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A Cuckold's Diary


by Paul Pines






On Monday, May 3, Sally and I met her "boyfriend," Ted, for our second day together. Since then, I have been trying to write an account of what happened, but every time I do, it just comes out sounding like all the other descriptions of who put what where. Granted, those are fun to read; I've read a few (hundred) of them myself! Perhaps Sally or Ted could write what they felt, having sex and cuddling in bed all day long, but I thought that it might be worthwhile to hear from the other party - the one who sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, the one who waited on them, the one who cleaned up after them. In other words, the cuckold husband - me.


My ultimate fantasy has always been to see my wife in another man's arms, in another man's bed, and enjoying it. This thought has fueled my fantasies for nearly two decades, and this spring Sally said yes.


I won't go into the details, but suffice to say that we met a gentleman - Ted - through the This was wonderful because he understood from the start where I was coming from, and he has been amazingly receptive to his "role" in our little game... which has turned into something much better than a game! He began an e-mail correspondence with Sally, and he was equally understanding with her. He recognized her nervousness, her fears and even her difficulty in overcoming her own image of herself as too good a girl to do something like this. When he asked for pictures of her, I got my first surprise: she agreed to send him one with both her face and her fully exposed breasts in plain view. You may be sure that I spent countless hours jerking off as I looked at my copy of that picture, and wondered what had gotten into her that brought her to expose herself to this stranger. Little did I know how much would get into her.


We met for lunch, they hit it off, and three weeks later they were in bed together. The first time was wonderful all around, but the second time - this Monday - was the complete fulfillment of that ultimate fantasy of mine.


Here, then, are the experiences of a cuckold. If you do not like them, I respect that. But I wonder what you're doing reading this if you think that way?




First, a little background. Prior to our first meeting, I had learned from Ted that he is just under 7" long, which is one inch longer than I. What he neglected to mention was that the head of his penis flares out like a mushroom, where mine is basically the same size as the shaft. Sally thought that I was childish to be interested in the size, and she wrote it off as a "guy thing." That is, she wrote it off until the first moment he put it inside her on their first date. When he did, she told me later, she felt the head "pop" into her - a feeling which she described as "wonderful." Then, when he pushed all the way inside her, she learned that size is, indeed, a "guy thing," and that this guy's thing was *much* bigger than her husband's! In addition, I must admit that Ted is a masterful lover; I thought so, but Sally confirmed it - over and over - in the days following their first meeting. Only with my encouragement and reassurance was she willing to admit, several days later, that he made her feel better on their first encounter than I had ever made her feel in the 18 years we have been making love.


Sunday night, Sally got ready. She showered and made herself "look pretty" for her date. As she did, she had me feel her, to make sure she was smooth enough for Ted. Watching her shave her "bikini line," the message was unmistakable: her lover was going to see her, touch her, kiss her and fuck her there, and she wanted her body to be ready for him.


We arrived at the hotel and checked in. Sally got ready, I got her a glass of wine, then I unpacked and prepared the room: candles, the bed turned down and fresh strawberries in the refrigerator. I also set a chair at the foot of the bed, with a jar of Vaseline. That would be my place for the day.


Ted arrived, and I watched my wife kiss another man. Not an "air kiss," not a kiss on the cheek; she offered him her mouth, her tongue, and her body.


He undressed her, kissing each part of her body as he exposed it. I saw him grow in his trousers, until he bulged out obscenely in anticipation of her body. He looked at her skin: her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her mound. I felt a twinge of jealousy as he saw, then touched, my wife's body.


She undressed him, pulling greedily at his underwear to expose his penis, and taking it into her mouth like a starving woman. He shuddered as she engulfed his penis with her mouth, and she - my wife - shuddered with delight at the pleasure she was giving him.


They guided each other into the bed which I had neatly opened for them, and wrap their arms and legs around each other.


Ted knelt between Sally's legs, and gently massaged her breasts, her stomach, her legs. He took his time, savoring each moment, each touch. She gasped as he touched and licked her nipples, and when he removed his mouth, they pointed up at him with excitement.


Before we arrived at the hotel, I had asked her about the possibility of him entering her without a condom, and she had rejected that idea completely. Yet as I watched, I saw her hips moving toward him, reaching out toward his penis which stood out between her legs as he massaged her belly. I thought, "If she doesn't stop that, she'll end up with him inside her." Just as I had that thought, I heard her moan and saw his hips move forward. Her legs shot up in the air, he laid down on her, and suddenly my wife's vagina was filled with the hard flesh of another man, uncovered and unprotected. Watching from the foot of the bed, I saw his naked penis slide in and out of her, and her natural lubrication glistened on him and flowed down from her pussy in streams.


He fucked her gently, purposefully. She made noises which I had not heard in 18 years of making love to her, and saw in her face a look of surprise, excitement and wonder at the sensations which he was giving her. I heard my wife say, "My God, you are touching my womb." She never said that to me, and I knew that she never would; I am not big enough.


He fucked her slowly, then quickly. She kept saying, "You're so big, you feel so good," as well as other things which I could not hear, because she whispered them in his ear.


At one point, I stood beside the bed and looked in her face. She was so beautiful, so alluring, so open - and it was for another man. She looked up at me - her arms and legs wrapped around his body, his penis deep inside her - and she said, "He really is better than you. God, he is *so* much better than you!" As she returned her attention to her lover, there was not a doubt in my mind that she meant it.



She came in his arms. I saw all the familiar signs of her approaching orgasm, but I could only see them; he felt them. He sucked on her nipple, and just as she came, he moved his mouth to hers and kissed her through her orgasm.


