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My Gift









We began the second half of our lifestyle change with the July Long Weekend Holiday.  Bonnie spent the weekend with us while I served them both.  They decided that it would be nice to have a patriotic tea so they invited a few friends over for a back yard tea party.  Milady supervised my decorating the back yard.  We had bunting along the fence and red and white lights strung along the trees creating a canopy over the seating area.  All of the chairs had to be cleaned, the tables set, and the canapés prepared.  I spent the morning cleaning and the afternoon cooking.  At four pm the guests arrived.  I sat them all in the patio area by the hot tub.  I had created two tables, each seating four people.  All of the guests were women and three of them brought their submissives.  The subs were not allowed to sit at the tables.  Two of them were tied to trees in the back yard, the other one was staked out on the lawn.  I served the ladies at the table.  Each table received a tray of sandwiches, scones, Devonshire cream, jams, and petite cakes.  I placed a large pot of English Tea on each table and then stood back and attended anyone who called.  I actually did a pretty good job because the only thing that I was called in for was to remove dirty plates.






When the tea was over, Milady decided that a house tour would be worth while.  With submissives in tow, Milady and Bonnie took the women through the house.  The first stop was the little dungeon.  She showed them how I can roll up my futon and store it away when I am not actually sleeping.  Then she demonstrated the St. Andrew’s cross that I made.  They liked how there were Velcro wrist and ankle straps so that I could be secured quickly with as little fuss as possible.  Milady is big on as little fuss as possible.  One of the visitors wanted to try out the cross with her submissive.  The submissive girl, the one who was staked out on the lawn for the afternoon was secured to the cross.  She had become a little sunburned from her afternoon on the lawn so her skin had a rosy glow. 


The submissive on the cross was a very pretty thirty year old mom with two kids.  She found her husband wasn’t giving her what she needed when she met her mistress.  Under the spell of her mistress, the woman blossomed.  Now she found herself bound to Milady’s cross.  Her mistress kissed her neck, cheeks and lips.  Her hands ran across the submissive’s nude body, caressing her tit’s and playing with her stretched nipples.  The girl had pierced nipples that were pulled away from her body at least an inch by a piece of jewelry that held her nipples extended.  Her mistress continued to caress her submissive’s body until she reached the triangle of the girl’s pussy.  One of the other women asked, “Why don’t you shave her like other subs?”


The mistress replied, “If I shaved her, than I couldn’t do this.”  She took one of the girl’s long brown hairs and slowly pulled it, increasing the tension on the hair until it finally pulled out of the girl’s skin.  The girl squealed at the pain and then smiled as the mistress slipped one, than two, than three fingers inside the woman’s cunny.  She pumped her fingers in and out a few times and then instructed the girl to open her mouth and suck the mistress’s moist fingers clean.  They left the girl secured to the cross while they continued the tour of Milady’s home.  The next stop was the kitchen where I was doing the dishes.


Milady showed her visitors the cage that Bonnie makes me stay in.  She also showed where I am to prepare all the meals for the house.  She opened the side by side freezer and pointed out the packets of food that I am allowed to eat as my only diet.  Mistress then took her guests into the living room and the dining room areas.  I am only allowed in those rooms if I am cleaning or serving Mistress.  Finally they ended up in the garage dungeon.


We have pretty much converted our garage into a dungeon/playspace.  The focal point of the playspace is a chain wall made up of four horizontal and four vertical chains laid out in a plane.  The links of the chains allow many places for Milady to snap quick link carbineer onto the matrix.  Milady demonstrated by taking one of the male submissives and attaching him spread armed and legged on one side of the chain wall.  Then she took the other male slave and attached him to the other side of the chain.  In this position the slave in the back’s cock rubbed up against the slave in the front.  In no time his cock was hard and the front slave began to rub his ass up and down on the bare cock.  I was the only slave in forced chastity and seeing this guys cock get big made me envious.  I have not been allowed to orgasm for at least two months. 


The mistresses were getting turned on by watching the exciting guys.  The women thought that their excited men needed a challenge.  They decided that I would get a bye in this tournament since I was the host’s submissive and I did a very good job of preparing and serving their tea.  The contest was to be that the two male slaves would have a rope attached to their cock and balls.  It would be securely behind their balls and cock and the men would be forced to go on their hands and knees with their ass cheeks touching and the rope between their legs.  A line was drawn on the floor separating the two of them.  The point of this game would be a tug of war between the two submissives.  The first one to get pulled across the line would be the loser.  The owner of each of the two men took their place at the sides of their submissives.  Milady offered each of them either a riding crop or short whip to help encourage their pets.


slave games



The women took the whips and the whistle began the contest.  The slaves came off the line pulling but as soon as the line went taught it was an incredible pain in their testicles.  Spurred on by their masters’ whips they pulled again.  Tears formed in the men’s eyes as they pulled on each other.   Finally the blonde slimmed slave lost some ground, sensing this change in momentum, the brunette slave pulled harder.  His mistress’s whip cracked down between his shoulder blades and he lunged forward.  The blonde slave fell to the ground in pain and the other slave dragged him across the line.  The blonde’s mistress stuck her losing slave with the whip a few times and then released his balls from the rope.  The other slave was freed as well.  I was allowed to come to the center of the room to see what was happening.


