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Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 03-04

By Goodhusband





After I was done teaching my last class I left the University as quickly as I could. On my way home I stopped at the grocery store and a fresh fish market to get the ingredients for Sarah's dinner.


It was just after 3:30 when I got home. I quickly put the groceries away, put on my lace apron and started preparing the ginger sauce for Tuna Delmonico. The first hour of preparation requires the most effort. The sauce has to be stirred constantly as it simmers. Once the sauce was cooking, I made garlic mashed potatoes. They were Sarah's favorite. When I was done with the potatoes, I washed the lettuce for two Caesar salads and laid the leaves between the folds of a towel so they could dry. After that was done I had a few spare moments so I vacuumed the living room and dining room.


It was just after 5:30 when Sarah walked in the front door. She smiled when she saw me vacuuming. My wife walked across the living room and went down the hall to her bedroom. As she disappeared through the hall door she said, "Put the vacuum cleaner away and join me in my bedroom."


I quickly did as I was told.


Sarah glared at me when I walked into her room. "Excuse me, just what do you think you're doing?"


"You told me to join you in your bedroom."


"Louis, I will tell you this one time and one time only. You are a slave. You are expected to knock and get permission before you enter this room. If you ever forget that again, you will be severely punished. Do you understand me?"


I bowed my head and quietly said, "Yes Ms. Raymond."


Sarah smiled and then she opened her purse and took out a small box. The words CB 2000 were printed on the top of box.


"I bought a little present for you on my way home."


I was nervous, Sarah wasn't in the frame of mind to be giving me real presents.


"May I ask what it is?"


"Certainly, it's a male chastity cage."


I was momentarily stunned. I didn't even know that such things existed.


Sarah continued, "I really don't want a slave lying around my house jerking off all day, so I'm taking the necessary precaution to control your behavior."


"But I don't...OOOW"


The slap was sudden and unexpected, it hurt.


"Silence! When I want your opinion I'll ask for it." She glared at me, "Louis I am not interested in hearing your thoughtless, self indulgent comments."


I bowed my head in shame. Sarah's slap hurt. Tears were running down my cheeks.


Sarah laughed when she saw I was crying. "I knew you were a little pansy, but I didn't think you were that delicate." She thought for a moment. "I think we'll have to change your name to Louise." She looked at me and smiled, "Yes Louise is a much more appropriate name for a little sissyboy like you."


I stared at Sarah. I didn't know what to say or do.


She seemed to sense my confusion, "Just behave yourself Louise, you'll do fine. You will quickly learn that I reward obedience just as rapidly as I punish insubordination."


Sarah stared at me for a moment. When I didn't reply she said, "Good, I'm glad that's settled; now strip down to your panties."


I stared at my wife.


She shook her head, "I am going to get very cross with you if I have to keep repeating every instruction." Sarah raised her voice, "Louise, Strip!"


This time I responded very quickly to Sarah's command. My apron, shirt, trousers and my shoes and socks were off in a flash. I piled everything in a neat stack on the floor and patiently waited for Sarah's next direction.


She nodded in approval. "Much better, now pull your panties down. It's time to put on your chastity belt."


I did as I was told and obediently stood in front of my wife with my panties around my knees while she read the directions for the CB 2000. When she was ready Sarah slipped the device onto my cock and balls.


As she was doing it she said, "Tonight, before we go to bed I am going to take this off so you can shave off all of this unsightly pubic hair. I think that you will look much better without it."



As soon as she was finished putting the chastity cage on me, Sarah snapped the tiny gold lock into place and put the key in her purse. "Louise you understand that you are never allowed to go into my purse without my specific permission."


I nodded, "Yes Ms. Raymond; I understand."


As I answered I marveled at my wife's skill as an attorney. She once again got me to acquiesce to a much larger demand by getting me to agree to a smaller concession. When I acknowledged the fact that I wasn't allowed go into Sarah's purse, I also agreed to wear the chastity cage.


I pulled up my panties. When I reached down to pick up my trousers, Sarah stopped me. "I don't think those will be allowed this evening. Your lace apron and panties will make a very appropriate outfit for you while you're serving me."


"Ms. Raymond, may I be allowed to make a request?"


"Certainly, but keep it short and respectful."


"I would like to be able to wear a shirt. I'm already cold."


