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My wife Lucy is a stunning 5'5" redhead, with attractive large breasts and shapely legs. I met her when we were both at school, and have been crazy about her ever since. I was the happiest man alive when we married six months ago, when we were both 19.

We soon found it tough going financially, with just my salary coming in. Being a rather spoilt only child who insists on her own way, Lucy resolutely refused to go out to work. It was therefore left to me to get a job as a bartender five nights a week, in order to make ends meet. Rather than be stuck on her own at home, Lucy would always come down to the bar and sit with me, so that we at least saw something of each other.

My story starts the evening a few black guys new to the area came into the bar. Lucy was in her usual seat at one end of the bar, while these guys stood at the other. I couldn't help but notice that my wife regularly looked over in their direction, and seemed particularly to be looking at Tony, a well-built guy of about 6'3" who I found out was 26. After a few times I asked her innocently what she was looking at, and she just said, "nothing". However, the guys were coming in regularly, and she kept looking and it was planting the seeds of an obsession in my mind.

I began to find my petite wife in the arms of this strong black man, and got myself hard just imagining him pounding his cock into her sweet pussy. Soon, I was thinking of nothing else; the idea of her actually being fucked by him was driving me crazy. One night in bed, I decided to bring my thoughts into the open with Lucy.

"You quite fancy Tony at the bar don't you?" I opened, trying to sound as casual as possible.

"Well he is gorgeous," she admitted quite freely.

"Would you like to fuck him?" I went on.

"What are you getting at?" she countered.

"Well to be honest, the idea of him fucking you just the once really turns me on," I explained.

"I'd forget it right now if I were you pervert," she laughed. "I have a feeling that if he had me once, you would never get a look in again!"

"Seriously though," I said, warming to the subject. "He seems a nice guy, very discreet, I am sure he would go for a one night stand with you."

"You are serious, aren't you?" she said, sounding amazed.

"Would you be interested?" I asked praying she would agree.

"Of course I would be interested," she replied. "After all, you don't have very much to offer, do you?"

Yes, I know, I should have seen the danger signs right there but I was so obsessed with the idea by this time, that I was not listening properly. We agreed that night that if an opportunity arose where she could catch him alone, she would go for it.

That opportunity came the following Wednesday. It was a quiet night with only a couple of strangers in, and Tony was at the bar alone. His friends Bill and Jerry were away. Excited, I asked Lucy to make her move.

"Are you really sure about this?" she asked. "Because I think you are going to regret it."

"Yes I'm certain," I assured her. "Go on."

Lucy made her way to the other end of the bar, and said a casual hello to Tony. He smiled warmly, and they were soon chatting like old friends. I kept watching them, and at one point Tony looked over at me with what looked like a contemptuous grin. I guessed correctly that this was the point Lucy had put the proposal to him.

It was not long after this, that I saw them get up to leave. Tony took my wife's hand, and she gave me a smug grin as they made their way out. I felt a huge pang of jealousy as I watched her gorgeous legs go through the door, but my cock was rock hard.

I had a dry mouth and felt highly excited for the rest of my shift, and could not wait to get home. Lucy still wasn't back by 2 a.m. so I went to bed. I had no chance of sleeping of course, so heard the front door close at around three.

Lucy came into the bedroom looking tousled and tired, but very happy. She undressed quickly, then walked slowly to the bed with a huge grin on her face, allowing me a good view of her ravaged body. She slid into bed beside me, and I immediately asked her how it went.

"Not now," she said, pushing me away. "Go to sleep." I was disappointed, but turned over, my cock still throbbing.

Lucy was still asleep when I left for work next morning when I left for work, so I spent the whole day still not knowing. I rushed home in the evening, but Lucy wasn't in the kitchen as usual. I went upstairs and found her in the bedroom, putting on her shortest, most revealing dress. Her hair had been done, and she was wearing rather more makeup than usual.

You are pretty dressed up," I remarked. "Where are you going?"

