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How I Became Chastized Cuckold, part 3

by Gizzard





Six very long days had gone by since the night I stood in front of my wife's sister, completely naked with only a clear piece of plastic encasing my confined dick. It seemed like months ago that I had to endure the sharp pains induced by the chastity belt as I watched Christina disrobe in front of me, things that only existed in Penthouse Forum stories. Since my last release date, which resulted in extending my frustration in lieu of relief, Jana had kept true to her word of easing up on the teasing but over the past few days, as my release date drew closer, she seemed nothing but happy to ramp it up again. This past week alone we had made three separate trips to the lingerie store to purchase more outfits for her, all of which I was asked to choose.


My mental state of continuous arousal caused my body to shiver at her slightest touch. Having to watch her around the house clad in silk, lace, leather, and flesh made me want her in a way that was similar to how I felt before we were married, when the spark of love and lust were still fresh and exciting. This is why I enjoyed my state of captivity. I wanted her but I could not have her and that, in turn, made me want her even more. She constantly teased me about my reaction to seeing Christina's nude body.


"Did you see how wet her pussy was when her skirt hit the floor?" she would ask looking into my eyes, "Just a stiff breeze would have been enough to send her body spiraling into an orgasm. Just think, one of these days she is going to come by and show you that body all over again. Only this time you are going to taste that wetness between her legs. If you look up you will see the only other key to your chastity belt resting on a chain between her huge tits just like the one I wear.


Your tiny dick will strain against its bonds, your male instincts forcing you to try and penetrate her but that will never happen."


Regardless of knowing I could not attain an erection my body continued to try as my wife teased me both physically and mentally. She would laugh and smile as my balls were pulled tight against the ring. Her hazel eyes twinkled and her milky white skin glowed as she continued to torment me and that told me she was still enjoying the lifestyle of our fetish. Perhaps if the pain was unbearable I would feel less sure about my decision to be locked up but the truth is that in a weird, sadistic way the discomfort simply added to my arousal. Seeing a beautiful woman smiling at me in an expression of true joy was enough to renew my commitment to chastity.


Some people might wonder if I missed being able to orgasm when I wanted. Absolutely, I did miss it but to be honest, the majority of my orgasms over the past three years where attained by my own hand and with very little meaning, other than in my imagination. Now, all my orgasms would have meaning and each one would become more intense, proportional with the amount of time I endured waiting for it.


With only three more days to go until my release date I renewed my efforts with pleasing my wife. When we lay on the couch together my hands explored every inch of her body. I drank in the scent of her long, straight, blonde hair; the taste of her smooth, pale skin and the sound of her seductive voice. When I pleasured her, I concentrated on doing my very best, my tongue becoming more coordinated and my jaw muscles strengthened and conditioned to their daily chore. The scent of her sex constantly lingered on my lips and I was enjoying every frustrating moment of it. I wanted to make sure that I did everything in my power to ensure my release. A little under two weeks ago I made certain she was aware that she could deny me for no reason at all and although I questioned my sanity, I was sure it was the right thing to do. I did, after all, want her to have all the control.


On the morning before my long awaited day I was enjoying a light breakfast when Jana came into the kitchen.


"My sister is coming over for dinner tonight. You will have no need for clothing," she said in a very stern voice. "Since she has seen you in your normal household outfit already there is no need to be shy. I don't know if she intends to use you tonight but if she does you will give your very best effort into pleasuring her. If she is not happy I will take away your release tomorrow and you can simply stay locked up."


"Yes Mistress," I replied with my head slightly bowed, "I will not disappoint her or you. I really want to be able to cum tomorrow."


She gave me a very passionate, loving kiss before walking out the door, the room dimming from the loss of her radiant smile. Over the past week I thought long and hard of why she would allow me such intimate contact with her sister. For the life of me I could not wrap my mind around it but the fear of missing release prevented me from asking her about it. Perhaps she felt that since I was locked up it wasn't sex for me and merely her slave doing her biding for a friend of hers. That, in and of itself, made me feel very submissive, more so than I have up until this point.


