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Louis Makes a Decision Ch. 01-02

By Goodhusband






All of my stories are romances. They are always about people who are deeply in love with each other. Sadly, sometimes people who were once deeply in love forget about why they were originally attracted to each other. If they're lucky, they remember before it's too late.


I really don't know why Sarah married me. She's a very successful divorce attorney. I'm a college professor. Sarah's annual income approaches seven figures while mine will never reach six figures.


My wife is a thirty-seven year old brown eyed brunette beauty. At 5 feet eight inches, she's an inch taller than I am. Her large bust, narrow waist and slim hips give her a figure that draws the attention of every man she passes on the street. Sarah is a knockout. On the other hand, I'm a slender forty-two year old intellectual with slightly effeminate mannerisms.


Sarah and I have many common interests. Both of us love the opera and the symphony. We readily agree that the New York Times Crossword Puzzle and a fine cup of coffee make a wonderful combination on a Sunday morning.


Clothes are also a favorite mutual interest. Sarah and I can happily spend many hours together perusing the racks of any upscale clothing store. My wife likes to joke that I may be the perfect girlfriend.


We have a very active, albeit different sex life. My penis is tiny. I suppose the girlfriend analogy applies here as well. We've had normal intercourse two times. On both occasions I came almost immediately after I entered Sarah.


Sarah quickly decided that intercourse just wasn't the appropriate way for us to express our love. Those were her exact words. Now I spend hours on my knees licking my wife's ass and pussy while she relaxes on the bed with her eyes closed.



When we were first married, Sarah would always end a session of lovemaking by giving me a nice blow job. It never lasted more than a minute, but I always enjoyed it. About a year ago, she decided to stop sucking my cock.


One night after I'd finished licking Sarah to several orgasms she informed me of her decision. "Louis, your penis is so tiny that I don't actually get much enjoyment out of sucking it. It's really not much more interesting to me than sucking on a soda straw."


She shrugged. "I don't see how you could be getting much enjoyment from it either. You always cum in less than a minute. It really doesn't seem like it's worth the effort."


My wife smiled at me. "I think it would be much more fun for both of us if you ended our lovemaking sessions by licking my ass while you masturbate." Sarah patted my head. "Louis, if you think about it, that's a much more appropriate expression of our love for each other."


I wanted to object, but I didn't. I never objected, it was very difficult for me to argue with Sarah.


Shortly after we were married, Sarah divided our duties. She took over the complete financial management of the household. I turned my pay checks over to her. She paid the bills, managed the checking and charge accounts and took care of all of our investments. Sarah's rationale was simple. She made most of the money so she should manage it.


I now get a weekly allowance. Every Friday morning Sarah hands me an envelope with fifty dollars in it. When she gives it to me she always says, "Here you are dear; it's all yours, spend it wisely."


I was assigned all of the household chores. I do all of the cooking, cleaning and laundry.


Sarah adores this arrangement. Whenever her girlfriends Cassie and Monica come over, she facetiously refers to me as her wife. They always get a big laugh out of it.


Sarah really enjoys this aspect of our marriage. She loves to buy me frilly aprons as gifts. I now have a very large collection and she insists that I wear them whenever I'm working around the house.


She rationalizes this by saying, "Louis, I dress you in very expensive clothing. Wearing an apron is a remarkably intelligent way to keep your clothes neat and nice."


Last year for my birthday, Sarah gave me a large box of lace panties. Inside the box there was a short note.


It said:


This is the perfect gift for a wonderful wife. I expect you to throw out all of your ugly boxer shorts and start wearing these cute panties.







The next day Sarah came into the bedroom while I was throwing out my old underwear. As soon as she realized what I was doing She kissed me and said, "Louis, I wasn't really sure how you would react to this. I can't describe how pleased I am to see that you're doing it for me."


She unbuckled my belt and opened my trousers. When she saw the pale yellow panties I was wearing she grinned and said, "Baby, you're such a good little wife."


Sarah pulled my trousers all the way off and dragged me over to the bed. She lifted up her skirt and pulled her panties down. As she lay down on her stomach she said, "Louis lick my asshole. Show me that you understand exactly who the boss is in our marriage."