His body tightened, his pace increased, and her moans turned into encouragement: "Cum in me. I want to feel you cum inside me." I sat in a chair at the foot of the bed, as another man inseminated my wife. He came loudly, and hard; I could see his body contracting over and over as he pumped his semen into her. My wife had said this would absolutely, positively not happen; evidently she changed her mind, or he changed it for her. It was nothing he forced on her; she practically begged for it. She wanted it so much; she wanted *him* so much; she wanted to pleasure him, so very much.


When they finished, and finally separated, Sally spread her legs and called me over. At their command, I approached her pussy; it was like all the "creampie" pictures I had ever seen, with milky liquid clinging to every fold, and flowing slowly out of her vagina.

cuckold creampie  

But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it was real, it was my wife's vagina, and it was Ted's semen. The smell was dank, bitter; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other while they made fun of my "problem." "Go ahead, clean me up," she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his sperm from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean, and they sent me back to my chair.


They fell asleep in each other's arms. I watched them sleep, and saw that my wife was not "tolerating" this for my sake, but was very happy, very comfortable in bed with this man. I pictured his sperm swimming inside her, going - as he had - where only I had been for many, many years. She looked very content with this.


Later, when they woke, they sent me to get ice cream. It took a while to find the place, and to fill their order. On my return, I entered the room to find her on top of him, her legs spread wide, his penis sliding in and out of her body. I felt humiliated as I pictured myself standing on line at Friendly's while she fucked him; I had been sent away, like the little brother given money for the movies.


She made love to him with her body. She moved forward and backward, and I watched her pussy lips stretch to kiss him with each stroke. I saw her flex her stomach muscles, and I heard him cry out with pleasure each time she did.


When they were finally done, Ted got up to shower before he left. Sally ordered me onto the bed, and told me to fuck her. I did so with pleasure, only to suffer the ultimate humiliation: when I went inside her, I could barely feel her around me - and she could barely feel me inside her. With a look of surprise and amusement she asked, "Are you all the way in me?" When I gasped that I was, she laughed out loud, and I came.


On our way home, Sally said that she loves me very much, and is very glad she is married to me. She also said that this had been the best sex she ever had. I looked at her, and asked if she really meant that. Hugging my arm she said, "Yes, I really mean that. You have never, ever made me feel like that, and I can't wait for the next time."


We've just made a date for mid-June. Sally is excited, Ted is excited, and and so am I - one very happy, very humbled cuckold.






A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 02

by Paul Pines



My love,


On Sunday night, the night before your most recent "date," you said, "I'm doing this for you." I know that is true, and I want you to know how much -- how very, very much -- I appreciate and love that. I do hope it wasn't terrible torture for you :-), but I still know it was for me. Thank you, my love, for doing this for me.


I LOVED what you did on Monday. It was the most exciting event I can remember.


I could review the question of why being cuckolded turns me on so, but it's not worthwhile. It should be obvious to you that it is real for me; not one of those fantasies which turns gold into lead when it is realized. You could see, I know, that I savor the role that you created for me, so that's where I start this. I would not like to live my life that way, but on the days that we have "played the game" -- and Monday, you played it better than ever -- I could not have been happier than to be put down, put aside and put out as you did. For whatever the psychology behind it, it was exactly the closeness which you shared with Ted which excited (which is another word for humiliated, though I've still got trouble saying that) me so.


I want to tell you what I loved, and to thank you for the gift you gave... to me, and to Ted.


I loved how easily you went into the bedroom with him, without me. I loved hearing you talk, and giggle, and discuss how I'd react when you threw your clothing out the door -- and how you picked up your bra and tossed it further, to be sure I could see. I thought of him seeing you, my wife, when you would not allow that to me. You looked so happy to be walking to the bedroom with him -- my wife, and another man.


I loved coming into the room, and confronting the image of you -- completely naked, legs spread -- for him. You looked so comfortable giving her body to him.


I loved the look on your face as he touched you and pleased you. You looked so turned on as you felt him touch your intimate places.


I loved watching him massage your back, your legs, your ass, and how you kept humping your ass up to meet his hands when he touched you there. You looked so excited as he got you ready for sex.


I loved how you got on top of him, and reached down to guide his penis into you. You don't know this, but your vagina was literally gaping open. I have seen you many times when we were about to have sex, and I have never seen anything like that; from my vantage point at the foot of the bed, I could see all the way up inside you. Words are one thing, but I loved how your body was hungry to have him inside. Bodies don't lie; you wanted him.


I loved how his big penis slid into you so easily, with no artificial lubrication needed. Watching from between your legs, I saw how he stretched you. Every once in a while the head of his penis would emerge, and as you moved your body back down on him, I watched as your lips opened wider to fit the "crown," then -- as you always describe it, with such a wicked smile -- "pop" back around him. Sally, I saw the pop! And yes, love, I loved seeing something that made you feel so good, that only he could do for you.


I loved how you fucked him so intensely that he came quickly; the man has a *lot* of self-control, and when he came I felt that you had really done a number on him. I loved watching him lose control of himself to your sex. Not only did your body stroke his penis to orgasm, but with each deep stroke and each groan, I was tortured (with pleasure) by the knowledge that I'm not big enough to feel what he was feeling in you. Watching the two of you share a pleasure that I cannot know, and that you cannot know with me, was humiliating -- and breathtaking.