“We have a gift for you two,” one of the women told me and the brunette slave.  “If Milady will grant you permission, you may both fuck my slave.”  Milady gave her the key to my chastity cage and my cock was free.  The blonde slave was instructed to go to his hands and knees and we were allowed to take him doggy style.  First the brunette slid his cock into the man’s ass.  It wasn’t all that lubricated and the guy yelled as he was buggered.  The brunette pushed his cock in deep and quivered as he came in the blonde’s ass.  When he withdrew, I was allowed to enter the blonde.  With the brunette’s cum already there, my cock glided smoothly in and out.  It didn’t take long but soon I came too. 


forced bi  


While we were recuperating we were all taken and tied to the suspended chains.  When we were hanging their, it was decided that our female submissive had missed all the action because she was still bound to the St. Andrew’s cross in my room. 


The girl was released from the cross and brought into the room where the men were talking.  Her mistress spoke to the girl “Slave, one of these slaves has been fucked up the ass by these other two slaves.  You are to tell us which one was fucked and who did the fucking.”  And with that she placed a blind fold over the girl’s eyes.  The girl was led to the three men to orientate where she was.  Her hands traced down to our waists to find a cock.  At that point it was decided that it would be more of a challenge if her hands were tied behind her back.




“But Ma’am,” she said, “if I do not have the use of my hands, I will have to use my mouth.”


“Yes slut,” her mistress said, “suck them off while you are there.”  The mistress told the rest of the room that the girl hated to service men.  She didn’t like having sex with her husband.  The girl started to complain but her mistress stopped her.  She said, “This isn’t supposed to be fun for you my sweet.  This is your job to please me in front of my friends.”  The girl nodded and took in the first cock.  It was the brunette and he had fecal matter and cum from the blonde on his member.  She sucked him clean and as she was finishing he started to cum.  She pulled back her mouth and he exploded onto her cheek.  “Make sure you suck the next one dry and drink his cum”.  The girl moved over to me and took my cock into her mouth.  Her head bobbed back and forth on my cock.  She sucked hard and I arched my back pumping my cum down her throat.  Finally she moved over to the blonde, she took his cock into her mouth and within seconds he exploded his juice into her.


She lapped up the last of the cum and then was released by her mistress.  She was allowed to remove her blindfold and sit with us.  Bonnie brought in drinks for all the ladies and they sat and chatted for a while.  Every one was very happy with their evening.  There were plenty of sexual fireworks on this patriotic day.  But before they called it a night, there decided there was one more thing to do.  The female slave did not respond to her challenge yet of who was first and second to take the other man.  She pointed to the brunette as the first one to fuck the other guy, and then she picked me as the one who was fucked.  Because she was wrong she had to be punished.


The girl’s punishment was to be that we three could take her again if we could.  None of us had any problem with that as we all sported erections.  The girl begged her mistress, “Please don’t let them gang bang me Madame.  I will be good.” 


She pleaded with her eyes but her mistress said “No, you lost and now you must pay.”  The three male slaves were released and we were allowed to take her as we liked. It took very little planning but within seconds the blonde was on his back and he adjusted the girl to slide her pussy over his cock.  Then the brunette moved in behind her and slid his rock hard member into her ass.  I slipped my cock into her mouth and she took it with all the enthusiasm she could muster.  After a while we all slipped out and re-arranged ourselves on the girl.  I entered her pussy and could feel the blonde’s cock as he entered her ass.  When it was all over, each of us had taken the girl three ways, and we had had at least two or three orgasms that night. 


Mistress took me by the collar and led me to my cage where I was secured for the night.  She then saw to each guest as they left with a hug and a kiss at the front door.  When they all left, Milady and Bonnie went to bed.  I could here them kissing and cuddling through the night.


The next morning Bonnie came into the kitchen.  She released me from the cage and took me into the bathroom to receive her stream. 

toilet slave  


I guess it was okay for Bonnie to use me because Milady already let her use me while she was on holiday.  Still it felt odd that Bonnie would make me hers while Milady was in the next room.  Bonnie asked me “what was Milady like before she became my Mistress?”