Sarah thought for a moment. Finally she said, "That is a reasonable request." She paused, "Let me think, what do we have that would be appropriate?" Suddenly she smiled, "I know."


Sarah got up, walked over to one of her dressers and opened up the second drawer.


After rummaging through her clothing for a moment she smiled and said, "Here it is." Sarah pulled out pale yellow woman's cotton undershirt. The sleeves and neck were trimmed with white lace.


She handed it to me. "This should keep you nice and warm."


I held it up. It was very feminine.


"Hurry up now, put it on."


I slipped it over my head and pulled it down. I'm about the same height as Sarah and very slender. The shirt actually fit me very well.


Sarah giggled. "Those go nicely with your lace panties. I'll have to buy some more of them for you."


She paused, "Now, put your apron on and check the dinner. Return as quickly as you can. I want you to undress me and give me a bath before I sit down to eat."


For the next half hour I raced between the kitchen and Sarah's bathroom. My wife was a demanding mistress. She refused to do anything for herself. I had to undress her, bathe her, dry her off, brush her beautiful long hair and finally dress her in a very luxurious pair of silk lounging pajamas.


We finished just before 7:00. Once we were done I followed Sarah into the living room. She sat down in a large stuffed chair and picked up a book. As she opened it she said, "Bring me a martini. I want to relax for a few minutes while you put my dinner on the table."


I brought Sarah her drink. She smiled when she saw that it was on a tray. "That's very good Louise. I do believe that you have the potential to become an excellent slave."


I bowed, "Thank you Ms. Raymond." At this point it didn't take very much praise from Sarah to make me happy.


I went into the kitchen and quickly grilled the tuna steaks. While they were cooking, I set the dining room table. I put one place setting in Sarah's usual position at the head of the table and another place setting on the side of the table closest to the kitchen door. This was where I generally sat.


I prepared a large bowl of Caesar salad and carefully divided it into two smaller bowls. After that, I opened a bottle of chardonnay and brought the two salads and the wine out to the dining room table.


Once that was done, I went back into the kitchen, took the two tuna steaks off of the grill and put each of them onto a plate. I smiled as I carefully dribbled the ginger sauce over the steaks. Tuna Delmonico was not only a favorite of Sarah's, it was also one of my favorites. This dinner was going to be a rare treat. I was looking forward to it.


I set the two plates on the table and went into the living room. "Ms. Raymond, dinner is served."


Sarah smiled and stood up. "Very good Louise, you're timing is nearly perfect."


Sarah's praise made me beam with pride. I hurried back into the dining room so I could see her reaction when she saw our dinner.


When my wife walked into the dining room she noticed the table and stopped. Her smile quickly turned into a scowl. Sarah looked at me, "Louise are we expecting company for dinner?"


I shook my head, "No Ms. Raymond."


"Would you care to explain the presence of the second plate?"


I became very nervous. I started to stammer. "It's ah...well sort of for... me."


Sarah glared at me, "Slaves don't ever sit at the table and eat. Slaves eat in the kitchen after they've served their Mistress."


I was completely crushed. I stood absolutely still. I didn't know what to do."


Sarah was quick to give me direction, "Remove your plate immediately and take it into the kitchen." Her voice was icy cold.


I quickly picked up the plate. As I carried it away Sarah said, "Put that piece of fish into a plastic bag. I'll have it for lunch tomorrow. In this household we don't waste fresh tuna steaks on slaves. You can open some canned tuna, that should be sufficient for you."


I took my plate to the kitchen. As I was bagging my tuna steak Sarah called to me, "Louise please hurry; I am waiting for you to pour me a glass of wine."


I returned to the dining room, as I was pouring her wine she said, "Serve me some mashed potatoes."


I set the bottle of chardonnay down and spooned some potatoes onto Sarah's plate. Once that was done, I watched with envy as my wife took a bite of fish. She smiled as she swallowed it.


I waited for some words of praise. When they didn't come I said, "Do you like the fish?"


Sarah stared at me. "I'm sorry, but I don't remember giving you permission to speak. Louise you do not have the right to disturb my dinner."


I hung my head as Sarah continued eating.


Sarah ate most of her salad, and about half of her fish and potatoes. When she was done she set her fork down and smiled at me. "Louise that was delicious. You are an excellent cook."


I beamed with pride.