I obediently spread the cheeks of Sarah's gorgeous ass and started to kiss and lick her asshole. I couldn't argue with her. I could never argue with Sarah. She really was the boss.



About three months ago Sarah began spending more time with her old friends Cassie and Monica. They started going out every Thursday night. They called it girls night out. Sarah told me that they went out for dinner, drinks and gossip. At first she was always home by 10:30. It seemed pretty harmless.


About a month later Sarah went out on a Thursday night and didn't get home until 2:30 in the morning. The next day I confronted her about why she was out so late.


She looked at me and said, "It's really none of your business, but if you must know, after we finished our dinner we went to a night club and spent the evening dancing."


I was shocked. I asked, "Were you dancing with men?"


My wife laughed. "Of course we were, we're not in junior high school."


Sarah waited for me to say something more. When I didn't she sneered at me and said, "If you're done with your little interrogation, I'm hungry. Get your apron on and make me some breakfast."


I obeyed immediately.


The following week Cassie and Monica came over on Saturday afternoon. We had a pool and a patio. The three girls loved to lie in the sun, drink margaritas and gossip. As usual I was required to wait on them. It was on that particular afternoon that my wife first started referring to me as her servant.


I was bringing them their second round of margaritas when I happened to overhear Cassie ask Sarah, "Where are we going for date night this week."


The words "date night" caught my attention.


Sarah answered, "Dave wants to go to Maguire's for dinner. He says they have great steaks. He suggested that after dinner we go dancing at the 520 Club."


Monica nodded. "That would be great, Jerry loves Maguire's."


I turned.


Sarah noticed and stared at me. It seemed as though she wasn't even mildly concerned that I'd overheard what she'd just said.


I took a deep breath and asked, "Who's Dave?"


Sarah shrugged. "It's really none of your business, but if you must know he's the guy I go dancing with on Thursday nights."


For a moment Sarah and I stared at each other. There was dead silence and then Cassie and Monica started giggling. That was all it took, I folded. I sighed and retreated to safety of the house.


For the next several days neither of us mentioned Dave.


The following Thursday evening I walked into the bedroom. Sarah was getting ready to go out. She had just finished showering and was sitting at her makeup table.


I didn't know what to say so I asked a silly question. "Are you going out?"


Sarah shook her head in mock dismay. "Of course I am. You know very well that Thursday is my night out with Cassie and Monica."


"Can I sit with you while you're getting dressed?"


"Sure, but if you don't have anything better to do, why don't you make yourself useful and get me a glass of pinot grigio."


I obediently answered, "Certainly, right away."


I went into the kitchen, opened a bottle of wine and poured a glass for Sarah. I was about to pick it up when I stopped. Lately Sarah had made it clear that she preferred it when I served her wine on a tray. I found a tray and set the glass of wine on it. I was about to pick it up when I decided to surprise Sarah with a light snack. I quickly cut up an apple and sliced some cheddar cheese. I put it all on a small plate and set it on the tray next to Sarah's wine.


Once that was done, I picked up the tray and brought it to Sarah. My wife was standing up when I walked into the bedroom. She was fastening a black garter belt around her waist. Sarah smiled as I carefully set her glass of wine and the plate of apple slices and cheese on her makeup table.


As soon as I was done she looked at me and said, "Louis, you are becoming a very good servant. You really should be proud of yourself."


Pleasing my wife was very important to me. I beamed with pride as I sat down on the bed.


Sarah sat down at her makeup table and took a sip of her wine. After she set her glass down she picked up a black nylon stocking and rolled it onto her leg.


"I haven't seen you wear stockings and a garter belt for a long time. What's the occasion?"


Sarah shrugged. "Nothing really, sometimes it's just fun to feel sexy."


As Sarah rolled her second stocking onto her other leg I asked, "Where are you going for dinner tonight?"


Of course I already knew the answer. I remembered the conversation I'd overheard last Saturday. I just wanted to hear it again.


"Maguire's, it's a new place on the west side of the city."


"Who's going to be there?"


Sarah turned. She also remembered the conversation on Saturday. She stared at me for a moment and then she said, "Cassie and Monica." She paused. "Our dance partners will be there too."


"This guy Dave that you mentioned on Saturday, will he be there?"


Sarah stood and pulled a pair of thong panties on over her garter belt and nylons. "Yes of course he will, he's my dance partner."


