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The Best of Cuckold Stories - Julie 2





“Julie” part 2

by c.w. cobblestone




I was up to my elbows in soapy dishwater and my eyes were filled with tears. I tried to concentrate on scrubbing the pots and pans, but it was no use – I just couldn’t block out the throbbing pain in my nose.


My misery was caused by a roach clip that dangled from the skin between my nostrils. I didn’t have the guts to remove it. What a wimp I was.


I was startled out of my silent soliloquy of self-pity when I heard my wife’s voice bellow: “Walter! What are you doing?”


With the water running I hadn’t heard the front door open. I hastily turned off the faucet, wiped my hands on a dishtowel, and rushed into the living room. An icy pang of sadness shot through me when I saw that Kevin was sitting on the couch next to Julie. I sighed and shuffled submissively across the carpet. I bowed my head as I approached them.


When Kevin noticed the roach clip affixed to my nose, he busted out laughing.


“Oh, shit, that must hurt!” he said. “Ouch!” Then, turning to Julie, he said, “Jeez, girl, you come up with some crazy-ass punishments! What did poor Waldo do this time?”


Julie sneered at me. “Tell Kevin what you did, Walter.”


I wanted to die.


“Um…I….I –“


I couldn’t get the words out.


“Tell him.” Her voice was more forceful.


“Um…I…I looked at Mistress Julie’s vagina in a lustful manner while I was getting her ready for your date, sir,” I croaked.


Kevin threw back his head and busted up laughing. “Can’t see as how I blame you, Waldo,” he chortled. “She does have a pretty little pussy, doesn’t she?”


I wasn’t sure how to answer, so I just kind of cleared my throat and hoped that would suffice.


Julie playfully nudged her lover in the ribs. “Stop it, Kevin,” she chided. “Seriously, I don’t want him ogling me. I was shaving my legs and he was supposed to be shining my shoes and I caught him staring right between my legs.”


“All I’m sayin’ is, I don’t blame the poor wimp for looking at your pussy – I’m sorry; make that your precious ‘vagina,’” he corrected himself, mocking the word I must always use when referring to my wife’s genitalia.


“Screw you, buddy,” Julie kidded back. “My vagina IS precious.”


Kevin suddenly began tickling Julie under her arm, causing her to squeal.


“You think you’re a just hot little bitch, don’t you?” he asked as Julie squirmed in a futile attempt to escape his mischievous fingers. “You think that little pussy of yours is made out of gold, don’t you?”


“Yes! And you think that cock of yours is God’s gift to the world,” Julie said between giggles.


“My cock IS God’s gift to the world!” Kevin retorted. He grunted as she managed to wiggle out of his grip, although her freedom only lasted instant an before he pinned her shoulders and started tickling her again.


I felt like an idiot standing there fidgeting while they wrestled on the couch and tossed good-natured barbs at each other. Finally they tired of the game, and the grappling morphed into a kiss. I averted my eyes; I certainly didn’t want to be accused of “ogling” them while they made out.


After a few minutes, they broke their kiss, and Julie addressed me.


“We need drinks in here, Walter,” she said, her voice taking a drastic turn from the lilting, feminine tone she’d used only moments earlier with her lover.


“Yes, Mistress.”


I was back in an instant. I served Julie her Amaretto Rose and then handed Kevin his usual Sam Adams.


“Thanks,” he said. “Oh, by the way, Waldo, my condo’s in bad shape; I had the guys over the other night to watch the game. You need to get over there asap – I don’t want to wait until next Saturday.”


“Yes, sir.” I gritted my teeth. Saturday was my usual day for cleaning Kevin’s condo, but now he’d just tacked an extra day of work to my already busy schedule. Scrubbing his condo from top to bottom the way he and Julie insist I do it takes a good six or seven hours.


“Oh, and you know what? Tomorrow you need to pick me up three tickets for the Bears game,” Kevin added. Then he told Julie, “Roy’s cousin is coming to town this weekend, and Roy says he’s a big football fan; he wanted to take him to the game Sunday.”


“Cool, maybe Diana and I will go shopping,” she said.


“Just as long as you buy something sexy for me,” Kevin said, leaning in and kissing her neck. My wife purred. Then she opened her eyes and caught my gaze.


“Walter, get the hell out of here,” she snarled. “Nobody wants you standing there watching us kiss. Go back to whatever you were doing.”


Kevin guffawed. “Yeah, you perv,” he called after me as I sadly walked out of the room. “Keep ogling your mistress, and I’ll put a roach clip on your little dinky!”





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