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Cuckold Story by Devoted Husband





I never question her, ever.  I hate having to clean her after she’s been with him but I never talk back when she tells me to do it.  I usually do it at the door as she returns home from a date.  I do the best I can to imagine what it’s like to be allowed to go down on her without his presence, without his cum all over her.  I’d never tell her that; never let her know I even think such a thing.  I said something about that once…only once.  I got slapped and asked I wanted to be forbidden to service here like that.  I love when she let’s me do that for her, rewards me by letting me be the source of her sexual pleasure, use my mouth to worship her.  I think she knows this about me, knows my devotion to her and the pleasure I get from pleasing her.  But I know that she doesn’t care and that she always comes first, not me.  I know that to service her submissively is part of what I do because I love her.  I hate the taste of him!  Hate tasting his cum and feel jealous that he comes first as well, not me.  And I always imagine what it must be like to be the real man he is, have the cock she loves and adores.  He is her lover and I’m only her cuckold husband. 


She’s been sitting in his car in the driveway.  They’ve been out there for half an hour at least.  I’ve been waiting for her like I always do.  When she finally came into the house, heard him drive off as she opened the front door, she looked down at me and smiled.  “Such a good little boy…I was looking forward to coming home.  Believe it or not I do think about you, baby, think about you and sometimes worry about you home all alone.” 


As she raises her skirt and looks down at me I kiss her panties, smell him all over her, and see some of his come on her thigh…notice more cum than usual, she’s covered with him…cum all over the tops of her stocking too.  I feel shame as I kiss her gently.  She asks if I missed her while she was away.  I tell her yes, missed her terribly.  She purrs as I kiss her through her panties, on my knees in front of her…I bury my face in her.  She pushes me away, “Ouch!”…sees the look on my face as I look up at her…”You are such a good little boy!  But not tonight, baby.  Mama’s real tired, real sore too.  I’m so sore.  Can’t begin to tell you how he used me tonight, I just have to go to bed.  But you’re very good boy to be waiting for me. Maybe tomorrow I’ll let you lick me.”  She smiles down at me and pats the side of my face.  She sees the panic in my face, I don’t dare talk back.  “Yes, Mam.”, I look to the floor as she lowers her skirt.  “I just wanted you to kiss me when I came home, kiss your wife at the door.  I really did miss you tonight, thought about you.  Does that please you, baby?”  She walks past me, heels clicking on the floor as she heads to the stairs.  “Yes, Mam, thank you.”, I watch her beautiful rear start up the stairs.  “You sleep in the basement tonight; I don’t want to be disturbed or woken early.”  She turns and looks at me.  “By the way, he appreciates everything you do at the office and he loves that you never bother me at home, pester me for sexual favors.  He asks me about you, asks if you do.  I told him I’d tell him if you did and he said to tell you that you are a very good boy not to bother me.”  She looks at me, seriously…”You’re going to keep being a good, boy…right?”   I look up at her…naked, on my knees…”Yes, Mam.”  She turns and walks to her bedroom.  “I think you’re about to get a pay raise at work..  He’ll talk to you about it.”  I hear the door close.


She’s been seeing him regularly now for almost three months.





“Fuck, ooooooooooo!...fuck me…!”  I can hear her through the door, hear her yell, “Baby…fuck me…”…I also hear the sound of his hand across her rear…SMACK!, hear him slap her rear as he fucks her.  I can only think that he must be taking her from behind, rear up for him to use.  SMACK, SMACK!  I hate that sound, want to run to her, make him stop.  I know better.  “I am your complete little bitch, you own me…ooooooooo, I’m your little girl, baby, fuck me…!”  I hear them, muffled through the door…hear her start to almost cry as he spanks and fucks her.  I hear her bury her face in the bed…hear him yell at her…”I like that dirty talk, girl…do it!”  SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!...hear her tell him he can do anything to her; hear her tell him she’s his.  And I know how he uses her like this.  I know about his ‘special need’, as she calls it. 

It’s the second time he’s fucked her, didn’t spank her the first time.  I heard the bed springs, fucked her hard.  I listen from down stairs, hang on their every sound…feel my little penis stiffen every time she’s with him.


He arrived an hour and a half ago, walked past me at the door.  He smiled at me as I looked to the floor, naked and cock harness locked tight.  “Is she upstairs?”   “Yes, Sir.”, I answer him.  He hands me his coat. 