The workday seemed to swim by in a cloud of random blurs. My mind couldn't focus on anything and it was the least productive day I have had since I got myself locked up. I don't know if it was the anticipation of what might happen tonight or the longing for what I hoped would happen tomorrow but it had my mind a complete fucking mess.


As I had become accustomed to, I walked through the front door and immediately removed all of my clothing and deposited them in the hallway laundry basket that I kept downstairs for this very reason. I walked into the kitchen to find my wife dressed in an emerald green corset laced extra tight causing her 36C tits to be pushed up and squashed together along with silk half cut panties and matching thigh high stockings.


"Looks like someone is ready for a little fun tonight," I said with a mixture of surprise and longing in my voice.


"Oh, this old thing? I just needed something comfortable to wear around the house," she said feigning mock innocence.


"You have that piece of material laced so tight it hardly looks comfortable," I said jokingly, "but god damn does it look good."


"Well I am pretty sure I am allot more comfortable than you," she said stoutly, gesturing toward my semi-hard erection. "It looks like someone really wants out of his prison. But don't worry about that tonight baby. Your fun is tomorrow and I get to have mine tonight."


About that time the front doorbell rang.


"Be a dear and go get the door," my wife said to me.


Here was a test. My precarious position was completely exposed for anyone to see. I walked around like this with open windows but nothing ever so brazen like answering the door with my cage shining in the light. I could protest but then I run the risk of being denied release tomorrow. Like so many other things lately I just said fuck it and threw myself into the task at hand.


I opened the door, slightly shielding myself but not to the point that it looked obvious. I had already been scolded for my modesty twice already. Thankfully it was Christina and not some poor unsuspecting person. Even though it was a crisp seventy degrees out she was dressed in a trench coat.


"May I take your coat?" I asked as I invited her inside and closed the door.


"If you insist," she said laughing as she untied the belt and allowed her coat to slip off her shoulders and onto the floor.


I was greeted by the sight of her curvy body scantily clad in the shiniest black patent leather. The sight of her full breasts encased in the three quarter bra and the tiny triangle patch of material that composed the front of her g-string panties was enough to immediately send a knot of discomfort into my lower stomach. The g-string was so small that it occurred to me she had shaved most, if not all, of her pubic hair since the last time I had seen her.


"Oh you poor thing," she said with pouty lips and mock sympathy as she dropped down to her knees in front of me. "Look at this little thing trying to push its way out of its cell but these swollen balls just won't let it."


She reached up and took my testicles in her hand and began to tug on them, trying to pull them away from the rings. Spikes of cramps shot through my balls and into my belly. It took every bit of strength I could muster to remain upright as she molested my tender flesh.




"It's not time yet chastity boy but I bet this will make it feel real good," she said before opening her mouth and taking the entire plastic chastity belt into her mouth.


Feeling the warmth of her mouth surrounding my penis but not actually touching it made my cock want to jump out of the cage but it only caused me more pain.


"Well well, aren't we just having too much fun in here and no one invited me," my wife said as she walked out of the kitchen.


I finally succumbed to the pain and collapsed into the fetal position, my cage slipping put of Christina's mouth and leaving her looking down at me, wiping the saliva from her bright red lips. If my wife had an evil streak in her, her sister was surely the devil. I was being used for her amusement and she was enjoying every second of it.


The next couple of hours were relatively tame as my wife and her sister engaged in girl talk and I waited on them, keeping their glasses full of wine and cleaning up after dinner. Late in the evening Jana had me stand up before where they sat on the couch.


"As you may have guessed, I wanted to see how you would react to some serious teasing on the night before release," my wife said to me softly. "I told my sister to wear something sexy but I didn't tell her about your thing for leather. I would say she did a very good job wouldn't you?"


"Yes Mistress," I replied happily, "her outfit alone had me growing inside my chastity belt, not unlike how hard it is for me to see you dressed as you are. You both are very sexy devils."


"Humm I like the sound of devils," my wife laughed heartily. "I know you are curious if you will have to service us tonight but I had a better idea. You will not be allowed to see the intimate parts of the female body until your release tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we are done with you."


