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The Arrangement - cuckold story by Greenman

Listen, Tina needs to be able to enjoy sex for sex’s sakeand feel satisfied, and you are not capable of doing that for her.

She needs someone to give her what she needs and not to feelguilty in the process. Sexual satisfaction may not be everything in asuccessful marriage, but it is a very, very important ingredient.

You must agree to let her decide, whether or not, she wouldlike to have sex with another man of her choosing. It’s as simple as that!”



The Arrangement, part 2

I felt sick, unable to fully understand my submissiveacceptance of my new position.

It was a strange feeling, knowing that my wife had been withanother man, and that I had actually encouraged her to inflict this ignominy onme. She seemed to enjoy telling me how her new lover was so much bigger andbetter than me.



The Arrangement, part 3

 Margaret continued to torment me, describing how much Tinawas obviously enjoying the fucking he was giving her. She kept this unbearableteasing up for more than another hour or so. She kept rubbing herself upagainst me as she graphically described how Paul was fucking my slut of a wifeand how much Tina was enjoying the thrill of riding his big cock. Tortured byMargaret’s incessant descriptions, I was experiencing gut wrenching spasms as Ilistened to how my lovely wife was having multiple orgasms and how she wouldalways need other men to satisfy her needs from now on.





Absolute Control   - story by Effie

A wife puts her husband in permanent chastity.


Absolute Control, part 2

A wife cuckolds her chastised husband.


Absolute Control, part 3

A wife finalises the transformation of her husband.






How I Became a Chastized Cuckold, story by Gizzard

This fantasy story series contains or will contain elements of Male Chastity, Orgasm Denial, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Interracial Sex, Bi-sexual Innuendo and Tendencies, Teasing, and BDSM Activities.

"Baby, we will take it slow and we will discuss that shortly. As for ending the arrangement, I agree but it can only be ended on a release date. If you had the ability to end it at anytime, you would never truly be chastised. If you need to wait for a release date regardless if you want to continue being my sexually frustrated, cock locked hubby, you will truly be denied. Also, if you decide to end it there will be no returning to the fantasy. I will not let you have a period of freedom because you desire it and then want to go back to chastity. You are either locked or you are not," she spoke adamantly.



How I Became a Chastized Cuckold, part 2

"Jana, I have given you complete control of my orgasms. I cannot cum without your permission and I haven't set any guidelines about the length of time you can make me go without cumming. You can make me go five years if you want, although I really hope that is not the case. When a man gives a woman this kind of power there can be no doubt that he will take any order from that woman. I will be as submissive to you as you choose to make me. I only want to please you. That's what chastity has instilled in me so far. My needs are not important." 



How I Became a Chastized Cuckold, part 3

Humiliation and lust driven excitement boiled in my veins as I began to undo my belt buckle. With each person that learned of my place in our sex life, I found that the initial embarrassment of being exposed lasted shorter and shorter. I wondered if that small bit of shame would completely vanish one day. Another woman, a stranger up until ten minutes ago, was going to see my tiny dick locked in the short clear jail cell and my hands shook as they fumbled with my fly. In one motion I pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles and stood back up, placing my hands behind my back to give Mistress Sara the unobstructed view she desired.



How I Became a Chastized Cuckold, part 4



How I Became a Chastized Cuckold, part 5

I got down on my knees before her and began, "Jana, I realize that I have not always been able to give you the sex you deserve. I know my cock is smaller than average, and try as I might, I will never be able to venture as deep as you would like me to get. I understand that my little dick had to be put into a chastity belt in order to allow you to receive everything that you deserve. I hope that the lucky guy you pick tonight is very well endowed, allot larger than what I can offer, so you can experience a better fucking than what I could give you. I want you to be free of guilt when you fuck him, knowing that I will be at home, nestled safely in my cage, patiently waiting for you to tell me all about how much you enjoyed getting split by someone you just met."











Louis Makes a Decision , story by Goodhusband

Note from author: This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

I didn't want to give Sarah any reason to be angry with me when she came home, so as soon she and Dave drove away I went into her bedroom and found her laundry hamper. I obediently hand washed all of her dirty lingerie and hung it on the clothesline in the basement.


Louis Makes a Decision, ch. 03-04

She stared at me. "Louise, for the next week you are not my husband, you are my slave. As my slave you have surrendered any marital rights that you might normally have as my husband. This week I am free to party with any man I might choose."