I loved -- I truly loved -- watching him cum in you. There is no moment of feeling cuckolded so strong as when he cums in you. I watched you turn him on -- willingly, you offered him the ultimate pleasure of your body -- and I watched him ejaculate into you. As I sat there masturbating, with my cock waving impotently in the air, he completed the sexual act with you. I watched his body spasm and he filled you with his sperm; what greater cuckolding could there be, than to watch another man inseminate my wife? He did that, and for the rest of the day, and the night, and the following day, I was haunted, and shamed, by the knowledge that his sperm was swimming inside you.


I loved watching Ted make you cum. I loved the looks of absolute pleasure, absolute joy, and absolute amazement on your face, as you kept yourself at such a point of excitement for so long. Watching your face as he slid his cock all the way into you, and used it to pleasure you, was breathtaking. And watching you orgasm in his arms... I will never, ever get used to that. I watched you cast off all appearances, all pretenses, and cum before his eyes: he felt you, he saw you, he heard you. That is supposed to be mine alone, isn't it? I loved watching you give that gift to him. Oh yes, my wife: he made your toes curl!


Afterward, you cuddled. Now, I cannot say how you felt about this, but I loved watching the two of you. You were *comfortable* together; that was absolutely awesome for me. You were both so at ease with each other, with each other's bodies; I watched in awe as another man fondled you, with your complete acquiescence, and how you touched him with no discomfort at all. You gently stroked his body, and he caressed your nipples, your shoulders, your pussy, everywhere. You did that for nearly an hour, and I sat in the chair, alone. You cuckolded me, my love.


Believe it or not, I loved when you sent me out. When I was delayed, I kept wondering what the two of you were doing; I felt so stupid, running errands as my wife lay in bed with her lover. When I returned and you told me that you had made him cum with your hand, I was angry; I felt cheated out of watching. Then I realized that this, too, was part of being your cuckold; it didn't matter what I wanted, because you did what *you* wanted. I loved realizing that you had made him cum because you wanted to, not because of me. And I loved being sent on an errand, like the kid brother being given money for the movies so his big sister could make out with her date.


I said so to both of you, but I was taken aback by how humiliating it was to sit and talk with Ted while you were in the bathroom. There I was, sitting in "my chair" at the foot of the bed, while he lay naked in "your" bed. He made small talk with me, as if this was perfectly normal; we were each were we belonged. His cock was soft, but it was lying there in front of me; he made no attempt to cover himself, and I felt he was laughing at me (though he was too much of a gentleman to show it), for what he had done with my wife. I couldn't help staring; even soft, he's larger than I am, and the head of his cock -- that head which you speak about in such dreamy terms -- was staring back at me. He was soft because my wife had fucked him and jerked him off, while I sat in a chair and went to get pizza. I tried not to show it, but I was embarrassed beyond words by that experience.


The final time you made love was something I will never forget as long as I live. You did it all, right in front of my face; you pleasured him and he pleasured you, and the result was complete humiliation for me, your husband.


After I recovered from the "news" about your making him cum while I was out, you asked if I had any requests. I said yes, two: one, that you have sex again; as soon as I said that, you looked at each other, wrapped your arms around each other, said "I think we can arrange that," and fell into a very sensuous kiss. As you did, I just about croaked out the words, "That was my other request -- that you kiss each other now." You said, "Great minds think alike," and you were, literally, off and running.


I loved watching you make love to his penis with your mouth. He had cum twice, and I don't know whether he or I was more surprised that he got so hard so quickly; the only one who didn't seem surprised was you. Watching you lying naked on the bed with his penis in your mouth was thrilling; watching and hearing his reactions to you was almost beyond what I could bear. I loved watching you turn him on.


When you got on top of him again, and used your hand to guide him inside you, he groaned with such total pleasure that it twisted my stomach. With your permission, I sat on the floor next to the bed, where I could watch your faces as you fucked him, and what happened next was... there just are no words. You used your whole body to pleasure him -- you put your breasts in his face, and slid them along his chest; you raised your hips up until he was almost completely out of you, then you dropped onto him as hard -- and as deep -- as you could. Each time, he groaned and gasped in pleasure, and I shook with humiliation and excitement combined. You seemed totally focused on exciting him; the way you moved your body, the way you twisted your hips to move him inside you... it was awesome.


At one point, you slid your body down tightly onto his; he groaned, and he said, "Oh, you really do like it deep, don't you?" As you ground your hips into him you gasped out your response: "He... never... touches... me... there." As I sat there on the floor, next to your bed, the most awesome part was knowing that it was true. I looked down at my cock, as hard and as big as it ever gets, and knew that I could not ever do what Ted was doing, and you were loving, at that moment.


What you did next will always -- always -- remain in my mind, and excite me beyond words. You laid your head down on his chest, his cock deep inside you, and you looked at me. Sally, you looked RIGHT AT ME, and you gently, seductively, wickedly said, "First floor, second floor, third floor, penthouse." I knew what was happening as you said that: you were doing the "Kegel Exercises" which you learned in Lamaze, to tighten your pussy muscles. With each "floor," you were tightening your belly and squeezing him inside you! When the "elevator" reached the penthouse the second time, he groaned out loud and shook with pleasure... and you, with your head resting gently on his chest, smiled at me! That moment was the most awesome, breathtaking, humiliating moment of my life, as you allowed me to see the pleasure you took in pleasing your lover. Thank you, my love, for sharing that moment with me!


