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How I Became Chastized Cuckold, part 5

by Gizzard





A few nights ago, I had experienced a handful of things for the first time. My balls were drained of their contents without having an orgasm, I licked my own cum from a tray and swallowed the entire load, and to top it all off, I had a butt plug shoved roughly inside my abused anus and had to endure its invasion for a few hours before being allowed to remove it.


When we arrived home that night, we were both exhausted from the excitement of the evening. Barely a word exchanged but we spent twenty minutes while laying in bed holding each other close and passionately kissing one another. Our world was at peace. My wife was happy with our arrangement, as was I, even though tasting my own sperm threw me for a loop, and I felt loved without the need for physical ties. I felt love in everything my beautiful wife did.


Neither of us introduced the topic of what occurred the other night for a few days. I didn't want her to feel like I was prying for information on what occurred while I was blindfolded and Jana wasn't sure that I was Ok with all that transpired. Madam Sara obviously took it further that Jana thought she would. Finally sitting on couch watching TV, both of us naked to the bone, she cuddled close to me and braved the subject that had been tearing her up inside.


"Baby," my wife said to me with glossy eyes, "I owe you an apology for the other night. I had no idea that Sara would take things that far. I knew she was a very dominate woman from my conversations with her, I just didn't realize she would treat you like her own, especially making you lick up your own cum and eat all of it. I just stood there, dazed and petrified, as she told you to do it, but something came over me. I got so turned on at the thought of you doing it that something inside me took over and to make matters worse, I punished you severely for not doing it. I am very sorry baby."


"You do not have to be sorry Jana," I said as I wiped a tear from her cheek. "I realized that the night would become all too real for me as soon as you told me that Sara would be teaching you. When you told me to be respectful, I resigned myself to becoming as submissive as I could possibly be. I should have been prepared. Some of the stories I read ended with the man consuming his own cum, I just didn't think I would be forced to do it. You do not have to be sorry for anything. You wanted me to do something and I should have done it immediately. If I had known this was burning a hole in you I would have reassured you sooner that I was alright with everything that happened."


"So it is alright with you that you had to swallow your own load?" my wife asked beginning to perk up.


"Yes Mistress," I told her seriously, "I may not have enjoyed it but I should not have hesitated to follow your command. Does this mean that you are going to take away the punishment?"


"Oh no," she said her eyes narrowing, "When I issue punishment it stays. Two months extra is tacked onto your chastity period. It might even be good for you. I thank you for being so wonderful. You always put me at ease even if something I did made you suffer."


She gave me a tight, loving hug, her breasts mashed between our bodies and kissed me like we were making out in the back seat after the high school prom.

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"I am glad you were alright with everything that happened," Jana said to me, her hand squeezing my balls gently, "because we are going to continue doing them. You will clean up after yourself anytime I allow your cummies to leave those swollen testicles and you will thank me for being allowed to do so. It makes me so hot to think about you licking up your own mess. I remember how many times you begged me to let you cum in my mouth and swallow. I never allowed you to and now it is me who wants you to swallow and you actually do it," My wife said laughing heartily.


Life as normal, at least normal for us, continued over the next two months. At least once a week we would make a trip to Madam Sara's store so I could pick out new lingerie and sexy outfits for her to wear. Madam Sara would always close the store to allow me to shop in the nude as Jana joined her in the comfortable seating, chatting about life and exchanging secrets, I presumed. The nurse's outfit was the first one I bought for her and became her official milking outfit. Whenever the sexy white leather was stretched over her gorgeous body, I knew that I would be getting drained that night. I came to look forward to seeing her dressed as my sperm removal specialist. We also purchased a multitude of restraints for my Mistress to use on me at anytime, but mainly for tying me down to the milking bench that I made with my own hands, using the one in Madam Sara's dungeon as a model.


I sometimes wondered if I should pick her sexy outfits a bit more carefully as she continued to dress more provocatively when she left the house. Her skirts steadily grew shorter, and her blouses tighter and more sheer. I feared that her attire would offend someone at her workplace, but the truth of it was that I made more than enough money to support us with my job, and if she ended up being fired, it wouldn't hurt us financially. I caught the neighbors staring and practically drooling as she walked down the entry, swaying her ass rhythmically as she made her way to the car. How many of them were trying to steal peaks through my windows at night? Well if they do, they will be in for a rude surprise when they see me walk past.


Jana looked forward to my milking sessions as well. One night after she had spent an hour working my prostate with her fingers and the wand, coaxing so much jizz out of me that I didn't think I could consume it all, she left me tied to the bench and inserted a large butt plug before pacing the room and telling me how she felt.


"You have no idea how powerful it makes me feel to drain your balls this way," she said as she pulled off the rubber gloves. "You, my loving husband are restrained before me, unable to protect yourself, your ass pointed up in the air at me, and you poor denied cock swaying below you unguarded. Perhaps I should take Madam Sara's advice and see how you deal with a little bit of cock and ball torture. If I chose to do so, there isn't a damn thing you could do about it in your current state," she said slapping my balls lightly causing me to jump.


"But you have been so good and made very few mistakes that I find it difficult to punish you for them," she digressed. "Just keep in mind that I will not hesitate to get a few extra pointers from her if you start slacking off. I highly recommend you endeavor to start licking up your cum faster. I know your tongue is talented enough to do it, but you continue to hesitate in taking the first taste every time I drain you. I love watching you eat your own spunk from a tray like a dog and your hesitation disappoints me. If you don't improve I will buy a ball vise and a parachute and then we will see how quickly you learn."


"Please forgive me Mistress," I pleaded. "I am trying to do it quickly. I have to overcome a notion in my head that tells me it is wrong. I will try harder and I understand that if you feel I need to be punished, you will do so for my own good."


She smiled at me and she tenderly cleaned my cock before securing the cage on my cock and releasing my bonds, but leaving the plug inside me for the remainder of the night.


As the weeks flew by, I continued to pleasure her glorious pussy at the drop of the dime, mostly with my mouth and fingers, but every so often, she would make me get Leroy and give her a nice deep fucking. Not a night went by in which she was left unsatisfied and I was devoted to continue that record. She always rewarded me with tender kisses and caressing my body as we cuddled together.


About three months since my last orgasm, I came home from a relatively good day at work. I had secured a few important contracts, at a slight cost to myself, and my boss was extremely happy with my performance. She actually mentioned that she wished the company had more dedicated employees like myself. I had to laugh to myself. If there were more like me, there would be entirely too much stored up testosterone confined in the office.


