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The Best of Cuckold Stories - Julie 3




“Julie” part 3

by c.w. cobblestone



Our 5th wedding anniversary fell on a Saturday. What a way to celebrate – I spent all day cleaning Kevin’s condo while he and my wife went sailing on the lake.


At least I had something to look forward to while I cleaned: The previous evening, Julie had promised me a very special anniversary present. For the first time in nine months, she was going to let me worship her vagina.


Kevin doesn’t like me going anywhere near “his woman,” so my opportunities for intimacy with my wife have pretty much died up. The closest I usually get to her is when I give her a foot massage.


But when Julie came home from shopping Friday afternoon, she was really happy with the way I’d painted the living room. Since her compliments are so few and far between, and I live for any crumb of praise she throws my way, I told her how happy I was that she liked the paint job, and I gushed about how lucky I felt to be married to her for five years.


When I mentioned our anniversary, Julie put her hand to her mouth and stifled a giggle.


“Well, sorry, Walter, I forgot all about it,” she said. “You understand, don’t you, sweetie?”


“Yes, Mistress, it’s okay.”


“It’s just that Kevin’s the man in my life now,” she explained. “That means I have to concentrate on him. I mean, seriously, it’s not exactly like you and I are really married any more, even if it is still technically legal. Right? I just never bothered to get a divorce that’s all. I haven’t thought of you as my husband in ages; you’re my slave now. If anyone’s my husband, Kevin is. Right?”


“Yes, Mistress. I understand.”


Her words cut me to the bone, but I bit my lip and fought back the tears. Julie picked up on my sadness.


“Awww, poor you. You’re such a brave little slave, aren’t you? Always sacrificing yourself for me.” She smiled patronizingly. “And I know I can be a real bitch sometimes, can’t I?”


“No, Mistress, you’re not a bitch.”


“Yes I am. To you, I am,” she replied. “But I’ll tell you what: Since you did such a good job painting my living room, and since you’ve been working so hard for me and Kevin, I’m going to give you a little treat. Tomorrow, as your anniversary present, I’m going to let you lick my pussy. How’s that?”


“Oh, my gosh!” I exclaimed. Blood rushed to my face as I fell to my knees.


“Thank you, Mistress, thank you so much! I-I-um…Mistress, thank you so much…”


Julie held up her hand. “Don’t mention it,” she smiled again. “Poor thing, how long has it been since you licked me?”


My eyes welled with tears. “Nine months, Mistress.”


She chuckled. “Awwww, my poor little slave is crying. Walter, you know Kevin doesn’t like you licking me; that’s why you don’t get to do it more often. But I know; it’s hard for you, isn’t it? Life just isn’t fair, is it?”


I didn’t know what to say. “Um…I don’t know. I just want whatever you want, Mistress.”


“That’s the right answer,” she said patting me on my cheek. “But forget about mean old Kevin – tomorrow, we’re going to give you a treat!”


“Um, Mistress?”


“Yes, Walter?”


“Is it okay if I give you your gift now, instead of waiting until tomorrow?” This was an emotional moment for me, and I wanted to keep it going.


“Sure, bring it here.”


I scurried into the basement and retrieved the diamond bracelet I’d bought her, and the card which bore the carefully-penned message I’d spent hours composing.


I presented the wrapped jewelry box and the card like a proud three-year-old showing a drawing to his mommy. Julie glanced at the card briefly and tossed it aside without even reading my message. She then opened her gift, and to my further dismay she obviously wasn’t impressed.


“It’s nice, but it’s a little too gaudy, don’t you think?” she put the bracelet on her wrist and crinkled her nose at it. “I mean, I don’t ever get dressed up enough to wear something like this. It’s too showy.”


Noticing my sadness, she added, “but it’s the thought that counts, Walter. Thank you. Did you keep the receipt? Maybe I can take it back and exchange it.”


“Yes, Mistress, I kept the receipt,” I mumbled sadly.


“How much did you pay for it?” she asked with a glint in her eye.




“Oh, good,” she said. “That should be enough for me to get something for myself, and maybe buy Kevin something, too.”


I had to fight back the tears as she continued rambling.


“Maybe I’ll get him a gold necklace; I always liked how a nice gold necklace looks on a man’s hairy chest.” She either didn’t know how much she was hurting me, or else she didn’t care. She took off the bracelet I’d bought her and tossed it onto the coffee table next to the card she didn’t read.


I stood there lamely for a few seconds, and then asked, “Um, is there anything else I can do for you, Mistress, or should I go back to cleaning?”


“No, I’m done with you,” she said, pushing the card and her new bracelet away from her. “Clean this stuff up and put that bracelet somewhere with the receipt.”


“Yes, Mistress. And…Mistress?”


“Yeah, Walter?” Julie sighed, obviously annoyed with me now.