Louis Makes a Decision, ch. 05-06

Sarah kept sucking Dave's cock. When he started to lose his erection she let it slip out of her mouth and stood up. My wife walked over to me, grabbed my hair and pulled me up to my feet. Once I was standing Sarah held my head between both of her hands and pulled my face to hers. A small dribble of Dave's semen dripped from the corner of her mouth as her lips moved closer and closer to mine.


Louis Makes a Decision, ch. 07-08

Dave reached down, and in one powerful motion grabbed me, pulled me onto the bed and forced my face into Sarah's cum drenched pussy. I heard both of them laughing as I licked Dave's semen from my ex-wife's cunt. The humiliation I was feeling was exquisite torture.


the life of cuckold husbands






She Wanted a Younger Man , story by Jeffrey

Waife has started to date again.

It was then that he noticed her vulva was swollen and red, and that her thighs seemed sticky. It took him a moment to register the reason in his foggy brain. He touched her thigh and his hand came away with some goo. He looked at it in the light of the bathroom and sniffed his finger. It was semen.   


She Wanted a Younger Man, ch. 2

It seemed that the female-dominant-marriage websites had really struck upon a deep vein of gold, and she was determined to mine that vein as deeply as she could. They had argued that bringing uncertainty into the marriage bed would heat it up, making the husband wild with urgent need and desire for his wife, and so it had. And it was only the beginning.  


She Wanted a Younger Man, ch. 3

His eyes could see the proof between her thighs that another man had been in her. She smelled of sex and the sweat and semen of another man. Her skin felt sticky with another man's fluids. He heard her words -- on the phone during her date, and now that she was home -- and every sound confirmed the truth. He had not tasted her, but he knew when he kissed her, there would be a faint foreign taste on her lips.


She Wanted a Younger Man, ch. 4

Jeffrey was doing the laundry. He was standing naked in front of the ironing board, using it as a platform upon which to fold some clothes. He had been hand-washing Susan's delicates, had let them air-dry, and was now folding her panties.


She Wanted a Younger Man, ch. 5

Jeffrey pondered her words as he picked up the rest of his items and headed to the checkout stand. He wondered how Bob was doing. It sounded like Gail's husband was getting his spanking fantasies fulfilled and then some by his newly more dominant wife. Jeffrey smiled, thinking of Gail's threats of spanking him. Even though there was nothing real in them, it was a very fun way to flirt and banter with a lady, he thought.


She Wanted a Younger Man, ch. 6

"These are all different ways that I dominate him now, but there's so much more along the lines of humiliation and embarrassment. Now I require that he shave all his pubic hair daily and remain smooth and fresh, making him feel more naked and vulnerable than ever. And he is exposed to my friends and guests when they visit, and I share all these things with whichever of my friends I choose to, and that is humiliating and embarrassing for him. Now Tara knows he is my submissive cuckold husband first hand."









A Weekend With Elizabeth and Charlie , story by Lisa Rains

But the sound of his scream gave me added inspiration and I reamed him harder and faster. His dick was still sticking way up and I gave it a few playful jacking strokes with my free hand. “Wheeee!” I cried out in sheer glee. His balls bounced and rolled with every jacking stroke. I timed the strokes with the rhythm of the in-and-out of my finger, sending shockwaves of painful pleasure all through his body. I had total access to him and control over him.



A Weekend With Elizabeth and Charlie, part 2

I looked over at Greg, who was also watching amazed. I knew he was burning with jealousy. But instead of feeling guilty, I was on fire. His passion only added to my erotic delight. I was showing my once-indifferent husband that men responded to me. That I was sexual and attractive, and that there was tremendous power throbbing in me that could make men respond.




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The Family Cuckold

Chapter 1: Mary (my wife) decides that our daughter Gina is old enough, and mature enough, to know about our lifestyle, my submissiveness and my craving for sexual humiliation. She orders me to strip in front of Gina and show her what I wear under my normal clothes: panties. Gina is shocked, but not grossed out. Mary orders me to masturbate in front of both her and Gina, but will not allow me to cum; she wants Gina to understand the power of dominating and denying a male, especially me; Mary wants Gina to know that she is welcome to dominate and abuse me as well.