I entered my house and removed my clothing before I noticed Jana coming down the stairs. I don't know how she does it, but she always finds a way to make my confined dick aspire to achieve an erection. She was dressed in a leather fetish outfit consisting of an open bra with crossed chrome chains across her breasts that did nothing to offer any support to her perky tits, coupled with a pair of panties outlined in leather, the patch covering her pussy was transparent plastic, slightly fogged from the moisture between her legs. Encasing her toned legs was a set of patent leather boots that laced all the way up her smooth, pale thighs and had six-inch chrome heels that sharpened into a spike at the end. A tight choker strung the entire width of her neck finished out the outfit.


"Get down on your hands and knees and follow me up the stairs slave," she commanded me in a cold voice.


I dropped on all fours and crawled across the hardwood floor like an animal and up the stairs, looking up and seeing her beautiful ass sway up the stairs before me. I followed her into the bedroom and immediately noticed all the restraints out and ready. I really want to be a fly on the wall to find out what Madam Sara is teaching her. She gestured to the bed and I crawled onto it, laying on my back perfectly still.


She began to attach cuffs to my wrists and ankles, along with thigh cuffs, a belt around my waist, and a heavy collar. She proceeded to attach lengths of rope to each cuff and points along the bed. When she was done, my arms were stretched above my head, my legs spread wide, and my neck and waist pulled tightly close to the bed. There was very little play in the ropes and I was at her mercy.


"We are going to try something different tonight," she whispered, leaning close to my ear. "Do you know what edging is?"


"Yes Mistress," I replied, my breathing heavy, "It is when you constantly bring me very close to orgasm but do not actually allow me to have one. You keep doing it over and over."


"That is correct my little slave hubby," she exclaimed, excitement showing in her hazel eyes. "Tonight I am going to bring you to the edge until I have you skating the line of insanity. If you didn't force me to punish you, tonight would have been a release day for you. Instead, you will go to bed frustrated beyond belief and have two and a half more months of captivity to look forward to."


"I am warning you," she said sternly, no trace of a smile on her face, "you better not spurt your cummies on me. If you do not control yourself, I will put the cage back on immediately and you will endure one year without so much as skin on skin contact the entire time. In addition, I will send you to Madam Sara for a weekend and tell her to really let you have it. I have no doubt she will take you places that I, physically, never could. You may tell me when you are getting close if I fail to recognize the signs."


"I understand Mistress," I replied respectfully, "I will not allow myself to have a pleasurable orgasm because you do not wish me to have one."


She wasted no more time on talk and unlocked my cage, removing it roughly before grabbing my balls and squeezing very tightly, causing me to lose my breath, a stifled scream escaping my lips. She lubed up her hand and began stroking my rapidly hardening cock slowly and tightly.

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My god it felt so good to get some attention after three months of captivity and denial. Even though I knew this was going to lead to more frustration, and quite possibly a bad case of blue balls, I was going to enjoy every measured stroke.


She continued to slowly pump my dick, pausing every now and then to rub the sensitive head and tug on my balls and scrotum. She would twist her hand and drag her nails along the underside of my flesh. She varied speed and pressure, sometimes using both hands, covering my entire length, to jerk me off. After ten minutes of her loving attention, I felt my balls begin to tense up and my breathing became shallow. Just one microsecond from the point where I would have to speak up, she stopped and let my lightly throbbing member fall against my stomach. She threw a bag of Ice and water on my cock before leaving the room.


I lay there as the freezing bag worked its magic on bringing my erection under control and causing my balls to relax. After five minutes, I was twisting in my bonds, desperate to throw the baggie of my shrunken dick but my bonds were so tight that the very little movement I was able to achieve did nothing to rid myself of the cold sensation. Relenting, I aspired to turn my thoughts to anything else to distract from the discomfort, but it accomplished nothing.


After about fifteen minutes, my scantily clad Mistress returned to the room and removed the bag from my groin. The cool air of the room felt like an oven around my cock. She started to blow on my genitals and the shrunken appendage began to respond immediately.


"Well, that was the first of the night. Let's see how quickly I can take you to the brink with a nice sloppy blowjob," she said seductively as she started the lick the length of my now engorges penis.


She took all five-inches into her mouth and sucked me like a professional, stopping occasionally to swirl her tongue over the sensitive head of my dick, driving me wild. After three minutes, I had a pool of her saliva laying at the base of my cock where my pubic hair used to reside. I felt my balls begin to tense but she continued to engulf my throbbing cock with her warm mouth. I tensed my muscles tighter than I ever had to stop the cum from starting its travel up my cock.


"Please stop!" I cried out. "I can't hold back much longer."


She spit out my dick, slapped my balls hard, and threw the baggie of ice water on my cock again before blowing me a kiss and leaving the room. It took five minutes before I was able to bring my breathing under control. My abdominal muscles hurt from being flexed so tightly and my privates once again endured the chilling sensation. It was at least twenty minutes before she returned again.


"This baggie of ice water really does the trick," she said after removing the bag." I can't believe how much your cock shrinks, I mean, it's nothing but a stub sticking out after I remove the bag. You wouldn't be able to fuck a mouse with it."


My cock started to harden in response to her talking about how small my dick was. I won't say that humiliation is a huge turn on for me, but the part of cuckolding where the wife compares the large size of her lover's cock to her husband's small penis does get me worked up.


She lubed up her hand again and began stroke my hardening cock again, doing it extremely slowly, each pump lasting ten seconds or more before pausing for about thirty seconds and continuing. She took this time to talk to me.


"I bet this feels really good baby, doesn't it?" she asked me.


"Yes Mistress, it feels absolutely wonderful even though I know it won't result in an orgasm for me," I replied truthfully.


"Well it could result in an orgasm for you," she said looking at me with a devilish grin. "You can spray your load if you want to, only there are consequences for doing so. You have been denied for three months. You can cum today but then you will have to go four times as long and, of course, deal with whatever Sara would do to you."


My mind was quickly turning to mush. She was trying to tease me to cum so she could punish me. My brain kicked the idea back and forth like a devil and angel sitting on each shoulder. I had to resist the temptation to shoot my load. Just two and a half months to go until release.


"No Mistress," I told her with a determined voice, "I do not want to fail the task of going five and a half months without an orgasm that you asked me to complete. Even though it feels so good, and I know my balls will begin to ache soon, I have to hold myself back for you."


She straddled my hips and pulled her transparent panties to the side. She began to rub my sensitive head against her slick pussy lips, just a fraction of an inch from entering her pleasure hole.