I told her that she was pretty much your average wife living an average life.  I told her we were comfortable with each other but we were not sexual anymore.  She wanted to me to tell her more about our former relationship.  I said it was typical.  I wanted to see Milady happy but she had no interest in the things that I thought would please her.  She was like a butterfly in a cocoon; all wrapped up and impenetrable.  


“So what happened to change her?  She is a very sexual woman now” Bonnie asked.


“The big change came when I gave her myself as a gift” I continued.  “Milady just blossomed as soon as she found out that there were no expectations on her of what would be proper or what she couldn’t do.” 


Bonnie asked, “Are you getting what you need from your relationship?”


I told her “I was getting adventure and the realization of some of my fantasies”.  Then I blushed and said “I am also getting more than I expected.  I never thought I would fuck a guy or even want to fuck a guy as much as I did last night.  I hadn’t considered what it would be like to lose my identity.  Mostly, I never realized how passionate Milady could be.”


Bonnie took my collar and led me into the playroom.  She tied my hands above my head and asked “how many times did your cock cum last night”.


“Four times” I answered. 


She replied, “Don’t you have a rule about what has to happen before you have an orgasm?”


I replied that “Milady wants me to experience pain before I can cum.”


Bonnie nodded and said “Alright then, here is what we are going to do.  We are going to give you four punishments on your penis.  One hour for every time that you came.  She began by taking a crop out and stroking my penis with its tip.  Then she began to lightly tap my cock.


 “Did you know that cocks are not very resilient?” she asked.  “There are lots of vessels inside that can be damaged if you hit them too hard.”  She then brought the crop down onto my cock.  I cried out and so as not to wake Milady, she gagged me.  She then slowly whipped my cock while she had her morning coffee.  My cock was a hard throb of pain.  Each time Bonnie hit I would jump out of my skin.  When the hour was over she gave me a few minutes to catch my breath then we moved on to part two.




My second punishment would involve a parachute.  The parachute was placed around my testicles and at the end of its chains was a place to hang weights.  Bonnie started by adding one kilo to the chute.  My balls were pulled to the ground.  She increased the weight by half a kilo each 5 minutes.  I would have begged her to let me go if I could only speak through the gag.  My balls felt like they would be pulled from my body and my knees had to adjust to the extra weight.  My hips hurt and my cock hung limp from the pain.


The third punishment was that I would endure a sound.  Bonnie took hold of my penis and held it steady.  She pulled me away from the wall so that I was almost lying down.  As she pointed my cock up to the ceiling, she took out a metal sound from a tray of water.  She lubricated it then slid it into my urethra.  The metal found its way inside my cock and set itself deep.  Then she took a tuning fork and hit it against a metal chair leg.  She touched the bottom of the fork to the pin in my cock and I almost lost my mind.  She repeated this many more times for the next hour.  Each time I thrust my hips upwards and lost control of my wits.


My final punishment was that my nuts would be squashed.  Bonnie placed my testicles in-between two pieces of Plexiglas that were held together by four screws that could be tightened.  My nuts were still sore from the parachute but having them squished almost made me throw up.  My knees went weak and I could barely hold my body up.  I could barely catch my breath and could think of nothing else but the pain in my legs.  When the hour was up and I was released I feel to my knees.  Bonnie put her foot on my shoulder and said “what do you say?” 


I replied “thank you, Miss Bonnie.”


Bonnie told me that Milady asked her to take care of my discipline and she would show her the video of the sessions to demonstrate the pains I took for her.









The summer was probably my most relaxing summer; not that it did not hurt every now and then.  Weekends were particularly hard when Bonnie would stay over to visit.  Milady had indeed given me to Bonnie for training and discipline.  Bonnie had no attachments to me and that allowed her to push me further than Milady ever could.  It also gave Milady new inspiration of what she could do with a slave.  Bonnie was adamant about what a slave could do for a mistress if trained properly.  She maintained that it is necessary to see beyond play and move to an honest servitude.  A true slave has only three areas to be concerned with; training, strength, and patience. 


Training is what happens when the slave is properly conditioned be of service to their mistress or master.  It can happen on many levels.  The most obvious is sexual service.  A slave must be trained to know what the good pleasure buttons for their master are.  They must ensure that their mistress’s pleasure comes before their own.  If their mistress cums from receiving a back rub, then it is their task to give the best back rub possible for as long as the mistress desires.  If the mistress wants to have the slave’s tongue in her pussy, then the slave obeys immediately.  But that is only one aspect of training.


The slave must be trained to anticipate their mistress’s needs.  They must know how to schedule themselves so that the mistress is never waiting.  From the first thing in the morning to the last thing at night, the slave must be aware of what is needed from them to make their mistress’s wishes fulfilled.  The slave must know how to cook, what is required for them to help their mistress get dressed and ready for her day or her date, and they must be capable of communicating with their mistress intelligently and must be trained to not only react to the things she likes but know enough about them to anticipate what she would be interested in.


