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How I Became Chastized Cuckold, part 2

by Gizzard




Just two days ago I had begun my new life in chastity. My wife Jana found out about my secret fantasy courtesy of some files I hid away on my hard drive. It seems foolish to use the word fantasy anymore since chastity is now a real part of my life. Getting accustomed to wearing a chastity belt around my cock has not been very difficult to this point. To be fair I only endured two days before I was granted an orgasm, and I hadn't really been teased at all, but I was immediately locked up with my next period of chastity to last two weeks. I was a little worried that the fetish would lose a little power following an orgasm but I was thrilled to feel nothing but excitement about being locked up again and the glow of my wife's face when she pushed the lock shut again was breathtaking.


The following morning I had my normal rude awakening, having my balls stretched due to my bodies' involuntary attempt at a morning hard-on. The good news was that it didn't seem as bad this morning. Perhaps my body was learning that I just had no use for morning erections anymore and my clear plastic prison saw to the task of not allowing me any. I spent most of Sunday morning lying around and contemplating the fact that I was not going to be allowed to cum for the next two weeks. I had no complaints really seeing as this was my fetish after all and I was almost grateful that my wife's sister had found my hidden folder and that my wife had taken the steps to take matters into her own hands and offer to lock my cock up. I debated deleting the other folders on other topics but decided I would let them remain where they were. Sooner or later Jana would probably find them and I was sure she would once again confront me with them. The question is would she make them a reality for me when she did?


After lunch, Jana strutted into the living room with a demanding look in her eye.


"Get dressed," she ordered, "We are going shopping. I realized this morning that it has been a while since I bought any lingerie and decided that I need some new things to wear around the house."


"You are becoming such a naughty little temptress," I told her with a hint of laughter in my voice.


She gave a giddy chuckle and with a wide smile, simply replied, "Thank you baby."


When we got to the store it was a little frustrating to see all these women shopping for items they, no doubt, would wear in the bedroom for their husbands or boyfriends whereas my wife was shopping for items to wear all around the house and create a stirring in my loins that would not be remedied in the near future. I came to the realization that this was the first little bit of teasing I was going to have to endure.


"Browse around the store and pick out two outfits you would like to see me in. You may pick whatever you like but keep in mind I am making you pick your own poison sort of speak. These are some of the outfits I will wear around the house when I feel like teasing you," she said.


Noticing the quick expression of shock on my face she merely replied "Yes, I read all about teasing when I was researching the chastity lifestyle over the past few weeks. I went very easy on you the last two days but I am going to slowly ramp it up until I have you nice and sexually frustrated."


I turned a bright shade of red when I realized there was a tall brunette on the other side of the rack we were perusing through. I knew immediately that she had heard every word my wife had just spoken and now three people knew that I was a belted husband even though one of them was a stranger. My wife giggled as I moved away from the rack quickly and she gave the brunette an acknowledging nod.


The first outfit I picked out was rather conservative. It was a light pink, silk nighty that would have been rather tame had it not been for how short the hem of the gown fell. When I held it up to my wife I realized that it would just barely cover her pussy, short enough that if she went panty-less I would catch glimpses of her pussy every time she moved. My second choice was far more adventurous. I picked out a shiny black patent leather corset with a matching thong. The half cup corset would barely contain her firm breasts and I wasn't completely sure that her large pink nipples would remain concealed. She absolutely beamed with approval when I told her it was my second pick. A pair of matching thigh high boots with three inch heels caught my eye and I told her I wanted her to get those as well.


"Let me go try these on real quick," she said. "You will have to wait until we get home to see me in them though."


I stood around the store looking through more racks as I waited for her to emerge from the fitting room. The feel of these delicate fabrics alone was enough to heighten my awareness about my locked up state. On numerous occasions I caught that same brunette stealing glances my way. Each time I caught her she blushed a little more. I think she was more embarrassed about knowing I was in chastity than I was knowing she knew. I am pretty sure she was trying to catch a glimpse of my crotch looking for some tell tale sign of the chastity belt.