The Family Cuckold 2
Chapter 2: Gina learns more about me as the three of us talk, and Mary mentions some of the things she does to humiliate me. Gina shows her imagination by suggesting to Mary that if I am going to wear panties like a sissy girl, I should shave like one. Mary loves the idea and takes it one step further, she persuades Gina to do it to me, to shave my cock and balls. As Gina does it to me, I'm unable to prevent myself from getting hard. Mary uses this as an opportunity to introduce Gina to the pleasure of inflicting pain on me.



The Family Cuckold 3 
Chapter 3: Mary and Gina take me shopping. Gina makes me try and buy nail polish, right in the store, and then takes me to the lingerie department where we buy panties, bra, garter belt with Gina making sure that the salesgirl knows they are for me. After shopping we go to lunch and talk about how wonderful the morning was; exciting for them and deliciously embarrassing for me. Our waitress, Tammy, overhears us talking and Gina invites her to sit with us. Before the lunch is over, Mary and Gina have invited Tammy to join us at our home that evening. Mary tells Gina about "cuckolding" and how I serve not only her, but her lovers.



The Family Cuckold 4 
Chapter 4: On the way home after shopping, Gina teases me by stroking my exposed cock as I drive. Once we are home, Mary and Gina have me serve them wine while I put on a fashion show and model the lingerie they made me buy. Afterwards, Gina wants to see me stroke my cock. As I'm doing it, she is clearly turned on and Mary persuades her to undo her blouse and take of her panties, exposing herself to me to torment me even more. Despite my best efforts, I'm unable to control myself and cum, explosively, squirting over the both of them. Mary orders me to lick it all up, which drives Gina even more crazy, realizing that I really am a cock-sucking sissy; this makes Gina orgasm as I'm licking my own cum off her legs. Mary tells me that I must be punished for cumming without permission, and that Gina must do it to me. 



The Family Cuckold 5

Chapter 5: Just as Gina is about to punish me, the door bell rings. I am ordered to go and answer it, still wearing bra, panties, stockings. Fortunately, it's Tammy (our waitress from lunch). She laughs at me as she comes in, and then joins Gina and Mary in the living room. Gina, now with a supportive audience, gets down to punishing me. She's been browsing the web and has come up with a very painful experience for me, and very arousing for her - she's definitely decided that she is a confirmed sadist and mistress.



The Family Cuckold 6







Cuckold's Diary

tags: cuckold, creampie, cum licking, submission of a husband

They each learn what "cuckolding" really means.

But this was no picture, and no anonymous woman: it was real, it was my wife's vagina, and it was Ted's semen. The smell was dank, bitter; I hesitated, and the two of them laughed, hugging and kissing each other while they made fun of my "problem." "Go ahead, clean me up," she insisted. So as my wife kissed her lover, I licked his sperm from her lips. I tried not to gag as the semen flowed into my mouth, and I realized that what I saw and tasted was just the overflow; he had cum deeply inside her (deeper than I ever had), and what I licked up was only what would not fit in her vagina, her womb. I licked her clean, and they sent me back to my chair.



Cuckold's Diary 2

Cuckold learns the truth about wife's lover. Cuckolding becomes permanent.

She tried to turn to face him, but he held her tightly, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts. So, she reached down, unzipped her skirt, and let it fall. She broke his grasp only long enough to slide her panties down past her hips, where they (and gravity) took over, and they wrapped themselves around her ankles. She gracefully stepped out of them, threw her wedding ring at me, and turned to her lover.



Cuckold's Diary 3

Cuckold learns to savor the crumbs he receives and accepts the reality of his role.

There has been a lot of discussion among cuckolds about whether it is harder to watch or to wait. The question is really moot, because cuckolds seldom have a say. But I will tell you that sitting and talking with them and then having them leave to go to bed together is one of the most gut-wrenching things I can imagine. Being alone is hard enough, but being with them, and then suddenly alone, is an achingly lonely experience.



Cuckold's Diary 4

Getting past sex.


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Story of a very dominant Wife and her inslaved cuckold:  Selfish Bitch Wife (improved version)

tags:  female domination, orgasm denial, sexual frustration, interracial cuckolding, chastity, piss drinking, heavy humiliation, forced BI cuckold

I wanted to wear him out so that he'd accept anything I wanted and eventually become a full time cuckold slave to me and my lovers. It really turned me on to think of him grovelling at the feet of one of my well hung black studs then begging to suck his cock, while he kissed and fondled every bit of me.


cuckold husband








Story of cuckold husbands and swinger wives who went black:  The Circle of Cuckolds

tags: interracial cuckolding, humiliation of husband, wife serving

Linda noticed, but pretended not to. It was just as Sarah had predicted. Her own husband was turned on at the thought of Black men fucking these white wives that he had known and been with for years....