I thought about this for a moment. I really didn't know what to say.


Sarah walked over to the bed, picked up her skirt and pulled it on. It was short, very short.


"That's a short skirt."


Sarah smiled. "Yes it is, short skirts make dancing easier."


She picked up her blouse and slipped her arms into the sleeves. She hadn't bothered to put on a brassiere first."


"You're not going to wear a bra tonight?"


"No, I think I look sexier without one." She glared at me. "I enjoy looking sexy, is that a problem for you?"


I looked at the floor and quietly said, "No I guess not."


Sarah smiled as she fastened the two bottom buttons of her blouse. I noticed that she'd left the three top buttons unfastened.


My wife looked in the mirror and then she turned around and faced me. "There, how do I look?"


The truth was, Sarah was dressed like a slut. Her short skirt looked like something a teenager would wear, her breasts spilled out of the open buttons at the top of her blouse and her eye shadow was much too dark.


Part of me wanted to protest. Part of me wanted to scream at her that no decent wife would ever dream of going out dressed like that.


Another part of me had a far different reaction. The meek submissive part of me wanted to fall on my knees and beg to be allowed to kiss Sarah's pussy before she went out.


I was torn, I couldn't decide what to say so finally I just whispered, "You look very sexy."


Sarah stared at me for a moment and then she walked over and patted my cheek. "Louis, you're very sweet."


My wife turned so that she could check her hair in the mirror one more time.


I looked at my watch. It was almost seven o'clock. "What time are Cassie and Monica going to pick you up?"


"I'm not riding with Cassie and Monica tonight. They live on the other side of town. Dave lives about a mile away. It's much more convenient for him to pick me up."


I stared at Sarah. Suddenly I said, "This is a date! Another man is picking you up at our house and taking you out for an evening of dining and dancing." I was appalled, I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.


I shook my head. "You're going out on a date!"


Sarah turned. For a moment she just stared at me and then she shrugged and said, "Yes I suppose I am. Well, there you have it. I'm going out on a date with another man." She placed her hands on her hips. It was a defiant stance. "What are you going to do about it Louis?"


I stood perfectly still. The last remnants of my manhood desperately wanted to scream, No you can't go! You're my wife, you cannot date other men. Sadly, I didn't, that part of me had long ago shriveled away. I no longer had the back bone to protest. Now all I could do was silently stare at the floor.


Sarah smirked and said, "That's what I thought you'd do."


I was completely humiliated.


A car horn sounded outside.


"That's Dave, I have to go. You don't want me to keep him waiting do you?"


Sarah walked over to me and patted the top of my head. "Don't worry Louis, I still love you."


My wife grabbed her purse. As she opened the front door she said, "Don't sit up waiting for me, I'll probably be home quite late."


Sarah stepped through the doorway and paused. "The hamper in my closet is filled with dirty lingerie; you can hand wash all of it for me this evening." She chuckled, "That should keep you from getting bored."


Sarah closed the door behind her and left.


I went to the front window and peeked out the curtain. A tall handsome man in his early forties was standing next to a Lexus. He was holding the passenger door of the car open for Sarah. I assumed that this was Dave.


My heart broke when I saw my wife walk up to this strange man, put her arms around his neck and brazenly kiss him on the lips.


After she broke off her kiss she turned and looked at the house. Sarah knew I would be watching out the window. She waved at me and got into Dave's car. I foolishly waved back.


Dave closed the car door behind her, walked around to the driver's side and got in.


A single tear rolled down my cheek as I watched this handsome man start his car, pull away from the curb and drive off with my wife.



I didn't want to give Sarah any reason to be angry with me when she came home, so as soon she and Dave drove away I went into her bedroom and found her laundry hamper. I obediently hand washed all of her dirty lingerie and hung it on the clothesline in the basement.


That took me about an hour. Once that chore was completed I went into the kitchen and made myself some dinner. I ate in front of the television. While I ate I thought about what Sarah and Dave might be doing. I looked at my watch, it was a little before 9:00. I assumed that they were just finishing their dinner. I wondered if MacGuire's did have great steaks.


As soon as I was done eating I cleaned the kitchen and washed up my dirty dishes. As I was finishing I looked at the clock again. It was 10:15.