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"Here is your last chance baby. Just say the word and I will sink myself down on your cock and ride you until you spray me down. What if I wanted you to cum tonight just so I could make you endure zero orgasms for an entire year? Would you change your mind then?" she asked me deviously.


"If you wanted me to cum tonight," I began, "there is little I can do about it. You will prevail no matter what I decided. However, I humbly request that you allow me to complete five and a half months before I can cum. If you wish for me to go one year, you can make my next period of frustrating denial as such. I personally think one year is too long and will not be as much a turn on for me, but what I think does not matter. The only thing that matters is your desires."


She dismounted me and continued to slowly masturbate me as she looked into my eyes, evaluating my last comment. Her other hand started to gently squeeze and massage my ball sack, the pressure once again building in my nuts. She stopped stroking and threw my cock to the side moments before I reached climax, utilizing the freezing cold bag to bring me under control.


"Congratulations hubby, you passed the test," she commended me before leaving me and my shrinking erection to ourselves. My balls now began to ache as if someone was constantly squeezing them. I knew right away that this was the beginning of blue balls.


Twenty minutes later, she returned to the bedroom. She removed the ice, now mostly melted, and lubed up her hand. As my cock began to grow again she started to jerk my cock furiously, so fast that only thirty seconds passed before my sore balls began to throb again.

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"Stop! Please don't make me cum! Please stop Mistress!" I begged and pleaded.


"If that is truly what you wish," she said letting my throbbing cock fall unfulfilled to my stomach. "Just remember this. You asked me, nay begged me, not to make you cum hubby."


She stormed out of the room without using the baggie and turned off the light, leaving me lay in darkness, the slightest movement making my balls feel like they were being punched. I was now blue balled and was thankful to be left alone, as time was the only thing to cure the pain.


About an hour later she finally returned to the bedroom carrying a small canvas bag with a string tie at the top. When she shook the bag it sounded like small rocks clicking together.


"How do your frustrated balls feel honey," she asked me in a child like voice.


"My balls are causing me pain Mistress," I replied honestly. "The slightest movement feels like they are being squeezed in a vice or being punched by a boxing glove. You have officially given me blue balls."


"Good," she said shortly, "I hoped you would learn what it feels like to have your balls so full of pent up sperm that even air can hit you like a cannon. What I have in my hand is a bag full of marbles. When you came in the house today you left your clothes in a pile near the door and now your swollen nuts will pay the price."


"Oh shit," I thought. What she was saying was true, I had finally slipped up on something.


She slipped the canvas bag over my ball sack and pulled the strings tight, yanking them in opposite directions and trapping my abused testicles within the bag. Tying the strings alone had me in agony, but as she began to move the marbles around in the palm of her hand, I learned what agony was. I screamed out and strained against my restraints as I experienced what it would feel like to have ten sets of fingers squeezing each testicle at once. She giggled as she worked the marbles around each tender testicle.


"Struggle all you want hubby," she told me harshly. "You will endure this for as long as I deem necessary. You will learn not to make mistakes or I will help you learn. If I need to get really rough, I will take you to see Madam Sara. You have no idea of the wild things she tells she has done to men."


After ten minutes, I could not stand anymore and was at my breaking point. I was about to tell her I wanted to end our chastity agreement when she suddenly stopped and removed the bag. I wheezed as I tried to draw in breath, my stomach a series of tangled knots, and a severe urge to vomit that I quickly brought under control. With the painful stimulation dissipated, did I still want to end our agreement? The answer was no. I wanted to continue being chaste but I was sure that I would endeavor to make no more mistakes.


"Lesson learned!" she scolded me before giving me a deep kiss and leaving me in a dark room again.


It took two hours before my balls felt normal again, perhaps a bit swollen, but without the pain. Shortly after Jana locked my cock back up in the cage and released me, kissing each reddened piece of flesh where I was restrained. She rolled me over on my stomach and began to lovingly massage my back. I was sure that Madam Sara had put her up to this and she was feeling a bit sorry about doing it. I loved her so much that I would not allow this to bother her, even though what she did to me really hurt like hell.


"I am sorry for leaving my clothes on the floor," I began sincerely, "and I am sorry for making you punish me. I understand that you had to do it and I promise I will try to ensure that you don't have to do it again."


"Thank you," she said perking up immediately, "I am so happy that understand why I did it. I know it was intense. How much more do you think you could have taken?"


"A split second" I told her, "merely a heartbeat."


I rolled over and she melted into my arms as we made out like newlyweds before drifting off to sleep.


About a month and a half later, I was working on the computer in my office when Jana walked in wearing her naughty nurse's outfit. My fingers stopped pecking away at the keyboard as my mind went blank. Seems like a good night to have my balls drained. My sexy wife gave me the 'come here finger' and walked towards the bedroom with me in tow. When I entered the bedroom I was shocked to see Christina sitting in the chair next to the bed, dressed only in a hot pink thong, her huge globes hanging freely and her nipples quickly hardening.

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Jana had me assume the position on the milking table as they both began to attach cuffs and tie me down. As usual, my wife did a good job at limiting my mobility and Christina, with a few helpful pointers from my wife, did equally as well. I strained to get hard in the cage knowing that Christina would watch me get all my stagnant cum extracted by getting my prostate massaged. It also hit me that she would watch me lick up everything that streamed out of me. I figured that my wife told her about the progress we had made, but it was something else to know she would witness it.


"Wow, you were not kidding Jana," Christina gasped in amazement. "He eagerly hopped right up there."


"Of course he did Sis," my wife answered her proudly. "This is the only way he has available to get the cum out of his body and reduce the swelling in his tender balls."


"Oh you poor baby," she said with mock pouty lips. "How long has my evil sister kept your poor little dicklette locked in that cage without allowing you to have an orgasm?"


"It has been four and a half months since I last had an orgasm, and a mighty good orgasm it was," I replied with a smile on my face.


"He is actually proud that he has gone this long without cumming," she said to Jana.


"Of course he is," my wife told her calmly. "He is being a good little boy and achieving a goal I set before him, because I desire it and nothing else."


"Well I would feel sorry for you," Christina said to me, "but since you brought this on yourself, you have no one to blame but yourself. Alright, let's get this party started."