The Circle of Cuckolds, part 2

tags: pussy domination, submission of husband, black cuckolding

Bruce moaned and pushed his tongue deep into his wife's pussy, fully aware that James' huge cock had been there less than an hour earlier. It made him feel somehow insignificant in the scheme of things, but he was determined to do some pleasing himself tonight. 
Now she was bucking fiercely against Bruce's face so that it was difficult for him to maintain penetration with his tongue. His jaw was getting tired and his face was taking a pounding. He was now almost afraid of his own wife's pussy, almost dominated by it. For the first time in his married life, he felt her power and it scared him.


The Circle of Cuckolds, part 3

tags: cuckold humiliation, chastity belt, creampie cuckold, total submission, dominant wife

I said I thought I would just keep Jack's cum in me while I went to sleep and that Jim didn't have to suck it out. He was SO disappointed. I finally relented and said he could eat Jack's cum from me only if I could put him in the chastity belt first. He agreed immediately.



humiliated cuckolds and satisfied Wives  










Story of wife who learns to love beeing a slut:   My Forced Cuckoldry

tags: forced cuckolding, cum eating, creampie, husband humiliation, slut wife, orgasm denial

“Open your eyes slut! Look at me! Look at the man who is going to take your sex drive to a whole new level, Cant you feel my big cock growing and pushing into your back, as I rough up your fat tits, you’re a dirty whore and tonight I’m gonna take you any way I want, you are locked up and there is nothing you can do to stop me, you’ll be begging for more once you have orgasmed and I’m gonna make you cum so hard you wont want to stop.”


My Forced Cuckoldry, part 2

I heard him say that he was now going to fuck her mouth until he came in it and when he did he didn’t want her spilling, spitting or swallowing it because he wanted her to kiss me and force it all into my mouth. As he fucked her mouth with his usual vigour great clomps of cum were loosened from her cunt and dropped to my face, somehow it was the most erotic moment of my life.


My Forced Cuckoldry, part 3

My cock was hard, I had resisted the temptation to wank as I hadn’t been given permission and this wasn’t about me it was about her taking him, but could no longer, I flogged my log as I watched my wife struggle when he plunged in full length and hold himself there against her struggling head. He would then pull himself out, give her literally a couple of seconds to breathe, then plunge in again and repeat his assault.


My Forced Cuckoldry, part 4

There was my wife, gagged; hands tied behind her back, bent over, rear end totally vulnerable with 3 weights hanging below her from her most sensitive private parts. It was obvious to me that she was about to get fucked and that action would send those weights into a frenzy of tugs and yanks on her already tender nipples and clit.













Story of inslaved husband:  Cuckold Journey, part 1

tags: inslaved cuckold husband, cheating wife, orgasm denial for cuckold, domestic femdom, forced cum eating

Tonight Margarite was being very gentle with me. Usually, after my milking, she would do something like dig the heel of her shoe into my balls or tell me to get the nipple clamps or a paddle. I think she was afraid of freaking Ralph.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 2 - Evolution into Slavery

tags: forced feminization, mistress wife and friends humiliation, degraded cuckold husband

On that Tuesday, as I stood quietly by, my eyes directed downward and my hands demurely folded in front of my apron, Susan was asking Margarite how she had prepared me for the presence of another man in her household. My eyes narrowed slightly as I perked my ears to hear what Margarite would say.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 3 - Slave Training

tags: training of another sex slave, forced cum eating

“Swallow,” she said, pulling her lips from his and leaving a long thin thread of his elastic fluid connecting them to each other. Without another thought he swallowed it all. More fluid remained in her mouth, which she immediately deposited in his.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 4 - New Mistress

tags: sexual dominance, house slave, slave servitude games, pussy slave

Now the kicking was sharp and the pain excruciating. My tongue work increased in energy as I sought to please my tormentor. I was licking twice as fast now, getting 10 or 15 quick licks in between each bursting flash of pain, while her shoe continued to pummel my bruised scrotum.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 5 - Slave Fuck Toy