I’m naked, as I always am in the house…feel his eyes on me.  “I’ve been thinking about her all day.  I’ve been thinking about spanking her.  Thinking about that hot little ass.  What’s she wearing?”…


”White, Sir, all white.  The outfit you bought her, the little girl outfit.”


“Mmmmm, I like that.  My little girl, got that outfit off a sissy website, same one you got the pink ruffled panties for her off of, I love the ruffled panties on her, shows off that cute rear end…had her describe that little outfit at a party last night, two of my client’s were in the room.  She told them about being dressed in lace panties and ankle sox for me.”  He takes off his suit coat and hands it to me…”Got them so turned on!  Wish she’d had it on last night.  It was all spur of the moment, maybe next time dress her like that for them.  She still looked very cute in the black stockings and panties she wore.  Should have seen the looks on my client’s faces when she took her dress off, I wish I had a picture of that…maybe next time for that too.”  He looks me.  “I hope you didn’t bother her when she got home, she was very worn out after she left.  She needs her rest and beauty sleep.”  He walks past me.  I know why she didn’t let me lick her clean now and know why she was to sore and tired.  “No, Sir, I would never do that.”


He walks to the stairs, “Get me a drink, bring it to her room.”…hear him go into her bedroom and close the door behind him….


She never let me go down on her like she said she might, just had me do house work all day.  She spent time preparing for him, went shopping, and when she came home she let me watch as she dressed and made up for him.  I can still see her, smell her perfume.  She was standing in a white short see-through robe, white lace little girl outfit on underneath it.  Ruffled panties, ruffled lace top ankle sox and 3” white patent leather heels…no bra…her hair up in little girl pony tails in white ribbons on the side…pink lipstick…


“I hear his car in the drive.  How do I look?”  She turns, looks in the mirror.


“Gorgeous, Mam…you are beautiful…”, she cuts me off in mid-sentence…I feel as always, anxious, know what’s coming next…


“You are a very good boy, go down stairs, wait by the door and let him in when he comes.  He likes when you do that.”  She sat on the bed, checked herself in the mirror as I left. 


I think about that as I hurry to mix his martini, take it up to him…knock on the door gently, he opens the door takes it off the tray…he has his pants and shoes off, I see her in the mirror, sitting on the bed smiling…looking at him, not at me…her robe is on the floor..


I was at the down stairs door two hours later, when I helped him on with his suit and over coat.  “I’ll see you at work.”, he said, looking down at my penis harness, smiling and shaking his head.  


“Yes, Sir.”  I looked to the floor.  Felt my naked body under his stare, felt my soft penis barely sticking out of my cock harness, barely see the tip of it…shaved baby smooth.  His eyes looking me over.


He didn’t say another word to me.  Just took his coat and left, I knelt by the door waiting for her…to ring the bell she keeps next to the bed…waited to clean her if she wanted me to.


‘Ring, ring’…I hear her ring the bell, loudly.  I hurry to her.





“You look troubled…Mama’s little boy isn’t getting all jealous, is he?”  She sits and stares at me.  Her lipstick is touched up but still somewhat smeared; I know it’s from him, going down on him upstairs.  “Speak!”  I know when she says that I have to ‘confess’ tell her what I’m really thinking.


“Mam, he said you were with two other men last night…”, she quickly puts her finger to her lips, shssssss’s me…


“Oooo, you jealous little fuck.  That isn’t any of your business, is it?”  She leans forward on the couch.  “How did you find that out???  What me and my boyfriend do out of this house shouldn’t concern you.”


“He told me, he brought it up…”  I feel my face turn bright red.


She laughs, smiles and looks at me.  “He did, did he?”  She stares at me. “Would you like to play with your little thing, like Mama to let you touch yourself through your cage?  Tell me!”  


“Yes, please, Man.  Please.”  I look to her…


“Go ahead, do it while mommy watches.”  She sits back in the chair, crosses her legs.  Her high heel dangles off of one foot.  She’s still covered with his cum, was about make me clean her.  She watches as I play with my shaved balls and penis…in the harness…don’t dare ask to take it off, only she says when that happens.