I could tell he was close to cumming, when suddenly he pulled out of you and flipped you onto your back. I don't think I'll ever get used to the sight of you spreading your legs so wantonly, and reaching your hand down to guide his cock into you. Now there was nothing gentle, nothing subtle; he pushed inside you and fucked you hard. Sally, I'm sorry that I never knew you liked it so hard; I'm not sure even you knew it until he showed you how it felt. I promise I'll try to do it more like that, but watching him take you, I don't think I will ever be able to match his strength, his stamina OR his size. Watching him push into you, seeing his penis shine with your wetness as he pulled out on each stroke, and listening to the obscenely delighted noises you were making... I was honored to be allowed to watch, to witness him pleasing you so!


And then, my wife, your lover came in you again. Less than a foot away from my face, he orgasmed in you. Grunting and groaning like an animal in heat, totally uninterested in my feelings or even my presence, he found his release in you. I watched his body spasm over and over again, as he pumped his seed into you before my eyes. You held him tightly against you with your arms, your legs and, I knew, with your pussy, until he was completely drained.


When you caught your breath you turned to me, saw the cum dripping down my hand, and said, "I'm glad you enjoyed that. But you didn't enjoy it as much as I did."


Later, as we left the hotel, I thanked you for what you did. I said that from these three "dates," my deepest fantasies had been fulfilled, and if you wanted to stop, It was fine with me. You asked if *I* wanted to stop, and I said no, but I was comfortable with whatever you chose to do. You thanked me, and we drove home.


Three days later, you sent an email to Ted.


You asked him to check his calendar, to see when you could meet again.


I love you, my wife. More than words -- even all these words -- can say.











A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 03

by Paul Pines



The Game


"It's just a game," I thought to myself, as I watched my wife having sex with her lover.


For our 16th anniversary, Sally gave me the present I have wanted for years: she said she would "look into the possibility" of going to bed with another man, while I watched. To make a long story short, we found a great guy - witty, intelligent, good-looking and totally into making Sally feel wonderful. We met him once for lunch and drinks, and four times after that (the last one being last week) for sex. If you'd like the details of our earlier meetings, we have written about them: the stories are called "A Cuckold's Diary" and "Thank You, My Wife."


The "game" we play is cuckolding me. Three weeks out of every month, we treat each other as equals - with love and respect, and with pleasure! But a week before each of her "dates" with Ted, Sally becomes... his. Of course, she is not really his; she doesn't want to run away with him, and she doesn't want to stay with him. But in our "game," she is his; from a week before their date until he says good-bye and leaves the hotel room, my wife gives herself to him, and not to me. No sex, no tongue-kissing, nothing; her body waits in anticipation of him. She will often masturbate during the week, thinking about her "date," but sex between us is out.


Now, a "game" can mean a lot of things. It can be a couple of kids tossing a ball for half an hour, or it can be the Super Bowl, where the "game" is damn serious. As I watched my wife in the hotel room last week, I was pleased to see that she is taking our "game" very, very seriously. And I wondered - at what point of her desire, her excitement, her sex with another man, do we go from playing "the cuckold game" to playing a game with her lover, while she cuckolds me?


For example: Sally had suggested to Ted that she meet him at the door wearing nothing at all. He rejected this idea, saying he did not want to be denied the pleasure of undressing her. But, he suggested that she not wear any panties. She happily complied - as we got everything ready in preparation for his arrival, she slid off her panties, handed them to me, and said, "I won't be needing these today." I folded them and put them away, pausing to savor the scent of her excitement which had soaked through them.


Ted was about a half-hour behind us, so Sally sat on the couch and read while we waited. I couldn't read - I could barely breathe! - so she had me sit in a chair opposite her, where I could look at her and think about what was going to happen. As we sat, she gradually spread her legs for me, and I could see her light brown pubic hair above the tops of her stockings. At one point she spread her legs wide, and asked me if Ted would like the view. I looked at her, and realized that her pussy lips were completely swollen and red, as if she had already had sex. I told her what I saw, and she said she wasn't surprised; she was already wet inside. She allowed me to run my finger along her pussy lips, and I found she was telling the truth. Bodies don't lie: she wanted him inside her.


My wife's pussy was wet and puffy as she waited for her lover. But it's just a game, right?


When he arrived, she sat on the couch and spread her legs for him. He wasted no time moving over to her, to kiss her and finger her. He undressed her in a flash, and I saw her shudder as his tongue slipped into her mouth and his fingers into her sex, right there on the couch. It had been a week since a man had done that to her, and she was ready for it to happen - ready for it to happen with him.


My wife shuddered as her lover kissed and fingered her. But it's just a game, right?


When they got in bed, she dove for his cock. He is at least an inch longer than I am, and the head of his penis is large and flared out like a mushroom cap, where mine is the same width as the shaft. She *loves* the shape and feel of his cock, both in her mouth and in her pussy - she told me that after their first time together, as soon as she saw that I would not be upset by how much she likes it. Ever since then, she has referred constantly to "that wonderful head," and how responsive it is to her touch and her mouth. Within a minute, Ted was moaning and gasping as she stroked him, licked him and deep-throated him like a woman possessed. I watched him shudder as she slid his whole penis into her mouth, and when it was all the way in her, she looked at me with her big, beautiful eyes, then slowly closed them in ecstasy as she sucked on him.


I think about that often these days, when she and I kiss. I watched her slide another man's penis in and out of her mouth, kissing it with the lips that are kissing me. But it's just a game, right?


She got so excited as she sucked him that she started panting and shaking. She began stroking him with her hand, and she moved up beside him so they could kiss. They kissed deeply, passionately, and while she jerked his cock, his hands were all over her body, caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples, sliding his finger between her legs. Even from across the room, I could hear the liquid noises as his fingers moved in and out of her pussy. She gasped as he touched her inside, and she responded with deeper kisses and faster strokes. Lying beside him on the bed, her body humped toward him, trying to draw his cock into her, she looked like she was in heat. His fingers glistened with her excitement as they grunted and moaned, mutually masturbating each other closer to the edge. Suddenly, Sally threw both her arms around his shoulders, held him to her breast and said, half-pleading and half-demanding, "I want you inside me."