Jana was almost skipping when she emerged with a look of utmost satisfaction on her face. She handed me the garments and told me to go pay for them which I did right away.


Once we got home Jana said she was going to change into an outfit. "Do you have a preference or should I surprise you?"


"Surprise me honey. Either one is going to have my dick straining to get hard in its captivity," I replied with a little more bravery then I should have.


Ten minutes later my wife came back downstairs. Just as I thought she chose the corset and boots. She had taken some extra time to apply heavy make-up and was looking extremely fuckable. The material of the boots seemed to stretch to fit her accented calf muscles thanks to the three inch heels. I realized that the front blinds were open and started to work them closed.


"Leave them open!" she snapped.


"But the neighbors might see you." I protested.


"So what if they do," she said without hesitation. "I am sure they have heard me enjoying myself by now and if they haven't they probably will tonight. Besides, I am covered up. It's you that should be worried. Remove all your clothes NOW!"


I didn't even argue that I was about to be standing naked in my living room wearing nothing but a chastity belt. I knew damn well that anyone walking by could probably see right into the house and if they strained to look, would see what I had become. Once I was naked she dropped to her knees in front of me and began to fondle my exposed balls, rolling the tender pieces of flesh around in her fingers. Within moments I felt the cage begin to do its job, keeping my erection at bay.


"I know this is going to cause you some discomfort but I am going to start teasing you today. You can expect allot more of this as I do my best to keep you sexually frustrated. Is that what you want? Do you want me to tease you to the point of madness and deny you the opportunity to spray your seed?" she asked in an almost childlike voice.


My head was spinning at her words. "Yes. YES!" I screamed, "Use me for your own pleasure however you see fit while denying me the simple pleasure of an orgasm."


Seeing me fight a losing battle with my erection enthralled her all the more. She began to lick my balls tenderly and then sucking them into her mouth. She blew her hot breath against my sheathed cock before she took the molded plastic into her mouth.


"I bet you wish this cage was off right now so you could feel my warm tongue directly on your flesh," she said looking up into my eyes. "Well if you are having any thoughts to that effect do yourself a favor and erase them from your mind. I am not granting you release for two whole weeks."


Once she felt I was almost at my breaking point she let me fall back onto the couch, my rubbery legs no longer able to support my weight, my breathing very rapid and shallow.


"Oh that was so much fun," she laughed, "and even though I am going to deny you any orgasms, you are going to spend the rest of the day giving me plenty. I want four orgasms today. You can bring me off by any means you want, excluding your cock of course since that is staying locked up."


I did exactly that, devoting all my efforts to pleasing her. Unwrapping her patent leather encased body was exhilarating. As every inch of flesh became exposed to my view, I covered it with kisses. I wanted to taste every part of her body, to drink it in and become drunk with frustration. By the end of the night my jaw was screaming in agony telling my brain it had nothing left to give. Thankfully I had met the goal set before me.


The next three days went by pretty uneventful with the exception of Jana spending precious moments to tease me, always allowing me ample views of her body in various states of undress or sexy outfits. My oral duties did not relent either as I was told time and time again to get my wife off with my mouth and tongue. My jaw was beginning to become accustomed to its frantic workout and the constant thrashing from my sexy wife's pelvis.


I now knew how Jana felt about having a hard time concentrating while at work with the exception of the fact that I would not receive relief like she had when I returned home. In all actuality, when I was able to pull my thoughts away from the piece of flesh locked away from the world, I found myself able to think quite clearly, more so than I have been able to in a long time. Even with my self-imposed distractions I was able to complete more work in a shorter amount of time, a fact that did not go unnoticed by my supervisor. "If she only knew the secret to my success," I laughed to myself.


When I got home on Wednesday night I found my wife lounging in the living room wearing more clothing than she has taken to lately. It was like she made a conscious effort to hide as much of her skin from me as possible.


"Baby, I want you to go up to the bathroom and remove your clothes. Once you are naked just wait for me and I will be up shortly. We have some business to attend to," she told me in a short tempered tone.


