between those gorgeous titties, press 'em together and fuck 'em like crazy."


Sarah was now laughing so hard that she had her face buried in her hands.


Dave winked at me. "You ever do that to her Pussyboy?" He shook his head, "I guess not, you need a big great big dick to do that."


Both Dave and Sarah burst into hysterical laughter.


I was totally humiliated.


Sarah looked at me. She had a menacing smile on her face. "Pussyboy get down on your knees."


As I got on my knees Sarah said, "Louise I want you to watch this so that you understand exactly how things are going to be around here from now on."


She leaned over, unzipped Dave's jeans and took his cock out. He had an erection.


Dave's cock wasn't particularly long by pornography standards. It was maybe seven inches, but it was thick. It was the size of a flashlight. It was easy to understand why Sarah was excited about fucking him.


My wife smiled at me, "Pussyboy pay careful attention. After tonight, I don't want any confusion about how things stand between the three of us."


My stomach did a complete flip as Sarah leaned over and kissed the head of Dave's cock.



Sarah was just about to put her boyfriend's cock into her mouth when he stopped her. He picked up his bottle of beer. It was over half full. Dave drained it in two swallows, set it down and looked at me with a huge grin on his face. "Pussyboy, why don't you fetch me another beer before your wife starts sucking my dick."


Sarah turned to me. "Louise, you heard the man; get him a beer."


I stood up, scurried into the kitchen, got another bottle of beer and brought it to the living room.


When I handed it to Dave he winked at me and said, "Thanks Pussyboy, it was real nice of you to do that for me."


Dave took a big swallow of beer. When he set the bottle down on the table Sarah asked, "Are you ready now?"


He smiled, "I sure am baby."


Sarah looked at me. "Louise, I know this might be hard for you to understand, but this is what a woman does for a man when she's attracted to him."


My wife leaned forward and started giving her boyfriend a blow job. It took every bit of self control that I could muster to obediently kneel at her feet while she brazenly sucked another man's cock in front of me.


Sarah's eyes were closed. She was obviously enjoying this. Dave also had his eyes closed. It was apparent that he was enjoying this every bit as much as Sarah. For the next several minutes they both completely forgot about me.


Suddenly Dave gasped and his body jerked. Sarah started stroking his cock even more vigorously than before. I realized immediately that he was ejaculating into my wife's mouth.


Sarah kept sucking Dave's cock. When he started to lose his erection she let it slip out of her mouth and stood up. My wife walked over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my feet. Once I was standing Sarah held my head between both of her hands and pulled my face to hers. A small dribble of Dave's semen dripped from the corner of her mouth as her lips moved closer and closer to mine.


I knew what was coming. I'd already decided to accept it with grace.


Just as Sarah's lips were about to touch mine she said, "I have a present for you Pussyboy. Open your mouth and let me give it to you."


I obediently parted my lips.


Sarah kissed me and passed all of Dave's semen from her mouth to mine.


As she did this I heard Dave say, "Fucking amazing! I never would have believed that if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes."


Sarah broke off her kiss and turned to her boyfriend. "You owe me a steak dinner at Maguires buddy boy."


Dave shook his head, "Yeah, yeah you win."


Sarah grinned at him, "I knew I could make him do it."


I fell to my knees. I was totally humiliated. I was the butt of an obscene bet.


Sarah quickly buttoned her blouse while Dave zipped up his jeans.


"Baby it's 7:45. We have to hurry or were going to miss the tip off."


Dave looked at me. I was still on my knees. "Hey Pussyboy, thanks for your basketball tickets. They look like great seats."


Dave and Sarah hurried out the door. Just before she left my wife turned to me. "I'm going to spend the night at Dave's. I should be home some time tomorrow afternoon." She paused, "By the way, you were very well behaved tonight. As your reward, I left both the den door and your bedroom door unlocked."


I stood by the window and peeked out the curtain while Dave and Sarah got into Dave's car and drove down the street.


Once they were gone I took a deep breath and tried to relax. I still wasn't exactly sure how I felt about what had just happened, but there was no doubt that it was a very intense experience.


I went into the living room, picked up the glasses and dishes and brought them into the kitchen. Dave had barely touched the plate of appetizers so I warmed them up again, grabbed the bottle of pinot grigio that I'd opened for Sarah and carried everything into the den.


I set the food and wine on the table next to my chair, turned on the television and sat down to watch the basketball game. For the next hour I forgot about everything. I ate snacks, drank wine and watched the game. I had a pretty good time.


The University won the game by sixteen points. After the game ended I took a shower, watched the news, finished the bottle of wine and went to bed. I fell asleep quickly.


On Sunday morning I got up, made a pot of coffee and read the Sunday newspaper. This was the first time I really missed Sarah. Up until recently we had a regular Sunday morning ritual. We would sit at the dining room table together and read the New York Times. Each time we finished a section we would trade so that we could discuss what we were reading. We ate sweet rolls and drank coffee while we read. It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday morning.


Once we were done reading the paper, Sarah would find the crossword puzzle and read me the clues. We always solved the puzzle together.


That morning, as I sat at the dining room table solving the crossword puzzle by myself I realized that I missed my wife. I began to think about the events of the past few days. I was living a sexual fantasy that I'd dreamed about for years. I should have been wildly excited about what was happening, but I realized that I wasn't.


I pondered this question for the entire day. I finally understood that part of the problem was that I didn't like Dave. It wasn't because he was dating my wife, it was because he was a crude bully. He was the kind of person that I'd spent most of my life trying to avoid.


As I continued to think about all of this I also realized that Sarah had changed. This morning, I desperately missed the woman I married two years ago, but that wasn't the woman who left the house with Dave last night. The woman I married two years ago loved me. I wasn't so sure that the woman who sucked Dave's cock last night felt the same way.


This was all very confusing. I worried that feelings of jealousy might be clouding my perception. I wondered if I just needed time to get used to this new life style. It was after all, a very drastic change.


I finally decided to not do anything. There were still several days before my punishment was due to end. Waiting seemed like a good idea. I wanted my wife back. I wanted to find the woman I married two years ago.







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