Jana wasted no time snapping on her gloves and lubricating my arse before inserting the enema nozzle and letting it flow. After waiting for a time, followed by expelling the liquid, I was restrained again. She had Christina remove my CB-6000 as she lubricated two fingers, inserted them into my ass, and started to massage my prostate gland. Christina watched closely as my wife worked her magic. Thanks to having an audience, it took no time at all for precum to begin glistening at the tip of my raging hard prick. Jana removed her fingers, inserted the milking wand, and continued with the process. After a few minutes, my wife allowed her sister to try it and before I knew it, Christina was working the wand, hitting all of the right places.


As the small amount of pressure began to build in my nuts, Jana took over working the wand and began a quick, rough stimulation of my prostate. I had learned to control my muscles expertly with all the practice I received over the past few months and kept them still as a pond as my saved up sperm and seminal fluid rapidly drained from my cock, landing in the tray below me.


"Look at all that nasty jizz just flow out of him!" Christina exclaimed. "You are right. It doesn't spurt at all. It just runs out like a leaky faucet. Oh my god this is making me wet!"


She wasn't lying. The crotch of her panties was so wet that it appeared they would begin to drip like my cock at any second.


Jana kept at it for another ten minutes as they witnessed a random drop escape and hit the pan here and there. With a final down stroke of my cock, freeing the last remnants of my balls, Jana turned to her sister.


"Wait until you see this," Jana said confidently. "If that made you wet, watching him eat it will open the flood gates."


Christina picked up the try and placed it below my face. "Here is your dinner Chasty. Be a good boy and show me how you swallow all of your cum. Lick it and eat it!"


I no longer hesitated in completing this task. It was like second nature to me. I quickly licked up large globs of my man goo, bringing it inside my mouth and letting it slide down the back of my throat. I watched Christina as I continued to consume my mess and she couldn't keep her fingers out of her panties. I finished licking every drop as both the sexy women complimented my performance.


"Thank you for not disappointing me hubby," my wife said cutely.


"You did that like you enjoyed it Chasty. Nicely done." Christina said laughing.


My wife cleaned my cock and balls with a damp rag before teaching Christina how to install the cage. They untied my bonds and freed me from the table. Christina threw herself on the bed and pleaded with my wife.


"Please let me use him tonight. After watching him eat his own cummies, I really need to get off. It's time I collect some payment for wearing this," she said holding up the silver key on the chain around her neck.


"Be my guest Sis," Jana said in a carefree manner , locking my wrists behind my back and walking out the door. "Feel free to use him as long as you wish, just don't break my toy."


Even though my balls had just been drained, knowing I was about to go down on my wife's sister made my cock snap to attention. I watched her lying on the bed, tweaking her own nipples as she stared me directly in the eyes.


"Make sure you have swallowed all of that cum," Christina ordered me. "I don't want to get pregnant from any leftover sperm that might be swimming around in your mouth."


I swirled my tongue around my mouth ensuring that all my jizz had been swallowed before crawling between her legs, immediately smelling her excited juices. I used my teeth to grab hold of her cotton panties and peeling them down her legs. As my tongue traced its way back up the inside of her thigh, I began to feel the massive amount of heat radiating from her pussy. Seeing her sex for only the second time, I saw that she had shaved most of her pubic hair, leaving a thin strip similar to way my wife groomed her curlies.


As I slowly inched closer to her sodden cunt, she suddenly jammed it right into my face, taking me by surprise and jeering my neck. Regaining my senses, I immediately shoved my tongue between her slit and up her slippery hole, straining myself as deep as I could go. With just one lick she started to moan in ecstasy. I pulled my tongue out and bit her clit, using my tongue to push the portion inside my mouth against the back of my teeth. She screamed and bucked causing me to tug on her clit even harder.


"Holy fuck!" she screamed out loud. "I can't believe I am cumming all over my sister's husband's face. Oh my god, Oh fuck, Oh FUCK!"


Her voice trailed off into illegible sounds before she came down from her monster orgasm. As she tried to pull away, I held her clitoris tightly between my teeth, causing her to rebound from the jolt through her, now extra sensitive, button. She tried again and I held fast before she gave up. Once she settled I began to run my tongue up and down her moist slit before flicking it against her clit. As she tried to draw away again, I simply followed her up onto the bed, slithering my way like a snake due to not having the use of my hands.


"Oh my god," she said giggling, "you have to stop. I don't know if I can take anymore. Every time I try to pull away your tongue just follows me and hits the right spots all over again."


"Stop moving or I will tie you down Sis," my wife surprised us from the doorway. "I will tie you to the bed with your legs spread and inviting like a slut and make him pleasure you all night long."


I wonder if she watched the entire time. Oh well, who cares. Christina finally stop trying to escape me and I began to focus my talents. I continued for the next forty-five minutes as she melted to mush below me, enjoying two more orgasms before I had to stop, my jaw throbbing and my tongue swollen.


Christina lay there regaining her breath and five minutes later she was asleep. My wife removed my restraints and had me remove her nurse's outfit before we crawled into bed, joining her. That night I slept between, and cuddled with, two very sexy women. I know I have cuckold fantasies, but I don't care who you are, being sandwiched between two naked women is hot.


Over the next two weeks, Christina visited more often, mostly to help my wife tease me mercilessly, but often times to collect additional payments for holding onto one of two keys to my belt. Even though I wasn't able to achieve orgasm, I was having the time of my life, satisfying two women at their whim.

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One evening, shortly after I reached the five month mark since my last orgasm, Jana came down the stairs in a gorgeous red evening gown with a slit up the side then went all the way up to her hip, her usual straight blonde hair done up elegantly in waves and curls, and her make-up meticulously applied.


"Go put on a nice suit baby," she told me sweetly. "It is time for us to go on a date. I made reservations at your favorite restaurant and dolled myself up for you."


"You look amazing. I won't even ask what the special occasion is. You dressing up like that is good enough for me. Give me ten minutes and I will be ready," I told her with a kiss.


We enjoyed a nice dinner in each other's company and happily spent the next few hours dancing as we did many years ago before our lives became so busy.


After we got home I put on some music and opened a bottle of wine so we could continue the romantic evening in the house we had made a home together. I realized that for the first time in months, I was wearing clothes inside the house. I suddenly got nervous that I was going to be punished for doing so.


"Oh my god, baby," I apologized, "I am so sorry for not removing my suit when we got home. I was so mesmerized by you and this wonderful evening that I simply forgot I was wearing a chastity belt. Please allow me to correct that error right now."


"It is ok Hubby. Tonight was a night for us, but perhaps we both should get a little more comfortable," she said as she undid the tie behind her neck and her dress effortlessly floated to the ground, revealing and equally elegant thin red silk bra and panty set.