My wife wanted her lover to fuck her. But it's just a game, right?


Ted knelt between her legs, and she pushed her hips against him, trying to draw him into her. But he had other plans; he told me to hand him the massage oil, and he began to massage her belly, her breasts, her shoulders. He was driving her crazy, and he knew it; every time he leaned toward her a little, she drove her hips up against him. She began pleading, very softly: "Please, oh please, put it in me." When he spread the oil over her thighs and worked it between her lips, her words came out in short gasps, as she forgot everything (including me) and concentrated on getting "that wonderful head" in her vagina. I took the opportunity to move my chair up beside them, and I was treated to the sight of his erection pointing at my wife, and my wife's pussy reaching for it like a kid grabbing for the brass ring.


My wife didn't even notice me, as she begged her lover to enter her. But it's just a game, right?


Finally, she succeeded. Slowly, slowly he slipped inside her, and her pleas turned to a gentle, continuous moan of pleasure. Her legs went from grasping at him to spreading wide, giving him complete access to her sex. He took his time with that first stroke, playing her desire and the sensations to turn her on completely. When he was all the way inside her, he began to fuck her - slowly, deliberately, and with his cock so hard that she felt it: "My God, it's so hard, it's so big, it's so deep!" she gasped. As the pace of his strokes increased, I watched my wife experiment with ways to get her legs farther apart, to get him even deeper inside her. Not waiting for him to hold her legs up, she grabbed them herself, pulling them up and apart. Her efforts were rewarded, as he evidently reached someplace where no one had been before: her sounds - not cries, not groans, but something like whimpers of surprise and delight, mixed together - were sounds I had never heard.


She must have heard me groan beside the bed, because she turned her head toward me and looked at me with a look of absolute pleasure. "Paul, he's *so* much bigger than you are," she said in short, breathless words. Ted took his cue, and began fucking her hard and fast; her eyes widened as he filled her, and she smiled and said, "And he's made me so wet - I can't believe how wet I am inside. God, he is so much *better* than you, too!" That was the last attention she paid to me until they were done, as she turned back to hold him and kiss him, and fill his mouth with her groans of pleasure.


I watched my wife pull her legs apart for him. I heard the liquid noises of her pussy, as his cock slid in and out. I heard sounds from her that I have never heard when we made love. And she looked in my eyes, and told me he is better. But it's just a game, right?


At the height of her passion - when she was whimpering and groaning and gasping for breath - Ted withdrew his penis, and lay down beside her. He took the vibrator (that's the way she cums best), turned it on and put it between her legs. He held it there for a while, until she took it from his hands. As she used it on herself, he touched and kissed her *everywhere* - her lips, her cheeks, her shoulders, her breasts, her nipples, her belly, her legs. She responded by holding him tightly against her body with her free arm, and pushing the vibrator ever harder against her clitoris. She reached a point right before orgasm, and to my amazement, she held herself there for what seemed like an hour. Her whole body was rigid, and every touch of Ted's hand or mouth caused a mini-orgasm to shoot through her. Finally, with him sucking and kissing one nipple, and his hand between her legs, she came. She cried out (which she *never* does in a hotel room), her body tightened, and then she convulsed so hard Ted could barely hold on - but he did. She came for the longest time, and as she "came down" from her orgasm, she let go of the vibrator and held him tight, kissing him deeply while the aftershocks flowed through her body.


My wife came - as hard as she has ever cum - in Ted's arms. But it's just a game, right?


After holding him for a few minutes, she pushed him back on the bed, and her mouth dove onto his cock. She sucked him briefly - he was already hard as a rock - then straddled him. She reached down, took his cock in her hand, and guided it up inside her. Now she was in control, and she played his body like a virtuoso. Fast, then slow; deep, then just the head inside her. She slid her breasts up and down his chest, then offered her nipples to his mouth. I don't know what she did to his cock, but his groans and shudders became louder and more constant, and every once in a while he would shake, and they would look at each other and smile; obviously, they were both feeling something that I could not even imagine. Once I asked them what it was they were smiling at, and they said - almost simultaneously - that it was none of my business.


Sally fucked Ted for a while - 15 minutes? An hour? Suddenly, she started moving faster and deeper, driving her body down onto him with a power that I could feel across the room. She looked in his eyes and said, "I want you to cum in me now." I watched her work his penis with her body, stroking it up and down, and side to side. I watched her press her body against his, to make sure he felt her excitement through every inch of her skin. I watched him try to resist, try to hold off, but no one could have done that. After just a few moments he gave in to the lust, and cried out, "Oh, OH, OOOOOHHHH I'm CUMMING!" I cannot possibly describe the groans he made, the look of pure pleasure on his face, or the huge spasms of his whole body as he came in her; all I could do was watch, and try to picture the sperm that was filling my wife as he ejaculated in her. Together, they reached the point they both longed to share.


I saw my wife fuck another man. She loved it at least as much as he did. But it's just a game, right?


A lot more happened that day, but that's enough for now. I leave you with two things which happened a few days later, which really made the experience perfect. First, late one evening, while we were doing chores around the house, Sally looked at me and said, "You know, it's really exciting to think that I have a lover."