“I just wanted to say, I don’t know how to thank you, Mistress, for – for letting me worship you for our anniversary.”


“Okay, now you’re repeating yourself. Go on back to your cleaning, Walter. Kevin will be here soon. He’s spending the night, and we’re going to leave for the lake first thing in the morning. So make sure you get everything packed tonight.”


“Yes, Mistress.”


I walked on eggshells the rest of the evening, making sure I did nothing that would cause Julie to change her mind. When Kevin arrived I bent over backward to make sure he was comfortable, too. He noticed my extra enthusiasm.


“What gives, Waldo?” he asked as I was serving him a cold beer. “You’ve got a little pep in your step tonight; if I didn’t know better, I’d swear you were trying to get your heart rate going and maybe lose some of that blubber off of your ass.”


I faked a smile as I set his beer down in front of him. I desperately wanted to avoid the subject of why I was so eager to please. If Kevin found out Julie had given me permission to lick her vagina the next day, there was a chance he might put the kibosh on the whole thing.


Luckily, nothing else was said about my mood. Julie sat on the couch next to her lover, but she was engrossed in a magazine article and she hadn’t even heard my conversation with Kevin. I retrieved his empty beer bottle and got the hell out of there as quickly as I could. And for the rest of the evening I toned down my brown-nosing and just served them like normal.


Kevin and Julie went to bed fairly early Friday night in anticipation of their boating trip, leaving a 7 a.m. wakeup call. I crashed shortly after they retired. I knew I had a long day ahead of me, too. Saturday was my day to clean Kevin’s condo, and that’s always a lot of work. So as soon as I’d packed everything for Julie and Kevin’s boating trip, I trudged to my lonely room in the basement and hit the hay.


I awoke at 6:20 a.m. Saturday morning and immediately began fixing breakfast for my wife and her lover. Everything was ready by 6:50, so I sat down and enjoyed a cup of coffee, watching the clock tick away the last few minutes until it was time to wake them up.


At precisely one minute to seven, I lugged the breakfast tray up the stairs and stood outside my wife’s bedroom door for a few seconds before setting the tray onto the hallway table and cautiously opening the door.


“Uh, Mistress? Sir? It’s 7 a.m.” I said in a quiet, respectful tone. I turned on the bedroom light.


Mistress rolled over and glared at me through sleepy, angry eyes. “Turn that goddamn light off!” she snapped. I nearly tripped as I hastily turned and flicked off the switch.


“Turn the table lamp on; nobody wants that bright overhead light shining in their eyes first thing in the morning, dumbass!” she snarled, rubbing her eyes. I obeyed, and then retreated to the hall to get the breakfast tray. Julie must’ve been in a cranky mood, I thought – she never complained about my turning on the light before.


I stood at the foot of their bed holding the tray while they gathered themselves. Kevin yawned and scratched his balls while Julie stretched, causing the thin silver strap of her nightgown to slide off her creamy shoulder.


“Hold on for a minute; I’ve gotta go pee,” Julie told me. She rolled out of bed and brushed past me, obviously in a hurry.


I felt awkward standing there holding the tray, while Kevin was kicked back on the pillows with his hands clasped behind his head like a king. I bowed my head and listened to the sound of Julie tinkling in the master bathroom.


Kevin finally noticed me standing there.


“Listen, Waldo, when you go over to my place today, make sure you spray some of that carpet foamy stuff on the living room rug; I spilled beer in there the other night when the guys were over,” he said. “In fact, why dontcha go to the store and rent a steam cleaner? That way you can really get the carpet good.”


“Yes, sir.”


“And make sure you polish the chrome on my Harley this time,” he continued. “Last week it looked dull. That’s inexcusable. You hear?”


“Y-yes, sir. I’m sorry, sir.”


“Sorry, my ass. Don’t let it happen again, dickweed” he said firmly.


“No, sir, I won’t, sir.”


Julie returned to the bedroom and then Kevin threw back the covers and climbed out of bed. He ambled past me toward the bathroom, his big dick swinging with each step.


The tray was getting kind of heavy and I was happy to hear Julie say, “Well, don’t just stand there, I’m starving.”


I set the tray down at the foot of the bed, and then fetched their individual trays from the bedroom closet. I set Julie’s tray on her lap and she immediately began digging into the country omelet and hash browns I’d prepared for her. She held the fork in her right hand while using her left hand to work the TV remote.


I cast a furtive glance into the bathroom, where Kevin was still in the middle of a protracted morning piss. I drew a breath.


“Uh…um…happy anniversary, Mistress,” I said quietly, not wanting Kevin to hear.


“Oh, yeah, you too,” she said absent-mindedly, her mouth full of food as she surfed through the television channels. How romantic.


Kevin moseyed back into the bedroom and joined his girlfriend on the bed. I was Johnny on the Spot, setting up his personal breakfast tray and then serving him his farmer’s omelet.