I quickly removed all my clothing before retrieving our clothes and taking them upstairs and hanging them in the closet. When I returned to the living room, Jana was sitting on the couch and tapping the seat next to her, inviting me to join her. I sat down and wrapped my arms around her.


"Do you still enjoy being in that chastity belt?" she asked me nervously.


"Yes, I still enjoy being locked up and focusing my efforts on you," I said after a moment's pause. "There are times when it is really tough, when I want to just tear the cage off and ravish you, but the way you kiss me and hold me close to you reminds me that you love me, and my little bit of suffering does not go unnoticed. Do you still enjoy our game?"


"You have no idea how much I enjoy our lifestyle," she confessed, "perhaps even more than when we first started. I love the fact that you will do anything I tell you to do. Do you realize we haven't had an argument since we started?"


"Wow!" I exclaimed. "I haven't thought about it, but you are right. Maybe we found the secret to marriage," I laughed.


"Well I am not sure most men would agree with you," she giggled. "Do you miss having sex and having orgasms?"


"Of course I do baby," I answered her. "Any man would miss being able to orgasm when he wanted and any man would miss making love to you, but I realize that it takes more than me having sex to give you what you deserve. It really sounds like you want it to end though."


"I don't want it to end," she told me grabbing my caged cock, "but that is also part of the problem."


"I don't understand baby," I answered confused.


"Well hubby, the problem is that I am so god damn horny for a good fucking, and I don't mean you eating me or a romp with Leroy. Those just won't scratch the itch. I want to fuck a real living cock, to feel it pulse as it shoots off inside me. I had no idea I would miss it so much and I know it sounds selfish, as I at least get to cum on a nightly basis. Not only do you miss out on the sex but you don't have the privilege of orgasms either," she confessed, her voice cracking.


"The way I see it," she continued, "I can either unlock you early and have my way with you, which I really don't want to do, or I can leave you locked up and go without the one thing that I truly need right now, a good solid fucking. Either way I have to give up something that I want."


The thought of her cuckolding me rocketed through my head. Did I want her to try it? If so, this was the perfect time to breach the subject. She already had all the cards lying out on the table. All I had to do was make the suggestion and see if she went for it. So many 'what ifs' had my mind spinning in circles, but in honesty, the only way they would ever be answered was if I grew a pair and broached the subject of my most secretly guarded fantasy. It was now or never, I decided.


"Well honey," I began nervously, my hands starting to shake, "it seems you may have missed an option that would allow you get everything you want."


"I'm listening," she said curiously, her eyes perking up.


"Well," I said, clearing my throat, "you could always get fucked by another man."


"What?" she said loudly as she jumped out of my arms, her mouth wide open.


"The only way for you to get fucked and still keep me locked up is to find another man to fuck you with his cock." I told her truthfully.


"You mean to tell me that you would let me to cheat on you and allow some other man to put his cock in my pussy, the pussy that I have kept for only you since we married, just so I can keep you in chastity? You will let another man fuck me while you sit at home, locked away, not even able to jerk off?" she asked me looking like she was in shock.


"Bear with me for a few moments and please don't be mad at me. Let me tell you the whole truth about my feelings on it," I begged, getting her attention. "I am devoted to giving you everything I can to keep you happy. If that means sexual satisfaction by another man, I can live with that. Besides, it isn't cheating if you do it with my permission. It has long been a fantasy of mine to watch you with another man and I have known since we locked my cock in chastity that there was always a possibility you would want more than I can give."


"I don't know if I could do that to you hubby," she told me, shying her eyes away from mine. "What if you resented me for sharing myself with someone else? What if taking another man into my bed ruined our marriage? I don't know if I could ever make that gamble. You mean far too much to me."


"The only fear I share is losing you. I could not resent you for getting laid if I am the one that told you to do it. I can guarantee that it will not ruin our marriage as long as you grant me a few conditions," I reassured her.


"As long as one of them doesn't involve you fucking another woman, I am listening," she said giving me all her attention.


"No baby," I said calmingly, "None of them involve me having sex outside our marriage. If I am not allowed to orgasm with you, then I don't need to with anyone else. If you are interested, do it once and tell me all about it in great detail. See how I react before you do it again. Once again, I will lay no blame at your feet, but if I don't enjoy it, I ask that you don't do it again. I think I have that right as your husband."


Jana stroked her hand down my cheek, "Of course you have that right. I love you darling and I don't want to do anything that you don't enjoy in some way. I have to say that you have me interested but I am still afraid something could go wrong. What if I inadvertently fell in love with the guy I was fucking?"


"If you stuck with the same guy, you would have to view him as someone that just fucks you, uses your body for his pleasure and you use his cock to get off. Either that or constantly have new lovers. You would have to make me a promise. If you started to have feelings for the man fucking you, you have to break it off right then and there. No exceptions. No waiting to see where it might lead. That is the only possible way you could betray me with this arrangement," I told her being very serious.


"I easily agree with that baby," she said, once again being able to look me in the eye. "I hope you are sure about this because I am willing to try it. Here is what I want you to do. Every morning you will encourage me to go out and find someone to shove his cock in me and treat me like a slut. If you can convince me that you really want me to do it, I will go out on Friday night dressed like a woman looking to get laid and see what I can pull. Now, all this talk has me so god damn hot. Lay down on the floor so I can sit on your face and you can get me off."


I lay down on the carpet as she finished removing her bra and panties. She straddled my face and sunk down to her knees, placing her wet pussy over my waiting lips. As I ate her ferociously, she played with my caged cock and balls, licking my scrotum and taking my plastic encased penis into her mouth. She enjoyed her pleasure as I enjoyed my torment until we were both exhausted and my cock was leaking precum.

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The next morning she joined me for breakfast and as she enjoyed her coffee, I followed her instructions, given the night before.


"Honey, I really hope you feel up to going out on Friday night. If you do, I want you to go out and pick up the hottest guy in the bar and follow him back to his place. I will be so happy if he tears off your clothes and gives you the rough fucking you have been missing for the past five months. I bet he can give you at least four orgasms before he sends you home to your waiting husband." I told her smiling.


"Not a bad start hubby," she told me before she kissed me and headed off to work.


I said similar things to her over the next four days and soon enough Friday morning had arrived. I had planned what I was going to say for the past few days and I hoped it would drive her over the top.