tags: male sex toy, whipping, punishment

This was one of her favorite positions for punishment since it permitted very little movement on my part, having to continue supporting her legs with my back as she made quick, sharp cuts across my ass with her riding crop. She then began stroking me slowly, gradually increasing my pain, building it expertly.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 6 - The Play of Mistress

tags: pussy licking slave, forced condom licking, orgasm denial, cum licking

Then she slapped me across the face with the sloppy condom. She repeated this flogging, which didn’t hurt, but was very humiliating. “Open your mouth!” I looked up at her in disbelief. “Open your mouth!” she repeated. As I opened my mouth I instinctively closed my eyes and soon felt the full condom being pushed into the opening.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 7 - Meeting Lindy, a new slave of Mistress

tags: lesbian love, creampie, cleaning Mistresses

I considered the irony of me being on my knees licking a woman’s rectum, a woman, whom I had just barely met, but a woman nevertheless, who would exercise complete power over me. I wondered if she had been fucked by a different man. So much cum could surely not come from one man.


Cuckold Slave Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 8 - Pleasure and Pain

tags: CBT, mind games, Dominatrix

Twisting my nipples again almost immediately, she handled them with such smooth authority, that I relaxed into pure sexual pleasure, hardly feeling the pain. The pleasure continued as she kneaded and rolled them between her fingers. No orgasm threatened to end my endless ecstasy as pleasure and pain did their ecstatic dance in the theater of my soul.


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 9 - Slave Ceremony

tags: waxing, cock milking, sperm eating

She has other slaves and will have still more. But who among them will be so thrilled with the look on her face when she expresses her pleasure? Who will be so fulfilled by hearing her laugh, when they are the focus of her ridicule? Looking back on it now I think that night was the single moment when I knew the rectitude of my service to Margarite and felt designed by providence to play this role with her, to be her object of loving scorn.


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 10 - Female Empire

tags: tortured by female slave, chastity belt, cuckolded husband

Then I watched as the man who replaced me in my wedding bed proceeded to fuck my wife harder than I had ever seen anyone fucked, except in porno movies of course. I couldn’t believe the energy he used on her, way beyond anything that I had ever thought possible.


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 11 - Her Will Would Be Done

tags:  forced piercing

After my piercing were healed Lindy and I were both called into Margarite’s bedroom frequently. She and Ralph would perform sexual acts with each other exaggerating their bliss in order to torture Lindy and I.


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 12 - Suffering and Joy

tags: slavery, cum eating, public humiliation

"Many of you may not know that Margarite and Bobbie have been happily married for twelve years.” At this point a few gasps could be heard coming from the back of the room. “But you all know that Margarite is a very sexually active women. She contends to me that save for the early cuckolding of Bobbie, the achievement we are celebrating here today could never have occurred.”


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 13 - Superior Wife

tags: forced bi, humiliated husband

My devotion and intense sexual desire was directed to Margarite and to no one else, man or woman and even though I had vigorously sucked cock and swallowed mouthful after mouthful of jism until my whole face was sticky and raw with its residue, I felt relaxed and somehow fulfilled emotionally in that singular way that serving my beautiful mistress always caused me to feel.


Cuckold Stories:  Cuckold Journey, part 14 - Conclusion

Perfect Household.




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Cuckold Stories: Julie, part 1

tags: wimp cuckold, slave cuckold husband, punished cuckold, husband slave of cheating wife, dominant wife, cuckold humiliation, dominant lover, cuckold degradation

She cuffed me on the back of my head. “Walter, if you don’t like the way things are around here, then fine … leave,” she snarled. “I’ll divorce your ass so fast it’ll make you head swim; and you’ll be fucking homeless, too, because I’ll take you for every dime you’ve got.”


Cuckold Stories: Julie, part 2

I felt like an idiot standing there fidgeting while they wrestled on the couch and tossed good-natured barbs at each other. Finally they tired of the game, and the grappling morphed into a kiss. I averted my eyes; I certainly didn’t want to be accused of “ogling” them while they made out.


Cuckold Stories:  Julie, part 3

“Poor Waldo, my ass! I’m not being mean – after all, you did use one of those towels to wipe your ‘precious princess Mistress vagina,’ so it’s still got your taste on it,” he said. “And I used the other towel to wipe off my dick, which still had your precious pussy juices all over it. So it’ll be an honor for him to lick those towels clean. Won’t it, Waldo?”