Later that night, she checked her e-mail. She found this note from Ted:


Dear Sally,

You cant imagine how high I was flying all day and even on the trip home. Wonderful time wonderful time, outstanding time. So happy that I could enjoy your body and you mine.





And she responded:


Dear Ted,

Glad you felt the same way. I can't believe how comfortable this feels and how I now look forward to our get togethers. Your hands are terrific, and I can even now feel them as they glide over my skin. I tingle at the thought.


Sweet dreams, S










A Cuckold's Diary Ch. 04

by Paul Pines




I couldn't even get hard. No, this is not an ad for Viagra; it is what happened when my wife Sally's new lover left us alone in the hotel room, after their first "date" together. Let me start at the beginning...


You may have read the stories and seen the pictures of Sally and her first lover, Ted. That affair went on - with my blessing, and with me watching most of it - for several months, until they parted ways. Sally was hesitant about taking another lover; she may have been a "hot wife" with Ted, but she's still basically a VERY good girl, and somehow, having a lover does not fit easily with her self-image! Nevertheless, after a lot of thought and discussion, she agreed to "go shopping" once again - with the understanding that, as always, she could bail out at any time.


We put our ad on the - again "looking for a gentleman." You would be absolutely amazed how many men think that a response which begins, "I've got a huge slab of meat to stick in you and make you squirm..." is being a gentleman! So, 90% of the responses got deleted without even bothering to say "no, thank you," not because we're rude, but just because their emails were so crude. The other 10% got letters back from Sally. Two of those led to meeting for a meal together, and one - a gentleman named Ty - got a nervous, but excited, thumbs-up from my wife.


What made her choose him? First of all, Sally thinks that intelligence is very, very sexy (that's why she's in love with me, right?), and Ty was both intelligent and worldly. Our lunchtime discussion ranged from politics (national and international) to philosophy to authors to music to life; he wasn't showing off, just enjoying the conversation. Second, he was not from the East Coast - in fact, he is the closest thing to a cowboy either of us has met. Finally, he was not the least bit pushy... a huge plus for a nervous woman! On the way home from lunch, Sally decided she liked him enough to make a date.


Ty is divorced and lives alone, and he invited us to his house. For her comfort, Sally preferred a hotel, so that is where I made a reservation. (You know, it doesn't take much to get me going; I LOVE making a hotel reservation for my wife to take another man to bed!) Since Sally was exceptionally nervous in anticipation of their date, we didn't talk about it much during the week leading up to it. The night before the date, I watched with great excitement as she shaved her legs (paying inordinate attention to the top of her legs, which can only be seen by someone who is between them!), and she allowed me to put red nail polish on her toenails. The treat for me was that she was nude while I was doing that; since we had stopped having sex a week before the date, this was the closest I had gotten to her body in quite some time, and it was the closest I WOULD get until after her new lover was finished...


She slept well that night. I had an erection that just wouldn't stop, so sleep was not the main thing on my mind.


The next day we went about our work, as her date was for 8 p.m. It was one of the longest days I can remember, though I was doing my best to keep my expectations in check. I really wanted her to know that she had "veto power" at any time, and it would not help to have me panting in anticipation if she changed her mind. Finally the time came, and we got in the car for the 1-hour drive. The first half-hour she talked about anything other than the date; in fact, she was so hyper that she didn't stop talking at all. When she realized that she had done a 30-minute monologue, she calmed down a little and began thinking about the man we were going to meet. When we got into the hotel room I asked her if she was wet, and she said no; she was too nervous to have that reaction. We turned on the TV and waited; it was only a few minutes before he knocked on the door, and Sally jumped a good two feet.


I relate all this as background, because it is what I expected from my wife: the nervousness, the insecurity, the questions about whether to go through with this or not. What happened for the rest of the night, and in the days since... that I did NOT expect.


I answered the door, and invited Ty in. I poured them each a glass of wine, and we all sat down. I did my best to be polite, but to leave the conversation between the two of them. The conversation went well... and went, and went. Sally and Ty seemed to cover the entire world again, he really is an excellent conversationalist. After about 45 minutes, I got fidgety; I began to wonder if they would just talk until saying goodnight! So, with a few not-so-subtle gestures to Sally to think about getting things going, she admitted to Ty that she wanted to get started, but was nervous.


To my surprise, he did not try to get past her anxiety by making the first move. Instead, he got her to talk about everything that was making her nervous. She talked about wondering whether he would find her attractive, whether he would find her a good partner, and even about STD's. He responded to each question with compassion, concern and a wonderful sense of humor, taking nearly a half-hour to do so. Finally, when Sally realized that she wasn't worried any more, she got up, took his hand, brought him close and kissed him.


Even from my perspective, I could see him molding himself to her body. He ran his fingers through her hair (she loves that), along her cheek, down her neck. They kissed again and again, and their hands gradually explored more of the other's body. Very quickly, Sally suggested that taking off her dress would make things much easier for him; she turned her back toward him (facing me), raised her arms over her head, and he slid her dress up and off her body. She turned back to kiss him, and in less than a minute he had her bra and panties on the floor. He offered her a massage, which she happily accepted. She laid on her stomach on the bed, and taking the oil in his hands, he began with her shoulders.


I expected this to go on for a while; after all, he had been marvelously patient in talking with her. But within a short time, he was "massaging" between her legs, and she was making sounds of pleasure with each new touch. She quickly rolled over to offer her breasts to him. While he was busy with this new delight, she reached over and undid his pants; he paused only long enough to remove his underwear, and returned to the massage. It was she who pulled him down onto her, wrapping her arms around him and locking him in a passionate embrace. Suddenly, things were happening very quickly - and she was setting the pace!