“I wasn’t going to tell you about this.  You are such a jealous little boy.  But if he brought it up, why should I care.  He took me for drinks.  We met two of his clients, pure accident.  We stayed and one thing led to another.  I could tell they both wanted me, flirted with me the whole time in the bar.  So could he, I could tell he was getting very turned on by them flirting with me.  We went back to the room of one of them, very nice hotel room, way up on the top floor.  We got drinks there too…and again, one thing led to another. 


Even he was surprised, I just stood in front of them and took my dress off…showed them the cute outfit you helped me put on earlier.  I knew that’s why we were there.  They loved the lace top black stockings, baby.  And did he tell you that I told them in detail that I was HIS…his little girl slut, told them how he sometimes treated me like his daughter?”  She watches as I stroke my little penis…”I did.  And I told them that I would never ever do anything Daddy didn’t want me to do; only what he tells me to do.


 Teased them a little, pulled my panties just a little bit…got them real hot and bothered.  That’s when he asked them if they wanted to fuck his little girl.  He sat and watched as I took my panties down…the ones you were so careful to dress me in…let them fall to the floor stepped out of them and knelt on the bed.  I faced my boyfriend, rear up high on my hands and knees. They each took turns, they each fucked me twice from behind, one after the other.  I was so fucking wet, I couldn’t believe it! 


I did it for my Daddy, was happy to please my man.  And then the first one, which I thought was incredible, asked me suck him, even after cumming twice…I looked at my baby, he nodded to do it.  I did until he came again.  On my knees in the middle of the room, sucked him for almost half an hour…was so hot being watched, made wet all over again!  Hotel window was open too…we were way up high but I was hoping somebody in another hotel was watching.  After all that we left I put my clothes back on and we walked out.  Laughed so hard in the all way I thought somebody would tell us to shut up…I’ve never done anything like that before…LOVED it!  As soon as we got to his car he was all over me.  My baby, fucked me in the car in the hotel parking lot, couldn’t keep his hands off of me was so turned on.  As soon as we got into his car, just took me. 


Fucked me for over an hour, skirt up over my rear in the front seat, cum soaked panties down around my ankles, rear up high, my face to the window…took me from behind on the front seat.  He made me cum twice!  He’s real good at that…when I came in the other night I could barely walk, honey.  When we got back here he wanted to do it again…the man is insatiable.  Said seeing me fuck another man was one of the biggest turn ons he’d ever had.  I was so sore I had to deny him, he was real good about it, didn’t get upset.  I gave him a hand job in our drive way.  It was the least I could do, couldn’t let my baby go away all frustrated.  You were so nice to be waiting for me.  Don’t think I don’t appreciate that.”  She leans forward, uncrosses her legs, puts her feet on the floor and leans elbows on her knees.  “When I suck him he watches me, just like I’m watching you now, baby.”  She stands and turns her back to me, lowers her sexy ruffled panties…I can see his huge red hand prints on her cheeks.  “I let him finish in my mouth when we were in the driveway.” 


She puts her hands on her hips, looks back over her shoulder,  “Stop playing with that little thing, get over here and lick your wife.  Be a good little husband!  Got all turned on by talking dirty like that…get over here, baby.”  She reaches back and spreads her cheeks as I hurry to crawl to her….”Mmmmmm, that’s it, baby…get your face up in there.  Do it!  I don’t want one drop of his cum left on me when I’m finished with you.  I haven’t showered yet.  There’s still plenty of him and his friends all over me.  Might even let you make me cum with that dirty mouth of yours..” 


I hear her start to moan softly as my tongue works up over her pussy and rear.  I feel his dried cum, matted on her trimmed pussy.  I can taste him as he drips out of her…pushing her rear back against my face, she reaches back and spreads her cheeks wider with both hands…”Ooooooooo, I knew I kept you around for some reason, you are a very good little husband!  You are so fucking good at that!  Yes, baby…that makes Mama feel real good…Oooooooooo…”.  She arches her back and pushes her pussy back onto my mouth, pushes my nose up into her rear.  I push my tongue in and out of her taste her now, not him.  Then as I think she’s clean, can just appreciate the taste of her sweet pussy…he drips out of her ass as she spreads, his cum still deep inside her, runs onto my face. 


I clean her as she cums against my face…feel her hand reach back and take me by my hair, hold me tight and in place as she rubs against me…I can barely breath as I hear and feel her start to cum, hard.  Hear her say…’my little bitch’…






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