I spent the next hour vacuuming and dusting the living room. Earlier this week Sarah had mentioned that the living room was looking a bit messy. I guess I was feeling a little insecure about Sarah's feelings towards me. I wanted to try to impress her with my skills as a husband.



At 11:30 I took a shower and put on my pajama's. Once I was ready for bed I sat down in the living room and turned on the television. I found an old movie and promptly fell asleep.


I was awakened by the a pair of automobile headlights and the sound of an engine. A car had just pulled into our driveway. I sat up and looked at the clock on the wall. It was 1:45.


Suddenly it was dark and quiet again. Someone had turned the headlights and car engine off.


I waited. When I didn't hear the sound of a car door I got up and carefully peeked out the front window. It was Dave's Lexus. The light on our front walk gave just enough illumination for me to be able to see one person's head in the front seat, but I could only see one head. I was pretty sure it was Dave and he appeared to be lying back in the driver's seat.


I watched. After a few minutes, another head appeared. This was obviously Sarah. My stomach churned when I realized what she must have been doing.


Dave handed Sarah something. She wiped her mouth with it. It must have been his handkerchief. She handed it back and they kissed. It was a long drawn out kiss. Finally they broke apart. They appeared to talk for a moment and then Sarah opened the car door and got out.


I closed the curtain and hurried back to my chair. I didn't want Sarah to know I'd been spying on her.


After a moment the front door opened and Sarah walked into the house. Her blouse was brazenly unbuttoned. Her large breasts were hanging free. She closed the door behind her and set her purse down on the table in the entrance way.


She noticed me as she walked into the living room. "Oh, you're still up."


"You're very late."


"I told you I would be."


"You sat out front in the car for a long time."


"Were you spying on me?"


"You're my wife."


"So what?"


That answer disarmed me for a moment. I wasn't sure what to say next.


Sarah noticed my confusion and said, "What's the matter wimp, cat got your tongue?"


Sarah's aggressive attitude got me even more flustered.


I started to stutter. "Wha wha what were you doing out there?"


Sarah laughed, "What do you think we were doing. Dave and I are two healthy adults of the opposite sex."


"You're a married woman!"


"Dave took me out for a nice dinner and a wonderful evening of dancing. We're not in grade school, we're adults. When a man does that for a woman he expects a little sugar when he takes her home.


Sarah walked over and patted my face. "Relax baby, all he did was kiss me and play with my tits for a little while."


"What about when you're head was in his lap?"


Sarah stared at me for a moment. "Oh you saw that." She sighed, "Okay, I did give him a blow job. Louis, Dave is a healthy adult male. You don't expect me to get him all hot and bothered and then send him on his way do you?" She shook her head, "That would be cruel."


"Why not, you do it to me all the time." I stopped. I don't know what got into me. I just blurted it out.


We both stared at each other in silence.


Finally Sarah scowled at me, "Dave's a man." She kept her eyes fixed on my eyes. Gradually I wilted and averted my gaze to the floor.


Sarah's scowl slowly turned into a smile. She defiantly placed her hands on her hips and hissed, "Now if you are finished, I am tired and I am going to bed. Your cross examination has pissed me off. Louis, I do not want to hear another word out of you until tomorrow morning."




"Not another word!"


Sarah stormed into her bedroom and slammed the door behind her.


I stood perfectly still. Waves of regret immediately started rolling through my gut. I couldn't bear having Sarah angry with me.


I quietly knocked on her bedroom door. "Sarah, I'm sorry I made you mad."


"Not another fucking word Louis!"


I got up very early Friday morning and prepared a ham and cheese quiche. It was Sarah's favorite breakfast. I made it from scratch. I'd lain awake all night trying to come up with a way to make amends to her. I couldn't bear the thought of Sarah being angry with me. This was the best plan I could devise.


While I was cooking I listened for sounds of activity from her bedroom. I heard her first footsteps just before 7:30. It was just after 8:00 when Sarah's bedroom door opened and she came out.


I was on my knees waiting for her when she walked into the living room.


Sarah looked gorgeous. She was wearing a very expensive hand tailored wool business suit. She stopped when she saw me kneeling in my lace apron. She stood perfectly still and stared at me.