As she was taking a final sip of wine Sarah noticed me looking at the uneaten portion of her dinner. She got a very wicked smile on her face and said, "Louise you have done a very nice job with this dinner. I believe that you deserve a reward. Would you like to finish my fish and potatoes?"


I really did want to taste the tuna so I said; "Yes please Ms. Raymond, that would be very kind."


"Very well."


I started to sit down in my chair.


"What do you think you're doing? Get away from that chair before I have to punish you!"


I quickly stood.


Sarah pointed to the floor, "Louise get down on your knees."


I stared at my wife for a moment. I didn't understand what she was telling me to do.


Sarah shook her head in dismay. "Are you deaf? I told you to get down on your knees."


The tone of her voice was more than enough motivation for me. I quickly dropped to my knees.


Once I was in place next to her chair Sarah set her plate on the floor in front of me and started to giggle. "Eat up slaveboy."


I looked up at my wife in dismay. I couldn't believe what she was expecting me to do.


Sarah glared at me. "Do not even think about turning down my generosity. I would consider that a personal affront. Louise, I will punish you if you do not accept my gift."


"Would you please pass me a fork?"


Sarah grinned at me, "Of course not. Louise, you make a very nice pet I want to see you eat like one." Sarah laughed as I lapped up the leftover fish and mashed potatoes like a dog.


I was licking the plate clean when I happened to glance up at Sarah. She was staring at me with a slightly lost expression on her face. Suddenly I noticed that her right hand had slipped inside the waistband of her silk lounging pajamas. Sarah was masturbating.


I watched her out of the corner of my eye. I quickly became convinced that Sarah wasn't actually aware that she was doing it. I kept stealing glances at her. Slowly I began to understand that my wife got a sexual thrill out of tormenting me.


Suddenly Sarah caught me looking at her. At the same moment she realized what she was doing. For a brief moment my goddess of self control appeared to be flummoxed.


Her confusion didn't last long. She quickly regained control. She didn't stop masturbating, instead she stared directly into my eyes and started to smile. It was almost as if she was saying - So now that you know, what are you going to do about it wimpboy?





After dinner Sarah retired to the living room. I brought her a glass of cognac. She relaxed and read her book while I cleaned the kitchen.


Once I was finished with my chores I took my apron off and went into the living room. When she heard me enter the room Sarah looked up from her book, motioned with one hand that I was to wait, and continued reading. She made me stand there for fifteen minutes while she read her book and sipped her cognac.


Finally she set her book down and looked up at me. "Louise fetch me the telephone."


I brought the telephone to Sarah.


She set it down next to her and pointed at the floor in front of her. "Louise, get on your knees and massage my feet."


This was a command that I was more than happy to obey and Sarah knew it. Sarah discovered my little foot fetish shortly after we started dating. Since then she has spent many happy hours relaxing in a chair while I kissed and licked her toes.


My wife sighed with contentment as I started massaging her feet. "Louise, that feels so good. You really are wonderful. You cook, you clean, you massage my feet and you're delightfully obedient. You make an outstanding slave."


Sarah finished the last of her cognac and handed the glass to me. "Take this to the kitchen and bring me a glass of the chardonnay that I had with dinner."


I quickly went to the kitchen, poured a glass of wine, put it on a tray and returned to the living room.


As I set her wine on the end table Sarah said, "Louise fetch my purse."


I obediently retrieved Sarah's purse. She opened it, took out her address book and looked up a telephone number. Once she found it Sarah picked up the telephone.


She was about to dial the number when she suddenly stopped and looked at me. "Get back on your knees and continue kissing and licking my feet."


I dutifully got down on my knees and carefully picked up Sarah's right foot. I gently kissed my wife's big toe while she dialed the telephone and waited for an answer.


After a moment she said, "Hi baby it's me."


"Oh that's sweet. I really enjoyed last night too."


I suddenly realized that Sarah was talking to Dave. I kept kissing her feet. I didn't want her to think I was eavesdropping.


"I agree, Maguires was wonderful. My fillet was excellent."


"Yes, I would love to go there again next Thursday."


Sarah smiled. "The DJ at the 520 Club was very good. I had fun. I agree, we should definitely go back there."


She nodded, "Yes, we both had a little too much to drink."


Sarah started giggling, "You found my panties on the floor of the back seat? I wondered what happened to them."


She listened for a minute then she giggled, "You are so bad. You can't talk like that on the telephone."