"Come here and kneel between my legs," Christina commanded.


I quickly did what I was told and kneeled in between her tanned legs, keeping my hands by my sides.



"You will not get to taste me tonight but you will get to smell me. Put your face down on my panty clad pussy but be very careful. Too much movement might make that little bit of material uncover my clit and then you would break your wife's wishes. I would hate to see you lose your chance to spurt your cummies because of a little technicality," Christina said laughing along with Jana.


I knelt forward very slowly, hovering my nose less than an inch above Christina's mound. Every breath I took filled my nostrils with the scent of her sex, the musty aroma sending my mind into sex craved spirals. I was very careful not to allow my nose to touch the stretched, shiny, triangle patch of leather. After a few minutes my neck began to ache from the strain of holding myself in my dangerous position. I wondered if my wife wanted me to fail this task so she could deny me orgasm for a reason this time.


After a few more minutes I was released from my kneeling position and directed to stand in front of them. For an hour I endured their hands and mouths roaming over my body. As they took turns keeping me in an excited state I watched as the other rubbed her pussy through the thin material of their panties. Thankfully I was soon released.


"OK Hubby, time for you to head to bed. You have a very big day tomorrow," my wife said as she sent me up the steps with a slap on my ass that was hard enough to leave a hand print on my pale ass cheek.


I tossed and turned for what seemed like hours as I listened to the muffled laughs of the two women coming from downstairs, every thought ventured toward tomorrow's reward. Finally my lust gave way to sense and I drifted off into a very deep sleep.


I awoke with the morning sun glaring through the window and the feel of my wife's lips against my neck. As my vision began to clear I saw her dangling the silver key above my face. She stopped kissing my neck and looked me in the eye.


"I was going to make you wait until tonight but I had a better idea. I am going to leave you unlocked all day. You may have as many erections as you want but you only get to spew your load once. You have behaved yourself so well that you can cum anyway you want. You can make me taste it or you can come inside me. That is your reward for being such a good boy."


She drug her naked body down mine, her hard nipples tracing across my chest like a hot knife until she rested between my legs, slowly inserting the key into the lock. She teased me, twisting the key in the lock but not enough to undo the hasp. Suddenly I felt the lock spring free and it was like a bolt of lightning coursed through my loins. As the lock was pulled free my dick began to grow very rapidly, relishing in its rare freedom. Like she had on my first relief day, she removed the cage slowly and lovingly, kissing every engorged inch of hot flesh as it was revealed.


When every piece of the cage was shed, I pounced on her, my mouth feeding on her lips and my hands groped her breasts tightly. My cock was less than an inch away from her soaked cunt and as much as I tried to resist, my body lunged forward, sinking all five inches of my hard prick into her moist pussy in one motion, causing her to moan out in sheer surprise and pleasure. I was truly in heaven as I felt what had been denied me for an entire month. She consumed all of me as I slowly made love to her, keeping it slow, knowing that in my current aroused state I would not last long and wanted to enjoy being inside her again.


After only two minutes I slowly withdrew my hard cock from within her, precum dribbling out of the head. Her eyes showed signs of disappointment at suddenly being left empty, but that look suddenly changed to that of pure animalistic lust. With surprising speed and strength she threw me off of her and onto my back, her body covering mine as she positioned herself to be impaled on my throbbing dick once more. With all of her weight she threw herself down on me, my dick stabbing into her delicate hole, until her pelvis rested against mine and a grunt of satisfaction escaped her lips.

Without waiting for me to catch my breath she picked herself up and dropped again, and again, and again, the force sending shockwaves through the bed. After just twenty seconds my swollen nuts started to tense up. Not yet, I thought. It was too soon. I had waited so long for it, but I was past the point of no return. I screamed with such passion and desire as I felt the hot cum traveling out my dick and into Jana's pussy.


"Holy fuck!" I cried out. "Get every last drop of cum out of me baby."