The slave is also trained in tools that will help them to overcome whatever adversity faces them.  If the mistress likes the slave to endure pain, then they must train to increase their pain threshold so that the mistress’s fun does not end too quickly.  If the mistress wishes to keep her slave in restrictive bondage, then the slave must learn meditation.  They must learn to endure whatever their mistress asks of them. 


Finally the slave’s body must be trained.  The mistress must never be embarrassed because her lover wants to use her slave and the servant is too small or unable to perform in the way that they wanted.  Their tongue must be trained in techniques and performance to bring pleasure.  They must never reject the desires or attention from their mistress or any one she allows to use them.  The slave has to be prepared for anything that could happen so that it would not be a surprise that they might reject.


The slave requires strength in order to comply with the mistress’s needs.  They must be able to physically be there at their mistress’s call.  She doesn’t need him to fade out while she is having her orgasms.  He should be strong enough to maintain what ever position he is put in.  In particular, he should be strong enough to protect her.


A slave should be physically capable of acting as protector and defender of his mistress.  And there is a personal strength required that he must restrain himself to allow his mistress to overpower him.  A slave has to know how to use his strength be it working in the garden or carrying her purchases on a shopping trip.


The third quality that a slave must possess is patience.  For the slave, time passes at the will of their mistress.  They must always wait for the mistress and that requires patience.  The slave will have their own wants and desires but that now is secondary.  A slave must have the desire to be used as his Mistress’s toilet each day, but she may not be in the mood and just wants to ‘hurry up and go’.  The slave must be patient.  A mistress may tire of play and wants to take an emotional break; the slave must wait for her to be ready.


Being a mistress isn’t easy.  Being a mistress means surrendering many of your own values in favour of some things that may not be considered mainstream.  After all, how many husbands serve as a dresser, household servant, or human toilet?  So it is a whole mindset change that she has to make.  She also has to adapt to a whole new relationship and in some cases, a series of new relationships.  Milady, for example, had a new set of friends, a lover, and a special girlfriend.


Milady’s new special girlfriend was Bonnie.  She is a tattoo/piercing artist from a local shop who hit it off with Milady from the first time they met eight months ago.  She introduced Mistress to the local bdsm scene and helped her learn more about being a Mistress and getting the most of her new life style.  Bonnie was very much a home body.  She preferred to stay home than go out with the party crowd and Milady is also quite the same.  So for most of August we stayed home.  Bonnie works in the afternoon and evenings; Milady doesn’t work much in the summer.  Instead she likes to get up late with Bonnie and have a mid-morning breakfast on the patio.  I have been instructed to have their meals prepared and be set to serve both ladies as they require.


When we first began our lifestyle change, Milady kicked me out of the bedroom to sleep on the floor in the spare room.  She spent the rest of her nights alone except for those times she would have a guest over.  But now that she has gotten closer to Bonnie, they spend their nights together in bed.  I am usually kept in my cage in the kitchen.  Bonnie likes to lock me in there at night to show the restrictions on my life.  Bonnie has also requested of Milady to set limits of what I can and cannot do with Bonnie.


Mistress has decided that I will serve as Bonnie’s toilet for when she pees. 

pee drinker  

Bonnie may use any tool in my rectum that is safe to either punish or please me.  Bonnie may not release my cock from its cage unless it is to whip or punish it.  And of course, Bonnie is not allowed to fuck me.  But then I don’t get to fuck anyone that often.  Last month I was allowed to fuck a guy which after not entering anyone for a couple of months felt pretty good even though I am straight.


Life with Milady and Bonnie was an adventure.  When I wasn’t doing my chores, I was either entertaining them or being trained.  Milady’s favourite way of being entertained is to bury my head in her crotch while she is just sitting back and relaxing.  She likes to sit on the edge of the chair and stretch her back out.  I will use my tongue to lick between her lower lips bring her to a calm relaxed state.  What was hard for Milady was to let me please her sexually while someone else was there.  It was easy for her to take that step when Bonnie was around.


There was a time when Milady was in the backyard by the pool.  She had her ipod on and listening to something good.  I was placed between her legs, licking and lapping at her pussy.  Every now and then I would slide my tongue between her lips to enter her cunny.  She would sigh, breathe heavy, and then pull my head into her crotch.   Bonnie saw all this action and came over to Milady’s side.  Bonnie kissed Milady’s lips as Milady came in an explosive orgasm.  I think Milady almost fainted that day.