She peaked my curiosity and I didn't even bother asking questions, a habit that I discovered I have been developing lately. She didn't make me wait long but when she entered the bathroom she was still fully clothed, twirling the key to my belt around her fingers.


"I am going to unlock you but I don't want you to get any ideas about release. You need to clean your cock and shave your stubbies. I also need to check you for any irritation. I made sure to cover up because I do not wish you to get an erection. When you are in the shower you will wash yourself with cold water to help stave off any hard-ons. You will leave the curtain open so I can ensure you don't work too hard to get yourself clean if you catch my drift. If you start to get hard I want you to stop and let the cold water run over your cock and scrotum. I will clean your plastic friend out real good while you do that."


"Don't worry honey," I replied, "I will not cheat on our arrangement. As difficult as it is, I don't want to take away from your satisfaction."


She didn't seem to believe me. "Never the less, I told you that that any time that I unlocked you for hygiene would be supervised."


She bent down and inserted the key into the lock and with a quick twist I heard the sweet sound of the hasp releasing. She removed the lock and pulled off the cage quickly, not lovingly like she had a few days ago, turned on the cold water and motioned for me to step into the shower. The cold water had an immediate effect on my penis making it want to retract as far as possible, long before I could even think about getting hard. It took allot of willpower to stay under the stream of freezing water. Even though she didn't tell me I made sure to keep my dick in plain view at all times. I didn't want to be accused of anything. I quickly but diligently cleaned my entire groin with soap and water before lathering up with shaving cream and leaving smooth skin in the razor's path. As I took care of this Jana cleaned out the cage with rubbing alcohol and rinsed it clean with water.


"Let me see your balls!" she said sternly.


She grabbed hold of my shriveled scrotum and looked over every inch for any signs of irritation that the rings might be causing. Satisfied that the little dab of baby oil was working wonders and the skin was fairing quite well she quickly slipped the back ring behind my balls, inserted the pins, and slid the cage over my deflated penis with a quickness that had me wondering how many times she had practiced putting it together before offering it to me the day I began my life in chastity.



"Very good baby," she praised, "you were able to get yourself cleaned up and shaved without getting an erection. I figured since I was taking control of your orgasms I might as well dictate when you can have an erection as well. I can guarantee that you will not get to see one very often."


She slipped the key to my cage back around her neck, gave my balls a light slap, and walked out the door swaying her ass at me as she left.


Later that night we cuddled on the couch and watched some TV. After a little bit of idle chit chat she got serious on me.


"Baby, I am really enjoying the treatment you are giving me. I can't help but notice that your cock jumps a little in the cage when I start to give you orders. Is this something you are enjoying? Do you like it when I get domineering? Do you really want me to take charge?"


The truth had worked so far so why not go with it.


"Jana, I have given you complete control of my orgasms. I cannot cum without your permission and I haven't set any guidelines about the length of time you can make me go without cumming. You can make me go five years if you want, although I really hope that is not the case. When a man gives a woman this kind of power there can be no doubt that he will take any order from that woman. I will be as submissive to you as you choose to make me. I only want to please you. That's what chastity has instilled in me so far. My needs are not important."


The smile on her face indicated that I answered correctly. "Very well, I decided that I want you to be more submissive to me. For starters, when I am giving you orders you will address me as Mistress. I know I decide when you get to cum but I want you to understand that my say on that is final. If I decide not to release you on your release day that is my prerogative. I wouldn't count on too many early releases either. Is that understood?"


"Yes Mistress," I replied.


"Let's start off slow. When you are home and we do not have visitors you will be naked at all times. I always want to see your cock all cooped up in its protective case."


I immediately stood up and removed my clothing before diving back into my wife's arms.


Over the next week and a half I spent almost all my time at home naked with my cage glaring in the light. The moment I walked in the door from work I would immediately remove all my clothing right inside the door. Jana liked the fact that I made such an extreme effort to follow her rules. All the blinds in the house remained open. I didn't dare touch them since she first scolded me for attempting to close them. I knew that one day my neighbors would catch a glimpse of my imprisonment but I just didn't seem to care if they knew or not.