As my orgasm had just about subsided, hers had just begun. She continued to scream and grunt as I felt our mixed juices gush out around my cock, as I screamed and tossed violently beneath her. After a few more seconds, during which I thought I would lose my sanity, she collapsed on top of me, the only movement coming from the heaving of her chest as she fought to get air into her lungs.


For the next hour, she serenely lay on top of me and our bodies remained entwined. As much as I wanted to do it all over again, I didn't dare try to thrust into her. Her wished were stated quite clearly and I had no intention of disappointing her.


For the rest of the day, my cock enjoyed the free air like a gift from the gods. As if it knew it would be locked up again tonight, it spent most of the day in an erect state like a Viagra pill gone wrong. It felt good to be out of the cage but I also felt a longing to have it put back on.


Late in the evening, I went to take a shower, using this rare opportunity to carefully wash and shave my groin. I used cold water as I usually did when being let out for hygiene to fight back the temptation to masturbate. When I came into the bedroom Jana was waiting for me on the bed, completely naked.


"Did you masturbate in the shower?" she asked me.


"No," I told her truthfully, "I cleaned myself like I always do to help resist the temptation. Besides, it wouldn't hold a candle next to what we did this morning."


"What did I do to deserve such a good obedient husband?" my wife asked herself. "Since you have been so well behaved and didn't try to cheat on our arrangement, I will give you another chance to cum tonight before I lock you back up. I have a die on the nightstand. I want you to fuck the shit out of me again. When you get close to cumming I want you to roll the die. Roll an odd number and you get to cum. Roll an even number and we stop and put you back in the belt without an orgasm."


"You know I won't resist that offer," I said as I jumped on top of her, my cock already standing tall and waiting.


I shoved myself into her with reckless abandon, pistioning in and out fast and hard. I put all my might into it, loud smacking noises being emitted each time our bodies clashed together. I enjoyed each thrust, each moist, warm movement of our intertwined bodies. She cried out as her body reached climax, all her blood rushing to her clit leaving her lightheaded and her flesh cool to the touch. Her orgasm was contagious and I felt my body begin to tense up. I paused and reached over to the nightstand and rolled the die. It seemed like an eternity for it to come to a rest.


The die landed on three.


As she smiled at me, I buried my lips in her neck, nibbling her soft skin as I returned to fucking her. My body tensed and I screamed loud enough for everyone in the neighborhood to know I was cumming as I shot my entire load inside her.



I collapsed on her and just lay connected for a few minutes as our bodies and minds came back to reality. After a few serene minutes Jana broke the silence.


"God I had no idea how much I missed being fucked. We are definitely going to have to make a trip to the toy store next week so we can get you something to fuck me with. Now go get cleaned up and come back here so we can lock you back up."


"Yes Mistress," I replied getting up and obeying her order.


Once clean I returned to the bedroom. My penis was in a flaccid state as I stood in front of her next to the bed. Since I had just gotten off, I would not need the baggie of ice water tonight. Jana carefully inspected me before slipping the ring behind my balls and encasing my cock in the cage. With the loud click of the lock Jana looked up at me.


"I hope you enjoyed today. You certainly earned it. As long as you keep up the good work you will continue to get days like these. However, as I am sure you can guess, they will not come as often. You did great with one month in chastity. It will be three months until I will allow you to cum again. We are now at the stage that I would consider releasing you for a bonus cum if you do something really extraordinary but I wouldn't count on it. I enjoy denying you way too much and I really want to see how docile you get after being locked up for three months," she said as she took me in her arms and we cuddled as we drifted off to sleep.


The next morning I awoke to a calm and peaceful morning. My mind was at ease, my lust and wanting momentarily satisfied. The sun seemed to shine brighter, casting beautiful shadows in its wake. All I wanted to do was stare outside into the serene portrait provided by nature herself. Jana and I enjoyed a light breakfast and mainly lounged around the house most of the day, Jana in her short silk housecoat and me in my normal exposed attire.


After dinner, Jana told me to get dressed. "It's time for us to go hit up the toy store so you can pick out a new fake dick to fuck me with. I realized last night that even though you have become a master at eating my pussy, I still need some good deep penetration from time to time."