Bonnie on the other hand, is very different.  She likes to make me squirm or push my physical limits.  When Milady isn’t using me, Bonnie would tie me to a tree or mount me on the dildo post.  Then she would pull or attach things to my nipple rings to see how long it would take me to beg her to stop.  If I endured more than the last time, she would reward me.  If I failed, I would be forced to endure her torments longer.  Bonnie would proudly show me off to Milady each time I exceeded my endurance.


I had gone through many physical changes since I gave myself to my Mistress.  First of all, I was in much better shape than I had been in my life.  At fifty years old, I was healthier than most 30 year olds.  I could run for miles.  I could easily bench press my weight for many reps.  I lost over sixty pounds and reshaped my body.  My hair had started to grow back on my head, but Milady and Bonnie insisted that the rest of my body stays clean shaven.  I put in very long days and do not show any wear for it.  It is like I have the stamina of a teenager. 


During this period of warm weather I am very comfortable in my body.  Bonnie and Milady insist that I wear no clothing except for my chastity device and a cook’s apron for when I am preparing meals.  I now have a uniform for when we go out.  I must wear a light purple golf shirt, black trousers, socks, and shoes.  I am not allowed to wear any underwear.  For work, I may wear blue jeans and work boots, but I still must wear a blue or purple golf shirt or a dress shirt with a tie that is approved by Milady. 


The summer came to an end when Milady, Bonnie, and I attended a Labour Day garden party.  We arrived at the party in the late afternoon, Milady and Bonnie were escorted into a back yard patio where the other Mistresses and Masters were.  I was dispatched to the bar to get them their drinks.  I found them in a pair of lawn chairs on the grass.  I was directed to kneel down between them and hold their drinks while they enjoyed the sunshine.  I refreshed their drinks and returned to my attending spot.  Friends of Milady and Bonnie dropped by to say hello and check on how their summer had passed.


I saw Milady’s lover over by the bar.  Brendan was there but I was not allowed to speak to him at the party without permission from my Mistress.  He must have followed me up to where Milady and Bonnie were sitting. He greeted the ladies, bending over and giving Milady a big kiss on the lips.  I could tell that Bonnie didn’t like this at all.  Milady simply tolerated Brendan and quickly dismissed him.  As Brendan watched from a distance, Milady leaned over and passionately kissed Bonnie’s lips.


Other people were kissing too.  The theme of the evening was ‘Passionate Summer Nights’ and to complete the theme the master of the house had three couples of slaves made up in white and arranged like statues in the garden.  There were two nude males together, a paired male and a female, and two females together.  Make up covered their bodies from head to foot with the exception that the men wore white condoms.  Their hair was powdered white until there was no idea of what their original colour was.  All of them were instructed to be making love to each other in as many ways as possible.  If they stopped, a master would whip them on and encourage them to move.  If the man lost an erection or the woman dried up, they would be given a moment to rectify the situation.  The men were all given little blue pills before the even, so they should last.  For the women there was lots of lube.  The slaves were to use their partners for 50 minutes, and then they were to change partners.  Six slaves changing pairs could go on for over 10 hours before they would have exhausted their partner possibilities.  They were destined to put on a show for the whole evening.


If this party were in the country, the likelihood of mosquitoes would be very good.  The biting bugs would be everywhere.  But fortunately none were present.  However, that didn’t stop one master from protecting his submissive.  He tied the girl up by her wrists to the top of a rose trellis.  Naked and exposed on all sides, the submissive experienced what it was like to be a fly as her master slapped her with two large rubber fly swatters held in his hands.  The girl jumped, bounced, and pirouetted as the tools slapped her breasts, pussy, back, and bum.  Large red tones appeared on her skin as the blood rose to the surface and the endorphins kicked in.


Milady stood up and clipped her finger through my nose ring.  She guided me up by the nose and led me to a saw horse.  This horse looked a little different.  Milady had me raise my legs and straddle the wooden horizontal slat.  Ah, there is the difference.  Rather than a flat piece of wood, this cross piece was pointed.  To sit on it caused and uncomfortable sharp poke between my legs.  Milady adjusted the height of the crossbar so that I was up on my toes.  My hands were then locked behind my back.  I was left with one of three choices: save my legs lower my self and expose my balls and cock to pain, move forward and stretch my legs but that tires my feet from standing on my toes, or lean back and that could hurt my rear.  Forward, back, up, and down- I did this bizarre dance.  Milady and Bonnie giggled to watch me move about but they left me there.  After about an hour, they came closer and examined me sweating and catching my breath.  They each had a small weight and snapped the packet to my nipple rings.  My tits were pulled down as I continued this torture. 