“Where’s the ketchup for the hash browns, dumbass?” Kevin said as I poured his coffee.


“Oh! I’m sorry, sir, I left it in the kitchen! I’m so sorry. I’ll get it right away, sir. I am so sorry!”


Kevin shook his head. “It’s so hard to get good help nowadays,” he said dryly. Julie sniffed.


In a matter of seconds I was back in the bedroom with the ketchup bottle. I was scared to death of pissing Kevin off, lest Julie change her mind about letting me lick her vagina.


Luckily, after Kevin snatched the ketchup bottle from me he forgot about my absent-minded mistake.


As always, I knelt on the carpet with my head bowed while my masters enjoyed their breakfast. I was called upon twice for coffee refills, but otherwise I was ignored as they watched television and talked about their upcoming trip to the lake.


After they finished breakfast they roused out of bed and got dressed while I washed their dirty dishes. They left the house at about 8:10, after I packed everything for their outing into the Hummer. They’d wanted to hit the road by 8, but Julie’s notoriously slow when she’s getting ready to go somewhere, so their leaving ten minutes late wasn’t really bad at all.


When the dishes were finished, I drove to the hardware store and rented a carpet cleaning machine. Including the carpet shampoo, it set me back $75. A wave of resentment ran through me as I swiped my credit card, paying for the privilege of shampooing Kevin’s carpet while he cavorted on the lake with my precious Julie.


As usual, it took all day to clean Kevin’s place. It actually took about an hour more than usual because I had to do the carpet. And, of course, the place was a complete pig sty.


But the day flew by; all I could think about was Julie’s promise to allow me to lick her vagina.


“Her vagina.” When I thought about my wife’s private parts, which was often, I tried to use the word “vagina” in my mind, since she doesn’t like me to refer to it any other way. Whenever the word “pussy” would inadvertently pass through my brain, I felt pangs of guilt. How pathetic: I wasn’t even allowed to think of my wife’s pussy as a pussy.


By 5:30 p.m., Kevin’s condo was spotless, and I was absolutely exhausted. I returned the carpet cleaner to the store and then slogged home. I wasn’t sure how long Julie and Kevin were going to be gone, but I was confident they wouldn’t be returning for a while. So I figured I’d lie down on the couch and take a little nap.


Unfortunately, that “little nap” turned into a four-hour snore-fest. I might have been zonked out even longer if I hadn’t been awakened by the front door opening.


“What are you doing asleep, Walter?” my wife asked in a bitchy tone as she and her lover sauntered arm-in-arm into the house. “Get your fat ass off the couch and unpack the Hummer. I can’t believe you haven’t started on dinner yet.”


“Yeah, I’m fucking starving!” Kevin chimed in. “Here I’m thinking I’m going to get to enjoy a nice, big dinner after a day on the lake, and all the while, instead of cooking, he’s laying on his fat ass asleep.”


I wanted to cry. How was I supposed to know they wanted dinner? Nobody told me. They’re so damned unfair sometimes. They expect me to be a mind-reader, and no matter how hard I work for them, it never seems to be enough.


I tried not to look at my masters as I slipped past them and went to unpack the Hummer. I prayed my falling asleep wouldn’t cause Julie to change her mind, but I had a bad feeling about it.


Once the car was unpacked, I rushed into the living room and fell to my knees in front of the couch, where Julie and Kevin were reclining.


“I’m so sorry I fell asleep,” I pleaded. “But I can have dinner whipped up in a jiffy, what would you like me to make for you?”


“I dunno,” Julie mused. “What do you think, honey?”


“Got any steaks?” Kevin asked his girlfriend.


“I don’t know, ask him,” she said; then she asked me, “Do we have any steaks?”


“Yes, Mistress, we do. I can have them ready in no time, Mistress.”


“Then get your fat ass in the kitchen, and get to cookin’,” Kevin said, picking up the remote.


“Y-yes, sir!”


Dinner was uneventful; I spent it on my knees listening to them talk about their boating trip. After the meal, I served drinks in the living room. Julie was getting frisky. She was kneading Kevin’s crotch and licking his earlobe when I set her drink down on the table in front of her.


“Being out in the sun always makes me horny,” she mewed. “Let’s go upstairs.”


“Mmmm, baby, you don’t have to tell me twice,” Kevin said.


“Bring our drinks upstairs,” Julie called over her shoulder at me as she walked hand-in-hand with Kevin across the living room. I retrieved their glasses and followed respectfully behind them up the stairs and into the master bedroom.


They plopped onto the bed and began removing each others’ clothes as I set their drinks on their respective nightstands. Then I slinked quietly out of the bedroom, knowing they wouldn’t want to be bothered while they were having sex. I’m not one of those cuckolds who gets to stay and watch, that’s for sure! They don’t want me anywhere near them when they’re making love.