I got dressed in jeans and a T-shirt but to my surprise Jana dressed in a tight black mini-skirt and a semi-sheer black blouse that clearly showed the intrinsic lace design on the black bra she wore beneath it. Noticing the shock on my face she lifted the skirt to show me she had foregone any need for panties today. Oddly, I found my thoughts drifting into daydream, wondering if this is how she would dress if she ever discovered my other fantasies and was off to meet her black lover for an evening of fun. Well, I thought, we are on our way to find a latex dick that would find its way into her velvet pussy far more often than my chastised dick would. Perhaps she was dressed for her lover. I felt that familiar tugging on my balls and knew my dick was trying to get hard.


We arrived at the store and looking at the place I truly wondered how this shop got any business. The place has such a business look to it, nothing that would lead you to believe that this place was an adult store. I wondered how many unsuspecting families made a wrong turn into this store, the surprise good for some, perhaps not so good for others. I held the door open like a gentleman and we went inside.


The inside was nothing like what I was used to either. There was a main room and a few different side rooms labeled with small signs as to what they contained. The main room was composed mostly of lingerie and ranging from calm silk to risky leather as well as role playing dress up outfits. Jana's eyes lit up like Christmas lights when she saw the selection. I knew then and there that we had a new place to shop for her outfits and I spotted one that would be my first choice. You can never go wrong with the white patent leather nurses outfit.


The store was empty except for one employee. She was extremely beautiful, probably somewhere in her late 30's with deep strawberry-blonde curly hair streaming halfway down her back. She had an athletic figure, a body chiseled from allot of hard work and an ample bust offsetting her round ass. The full-length red dress she wore had a slit up the side the opened and closed as she walked towards us and the color of her lipstick matches the scarlet high heels that accentuated her toned calves.


As she made eye contact she introduced herself. "Good evening. My name is Sara, owner of this humble establishment. We have a wide variety of items you may be interested in. Please feel free to look around and if you need help with anything or are looking for anything in particular that you don't see please let me know and I will do my very best to assist you."


Jana shook her hand and said thank you before Sara returned to a plush area that was unlike any other checkout counter I have seen. It struck me as odd. Most people who worked in adult stores wouldn't even make eye contact with you unless it was unavoidable as if they didn't want to make you, or them, uncomfortable. Perhaps it was me who avoided the eye contact but with Sara and the atmosphere she created, I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable browsing her store.


There were rooms for fetish equipment. The normal arrangement of leather straps, and whips, handcuffs and restraints but there was also soft silky items mirroring their rougher leather counterparts as well as a large selection of cock and ball torture equipment. There were parachutes and vises, sounds and stretchers. It occurred to me that this shop more than likely catered to the dominate female. I knew I would like this place.


We made our way to a room containing dildos and vibrators, plugs and beads of all shapes, sizes, and colors. We took our time looking around the room, taking plenty of opportunities to feel and examine ones that each of us thought was interesting. There were a few of them that were close to my size but most of them were larger, some even ridiculously big. It would take a true size queen to take those ones even half way. I was fascinated with the darker brown skin colored ones, all having at least three inches on me. Jana noticed me examining those and just tossed me a naughty grin. With the size and detail of these, any woman would light up thinking about what they would feel like.


"Hubby," Jana said to me in a voice quite louder than a whisper, "I want you to pick out the next cock that gets to fuck me while I keep your dick locked up in chastity. I hope you pick a good one so I don't have to punish you and extend your time in lockup."


Sara came around the corner and entered the room as Jana was finishing her sentence. I immediately turned such a dark shade of red that I made her dress look like a white wedding gown.


"Yes Mistress," I replied meekly as I continued to peruse the fake cocks on display.


"So, you keep your husband locked up in a chastity belt, Mrs..."


"Please, call me Jana," my wife beamingly replied.


"Perhaps I should reintroduce myself. I am Mistress Sara. I don't normally introduce myself that way for obvious reasons, although I do at times use it to chase off certain types of cliental that I prefer not to sell to. I do, however, always enjoy meeting a fellow Dominatrix," Mistress Sara said taking my wife's hand once more.