I got down on my knees before her and began, "Jana, I realize that I have not always been able to give you the sex you deserve. I know my cock is smaller than average, and try as I might, I will never be able to venture as deep as you would like me to get. I understand that my little dick had to be put into a chastity belt in order to allow you to receive everything that you deserve. I hope that the lucky guy you pick tonight is very well endowed, allot larger than what I can offer, so you can experience a better fucking than what I could give you. I want you to be free of guilt when you fuck him, knowing that I will be at home, nestled safely in my cage, patiently waiting for you to tell me all about how much you enjoyed getting split by someone you just met."


She smiled as she looked down at me, "I love you baby, and I think you are going to get your wish tonight."


We left for work, both confident that tonight was going to be a completely new experience. I was sure she was primed and ready to get the fuck of her life. I just hoped that whomever she picked was worth a damn. How bad would it suck if she picked a dud, someone worse in bed then I am. That could really put a damper on my fantasy.


After a day at work that seemed to last forever, I entered the front door and was greeted by my beautiful wife, fresh out of the shower and wrapped in a short towel. Already having stripped off my clothes, my struggling erection was clearly visible inside the clear tube.


"I guess we are both looking forward to tonight," she teased. "Christina is coming to pick me up in about an hour and she is taking me to a club she knows of. I want you to stay downstairs while I go get ready. I want to surprise you with the outfit I am going to wear tonight."


I watched her walk upstairs and resigned myself to watching a little TV, hoping to calm the swelling in my groin. So far the fantasy was as hot in real life as it was in my imagination. About an hour later, the door bell rang. I opened to door to find Christina dressed in a short black mini-skirt with a loose fitting sheer blouse that clearly showed her black bra beneath it. She wore high heels with black stockings, the tops of which could easily be seen, thanks to the dangerous length of her skirt. I invited her in and closed the door.


"You know you don't have to knock anymore," I told her jokingly. "It's not like you are going to walk in on anything you haven't seen before."


"Oh I know, but I love the fact that you have to answer the door naked. The neighbors must have seen you by now," she said laughing.


"If they have, they are too embarrassed to tell me," I admitted.


As I turned around, I witnessed my wife coming down the stairs. She was dressed exactly like Christina, only everything was pure white. Coupled with her teased hair and pale skin accented with just the right amount of make-up, she looked absolutely delicious.


"My god. You look good enough to fuck!" I said drooling.


"Well that is the point, isn't it baby," she replied giggling and raising her short skirt to show me the sexy white thong that she wore underneath it.


"Are you ready to go Jana?" Christina asked.


My wife nodded and they headed toward the door. Before they left, Jana turned back to me.


"Are you sure about this hubby?" she asked me. "This is your last chance to change your mind. Once I walk out this door, I won't be coming back until another man has seen me naked and dipped his cock into my married pussy."


I stood there as if I was in a trance.


"Very well. I hope it is everything you imagined in your fantasy. Be a good boy and don't jerk off while I am out getting fucked, not that you could," she said loud enough for anyone on the street to hear and laughing with her sister.


"Don't worry Chasty," Christina joined in on the fun. "I will make sure your wife is taken care of tonight."


They walked out the door and I closed it behind them. Everything was in motion and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it if I changed my mind. That option was now gone. It is strange to watch your wife go out dressed like a slut in order to find someone to fuck her. It is one of those things that can never be explained. If you have never had the desire to watch your wife have sex with another man, you would never understand the feelings coursing through my mind.


My mind wandered everywhere throughout the evening. Nothing could distract me from thinking about where she was and what she was doing. I constantly imagined strange cocks bigger than my own, doing things to her that I haven't done for a long time. I wondered if she would make him wear a condom or if she would take him bareback. We never did discuss that so I guess I would have to live with her decision.


By twelve o'clock, she still had not come home and I was going crazy with lust. Jana never stayed at a bar this late so I knew she had to be in another man's arms by now, perhaps for the second or third time this evening. I was fighting a never-ending erection that stretched my balls to their limit. My cock seemed to use any room available these days when he wanted to get hard. I couldn't blame him. The fantasy I kept hidden for so long, unsure if I wanted it to happen or not, was coming true tonight. But what if it wasn't. What if my wife and her sister just planned a night out to tease and test my resolution? Perhaps they were cooking up a good story right now, just to see how I would handle it. I knew I would believe anything she said so it was a moot point.


At a little after one O'clock in the morning, a pair of headlights pulled into the drive. After two minutes the car left the drive and I could see my wife slightly staggering up the walkway. When I got a look at the car in the street, I saw that it was not her sister's car.


When she walked through the door, she looked like she had fun. Her hair was out of place and most of her make-up was gone. Her clothes looked like they had been carelessly donned after being crumpled up and laying in a pile on the floor for a few hours. Her skin had the glow of a women how has enjoyed multiple orgasms. Her huge smile told me the rest. She hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss, shoving her tongue halfway down my throat before leading me to the living room.


I started to speak but she put her finger to my lips to stop me.


"Thank you so much for giving me permission to fuck another man," she said happily. "It was just the thing that I needed. I love you so much for putting my needs before yours. You are a wonderful husband and I will never leave you. I hope you believe that. No other man could ever dream to steal me away from you. In your arms is where I feel loved and comfortable and I would die before I ever left you."


She continued to hug and caress my naked body. I did believe her. No other man would love her as much as I loved her, not to mention let her find satisfaction in another man's bed. As long as she could show me how much she loved me, I would do anything she asked to keep her happy.


"I am going to tell you everything that happened tonight, but before I do that, I want to get you tied down. Go get a chair from the kitchen while I go get the restraints," she told me, heading upstairs.


I was back in the living room sitting in the chair before she glided down the steps, dragging rope and leather cuffs behind her. She quickly had me secure to the chair, unable to move anything but my head and my still hard caged cock.

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"I am going to blindfold you in a moment to allow you to focus all your attention visualizing what happened this wonderful evening. But before I do that, I want to show you something," she said, proudly lifting her short skirt and letting it bunch up around her waist.


The sexy white panties she was wearing when she left tonight no longer existed. I was treated to the sight of her beautiful pussy, her lips swollen and red, her clit engorged and glistening, and her hole still holding slightly open from being stretched. It looked so good after being used and I gasped for air as I dealt with the reality of my wife fucking another man.


"As you can see hubby," she began, her eyes wild, and her smile radiant, "I don't have my panties anymore. The man I fucked kept them as a trophy. The man I let use my married pussy wanted you to know that he kept them. The man that gave me this," she said, holding up a used condom, tied off at the end, "kept the thong that you bought me in order to remember the time he had his way with another man's wife."


The clear latex condom was bulging at the tip with the sheer amount of sperm being contained inside of it. There was a huge amount of cum, piled at least three inches high, ballooning the used rubber.