"Okay, I'll admit it; I really did enjoy giving it to you. It's been a long time since I sucked one that big."


I stopped and looked up at Sarah. She was brazenly talking to Dave about sucking his cock while I was kneeling at her feet. Sarah looked down at me and smirked. It was obvious that she knew exactly what she was doing.


She went back to her telephone conversation. "Stop that, you're being naughty!" She giggled, "I'm a married woman."


Sarah was quiet, after a moment she said; "I can't wait for next Thursday either. Hey, I have an idea; do you like basketball?"


"I thought so. Would you like to take me to the University game tomorrow night?"


"Yes, I know what game it is. I'm very aware that it's been sold out for months."


"My husband is a professor at the University; he has season tickets. The seats are at center court in the eighth row."


"Yes, those are wonderful seats, would you like to go?"


I looked up at Sarah. I was desperately shaking my head no. I'd been looking foreword to this game for weeks.


Sarah put a finger to her lips to silence me.


"No, he can't use them. Let's just say that he has obligations tomorrow night."


My heart sank.


"Great, the game starts at 8:00. Why don't you come by here at 7:00. We can have a drink before we go."


"Yes, of course I want you to come inside."


"Oh who cares about him. He won't give us any trouble."


"Dave honey, he's kneeling in front of me kissing my feet while I'm talking to you."


"No I'm not making that up. He's really doing it. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow night."


"I would love to see your place. Yes, lets go over there after the game."


"Second base? Honey I think you got to third base in my driveway last night." Sarah giggled, "If you play your cards right, you just might hit a home run tomorrow night."


"Baby, I can't wait either. I'll see you tomorrow night, Goodbye."


Sarah turned the telephone off and handed it to me. "Put this away slaveboy."


I put the telephone back on its base. When I got back to Sarah I stood in front of her with my hands on my hips. I was livid.


Sarah looked at me and said in her most mocking tone of voice, "Oh dear, it looks like I'm about to witness another tantrum."


She smiled at me, "Be careful slaveboy, outrage can be very costly."


I took a deep breath. Sarah was already cowing me into submission. I needed to muster all of my strength."


"You gave away my basketball tickets."


"Is that what has you so upset?" Sarah laughed, "I would have thought you'd be angry because I just promised another man that he could fuck me tomorrow night."


Sarah shrugged, "Louise, you're doing a weeks penance. There was never any chance that I was going to let you attend that basketball game tomorrow night."




"But nothing! You are being punished. For the next week your life is going to be full of disappointments. Get used to it."


Sarah smiled at me, "Up until now, you've been very well behaved this evening. If you can get your anger under control, I am willing to forget this little episode and allow you to watch the basketball game on television tomorrow night."


I wilted. Sarah had that effect on me. I couldn't argue with her.


Still, there was one more issue. "You're not really going to let Dave fuck you tomorrow night are you?" At this moment it was more like I was pleading with Sarah than arguing with her.


Sarah smiled, "So you finally decided to get mad about that."


She stared at me. "Louise, for the next week you are not my husband, you are my slave. As my slave you have surrendered any marital rights that you might normally have as my husband. This week I am free to party with any man I might choose."


Sarah paused for a moment to let those words sink in and then she continued. "Frankly, Louise I intend to take full advantage of this situation. Last night I sucked Dave's cock. It was the first real cock I've touched in over two years. All it did was whet my appetite." She stared at me. "Yes, I do plan to let Dave fuck me tomorrow night. I can't wait to feel him push that big cock of his into my cunt."


"You're admitting that you sucked Dave's cock last night?"


"Yes, and if I'm not mistaken we discussed that last night."




Sarah held her hand up. "Louise, I am in no mood to be challenged right now. You are coming dangerously close to having your punishment extended for another week. Do you really want to risk that?"


I bowed my head, "No Ms. Raymond, I don't."


Sarah smiled, "Good."


She paused, after a moment she said, "Louise, you've been much too aggressive with me this evening. You need to do something to make amends for that." Sarah thought for a moment. Suddenly she smiled and stood up. "Bring my book slaveboy."


Sarah walked into her bedroom. I picked up her book and followed. When I got to her bedroom door I stopped and knocked.


Sarah looked at me and nodded with approval. "Very good slaveboy. You're learning proper etiquette. You may come in."