My pains continued until Milady and Bonnie were ready to go.  When they released me I could barely stand.  I was so thankful they released me.  They wrapped me in a blanket and tossed me into the trunk of Milady’s car.  When they got home, they allowed me to go straight to bed in my small room rather than my cage.  They even allowed me to sleep in the next morning.  But by noon I was up and back to my duties of serving Milady.








I love my Mistress dearly but frankly she does have some faults.  One of them is that she is no boy scout.  She is unable to tie a knot and even harder, she cannot untie a knot without the assistance of a sharp knife.  To help her, Bonnie helped Milady discover some alternatives to ropes.  The easiest thing she used was saran wrap.  The nice thing about the wrap is that it comes in colours and that way she could restrain me in Technicolor.  Red wrap to secure my ankles together, blue to hold my wrists, and green wrapped all the way around me just to keep everything together.  With the aid of a hair dryer, she could further constrict her bondage as the wrap shrinks when heated.  Bonnie helped Milady wrap me like a mummy and then the two of them laid me back on a coffee table.  Bonnie then took some duct tape and created a circle around my nipples.  She then took some scissors and cut out a space to expose my pierced nipples.  The tape would act as a hem and would prevent the cellophane from ripping.  She repeated this taping to expose my caged cock.  They placed a blindfold over my eyes to enclose me in silence and ear plugs set into my ears to close off any sounds.  The final touch was to slip in a ring gag in my mount to prevent me from commenting.  The ring gag is also good because I do not gag or drowned myself while using it.


Milady and Bonnie sat back and had a tea while I lay before them on the table.  Every now and then they would reach forward and tug on one of my nipple rings or pinch a testicle; just to remind me that I am powerless to stop them.  As they sat back, they discussed how this was working out for Milady.  She said that she loved the attention and the total lack of conflict in our relationship.  She felt like a princess that she always got her way.  There were a few things too that she was missing.  She liked to receive gifts from me while we were married, but now since I have no possessions and no money, I am unable to purchase anything for her.  Of course, she freely spends my paycheck on whatever she wants, but that is different.  And she always gets what she wants. 


Milady went on to describe that she likes playing at a slower level.  When she first discovered her sexuality and freedom, she could not get enough.  But now, she is happy to be pleased whenever the mood hits her.  One of her most amazing revelations was that she could be sensual whenever she wants and I would oblige her.  She was also thrilled to be able to experiment and try something new.  Even if it meant that what she would try was not what anyone expected of her or was considered odd, she did not care and was only interested indulging her power.  An example of this was a while back she decided that she would stop using toilet paper.  I was instructed that I would lick her clean after she went to the toilet no matter what she did.  The soft warmth of my tongue on her bottom felt much better than tissue.  So after she emptied herself, she would lean forward on the counter and I would lick her clean. 



Bonnie lit a candle and let a small pool of wax build up as they talked.  Once there were a few drops of liquid wax, she dripped the hot material over my nipples.  I tried to jump or wiggle away but the constriction of the wrap held me in place on the coffee table.  They continued their discussion as Milady said that she sometimes missed having me around as a husband.  As much as she likes spending time with Bonnie, or even playing with other people, she missed the connection we had as husband and wife. 


Bonnie asked, “What would you like to see in him as a husband?”  Milady commented that she likes me serving her and respecting her as a mistress, but she would also like me to be a part of her life.  As it stands now, I am nothing to her but a tool or a toy.  She would like me to be a lover, a friend, and still have me as a plaything.  Bonnie wondered, “How do you think we could customize or train him?”


Milady said that for sure he would need to remain chastised because she likes the control.  She went on to say that he needs to be trained to focus his attention on her when they go out.  He should be trained to still serve her but also he should be there to contribute as opposed to just act.  Her biggest desire though was that she does not want to be ‘on’ 24/7.  She wants her servant to be ready when she desires, but sometimes she just wants to be herself.


Bonnie suggested that they could work on transforming me in a way to make me the ideal plaything and husband, but also she thought we should proceed slowly to ensure that I did not leap out of subspace.   Bonnie said that it would mean making me less of a slave and more of a servant.  Milady enjoyed that idea but wondered what it would mean giving up as everything has a price. 


 servant husband






The best laid plans will sometimes go awry.  Bonnie and Milady had decided that I was to begin a new level of servitude.  My skills were to be better honed and I was to be transformed from a simple slave to a refined servant.  I was to start my training but it was on a chilly fall day and I did not feel so well. 


I had not been sick since I gave Milady the present of myself.  In truth, aside from a bruise here and there or a stiff should from being bound for a long time, I had never felt better.  But now, I was feeling different.  My chest was sore and it was hard to breath.  Milady sighed and said “Well it looks like we are going to have to take you to the vet.”