True to her word, Jana took it slow with me. She mainly ordered me around when she wanted something done around the house or if she required my talents for her pleasure, which was quite often. I still felt no pang of jealousy at her ability to come multiple times a night while I was denied even the slightest erection. I was becoming more and more comfortable with my choice to wear the tube.


Two weeks from my last orgasm, Saturday finally rolled around. I was let out of my cage about every four days to clean and shave but true to her word I was not allowed a free erection. My balls seemed bigger than I remember them being and there was almost a dull ache deep inside them. It wasn't severe or unmanageable, simply just a reminder of the teasing I had to endure over the last two weeks. I actually wondered if this was the start of what people referred to as "Blue Balls".


Late in the evening Jana led me up the steps by my confined prick. She had me lay down on the bed and straddled my face so I could eat her while she opened up the cage to allow me release. Just like the last time she did it in a very slow and loving way. I hoped she would always unlock me on release days just like this. It made me feel like there was a special connection between us that most people would never understand. Once my cock was free it wasted very little time getting to full mast. Jana stroked my cock up and down. She used her finger to trace every contour of my engorged penis. The sensations running through my body were unbelievable. This felt so much better than release after only two days. It made two weeks of denial worth it.



After about five minutes of a slow loving hand job Jana abruptly stopped and removed her wet pussy from my mouth. I thought she was going to sink herself down on me but I quickly realized I was wrong when she lay on the bed next to me and started to speak.


"Hubby, I am kind of torn at the moment and I need to talk to you about it. I know I said that this was going to be a release date for you but part of me wants to deny you from cumming tonight. It's very hard to explain as you have been nothing but good to me over the past two weeks and have done nothing wrong so you deserve to have your orgasm tonight but I just don't want your chastity period to end right now. Would you be angry with me if I decided not to let you cum tonight?"


I could almost see the turmoil in her eyes. She was really struggling with this decision. She has made some really huge leaps from the subtle little wife she once was to the more assertive Mistress wife she has become but I had no doubts this was the remnants of her past self coming through.


"Jana," I said calmingly, "I really do want to come tonight. I would not be angry with you if you decided to deny me. I might be a little disappointed but it would really be nothing for you to worry yourself about."


What was I saying? I was about to experience what I knew was a going to be a very powerful orgasm but to put my wife at ease I basically gave her permission to extend my denial period.


"Hubby, if you go two more weeks for me I will go easier with the teasing. I won't stop altogether but I won't do it as often since I already have you nice and frustrated. If you go two more weeks for me I will make it worth you while and instead of the hand job you were going to get tonight I will let you fuck me. Will you do it for me? Please?" she said in an almost angelic voice.


Oh fuck it, what the hell might as well go for broke.


I hung my head and replied, "Mistress, it is not a question of whether I will or won't go an additional two weeks without an orgasm. When I agreed to become a chaste hubby, I gave all control of when I am allowed to orgasm to you. The decision is yours to make. The real question is if my Mistress will allow me to spurt my load tonight or will she deny me and make me wait another two weeks cooped up in my tube."


Her eyes showed so much passion as she smiled, "Well it really isn't a question at all is it? You will not shoot your little cummies tonight. You are denied!"


Her last word rang through my mind like the crisp clang of a bell.


"Now since you have been such a good boy and didn't complain one bit when I brought up extending your frustration, I am going to allow you some time outside your little friend tonight. I want you to put your arms over your head and spread your legs."


"Yes Mistress" I said as I did exactly as she told me.


She went to the closet and returned with a few of my silk ties. She bound my wrists and ankles to the posts on all four corners. I was amazed at the skill in which she tied me. I tested my bonds and decided straight away that I was not going to be able to escape from them.


"Very good hubby. I don't want you touching your little dick while I allow you to have some alone time. But first let's finish what you started."