"I wouldn't really consider myself a Dominatrix although I have become a little more dominate over the past month and pretty much control the household now," my wife replied smiling.


"You precious woman," Mistress Sara replied placing a hand on Jana's cheek, "You have no idea how much control and power you could possibly wield using chastity, orgasm denial, and punishment as your tools. How long has your husband been in chastity?"


"Today is day number one being locked back up," Jana said, "Yesterday was a release day after spending one month in confinement. We are just starting out and after each release we extend his period of denial. This time he will have to endure three months before he can squirt his load again."


"Well I applaud you on your decision for three months. He should begin to climb the walls by then with allot of encouragement," Mistress Sara said, a giggle escaping her mouth, "Whose idea was it to try Chastity?"


"Both of ours in a way," Jana said, "He had the fantasy long before I did but never talked to me about it. One day I found a hidden folder on the computer and discovered what he desired. I bought a chastity belt and made him an offer he didn't refuse."


"I have two regular slaves that I keep in chastity. One is now going for six months and my husband is locked up for one year," Mistress Sara boasted proudly, "I also made him choose a dildo to please me with. It was such a turn on to watch him pick out his replacement. I wonder. Would you allow me to see the belt you chose to confine your property?"


"Absolutely," my wife turned to me, "Drop your pants to your ankles right now and show Mistress Sara your helpless cock."


"Yes Mistress," I muttered.


Humiliation and lust driven excitement boiled in my veins as I began to undo my belt buckle. With each person that learned of my place in our sex life, I found that the initial embarrassment of being exposed lasted shorter and shorter. I wondered if that small bit of shame would completely vanish one day. Another woman, a stranger up until ten minutes ago, was going to see my tiny dick locked in the short clear jail cell and my hands shook as they fumbled with my fly. In one motion I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and stood back up, placing my hands behind my back to give Mistress Sara the unobstructed view she desired.


The sexy redheaded vixen crouched down until her eyes were level with my groin and took in the sight of my chastity. With one finger she pushed the belt side to side, up and down as if she were completing a medical examination. She ran her finger behind the back ring causing my scrotum to jump as if touched by a cattle prod.


"Ah I see you chose the CB-6000 short," Mistress Sara said, her warm breath causing the clear head of the device to fog up, "A very good device. Secure, easy to use, and nice and small to accommodate this little guy. I too started with a CB-6000 but have since moved on to much more secure and devious equipment. Have you used the points of intrigue on him yet?"


"I am not sure what they are," Jana replied.


"Please come and have a little talk with me. If you normally require your husband to be naked I can lock the door and he can shop for your new lover in the nude," Sara said grinning broadly at me.


"Yes I would like that very much," Jana smiled at Sara before turning to me, a serious expression on her face, "Remove all your clothing and give them to me right now. I think it is only fitting for you to make your decision in your normal state of dress."


"Yes Mistress," I replied.


In a flash I removed my clothing and folded each item in a neat pile before handing the stack to my wife. They left the dildo room and settled in the plush seats near the entrance while I was left to choose a replacement for myself, to do my bidding while I was locked.


I continued to browse the walls looking for what I thought would be a good fit for my wife, adding a little bit to ensure she would approve of my choice. I narrowed it down to 4 choices, of which, two were white, one was dark brown, and the last jet black. I examined each one very closely, checking the flexibility, the detail in the veins and contours and the overall craftsmanship. I know Jana gave me a little grin when I was looking at the darker skin models but I truly wondered if she would be pleased if I actually chose one. On the other hand, this could be the item that opens the door to other talks down the line when I am ready and besides, what was one more month of denial. Perhaps it's not good to ask that on day one.


I put the two white ones back and stared at the other two for what seemed like hours. In reality, it was closer to forty-five minutes. During that time I visualized each one dipping in and out of my wife's sweet hole. Taking a deep breath, I put the Jet black one back and walked into the main room with my choice proudly on display, the ladies talking and laughing while enjoying a nice glass of wine.


My wife's eyes got bigger than normal when she saw my choice but you wouldn't notice any surprise in her voice when she spoke to me.