We maintain a small emergency bag of things that we will need if we go to the hospital, it has an mp3 player, puzzle books, a change of clothes, slippers, and toiletries.  She grabbed the bag, instructed me to put on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt and off we went to emergency.


The emergency room was not all that full.  I sat at the intake desk and Milady gave them my personal information as a pretty young nurse took my blood pressure, measured respirations, and assessed my temperature.  After a plastic information band was placed around my left wrist, we moved to the waiting room.  I groaned as I sat down in one of the waiting room chairs after the triage people assessed my situation.  My face went flush red when I realized something.  I bent over and whispered in Milady’s ear, “I have my chastity harness on”.  She laughed and took the key to the pink confinement tube that was hung around her and gave it to me.  She instructed me to take the emergency bag with me into the washroom and remove the device.


I squirmed and wiggled a bit to get into the right position and then finally was able to slip the little key into the cage’s lock.  The plastic case came free in my hand and my cock sprang to life.  I had not been able to have an erection for about six weeks, ever since the Labour Day orgy.  I was in a conundrum because with my cock so hard and my balls so full, I was not going to get the holding ring off from behind my member.  The only way to get myself down was to get myself off.  There in the bathroom stall I began to jack myself off.  It had been ages since I touched myself and the feel of my hand sliding up and down on my cock was wonderful.  If I didn’t feel so bad and under the weather it would have been great.  I exploded spraying my cum against the door of bathroom stall.  I sighed and groaned then a voice in the room asked “are you alright in there?’


“Fine, thanks” I answered.  If he only knew how great it was to come of my own hand. 


I went back to the waiting room and met Milady.  I explained to her about the ring not coming off without my orgasm and she said she understood.  She said I would be punished later for cumming without permission, but for now it was okay.


A nurse came into the waiting room and called me by last name.  My last name, for that matter neither my first name nor last name, has been said out loud for ten months.  I thought to myself that sounds familiar.  Wait, that’s me.  Again I groaned as I stood up, but as I caught my balance the nurse insisted that I ride in a wheel chair to the emergency bed.


I was instructed to get undressed and put on an examination gown.  These gowns leave little to the imagination and when they are worn properly expose all the wrong places, or in my case tattoos.  The gown clearly exposed my slave symbol on my neck and the ‘property of’ statement on my back.  When I wore it like a jacket my shaved cock and pierced nipples were exposed.  I figured this is no place for secrets and wore the gown in the proper fashion statement.  After that I noticed that it was odd that different nurses would come in each time to take my temperature, listen to my heart, or just check me out.


One nurse came in and listened to my chest.  She noticed the piercing in my nipples and said that they must be removed or they will interfere with some of the tests.  I was glad that I didn’t have to explain my nose ring as Milady had removed it before we came to the hospital.  I gave Milady my jewelry and she tucked them into her purse. 


A doctor came in to check me out.  Because my issue could be caused by just about anything he decided to give me a full physical.  I am sure that doctors must have seen everything because he did not question any of my bruises or whip marks.  He just said “oh you have been playing a little rough.”  He went on to say he wanted to do an ECG, x-ray, and some blood tests.  A nurse would come in and get me set up.  He then looked to Milady and smiled, “he is going to be busy for a couple of hours.”


Milady settled in on the chair beside my bed and did her puzzles while the orderlies took me from room to room for x-rays, and scans.  I was returned to my emergency room stall and we waited for the results.  Bonnie stopped by and took Milady for lunch in the hospital restaurant. 


When they returned the doctor had just come in to tell me the results.  He said that for a 50 year old I was in pretty good shape.  He said he thought I wasn’t eating enough as I had told him about my diet and how in the last ten months I had lost 40 pounds.  He said that my diet may have damaged my liver and that was part of what was going on with me.  I was anemic and that meant that my blood was not working the way that it should and that was effecting how much oxygen was getting into my system.  His recommendation was for me to rest for a week, and then slowly get back into my regular routine.  He grinned at Milady and said “try to go easy on him for a little while.”


When we returned home, Milady instructed me to go get undressed and lie down in my little room and relax.   Within a few minutes she came in with my cock cage and a small bag of frozen peas.  After instructing me to spread my legs, she reduced the size of my member by applying the iced peas.  Within a few moments my cock was caged up again.  She said there was no need for me to be playing with myself while I am recovering.


For the next week Milady and Bonnie took care of me.  I was not allowed to go out of my room except to go to the washroom.  I felt like I was under house arrest especially because neither Bonnie nor Milady were very good cooks.  It was nutritious and in sufficient quantity, they also insisted that I eat every bit of it.  By the time the week was over I was ready for my release.