She immediately straddled my face again and I went to work lapping at her pussy. She was soaking wet and I understood how turned on she was to deny me an orgasm that I had looked forward to for two weeks. I brought her off in less than two minutes and she collapsed on the bed next to me. After a few minutes she got up and told me to enjoy some time to myself before turning off the light and leaving the room. My mind was awash with emotions I didn't know existed as the night's events played through my mind and my time alone was not remotely comfortable as I felt the cool air around my erection that had not gone down since she started stroking me. It was bitter sweet suffering.


After about two hours Jana returned to the bedroom with her bag of ice water and placed it directly on my groin. I cried out in subtle agony as the cold bit into my delicate flesh. In no time at all my only erection in two weeks deflated and my sly wife made quick work of ensuring I was safely back into my tiny cock cage.


For the next four days Jana did take it easy on the teasing but it didn't stop her from wearing lingerie that left little to the imagination or nothing at all. She always seemed to drop something and had to bend at the waist whenever I was walking behind her. A few times she just wiggled her tight heart shaped ass at me seductively.


On Thursday I came home from work and after walking through the door I immediately disrobed to my normal state of dress while at home.


"Hello chastity boy."


I immediately turned a deep shade of red. This was not my wife's voice. I looked up and saw my wife's sister Christina standing in the doorway to the kitchen. I tried to cover my nakedness with the pile of clothes in my hands when I heard my wife's stern voice.


"No! Don't try to cover up! Drop your clothes and come over here!"


"Yes Mistress" I replied as my pile of clothes fell to the floor leaving me exposed.


As I walked over to my wife and her sister I was sharply aware of every pull and tug the cage made on my balls as it swung side to side. I stopped in front of these two beautiful women and did not make a second attempt to shield myself. "I told you he was now my chastised little hubby slave Sis. She didn't believe me that we locked up your cock even though she saw all your files."


Christina was smirking at my wife and giggling at me.


"Can I touch it?" Christina asked nervously.


"Have a ball Sis," my wife said.


"It's kind of small," Christina stated as her soft hands were running over every inch of the plastic casing, softly tugging on it sending spikes of discomfort into my stomach, and touching my smooth scrotum, which had now tightened up, with the tips of her fingers.


"Don't be too quick to judge," my wife defended me. "He is about average size if not just a little smaller but I bought the more compact version of the CB-6000 so it would be more secure. When he is at full mast he gets the job done."


"Well I see that it isn't going to come off without the key but how does it prevent him from getting hard?" Christina asked my wife.


My wife laughed, "It will cause him some pain but do you want to see how it works?"


Christina simply nodded.


"OK," my wife said, "Take off your top and show him your big tits."


Christina did a double take on my wife with questioning eyes that clearly asked if she was serious. My wife simply nodded.


As she removed her flimsy top, I was presented with Christina's D or double D breasts incased in a white lace bra that clearly showed her dark nipples through the thin material. As she reached back to unclasp her bra I realized that I was finally going to get a look at my wife's sister's huge tits, something I have wanted to see since I first saw her in a bikini many years ago. Knowing this alone made my cock start to work feverishly to get hard.


"Well," Christina said to me, "you are finally going to get a nice close up look at the tits you have been sneaking glances at for the past few years. I hope it's worth it."


When her bra slipped off her shoulders and onto the floor I was hit with a very sharp pain that told me the cage was doing all it could to prevent me from standing tall. As my breathing quickened to deal with the pain Jana explained what was happening.


"The two rings separate his balls from his penis. When he tries to get an erection the expanding dick begins to push the case away from the body until the balls are trapped behind the rings and it can't expand any further without causing him serious pain. He is just about at the limit right now and the pain will start to fight the erection. If we keep him aroused we can prolong his suffering. Do you want to make him suffer for a little longer?"


Oh my god, Christina was nodding yes.


"OK, take off your skirt and show him your panties."


"I am not wearing any," Christina said with a wicked grin.


Hearing that renewed my cock's efforts to break out of its captivity.


"Well I guess you will just have to go all the way then," my wife said without hesitation.


Christina didn't even flinch this time as she reached behind her and unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the floor. Here was my wife's beautiful sister standing in front of me completely naked, her trimmed brunette bush mesmerizing me until I saw the soft folds of her pussy. With a pain that clearly topped that of morning wood in my belt I doubled over due to the pain tracing up into my stomach.


