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Chapter 1

My name is Bob. I am 36 years old, 5'4" tall with a figure which could be charitably be called weedy. Jan, my wife is two years younger, and towers above me at nearly 6'. She has put on some weight since we married ten years ago, but this has only made her figure curvier, and definitely more sexy. At the start of my story I was an executive for a medium sized international company owned by a Nigerian family, and my marriage was in trouble. So much so that my wife had talked several times of leaving me. What follows is an account of how all this changed.

One morning I was called into the office of my immediate boss, Mary. She was 58 years old, attractive but stony faced. She always looked at me and spoke to me as though I were a complete wimp, and I never ever stood up to her.

Mary informed me that the Managing Director's 17 year old son was coming to spend a month in this country, and knowing that we lived in a large house that my wife had inherited, she was asking me to put him up during his stay. I phoned my wife from her office to check with her, and she told me shortly that anything that meant she would not have just my stupid face to look at was fine with her.

So it was arranged that I meet Sam at the airport early next morning. I was surprised when I met him. Tall and muscular, he must have stood 6'3" and weighed 225lb, and was extremely handsome. He certainly looked older than his seventeen years. He appeared very arrogant, and the journey back to my house was conducted in virtual silence.

When we arrived at my home, Jan came out to greet him, and he was extremely charming to her, kissing her on both cheeks. I indicated where his room was, and he went up to make himself at home.

"He is gorgeous!" gasped my wife. "He is going to have to lock his bedroom door at night to keep me out!" This unsettled me greatly, as he would have plenty of free time during his visit, and would probably be spending a lot of time alone with Jan.

When Sam came back down, I made my excuses explaining that I had to go back to the office. Sam was totally unconcerned, and Jan said not to worry, she would take care of our guest.

When I returned home that evening, Jan was sitting on the sofa in her towelling robe, her hair wrapped in a towel. I asked how her day had gone with the young boy.

"He is so arrogant and dominant for someone so young." She declared.

"Why, what happened?" I enquired.

"The horny little devil fucked me!" she blurted out.

"Wh-at?" I asked, not believing my ears.

"Yes," she went on. "I was helping him to unpack, when suddenly I felt his arms round me, and he was kissing me. He forced his tongue into my mouth, and started groping my tits. I know I should have stopped him, but it felt so good, and the huge bulge I could feel digging into me made me weak at the knees. Anyway, when he found no resistance he took my hand and led me to our bedroom.

"I was in a trance, as he quickly undressed me and laid me on the bed. Pulling my legs apart, he began to play with my pussy, sticking two fingers inside. Finding that I was soaking wet and ready, he began to undress himself. My God Bob, his cock is massive! I didn't see how I could possibly take it, but he was so gentle and took his time pushing into me until he was up to his balls in my pussy. I have never felt anything so good; I was starting to climax before he even began pounding in and out of me. To cut a long story short, we stayed in bed all afternoon, and he fucked me three times."

My head was spinning, as I asked her where he was, as I had to tell him that this could not go on.

"He has gone to visit an Aunt who lives fairly nearby," Jan explained. "He will not be back until you have left for work tomorrow. He has already told me that he is going to fuck me whenever he likes, and after what he did to me today, there is no way I am going to stop him."

When we got into bed, my wife took hold of my modest cock and began giving me details of what she and Sam had done that afternoon. In spite of my horror at her infidelity, I found myself getting very stiff and erect.

"You filthy pervert!" she laughed. "I am telling you how I cuckolded you in our bed this afternoon, and you get a hard on! Turns you on doesn't it, having your wife fucked by a virile young black man? Does it make you want to fuck your unfaithful wife? Come on, stick it into me, fuck me hard and punish me for being such a slut!"

I got on top of Jan, pushed my cock into her and began to ram in and out hard, as she suggested. Unfortunately, I was too excited and came after about fifteen seconds. Jan laughed at me scornfully.

"You are useless!" she sneered. "First, I could hardly feel you inside me, and then you cum within seconds. It is a good job I now have someone in the house who can give me the sort of fucking a woman needs." With that, she turned over and went to sleep.

I went to work next morning with a sick feeling in my stomach, imagining what was going to happen in my house during the day.

Just after lunch, Mary called me into her office and informed me that I was needed at another branch of the company about three hundred miles away, and would have to stay there a week. I needed to travel next morning. I tried to tell her that I did not think this would be a good time for me to be away from home.

"Why not?" she snapped.

"Well," I began. "I found out that he got sort of intimate with my wife yesterday, while I was at work."

"You mean he fucked her?"

"Er, yes."

"Has Jan complained?"


"Simple question, did your wife complain that Sam fucked her or did she enjoy it? I can ask her myself."

"She enjoyed it." I admitted, shamefaced.

"No problem then," concluded Mary. "Your absence will give them plenty of time for some uninhibited fun."

I went home to find Jan and Sam in the kitchen; kissing and cuddling like a couple of newly weds. He was wearing only boxer shorts, and Jan was barefoot, dressed again in her short towelling robe.

"Oh look," smiled Sam. "It's the man of the house."

"The inferior man of the house." corrected Jan, as she put her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. I announced that I was to be away for a week, and their eyes lit up.