I sat downstairs watching TV and listening to the chorus of shrieks and grunts. I was on pins and needles wondering if Julie was still going to allow me to lick her. I knew if she was going to do it, it would have to be right after Kevin fucked her, because I knew they’d had a long day and probably wouldn’t stay awake for long after they made love. But I was so looking forward to licking my wife’s vagina, the prospect of eating Kevin’s cum out of it wasn’t as bad as it normally would have been.


Finally, after about an hour, I heard both of them scream out their climaxes. A few minutes of silence followed. Then I heard Kevin bellow, “Yo, we need towels in here!”


I literally ran up the stairs and retrieved two clean, white hand towels from the hallway closet. I gently knocked on the bedroom door.


“Come in,” my wife called sleepily.


The scent of sex hit me in the face as I walked into their sacred bedroom. The bedsheets were a tangled mess. Then my eyes rested on my beautiful Julie; her head rested on Kevin’s chest, and her hair cascaded over his torso like a silk blonde waterfall. His arm was draped over her shoulder while he nuzzled his nose in the nape of her neck.


When they saw me, they each rolled over and accepted the hand towels I presented. Kevin swiped his crotch a few times, and then threw the towel in my general direction. It fluttered to the carpet, and I scurried to pick it up.


I cradled Kevin’s cum-towel in my hands and watched sadly as Julie wiped her lover’s sperm from her pussy. When she was done, she casually handed me the stained towel and then turned toward Kevin and began lightly kissing him.


Tears formed in my eyes. “(sniff) Is there anything else I can do for you, Mistress or sir? (sniff)”


Julie noticed me crying. “What the hell are you sniveling about?” she snapped.


“Um…well, it’s just that….well, Mistress, do you remember what you said I could have for our anniversary?”


She giggled. “Oh, yeah, that’s right. I forgot.”


Kevin was puzzled. “What’s he talking about? What did you say he could have for your anniversary?”


“Well, Walter really did a good job painting the living room, and he’s been working so hard serving us, so I figured he’s earned a few brownie points. I told him I’d let him lick me for a minute,” my wife said.


I held my breath while Kevin contemplated what Julie had just told him. “I don’t know,” he mused. “Baby, you know I don’t want anyone else to have you in any way – even if it is only the fatass’s tongue. That’s my pussy, and I don’t want to share it with anyone.”


“I know, honey, of course it’s your pussy,” she said, reaching down and stroking her vagina. “That’s why he never gets to lick me anymore. But I thought he’s been working so hard, he should get a treat – but if you don’t want him to, it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other.”


I looked hopefully at Kevin, who regarded me with a twinkle in his eye. It felt like I was standing there for two hours.


Finally, he said, “Y’know, Waldo, I think the little woman is right – you have been working hard lately,” he said. “You do deserve a treat.”


I fell to my knees. “Oh, sir, thank you, sir! Thank you so much for allowing me to lick my mistress’s beautiful vagina.”


“Whoa now, hold up, Waldo, nobody said anything about you licking her ‘beautiful vagina’!” Kevin leered. “I mean, after all, you did fuck up dinner tonight. I was hungry as hell, and you made me wait.”


“Sir, I’m so sorry about that…”


“Zip it Waldo,” Kevin said. “It doesn’t matter anyway. Nobody touches my woman’s pussy. But I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.” He pointed to the cum-stained towels I held in my hands.


“You can’t have Julie’s pussy, but I’ll let you have the next-best thing: I give you permission to lick the towels clean,” he said. Julie busted out laughing and playfully hit her boyfriend in the arm.


“Kevin, you are sooooo mean!” she squealed, obviously delighted at how her boyfriend was humiliating me. “Poor Waldo.”


“Poor Waldo, my ass! I’m not being mean – after all, you did use one of those towels to wipe your ‘precious princess Mistress vagina,’ so it’s still got your taste on it,” he said. “And I used the other towel to wipe off my dick, which still had your precious pussy juices all over it. So it’ll be an honor for him to lick those towels clean. Won’t it, Waldo?”


“Yes, sir,” I said sadly. I lowered my head and brought the towel Julie had used to wipe her vagina toward my face. I started to lick it but she stopped me.


“Ewww, Walter, take those towels out of the bedroom and go do that shit somewhere else,” she said. “I don’t want to watch you licking cum off a goddamn towel, that’s nasty. Get out of here.”


Kevin chuckled as I crept out of their bedroom. “You’re right honey, poor Waldo just can’t catch a break. Can ya, Waldo?”


“Um, I don’t know, sir,” I whispered. I didn’t know what else to say -- and besides, those were the only words I was able to croak out. By the end of that short sentence, I was openly bawling.


Julie and Kevin didn’t seem to notice; they were once again focused on each other. I quietly closed the door and went downstairs to my lonely room.


A tear fell onto the yellow-stained white towel as I slowly brought it to my face…








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