Thankfully I heard my wife say I had enough and helped me to the couch while Christina retrieved her clothes and left the room. My cock shrank very quickly in response to the pain I was feeling with no new stimuli to fight against it. In about a minute I was back to a normal comfort level but my balls where still swollen and throbbing from the punishment they took. Jana had me take my clothes upstairs as Christina had now seen plenty of my chastity cage and I no longer had any need for modesty around her.


Christina stayed for dinner and I constantly caught her taking quick glances at my plastic encased penis, a fact that didn't escape my wife either but it didn't seem to bother her so I didn't let it bother me. While it was a little strange to sit at the dinner table naked with two fully clothed women I oddly felt right at home. They spent most of dinner talking about the amazing orgasms I was providing my wife on an almost daily basis if not multiple times a day.


Christina suddenly turned to me, "How long have you gone without having an orgasm?"


"Two weeks and five days," I replied calmly.


"And it will be another week and two days before I am going to allow him one!" my wife chimed in.


Christina audibly gasped, "You mean you are going to make him go an entire month without an orgasm while you enjoy all the attention you are getting?"


My wife laughed quite loudly, "Sis, we are nowhere near the length of time I am going to make him go without cumming. I haven't decided on what that length of time will be just yet but I just want to work him up to it. He is doing quite well with it so far."


Christina joined her in laughing, "I knew you had an evil streak in you Jana but I never knew just how deep it went. Do you miss the sex?"


Jana got serious again, "I do miss the penetration sometimes but I think I am just going to have to make a trip to the toy store and have hubby pick me out a nice dildo that he can use on me."


"Go to the one down by McCarthy's," Christina told her, "the lady that works there is really nice and they have a pretty good selection of just about everything."


Jana laughed again, "You really know your sex toy stores Sis."


"A single gal has to do what a single gal has to do," Christina snapped back.


Jana seemed to go into deep thought for a few seconds. She got up and left the room for a moment before returning with something in her hand.


"I tell you what Sis. I have to ask a favor of you and if you do that favor for me I think I have a nice form of payment to offer you."


Christina looked at her with a puzzled expression on her face as my wife opened her hand displaying a key that looked exactly like the one she wore around her neck. This was the second key to my cock lock.


"I need someone to hold onto this in case of emergencies and it has to be someone I trust. I want you to hold onto it for me in case I have to go out of town and he needs to be unlocked for cleaning and such. Will you do this for me?"


Taking the key Christina answered, "I will definitely hold the spare key to your husband's chastity belt but I'm not sure what you mean about payment."


"Well," my wife began, "It seems I have a husband who is very talented with his mouth and tongue and you are a woman with needs that need to be satisfied. I give you permission to come over and let him pleasure you with his mouth when you need to get off."


Christina and I both jumped back in shock.


While I was still searching for words Christina spoke up, "You mean to tell me you will let your husband go down on me whenever I want to get off?"


"Why not?" my wife said casually, "his dick is locked up in a chastity belt. It's not like I need to worry about him cheating on me." She turned fiercely toward me, "And don't you go getting any wild ideas of your little dick getting anywhere near my sister's pussy!"


Sounding offended I found my words, "Mistress, I am a little hurt you would think that it popped in my mind. I would not do that to you, cage or no cage. And like you said you having nothing to worry about with me being locked up and I am sure Christina isn't going to use that key to let me out unless you tell her to."


"Damn right," Christina stated, "If your wife decides she doesn't want you to experience the joy of an orgasm I sure as hell am not going to let you. Besides I really liked seeing you frustrated earlier. I might just take my sister up on her offer so I can watch you struggle in your cage while I let you lick me to orgasm after orgasm."


I had a pretty good feeling that it wouldn't be long before Christina came to call on my services.


As Christina was leaving for the night she flashed the key in front of me and gave my cage a very strong tug. "Hang tight." She said as she walked out the door laughing.





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