"I am getting ready for my man," she said simply.

"You are seeing him again tonight?" I enquired.

"Oh yes," she insisted. "After last night, I want more, lots more."

"But I thought we agreed it would be a one off," I argued.

"No, you did," Lucy replied. "As far as I am concerned, it was the best sex I have ever had, and I don't want to stop. I am pleased to say Tony feels the same."

Tony was already in the bar with his friends when I arrived for my shift. Nothing was said, but Tony gave me a grin that said "I am fucking your wife, and she loves it"

It was about half an hour later that my wife arrived. She totally ignored me, and went straight over to Tony. Throwing her arms around him, she gave him a long passionate kiss willingly taking his tongue into her mouth. Eventually they broke off, and Tony spoke.

"Hey boy," he shouted, treating me like his slave. "A Gin and tonic for your wife."

I put the drink down in front of my wife, and again ignored me completely. In fact for the whole evening she only had eyes for her new lover, and it was clear she found his company more interesting than mine.

"Hey boy! Another round down here."

This time it had been my own wife who had called. The two of them were having great fun humiliating me. It got even worse when I put down their drinks.

"I'm going to be fucking your wife tonight boy," Tony said in a booming voice. "Is that OK with you?"

"It wouldn't matter if it wasn't," my wife said cruelly. "It's your cock I want inside me not his." Tony and his two friends roared with laughter at this, and my face reddened as I noticed one or two regulars sniggering behind.

At the end of the evening, Tony came up to me with his arm around my wife.

"Don't wait up boy, it could be a long session tonight!" he laughed, as Lucy smirked at me.

I had intended to stay awake, but must have drifted off. I was awoken at about five by the feel of a weight on me. As I opened my eyes, I realised Lucy was straddling me, with her sopping, strong smelling pussy just over my mouth.

"You wanted to know what it was like, well taste it cuckold," she sneered, as she ground her pussy into my open mouth.

Without thinking, I began to suck Tony's cum out of her pussy. My wife remarked that it did not seem like much of a sex life for a husband, sucking another man's leftovers out of his wife's cunt. She also suggested that I get used to it, as most times that will be all that's on offer.

When she was satisfied that she was clean, she climbed off me and lay down beside me. I asked her if she would tell me what had happened, but she told me that what she did with her man was none of my business.

"Well, what was all that business of calling me boy at the bar tonight?" I complained.

"John," she replied wearily. "If you had seen the size of Tony's cock you would know that compared to him you are a boy." It did not seem to bother her that she was being hurtful.

"Well, as you have had him for a couple of days, can't we at least make love?" I asked.

"You are kidding." She replied. "He has fucked me five times tonight, I am raw and need a break." Already this was going totally wrong.

When I got home Friday evening, Lucy was just sitting around in her robe. I decided not to ask her if she was going to the bar, as I certainly did not want to encourage her. She seemed totally unconcerned whether I was around or not, and we hardly spoke. I know it was my fault, but I hated the situation we had got in so I decided I would ask Tony to call it all off when I got to the bar.


Tony was there when I arrived, together with his friends. Taking the bull by the horns, I approached Tony and asked him to stop seeing Lucy.

"I tell you what boy," he said. "If your wife says she doesn't want my black cock any more, I'll back off. It's that fair enough?" He and his buddies laughed, because they knew as well as I that she certainly did.

I was slightly surprised about an hour later, to see Lucy. As usual, she swept straight past me to passionately kiss her lover. I was even more surprised to see she was carrying an overnight bag. I went over.

"What's going on?" I asked, pointing to the bag.

"I'm staying at Tony's for the weekend," she announced. "He says he's going to make me so addicted to black cock that I will never go back." They all laughed out loud.

"But I thought we could do something at the weekend," I protested.

"Well you can do something on your own," she replied.

"Yeah," added Bill. "You've got a right hand, haven't you?" The four of them roared with laughter at this.