They rolled around on the bed for just a short while, until she got on top of him and I got my first shock of the evening: While she had not been at all wet just before he arrived, her pussy was now gaping open! I don't really know how to describe it, except to say that it looked like she had just been having sex for hours. Her pussy lips were red, swollen and actually hanging down; her vagina was so wide open that, sitting at the end of the bed, I could see well up inside her, and her own lubrication was glistening on her skin and on her pubic hair. I still have that image before my eyes: my "good girl" wife really wanted his cock in her - bodies don't lie!


I was surprised that she slid him inside her with hardly any foreplay, until I realized that the entire hour and more had been her foreplay. She SAID intelligence was sexy - evidently, she really meant it! I sat in my chair at the foot of the bed, and watched his penis disappear inside my wife. His moans of pleasure told me he was enjoying what I had not felt in a week.


He was not particularly large - about the same size as I am. Sally had enjoyed her previous lover's larger cock, and told me over and over how he made her feel things I never could, since I was smaller. I had always gotten off on that; watching a man with a larger cock take my wife was definitely a turn-on for me, and I enjoyed the sounds she made when he reached deep inside her. Afterward, when her first lover was finished, I would stick my penis in her and feel... well, feel hardly anything, as he had stretched her out sufficiently to make me feel even smaller. No matter - when I got inside her, and felt nothing, I came almost immediately.


But now, something was different. Ty was not bigger, nor wider, yet Sally was whimpering, gasping and making surprised sounds of pleasure which I have never heard - either with me or with her first lover. I watched with excitement mixed with puzzlement as he made love to her: the sight of his penis sliding in and out, his hands holding her breasts and bringing her nipples to his mouth... it all looked the same - and very exciting - yet somehow different.


It takes Sally a long time to cum, though anyone with the patience to help her get there is rewarded with the sight and feel and sounds of a truly earth-shattering orgasm. Ty was in no hurry at all as he explored her body, finding what places to touch and what words to say - quietly, so her husband could not hear - that would urge her on. He alternated between kissing her and sucking on her nipple - a combination which she loves dearly - and he kept sucking as she bucked and spasmed through her massive orgasm. Of course, I had seen her cum before... but was this one more intense than I knew, or was it just my different vantage point?


Once she came, she drew him on top of her, thrust her legs up in the air, and with her hands on his back, drove him into her. She began telling him to cum in her (so much for the condoms she asked me to buy!), and he asked if she was sure. "Oh, God, yes. I want to feel you cum in me NOW!" she gasped. His pace quickened, and he began groaning as his body tightened. I watched as he orgasmed, his body jerking; I listened to her moans of pleasure, and I saw his muscles contract over and over, as he poured his semen into her body.


When he was finished they remained in each other's arms, and his softening penis remained inside her. From time to time each would jerk with an "after-shock" which they both clearly enjoyed, and they kissed and touched each other for... for who knows how long?


With a little break in the action, I noticed something curious. On previous "dates," I was hard as a rock from the first moment to the last; now, as they cuddled together in front of me, with him caressing her breasts and her hands roaming all over his body, I realized that I was having trouble staying hard. I chalked it up to a week without sex followed by this intense scene, and didn't think much more of it.


I expected they would stop for a while, and I was looking forward to Sally telling me how she felt and how he felt to her, but it didn't happen. Without so much as a look in my direction, their kissing increased in intensity, the gentle caresses turned into more serious touching, and soon Sally was stroking his penis with her hand and kissing its head. She took the head in her mouth, and then she swallowed all of it, as I watched it harden in her mouth. Not 10 minutes since he came, and already getting hard again - not bad for a middle-aged guy!


After his body began shaking in response to her mouth, he turned her on her back and, lying beside her, he slid his cock into her again. I watched him do this, and that is the second image that remains fixed in my mind: I saw this man slide his penis into my wife's waiting, willing pussy. I know I've seen it before, and maybe one day it won't get to me the way it does each time (boy, I hope not!), but damn, that was exciting to see. As soon as he slid into her, his cock was covered with a combination of their juices, and it glistened each time he pulled part-way out. Clearly, I wasn't the only one who was excited!


Sally again made noises of pleasure and surprise, as he fucked her in one position after another. When her first lover had done this, I explained to her that his greater size made it possible for him to do things I just couldn't, and Sally seemed to accept that. Now, this man was working with basically the same equipment as mine, and doing things that I told her couldn't be done. I hoped she hadn't really noticed that, but my hopes disappeared when Ty told her how wet she felt and she responded, "I'm not usually like that." She noticed, all right.


Trying to describe their position, I realize that he was beside her, in her, around her and all over her. Later, Sally told me he felt like a man dying of thirst, and she was the water he needed; he was everywhere, seemingly at the same time. She marveled at how he molded himself to her body, and it was true; the body I know so well and a body I had never seen before seemed inseparable. Her sounds of pleasure continued, intensified and became ever-newer sounds - sounds I had not heard in nearly 20 years of making love to my wife.


Ty came again, with Sally's encouraging words and hungry body. I sat in my chair, masturbating furiously, as he grunted and groaned and ejaculated in her. I have always loved the sound of her lover cumming in her; it is one of those moments of absolute cuckolding, as she draws him to the heights of ecstasy and he adds his body to hers. On previous dates, it had been all I could do to keep from cumming when her lover came, but this time... this time was different. Along with the sounds of his orgasm were *her* sounds of pleasure - not orgasm, but sounds of deep, emotional satisfaction as she made him cum in her. She seemed thrilled that he came, as if it was a precious gift from him to her. By the time he finished they were again talking softly, and my own cock was soft in my hand.