Cuckold Stories:  Julie, part 4

I had to make several trips into the living room to bring in all the platters of food. Because they were watching the early game, which was in the fourth quarter, I made sure to drop to my knees before I approached them; as I got closer to the table, I ducked my head down so as not to block their view of the TV. I carefully placed each platter on the table before shuffling backward on my knees, bent over uncomfortably.


Cuckold Stories: Julie, part 5

Julie, Kevin, Roy and Diana all died laughing when I suddenly stopped, fell to my knees and began begging, “Oh, please, please, please, can I go wash this off? It hurts so bad!” I knew I was running the risk of incurring my masters’ further wrath with my impromptu performance, but I couldn’t help it – the pain was just too much to bear.



helping hand of cuckold husband  









Cuckold Story by Devoted Husband      14 chapters

I never question her, ever.  I hate having to clean her after she’s been with him but I never talk back when she tells me to do it.  I usually do it at the door as she returns home from a date.  I do the best I can to imagine what it’s like to be allowed to go down on her without his presence, without his cum all over her. 

I’d never tell her that; never let her know I even think such a thing.  I said something about that once…only once.  I got slapped and asked I wanted to be forbidden to service here like that.  I love when she let’s me do that for her, rewards me by letting me be the source of her sexual pleasure, use my mouth to worship her.  I think she knows this about me, knows my devotion to her and the pleasure I get from pleasing her. 

But I know that she doesn’t care and that she always comes first, not me.  I know that to service her submissively is part of what I do because I love her.  I hate the taste of him!  Hate tasting his cum and feel jealous that he comes first as well, not me.  And I always imagine what it must be like to be the real man he is, have the cock she loves and adores.  He is her lover and I’m only her cuckold husband.







femdom and cuckold



My Gift - femdom and cuckold story

Synopsis: After 30 years of marriage, a husband submits himself to his wife as a gift. Together they re-ignite passion for each other and create a whole new relationship, where he is nothing more then her slave and cuckold and she grows to be a strict and demanding Mistress and femdom Wife.


“I would like to shed our roles of husband and wife and give myself to be used by you for your pleasure without any expectations of what I would get” I said.  “I would like to give you the opportunity to be as spoiled as you like, to do as you like, and the freedom to experiment to find out what you would want without inhibition.

It would be my pleasure to see you happy. I want to be able to surrender myself to you.  It would mean that my only focus would be your pleasure.

 I would be unhappy if you were not pleased.  I may be unhappy if I could not help you to achieve your pleasures.  I would be unhappy if I failed you.”

Our first month was a ‘getting to know you’ period where my mistress was becoming used to her new power.  In the past month she became accustomed to having me sleep in another room, to have her pussy licked every morning, to use me as her personal urinal, to consider my cock her secure locked up toy and to have me as her personal servant and house cleaner.  She no longer considers me her husband of 30 years and instead treats me like her personal slave.  It had been one month since her gift began and it was time for our first review.



Femdom and cuckold story:  My Gift, part 2  

The mistress must never be embarrassed because her lover wants to use her slave and the servant is too small or unable to perform in the way that they wanted.  Their tongue must be trained in techniques and performance to bring pleasure.  They must never reject the desires or attention from their mistress or any one she allows to use them.  The slave has to be prepared for anything that could happen so that it would not be a surprise that they might reject.







cuckold husband




The Cuckold Party

Story of a dominant hot wife who sleeps with other men and humiliates her submissive cuckold husband.

Story tags: cuckolding, dominant wife, orgasm control, creampie, humiliation and submission of husband.


As I kneeled at my wife's feet I realized that this was the most exciting thing I'd ever done in my entire life. I suddenly understood that I was born to be Janet's submissive cuckold slave.

Janet kneeled on the couch. I was kneeling on the floor behind her. The situation kept getting more and more exciting. I was about to lick my wife’s asshole while her boyfriend listened on the telephone. 


The Cuckold Party, part 2

The initial pangs of jealousy and envy that I felt when I first saw Janet sucking Jerome's cock had now evolved into tingling ripples of erotic excitement. My masochistic desires were quickly overwhelming me. Being forced to watch my wife's brazen adultery while I was dressed in nothing but a pair of pink lace panties was turning into the most stimulating sexual scenario I'd ever experienced. Without realizing it my right hand found it's way to my crotch and I unwittingly started massaging my cock and balls.







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