"That's great," said Sam, pulling open the front of Jan's robe and mauling her tits. "It will give us time to really get to know each other!"

"Hey!" I said.

"Oh do shut up Bob," Jan snapped. "After what has happened over the last two days, you know very well Sam will be fucking me while you are away. Our bed will see more action in the next week than in the last five years!" The two of them laughed at this.

"Lift my robe Sam," Jan ordered wickedly. "Let hubby watch while you play with my pussy!"

Sam lifted the robe, and placed his hand over my wife's most private place. She looked at me with a smirk on her face, mentally daring me to do something about it. To my shame, I did nothing.

"You had better go and pack, while I get dinner," Jan exclaimed finally. "Tonight is your last chance to fuck me before Sam takes over."

We had dinner, and then watched television for a time, me in the armchair and the two of them cuddled up on the sofa. Eventually, Jan got up and told me we were going to bed. She put her arms around Sam, gave him a long French kiss, and whispered something in his ear.

We got into the bedroom, and Jan told me to get undressed and lie on the bed. She slipped off her robe, and came over to me. Her sexy naked body showed the evidence of the ravishing she had received from Sam over the past two days.

"Look at what that young stud has done to me," she taunted. "When was the last time you were that passionate?" She reached down and took my cock in her hand.

"What a disappointment you are," she sighed. Then, straddling me and inserting my cock into her. "Come on then, let's have fifteen seconds of ecstasy!" I am not sure it even lasted that long this time, and I turned over with Jan's derisive laughter ringing in my ears.

Next morning, I got up to get ready from my trip. As soon as I left the bed, I heard Jan bang on the bedroom wall, and turned to see her removing her nightdress. Seconds later, Sam breezed into the room, naked, and I had my first sight of his massive cock. Jan lifted the cover, and he slipped in beside her. As she wrapped her arms around him, Jan turned to me and said:

"You had better get moving, unless you want to witness my infidelity first hand!" She giggled as she went back to kissing her young lover.

I hurried out, and was soon on the road. I went directly to our other branch, and worked late into the evening. It was after ten when I got to my hotel room. I decided to phone Jan.

"Hi Honey," I said as cheerfully as I could when she answered.

"Oh Bob, it's not a good time," she replied testily. "I am just about to be fucked. Try again tomorrow." With that, she hung up the phone.

Next evening, I tried again. This time, Sam answered.

"She can't come to the phone right now," he informed me. "She has a mouthful of cock!" I heard Jan sniggering in the background.

It was the same story every time I phoned that week. There was always some excuse not to talk to me. Eventually, I gave up.

I returned home at about eight on the Friday evening, to an empty house. There was a note on the kitchen table, informing me that the two of them had gone to a night-club. She could not even be at home to greet me after a week away!

Eventually, they returned home just after midnight. Before they entered the room, I could tell they were a little worse for drink, and when Jan came in my mouth dropped. Her long brown hair had been cut short, and dyed blonde. She was also wearing thick makeup. Normally, she wore very little, but tonight she had the eye-shadow, scarlet lipstick, everything. What was worse, she wore a transparent white blouse with no bra, and a black skirt so short, it barely covered her pussy. The whole outfit screamed "Fuck me, I am a slut for anyone."

"Do you like the new look?" she asked me. Then, lifting her skirt she revealed that she was wearing no knickers, and had shaved her pussy.

"Sam likes it like this," she explained. "He likes to watch his big black cock slide into my bare white pussy." She turned to kiss Sam, as he rubbed her naked pussy.

"Surely you are not going to fuck me tonight," she said to Sam, with mock surprise. "My husband has just got home, and the poor man has not had sex for a week!"

"Oh yes I am," replied Sam. "You have been cock-teasing me all night, and now you are going to pay!"

"Sorry Bob," Jan apologised. "I will come to bed when this sex maniac has finished with me, and you can have me if you want to."

I waited in bed, listening to my wife's shouting, swearing, sobbing and crying out as Sam brought her to two orgasms. Eventually, she came back to our room.

"Do you still want me?" she enquired. "Even though my pussy is full of another man's cum?"

After a week away, I was pretty horny, so I confessed that I did.

Climbing on top of me, she invited me to have "sloppy seconds". Almost as soon as I felt Sam's cum coating my cock, I shot my load. More derisive laughter from my wife, and taunts how it was a good thing she had a real man to rely on.

The pattern continued all through Sam's stay, with every fuck I had with my wife being after Sam had had her. She did at least end up sleeping in my bed every night.

The day finally came, and Jan had a tearful farewell at the airport with the man who had given her so much pleasure over the past month.




Chapter 2

About a week after Sam's departure, Mary called me into her office. She informed me that the Managing Director was in the country, and wanted to meet Jan, as he had heard such good things about her from his son. After contacting Jan, it was arranged that he would come to our house for dinner on Wednesday.

Ben arrived at seven sharp, and looked an older version of his son, although bigger if anything. This pleased Jan, who took to him immediately. He had immense charm for her, though virtually ignored me throughout dinner.