I guess you can say they took a break at this point, but they did not sit up, or look at me, or have a drink. They held each other, talking softly, touching gently, and kissing constantly. By now I was just plain frustrated that they had not given me the courtesy of an acknowledgment or shared any of their thoughts and feelings; this wasn't nearly as much fun as her previous dates. I chalked it up to newness, and I didn't interrupt; I figured that if Sally had a good enough time, she would want to see him again. We could always get into that stuff next time.


After about a half-hour of talking, Sally gently put her head on his stomach and started gently kissing his penis. I don't think she expected anything; it was more affection than sex. Yet, Ty responded by getting hard again, and she continued her gentle fellatio for a long time. Then he whispered something to her, and she laid on her back, spread her legs, and he got on top of her. This sex was short, gentle and very romantic, and I got to marvel at the wonderful sight of my beautiful, classy wife with her feet in the air, her legs wrapped around another man's body. The only loud or abrupt sounds were when Ty came in her; he left no doubt, even for me, that he was ejaculating in my wife!


After another long embrace, Sally finally looked at me and asked how I was doing. "Fine," I replied, and I asked her how it was. "Wonderful," was her answer, as she turned to kiss him again.


After talking about getting together again, Ty said it was time to leave. He dressed, Sally walked him to the door, and with another gentle but passionate kiss, she said goodbye.


Sally came back to me, told me to get the vibrator, and got into bed. I held the vibrator on her pussy, and asked her to tell me what she had felt. She said he was great and emphasized, over and over, that he was far better than I. She said he was a wonderful lover, not just sex partner. She admitted that she really LIKED him, which made the sex even more fun. She talked about his hunger for her, his molding himself to her body, his constant attention both in conversation and in lovemaking... and yes, he really was better, even though he wasn't bigger!


I asked her (as diplomatically as possible; I wasn't there to criticize) why she had not spoken with me, or even acknowledged me, during the whole time she was in bed with him. "I thought you like it when I ignore you," she said. "Well, yes, I do," I answered, "buy you really, REALLY ignored me. Did you do that to turn me on?"


She smiled, obviously thinking back to their lovemaking, and said, "No, actually I didn't. I was just having too good a time to interrupt, and I really didn't think about you very much at all." She paused. "Does that bother you?" "No, not at all," I said, but I wasn't sure if that was completely true.


(Important aside: after each date with Ted, I asked Sally if she wanted to do it again, or if she would like to stop. She always accepted the openness of my offer, and after a few days' thought, would tell me it would be fine to see him again. You'll see why this is relevant...)


As she got closer and closer to cumming, I sensed that there was something else she wanted to say. I didn't want to push, so I just held her and kept pressing with the vibrator. Then, as she was almost "there" - I was sucking on her nipple, the way she loves - she whispered, "Will you let me see him again?" I looked up at her face; she looked like a schoolgirl who just told a boy she likes him, and was waiting for a response. I stopped sucking just long enough to say, "Yes," and by the time my mouth found its way to her nipple again, she was cumming like a wild woman. The orgasm went on forever, and I held on, trying to keep the vibrator in place and my mouth on her breast. While I knew that I had done all the right things to make her cum, I had the suspicion that I was not the reason why she came so hard.


After she recovered, she asked me to get on top of her. I reached for the K-Y, but she said I wouldn't need it; she was plenty wet inside! I said it wasn't for that; I wasn't very hard, and I needed a little lubrication to get ready. I was surprised how long it took me to get hard; this time I assumed it was because I had been masturbating for a good 3 hours without a break, and even though I hadn't cum, even that muscle can get tired after a while! Finally, I was hard enough to enter her.


She didn't feel stretched out, as she had with Ted; she felt almost normal, although completely wet and slippery inside. I thought about how he had done all that with a cock no bigger than mine. I thought about her paying no attention to me at all during their lovemaking. I thought about her question, "Will you let me see him again?" And for the life of me, I could not stay hard.


I tried twice more, but each time my cock just deflated when I got inside her. I took the K-Y, lubricated my cock, and masturbated as I kneeled between her legs. Just as I was about to cum, she looked at me and said, "I really like him." Four days' worth of cum, hours and hours of excitement, and a new, growing sense of jealousy erupted into a huge orgasm. Sally smiled, rolled over, and went to sleep.


It has been a week now, and I've had the chance to evaluate what happened, what I felt, and what I feel. What happened, it turns out, is that I was truly, genuinely cuckolded for the first time. The dictionary defines "cuckold" as "a man with an unfaithful wife" and that, for a few hours last week, is what my wife was. Previously, she had SEX with Ted; she enjoyed it tremendously, and she also knew that she was doing it because I begged her to do it. So, even in bed with him, she was thinking of me. But this was different: she stopped thinking about me somewhere during the latter part of their conversation, and by the time she laid down in bed, she was doing it for herself. She ignored me because she was too busy, too involved with another man. She didn't think about me because he had all her attention and all her affection. She came in his arms because he made her feel so good, and she made him cum because she wanted to make him feel good.



About three days ago, she asked me if I was jealous. I thought about it, and said yes. She was only half-surprised, so she asked me how I felt about that. I told her it was the most exciting thing I had ever felt in my life. She understood, and with the reassurance that I was all right with it (MORE than all right!), she told me I had good reason to be jealous.


I asked her if she had been unfaithful to me.


She said yes.


Now Sally checks her e-mail every day, to see if Ty has been able to clear his calendar for their next date. She decided it will be fine to go to his place this time.






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