One evening Milady called me out to the living room.  I entered the room and she instructed me to kneel before her chair.  As I got down on my knees in front of her she split her legs wide open and instructed me to use my tongue on her pussy.  I lapped at her nether lips, tasting her juices and bringing her to orgasm after orgasm.  Milady pressed her hands on the back of my head, directing my motions, and increasing her pleasure.


It was good to be home.



Over the next weeks Milady made some changes to our living arrangements, I was no longer allowed to sleep in the cage in the kitchen.  I was allowed to have sheets and a new pillow.  I was also instructed to wear clothes unless otherwise directed.  Milady wanted me in a uniform of black pants and a white shirt.  Bonnie had cautioned Milady not to change things too fast for me, so Milady decided that I was to learn something that most men never get to discover.  She got me a pair of high heels.  Neither or us were ever interested in cross dressing, but she liked the idea of controlling my balance.   For the first week, she put my feet in these high shoes and secured them on by running a zap strap around my foot and the shoe.  With the shoe locked on my foot, I had no choice but to spend my next week tottering about on these strange heels.


Within a few days I was proficient in my movements and even ventured into a fast walk, almost a run.  My calves were sore but getting stronger.  Actually I think my posture improved. 

 sissy slave



Halloween is Milady’s favourite holiday.  This year she and Bonnie decided that they would host a holiday celebration.  Milady decorated the house in a gothic theme with green lights and a small cemetery in the front yard.  Milady dressed in her vampire outfit passed out candies to the little children who braved our front door.  Dressed in her long black tight fitting dress, revealing lots of cleavage, and a blood dripping smile, I am sure that she will have installed some fantasies that will show up in later years for those little boys and girls.  


I found myself dressed in a suit, Milady had applied very white make up on my face and a trickle of blood dripping from my lips.  The only thing that was out of place was a hilt of a knife protruding from my back.  In this fashion I served drinks and cocktails to her guests.  Milady’s company engaged in a mutual fondle fest.  There was a new slave girl who was having each of her holes tested and filled.  Some of the women playing her were rather rough as they slipped a large lubricated dildo in and out of the girl’s pussy.  Another male slave was busy orally serving a mistress and her male lover.  He would lick the man’s cock then slid his tongue along the woman’s pussy.  Finally the man came in the slave’s mouth and he was directed to slide the master’s cum into her awaiting pussy.  Milady told me that the submissive was the husband of the woman.  They were wanting to have a child but she didn’t want to use his sperm, so they were symbolically making him a part of the master and mistress’s conception.


I heard a scream from behind me and turned to see a young woman dressed as a cowboy, well cow girl.  She wore a fringed leather vest that left her small breasts exposed.  A small clip was attached to each nipple and a thin chain joined the clips.  She wore a pair of chaps that covered her legs but left her ass and pussy exposed.  Her long brown hair was braided and intertwined with a short length of rope.  In this way the rope became part of her hair.  That rope was now attached to a pulley and she was being lifted into the air suspended by her hair.  She was crying as she was lifted off the ground.  After they lifted her up a foot, a dildo mounted on a post was slide between her legs.  Pairs of stranger’s hands felt between her legs massaging her pussy and getting her wet.  Soon her pussy was so lubricated she was lowered to the ground and guided onto the dildo attached to the pole.   She had to stand on her toes to relieve the pain from the size of the large rubber cock invading her.  Her hands were freed from their bonds so that she could relieve her pain by pulling herself up, reaching for the rope in her hair and lifting her small body weight upwards.  Slowly she fucked herself as she would lift and lower herself over the course of the evening.


I returned to my duties, serving drinks and small morsels of food to Milady’s company.  I stepped into one of the rooms where a man was tied to a bench.  He was tied face down on a padded surface set about waist high.  His ass was exposed and his legs were separated so that his cock and balls dangled in the warm air from the fireplace.  I looked around and hands grabbed beers from my tray.  I noticed that there were no women in this room.  One of the men looked at me, as another man in the room lubed up his cock and slid it into the man on the bench.  “Would you like to trade places with him?” the man asked.


I said “No thank you Sir” and stepped back.  I turned to go out of the room as one of the men finished his bottle of beer and began to slip the long neck of the cold bottle in and out of the fucked man’s rear hole.


The night went on and people went home.  When they were all gone, Milady told me I can clean up tomorrow.  She took me to the bathroom where she instructed me to get between her legs and become her toilet.  I opened my mouth wide as she stood above me, as she pressed a bit, a glob of cum fell from her into my open mouth.  She rinsed out the taste of the other man’s semen with a spray of urine.  I drank down her golden juice and then licked her pussy dry. 


She told me to go to my room and get her when it is time for breakfast.  She stopped at the door and said “make sure the house is clean before you come get me”.  I nodded and smiled thinking that my illness is over and now we are back to normal. 


I have returned to providing her my gift.




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