After we had settled down following the meal, Ben explained that he had a business proposition for Jan. It appeared to him that my wife had enjoyed Sam's black cock, and he wondered if she would be interested in regularly entertaining his colleagues and clients during their visits to this country. He went on to say that they would all be respectable, high powered executives, who would appreciate the sort of attractive company and physical pleasure Sam had been raving about since his return home.

"How would it work?" Jan asked him.

"Well," Ben replied. "All the arrangements would be made by Mary, Bob's boss. She would put you in touch with the men, and you could arrange evenings out, followed by sexual pleasure either at his hotel or in your home. Either way, they would not stay with you all night. You would be put on the company payroll, and be generously paid for each man you entertain. Some weeks there would be one man every day, sometimes just one or two a week. Even on a bad week, you would receive twice what your husband is earning presently."

I could not believe this; he wanted my wife to be his company whore! I went to speak, but the look on Jan's face stopped me.

"It sounds good to me Ben," my wife enthused. "Perhaps you would like to try me out for yourself tonight. I have been missing Sam's cock, and my husband is no use to me."

"I am so glad you suggested it," smiled Ben. "It saved me the trouble of asking!" They laughed as he took her hand and took her upstairs. It was really a case of like father like son, as I listened to Jan's uninhibited screams of pleasure for the next hour.

When they came back and sat down, Ben was full of praise.

"Wow, Jan, Sam was absolutely right, you are incredible!" he said. "I am going to have some very happy clients!"

He then went on to inform me that, although still on the company payroll, I would in future be Jan's assistant at home, and carry out her orders without question.

"Otherwise you will be out of the company," he confirmed.

"And the marriage," added Jan.

"What will my duties be?" I questioned.

"You will find out shortly," was all he would say.

Before he left, Ben told Jan that a colleague of his was in town, and he would send him round at lunchtime tomorrow, to arrange a date for the evening.

"He is a good friend," he explained. "It will be a good rehearsal for you. Bob, make sure you are present to assist as required."

"Yes sir," I replied meekly.

Sure enough, next day another large black gentleman called to meet Jan. She had just finished making arrangements for their meeting that evening, when I entered the room.

"Who is this?" barked the man.

"He is my assistant," Jan explained. "He is also my husband."

"What does he do?" the man, whose name was Sid, asked.

"Whatever I tell him to do," my wife answered. "Did you have something in mind?"

"What I would like to do," Sid responded. "Is fuck his pasty, ugly white face here and now!"

"That will be a pleasure," Jan told him. "I should like to watch that. Bob, get on your knees!"

I looked from his stern face to my wife, who had a contemptuous smirk on hers. I had no choice. I dropped to my knees, as Jan released Sid's cock from his pants.

"Ooh, so this is what I have to deal with tonight," laughed Jan, as she stroked him to erection.

"You had better believe it!" smiled her soon to be lover, as he grabbed my hair and forced his cock into my reluctant mouth. He started pulling my head backward and forward, as he slid his member in and out of my mouth.

"That's it," encouraged my wife. "Treat him roughly, he likes it."

As his excitement increased, he began to pull on my hair more viciously. The sight was also exciting Jan.

"Fuck his faggot face, Sid," she shouted. "Stick your cock down his throat!"

After what seemed an age, I felt Sid's cock expand, as he began to shoot his cum into my mouth, and down my throat. He left it there until his orgasm subsided, and then pulled out, leaving me spluttering. Jan smiled as she helped him put his shrinking cock back into his pants, and showed him out.

I was retching as she returned to the room. Laughing, at my predicament, she knelt beside me.

"I hope you are not going to leave me for another man," she giggled.

"Is that going to be part of my duties?" I asked, in something of a panic.

"Possibly," she replied. "I am having a long talk with Ben tomorrow, to sort it out."

Next day, after speaking with Ben, Jan sat me down and explained the position.

"Ben has told me that the men who will come here love white women, but detest white men," she explained. "This means that, when they realise you are my husband, they will take pleasure in humiliating and degrading you. You will have to expect to be face-fucked on a regular basis. Some will also make you watch while they fuck your wife, and then make you suck out all of their cum from my pussy. I may also be required to verbally and physically abuse you while all this is going on

"Ben also told me that he has received a lot of interest from his women colleagues and clients. They will not require sex, but are very keen on the idea of being pampered and orally satisfied by an inferior white wimp. They will not be young women, probably in the age range of 45 to 60. They will certainly abuse you verbally, and some will enjoy giving you physical abuse.

After she had told me all this, Jan sat beside me and put her arm around me.

"You know Bob, all that has happened recently has made me realise something. Just about all the problems in our marriage have been caused by our lousy sex life. While I was getting great sex from Sam, I realised that I still love you very much. If you are able to accept all the sexual humiliation from me, and the other men and woman we will meet, we can be very happy together. It will be you I cuddle up to in bed at the end of the night, and I will always let you fuck me whenever you want. It will not stop me telling you how bad you are though!"

Jan kissed me more lovingly than she had for a long time, and held me very tight. I was overwhelmed with joy that she wanted to stay married to me, but could not help thinking that she was going to have by far the best of this new arrangement.

Still, it's not so bad, is it?





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