Once I was in her bedroom Sarah lay down on her bed and rolled over onto her stomach.


"Take your panties off and give me my book."


I did as I was told.


As soon as I handed Sarah her book she said, "Pull my pajama bottoms down and start licking my ass. I'll let you know when your penance is complete."


For the next hour my wife read her book while I licked her asshole. I wasn't surprised by the amount of time Sarah made me spend doing my penance. She's always enjoyed this particular delight.


Finally Sarah put her book aside and said, "Enough."


She rolled over onto her back, sat up and looked at me. There was an evil grin on her face. "You've been a very good little boy Louise. You deserve a reward. I think I'll give you a nice blow job."


Sarah pulled me down on the bed, rolled me onto my back, leaned over, looked at my plastic covered penis and started laughing. "Oh my, isn't this unfortunate. Your little pee pee seems to be encased in plastic."


My wife started licking the plastic case that held my cock. Of course, I couldn't really feel anything; but having her lips and tongue in that close a proximity to my penis without having any sensation was absolutely maddening. Sarah giggled the entire time she licked my chastity cage. She continued this mental torture for several minutes.


When she finally tired of her little game she sat up and said in a tone of mock indignation, "Well if you're not going to respond to my sexual advances I guess I'll just have to find someone who will."


Sarah started laughing. "I'll bet Dave will go wild when I do that to him tomorrow night."


I didn't say a word. There really wasn't anything that I could say. I just stared at floor.


When I didn't take her bait, Sarah shook her head and lay back on her pillow. "Fetch my purse."


I went into the living room, got Sarah's purse, brought it into the bedroom and handed it to her.


She opened it, took out the key to my chastity cage and unlocked it. "Go into your bathroom and shave. I'm going to inspect you when you're done. I don't want to find a single strand of hair anywhere on your body except on the top of your head."


I spent the next hour shaving. When I was done I showered and returned to Sarah's bedroom. She was reading.


I knocked on the door frame. She looked up from her book, "You may enter."


I walked in.


"Stand still."


Sarah got out of bed and slowly walked around me. It was a very thorough inspection. She lifted my cock and checked my testicles. She nodded approvingly when she saw that I'd shaved them.


Finally she smiled at me and said, "Louise, you did an excellent job." She patted my pubic area. "Your little cock looks so much better without all that unsightly hair."


I bowed my head. "Thank you Ms. Raymond"


"Fetch your cage Louise. It's time to lock you up again."


I brought Sarah the chastity cage.


As she fitted it over my cock and balls she said; "Louise, this really is much better. I don't want to have to worry about you doing nasty things in your bedroom tonight."


Once my cock cage was in place Sarah lay back down on her bed. As she picked up her book she said, "Louise, I will not require your services anymore tonight. It's time for you to go to your room. I'd like to sleep in tomorrow morning so be careful not to disturb me when you get up."


As I turned to leave my wife callously added, "Close the door behind you."


As I lay in bed that I night I asked myself the obvious question. Why was I putting up with this? Why didn't I just leave? I had a good job. I could easily support myself. Our state had no fault divorce. The settlement would most likely be a fifty fifty split. Sarah and I had a lot of money. I'd end up as a very wealthy man.


It didn't take long for me to figure out the answer. Part of me was enjoying the treatment I was receiving. I've had submissive masochistic fantasies for most of my adult life. I've carefully repressed them, but they've always been there.


I'm sure that Sarah sensed these feelings. I suspect that I unconsciously perceived her sadistic desires when we first met. This was most likely one of the reasons we were originally attracted to each other.


I lay in the dark and contemplated all of this. Sarah was turning out to be much more sadistic than I would have liked, but it was only for one week. I knew I could survive this.


Dave was a bit of a complication. I knew about cuckolding, it was actually part of my secret submissive fantasy. Knowing that he was going to fuck my wife tomorrow night was really very exciting. The problem with Dave was that Sarah seemed to be quite taken with him. I feared that she might decide to divorce me in favor of him.


I knew that I loved Sarah. I wanted to stay with her. This week was very intense. I settled on the hope that after this week was over we might find a more reasonable way to live out our fantasies. I smiled to myself. I wanted to be able to sit at the dining room table and have dinner with my wife.


As I fell asleep I had one nagging fear. What would I do if Sarah found an excuse to extend the period of my punishment.






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