I swallowed hard and said, "Sarah, I am sorry that I offended you last night. Please forgive me." I smiled at her, "I made your favorite breakfast."


Sarah continued staring at me. Gradually a very subtle smile formed on her rouged lips.


"Louis, you were incredibly rude last night. You had absolutely no business questioning my behavior."


I bowed my head. "I'm Sorry Sarah."


Sarah held up her hand and stopped me. "Louis I think that for the time being it would be better if you called me Ms. Raymond."


My last name was Mitchell. Sarah chose to keep her name when we got married.


"Yes Ms. Raymond."


Sarah walked a slow circle around me. "I am impressed by your display of remorse, but you are going to have to do more than this to atone for last night's incredibly rude behavior."


She stopped and stared at me, "Do you truly wish to make amends?"


I looked up at her. "Yes please, I will do anything."






Sarah smiled. It was a wicked smile. "Very well, if you truly wish to make amends, you can serve as my slave for one week."


I thought about this for a moment. I already did all the cooking and housework. How much worse could this possibly be? I smiled to myself, I was getting off cheap.


Deep down inside me there was also a little thrill of excitement. There has obviously always been a dominant submissive tone to our relationship. The idea of actually living it was rather enticing.


I bowed my head, "Thank you Ms. Raymond, you're being very generous."


Sarah looked at me, "You're welcome Louis." She paused. "I think you need to do something to demonstrate that you willingly accept my terms."


Sarah thought for a moment and then she smiled. "I know."


She walked over so she was standing in front of me and turned around. Sarah slowly raised the hem of her skirt to her waist, placed one hand on the back of the chair in front of her and leaned forward.


"Pull my panty hose and panties down and lick my ass."


I hesitated for a moment. I'd been licking Sarah's ass since well before we got married. The truth is I enjoyed it, but this time it somehow felt different. This time it seemed like I would be surrendering to Sarah when I did it.


I moved very slowly. The submissive part of me wanted to savor this moment. I carefully pulled Sarah's pantyhose and panties down and reverently spread the cheeks of her full round ass.


I stared at her asshole. I was both terrified and excited. I sensed that by giving her this kiss, I was relinquishing my few remaining rights as a husband and as a man.


Sarah became impatient with my delay. "Well what are you waiting for? I don't have all day."


I closed my eyes and pressed my lips against Sarah's anus.



She sighed when she felt me make contact. I kissed her for a moment, but that still wasn't enough for her.


"I believe my instructions were to lick it."


Sarah quietly cooed when she felt my tongue penetrate her asshole.


After a moment she said, "I think this might be a very interesting week."


Sarah pulled up her panties and pantyhose and pushed her skirt back down. When she walked into the dining room she saw the morning newspaper lying next to her place at the head of the table and smiled.


I poured Sarah a cup of coffee and went into the kitchen. I put a slice of quiche on a plate and poured a glass of orange juice. Sarah was reading the paper when I brought her breakfast into the dining room. I set the quiche and the glass of orange juice in front of her and politely stepped back.


Without lifting her eyes from the newspaper Sarah said, "Thank you Louis." She used the same indifferent tone that an arrogant diner might use with a waiter in a restaurant.


As soon as she finished her quiche Sarah daintily dabbed at her lips with her cloth napkin and stood up. "Louis that was very good." She smiled at me. "I've always believed that you would make an excellent servant."


I bowed politely and said, "Thank you Ms. Raymond." I was trying as hard as I could to please Sarah. I desperately wanted to get back into her good graces.


Sarah smirked at my obedient manner. "Louis, I'm pleased to see that you're being serious in your effort to atone for last night's rude behavior. I wish I could stay and pursue this further, but I have to go to work. We'll continue this when I get home tonight."


Sarah looked at me with a very wicked smile. In her most mocking tone of voice she said, "I'll see you this evening slaveboy."


My wife picked up her purse and walked to the front door. As she opened it Sarah said, "I think I would like Tuna Delmonico for dinner tonight."


I shook my head in dismay. "The sauce for that dish takes almost three hours to prepare."


She smiled, "Yes, I know it does." She stared at me, "What time does you last lecture end today?"




"Good, that will get you home by 3:30. I'll expect you to serve dinner at 7:00, that should allow plenty of preparation time."







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