I sat in amazement as I realized that the condom contained at least three times as much cum than I could ever produce. With my mouth still gaping open, she placed the bulging rubber inside my mouth and lifted my jaw before sealing it with duct tape and trapping the filled condom behind my lips. I tasted the flavor of her pussy on the latex bag resting on my tongue. It felt like a water balloon inside my mouth slightly bulging my cheeks. She then placed the blindfold over my eyes and proceeded to tell me everything.


"When we got to the club, I took three quick shots to loosen up my inhibitions some before starting to scout the room for the lucky man," my wife began as I listened attentively and let my mind form its own images. "After a few minutes, I noticed a guy checking me out. He was tall and very handsome. As I stole quick glances his way every now and then, I noticed that he couldn't take his eyes off me. After catching me looking, he started to head across the room towards me. I almost chickened out and bolted for the door but Christina talked me into standing my ground."


"He introduced himself," she continued, "and we tried to talk loudly over the music for the next five minutes, mainly flirting with each other, throwing compliments in each direction. I suddenly noticed that Christina was no longer standing next to me, and had gone off to find someone to play with. Without even asking, he took my left hand, my wedding ring gleaming in the bright colors of the club lighting, and led me onto the dance floor. We bumped and grinded against each other, making me so horny that I wanted to tear off his clothes and ride him, right there in front of everyone. I could tell it had an equal effect on him. I could feel his large cock getting hard as he pressed himself against my ass."


She leaned in close to me and pressed her bare breasts against my back as she whispered in my ear, "He asked me if I was wearing panties and I told him I was. He told me to take them off and give them to him. I was so hot I would have given him all my clothes. I started to walk towards the bathroom but he grabbed my arm and told me to do it right there in the middle of the dance floor. I reached under my skirt and peeled them down my legs. As I stepped out of them, I saw my sister watching me, and she just gave me the thumbs up. I realized that they were soaking wet as I handed him the only thing shielding my married pussy. He brought them to his nose and smelled them, smiling as he put them into his pocket."


"We continued to dance as his hands roamed all over my body," she confessed. "He constantly squeezed my ass and mauled my tits before finally pulling my head back by my hair and shoving his tongue down my throat. He was so demanding and I was loving every second of it. I had no doubt that he would have me naked by the end of the night. After a few more songs, we left the dance floor and walked outside. He invited me back to his place and I eagerly accepted his invitation."


She was kissing the back of my neck intermittently and running her hands over my naked chest as continued her tale, "Once we were in the car, he asked me if he had to worry about an angry husbands gunning him down, gesturing towards the rings on my finger. As he drove, I explained our agreement to him and reassured him that he had nothing to fear. At that point, he put his hand on my thigh and over the next few miles, kept inching higher and higher until his fingers finally made contact with my moist slit. I just about came right then and there; knowing that my pussy was being touched by the first person other than my husband since the day we married."


"Once we made it inside his house," she went on in a voice full of lust, "he was all over me. Within thirty seconds, he had my skirt, blouse, and bra lying in a pile on the floor. I stood in front of him, wearing only my garter, stockings, and heels while he remained fully clothed and his eyes investigated my entire body. I could see the bulge in his trousers begging to be released so I removed his shirt, dropped to my knees, and unbuckled his belt. As I tugged down on his pants and boxers, his cock sprang free and was pointed directly at my face, just inches from my mouth."


"He was very well endowed," she admitted, "a few inches bigger than you and slightly thicker. As he kicked out of his slacks, I wrapped my hand around it and began to explore every bulging vein in his shaft. He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me into his hard-on and I opened my mouth invitingly. I sucked the first four inches of his dick until he was so hard he could hammer a nail through a board with it. He was perfectly content to settle for nailing me."


She continued, tugging on my balls and chastity cage, "He helped me stand up and led me into his bedroom before throwing me down on the bed and lying on top of me, licking and biting my nipples, which had hardened into diamond-tipped drill bits. He rubbed his giant cock against my slick pussy lips before I stopped him and asked him to put on protection. He obliged, grabbing one from the nightstand and rolling it on. He once again positioned himself at the entrance to my pussy and with a gentle shove, embedded the initial five inches into my sloppy cunt. He worked it inside me slowly as I adjusted to his size. Luckily, it wasn't too painful thanks to our sessions with Leroy. Once he got six-inches inside me, my body rocked with a powerful orgasm, adding more natural lubricant to my pussy. By the time I came down from cumming, he was balls deep inside your wife."


"He roughly fucked me for a while before pulling out of me and leaving me gaping open," she told me, rubbing her tits in my face "He lay down on his back and I straddled him, impaling myself on his magnificent cock and sinking all the way to his sack. I rode him like a whore, fast and hard, grinding myself back and forth as my body responded with another wave of pleasure. By the time it ended I was exhausted and collapsed on top of him. He rolled me over and pulled out before making me get on my hands and knees. He continued to ram his cock into my cunt, making me squeal as the bed shook in response to him pounding me."


"In total, he fucked me for over an hour before he finally tensed up and began to cum. I responded in kind, as I felt the condom expanding inside me as he filled it. As it kept growing bigger, I started to worry that it would bust and flood my pussy. Finally, he stopped moving and breathlessly collapsed on top of me, his cock still resting inside me. Overall, I had five orgasms, each one more powerful than the last, while he fucked me," she admitted proudly.


"That is when he told me that he was going to keep my panties," she confessed, "and to ensure that you knew why. I told him that he could keep them as long as I can keep the used condom with all his cum inside. He carefully slid it off his shrinking cock, milking the last few drops from his cock, and tied the end before handing it to me. We got dressed and he gave me a ride home to my waiting husband. When we pulled into the drive, he gave me his phone number in case I ever needed a good pounding again."


"Now that we have taken care of that," she said coldly as she removed my blindfold, "we have another order of business to attend to."


I thought she meant that she was going to allow me early release, that is until my eyes adjusted to the light and I noticed the TV screen playing a slide show. 'Oh shit', I thought. It was all the interracial cuckold porn that I stored in my hidden folder. All of the 'talkies' that I downloaded and kept for a rainy day. All of the big black cocks splitting open tiny white women.


"When Christina found your chastity folder," she revealed as the pictures scrolled across the screen, "we also found your other folders, the ones containing your cuckold pictures. I knew since that day that you wanted me to give myself to another man, but I wanted you to ask me to do it."