"Well you really took your time making a selection. You must have really put allot of thought into your choice. Let me see what you picked," she said taking the large dildo from my hand, "I would have thought you would have chose something a little bit closer to your size. Aren't you worried about this big black cock stretching me out to the point of being nice and loose the next time you have a chance to get inside me?"


"Even if I was concerned," I stated, my cock trying to stiffen from her last comment, "your enjoyment is always more important than my own. I heard you say that you missed the deep penetration and I wanted to be sure that I picked one that would go as deep as you needed."


"Very impressive," Sara commended Jana, "I see your slave has learned well from his denial. It is one thing to say it but much more meaningful when they can clearly show it through actions. I would very much like to see you again Lady Jana. I truly enjoyed our conversation this evening. Please come by anytime you like."


"The evening has been very enlightening Lady Sara," my wife said bowing her head, "I would be delighted to come by again. Hubby, you can get dressed now."


I got dressed and paid Lady Sara for my gift to my wife before bowing my head and saying good night. We got into the car and sped home, looking forward to trying out our new toy.


Once home, Jana was disrobing before I even got the door unlocked and was naked by the time I got my shoes off. I finished getting undressed and placed our clothes in the laundry bin. Jana was lying on the carpet next to the fireplace, rubbing her pussy to get her juices flowing. I watched her ravage her own body for a few seconds before coming to my senses and retrieving some KY from the bathroom cabinet to help ease her initial penetration with a larger cock.


I knelt between her spread legs and lubricated the top five inches of the dark intruder as well as sticking my sloppy fingers into her waiting cunt. I started to question if the lubricant was really necessary as she was sopping wet in anticipation of being stretched. This is it, I thought to myself as I rested the head on her pussy lips. This was the first time I would see what it would look like if a big black cock was going to fuck my wife. My balls were straining against the ring, threatening to pull through if I tried to get any harder but my lust completely overcame the pain and I barely noticed it.


"Please stick that big dildo in me baby," Jana pleaded to me, her pupils constricted to pinpoints, "I want you to fuck me hard with it. Stretch me, make me really feel it."


I started pushing the head in gently, short strokes trying to open her up. After a minute of working the entrance I gave it a good push and the head broke through, the residual pressure embedding two inches in her wanton hole in one stroke. She cried out in a mix of pain and pleasure as I paused allowing her to adjust. I withdrew to the tip and pushed again, repeating and gaining half in inch in depth each time until five inches rested inside her, her pussy lips clinging to the dildo filling her inside.


"That's as far as I can go with my own equipment baby," I said lovingly looking her in the eyes, "Now it's time you get all that you deserve."


I pushed the dildo one more inch as she let out an animalistic grunt before I withdrew the dildo to the tip and gave one final shove embedding all eight inches inside her. Her body bucked and seized as a powerful orgasm rocked her body, her mouth unable to create human sounds. Before her orgasm subsided I withdrew the dildo and shoved it in again, the fake testicles resting on her ass cheeks. She gasped for breath as she came down from cumming.


"Oh god baby," she exclaimed, "you have no idea how much bigger it is than you. It feels so good to feel so full. It is touching places you have never touched, resting against my cervix. Fuck me with it baby. Fuck me until I cum again. I can make love to you anytime I want but I want you to fuck me with this dildo."


I did exactly that. Short strokes and long strokes. Twisting this way and that as her body responded to the rough treatment of a rubber cock. I fucked her with it hard as she came and came. I continued until she literally pushed me away, unable to take anymore, her hands guarding her battered pussy.


"Holy shit baby. I feel like I just got done riding a horse. That felt so good. I wish I could return the favor but seeing as how this is your first day of chastity, you have a long time of orgasm denial to go before you get to cum again. Carry me up and lay me in bed. I don't think I can move after that."


I carried her up the steps and lay her in bed before climbing in next to her and holding her close, her body still shivering slightly from the intense orgasms. Her body succumbed to sleep before she heard the words I love you come out of my mouth. My cock was finally starting to soften and I drifted off to sleep as well.






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