"Just get me a drink boy," my wife snapped showing the utter contempt she now had for me.

It was about midday on Saturday when the phone rang. It was Lucy, asking me to take over to Tony's something she had forgotten to pack. She gave me the address, and I made my way there.

Lucy answered the door to me, dressed in a new short nightie.

"Come in," she said, and led me upstairs.

We went into the bedroom, where Tony was naked on the bed. The first thing I noticed was the size of his cock. Although flaccid, it looked at least nine inches. Lucy came in behind me and got on the bed, snuggling up to her lover. I said a weak hello.

"I'm glad you came boy," Tony began. "Because we decided you should see what your wife has been getting, and what you won't be getting any more."

"That's right," added Lucy. "I'm Tony's girl now, so you don't get to have sex with me any more. We just thought it would be fun to show you what you've lost by your own stupidity. Why don't you get Tony's cock ready for me."

"What do you mean?" I enquired dumbly.

"She means suck it stupid," Tony explained irritably. "Now don't make me ask you twice!"

Lucy began to kiss her lover, while I reluctantly took hold of his cock and put it in my mouth. I started sucking on it, and it soon became very hard.

"How the hell did I marry someone like him?" my wife laughed, as she watched me slurping on the huge black cock. "What sort of wimpy faggot sucks on another man's cock to make it ready for his wife's pussy?"

When they were satisfied, I was told to step back.

"Now watch a real man fuck your wife," said Lucy, as she lay back and spread her legs wide.

Tony positioned himself between her thighs, and rammed his cock into her in one go.

"Oh fuck," cried Lucy. "I love the way you stretch me. Fuck me baby, give it to me hard!"

As Tony began thrusting, my wife wrapped her legs around his strong back. Looking at me she said:

"Now you see why I told you not to go through with this. This is the best cock I have ever had inside me, and as soon as Tony entered me for the first time you were history. That's it Tony, oh fuck yes!! Show him what I've gained and what he's lost. Yes, yes, fuck me, fuck me, you are making me come again you big black bastard! Fill me with that seed, I want your come inside me!"

After a little more of that, she screamed out her orgasm as Tony emptied his big black balls into her. Into the womb I had hoped to put my own when we had our children. Lucy was right, I had ruined things just for a fantasy.

While I was thinking all this, Tony had jumped off the bed. I felt his strong hands on the back of my neck, as he forced my face between my wife's thighs.

"Suck it out of her boy, get your wife's pussy clean. And make sure you clean it every time I send her back to you full of my cum!"

"Now clean Tony for me," ordered my wife, after I had finished on her pussy.

I did as I was told, and prepared to leave. Tony checked that I was aware that I could not touch my own wife any more, no matter what the provocation. I guessed by the evil grin Lucy had on her face, that she had plans to tease me with her body just for fun. I left there feeling really low.

My latest humiliation came last night. Lucy was with Tony and the others, and I saw Heather, my older sister join them. She and I have never got on, though she and Lucy are close. I was sure she would cause some mischief for me, and it did not take long.

"Hey John," she called down to me. "I hear your wife has turned you into a cocksucker!" The whole bar seemed to erupt.

When it died down, she shouted that we ought to show everyone in the middle of the bar. I tried to ignore it, but my wife shouted for me to come round. Tony told me not to make him come and get me.

Totally humiliated, I went round, and a circle was made in the middle of the floor. Bill and Gerry forced me to my knees, and Lucy brought Tony forward in front of me. Taking out his cock, she made her announcement to a hushed bar.

"My husband, the wimp on his knees here will now suck the cock of the man who is exclusively fucking his wife!" Howls of derisive laughter followed this

With my hands behind my back submissively, I performed this awful task, with the crowd urging me on with taunts like cocksucker, cuckold and faggot. Needless to say, I quit my job straight after.

The moral of this is, if you don't have a cock like a horse, and a fabulous sexual technique, don't let someone else fuck your wife.




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