All of a sudden, there was a picture on the screen that I didn't recognize. When the next picture appeared, it hit me like a ton of bricks. It was my wife, on her knees, with a large black cock inside her mouth and her left hand cupping his large balls. My cock hardened immediately, pulling on my balls so hard that I clenched my teeth and screamed through my gag in response to the pain.


"That's right hubby," she said laughing as she stared at my straining cock, "I went out and found me a big black cock to enjoy. Jerome wanted to take pictures so you would know how much he enjoyed fucking a white wife."


The next picture appeared and showed his black cock, just millimeters from the entrance to her white pussy. Suddenly, I began to taste the familiar, but different, salty bitter flavor of cum in my mouth. Without realizing it, I must have punctured the rubber when I clenched my teeth. A black man's sperm was now slowly leaking into my mouth, and since I was gagged with duct tape, there was only one place for it to go. Barely capable of eating my own cum, I was going to have to endure eating another man's, a black man's load. Anytime I moved my tongue, more sperm leaked out of the swollen rubber.


"I am so glad we found that hidden folder," she told me stoutly. "There are so many crazy ideas tucked away in those captions and they make me so fucking hot. The reason I always came so fucking hard when you ate me out is that I had all those thoughts of letting black men make a slut out of me. I couldn't wait for you to finally broach the subject of sharing me with someone else so I could find out what it felt like the let a black man use me, and I wanted to make your most secret fantasy a reality and see if it was what you really desired."


As she talked, my cock continued to try and stretch, constantly putting pressure on my swollen nuts, the ring behind my sack leaving a red mark where it rubbed against the scrotum. I gritted my teeth through the pain as I tried to adjust. As I moved my jaw to loosen the muscles, the tip of the condom must have torn wide open, as my mouth was suddenly flooded with the massive load that Jerome gave to my wife. The taste engulfed my pallet, causing me to become slightly nauseous. I struggled to swallow it all quickly, taking three large gulps, in order to rid myself of the taste. Even with most of his jizz in my throat, tiny amounts continued to drop out of the dirty rubber.


"I loved how he just took control of me," she disclosed, her eyes blank and somewhere else. "It was just like some of those stories you saved that describe wives giving themselves completely to dominant black men to use as they desire. Jerome was like that. He didn't love me, nor did he care about what I wanted. He just wanted to get my clothes off and use my body to get his rocks off and he tried to do it without a condom. He would have done it if I hadn't stopped him. He would have fucked me bareback and sprayed his cum inside my unfaithful cunt, just like those pictures you have."


"I guess I could ask you if you enjoyed becoming a cuckold, but your cock is telling me everything I need to know," she stated, dropping to her knees in front of me.


The skin on the head of my cock was pushed through the slit at the end of the tube as precum oozed freely from the exposed urethral opening. She used her finger to gather a drop ready to fall to the floor and smeared it on her left nipple, still standing tall like a traffic cone.


"Now, you were scheduled to have an orgasm in less than a week," my Mistress said with a note of vengeance, "but you are going to be punished for not being honest and telling me you wanted me to become a Black Cock Slut. Think about all the strange cock I could have been getting all this time. You unintentionally denied me pleasure by keeping your little dirty secret. Another two weeks is added onto your period of chastity. That's right. You will be going an entire six months without experiencing an orgasm. If you keep this up, you would only have two releases this year. Wow doesn't that sound interesting?"


She stood up and slowly removed the tape from my mouth. Any moment now, she was going to find an empty condom and I would have some explaining to do. The truth has worked so far so lying was pointless. I was sure I would endure a little bit of jarring, but what else could I do, keep the condom in my mouth forever?


She told me to open my mouth and began to withdrawal the damaged condom from behind my teeth. Her eyes grew wide, and her jaw dropped to the floor when she saw what was left of the once full rubber. It took her about fifteen seconds to come out of her state of shock.


"What the hell happened?" she asked me holding up the torn, empty condom.


"Honestly," I said turning redder by the second, "when I saw the picture of you with his black dick inside your mouth, my cock sprang up like a firework, causing me a great deal of pain. When that happened I bit down in instinct and it must have torn a small hole in the condom because I started to taste it. I think the hole continued to get bigger as the heavy cum bulged against the latex," I told her as I now saw the entire front tip torn three quarters of the way around and hanging freely. "At one point I moved my tongue and the tip must have finally ruptured because my mouth was suddenly full of Jerome's sperm."


"And you swallowed it? You actually have another man's cum sitting in your stomach right now?" she asked me in astonishment.


"Yes Mistress," I replied, feeling ashamed of myself. "I didn't have any choice. There was so much that my cheeks were distended. With the tape covering my lips, there was only one other way to get it out of my mouth."


She smiled at me and kissed me, laying the empty Trojan on top of my chastity belt. She scooped up another large drop of precum and coated her left nipple with it before pressing it between my lips and having me suck it off.


"Perhaps a little bit of your own will help wash it down," she giggled. "So, what do you think about your fantasy now that you know the truth about everything that happened tonight?"


"I feel a slight pang of jealousy," I told her in seriousness, "but not really in a bad way, enough to make me realize that I love you so desperately that I will do anything to keep you happy. It really has me so damn horny that you actually fucked a black man and enjoyed doing it. I never knew for sure if I wanted you to really cuckold me, but now I do. Are you going to do it again?"


"Well," she said, bringing her face close to mine, "that depends on you. As it stands, it is a onetime deal. When I finally allow that little cock of yours to squirt your cummies in a little over two weeks, that is assuming you behave and don't have to be punished again, I am going to ask if you want me to go out and get more black cock. Since your real feelings will shine through right after cuming, I will know how you truly feel about it. If you beg me to find another black cock to use me, you are going to find that I will become a changed woman. I will become the slut you want me to be. That's the only way I can be sure that it won't ruin our marriage."


"May I ask one thing Mistress?" I asked with pleading eyes.


"Of course hubby," she answered, starting to undo my bonds.


"If you become a slut for black men to use and it becomes too much for me to handle, will you stop if I ask you to?" I inquired.


"Hubby," she said, staring into my eyes, "if I had a choice between being with you and having mediocre sex versus having the best sex of my life and not having you to come home to, I would pick you any day of the week and twice on Sunday. If you remain honest with me, I think we can both be very happy."


"I can live with that," I said smiling.


She finished freeing me and we headed to bed. We lay together and I caressed her ravished body as she drifted off to sleep, her head nestled to my chest, feeling her breath across my skin.


"Yeah, blacks may get to fuck her, but they will never know the felling of this," I quietly whispered before joining her in peaceful slumber.






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